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  2. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    Are they? Among the seasoned MiL pitchers, I doubt it. 8-10 years ago we had Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, Britton, Bergesen, Hernandez and others percolating up through our system. Several of those guys fizzled, at least as starters, but at the time they were a much more highly-rated group than the current one.
  3. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I certainly don't want to watch a tanked season, but I feel the same as you. I would rather see some of the younger guys than retreads. That talk sounds so similar to 5 -10 years ago here on OH "I'd much rather them bring up the young guys than to see.....play". As disappointing as the notion that we are heading back to those days is, I do feel that MAYBE the "young guys" this time around may be a little better than they were 8-10 years ago.
  4. Favorite Netflix Originals

    I am watching Season 1 right now. It's well done, but I find it hard to get over my deep-seated belief that the whole idea of having a ceremonial monarchy just seems like a giant waste of time.
  5. You almost had me there...beams down....they would just fly. I'm putting you down here as not likely, but not impossible!
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/01/16/eagles-fan-taylor-hendricks-arrested-police-horse-punch guess he thought he was doing the remake of Blazing Saddles. You cant make this stuff up. SMH
  7. Suprising Off Limit Player

    the whole world is using DocuSign now, you think they would join the 21st century.
  8. Nice job! Of the players mentioned, I'm most interested in Torres, Meisenger, McCoy, and Curran - as players who could take big steps up.
  9. Manny's Sept./Oct. performance would probably worry me a bit if I were a GM.
  10. Suprising Off Limit Player

    Notice that the O's have quietly gathered up an interesting stable of lefties: Bishop, Lowther, Wells, DL Hall, Akin, and arguably Tanner Scott. In past years, I'd have to reach and mention guys like Lee and Means - no longer - though I did kinda mention them right there.
  11. I would say that Bonds left a legacy in San Francisco. He left Pittsburgh two years later than Manny. When I think of the Braves. Greg Maddox comes to mind though he came up with the Cubs.
  12. Again, I don't think teams are going to drop his value because of what he did mostly at 19, but if he had that feather in his cap his value would be much more in my opinion. Basically he's a post season unknown. Of course his career .240/.296/.406/.702 slash line in 611 Sep/Oct PAs could be an indicator of a guy who either gets tired late in the year or who doesn't do well in pennant races (the Orioles have been in the mix in September for most of his career). If I'm giving a guy $300 million i want to make sure he's at his best when the lights are the brightest.
  13. Perhaps, but I think a legacy is more than putting up a numbers. A legacy is being known as one of the best for a team, usually a team you were drafted and developed by. It does bring up an interesting thought on what a legacy really is. Did Reggie Jackson leave a legacy with the Yankees for his Mr. October heroics? Despite those heroics, I doubt many Yankees fans would name to their top Yankees team. When I think legacy, I think of guys who when you name a team, you think of them. Obviously legacy Orioles would be Brooks, Palmer, Cal and Weaver. But some might argue that Frank Robinson and Eddie Murray left a legacy here as well. Now I'm partial to Eddie because he WAS the Orioles when I was growing up, but at the end of the day, the Orioles won only World Series during his time and he spent 8 season out of an Orioles uniform. So I guess I have to wonder can Machado still leave a legacy with another team? When I think about it, he does have time but it would probably have to be with a team without a long history of legacy players. In other words, could he become a legacy player with some team like the Diamondbacks or Rockies? Probably. But I doubt he would if he became a Red Sox, Yankee, or Dodger. It's an interesting thought. But I do know is the Orioles are the only team in which he could end up one of the greatest players ever. The Orioles are really the only team in which he has a chance to one day be considered for the team's "Mt Rushmore".
  14. Suprising Off Limit Player

    Baseball America had him in their top 20 NY/Penn league prospects over Lowther and Hanifee. So people like him. I’m not as high on him, and I’ll explain why in detail as I do my top prospect countdown. An interesting aside from the BA top 20 NY/Penn league list is they asked a scout about Hunter Harvey (who didn’t pitch enough to qualify for the list) and the scout said if he was eligible he’d be #1 (over McKay who is probably a top 100 guy).
  15. Fair enough, and I suppose if Manny had a good postseason in 2012 it would be another feather in his cap. But I’m much more likely to assign meaning to Adam Jones’ .155/.206/.207 line in 63 postseason PA in his age 26, 28 and 30 seasons, than to Manny’s .174/.240/.348 over 27 PA, almost all of which was accrued in his age 19 season. I don’t think that teams pursuing Manny will give his postseason performance any serious weight.
  16. Manny has a history of outslugging Mike Trout in the playoffs.
  17. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    Well, someone has been drinking the kool aid today haven't they? 4th place. SMDH!
  18. I think Brach's main fastball in a 4 seamer. The sinker is a 2 seamer like you said.
  19. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I certainly would much rather watch Ynoa than Ubaldo or Wright or even Miley.
  20. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    Wright is out of options so he'll be sure to get a look and/or be all but guaranteed to flounder in the rotation for the first month of the season before finally... FINALLY FIIIINALLLLYYYY being DFA'd into the oblivion from whence he came.
  21. SP Openings Across MLB

    LOL!! Yep. Missed it completely.
  22. How long before the O's convert Brad Brach to a starter?

    Brach is a great guy and glad to have him in the pen for the team. But, IMO, he has never started, and would take took long to attempt to stretch him out. He has been a reliever his entire pro and college career, don't mess with what is working well, would be my opinion.
  23. That is your prerogative and I'm not saying it has a big effect due to the small sample size anyways, but what it does show is that Manny doesn't have a history of coming up big in big games like the playoffs. I don't think it means it hurts his value a ton, but I think if he had a record of being big in the playoffs it could help.
  24. Sex abuse of USA female athletes

    You would have thought a parent would have caught on. Seriously, doctors do not go into closed rooms/areas for one on one with minor children. Its pretty simple Doctorcare 101. The whole system sucked, not just the one doctor involved, he had multiple people covering up for him, from the Dean on down.
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  26. Suprising Off Limit Player

    Of course I was joking.
  27. Suprising Off Limit Player

    I'm guessing he isn't really off limits. Just the price would be higher than another team would be willing to pay.
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