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    • Davis would say, "Thank you", and happily sit on the bench for $141,975 per game and eat sunflower seeds, then go home to his children and wife and enjoy his extravagant lifestyle. I mean, if he could not show up at the park at all, that would be even better as it'd save him several hours out of the day, and he could spend those hours with his kids or playing video games or something. But, eh, for $141,975, pretty much any human being would happily spend 4 to 8 hours at a baseball park, occasionally working out and taking batting practice and eating sunflower seeds.
    • I would consider them Top 100.  I was referring to a few of the others, though not a knock on their skill level either. I regret not being more specific. 
    • The second one is my area code.  
    • This has to be one of the most pathetic and disappointing games I've seen the Orioles play all season. Zero effort. How do you lose 11-1 to a pitcher as bad as Covey? How does Cobb, a guy we went out and acquired in FA, a starter we wanted to improve our rotation, basically give us an Ubaldo performance? If we keep getting terrible FA acquisitions and our tenured guys like Davis put in zero effort because they're guaranteed money, this team is not going to have a winning season again for like a decade. And they deserve every boo and criticism levied their way for it. All I can say is I hope Karma catches up to these players and management and that they suffer consequences for what they're putting Baltimore fans through, now and for the next several seasons at minimum.
    • The writing is pretty much on the wall.  I looked at Moose's "effort" post and was reminded of how many times over the years Jonesy's effort got this team wins.  No he's not a good CF - that's due to a lack of range, not effort.  He wants a World Series win real bad.  And it ain't happening here. The Orioles should give him the courtesy of a trade.  They won't get that much in return.  But they have to get all they can as part of a rebuild this season if they want to keep the upcoming losing years (plural) to a minimum. I will root for Jonesy on another team, because I am a big fan of his.  Unless.... it's the Yanks, Sawx, or Jays.  It makes me wonder which teams can use him for a playoff run, and I'd like the board's thoughts on the matter. Of course this all depends on the front office being competent enough to trade their veterans.  I would just like some hypotheticals.