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Here, you can talk about Orioles of the past, what teams were like way back when, and anything else concerning the team since 1954.

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    • If we could package Manny w/ Davis and his full contract and get next to nothing in return, in terms of players/prospects, would you make that trade?
    • Spot on. This exactly how it will play out, I expect. 
    • Absolutely agree, but I don't see the current Angelos/Duquette/Showalter regime doing this.  If anything, Duquette is predictable.  He will approach the offseason as if we are playoff contenders and will try to cobble together some patchwork pitching acquisitions to augment the current "staff."  He will acquire several Rule V picks, make some minor trades, trade some international bonus slots (if we have any left), and then wait until February and see which veteran free agents are available and desperate and sign them.  He will be shocked at the prices of free agent pitching, and decide to re-sign Tillman and pick up Miley's option.  He will not trade Manny or Britton or any other veteran.  We will not trade top prospects for an impact veteran player, and we will not trade a veteran for top prospects.  We will not extend Manny or Schoop, but he may offer Jones a contract extension.  We will not go all in for a World Series run, and we will not commit to a rebuild.  The current regime will try to squeeze one more .500 season out of this group; 2019 and beyond be damned.  
    • It's really unfortunate. There weren't many of us on here saying we should have traded Britton at the height of his value in the 2016 offseason, but there were some and in any organization that wasn't in such a sorry state at the top with an owner near the end of his years and willing to tear this organization to pieces trying in futility to win a championship while he's still around, Britton would have been dealt and Machado as well. This organization doesn't make the hard decisions or when they decide to consider it, it's already too late. It really is predictable and the same will happen with Machado. This team has needed to do a lot of things and make a lot of timely moves, but have either done absolutely nothing or made the wrong moves. So much of this is self inflicted and, in many cases, supported by the majority of the fan base which should tell you a lot as well. To think that people thought the Astros would be regretting not acquiring Britton come October and turns out the guy can't even play. Knee injuries take a long time to heal and there's always a chance it will recur out of nowhere. He's had this problem for three years now and it's still not resolved? Sounds like a recipe for chronic, ongoing issues to me. I sure hope not, but damn. First, we learned Tillman was mishandled in the offseason and now that Britton has been pitching with a bum knee for three years? Is it any surprise it finally caught up with him? *sighs* It's so depressing.. like watching a train wreck where the train has two choices; one track is finished and in good condition and the other goes over water with a big piece of track missing and the Orioles choose the latter. Part of me can't believe it and the other says "Business as Usual!"
    • I think you try and get a third baseman, hopefully a young third baseman back in the trade.