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  2. o Mancini has some encouraging words regarding Harvey ........ Notes on Harvey Usage, and Mancini’s History with Him (By Roch kubatko) https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/08/notes-on-harvey-usage-and-mancinis-history-with-him.html o
  3. .204 June .233 July .286 August At least he is headed in the right direction.
  4. His OPS is .641 this month. That’s his hot streak. It’s better than what he did before, but still far short of good. I’ve also noticed that the O’s aren’t exposing him much to RHP. He’s hot an equal number of PA against RHP/LHP, but more than 70% of all major league at bats are against RHP. He’s got a .492 OPS vs. RHP. Bottom line, he’s improved somewhat over the season but still needs to improve a lot more.
  5. Just announced. If you live in the Baltimore area or relatively nearby...I will be performing my "one man show" about sports and entertainment at the Ceasar's owned "Horseshoe Casino" on Sept 14. Tickets are available but it is nearly sold out. For ticket information go to the Horsehoe Baltimore website. This show will feature a salute to a major Baltimore sports figure, but I cant announce that person's name now for security reasons..All tickets are reasonably priced and I will be signing my new book"Thats What I'm Talking About" before and after the show. Get your tickets now....only a few remain. Heres a preview of what I do.
  6. I like a Villar before he made the adjustment. I think he’s valuable and should be extended. Some here just don’t like him. Martin should be kept for now to clear the rule 5 tag. I honestly didn’t to expect him to hit this year.
  7. Yes, but apparently with a 175 PA qualifier which Alberto just passed last night. There are an awful lot of full-time players who didn't get 175 PAs vs lefties in a whole season, presumably because when someone like Nolan Arenado comes up in Denver against a lefty after about the sixth inning they change pitchers to a righty. Arenado hit .420 against lefties in 2015, but in just 165 PAs. Bret Boone hit .444 against lefties in '01, in 165 PAs. Edgar hit .433 against lefties in '95, in 169. In '96 Frank Thomas hit .403/.544/.798 against lefties. In '27 Harry Heilmann hit .464 vs. southpaws in 128 PAs (51-for-110). In '94 Jeff Bagwell OPS'd 1.639 vs lefties, but the lockout kept him to 125 PAs. Al Simmons had a two-year run in '30 and '31 where he cumulatively hit .439 against lefties in 213 PAs, and actually hit .488 against lefties in 93 PAS in '29. For his career Simmons hit .380 against lefties. In 1955, as a full time player, Hank Aaron hit .440 against lefties in 93 PAs and .284 against righties in 524. George Brett hit .437 against northpaws in 1980 in 320 PA, which is the highest mark in the bb-ref data, even going down to a minimum of 100 PAs. The vs righties list (min 100 PAs) is fun: Brett, Lefty O'Doul, Dave Dellucci, Gehrig, Babe Herman, Gehrig, Williams, Chuck Klein, Todd Hollandsworth. In the top 50 both Babe Phelps and Babe Herman appear more (twice) than Babe Ruth (once).
  8. His OBP has gone from the .230 range to the .250 range during that time. His AVG has gone from a low point of .160 up to .198. Yes that is improvement but I can't really say that it's enough to give me much optimism per se.
  9. Melewski relays Felipe Alou Jr.’s thoughts on several of our DSL-2 players here: https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/08/another-look-at-the-orioles-improved-dominican-program.html (There was a previous report on the DSL-1 prospects.)
  10. In Frederick and Bowie, I always thought his bat was a lot better than his defense. He left a lot to be desired.
  11. Even if this is the only year Little Yaz ever plays in the Majors, he certainly is doing his best to show that he isn't just a Scrabble worthy name.
  12. If the Orioles had a player in the minors that had improved their Batting Average and On Base Percentage by nearly 100 points for the last month we all would be clamoring for him to be called up yet when a player, overmatched for most of the season, is on a MLB team does it no accolades can be given. I do not get the reasoning for this.
  13. All three of those guys were pre 95. Guys they drafted in this time period include Teixeira, Adrian Gonzalez, Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, Hank Blalock, RA Dickey, John Danks to name a few 20+ WAR guys.
  14. Today
  15. You know, I remember hearing Villar talk after a game back in July. He said they worked with him on his swing. I believe he said they made it more compact. It seems to have really helped as his average went from the low .250s to the high .270s in a pretty short time considering he has a lot of at bats. I think his OPS is now in the .800s
  16. I think they can do that (go 15-20 or better) the rest of the way. I'll be rooting for that. Don't care about the tank. Top five pick is happening.
  17. I’d like to see him at 2B next year, Hanser at 3B, and Nunez at DH, Mancini at 1B. Then have a SS that can really play SS. They can send Martin down until he’s ready to hit here. And of course Davis on the Pine.
  18. Doesn't matter how high they draft if you can't develop them...typically.
  19. With Hanser knocking balls over the fence, my biggest concern is this making Brady Anderson think it's time for him to make a comeback.
  20. Right, I was referring to the amount of time to keep him down to delay arbitration eligibility. I agree it's not a game worth playing.
  21. If I were one of these players, I would never sign an extension with an organization that played service time games with my career.
  22. I used to love Dave Schmidt. Lol.
  23. Hey, if he can get through this and be productive next season - which I think is a reasonable expectation, I see him as being a fan favorite. There's clearly no question about his effort out in the field, and he has some ability - being a former 1st rounder who had a very good season in AAA. .
  24. Remember, it only takes about two weeks to extend his service time by a year. I keep reading people say “keep him down until May to preserve his service time,” but he doesn’t need to be held back that long (if the O’s are playing that game). So it’s not 650-700 PA, it’s whatever he accrues this season plus another 60ish next year. PS - I’m talking about service time needed to reach free agency. It does take until late May/early June to delay arbitration eligibility down the road, but I have never thought that game was worth playing.
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