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    • My point was resigning the likes of Tillman and Hellickson on the cheap would've been fine moves had we moved Manny and Britton last year for farm money bags headed toward a 70% rebuild. We DID NOT therefore these types moves are just more of the same further highlighting the bone headed front office and more importantly, ownership. Why is Manny still on the roster if we aren't banging down the doors of Cobb, Vargas, Arrieta types???? Makes absolutely no sense. Either we were contending one last year, which IMO is wrong move BTW, or we looked towards future and stock piled ourselves with young talent. All of the knowledgable fanbase would have commended and understood this move. Hell, I would have bought season tickets knowing we made the tough call but creatively and instinctively kept this team in contention for next decade or so. Instead, we are half way in on an ALL or nothing play without a future. 
    • I agree. And there is a huge difference between those contracts as well. 
    • I'm right. Curtis is no captain. 
    • LOL.  And lose 95 games and Machado for a draft pick.   
    • To be fair it is not an easy thing to do.  Look back at the draft that Perriman was taken in.  3 total impact WRs in that class.  It's too early but the same could probably be said about last years class. 2014 was straight out ridiculous but 2013 is just now seeing some breakouts to bring it's number of impact WR above 4-5. The fact is they are bad and finding and developing but also if the majority of WR classes have only 4-6 impact guys, we would have to see the Ravens draft multiple round 1-3 WRs to really have a shot of getting one impact player.  That is something they are not willing to do.