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  2. I was thinking about this the other day. The Orioles usually show up on Opening Day and even before Buck, I think they win most of their 1st games. An OD victory would be a feather in the cap on what looks to be a bleak season.
  3. Sorry, just catching up...does this mean that it has already happened, and there will be a bidding war essentially?
  4. You play for the future by developing a continuing supply of talent in the minors. PA's failure wasn't $$$$ spent, it was thinking of the farm as an inconvenience of being an owner. I think MLB/Union has to rethink the service time position. In baseball years, life is short....one year can have a huge impact on a player's baseball income.
  5. Would be nice. Nice starter, trade chip, and dude overall. I have been a Straily fan for a while now.
  6. 8:44am: Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill announced to reporters that Straily has been released by the organization (Twitter link via Joe Frisaro of MLB.com). He’ll receive the aforementioned 45 days’ termination pay and can now sign with any club for any amount of money (on top of that termination pay from Miami).
  7. We all know where they’ll end up in the standings but it’d be so sweet to at least take OD from the Yankees.
  8. I was going to say this as well. Straily on the Orioles and pitching in the AL East probably puts up a 5.00 ERA. Would still be an upgrade for the Orioles rotation, but I don’t see Elias making a move on him.
  9. 8:44am: Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill announced to reporters that Straily has been released by the organization (Twitter link via Joe Frisaro of MLB.com). Mish tweets that Straily is going on release waivers today, meaning he’ll become a free agent if he clears on Wednesday at 1pm ET. Not till Wednesday. Until then he can be claimed.
  11. He's been pushed to the pen. NL team will grab Straily so kind of a moot point. But he'd probably be a 5 ERA pitcher.
  12. According to MLBTR he has been released and is a free agent.
  13. Good summary right here. It does seem like a slim chance we either grab his salary or have the chance to sign him for less.
  14. Tony, I have not seen you consider Villar as a backup to Martin at SS and Jackson as a backup at 2B.
  15. MiLB TV is back from it’s annual update hiatus, so I was able to get a brief look at David Lebron. Not a big guy, short for a pitcher and athletically built, but not thick. Moves well, arm action works, hides the ball a little bit. Less rotational than most shorter pitchers, gets down the mound well for his size. He was working low 90s in the outing I saw, missed more bats than you’d expect, had some hop to it up in the zone and a little armside when located on that side of the plate. Didn’t see a Changeup, the other pitch was a hard breaking curveball. It’s a pretty good pitch, but he was wasting it too much. Both pitches seem (no data, just my speculation based on movement qualities) like they have high spin. He has the look of a prospect, not an org type, I would throw a 40 on him stats unseen if he was a normal age for a guy at his level, but being 25+, if he makes the majors, he’ll be nearing his decline phase already, so the clock is ticking. I don’t think he starts, the velocity needs to tick up from my look to play at higher levels. He seems like the type who’ll miss a bunch of bats but get hit hard when guys do make contact. With those considerations, I’d put a 35 on him with a chance for more if the velocity shows better or the pitchability holds up to a speedy move through the system.
  16. Wilkerson didn't get many chances at shortstop. He was mainly second base and then when he got to Frederick his second season, that's they expanded him really into a "utility" role at 3rd, 1st, and outfield. He has a good arm and glove and probably could of done decent there if they tried. Would of been a better defensive option than Mountcastle was.
  17. If we are just going off spring training observations, I would agree, but clearly baseball people seem to disagree since Reinheimer made it through waivers, and Alberto was claimed twice. AAA stats Reinheimer .278/.343/.371/.714 in 1376 PAs Alberto .309/.330/.438/.768 in in 1000 PAs Personally I'm fine with either for right now, but since Reinheimer could be sent to the minors without risk of losing him, this is the way to keep both. I think Reinheimer will end up with the some big league time this year. I like him a bit as well.
  18. Elias is all about the future. Service time is part of that.
  19. So the release waivers mean that every NL team has dibs before the Orioles. If they claim him they get him but they also get his salary. if they don’t, we have first AL chance to claim him...and his salary. If we do, we’re out 5 mill, but we’re also out Mike Wright and we MAY be able to trade Straily at the deadline. We may also have flushed away 5 million. Or we can wait till he is a free agent and negotiate, but he won’t sign with us. Every contending team but the Astros needs a better pitcher...maybe even the Astros. If he gets to us, I think we should claim him, but I bet San Diego is going to get him. They were considering signing Keuchel, and they are in a position to take a chance on Straily.
  20. I think of AAA as a holding tank versus a place for much development. Keep the bodies warm and potentially ready for the move up. Service time?? I think an organization that is looking 6 years ahead will never be ready for the present. 75% of the ML teams are looking for 2-3 year windows of opportunity to compete with realistic salary control and fill in with a good (but maybe costly) FA. If it doesn't work out adjust, trade and work on your next window. If you develop a decent farm, the windows open at more frequent intervals. 25% of the teams will almost always be in the mix.
  21. Hays is on the 40 man roster. No one has to be DFA'd to call him up. Someone like Mullins, or Smith or Rickard probably gets optioned. It depends on how they are playing.
  22. Wilkerson can't play SS effectively. While Jackson can play shortstop, I wouldn't want him out there very often. He's better at 2B and in the outfield.
  23. I have no problem with the team spending the money in better ways...but I do have a problem with us not playing our prospects who might be ready. This is a free season for us to give them MLB experience. The demotions of Hays (before he got hurt) and Sisco just don't make sense to me.
  24. You’re thinking they want to be better in 2019. It makes no sense at all to spend any money with a goal of improving results in 2019. The goal this year is not to field the best team. It is to save money, play whoever is cheap, develop future talent and lose a lot of games for higher draft status (rule 5 included).
  25. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26351121/grateful-gronkowski-announces-retirement Its been fun, having you on my fantasy team cranking out points, enjoy the next stage of your life.
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