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  2. Adding Alex Cobb Allows Orioles To Change Manny Trade Terms

    Orioles are in it now with Cobb. The only way Manny gets traded is if the Orioles are at the bottom of the AL standings.
  3. Who Moves for Cobb?

    I'd be for giving Wright a chance because he does throw 98 MPH. But not at the expense of Castro being sent to the minors. Send Mesa back to the Yankees.
  4. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    That April 4th game is tough. We always get killed in HOU. Maybe we throw a bullpen game and piece it together with fresh arms.
  5. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Gentry and Alvarez are not on the 40 roster, so they don't have to "go" for Cobb. Araujo seems to be the best pitcher of the 3 Rule 5s.
  6. Adding Alex Cobb Allows Orioles To Change Manny Trade Terms

    I wanted to dismiss this as just another “all roads lead to Manny traded” thread, but it does make sense. It doesn’t make us so desperate for SP. But I’m going to enjoy this signing and the beginning of the season and not worry about Manny until we have to.
  7. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    100% agree with this. It could be between Gentry, Alvarez, and Arajuo to go for Cobb. Doesnt pedro get a decent salary if he makes the MLB club? If so, maybe he doesn’t and we give those ABs to Santander. Why waste a few million.
  8. Adding Alex Cobb to the starting rotation allows the Orioles to change their trade demands for Manny Machado. We no longer need two starters back in a trade package for him. Which team will now step forward and put the best offer on the table? Will we demand a 3B or SS back in a trade. Will Beckham move back to SS or stay at 3B? It's too early to tell but I would think he would move back to SS. Who has the best 3B prospect available? Devers with Boston or Andujar with the NYY? I think Divers is the better player. What else would we want from them? One starter in case Tillman is not able to come back? I hope Tillman is successful but expect us to still demand a starter back from the other team. We no longer need two starters. New rumors will start soon. Will Arizona or the Dodgers step up to the plate and eliminate the fans in Baltimore having to watch Manny in a Boston or NYY uniform at least for one year? The big question is will they move Manny before Opening Day to maximize the return or wait to the trade deadline?
  9. Who Moves for Cobb?

    Lol. You don’t agree with me. Wright should be given a decent size leash in the pen. I have faith he will carve out his role as the “b” squad RH middle innings guy. The Chaz Roe role. The Miguel Castro role from last year.
  10. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    He’s the best ravens QB since they’ve been in Baltimore. Will likely play at least 5 more years. I think it’s pretty safe to say that in a good 30 year span that he was the best in Baltimore. 30 years is a generation right? Not a ravens fan.
  11. Who Moves for Cobb?

    If they try to keep 3 Rule 5 guys and compete? Please.
  12. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    I don’t agree Mesa makes it over Miguel Castro. I’d rather keep Mesa over Gentry for the time being.
  13. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Yeah actually, you're right. Agreed.
  14. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    I’m not a Bleier guy either, but I doubt he’s left off the 25.
  15. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    I personally like Rodriguez over Bleier. More upside and Bleier is due for a regression but Bleier will get the nod for what he did last year and Rodriguez signed a minor league deal so he can be sent down. I just don't see Buck keeping an eighth reliever who might throw a couple innings in garbage time every three or four games over Alvarez who would be our DH in 80 percent of the games before Trumbo gets back. On the other hand, Alvarez is a known slow starter and Buck might just feel they are better off playing Santander every day and having Mancini DH.
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  17. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    So. Much. Movement. This guy is going to be fun.
  18. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Yeah. This. UNLESS. They add Rodriguez over Alvarez and carry 8 relievers to start.
  19. Peter Angelos' Redemption

    o And thank you, Dan Duquette. I'm sure that he had a big hand in convincing Peter to open up his wallet for Cobb. o
  20. Cobb only thread

    I'm thinking he's a big Mary Jane fan. Lots of posts about people visiting Colorado, getting munchies, etc.
  21. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Now the questions is (provided he passes the physical): how fast can he get ready for the season. Some of that depends on what he was doing while waiting to sign. Has he been throwing bullpens and sim games? Can he get ready to pitch a Spring Training game in a few days? If so, the rotation could break down as such: March 29 - Gausman March 31 - Bundy April 1 - Cashner April 2 - Tillman April 3 - Gausman April 4 - Cortez/Wright April 5 - Bundy April 6 - Cashner April 7 - Tillman April 8 - Gausman April 9 - Cobb Of course, I'll be at that April 11 game and wouldn't mind the O's finding a way to make that his O's debut.
  22. o Really, he did. "He was running right in the middle of traffic," Cobb told the Tampa Bay Times. "I kind of tailed off him a little bit, let him do his thing, I didn't want to scare him into traffic more. Alex Cobb of the Rays Saves Stray Dog That Was Running in Traffic (By Extra Mustard) https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2015/03/03/tampa-bay-rays-alex-cobb-stray-dog o
  23. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    I was thinking about how "generational talent" sounded suspiciously like "elite quarterback" to me. And, no...
  24. Cobb only thread

    o Agreement with Cobb is the Latest Twist that Turns the Orioles' Rotation Into a Solid Unit (By Peter Schmuck) http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-schmuck-alex-cobb-orioles-0321-story.html o
  25. There's a difference between the O's knowing the status of Dan, Buck, Jones, Manny, Britton, and Brach and what us plebeians know about Dan, Buck, Jones, Manny, Britton, and Brach. Just because we don't know the plan doesn't mean there isn't a plan.
  26. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Bundy, Gausman, Cashner, Tillman, Cortes (5) (Cobb to be added between April 10 and 15.) Brach, Givens, O'Day, Castro, Bleier, Wright, Araujo (7) Davis, Schoop, Machado, Beckham, Valencia, Alvarez (6) Mancini, Jones, Rasmus, Santander, Gentry (5) Joseph, Sisco (2)
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