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    • I don't know ...but Zuttah sucks! I think we are in for another tough season due to the weak OL. I agree Mangold must not be healthy because the idea of watching the interior collapse makes me sick
    • Thought it would be fun to start a thread prior to the season on several over/under questions for the ravens.  This is an opportunity for everyone to go on record.   Some can be normal  (over/under 7 wins), others could be interesting (over/under Jebrill Peppers has 100 return yards against the ravens this year). Answer the question in the previous post and then pose your own. 
    • My thought is he will. Right now Castillo basically is splitting time with Caleb. If he wants to have any chance at a multi year deal his odds staying in Baltimore are lessened.  His agent just needs to find him a one year deal somewhere. I would take that chance myself. 
    • I'd explain to Beef that Cisco is going to be on the roster next year and that it would impact his playing time if he decided to stay with the team.