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    I spoke today to some people who know this story. Curacao's Adema Rifaela was a raw, talented but fundamentally unsound prospect. He was drafted out of Curacao at the age of 17. He grew up with Jonathan Schoop. In the minors his talent was evident, but he kept making bonehead moves on the field. He was getting picked off, he was running into needless double plays, he was a distracted player and despite his talent, he infuriated his coaches. One day an Oriole official walked up to Jonathan Schoop. "Tell your pal Rifaela he is playing himself out of baseball.We know he's talented but he's a head case and not thinking out there". "Lets call him right now, HERE on the field:, Schoop said. They did just that. Schoop laid into him. Told him he represented Curacao and had a chance to be a big leaguer, but was blowing it. Rifaela was listening. For the next season he was a different player. With Schoop monitoring his play Rifaela began a complete transformation. He hit, hIt for power and played the field flawlessly. Rifaela has been named the Most Valuable Player in the Carolina League. Rifaela leads the league with 24 homers and ranks among the league leaders in several other categories. He is batting .280/.350/.499 with 21 doubles, a triple, 24 homers, 78 RBIs and an OPS of .849. He becomes just the second player in Frederick’s 29-year history to win this award. Brandon Waring was the first in 2009. He is 22 years old. If he becomes a player at the major league level, he might have Jonathan Schoop, his countryman,to thank.
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    I would feel much better if it were Roy who started this thread.
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    The seasons not over, but we kind of know who's had a good season or a bad one. Manny Machado: He's made $5 mm and $11.5 mm the last two years. He's having a slightly down season but still may finish with 35 HR and 100 RBI. I'm guessing he will make $17 mm next year. For reference points, Josh Donaldon is making $17 mm this year after making $11.6 last year; Nolan Arenado will make $17.75 mm next year after making $11.75 this year. Zach Britton: He made $3.2 mm, $6.75 mm and $11.4 mm the last three years. He's been hurt a lot and not nearly as effective this year as in 2014-16. I'll guess he earns $13.2 mm. Precedent: Chris Davis was raised from $10.35 mm to $12 mm after his lousy 2014 campaign. Jonathan Schoop: He made $3.475 mm this year. He's had a career year and will deserve a nice bump. I'm guessing he makes $8 mm next year. Precedent: Roughned Odor's long term deal increases from $3.33 mm to $7.83 mm this year. Also, Manny got a 130% raise in his 2nd year of arbitration after an excellent year. Kevin Gausman: He's been a big disappointment. He earned $3.45 mm this year as a Super-2. I'm guessing $5.25 mm for Gausman next year. Precedent: Chris Tillman was raised from $4.315 mm to $6.225 mm after a disappointing 2015 season. Brad Brach: He made $1.25 mm and $3.05 mm the last two years, beating the Orioles in arbitration this last time. He's had a decent year, not a great one, and was called into closer duty for a while and was only so-so in that role. My guess is he goes to $5.25 mm. Precedent: Tyler Clippard went from $4.0 mm to $5.875 mm after a nice season where he posted a 2.41 ERA as a setup man. Britton went from $3.2 mm to $6.75 mm after his second year as closer. From a percentage point of view, this is between those two. Caleb Joseph: He lost his arbitration case and is making $700,000 after a historically bad season. This year he's having his best year and has earned his way to playing roughly 50% of the time. I haven't found a really good comp but I think his salary at least triples. Put me down for $2.25 mm. Tim Beckham: he earned $885 k this year as a Super Two. He's had a breakout year, especially since being traded to the O's. He's got a huge raise coming -- to $3 mm? Precedent: Roughned Odor made $1.33 mm as a Super-2, increased to $3.33 mm next year as a part of his long-term deal after a 2.4 WAR, .798 OPS season. I have $53.95 mm for these 7 players, who made about $34.3 mm this year. Anyone I have too high or low?
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    I have been asked to use my reverse jinx powers for weddings, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, and Sweet 16 parties.I will consider it. How about this idea for a reverse jinx for a wedding? "Hey, you guys are not gonna make it 5 years...I don't see it lasting" I can do it for all occasions...But its not a money back guaranteed offer.
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    If this is one of the worst years of someone's fandom, that person is extraordinarily spoiled. This year wouldn't make my 15 worst, even assuming we end up with a losing record.
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    I vehemently deny that I have ever used or would ever use performance enhancing reverse jinx substances. I have been tested and I have never failed a test as I told my friend Mr. Palmeiro.
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    Currently working on my top 30 prospect list, here are 5 players who will be ranked outside the top 15 (a couple that might not even make the top 30) that I think could be much higher by the end of next year. Brenden Hanifee - A two sport athlete the O's drafted out of a VA HS in 2016, Hanifee has a natural, easy delivery and a heavy low 90s fastball that gives hitters fits and induces ground balls. His breaking ball flashes above-average and there is a change-up but it needs a lot more development. Hanifee is very raw but still managed to have a lot of success as one of the younger players in the NY/Penn league. Brallan Perez - Adrian Marin with a better batting eye, more speed, and more raw power. Struggled in his first taste of A+ ball with the Rangers, got demoted and hit well in Low A ball. Upon trading for him the Orioles put him in Frederick where he thrived (SSS), walking 3x as much as he struck out. Nick Vespi - The O's drafted him out of CC in 2015. He is only 21, so the same age as all the college juniors drafted this year. He has excellent strikeout numbers, on par with Lowther, and got significantly more swinging strikes the Lowther. He's a big lefty with a deceptive delivery, where he turns his back then almost drags is toe, before driving to the plate. When I saw him early in the year, I saw a stereotypical deceptive windup with very little repeatablilty or command. Later in the season it looked like he figured out how to repeat the complicated delivery, and his numbers improved. I don't know if he has the delivery or repertoire to stay a starter but I think he could develop into a later inning reliever. Jacob Brown - On the surface, Jacob Brown looks like an average late round HS draft pick who had an ok debut in the GCL. There are a few tools here though. Above average speed, plus arm, solid power, ability to play all three OF positions well. Brown's development is dependent on his hit tool, he has a poor batting eye currently and has too much swing and miss in his game. There is some bat speed though and the swing path looks geared for power. The pre-swing load is late and I think that may be causing some of the swing and miss problems. Lamar Sparks - Sparks had a good debut and was a 5th round pick, so he's already got some prospect status, but like Hanifee he's someone I could see making a big jump next year. He's got a plus-plus arm, plus speed, a good eye, and a loose athletic swing with a good plane. There isn't much power now but his body is extremely projectable and the swing will allow for some power when he gets stronger. He also has room to get more hip separation to generate more power (something the O's got Hays to do to unlock his power potential). If the tools aren't enough, Sparks showed a fairly advanced approach for a young player.
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    BOLTONBOB - The view after the hurricane IRMA!!! Well, bit of a week here in sunny FL. No electric/AC. ......... etc for 5 days, .........but tablet worked (when charged) for a bit of BBALL.......News, weather updates, etc. Sunday was the 1st normal day for Cathy and ME - She went out (in full Ravens gear) to our Ravens Corner @ Mugs and Jugs, .... I enjoyed the comforts of home and my living room, 4 TV's (Direct TV w/ MLB and NFL premium package, Bright House/Spectrum - think Comcast) - Steak & Shrimp, beer,etc. And 2 BMORE wins!. Ravens 2-0 - looks like a pretty good Defense and Joe???, with a bit of a running game. Good combo! Orioles - 12 to go and 6 losses down in the Wild Card race. Bet Roy and many have given up??? NOT ME!! Did i ever tell you ------ IN BUCK I TRUST WILL 84 WINS DO IT? 11-1 Rest of the way? Will the "kids" step up? Mancini, Hays, Beckham, Scoop, Manny,,, Bundy 165 innings so far, Givens 64 games (Most in BPen), ......2.26 ERA, .... 72 relief innings (Most im BPen), etc. Will the Big 4 - Britton, O'Day, Brock , Hart - give us "lights out" relief? Castille, Calif - great combo 28 HR's total - no worries there Davis, Trumbo not the 80 homers I was expectin" (47 total so far) - But Trey added 24, Becham 10, and Smith 13, even got 4 from Joey, 3 from JJ,....... Pena & Genty had 2 each , 1 from Kim and Hays, Prolly near tops in MLeagues for HR by a team! If we don't go 11-1, So be it!! GLAD to be ALIVE & HEALTHY Several old folks (neighbors) did not fair so well .....IN THIS CRAPPILY RUN......Senior Village ----I MPERIAL PALMS (Cathy staged a 1 person "sit - in" to ...... "Change Policy" .. .--- They tried to kick everyone out of the air conditioned CLUBHOUSE W/electricity for charging devices @ 9pm one night,.... Cops were called, neighbors jumped in and ........MGMT "changed policy to 24/7 open clubhouse 'on the spot' ... Reminded me of the 60's MLK, & 70's Vietnam days where getting beat or arrested was not uncommon. QUITE PROUD OF HER (I did help a bit) ...... We are funny that way about INJUSTICES,...... ALWAYS HAVE BEEN DESPITE THE COSTS - Many times personal....... BOLTONBOB - Peace Out PS......... See 4 DEAD in OHIO Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song) - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_(Crosby,_Stills,_Nash_%26_Young_song) "Ohio" is a protest song and counterculture anthem written and composed by Neil Young in reaction to the Kent State shootings of May 4, 1970, and performed by Crosby ... Kent State shootings - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_shootings
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    Whatever else you want to say about this team, you cannot say that it lacks Oriole Magic. The Orioles are 12-2 in extra inning games, best in the majors. They are 20-15 in one run games, one of the best markes in the majors. Entering today they had a 7-63 record when trailing after 8 innings, meaning that they had won 10 percent of games when trailing after 8 innings. The league average is 5 percent, and no other recent Oriole team has come close to winning 10 percent of the time when trailing after 8 innings. So this team does all of the heroic things that a magical team should--it wins close games, it wins in extra innings, it wins coming from behind (sometimes way behind), it wins on walk off home runs and walk off singles. But overall the team is barely over .500, mostly because the starting pitching is terrible and puts the team in too many desperate situations early in games. Oriole Magic is fun to watch but I'd prefer to watch a team that was less magical and less mediocre.
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    Tillman has always had trouble with Twitter. I hope Mills can straighten that out for him in a bullpen session. Not sure of the WiFi out there, though. But seriously, thanks fo the update, Eddie.
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    o EAT S***, YANKEE FANS !!! o
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    Beckham - 50 hits in 29 games Hardy - 48 hits in 64 games That's unbelievable.
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    I have several threads on my blog on Game Score. Most of the relevant links are shown within the blog post here: http://tangotiger.com/index.php/site/comments/path-to-game-score-2.0-part-3-of-3 The entire logic and thought process is there. If you were to ask Bill, he'd never think that a method he developed 30 years ago was intended to never be improved upon. I took great care in doing so. MLB.com and Fangraphs have adopted this version. The only dispute is the name, whether keeping Game Score was the right thing, or whether I could have chosen a different name, like Pitching Score. Since the basis of what I did was Game Score, I thought it was more honest to keep that name. This is like Bill always using "Runs Created" each time he improved it. He didn't come up with a new name. I told Bill what I was doing, and he didn't object. He didn't necessarily give me his blessing, he simply didn't respond one way or the other. I really doubt Bill cared that I reused the name, as long as what I did was good enough. Bill said 30 years ago he can't do this alone. I'm just here to fill in the gaps.
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    Bah, letting him get a complete game 1 hitter also has a psychological effect.. he earned it. Pulling him after 8 wouldn't bestow the same confidence.
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    Things I didn't know: Hays: Manager Kendall thinks Hays is as good as Schoop Hays is a big time pull hitter Pohl thinks Hays 2017 season was as good as Wieters 2008 and Mancini 2015 Hays was one of Baseball America's top 5 for minor league player of the year. Will probably be in the top 20-30 in BAs top 100. per Pohl Santander: Scout says he thinks the best prospect out the four outfielders including Hays, Mullins and Stewart Mullins: Outstanding CF Not a OBP guy Scott: throws 101 mph Below avg command Slider took a major step forward Working on a change up Hess When Hess is on he could pitch in the Majors now, Dominating at times League avg pitcher at present Extremely bright, estremely mature Fly ball pitcher, great fastball Fastball does not sink Has a slider and a slow breaking ball, split changeup that is not as good asDrake Mixes pitches well 70% fastballs Long Every thing he throws is hard two seam sinking fastball, hard curve, cut fastball wore down late Ramirez: Not overpowering stuff Sinker 40% fastballs Big change up pitcher, best change since Bridwell and Davies Gives up a lot of homers
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    Here's a few numbers I find interesting: - At the end of five innings, the O's have led in only 54 games, while trailing in 70 (19 games were tied). - The O's have had more games where they were trailing than they were winning going into every inning but the second. 2nd 34-34 (75 tied) 3rd 49-52 (42) 4th 52-60 (31) 5th 54-70 (19) 6th 57-73 (13) 7th 54-71 (18) 8th 63-71 (9) 9th 60-74 (9) It's miraculous that the team is 71-72 to this point. They've been playing from behind all year.
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    With Frederick and Bowie losing tonight, the minor league season is over for the Orioles' organization. It's always a sad day for me. No box scores to distract me on days that the Orioles have lost, no prospects to follow. This was one of the more interesting seasons to follow our rising young players. I'm sorry it's over.
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    Absolutely. I mean, who wouldn't have at least two guys throwing in the bullpen at the start of the sixth inning after your pitcher has thrown 60 pitches in 5 innings, giving up one run, on two hits, and retiring 15 in a row. Definitely should have had two relievers throwing before the inning even started.
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    Physical: RH batter/thrower. Solidly built, but slim, probably has room for more muscle but it would most likely hurt his game as speed is very important to his profile. Has some decent pop for his size, has the ability to hit it out to straight away center when he gets his arms extended. Stance/Swing: Fairly wide, closed stance. Early leg lift, aggressive weight transfer, good hip separation. He changed his pre-swing mechanics significantly between the early season games I watched and the most recent televised games. Early in the year he held the bat head high pre-pitch and then tilted it back behind his back while loading. This led to a long swing, he had trouble dealing with any velocity up or in. He also had difficulty fouling off any pitches. After the change he held the bat back over his shoulder and during the load he brought it more upright, allowing him to be quicker and more direct to the ball. I could finally see above average bat speed. These hitting mechanics are similar to what he was doing in HS, so I don't know why he got away from it in the first place. Approach/Batting eye: Patient hitter, takes a lot of pitches and has an idea of where the pitches are going. Shows some ability to recognize a breaking ball, but not enough bat control to adjust to a good one. Swings like a power hitter. Doesn't cut down on his swing with two strikes. Speed/Baserunning: Timed between 4.10-4.18 to first as a righty, real threat on the bases, quick and fast. Fielding/Arm: Good first step in center, great speed, doesn't seem to aggressively try to make difficult catches, tends to play it safe. Basically the opposite of Austin Hays in CF. The arm didn't show much in the games I saw, it's passable though, and I've read reports that his arm is solid, so I'm not particularly confident in this assessment. Grades (present/future) Hit: 45/50 Power: 40/45 Run: 65/60 Fielding: 50/60 Arm: 40/40 Optimistic Future Projection: 50 (average regular in center) Risk: Medium/High Realistic outcome: 40 (4th/5th outfielder, pinch runner) McKenna is a young, speedy CF with enough bat to make it work. He has come on the second half of the season, and the mechanical change explains the improvement. It'll be interesting to see how he develops. He could add strength to try and increase his power but that may cost him the speed that makes him interesting. If he can get a bit stronger and keep most of the speed, he could end up hitting enough to be a regular. If not, he has a solid chance to reach decent floor as a reserve OF who can pinch run and steal a base.
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    Chrubalemy Jimellicksman.
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    Interesting trivia during the game the other night. Jones is #6 all time for homeruns as a center fielder. Only Mantle, Griffey Jr, Dimaggio, Fred Lynn, and Bernie Williams have more. And Jones will likely pass Lynn and Williams.
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    Another important stat: 105,000 The number of Red Sox fans crying in their chowder at Fenway park from the 3 game set
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    Never been so invested in a team a game under .500 in late August in my life.
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    Hey Roy, can you say "Id be happy if Legend_Of_Joey got a raise at work, but he probably won't?"
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    It shouldn't matter how it turns out to you. You said, and I quote, "I'd be happy to win one in Boston". They did that. Be happy.
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    This is getting irritating. He's not perfect but... he's likely an .800 OPS guy this year, he's leading the league in throwing out runners percentage and double-play put-outs, and $7 mil for 1 year isn't going to break any MLB bank. He's almost certainly going to opt out, and if he somehow doesn't, he'd be easily tradable. I've never seen such a quality Orioles player get so dis-respected. People are so anxious to find the one or two indirect stats that he looks bad in and then ignore all the more direct stats that he does well at.
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    Lets be honest. Nobody gets an at a boy from you. Your schtick is to slam everything at every opportunity and nobody expects anything less.
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    Ynoa had a good 2nd half. 5-1, 2.87 ERA, 9 starts, .240 avg against, 1.05 WHIP. He is probably a candidate for the rotation next spring. He probably gives the O's a better chance to win right now then Tillman, Ubaldo or Hellickson. He just pitched 2 scoreless innings vs the Yankees on the 4th.
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    All the quitters missed a great finish!
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    I, for one, can't wait to see the headline or Tweet: Austin Powers O's Past Yanks (or whomever it would happen to be when it occurs). Shagadelic!
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    The rosters are expanded....and we have same old Buck. Here we have a starting pitcher who essentially has the Orioles with a 6 man rotation to manage his innings...and Buck is out there leaving him in there for 37 pitches in the 4th inning to get his pitch count over 90. And then what does he do in the 5th? Trots him back out there. WHY? It was clear Bundy didn't have it. He completely fell apart in the 4th. And while he had Castro warming up in the 4th...he doesn't bring him in until right after the damage was done in the 5th when the ballgame was now 5-3 Yankees. I ask you again...why? Because Buck loves the win rule. He'd rather force his pitcher through 5 innings if at all possible...rather than reading the situation and the performance of his starter. Especially one that shouldn't be throwing near 40 pitches in a single inning. It was irresponsible. Even more irresponsible because this club just called up a fresh arm. And has expanded rosters.
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    o Jimmy Martino has signed a one-day contract to become an honorary member of the Baltimore Orioles. Thank you Peter Angelos, and Dan Duquette. https://twitter.com/Orioles/status/903704743805153280 o
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    Ubaldo, Jeremy, Chris... they've all become indistinguishable from one another... We lose them all next year, right?
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    Castro is doing too good, valuable a job in his current role. Trying to stretch him out to be a starter this late in the season, while removing him from a role where he is making HUGE contributions to the team, would be a terrible move.
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    Actually it stands for Fielding Independent Pitching. The more you know!
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    Gentlemen, that is 7 consecutive games and two consecutive sweeps. Jeep Winning!
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    Tragic bass fishing accident LOL I forgot that line, so random
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    I think people who don't know the difference between dominate and dominant are worse.
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    Schoop would have the range of a statue at SS. And his arm is being wasted? Do you have any idea how many DP's this team turns that others would not ever be able to due to his arm? Some waste.
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    He is a poet. An artist. Part of why I love the Birds.
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    http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=milb&player_id=669720#/career/R/hitting/2017/ALL Almost a full 162-game season (across 3 teams) under his belt and look at the impressive statistics. 158 games 210 hits 29 Doubles 35 HRs 111 RBIs .331 BA .369 OBP .950 OPS 22 Years old
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    So I went into this activity thinking it'd turn out similar to the Chris Clare report I wrote yesterday. After all, they have similar numbers. They both swing and miss less than 7% of the time, which is elite. They both have shown little power but have walked more than you would expect for a guy without much power. Honestly, I thought they'd be the same player with Perez striking out less but having less physical projection, I was quite wrong. I watched 6 games that Perez played in, 1 AAA, 3 A+, and 2 A level, and I've spent the last couple hours searching the internet trying to find something to give me more confidence in what I saw. I couldn't find anything, everything I read referred to him as an Org guy. Is it because he's small? I don't know, and I'm not an expert, just a guy who breaks down prospects as a hobby. I didn't see an Org guy, honestly I didn't see a fringe guy, I saw a solid prospect. Feel free to laugh at me and tell me why I'm wrong or why I'm being overly optimistic, but I'm going to trust my eyes. Physical: Looks shorter than the 5' 10" he is listed as, solid lower half, athletic build, but not muscular like Cedric Mullins. Twitchy athlete, energetic guy. Has some room to add muscle, not a big frame, but not maxed. Stance/Swing: Fairly wide, neutral stance. Good load, smooth leg lift, aggressive weight transfer, level line drive swing. Very quick bat, I'm not sure how to rate his bat speed because he uses a tiny bat, it looks to be extremely light, but he swings it very fast. Has an idea of where the head of the bat is, can change his swing midway if he recognizes a breaking ball. Doesn't barrel up as many balls as I'd like to see, but like I said the bat is very small, the sweet spot is probably tiny. He is mostly a slap hitter, but if the ball is grooved, he can put a charge into the ball, I saw a 400+ ft home run. Approach/Batting eye: This is where Perez really shines, he has an elite batting eye. He recognizes break better than most anyone at the A ball level, he'll routinely lay off close pitches, even with two strikes. Not afraid to take the outside pitch to opposite field. Speed/Baserunning: I timed him as fast as 4.08 to first base, which is grade 70 speed, he gets out of the box quickly. Most home to first times were more in the 4.20 range, which is still a 60. He's not a polished base stealer, doesn't seem to get a great jump. Fielding/Arm: Plus defensive 2B, probably could be an average SS in a pinch. He has elite range, good hands, and a fringe average arm. The arm is what limits him to average at SS (two of the games I watched were him at SS, he made a couple of amazing plays there, but he also bounced the ball to first anytime he had to throw while moving away from the base.). The arm is accurate though. Make-up: He was a fill in for the Rangers AAA team for a game, he looked nervous at first, but settled down and didn't look overmatched against a good AAA pitcher (Banda). Energetic player, but seems mature, reminds me of Austin Hays attitude-wise. Grades (present/future) Hit: 50/55 Power: 30/35 Run: 60/60 Fielding: 60/60 Arm: 45/45 Optimistic Future Projection: 55 (above average regular) Risk: Medium Realistic outcome: 45 (fringe regular or plus defensive bench player who doesn't strike out) This is me trusting my eyes, I could be very wrong. If I am hopefully I'll learn from it and figure out what I missed. I actually had to err on the side of caution on the hit and run tools (my first instinct was to grade them higher). I'm really excited about this guy, but it appears that I'm the only person who feels this way. Here's a HR video.
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    Jones is going to compile some big numbers when it's all said and done. Plus he's Mr. Baltimore. I think we resign him and eventually he moves to RF.
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    The good news if we make the one game playoff that would be beneficial.
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    Here's a little perspective on our players' accomplishments in the Eastern League. Of the top 100 hitters in the EL who have at least 124 PA (one per team game played): 1. Austin Hays is tops in OPS at 1.000 and is the 8th youngest. 2. Cedric Mullins is 21st in OPS and is 18th youngest. 3. DJ Stewart is 30th in OPS and is 40th youngest. 4. Aderlin Rodrigeez is 35th in OPS and is 80th youngest. 5. Austin Wynns is 36th in OPS and is 87th youngest. 6. Garabez Rosa is 38th in OPS and is 89th youngest. Purely on performance vs. age, I think you could make a really good case for Hays as one of the top two prospects in the Eastern League. The other, Rafael Devers, was 4th in OPS and 2nd youngest in the league before his promotion. You can make a case for Mullins as a top 20 prospect. I think Stewart would still be outside the top 20 EL prospects. Wynns also is pretty legit as a catcher.
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