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  2. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    One way to improve a team is to take on "bad" contract for teams that are rebuilding. For KC, this is a bad contract and a salary dump. If we take on all of the cost, the quality of the prospects that we have to include goes down. Some combination of guys in the category of Stewart, Mullins, Santander, Akin, Sedlock, Baumann, etc. are more likely for the O's to give up than any of Hays, Mountcastle, Sisco, or Harvey. IMO.
  3. Why do you keep spouting misinformation. Mike Wright's average fastall velocity was virtually the same in 2017 as when he came up. That's #1. #2. Michael Kelly has started 24 game in AA over the last two years. How in the world is that mostly skipping AA? Is easy to fact check these sorts of things. Why say such silly stuff?
  4. O’s sign RHP Michael Kelly to big league deal

    Yeah, and I would remind you that Mike Wright's AAA career started way back in the year 2013. So I sure hope he can put up a sub-4 ERA with a middling WHIP last year. Meanwhile Kelly mostly skipped AA and has had limited time at AAA in 2016 and 2017.
  5. Jose Mesa Jr - Rule 5 Draftee

  6. Why would DD make public any of those reasons. Makes you look rather naive IMP..
  7. http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2017/09/22/report-baltimore-orioles-manny-machado-contract-extension/ Manny wasn’t asking for $300 mm. It was during his pre-arb years and before his offense really took off (though his talent was completely undeniable IMO). The O’s blew their very good opportunity to lock Manny up and seemingly didn’t try very hard after that. It’s mind-blowing.
  8. Jose Mesa Jr - Rule 5 Draftee

    A player selected in the AAA Phase of the Rule 5 Draft must be assigned to the Reserve List of the AAA club that drafted the player and he must be given a 15-day trial during Spring Training with that club, but the player can be assigned to the Active List of any minor league affiliate in the MLB club's organization once the minor league regular season commences. Also, unlike players selected in the Major League Phase of the Rule 5 Draft, a player selected in the AAA Phase does not have to be offered back to the club from which he was drafted if the player is ultimately assigned to the Active List of a minor league affiliate below AAA.
  9. Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    It bears repeating - great job by PhillyO's in calling attention to a lot of the players that ended up being drafted. Just from reading about the draft and some of the other players picked, I think a lot of teams could have used his help.
  10. Please, what? Mike Wright, even the one you said is irredeemably bad, had a 3.69 ERA and 1.29 WHIP in AAA last year. Michael Kelly, in 42 AAA innings had a 6.64 ERA and a 1.74 WHIP. I was just commenting that this guy doesn't look to be any better than Mike Wright, possibly worse. I watched some video of him and his mechanics look good but he still performed very poorly in AAA. Maybe the Orioles know something no one else does but I find myself saying that more and more and have not seen much of it playing out that way. BTW. the actual data doesn't support your statement that Wright sacrificed velocity for command. Not even close.
  11. Takes two to tango. If Peter's starting price is $200M and Manny's is $400M, there is no point in talking. His price has only gotten higher in the last two years. It's also possible Manny doesn't particularly like Baltimore and just said flat "no".
  12. Will Fans Believe DD Got it Right?

    I think this is how Angelos will eventually think, and why the trade will not end up happening.
  13. I have to say that what we are hearing in the media makes little sense overall. Sure, the White Sox might want to feature MM and try to move forward their competitiveness, but they are built with some stud prospects that are in the upper levels with Anderson, Moancada, Giolito and Lopez already near/at the major league level, and Kopech/Jimenez due in 2018 - plus they still have Robert and a couple other top 100 guys. The idea that they would part with Giolito, Robert and a couple other prospects in order to sign MM - unlikely, or flip MM to the NYY for an even better package is high risk. Maybe the White Sox are trying to stave off a pretty incredible NYY team for the next five years that would compete with the time period in which the ChiSox talent would be most productive. The ChiSox system is generally rated higher than NYY and it might be difficult for NYY to improve upon what the Sox give up. And yet, if not for the ChiSox, I am not sure we are looking at a decent return as no one would push the NYY. The other thing that makes little sense to me is a SF Giant offer based on Arroyo. Who wants this guy? He is a talented, hard worker who over-achieves based on his skill set. He could be an above average producer for a long time, but he is unlikely to develop into a multi-year all-star. The SF deal sounds like a complete non-starter to me, yet is mentioned among the top five offers. Where are the Cards? Are they even offering Flaherty and what besides him? Doesn't sound like much or their offer would be considered more competitive. I have to have hope that a deal will get done with sufficient prospects and that our owner would approve it. Otherwise, it would just cement understandings that our owner is the biggest impediment to our competitiveness. DD has to realize we are not competitive. Our owner must understand this as well. We will see.
  14. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    A trade does seem unlikely here. But the difference to me is that he's already signed for an affordable amount. Giving a 4 year deal to a pitcher of Duffy's quality this offseason would be more like $80 million. The AAV for Duffy is not egregious, especially with the money that's off the books, and he's comparable to the mid-tier/top-tier FA starting pitchers that are available this offseason, but for less money.
  15. Jose Mesa Jr - Rule 5 Draftee

    Good question, way beyond my knowledge. Where is PhillyOs fan.
  16. Orioles should of been proactive in trying to get a long term extension on Manny and if he was balking on the idea or demanding more then they were willing to pay they should of tried to move him when his value was at his highest. Not when he is about to hit FA.
  17. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    Yeah, it's a contradiction. Go figure.
  18. Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Mercedes is going to be 25 years old soon and hasn't had more than a cup of coffee at AA. He has no position and OPS'd .800 in high A ball. He's not a prospect.
  19. Will Fans Believe DD Got it Right?

    I will root for the player that replaces Manny. I am an Oriole fan not a one player fan.
  20. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    So we have a club policy not to give 4 or 5 year contracts to free agent pitchers. But we would TRADE for a guy with 4 years left on a significant contract? How does that make sense? (And I'm not opposed to Duffy necessarily, would depend on what we give up for him. I am just trying to understand the seeming contradiction).
  21. O’s sign RHP Michael Kelly to big league deal

    Please. Mike Wright lost about 5 mph of velocity in a bid to gain some control, and gained absolutely no control. He is irredeemably bad. Gotcha, that sounds right.
  22. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    Any pitcher, young or old, is going to be a risk. The problem with getting Duffy is the cost. Expect to see Hunter Harvey, Mullins (maybe Hays), plus, going back if it happens.
  23. Yeah, I can't remember who, but I remember in a previous year we acquired someone and put them on the 40 but DFA'd them two weeks later, all in the offseason.
  24. Except this guy got lit up in AAA and Mike Wright actually has had some success down there. We'll see. The 40 man roster spot seems like a weird move for this guy.
  25. He asked for 300 + million dollars and Angelos said no
  26. Watched some video on youtube. Hard breaking pitch looks like a wipeout pitch. Not a long arm action. Reminded me a little of Pedro Strop.
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