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    • I almost forgot. Peter Dinklage.  A fantastic actor.  For eight seasons, he helped bring Tyrion Lannister to life and helped make this show what it is.  Eight seasons ... and his last line is, "I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel."   That is what they give him to go out on.  I never thought I'd see a writer/director as self-destructive to himself and a franchise as Rian Johnson.  I didn't realize that Benioff & Weiss took that as a personal challenge.
    • Ep. 6 - This should be quick and easy.  Despite it's length, there's not much talking.  Most of the episode is spent staring quietly at things.   - Tyrion goes to find Jaime.  He makes his way down to the room w/ the dragon skulls which doesn't take him very long.  Mind you, we saw this room completely collapse and cave in last episode.  It's underground, they literally had a castle and millions of pounds of dirt fall on them.  Now, the room is completely intact, with piles of bricks laying about.  He finds Jaime very easily and, somehow, both he and Cersei aren't crushed and mangled to a pulp.  Quite the opposite, he only has to move a couple bricks to uncover them and they look perfectly fine, aside from being a bit dirty and dusty.  Apparently, they would have lived if they just moved 15 feet to the left or right.   - Jon and Davos find Grey Worm, who is executing Lannister soldiers.  Davos tells Jon to find Dany and talk to her.  Jon goes through the city, walks through all of the Dothraki and Unsullied and at the top of the stairs waiting for him is ... Grey Worm.  Did Jon get lost?  Did he stop for lunch?  I guess Grey Worm just has a better teleporter.     - What follows is a scene where Dany announces Grey Worm is now her Master of War and basically tells her forces that they're going to rape and pillage the world.  What's funny is that Jon is standing behind her looking very distressed ... but he doesn't actually speak the language she's speaking in this scene, so he has no idea what she's saying.   - It's now snowing heavily in King's Landing.  It was snowing at the end of Season 7, spring/summer time in a desert last episode and now it's the dead of winter.  It's snowing so hard that Jon almost walks past Drogon without seeing him because he's covered in it.  Later this episode, a few weeks have passed and it looks like spring/summer time again.   - Jon meets w/ Dany and, of course, she sounds like a crazy person.  Like Darth Vader, she's totally cool w/ killing the younglings.  Jon kills her, Drogon melts the Iron Throne,  takes her body and flies off over the ocean.  I'm sure there's supposed to be some kind of emotional weight to this scene, but it's not there.  Kind of hard to feel bad for Emperor Palpatine.  This is also a very convenient way to get rid of the dragon. No more "nuclear weapon" to worry about in Westeros.  The next scene skips ahead a few weeks and everyone knows that Jon killed Dany.  I have no idea why because the only evidence literally flies out the window, never to be seen again.  Yeah, there's blood on the floor, but this is taking place directly after last episode where we watched almost half a million people die.  When we first see Dany, it looks like it's the first time she's been in this room ... meaning, NO ONE ELSE has been in here.  The only way for anyone to know what happened to Dany is if Jon told them.   - Skip ahead and Tyrion is being called in front of a council of what looks like the heads of the remaining noble houses.  We're left to assume that because they never bother telling us who they are or what this group is.  There's multiple randoms who never get a name, have no speaking lines and who basically do nothing.  On top of that, it seems like there's too many people; there's at least 15.  Bronn is also missing from this scene.  Right after this, we find out he's Warden of the Reach (because, of course he is).  How is he not at something this important?   - They literally brought the actor who played Edmure Tully back just to make him look like a jack@ss one more time.  What a waste of a character.   - The entire point of this scene is to decide what to do w/ Tyrion.  That doesn't even last 5 seconds and immediately turns into, "We should vote on a new king."  Because that's totally how monarchies.  Not just now, but for every king ... voting.  Yup, definitely how monarchies work.     -Tyrion, yes the prisoner whose here to be punished, nominates Bran Stark.  Everyone votes for him except Sansa, who declares that the North will remain independent.  In true Season 8 fashion, Tyrion labels him Bran the Broken ... get it?  Because he's crippled and can't walk.  Nothing says respect like making fun of a cripple.   - At this point, everyone forgets why they're there, so Bran names Tyrion Hand of the King.  The only one who protests in Grey Worm, but he's ignored because everyone wants to go to lunch.   - Tyrion tells Jon that, as punishment, he is being sent to rejoin the Nights Watch.  The same Nights Watch where everyone is pretty much dead or gone.  The same N.W. that guards a magical wall that no longer serves a purpose.  The Wall which is meant to keep out the wildlings and the undead.  The undead, who are now gone, and the Wildlings, who are now friendly to the people of the south.  The same N.W. that's in the NORTH, which is now an independent country, ruled by Queen Sansa.   - Jon says his final goodbye's to his siblings and Arya says that she's not returning to the North.  She's going "west of Westeros" ... which, I'm pretty sure, is just Essos.  Apparently, she's a ship captain now, with her own Mayflower-sized ship that's fully manned w/ a crew.  It never explains how she can afford this, but whatever.  Nothing matters.   - Grey Worm, who had complete military control of King's Landing, decides the Unsullied are all leaving and going to the Isle of Naath.  I guess this isle is big enough to accommodate 8,000 respawnable soldiers.  We see a couple Dothraki around the docks, but there's no mention of what they're going to do.  I guess the 50,000 thieves, rapists and murderers that are left are staying in Westeros.  That's good to know.   - We have a meeting of the new Small Council in the Tower of the Hand.  Tyrion looks nervous, as if this is his first meeting.  This is literally his third turn as Hand for a monarch.  Here we meet the new small council: Davos is Master of Ships, Bronn is Master of Coin and Warden of the Reach while Samwise Gamgee is now a Grand Maester.  Yes, the same Sam that was at the Citadel for all of a week and never finished his training ... he's a Grand Maester now, because nothing matters.  Mind you, he was also at the council meeting to judge over Tyrion.  He wasn't dressed as a Maester there, he was dressed like a nobleman, so I assumed he was representing House Tarly and the Reach.  Nope.   - King Bran is also here.  I guess the Red Keep and all of it's insanely tall towers are now handicap accessible.  Bran mentions that they still don't have a Master of Whisperers, Master of Laws and a Master of War ... but, don't worry.  This doesn't go anywhere.  He then asks if anyone has seen Drogon.   Yes, the man who can literally see and know anything doesn't know where the dragon is.  I also found it funny that he mentioned not having a Master of Whisperer's.  Why would the guy who knows everyone/everything need a Master of Whisperers?   - Brienne and Podrick are now Kingsguard.  Yes, Pod.  Pod the Rod ... Kingsguard.  Also, I thought Brienne was sworn to Sansa, who is now Queen of the North, but I guess that doesn't matter, either.   - Last scene is of Jon returning to Castle Black, where the Wildlings are all waiting for him.  I guess he's Lord Commander again?  It definitely looks like it from this scene.  It ends w/ Jon petting Ghost and leading the Wildlings north of the Wall.  I'm pretty sure the scene of Jon petting the dog was the most expensive scene of the season.     As upset as this season has made me, I'm glad this is finally done.  The pain is finally over.
    • Ynoa is bad. BAAAAAD. So what? Do we have anybody on this team who isn’t? We got him for nothing, And remember good teams don’t give up good players unless their general manager has an exceptionally unwise moment. The Ynoa Acquisition was not the result of an unwise moment. I just can’t understand why Brandon doesn’t leave him in? “You’re terrible. Go out there and be terrible, but be terrible for the rest of the game.” At least that way he would eat some innings.
    • His minor league stats did not suggest he would be much of a hitter.  
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