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  2. He wishes he'd been born in the long era prior to 1980 or 1990 when batting average was king, and nobody paid much attention to OBP, SLG or certainly not OPS. The time when Doc Cramer could finish in the top 10 in the MVP voting with a 105 OPS+ because he hit .332. Cramer had a handful of MVP votes in four different years where he was a below-average hitter, and was an All Star in four years where he was a below-average hitter. Because he hit .300. He got MVP votes in three straight years in the 40s with OPSes between .684-.710, as a a late-30s CFer.
  3. NCRaven

    Austin Hays 2019

    I was at one game that Chris Davis hit a home run. He's back!
  4. Frobby

    Austin Hays 2019

    Judging a player based on how he looks in one game is almost impossible. Sure you can get impressions, but those impressions could be way off base.
  5. My eyes about rolled completely out of my head at his line to the effect of 'down on their luck cities need a competitive team so that they can place their hopes and dreams on them and escape the reality of their poopy lives'. Condescending drivel. Garbage.
  6. In a terrible article that part may be the worst. Things aren’t going to change overnight.
  7. They aren’t trying to win this year. They have basically put up a sign and said so. There aren’t too many people on here who don’t want him gone. That said whether he is here or not has little impact on the 2019 record.
  8. Only if they don't recall him to the majors, I think.
  9. Stupid. Superficial. Excellent word choices. By the way. I spent the weekend on Baltimore St Never uncomfortable at any time day or night. Nice city to hang out in. Cities require a certain effort. So does living on a farm.
  10. I feel like the defensive mistakes he has made are all pretty excusable for a rookie player out of AA. Like, whatever discrepancies he has to me is more a factor of that than his actual athletic ability to play the position.
  11. According to Melewski this is the last Bowie pitcher to throw a no-no for us since the illustrious Radhames Liz in 2007! Ah, the memories. May Baumann find even more success.
  12. Yeah. I don't think Elias wants organizational filler type guys. He's looking for home run talents. I expect low A ball prospects or DSL dudes coming back in almost any trade we do.
  13. "The Orioles are real bad, so Givens decided to be good again so he'd get traded!"
  14. But that is just your line in the sand It doesn’t mean anything.
  15. 94 pitches. Wow. Loved what I saw of him in Frederick.
  16. Jackson has a .684 OPS in the hitter-friendly PCL, and has struck out 65 times in 208 plate appearances. I have to say, the advanced metrics hate Martin’s defense a lot more than my eyes do. I don’t see him as plus, but I don’t see him as much below average, either. Certainly not good enough to carry his bat.
  17. It amazes me that in 2019 there are still scouts that talk like the guys in Moneyball not liking a player because his girlfriend was ugly.
  18. I cannot get into specifics and this involves another team, but there was a situation like Cashner's where the pitcher was doing well enough to be useful, but that the pitcher was such an ill fit as a team leader (where he excelled before as a second or third in clubhouse command) that the team dealt him out. The feeling was that the savings in money and the pieces in return would be worth more to the success of the club than having a guy around who insisted on inserting himself in situations where he was not competent to handle a leadership role. The pitcher was undermining the community of the clubhouse and that was more important in that instance than his all star level performance in the field. Cashner was not as good as that pitcher, but you hear some similar things between that guy and Cashner so maybe the general thought was that they would get a couple upside guys while eliminating someone who was perceived as a mild hindrance to what they wanted the clubhouse to be.
  19. Why not? Much better than low level prospects in their twenties. This organization needs talent. Not low ceiling, reserve types. I saw that one of the players in the Cashner trade as already debuted. There’s people on this board that follow the MILB teams. Maybe the DSL would get more attention if we actually had some players to follow. The new signees won’t start playing until next year.
  20. Looking at the current roster distribution throughout the minor league system. Both GCL and Aberdeen are drowning in pitching depth from our recent draft allocation. I think the Orioles are looking for pieces in return that don't have to be added to the 40-man so you're looking for younger prospects. Maybe you could get a pitching prospect in return and stick them in delmarva but there's gonna be a certain sweetspot in age range for that. I think we could add a bat or two at any level. And of course, the orioles will take any DSL guy given to them regardless of position.
  21. I think saying Richie Martin can't field well is pretty hyperbolic. He can field well. He's not fielding as lights out as we'd hoped.
  22. Both jive with what I heard. If you connected with his personality, then he could be helpful. However, his style was his style and he was not going to compromise how he choose to communicate himself. He also would interject himself into situations where past experience illustrated that he was a poor messenger in those moments particularly because he refused to adapt to different people. Some considered him a bit hypercompetitive in some situations, which can be a boon but also get in the way. In other words, if you were looking for a team leader then you would keep on looking, but if a guy could relate to him and he would stay out of situations he could not provide something positive then he is a good fit. As a veteran leader, he is a good fit as the third or fourth banana where others higher on the chain could push him out of situations where he really is not suited for.
  23. Hopefully, Elias channels his inner Andy MacPhail and finesse a team out of some great stuff.
  24. Now what makes you think we would want to trade you?
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