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  2. Good point. I was only employing "minimalist" as preferable to "math." A good Japanese group that is more truly minimalist (Steve Reich, etc.) is Maison Book Girl. But I didn't post them at the time b/c they don't play their own instruments on stage like ElephantGym. There are several good MV's on YouTube, some of them with subtitles.
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  4. So? Her chats were inane and interrupted the game. During the game I want to watch the game, not watch her chat with random fans, or players. That’s what post-game interviews are for. The radio and TV guys provide facts and color and that’s more than enough. She served no purpose and one can only hope the experiment is over.
  5. Losing Pedroia took the air and fire out of the Sox. Losing two key arms in their pen also hurt them. I think Villar will bring back more than some may think. Givens will bring us a young AA pitcher or two from the Cubs, Padres, Phillies or Braves. Maybe one or two just called up for Villar. I like Villar but think .they can replace him. I agree now is the time to move Mancini but if Elias does that who will the fans go to the games to see? Davis? Martin? Ruiz? Smith. Jr, Nunez? p
  6. Fun game to watch today. Well played in all aspects.
  7. Luke-OH

    Toby Welk

    Obviously this is inside team info, but I'd really like to know how they model and translate DIII stats, it just doesn't seem like there is sufficient data on those plays in affiliated ball to have much confidence there.
  8. Sorry it took LA2 quoting you and saying "minimalist" to make me even listen to this... Minimalism is a thing with me. Don't know if I'd call it minimalist. More like jazz. Funky-Jazz. My infant-like understanding of Jazz. That cute girl sure can play bass tho! Obvs reminds you of Les C. ! What exactly is Math rock? 2nd time I've seen you say that.
  9. I believe we are on the hook for whatever we agreed to pay.
  10. Me too. I was surprised we let him go really. It's even more frustrating that Tyler Herb hasn't done squat in Norfolk and hasn't done much of anything noteworthy since 2017 while Yastrzemski had an .801 OPS at AAA that year. Just the pedigree alone should have earned him a good look here. He tore it up in AAA immediately after the trade and is doing a hell of a lot better than Smith. We may not have even signed Broxton at all. Oh well, nothing we can do about it now. Just another bad deal, but can't blame the previous administration for this one.
  11. Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I was curious what would happen to the money the Orioles owe the Red Sox if Boston were to trade Cashner. Surely we wouldn't be required to pay a third team his innings bonuses, right?
  12. The Rangers are folding tents. Daniels is a smart enough GM to avoid the very low hanging fruit of the 2WC, especially when the Rangers are about 4 games back behind three other teams. the Diamondbacks, on the other hand...
  13. I have Villar to the Giants....With their resurgence and their negative war 2B he's definitely a fit.
  14. It’s kind of surprising how much value is placed on valueless players. Smith, Alberto, Nunez, Ruiz, Wilk all have near zero value. Even if they are playing well their flaws are so glaring no one would actually trade for them. Waiver pickup? Sure. But give anything of real value? Naaaah. I like several of those names, but I don’t pretend that other GMs lie awake dreaming of putting Alberto or Villar at 2B and storming through October. Givens maybe. Possibly Fry, because everyone loves a lefty and he’s cheap as yesterday’s newspaper. otherwise, naaah. We are terrible for a reason.
  15. o BALTIMORE O RIOLES Pending Aaron Lee Brooks - RHP )) (2-3, 4.69 ERA) ) * * )) (2-3, 5.01 ERA) OOO [OAKLAND ATHLETICS] OOOOO (0-0, 1.69 ERA) OOO [BALTIMORE ORIOLES] ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS Pending Robert Glenn Ray - LHP )) (8-6, 3.92 ERA) ) * * )) Leads the National League in Games Started (21) and Walks (57) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
  16. linedrive

    Toby Welk

    I asked Sig Mejdal back on June 14 which player drafted after the tenth round he was most excited about, and, without hesitation, named Welk. He thought the analytics pointed to this guy, and figured other teams would have seen the same thing, but held back because he came from a smaller school. And so far Welk has lived up to that billing.
  17. Givens is the only player traded. Bundy is on the IL. Villar is cheap enough that's it's not worth giving him away for next to nothing. We don't have any MI's in the minors ready to step in next season. It will be interesting to see if some team steps up and offers us a nice package for Mancini. Possible but not likely IMO.
  18. Lots of good young minimalist rock happening in Asia now (and I don't mean K-pop cotton candy and Japanese manga stagings). Brilliant pan-Asian cultural youth is on the move in a big way. I only hope it can survive whatever ways states and corporations are planning to control it.
  19. csgordos

    Toby Welk

    Wade Miller came from a small school same town. Rooting for the local Berks product!!
  20. Glad to have you around for so long and thanks for your longtime support!
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