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  2. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Exactamente! Let's just move on from Flash.
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  4. NCAA OH Bracket

    o I picked Loyola-Illinois and Kansas to both reach the Elite Eight. That's as far as it goes for me. None of my other picks (including those 2 teams) can go any further. https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/597874 o
  5. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    If you bring back Flaherty, you got to sacrifice elsewhere. Do you lose Valencia? Rasmus? Santander?
  6. Mike Wright’s last shot

    o And now that I think about it,, I believe that the organization owes it to Chris Tillman to acquire Cobb more than anything. Tillman has been a solid starter in the rotation more often than not between 2012 and 2017. In fact, he has been the one constant in the starting rotation since that magical 2012 season ........ Wei-Yin Chen, Tommy Hunter, Jason Hammil, Jake Arrieta, Miguel Gonzalez, Bud Norris, Scott Feldman, Ubaldo Jimenez, Yovani Gallardo, and Wade Miley have all come and gone, while Tillman has withstood the ups and downs in the 6 seasons that have been played in that time frame. I think that the Orioles owe it to him to put the least amount of pressure on him in his latest effort to resurrect his career after last season's disaster. Yes, Peter and Dan gave him $3 Million for the upcoming season, which is probably two and-a-half Million dollars more than any one of the other 29 Major League teams would have been willing to give him. Now do him one more favor, and sign Alex Cobb to allow him to toe the rubber in this upcoming season with the knowledge that there are at least 4 solid starters ahead of him in the rotation. If my logic on the matter sounds rather twisted, remember that I am an Oriole fan from New York, which in and of itself is rather strange in the first place. o
  7. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Info on Flaherty: https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/sports/csn/phillies/Phillies__focus_turns_to_Aaron_Nola__Scott_Kingery__bench_competition-477213483.html
  8. Mike Wright’s last shot

    I agree, get Cobb and I'll gladly throw and see what sticks at the fifth spot in the rotation. 2 wildcards in the rotation = no chance at playoffs.
  9. Mike Wright’s last shot

    o It's not my first choice. Acquiring Cobb is. And in your scenario/presumption, the bullpen would get burned out either way because you are assuming that both Tillman and Wright will get shelled every 5th day. My suggestion is an attempt to be creative to try to avoid that burnout (which is what happened with last year's bullpen), while simultaneously severely curbing the pressure on Wright to go more than 2 times through the lineup. Also, even if we do acquire Cobb, I still like the idea of the 5 and-a-half man rotation with the 5th starter. With Cobb, that experiment is much more likely to succeed than without Cobb, and the demands on the bullpen will be considerably less than if we are putting Tillman and/or Wright and/or Castro in the 5-hole than in the 4-hole. Currently, the Orioles have 2 Wildcards in the rotation after Bundy, Gausman, and Cashner, and that is one too many for me. o
  10. A few thoughts as spring training starts to get serious

    Is there reason to be concerned about Bundy now? He is going to have trouble being good if he can barely top 90 MPH.
  11. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Flaherty hits like a pitcher, even for a utility guy you need a little something more on offense. Would love to find a Tim Hulett type.
  12. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Cause he's SCRAPPY. I don't think Tony is far off on this projection. And I'm underwhelmed.
  13. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    I have a question about Tillman. Is it possible to release him in spring training and only owe part of his salary (like Gonzalez). I know the O's "only" owe him $3 million, but I wish that money was put towards a real, dependable ML starter. If I was running a team that had the worst rotation in baseball last year and the worst rotation in franchise history, I wouldn't make bringing back the worst starting pitcher on that team a priority. I think this year will be a "rebuilding" year regardless of what the O's have planned. I just can't see a reasonable chance that the O's rotation stays healthy and effective all year.
  14. Mike Wright’s last shot

    I don't like this option at all especially when Tillman is likely getting shelled every fifth day. The bullpen will be burnt out by May and the Norfolk shuttle strategy never allows pitchers to get into a groove.
  15. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Infield in. Man on third with one out. Ball hit to Sardinas at 2B. He throws high to home with the run scoring. Flaherty would have made that play and Buck has to hate what he has seen from his Utility candidates this spring.
  16. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    The Orioles don't need Flaherty back. Can we move on already please? I don't understand why some of you are so crazy about him.
  17. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Little early for me. I want to see what Tillman does tomorrow and whether Flaherty opts out on the 22nd. Santander and Valencia can DH until Trumbo is back. I think Buck will want Flaherty back after watching Vielma. Sardinas and Tejada be unimpressive. Too early to know yet though. If Tillman is as bad as he was last year the O's are going to have to consider if they want to throw games away that he starts. They could DFA him, pay him and resign him to a minor contract for him to go to Bowie and find himself. He can workout at Camden Yards. Hopefully he shows well tomorrow and avoid all that.
  18. NCAA OH Bracket

    That depends on whether or not K-States leading scorer and rebounder, Dean Wade, can play next weekend. If he can, I would take K-Sate. They are awesome defensively, and Wade gives them enough punch to beat Kentucky.
  19. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Castro has an option, correct.
  20. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Do you think Araujo and Rodriguez will make the team? Who do you think will be the 4th and 5th starters?
  21. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    They could possible send him to Norfolk to start. That could be an option especially since he hasn't pitched well this spring.
  22. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Mesa, Ynoa, Michael Kelly, Yefry Ramirez would be the 4 I'd remove. Crichton is also an option to be DFA'd without fear of being taken.
  23. NCAA OH Bracket

    It is even easier now with no cincinatti. That k-state UMBC games was hard to watch both teams were terrible.
  24. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    I want Rodriguez and Araujo to make the team. Would the Orioles option Castro to make that happen? Is that even nessecary? Can all three guys make the team?
  25. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Thank you Luke! I agree on Rodriguez but also thought Wynn made the team.
  26. Has any done sports crates?

    Of course, I meant I would discard any Lew Ford stuff after shredding it, burning the shredded strips, dissolving the ashes in acid, and burying the solution at a construction site. I realize there's no certainty, but that might work.
  27. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Your projection requires that the following players be added to the 40-man roster: Colby Rasmus Danny Valencia Craig Gentry Pedro Alvarez With Britton on the 60 Day DL, there are currently 40 players on the team roster. Your projected active roster drops Jose Mesa Jr. That would mean that, assuming that neither Ynoa nor Trumbo is placed on the 60 Day DL, 3 players would have to be removed from the 40-man roster. Who are your candidates for removal from the 40-man roster? P.S. Neither Rodriquez nor Edgin are on the 40-man roster and, I believe, both are out of options
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