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    • Good point. I was only employing "minimalist" as preferable to "math." A good Japanese group that is more truly minimalist (Steve Reich, etc.) is Maison Book Girl. But I didn't post them at the time b/c they don't play their own instruments on stage like ElephantGym. There are several good MV's on YouTube, some of them with subtitles.
    • Someone should get her a Chapman Stick.
    • So? Her chats were inane and interrupted the game. During the game I want to watch the game, not watch her chat with random fans, or players. That’s what post-game interviews are for. The radio and TV guys provide facts and color and that’s more than enough. She served no purpose and one can only hope the experiment is over.
    • Losing Pedroia took the air and fire out of the Sox. Losing two key arms in their pen also hurt them. I think Villar will bring back more than some may think. Givens will bring us a young AA pitcher or two from the Cubs, Padres, Phillies or Braves. Maybe one or two just called up for Villar. I like Villar but think .they can replace him.  I agree now is the time to move Mancini but if Elias does that who will the fans go to the games to see? Davis? Martin? Ruiz? Smith. Jr,  Nunez?             p
    • Two-hand tapping the bass. Playing it like a piano.
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