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  2. Probably cash
  3. Maybe three wins. Possibly two.
  4. Exactly, umm... okay. Damn Baltimore coaches pushing heavy metal on our pitchers. Maybe Bill Murray or Eddie Vedder suggested the freaking Fleet Foxes.
  5. Plus the PTBNL to the Yankees. Basically, 2 players for Bleier.
  6. Today
  7. What does it mean for the team if we get a full season of good Ubaldo?
  8. A MyPillow would be better to sleep on than their mask.
  9. Arrieta has claimed one thing that helped him was when he started listening to ambient music like Fleet Foxes before a game rather than metal like Metallica or Pantera. Umm...okay. And as C_o_C said, pilates. That too.
  10. I doubt we see Reimold in an Orioles uniform again unless he coaches or is at an old timers game.
  11. But my mom has never been on the news! Nor have I. We DENY any stories you might have heard on the news lately or 20 years ago or ANY time you might have heard them!
  12. Minor leaguers.
  13. If I remember correctly the O's pitching staff forbade the throwing of cutters even though Arrieta had a very good cutter already. I'm sure they had good reasons for not wanting their pitchers to throw cutters, but there is occasionally a reason not to choose moderation over abstinence. Arrieta was maybe that reason.
  14. Really? On them or in them?
  15. Mom had her dad's late '50's Convertible Merc. Creme white with red and silver trim. I never saw it except for one picture but it would have been a beautiful and a RUNNING m-er f-er! I don't have specifics but I think she did the same kind of terrorizing I did back in the day. Less the drugs of course. A speed demon.
  16. Once Spring Training starts, most catchers will sleep on their own masks at night to get a better feel for them.
  17. Pilates not taught by Rick Adair.
  18. Kind of a sleeper really. Unmarked with the 327 and I think a 4-barrel too. And businessman coupe vinyl top. Mom is like that tho.
  19. I don't see him as a good fit for any NL team because his fielding is so terrible. But if somebody had room for strictly a DH, he'd be a great signing. But there were just too many similar hitters who could provide more in the field. Maybe if somebody gets hurt he can get a major league deal, but he may have to settle for minors or Japan.
  20. Call it heresy, but I prefer Janish's glove at short over Manny's. Whether he likes it or not, Machado is a third baseman. A great third baseman. I'm not saying I like Janish's bat. But it's not like the alternative (Flaherty) puts up a very compelling argument in that department.
  21. That picture says 1967. Mom's was a '68. Her's had WAY less fugly hubcaps! And mom's was black vinyl top.
  22. Pedro wound up in free agency when a lot of 1B/DH types (and better fielding ones, at that) all hit the market. He can mash righties, so I have to think he'll land on his feet. It just might take a spring training injury for that to happen.
  23. Close to this.
  24. Bourn starts in the minors. We possibly see a Reimold signing.
  25. Maybe they could have gotten a 27-year-old AAA pitcher for him. Maybe. In Wildcard's situation above, yes, I would also have done that trade. The day Davis re-signed was the day everyone in the MLB knew Walker had no future with this team. (Unless he learned how to throw a knuckler)
  26. The problem with the Rule 5 is that the Orioles haven't really gotten the type of player they couldn't have gotten just by combing over the minor league FA's that are out there every year. Guys like McFarland and Flaherty were fringe AAAA type players when we got them. I like what they've tried to do with Garcia and Santander, which is get legitimate high ceiling players into the system. I just don't think Garcia came as advertised. For all of the talk of high 90's stuff, I never saw it. When one of these rule 5 guys become a regular then I'll be impressed. Until then, they Orioles haven't proven anything with their use of the Rule5.
  27. When I was 15, my older sister 16. 1977. Neither of us had even our Learner's Permit yet. Mom and me and Kelly and our younger sister were in Greencastle at our grandma's apartment. Third floor whole long OLD loft. Kinda. Mom had me and Kelly run something down three floors... to the car. Gave us the keys because it was locked... Mom's 1968 Camaro. Not SS, not RS, not anything special. 327 1968 Camaro. Me and Kelly both had had Driver's Ed and all... We decided to take the old girl for a ride. And not even around one whole "city" town block. I drove. I turned left down an alley, went half a Greencastle "block", turned left down another alley. Half a block to an actual street. Turned left. Drove up the street to the Stop Sign. Turned LEFT onto the original Baltimore St. 4 lefts is a circle. In that time....... SOMEONE had pulled their car into our original parking spot! We parked a couple space up. Of course Mom noticed. BUSTED! We both got grounded for weeks.
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