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    • Yes, because the first month or two is always, always overemphasized.  Decisions are made based on tiny samples of almost meaningless data and emotional knee-jerks.  You're better off if your nonsensical knee jerks are positive rather than negative.  You're almost always better off riding your offseason plan longer rather than making any choice based on 50 PAs.
    • In the AFL in 2015 the cutter/slider was causing him some discomfort. To the best of my knowledge he wasn't throwing it in games or even bullpen sessions last season.
    • Do some athletes find themselves unhappy with an organization and then just put forth mediocre effort (or tank) with hopes of being released and thus given a "change of scenery"? I have no idea if this is the case or if this is even a thing (I feel like Jake's situation was different - was pitching coach and philosphical differences)? I'm just wondering if he's wanting to go to a place where he's actually wanted. Just pure wild speculation, not based on anything other than he's a complex guy.  
    • Thanks, that was an interesting read, for the first 5-6 paragraphs.    My takeaway is that ESPN is venturing into other areas because an all-between the lines sports format wasn't working so well for them anymore.     Anyway, now I understand what ba9oriole was talking about.   Thanks for posting that.