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    • That would be...underwhelming to say the least  Mikolas was never seen as a starter when he was in the MLB so depending on him to be in the rotation without a backup plan is risky.  I like the idea of Dickey because he will eat innings at the very least. I think the ship has sailed on Gonzalez. They really need a veteran guy to pair with Bundy and Gausmen. Cobb makes too much sense.  I'd push hard for Cobb and Chatwood. Then sign Dickey or Sabathia  1) Dylan Bundy  2) Alex Cobb  3) Kevin Gausmen  4) Tyler Chatwood  5) Dickey or Sabathia  That's a solid rotation. Plus Chatwood is only 28. 
    • If the winning team has to post a 20m fee, What do they get for the fee?   6 years of Otani?   4 years like the O's got for Chen?  Or will Otani agent negotiate a shorter term? I know Otani has to sign a minor leaguer contract, but can he put a clause in it the states he is a free agent is two years?  
    • I'm a big fan of signing Dickey.  I think he will be a steal and the O's could get him for something like 1 year/$8 mill.  I'm not sold  on Mikolas unless he's a 6th starter.  Kim was an MVP in KBO.  Who knows how his numbers will translate.  I would like to see the O's sign one of Cobb/Chatwood, Dickey, and one of Gonzalez/Tillman.  
    • You have the right to your opinion.  I'd say the stats don't back it up.  He had a .654 OPS (about 20% worse than league average) in his second year in AA.  Let's assume he can produce just as well at the MLB level, which is quite the generous assumption.  If he could put up that line, it'd be 32nd of 35 second basemen with 400 or more ABs.  Even if you assume he's an above average fielder (my time watching him says more average) and he steals over 20 bases(only stole 8 last year), he'd still be nothing more than replacement level.   There is a reason he wasn't on the top 30 prospects list.  He wasn't even in my top 45 or so I considered.  His ceiling is utility infielder, and to reach that ceiling he'll need a major uptake in power or he'll need to cut his strikeout rate in half (19% is extremely high for someone who doesn't hit for any power).