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  2. Will Castillo opt out?

    Caleb's got a lifetime .650 OPS and has thrown out only 20% of baserunners this season. He's OPSing a career high .770 this year, but he OPS'd .413 last year and his career high was .693 before this season. Wellington is OPSing .781 and has OPS'd as high as .813 (2 seasons ago) with a lifetime .740. He's first in the AL in caught stealing percentage (47.6) and double plays turned (8). He was deservedly criticised early in the year for his pitch framing, but he's been doing very well at that in the second half. If he does come back, he'll play at least as much as Caleb.
  3. (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    Last 28 days 1 BB 339/339/661
  4. Will Castillo opt out?

    Wouldn't surprise me as I have been paying attention. So do you think Beef opts out or not? Should the O's extend him? Encourage him to opt out?
  5. Will Castillo opt out?

    If his framing is so good then how come I keep reading about all these missed strike calls from the umps in the game thread? I never see a poster go "Beef really stole that strike with his framing!", or "Way to present that pitch Beef!".
  6. Will Castillo opt out?

    What if I told you guys that Caleb Joseph was 6th in the AL in terms of total WAR for catchers? And Castillo was 12th? Would that surprise you? And that Caleb has done it in fewer AB?
  7. Has ths ever been done before

    That shouldn't matter though. He is with the O's now.
  8. Will Castillo opt out?

    The rest of the team is going to have to be horrid for Beef to get the pity appearance for the O's.
  9. Will Castillo opt out?

    Have you not seen the data showing teams are running a lot less, and less successfully, on him now then at the start of the season? Folks have made a huge deal about his throwing, newsflash his pop times are only below average, not worst in the league level.
  10. Will Castillo opt out?

    Barring anything ridiculous, this is probably what happens
  11. Will Castillo opt out?

    I think folks are nuts if they think he'll opt in. He's one of the best throwing catchers in baseball, he's framing pitches much better than he did in the first half of the season, and he's a good hitter. And splitting time this year is a plus for his future - it's meant he's put less mileage on his knees. It wouldn't surprise me if he's an all-star next year.
  12. Will Castillo opt out?

    If he opts out, it's Sisco and Joseph platooning next year. If not, then the situation stays as is, with Sisco working on throwing in Norfolk
  13. Will Castillo opt out?

    It doesn't sound like Sisco is ready for the majors defensively. Teams will run on him. I think a Joseph/Wynns combo is a better way to go.
  14. Will Castillo opt out?

    Joseph will need a backup. I wouldn't mind Castillo coming back.
  15. Roster Updates/Injuries 2017 Training Camp

    I don't know ...but Zuttah sucks! I think we are in for another tough season due to the weak OL. I agree Mangold must not be healthy because the idea of watching the interior collapse makes me sick
  16. Over/Under

    Thought it would be fun to start a thread prior to the season on several over/under questions for the ravens. This is an opportunity for everyone to go on record. Some can be normal (over/under 7 wins), others could be interesting (over/under Jebrill Peppers has 100 return yards against the ravens this year). Answer the question in the previous post and then pose your own.
  17. Zac Lowther

  18. Today
  19. Will Castillo opt out?

    My thought is he will. Right now Castillo basically is splitting time with Caleb. If he wants to have any chance at a multi year deal his odds staying in Baltimore are lessened. His agent just needs to find him a one year deal somewhere. I would take that chance myself.
  20. Will Castillo opt out?

    I'd explain to Beef that Cisco is going to be on the roster next year and that it would impact his playing time if he decided to stay with the team.
  21. Duquette Future

    In 2013 the Red Sox won the WS and won 97 games. Tampa went 92-71 and won the second WC. Orioles and Yankees tied at 85 wins. So a GM is suppose to know exactly how many wins it will take to win a division prior to the season? A player gets less credit because his team wins a division by a wide margin? That makes no sense. Now the 2015 season as you point out was awful. I just don't think Bud Norris was a nothing here, that is all.
  22. Will Castillo opt out?

    It kind of feels like what happened when Weiters was given the Q.O. with the main thought that he would decline. I hope he doesn't exercise his option because I want to see what direction the Orioles go with catching, but with him and Caleb splitting time and Beef not being the true #1 right now...Maybe he exercises it if he feels like he won't get more than $7 million in the first year from another team.
  23. And he only scattered four last night in a miraculous quality performance! Not sure if his diving putout at first made FRobby's top plays of the D last night though?
  24. What can we expect/hope for from Wade Miley?

    He didn't realize he was supposed to be pitching as a #2 on their staff, says Roy. Wait a minute, his ERA is below that of Gausman? Roy Firestone, you are a genius, walks be damned!
  25. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    Looking at the standings today after a win last night, it's like we barely even made a dent in our positioning. It's going to be really tough to overcome all these teams in front of us. I just can't see us winning 12 of 15 or something similar, that would be the only way we could do it.
  26. Kate Upton and her sister?
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