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    • I concur with your first point - I don't see Mountcastle being at all similar to those others.   While he is somewhat young for AAA, the average age for AA is skewed HEAVILY by older organizational type players to the point that the average age is pretty much irrelevant.  It's pretty clear that he's not going to make the adjustments to draw more walks while he's in the minors.  We need to see if he can make those adjustments in the majors, and the longer the O's put off sending him to the majors, it seems logical - the longer it will take for him to adjust.    
    • That is up to Mullins.   He is on the 40 man roster.  He will be in ST.   If he hits well  at Norfolk then he could be promoted to the O's.
    • He should’ve. Probably would’ve lashed it for a double. 
    • I'll take a crack .....Harvey has a 97mph + fastball that's deemed plus and a plus curveball and Hader. Hader has a low 90s fastball with a lot of movement. The reason he's been so successful is that his slider drastically improved from 2017 to 2018 in regards to his control.
    • Agreed ...but he looked much better the last start as well.
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