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  2. AL East position comparisons

    Most of that was the boomstick too. Gregorius was always better than people gave him credit for.
  3. AL East position comparisons

    Logan Morrison (3.6 WAR) and Didi Gregorius (3.7 WAR) really opened some eyes this season. At 5.1 WAR, Schoop was the only Oriole who had a better year than either of those guys.
  4. Is Joe Flacco?

    I truly think the Ravens need to just spend a draft on the offense alone.
  5. Roch's "Various improvements needed from these six Orioles"

    Gausman needs to stick to what helped make him successful in the 2nd half. Same with Manny. Not counting on number 3. They need to get him some better ADHD meds, or take him off them and tell him to swing. Beckham needs to bee in the 5-6 spot like he was in August. Britton should be able to rock and roll next year.
  6. $80M in Taxpayer Money For Los Vegas Stadium Naming Rights

    There has to be a type o here somewhere.
  7. That would have been harder to make since both were coming off career years. Even Peter can see how bad our SP was.
  8. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    So Santander will need to be in AAA next year, and Mountcastle has some time to develop before he comes to the bigs. Scott and Lirazano are going to be inconsistent.
  9. In 2016, when we scored 744 runs, the AL average was 731. In 2017 we scored 743, but the AL average was 763. Our offense went from being above average to below average, as the average went up by 32 runs and we scored one fewer run. That's a net drop of 33 runs, relative to the league.
  10. You make an interesting point. The team only scored one fewer run in 2017 than in 2016, so it feels like a playoff-level offense, but then you have to consider that the average AL team was +32 runs compared to 2016. The picture is a bit confused by the massive slump at the end — is that the “real” Orioles, or is what we saw up to then the “real” Orioles? The correct answer is “both.” It’s a streaky team.
  11. There are plenty: Lynn 18 QS, Cobb 15, Cashner 18, Darvish 15, Chacin 16, Gonzo 13 CC 14
  12. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I think the Mets might spring for Britton. I don't really know who but maybe like: Britton (& possibly some money) for Seth Lugo (SP), Luis Guillerme (SS prospect), and some other prospects - hopefully good ones. Why it fits for the Mets: 1. They aren't the best managed team and like to make odd moves like this. It's better they have Britton than the Nats. 2. Their bullpen was horrible. 3. They have the starting pitching and young position players to think that they can contend. Guillerme is blocked by the superior Rosario. Why it fits for the Orioles: 1. Addresses one of the starting pitching spots (Lugo had similar numbers - maybe better numbers - than Bundy and Gausman) 2. Guillerme can be a middle infield replacement if Manny leaves after next season and there is some infield shuffling. Or is a cheap utility option. 3. Lowers payroll and they get younger.
  13. Five Factors That Could Affect Manny Machado's Contract

    The article says, "However, if the team flounders to begin next season and isn't competitive come July, it will have to trade Machado." Haven't we learned that the Orioles don't have to do anything -- even if wisdom, common sense, logic and the good of the franchise cry out for it? Dubroff acts as if there's a thoughtful, rational decision-maker behind the Orioles key decisions, despite all indications to the contrary?
  14. We scored 1 less R this season than last. The problem was R allowed.
  15. Well, I would’ve maybe had the opposite conversation about paying Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo.
  16. That is mind numbing and hopeful all in one....lol
  17. Well yes, but you might well sign one and trade for 1...but there simply isn't that many available to just go down to pitchers are us and grab three guys of that caliber.
  18. I think PA understands the window is closing fast. If he wasn't serious about winning he wouldn't have upped the payroll to 160 M.
  19. You are looking back and I am looking forward. I agree that pitching was the #1 issue, but even with some pitching, this team will struggle going forward with the same roster. You still need to add a catcher and you have some kids that we will likely need to play in corner OF spots and also to contend you will likely need to move AJ to RF. In '18, having Trumbo AND Davis with the same limitations are going to be very complicated. And that is considering that one of them improves. What if they don't?
  20. Don't worry about it, the horse doesn't mind, he's dead.
  21. You've said several times that the offense was sufficient, yet we were outscored by every single team that made the playoffs, including the national league teams. We scored 3 runs or less 76 times, including 19 in September and one in October - that's 20 times in our last 28 games. Without significant offensive improvement, this team will not compete for a playoff spot.
  22. I disagree. If you sign 3 guys who's average is Gausman's 15 QS we will contend.
  23. You are right. But Angelos won't. Instead of that horrible contract he gave CD he should have gotten pitching. I know I am beating a dead horse.
  24. For the O’s, “going for it” means being in a position to compete for a playoff spot. Don’t forget that in 2016 we made the playoffs while giving 84 starts to the following: Jimenez 25 starts, 5.18 ERA Gallardo 23 starts, 5.42 ERA Wilson 13 starts, 5.67 ERA Miley 11 starts, 6.17 ERA Wright 12 starts, 6.22 ERA As bad as that looks, everyone on that list had a better ERA than Jimenez, Tillman or Hellickson had this year. That’s how low the bar is for improving this pitching staff. The starters gave up 92 more runs in 2017 than in 2016. Mind you, I’d love picking up three really solid starting pitchers, but my guess is we’ll pick up one or maybe two and then pick up a couple of guys where we’re hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.
  25. So what? CD and Trumbo weren't the reason we sucked. It was Miley, Ubaldo, Tillman, and Gausman.
  26. I don't think it's a question of his finding them, it's whether he will be allowed to spend on them. Remember he found Pedro.
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