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  2. Harvey, Hess, Wynns for sure. Maybe Gonzalez. Rifaela had a fine season in Frederick, but I don’t see him being protected. I do not see any way he would stick on any team’s 25 man roster all season.
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  4. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Added a double as well, OPS up to .848.
  5. R.A. Dickey?

    Well as a 42 year old he would have been: (Among qualified Oriole starters) 1st in IP 2nd in ERA 2nd in WAR 3rd in WHIP Not to mention he won a Cy Young at 37. He pitched in the AL East as a 38 year old (224.2 IP, 4.21 ERA), as a 39 year old (215.2, 3.71 ERA), and as a 40 year old (214.1 IP, 3.91 ERA). He could be even better than a #5 starter next year. He could not be too. I'm intrigued.
  6. Stan "The Fan" Charles on Chris Davis

    An intellectual cornerstone of the digital age if I ever saw one.
  7. Lord I needed that

    My mother knew better than to serve us liver. I had smelled it, and that was enough. But when I was visiting some relatives one summer when I was about 10, my uncle insisted that I eat half of my liver before going out to play ball with my cousin and his friends. I got about three or four bites into it when I gave it right back. We were allowed to leave for the playground right after that, and I've had no liver encounters in the half century or so since then.
  8. Stan "The Fan" Charles on Chris Davis

    Yeah, it's tough to sort out Davis's problems if you have extensive knowledge about what's going on wiith him, or if you have some expertise that's relevant. But if you have neither, it somehow becomes a lot easier.
  9. Lord I needed that

    Haven't eaten liver in a long time. I could never get used to the taste.
  10. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    o The Yankees' road woes are what eventually did them in, and stopped them short of winning the American League Pennant. In the regular season they made hay at home (51-30), while being average on the road (40-41.) In the postseason they dominated at home (6-0), while tanking on the road (1-6.) Their offense scored a total of 1 run over the final 2 games of the ALCS against the Astros. Yankees’ Failure to Score Runs on the Road is Reminiscent of how They Lost the 2001 World Series (By Mike Lupica) http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/yankees-failure-score-runs-reminiscent-lost-01-ws-article-1.3580139 o
  11. Tillman .....best chance to have an MLB caliber season.
  12. Stan "The Fan" Charles on Chris Davis

    Welcome to Diagnosing From a Distance - the world's most entertaining internet game.
  13. Stan "The Fan" Charles on Chris Davis

    Leonard Shecter Leonard Shecter, a very good and thoughtful sportswriter back in the 20th century (!), wrote a good book in the '60s about sports journalism. One of the things he said was that -- and this was back when there were fewer teams and shorter seasons -- on some days a daily paper's sports editor should decide that there should be no sports section, or only a little space given to sports, because nothing had happened and there wasn't much worth writing about. But it was true then, and truer now, that some guys have to write (or think they have to write) even when they have nothing to say that prospective readers don't know and couldn't figure out for themselves. .
  14. R.A. Dickey?

    When Tim Wakefield was 43 he went 4-10 with a 5.34 ERA for the Red Sox. Hard to go 4-10 on an 89 win team.
  15. R.A. Dickey?

    When Phil Niekro was 43, he went 17-4 with 3.61 ERA for the Braves...he won 16 games with a 4.6 WAR two years later at 45...When Hoyt was 43, he had a 1.66 ERA in 46 appearances for the White Sox out of the pen.. Give me R.A. !
  16. R.A. Dickey?

    Yes, but can he still pitch? Probably better than Ubaldo.
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  18. Drafting offensive players for the last decade

    Ozzie is too worried trying to find hidden gems rather than taking a more developed talent.
  19. Lord I needed that

    I developed an early taste for chopped liver on a poppy seed bagel! (My mom worked at a Jewish hospital.)
  20. R.A. Dickey?

    All for it as well. How much money would it take? Would he be ok with a 1 year deal?
  21. R.A. Dickey?

    Joseph caught Eddie. But he did not really throw the knuckler much.
  22. R.A. Dickey?

    Had no idea Dickey was already in his 40's. I read his book and came across as a good guy and worked hard to find the knuckleball. I'm for it as 5th starter.
  23. R.A. Dickey?

    And then flip him at the deadline for a C+ pitching prospect.
  24. R.A. Dickey?

    So Wilhelm might not pass an Oriole physical? Does anyone know who caught the pitcher that was converted into a knuckle baller in the minors?Eddie Gamboa.I was wondering if Sisco ever caught him.
  25. R.A. Dickey?

    And when we are 27 games out by July, you can throw Dickey every other day to save callups.
  26. R.A. Dickey?

    I'm all for it. They need three more starters. If you can get 180 innings of 100 ERA+ for 1/8-10, you do it. (Considering our minor leagu options).
  27. R.A. Dickey?

    o Also, unlike Niekro and Wood, Wilhelm is dead. o
  28. Stan "The Fan" Charles on Chris Davis

    The three Amigos aren't going admit signing CD was a mistake. I don't see how the O's will get out of it. CD will be in Baltimore five more years. Yuck
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