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    • I would rather have Mark Reynolds than Mark Trumbo.  30 HR & 97 RBI & 2.8 WAR is a lot better than Trumbo produced.  Do the O's have any international slot money they can trade?  I'm predicting Trumbo + international slot money + cash for a mediocre 5th starter and a non-prospect.
    • You may or may not be a lifelong O's fan. But if you love baseball, and love the O's, the Yankees losing the next best thing to the O's winning. Just a fact based in reality. If you claim to be an O's fan, and are ambivalent to the Yankees winning in the postseason while O's fans lick their wounds, and need to go read a book,  I suggest "Non-Chalant Sunflower Seed Eating: a Guidebook" with a forward by Mark Reynolds.        
    • I wouldn’t need to get anything back, Trumbo has negative value. Either you play him and hopefully he’s good enough to offload at the deadline or you send something of value with him to make the deal palatable to the other team.  Losing him won’t hurt the O’s competitiveness, hell for the money the team saves, they could sign Jarrod Dyson or Howie Kendrick. Both of which would make the team better.
    • Not even close to the Browns who have, literally, decades of losing. We’ve won two Super Bowls during that time. I’m not trying to defend the product on the field, but we are more on par with a team like the Chargers, maybe?  As we’ve seen, being a rich business man doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily good at anything besides being a business man. 😂 We’re stuck with Joe at least one more season for cap reasons, right? I say Harbaugh is gone after this year, but Ozzie stays at least as long as Joe. I still trust Ozzie since I think a lot of it is that he’s hamstrung by the Flacco contract, which was unavoidable at the time we signed him. One of these days, though, he’s going to need to draft a WR who doesn’t bust.
    • I like the thought but considering we plan on competing this coming season, it might not be the best idea to trade a (arguably) useful player to a team that is already better than us.  I'd personally do Trumbo for Holt in a heartbeat, though.