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    You heard it here first. Take care, dan-O
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    Hi O fans, mets fan here. Just thought I'd chime in. Ynoa has been on our radar for a while. Some prospect writers (lesser known ones, not the big names) would post on NYM Message boards. One guy in particular, Chris Blessing I think it was, spotted Ynoa early and saidt this guy could see majors. Very skinny at the time, but some velocity, good control, smooth arm movement. Didn't say he was a stud, but that he could be a major leaguer. BA ranked him in the mets top 20 as early as 2013 I think. As an international signee, he had to be protected early or left exposed, so the mets protected him in 2015 and used options 2015 and 2016. Mostly fans like the "sexy" prospects, like 2nd round pick Peter Alonso who hit well in Brookln, but Alonso's a big unknown. professional writers/ranks will often rank the less exciting but higher floor guys just as high as the high upside/big chance of bust guys. To most mets casual fans, ranking Ynoa ahead of Alonso or Wuilmer Becerra is nuts, but that's what BA and a few others did - and they're better at this than the casual fan. That said, I thought Mayo's sleeper/top 100 was bonkers/crazy. Most mets fans didn't see him as that good when Mayo wrote that. All that said I still liked him. Everybody liked him. He has some velocity some movement and above average control and he's still small enough that he could add some muscle and maybe add a pitch and become a major league starter. Back end starter probably but still, those guys are useful. I think the smart play with him is let him be a starter in AAA, not a bullpen guy in the majors and use him as a 6th/7th/8th starter this year, see if he can break into the 5 man rotation next year or try him out of the pen next year when he's out of options. As a pitcher who just saw AAA for the first time last year, it would be great if he had another option year but international signees often have that problem of getting protected early and running out of options. The reason mets fans were in shock over this is cause nobody saw Ynoa as the #40 guy who'd get cut/sold. We figured it would be Gillmartin or Goeddel or Montero or Edgin. Some thought Matt Reynolds. Nobody thought Ynoa would be the one sold to make room for Salas. It's very strange seeing a guy sold when there's easily 4 less interesting guys on the 40. All I can figure is that the mets felt that Gilmartin & Goeddel had more major league experience. Edgin is a lefty and Montero, well, honestly, past top 100 ranking aside, Ynoa just looks better to me than Montero so, I don't get that at all. So, there's some debate about why Ynoa on mets boards, some think it was for the money (but honestly, how much money could it have been?). Team's top 15-20 prospects are rarely traded for just cash. So this has raised some debate for us and a little bit of shock. The mets, for better or worse, probably worse, have a quite a few guys on their 40 this year who they probably want to protect from majors. Marcos Molina (gifted but very raw), Nido (A+ last year), Becerra (also A+), Flexen (young pitcher, needs more time), Rosario, top prospect but very young and maybe a super-two issue. and Dom Smith (similar to Rosario but not quite as highly regarded.) so, 6 guys on the 40 who they would prefer not see majors is quite a few and they have some starting pitcher depth, so Ynoa might have been the odd man out because of how the roster was set up and bigger questions with the pen than starters. All that said, I wish him the best and I hope you got a nice pickup. I hope he beats the Yankees a bunch of times for you guys and I hope he has a long carer as an Oriole. (As a mets fan, I like it when your team beats the Yankees and I like it when you take fans away from the nationals) . . . so, rooting for Ynoa to do well for your team is easy. Hope that wasn't too long winded for a first post. Good luck this year!!
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    I feel bad for the front office employees who now will be receiving a Jelly of the Month club membership instead of a bonus next year.
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    Sold! I've been mostly a lurker for a long time, but I hope to be a more active participant this year. Thank you, Tony and staff for all the info that you provide for us.
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    o FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th ***************************************** SCOTT GARCEAU:) Pitchers and catchers are about to report. Are you excited ??? TONY PENTE:)l You know, every year at this time, a cold spell almost always seems to come along. But yeah, just watching and reading about it reminds you that baseball is once again on the way. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l Are you surprised that the Orioles just acquired Gabriel Ynoa from the Mets ??? TONY PENTE:)l Yes. In fact, we essentially got him for nothing. He has been rankled in top 20 prospects of Mets' system by almost everybody. He has power sinker and a 4-seam fastball. I don't know if he will have a chance to start, but I definitely see him as getting a chance to be a reliever for us later on this year. Also, he is the 2nd youngest guy on 40-man roster. I think that he'll probably be a 4th or 5th starter at AAA-Norfolk to start the season, and we can see what he has from there. At worse, he seems like a good bullpen piece because of that power sinker that he has, along with and a slider, which should be good for inducing a lot of double plays. He's definitely a better option than either Mike Wright or Tyler Wilson. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l Chris Lee and Chance Sisco ??? TONY PENTE:)l We don't have a ton of top prospects at the upper levels of the minors right now, other than those 2 guys. Sisco has a good arm, but his delivery is slow and his footwork is not guy. He hasn't been able to throw out runners, and you know Showalter ........ if you can't play defense, you aren't going to get much (if any) time behind home plate. Sisco's bat looks good, it's just a matter of how much he will be able to catch. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l What about Chris Lee ??? TONY PENTE:) Lee's shoulder injury has shut him down for almost all of last season. He appears healthy now, though. He got a lot of rest and some extensive rehab. He will probably end up in the bullpen in the long run, He dominated left-handers, and if they need that type of role, he will be there for it. But I believe that his slider MUST come around as a true 3rd pitch, or I don't see him taking that next step. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l Jesus Liranzo ??? TONY PENTE:)l He is a 22 year-old right-hander that is very similar to Brad Brach. He has an ice slider and a good change-up. He made a big jump last season from Regular-A Delmarva to AA-Bowie. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l What do you think about the two Rule 5 guys, Anthony Santander and Aneury Tavarez ??? TONY PENTE:)l Santander appears to be a legitimate prospect. He is a toolsy guy out of Cleveland system. He had a solid full season at Advanced-A ball last year, hitting 20 home runs, 42 doubles, batting .290 with a .368 OBP, and he even stole 10 bases. He had shoulder surgery in the off-season, but Dan loves his Rule 5 guys. They can keep him on DL to start the season, then they can put him on a rehab stint, and then they can stick him on the roster for 50 days, and all of a sudden you have a guy in your system. I see Tavarez as a possible 4th or 5th outfielder, in competition with Joey Rickard. He is going to have to really show something though, because making jump from AA to the Majors is not easy. He does a bunch of things on at least a pretty good level. I don't know if he can make the jump, but again he is a Rule 5 guy, which we know that Duquette loves. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l Do you see a possible trade before Opening Day ??? TONY PENTE:)l They could, I just don't understand why they would, because I don't see much of a chance for an upgrade at this point. I think that they have to go have top go with what they have. And I like Dariel Alvarez, You can put him out there, and he could give you a Benny Ayala type of offense. He doesn't strikeout a lot, and he has an excellent arm on defense. Plus, he will do it for you cheaply. I think Alvarez is as good an option for a 5th outfielder as any right now. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l What do you see the Orioles doing with Dylan Bundy this season, in terms of his usage ??? TONY PENTE:)l I think the gloves are off. I have heard that he is going to go back to the cutter. At the end of the day, he should have no problem going between 150 and 180 innings. I know he won't do 200 innings, but the again, there aren't too many 200 overall IP guys anymore. He is definitely going to be a starter. He could easily be the #1 or the #2 starter this year. We saw flashes of that (#1 and/or#2 starter ability) last year. You look at Gausman and Bundy ..... then you add Tillman ...... I think Miley is going to bee much better this year, also ...... and you could be looking at a solid rotation this season. And as usual. Ubaldo Jimenez is the wildcard in all of it.
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    I'm sure Gary Rajsich being the scouting director is the ultimate goat on that one. That wouldn't be enough to want me to have him fired. The Red Sox don't make mistakes like that? 2010 Kolbrin Vitek (20th overall pick) 2011 Matt Barnes (19th overall pick) 2012 Deven Marrero (24th overall) Brian Johnson (31st overall) Pat Light (37th overall) 2013 Trey Ball (7th overall pick) Does not look like a blue chipper so far Rusney Castillo (7 years 72 million) Just because you say something doesn't make it dumb.
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    Hardy had 3rd lowest swing percentage (36.3) among guys seeing 1000 pitches, but saw way more strikes than the others in that cohort. Only Logan Forsythe swung <40% and saw >50% strikes, and Hardy's 36.3/53.3 combo has another few points beyond those filters. The game seems clear - pitchers aren't afraid at all, and Hardy's swing patterns were giving them more reason not to be afraid. I think a key April indicator for how the year will go is going to be if Hardy can knock a few extra base hits. If he's still passive and punchless early, this snowball could run downhill. Since they are both shaky for their current positions, Mountcastle and Sisco's destinations were considered, and both were credited with enough bat/athleticism for outfield. Could those be the young legs around AJ in a few years? Schoop's <.300 obp and >60 XBH was only the 21st player season like that in history. I like to think of him as a ball crusher, but his exit velocity was 171st of 213 qualifiers. He gets his crushes for sure, but it seems to be more than offset but too much bad contact. Standard Orioles damage to contact ratio, I guess We worry about any change to the low strike zone hurting Britton, but it might really help all our sluggers more than it hurts our pitchers. Sedlock and some other 1st round picks were college relievers, and it was new to me the perspective that NCAA coaches have been using their best guys as Andrew Millers for some time now. If we are truly all-in on the end of the Machado/Britton era, could he be Chris Ray'd into the pen by this September and for 2018? Apparently Mariners fans nicknamed Seth Smith (#50 overall, 2004 draft) "Dad" - that is a nice style match for the kind of player he is. I suppose Hardy (#56 overall, 2001 draft), who is just 1 month older, gives him some good competition here, but Smith's college time might be the "Dad" edge. Ping pong is very strong, though.
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    Racist crap? Where the heck do you get that interpretation. I may not agree but some of you guys are over doing it.
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    Please check out our new website at http://www.orioleshangout.com/. We hope you like the new look and feel as we finally finished up the complete overhaul of the message board and site. Our new site is mobile friendly, easy to update, and will be full of content and aggregate Orioles news from around the internet. Let us know what you think and thanks for being a Hangouter.
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    Against Righties LF Hyun Kim (L) (.393 OBP vs. righties) RF Seth Smith (L) (.351 OBP vs. righties) 3rd Manny Machado (R) (37 HR) 1st Chris Davis (L) (38 HR) DH Mark Trumbo (R) (47 HR) CF Adam Jones (R) (29 HR) 2nd Jonathan Schoop (R) (25 HR) C Welington Castillo (R) SS J.J. Hardy (R) Against Lefties LF Joey Rickard (R) (.367 OBP vs. lefties) DH Trey Mancini (R) (.384 OBP, .978 OPS vs. lefties in AAA) 3rd Manny Machado (R) (37 HR) RF Mark Trumbo (R) (47 HR) 1st Chris Davis (L) (38 HR) CF Adam Jones (R) (29 HR) 2nd Jonathan Schoop (R) (25 HR) C Welington Castillo (R) SS J.J. Hardy (R) Advantages Gives extremely high OBP at the first two spots in the lineup. Literal "Murderer's Row" from 3-7, who average 35.2 HR last year. Keeps two strong pinch hitters on bench for opposite-handed relief pitcher. Disadvantages Not a lot of speed except for Rickard against lefties. Against righties, lefties batting 1, 2, and 4. Mancini mashes lefties, but is unproven at major league level.
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    Dan & Buck Dan got applause, Buck got a standing O: "I guess football season's over, whad'ya think? Dan - Trumbo says Smith is a great teammate. Asked about Mancini, Buck initially says "it's not like he isn't going to make our club." Then backs off a little and Dan alludes to it being good to have depth. Dan says he's looking for depth in the infield - interesting! Buck talks about the fact that the O's don't need a fifth starter until April 15, and notes that the DL is now only 10 days - "of course we would never abuse the 10-day DL rule," drawing laughs. Asked how important is speed, Dan gives a long answer and Buck says "players who don't have any don't think it's very important!" Then mentions how Hardy has no speed but great anticipation and quick first step gives him more range than faster guys. Buck was asked about holding Britton out of the wildcard game, doesn't really answer. Buck talks about chemistry and says the film he shows during ST is going to have highlights of what Jones, Hardy, Davis and Trumbo had to say about the clubhouse when they signed their extensions. (Hope Manny is watching!) Buck says Kim should get a chance to play more. He's already working out in Sarasota. He hints we will acquire some more outfielders before ST. Dan says he thinks Sedlock will move fast and could start at Frederick.
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    Once again, its time for my thread summarizing the offensive projections of various projection systems. So far, ZiPS, Steamer, Rotochamp and CAIRO have come out with their player projections. I have made my own assumptions about how many plate appearances each player will have. Obviously, this will get tweaked as we see how the roster develops. I've also added a column showing 2016 actual performance, for comparison purposes. You'll note that the total result for 2016 -- .748 OPS -- is lower than the team's actual 2016 OPS of .760. There are two reasons for this: (1) change in personnel (Smith and Castillo for Alvarez and Wieters), and (2) using my 2017 guesstimates for plate appearances instead of actual 2016 plate appearances. We were somewhat fortunate in terms of injuries to our best hitters in 2016, and my projections hedge on that a bit. So really, the 2016 column on the chart is just to use as a baseline for people to see if a particular projection for a player is higher or lower than last year. Player PA ZiPS Steamer CAIRO RotoCh. 2016 Davis 650 0.843 0.810 0.803 0.810 0.791 Schoop 600 0.750 0.746 0.723 0.734 0.752 Machado 650 0.860 0.885 0.841 0.861 0.876 Hardy 500 0.655 0.677 0.669 0.656 0.716 Flah'ty 200 0.645 0.676 0.662 0.636 0.609 Cast'lo 400 0.725 0.722 0.720 0.725 0.745 Joseph 200 0.632 0.641 0.658 0.587 0.413 Kim 450 0.804 0.771 0.783 0.783 0.802 Jones 650 0.754 0.782 0.760 0.759 0.746 Smith 450 0.775 0.795 0.783 0.754 0.757 Trumbo 625 0.798 0.812 0.791 0.804 0.849 Rickard 200 0.648 0.692 0.746 0.705 0.696 Others 525 0.600 0.600 0.600 0.600 0.591 Totals 6100 0.750 0.756 0.745 0.743 0.748 In summary, ZiPS and Steamer think our individual hitters will do a little better than last year, while CAIRO and Rotochamp think they'll do a little worse. But in any event, the team projection comes down a bit from last year's actual for the reasons I explained above. So, this suggests our offense will be close to last year's but probably not quite as good, mostly because we aren't likely to enjoy the same level of good health as in 2016. Needless to say, we did have some guys who stayed off the DL in 2016 but played with some nagging injuries, including Davis and Jones, and maybe those guys can outperform what is projected here.
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    Three years of control for Nuno (four?) at a low arbitration salary, for a pitcher that is probably better than Moseley. I'm fine with this.
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    Seems like a solid pickup. Lots of us would have liked to see us get De La Rosa. This guy is younger and has an option left. It's been long enough since he left New York to wash the Yankee smell off him. Little bit homer prone, though.
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    Back in, it's been a while but I can't get enough of the plus content. Thanks!!!
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    http://m.mlb.com/video/v1174078083/minnym-ynoa-fans-eight-in-first-career-start Bad numbers last year in the bigs, but only 23. A more interesting player than you think, IMO. Can hit mid-90s, but pitches low 90s with superb command. A good chance he might be immensely more useful than, say, Mike Wright.
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    Can we sign some pitchers pleez?
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    Or at least that's the impression I get. Hope he decided to give us a shot again.
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    I'll add in Chris Johnson soon. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2017/02/13/look-non-roster-invitees-going-spring-training-2017/
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    Just bought the Mets #14 prospect for straight cash. I do that all day, every day.
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    Beings there is a Vary Large Number of possible draft picks every year and the ball clubs draft 40 players the misses are more than the hits. All you have to do is complain about one or two picks by one club yet 1200 players are drafted per year. How many players from DJ Stewart draft class, taken in the first round, have made it to the Majors?? 4 of 42 How much of an impact in WAR have they produced. 0.000
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    Then I'll just continue to pay for a VPN service and use MLB.tv. I'm sure MLB doesn't mind one bit. Screw you, MASN.
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    Of course I wouldn't have been happy. But if you'd told me in February 2012 that we'd go 444-366 in the next five years and make the playoffs three times, I would have been ecstatic.
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    Manny's forecast is oddly pessimistic. They have his 50% projection at .813 OPS, with only a 20% chance of reaching .867, which is about his average for the last two years. They also project him at under 30 homers, even in their 90th percentile scenario. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
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    So, when they send Walker down, they can tell him, "Sorry, we're going with Bourn again, Christian."
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    It's a slight exaggeration to say Rickard flamed out after the first month. April: .701 (99 PA) May: .622 (97 PA) June: .782 (51 PA) July: : .751 (35 PA; last game was July 20) Really what happened is that Rickard opened red hot for about 6 games (1.036 OPS), struggled for the next 50 games (.590 OPS) and then rebounded nicely over the final 28 games before he got hurt (.838). There's really no telling where he would have ended up if he had stayed healthy.
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    Guess they can afford to sign the contracts of those front office guys now.
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    I know I will get scoffed at in some quarters about this, but team chemistry is important. I went to Fanfest this weekend and a couple of things struck me: 1. It is very obvious that Darren O'Day is The Man in the Orioles bullpen. All the other relievers look up to him, and he mentors them and sets the tone out there. I've now watched the bullpen panel at Fanfest in four of the five years since O'Day established himself here, and the way the other pitchers interact with him, it's just clear he's the leader. He's feeling healthy and hopefully will have a great year, but in any event there was more to re-signing him than just his on-field performance (which obviously is still the most important thing). 2. The players are extremely happy that Trumbo is back. 3. Buck made a point of saying that in his ST motivational video for this year, he has clips of Jones, Hardy, Davis and Trumbo at their press conferences announcing their extensions, all saying how important the clubhouse atmosphere was to their decision to extend. And obviously Buck thinks that's a message he wants all his players to absorb. Now, I am not naive. I don't think you can extend every veteran just because he's well-liked in the clubhouse, and lots of times players will like their new teammates just as well as the ones who left, and maybe better. And of course you have to look first at likely performance as the player ages, what the team needs, the cost (both dollars and picks), etc. But I don't dismiss the chemistry aspects, either. And frankly, it's enjoyable to root for a team that has some continuity and cohesion. I don't agree with every move the O's have made, and I do worry about the post-2018 fate of the club. In the meantime, these are my Birds and I love rooting for them.
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    "I'm not interested in a contract with the team and don't want to stay here. I fully intend to seek the largest deal I can find in free agency." - No one
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    Wouldn't expect anything less out of any player. Just the usual. If we pay him crazy money he will stay. Maybe Public relations 101. He says he wants to stay.
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    No team thought Worley was worthy of a ML contract. Worley had a few good games for the Orioles and several were meaningful games. But the market accurately judged his likely future success IMO.
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    Dan and Brian Graham Dan defends strength of our system, Graham says we have the best coaching and instruction of all 30 teams. He claims no other team can match producing Manny, Schoop, Wieters, Tillman, Gausman, Britton, Bundy and Givens. Dan tells story that Andy always liked to ask for guys the other team would resist giving up. Asked for Tillman and Seattle didn't object. Andy asked his scout, "what's wrong with the guy?!" Graham says he made the decision to switch Givens to pitcher - it was very obvious he couldn't hit. Dan agrees. Dan compares Gunkel to Wilson, seems to like Gunkel better. Dan says "you guys would have killed me if I signed Bautista." Dan throws cold water on the idea of signing Wieters if his price is low. Dan says in draft, tend to prefer college pitchers but HS hitters. Both talk up Sisco. Graham says he has tremendous pitch recognition and strike zone judgment. Says he was the youngest catcher in all of AA last year. Graham says Yacobonis switched from relying heavily on his splitter to using a change-up and split change, and that really helped.
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    I guess. Why would it really matter? At the end of the day, we haven't had the All-Star game since 1993. Yes, other teams have longer droughts, but we get voted best fan experience quite often and it's starting to look petty that MLB won't grant us the game. I know the Dodgers haven't hosted the game since 1980, but they also haven't built a new stadium either. Just seems like more pettiness by MLB against Angelos due to the MASN thing with the Nats.
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    My version made years ago from pictures I took. It is a short version
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    Pagan walked 42 times in 543 PAs. The Orioles, per 543 PAs, walked 42 times. Batting with runners in scoring position isn't a skill, but even if it was I don't know how Pagan's .719 OPS with RISP would help. Last year Pagan stole 15 bases and was a +4 base runner, so I suppose that's something. Last year Pagan had zero sac hits, and three sac flies. The average Oriole in 2016 had three sac flies per 543 PAs. Pagan's .334 OBP was better than the O's mark, but it was in the NL and he turns 36 in July. Pagan was a slightly above average LFer last year, but hasn't played RF in six years and has been well below average in center since 2012. Even on a 1/5 type deal to be a platoon LFer I think he's an incremental upgrade at best.
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    In other words, Joey, you have two+ months to learn to do something that you've been unable to accomplish in the last 25 years combined. Go!
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    This guy sounds like a really ideal 7th inning type of reliever. The kind of guy you bring in with two on and one out and you need a DP to get out of the inning. If he works out in that role I'll love it.
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    We stay on Siesta Key. Great beaches. The water is pretty cold in March, but you can get in for a bit as long as the wind is not blowing (which is mostly during the day). Siesta key has quite a few restaurants, shops and clubs. A place we have found that has very good food and prices is Kacey's Seafood @ 4904 Fruitville Rd. Not far from the stadium. It's in a strip mall and doesn't look like much, but it was recommended by more than a couple locals. Highly recommended. http://www.kaceysseafood.com/ Another recommended one is Columbia on Armands Circle. http://www.columbiarestaurant.com/Menus-By-Location/Locations/St-Armands-Circle Downtown on (Main Street) has Barnacle Bill's (seafood), Mattison's City Grille and others. All good. Not an expert but have been down 4 or 5 times since the O's have called Sarasota home. It's a great area. The stadium is awesome, people are nice and the weather is beautiful. What more can you ask for?
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    BTW, you can get to pretty much any stadium diagram here, old and new. You can also superimpose one stadium on top of any other. Pretty cool site I just found today. http://www.andrewclem.com/Baseball/ http://www.andrewclem.com/Baseball/Stadiums_superimposed.html
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    I'll believe a selective, glacial approach from Jones, Schoop, et al once I see it. Hackers gonna hack. If the league is really that adamant about trimming 3 to 5 minutes from the game, then fix the replay system: give managers 30 seconds to officially challenge, and give the reviewing umpire in New York 60 seconds to make a ruling. I would also get rid of replays on stolen base attempts (especially when a runner is safe but loses contact with the base for a millisecond), but maybe that's just me.
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    He could also play the outfield and give Jones some of the athleticism he hoped for!
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    Insert obligatory comment about Britton and a raised strike zone. Not sure how shrinking the strike zone is going to increase balls in play. Seems to me anything gained by a lower K rate will be lost to an increased walk rate. Strikeouts are not near as boring to me as walks.
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    Wait. You're actually upset with the Orioles about something that hasn't happened?
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    Literally the only thing of relevance I have ever done on the internet.
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    He got the job when he first got to the Yankees. He was the closer from start to finish in 2015 before they got Chapman and delivered 36 saves.
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