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    I think we all need to get over it. Politics and sports, especially baseball, have always been intertwined. Throughout history, forever, and it always will. From MLB's historical exclusion of black players, to its co-mingling with the United States military and government overseas (Read an excellent book Called The Empire Strikes Out (it is not necessarily a critical view of baseball during the age of American Imperialism but merely a "hey this stuff happened and it kinda explains why the Caribbean is nutty for the game.") Baseball and politics have always intermingled. What happened the night before last in Boston to an Orioles player is an entirely germane topic for an Orioles messageboard. And shying away from uncomfortable conversations only goes on to allow systemic and wrongheaded ideas to continue to be perpetuated. Perhaps if more people weren't so unnerved by having adult conversations about uncomfortable topics then there would be fewer Boston chuckleheads (trust me I have far more choice terms for them but I respect the language rules here) harassing not just Adam Jones but others in their day to day lives. Now, this is an Orioles sports messageboard and it is not appropriate to randomly open a thread discussing the finer points of race theory and intersectionality as it applies to the modern world. But this was a fairly specific and remarkable event considering the responses that came from Orioles ownership, Red Sox ownership, MLB and the MLB PA as well as stories and comments from other players around the MLB. Adam Jones and this issue was the center of the MLB world for a day, and shutting down any valid conversation about that over an arbitrary rule feels wrong. Pretending it didn't happen when this board is consiered basically THE place for Orioles discussion and one of the most popular and recognized fan communities is simply a disservice.
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    The Orioles last won a game by walkoff walk on 6/26/07 versus the Yankees (Ramon Hernandez). Since then they have won 72 walkoff games. One thing I try to do is mentally recall the game winning events for each of these players, so here is the complete list of walkoff-winning events without dates or further description: Singles (34) Davis (x2) Hardy (x2) Hundley Markakis (x5) Lough Wieters (x2) Machado McClouth Jones (x4) Andino (x2) Ryan Adams Guererro Wiggington Luke Scott Izturis Lugo Tejada Huff Millar R Hernandez Cintron Luis Hernandez Mora Doubles (5) Kelly Johnson Paredes Clevenger Wieters Wiggington Home Runs (27) Trumbo (x2) Reimold (x3) Davis (x3) Urrutia Machado (x2) Wieters (x4)--1 GS Schoop Lough Corey Dickerson--GS Teagarden Jones (x2) Betemit Derek Lee Roberts Mora LScott Millar--GS Errors (3)--(batter listed) Machado Lugo Fiorentino Sacrifice Flies (2) Alvarez Markakis Wild Pitch (1) Pearce batting, Lough scored
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    For me, it's less about the individual announcer / color guy than it is a couple of cardinal sins that grate over the course of a season, most of which have been discussed here, but here's how I'd capture it: 1) Hyperbole. Many baseball fans have an analytical mind, and there's no way faster to alienate analytical types than to hand out superlatives daily, when undeserved and just to fill in time and try to add punch to the show. Demper is the king of hyperbole (perhaps that's a bit of hyperbole itself, but it's hard to argue). You lose credibility when you name six or seven different players who hit the longest home runs in the league. It's mindless and it insults viewers who have a deep love for the thinking part of the game. 2) Unctiousness / effusiveness: a cousin of hyperbole, a constant flow of positivity and smaller compliments becomes grating. Hunter does this; and I'm sorry to digress, but the few times I've encountered Hunter out of the booth he is a real sourpuss, so hearing the constant treacle is annoying. I'd rather he announce more like Walter Mattheau; which is close to his personality off-set. Or at least develop a wit, like Thorne. A good wit covers up a lot of other things. 3) Bad habits of jargon / failure to mix: Someone pointed out that one announcer constantly uses the phrase "punch out," and while it's a small thing, it would be thoughtful if the announcers could self-audit a little bit and try to develop a more expansive way to describe things. They are well paid for it. 4) Tabasco: Palmer does a great job of avoiding the treacle and dabbing on the hot sauce. He never humiliates players or coaches, but he does point out flaws and offer insights that educate us. Most viewers are always trying to understand the details of what can make a player / team better. How can you possibly learn that when the tools of the announcer's trade are 1 - 3 above? I know I said it wasn't about the individuals and then I digressed to mentioning several, but EVERYONE could improve with a little self-analysis. I wonder what the editorial instructions are to the MASN crew about club image / maintaining non-critical views? Does anyone know this? I get the sense that Palmer (thankfully) operates outside the rules because he is Palmer. It'd be great to see some active work by everyone on scaling back on the first couple of items.
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    One final thing that I feel must be said. Tony, who is trying to change anyone's opinion? You and I disagree about a great many things. That does not mean that conversation can not take place. It is not about proving one person right or winning the day. It is about the discussion. I feel you are invoking this rule because there are simply conversations you do not want to have. If someone is being immature about something, there are mechanisms in place here to deal with that person. Our own form of moderation seems to do a fine job keeping people in line and the most egregious amongst us at bay. What exactly concerns you so much about these topics that makes them so verbotten? I understand that emotions get high and heated over such things, but is the only option to simply nuke the world - especially when it was such a major event that directly impacts the team, its ownership and baseball? By locking and then deleting the thread we are basically just pretending that this did not happen. It did happen, and the reason things like this keep happening in the modern world is because we are too afraid to simply face the music and have the uncomfortable conversations. Now, I do not believe that this simple messageboard will solve the world's problems - but I do think that one step in that process is being unafraid to confront one's own views and a forum, like this one, which is a much more diverse place than we might realize is actually a very good place to start that. Most of us only go to maybe six or 10 websites on the regular. And the news we get from the internet is already tailor-made to our own preconceived political notions. The people we interact with on the internet usually already agree with us but a place like this and an entity like baseball cross the political divide in a such a way that there is genuinely a solid cross-section of views, experiences, and ideas. I'm not saying that OH should become Politico, but in extraordinary situations and events like what happened 48 hours ago some leeway should be given.
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    10) We have a great starting rotation, led by Tillman . . . wait, never mind. We have the best closer in baseball, Britton . . . oh darn, skip that. We have Mancini smacking all those home runs as our starting . . . jeez! Oh wait, we have Trumbo, the best home run hitter in baseball last year and he’s . . . gosh darn it!!! 9) The pitching dominates. They have the best ERA in all of baseball on Thursdays (0.95), with 3-0 and 3-2 counts (0.00 [!] and 1.35), are tied with the most saves (10, with Colorado), and have given up the second least number of home runs (17, one more than Oakland, but they are over the San Andreas Fault and so won’t last long). And we actually do have the third best ERA in baseball at 3.41! 8) We’re 4-0 when Ubaldo starts. This guy solved the Rubik’s cube in 5.95 seconds, matching Ubaldo’s ERA, but probably gets paid less than Ubaldo’s $13.5 million salary. 7) The CE-7.5 is a rocket engine developed by the Indian Space Research Organization, which propels a ship to rocket speeds. Gausman propels baseballs to rocket speeds, but strangely his ERA is also 7.5. One of these is a good thing. 6) A long time ago in a theater far away, The Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” opened. The Orioles (14-6) have awakened and are defeating the dark side of the force (Yankees, 12-7). However, some of the O’s Jedi hitters didn’t get the memo and the force is not with them – are you listening, Mr. Trumbo and Mr. Machado? 5) The O’s 14-6 is a .700 winning percentage. Only the Nationals (15-6) are ahead at .714. However, that rounds down to .700, and Baltimore is ahead of Washington alphabetically, putting us on top. (And guess where those Yankees sit, alphabetically?) 4) The Orioles are Fourteen-Six. Which, of course, is just an anagram for what the O’s hitters do when they come to bat – Exert Fusion. And for what they do when faced with poison pitches from opponents – they Refuse Toxin. And for what will happen when one major station gets together to celebrate O’s greatness – it Reunites Fox. And for what the O’s play better than other teams after each win – Foxier Tunes. And why O’s players wear nose plugs when faced with the stench of the Yankees and other evil teams – a Nose Fixture. And what the Orioles did in getting former Boston Red Sox pitcher Wade Miley – Free Sox Unit. And, of course, for the only way any team can possibly challenge the Orioles, with bribery and blackmail, To Ensure Fix. 3) When the O’s Don their uniforms, they Trump all opponents with the biggest crowds, the highest approval ratings, and the highest payroll. And as they bomb their opponents Adam Jones smacks them in the face with the most beautiful chocolate cake. 2) The Orioles continue to dominate baseball with their explosive hitting when there are runners on first and second, with a .323 AVE, .432 OBP, .710 SLG, and 1.142 OPS. 1) We have Buck. That starts with B, that rhymes with T, that stands for Trouble!!! (With apologies to The Music Man.)
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    Congratulations to Melvin Mora for becoming a US citizen tomorrow. Mora, who apparently still lives in the Baltimore area was one of my favorite players during the dark years. Really good to see him become a US citizen and enjoy living in the best country in the world as one of it's citizens!
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    Imagine the asides they would pepper that with. Hunter: "McClane squeezes off a couple shots... they hit Heinrich in the chest... AND THAT GUY IS DEAD! Out of here! And with that fatality, McClane now has a two-man kill streak." Bordick: "We should also talk about Nakatomi Plaza, gettin' it done as the fourth-tallest fictional skyscraper. Here we see the Maryland Live! Casino leaderboards, with the Glass Tower from The Towering Inferno coming in at number one; the Tyrell Corporation headquarters of Blade Runner at number two; OCP Tower from Robocop at number three; then Nakatomi coming in fourth at 31 stories; and finally Stark Tower from The Avengers at number five."
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    The game actually started the day before, but it ended today, at 19 inning, Chris Davis pitching marathon win over the Red Sox. Our first winning season in what seemed like a LONG time.
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    1. Chance Sisco has struck out 18 times in 64 at bats. Is he trying to swing for more power? Pull the ball more? That's about double his usual rate. On the defensive side he's allowed 15 stolen bases and has caught 2. However, I'm pretty sure one of those was a pickoff by the pitcher where the runner was tagged out at 2B and they credit the catcher with a CS. Francisco Pena has caught 3 of 4 (75%) in 6 games for comparison. Austin Wynns has caught 0 for 4 at Bowie. The key takeaway is that only 4 runners have attempted against him in 13 games. So we have one red flag on the offensive side and a HUGE red flag on the defensive side. I hope to see some improvement but Sisco is probably the best O's prospect that I don't have much confidence in at the ML level. No power. No speed. Can't throw out runners. Phew! 2. D.J. Stewart is 13 for 33 with 2 walks since switching to the lead off position 7 games ago. Included in those 13 hits are 5 doubles and 2 home runs. He has also stolen 3 bases without being caught in those 7 games. His OPS is now up to .852 and it's being drive by slugging (.527) not OBP (.325). Take that for what it's worth but at least he's making some noise. 3. Cedric Mullins strained a hamstring and will hopefully be back in another week or so. 4. Austin Hays left a game the other night and was limping which suggests some kind of leg injury (no kidding!). Let's hope he's not out too long. 5. Jomar Reyes apparently broke his right pinky while punching a wall, needs surgery, and will be out awhile. Jomar! 6. Josh Hart is back off the DL and with Hays out looks to see regular time in the OF. He's worth a mention because he's 6-14 with 4 doubles in 5 games since coming back with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts. I'm a hopeless Josh Hart rooter. Hart is 22 years old. 7. Jake Ring is putting up great numbers at Delmarva but 24 strikeouts in 74 AB's doesn't bode well. Ryan McKenna is an intriguing 20 year old but 32 strikeouts in 90 AB's doesnt' bode well. 8. Some young arms to follow are Matthias Dietz (21), Alex Wells (20), and Jon Peluffo (19). Dietz has seemed to right the ship in his last two starts with 11 IP, 9 hits, 2 walks, and 9 strikeouts. Brian Graham was very high on him in ST and he was reportedly throwing mid 90's.
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    Wonder how fast Big Papi rounded the bases when he homered and why they never asked him that.
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    None of Buck's teams have been complete, but he's made the most out of them. However, this team is doing it with smoke and mirrors to date: 1. This is the worst defensive team of the lot, particularly in the outfield. It's not the worst in the league (in the pack in DER at .704), but they won't act as suspenders for the pitching staff. 2. Both the offense and pitching continue to have substandard walk totals. On offense that means the SLG is better than the OBP. The pitchers allow higher OBPs and lower SLG. In each case that's the less valuable combination. 3. To date, everything has gone right for the Orioles in terms of clutch stats. They are 8-1 in 1-run games, they are mashing the ball with RISP (.863 OPS #1, #3 OBP, #2 SLG in AL). Meanwhile, the Pitchers are 5th in the league in opposing OPS with RISP. Extreme clutch performance is a harsh mistress and these advantages won't hold up. 4. The Orioles are 5 games ahead of their pythagorean W/L record based on their RS/RA (143-129). They have a .719 OPS and .723 OPS allowed. So the RS advantage they have had will likely require improvement to maintain. If they do maintain or even pick up more run differential, they are unlikely to arrange those as fortunately as they have to date. For this to be a 95-win team, I have to project a great deal of improvement in the baseline (overall, not necessarily clutch) performance and I think there are as many negative indicators as positive. The Orioles have a solid team capable of making the playoffs, but not in the class with the 2014 team.
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    I have nothing to apologize for. As many of you know I am in CA and have a phone only. Family funeral. I have left the board short of moderation. My choice. Tony picked up as he could. You can be assured that if you call my attention to poor behavior I will address it. And I will never become part of it. At least on a political end. I'll be back soon.
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    The topics are important. It's not important that they be discussed on an Orioles message board, even when relevant to something a player or team executive has said. It's hard enough to keep arguments civil when we're debating why Jones swings at so many pitches outside the strike zone. Nobody's going to change anyone's mind about the extent or causes of racism by posting on a message board. It's a bad vehicle for that kind of discussion, even though the topic itself is well worthy of discussion.
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    Ump could have simply ejected Sale from the game. That would have delivered a message this nonsense needs to stop as it would also 1. immediate blow to the sawx losing their best pitcher which significantly decreases their chances of winning, and 2. it puts the bullpen in trouble for the rest of the game and the series. Ubaldo was ejected in fenway 2 years ago without warning simply due to the ump thinking he threw internationally at Pablo Sandoval. Ubaldo had gone 3 and 2/3rds, 3 walks, no hits, there was no intention, Ubaldo was just wild as usual. Sale does it on purpose today, no ejection.
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    He should have said it was the second coldest temperature. Then asked how the layoffs were going.
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    I'd be perpetually grumpy and inhospitable too if I had been stuck in traffic for three days just to go to the Olive Garden.
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    The "more jobs" part is funny. The city has the luxury of excessively spending the money accumulated from every person from sea to shining sea.
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    They seem extra salty about O's fans taking over their ballpark and kicking their ass every year.
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    There's definitely a curse. Ken Griffey Jr. is on the American cover this year and he hasn't played a game since.
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    Buck didn't make a wrong move. If those bum pitchers can't hold an 8 run lead, that's on them. Remember, Brach was given the ball in the fricken 9th with a THREE run lead.
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    O'Day interviewing Flash with a remote.
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    CB Bucknor watching this game like, "Wow, this umpire needs to get it together."
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    I prefer my sports reporting to be about Baseball, so I watch MLB channel. Haven't watched ESPN for any length of time since MLB channel launched.
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    The outrighting of Pena means he will recent a major league salary for the rest of the year though he is in the minors. Approximately 403K.
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    When I was a very young kid and, like now, a huge Orioles fan, I always looked to Brooks Robinson as my hero. He was the nicest ballplayer I ever met as a kid, and then one day, when I talked my way into the Orioles clubhouse during spring training..I became a batboy for the Orioles. I was a lousy batboy. I didnt know anything about equipment of uniforms..I only wanted to get to know Brooks Robinson. I was 15 years old. My first day of work in the clubhouse Brooks Robinson walked in and asked this kid(me) if it would be ok for him to play "pepper" with me. You couldve knocked me off my feet with a feather. I was on the field at Miami Stadium taking ground balls from my hero. The years passed and Brooks on I remained good friends(everybody is a friend to Brooks). Then in 2012, I was sitting at home one night and the phone rang. It was Brooks. "Partner...(he always called me Partner)..I have a favor to ask. "Oriole Park at Camden Yards is unveiling my statue..and I'd like YOU to introduce ME to get my statue". Again...You couldve knocked me off my feet with a feather. You can see my love and appreciation for Brooks in the video below. Suffice it to say, it was the greatest and most emotional privilidge I ever experienced. I tell you this story because Brooks Calvert Robinson is 80 years old today. Im so glad Brooks is in our world. For a while there we were all concerned with his health...but he's doing much better now. In all my years in sports, both professionally and privately, I've never met a finer man. I can say without hesitation that meeting Brooks as a 15 year old inspired me to interview athletes..and no one represented the game...and humanity better. Happy Birthday my friend. https://youtu.be/Pz9iiXNRado
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    When the Jays are back in town Labor Day weekend it would be great to have a Grilli themed giveaway weekend. Friday Night- Grilli walk off bobblehead- walking off mound after giving up a walk off HR bobblehead, 2 versions all fans get both Saturday night-Rally towel- John Gibbons I threw in towel when I put in Grilli-towel -sponsored by Miller Lite Sunday - Grilli TShirt Day -You will love the odds with Grilli- T Shirt sponsored by the Horseshoe Casino
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    I havent seen such failure in starting pitching on this team in many many years. Im talking the Trembley, Perlozzo years. No pitcher has looked good in the last couple of weeks.Cannot finish batters...cant stop walking people...cant hold leads. Its demoralizing to me, but I can only imagine how it feels for the position players who put up enough runs to win and the pitchers cant hold it. I hope its a blip, but something tells me that this bullpen is pretty burnt out and perhaps even nursing multiple injuries.The fact that we had Castro out there today 1 night after throwing 20 pitches and then throwing anohter 25 today tells me Buck is hiding something.The team starters have been something of an embarrassment. And no, I wont "step back from the ledge".
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    So, just a few things that stand out about Gausman this year compared to last. His K/9 went from 8.72K/9 to 6.75K/9. His BB/9 jumped from 2.35BB/9 to 4.57BB/9. The single most glaring thing to me is that he's added an almost unheard of 4.8MPH to his slider since 2016 and he's also upped its usage from 13.3% to 19.0% this year. The problem there is that it's also his worst pitch. Also, his splitfinger and fastball were 7.3 and 6.4 runs above average last year and now they're -3.0 and -1.6 respectively. The really damning thing, is that batters are swinging less both out of the zone and in the zone at Gausman, but even so they're making overall more contact. So one of two things is happening, either the stuff is moving a lot less than it used to or people have a general idea of what they need to sit on. In Gausman's case, people may be sitting on his fastball forcing him to try and beat them with his offspeed stuff, which obviously isn't working.
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    Below is the stats for the leaders in each affiliate for the Orioles Minors. There are a few surprises and some that shouldn't be much of a surprise. It might be only a month and a half into the season, but still nice to see so many leaders. International League - AAA Johnny Giavotella - .290 Average (16th), .823 OPS (16th), .379 OBP (12th), 12 doubles (T-1st), 2 triples (T-3rd), 17 walks (T-5th) Robert Andino - .470 Slugging (16th) 19 runs (16th), 36 hits (8th), 6 HR's (T-4th), 21 RBI's (T-5th), 62 total bases (T-4th) David Washington - 47 strike outs (3rd) Jimmy Yacabonis - 5 saves (T-3rd) Norfolk didn't have anyone else in the Top 10 for any pitching catagory, mostly because a lot of them didn't reach the minimum threshold for IP. Eastern League - AA Austin Wynns - .351 Average (2nd), .925 OPS (9th), .420 OPS (5th) Garabez Rosa - .350 Average (3rd), .518 SLG (9th), 48 Hits (1st), 8 Doubles (T-5th), 5 HR's (T-5th), 24 RBI's (T-2nd) Adrian Marin - 19 Runs (T- 5th), 2 Triples (T-3rd) Aderlin Rodriguez - 19 Runs (T-5th), 41 Hits (T-3rd), 8 Doubles (T-5th), 6 HR's (T-4th), 24 RBI's (T-2nd) Sean Coyle - 8 Doubles (T-5th) DJ Stewart - 8 Doubles (T-5th), 5 HR's (T-5th) Jay Gonzalez - 5 Stolen Bases (T-7th) Lucas Long - 1.74 ERA (4th), 0.94 WHIP (T-1st) Ryan Meisinger - 4 Saves (T-5th) David Hess - 38.2 IP (8th) Brandon Barker - 34 Strike Outs (T-6th) Carolina League - A+ Stevie Wilkerson - .328 Avg (6th), .405 OBP (7th), 42 Hits (T-2nd), 38 Hits (T-3rd) Ryan Mountcastle - .898 OPS (9th), .556 SLG (7th), 22 Runs (T-5th), 12 Doubles (2nd), 7 HR's (T-4th), 24 RBI's (6th), 75 TB's (2nd) Randolph Gassaway - 24 Runs (T-3rd), 37 Hits (4th), 22 RBI's (T-7th) Austin Hays - 3 Triples (T-4th) Jay Flaa - 4 Saves (T-2nd) Keegan Akin - 37 K's (T-7th) South Atlantic League - A Jake Ring - .336 AVG (T-4th), 1.044 OPS (2nd), .655 SLG (2nd), 39 Hits (T-4th), 13 Doubles (1st), 3 Triples (T-2nd), 6 HR's (T-4th), 27 RBI's (2nd), 76 TB's (2nd) Chris Clare - .400 OBP (7th), 21 RBI's (T-6th) Ryan McKenna - 30 Runs (2nd), 43 K's (2nd) Preston Palmeiro - 40 K's (T-4th) Cole Billingsly - 10 SB's (T-4th) Alex Wells - 1.19 ERA (1st), 0.96 WHIP (6th) Jake Bray - 4 Saves (5th) Lucas Humpal - 39.1 IP (4th) Zack Mukenhirn - 46 Hits Allowed (T- Most) Lucas Humpal - 43 Hits Allowed (3rd Most)
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    I wouldn't trade being a fan of the Orioles for anything. Period.
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    We also have John Waters, so their point is inherently moot from the beginning.
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    I am not changing a thing on this team right now. 6 wins in a row. Verrett and Asher are coming up big. Buck is using the 5 man bench effectively. Leave it alone. Kim is depth. Injuries will come. They always do. Then Kim will get his chance for playing time. What is even more amazing about the O's organizationally right now is that Pedro hit 22 homers and put up an 826 OPS last year and he is just depth this year. Bourn helped the O's to the playoffs last year by pushing Trumbo to DH and he is now at AAA. Jackson could be good veteran depth but he may not be as good as Ynoa, Bleier or Yacabonis. Tonight the O's have Brach, O'Day and Hart in the pen. They can probably get one inning out on Givens if they need it. Asher has had two days off and may be used in relief but they would probably rather give him another day if they can. This team right now is winning the the games the shouldn't win. Ubaldo vs Scherzer with no Brach or O'Day while playing one of the best teams in baseball. Who is kidding who? The odds were against the O's last night and they pulled it out. Don't touch a thing.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not until they really have to. Castillo for Franky on the 12th.
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    I would like to apologize to the board for me and my moderators' lack of action on the clearly political thread. We clearly failed to quickly moderate the forum which is something I pride myself on. We will do better. We have removed one poster who clearly doesn't get it and I would like to warn all others that any attempt to drive a post into politics will now be met with a banning. There are plenty of places to discuss politics, the Hangout is not one of them. I got caught up in it myself in a thread and realized very quickly that this is the exact reason we don't allow politics on our forum. Everyone except for the person removed is fine and we need to just move on. Anything based on racism will become political so we will not discuss it on here. Politics and religion will remain the two subjects that will not be discussed on Orioles Hangout. Thank you for your cooperation going forward. Please help us moderate the board by reporting offending posts. Thank you and enjoy the Hangout.
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    On MLB Network Farrell was interviewed after the warning in game. His response was quite telling. He was asked what he thought of the warning, and his response (paraphrasing) was along the lines of, "there have been a lot of things happen over the last few days and these things as we see can take care of themselves." Translation, he either ordered or approved throwing at Manny. And btw, I don't believe in the "well he was throwing at his legs so it's okay." So what if he hits his knee cap, or forces Manny to move awkward and he tears his ACL. This game is not intended to include an intentional throwing at the player. If you wanna do it, or if you are gonna condone it, fine. But you get suspended as a result. And Farrell word's indicted himself.
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    This is the exact some stuff that people said about Kaepernick and then when he did just that, somehow that didn't matter. Telling people how they should feel and how they should express their feelings is not a great look.
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    Absolutely. He's not right 100% of the time, but he's got good intentions and he's trying to make positive changes. Which is more than can be said about most athletes. I will never understand how what he said last year caused anyone to get their panties in such a bunch that they no longer are a fan. Relax. It's one guy's opinion, and he's a good guy, and a great Oriole. If, as a white guy, you don't agree with Jones' unique view as a black man in the game, then maybe just be like, eh I don't agree. There's no reason that should have offended anybody enough to make them "un-fan" Adam Jones. Ridiculous. Childish.
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    I lived in Boston for 5 years. I experienced more open racial hostility there than anyplace else I've ever lived (and I've lived in a few cities across the country in my lifetime). Boston - despite its "liberal" reputation - is a stronghold of old-school anti-Black bigotry. This isn't shocking. We're in a tense time with racial animus bubbling to the surface and that's like gasoline on a fire as far as that city is concerned. This is a godamn shame. Adam doesn't deserve that, no human being deserves that. Damn that city. MSK
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    Who clocks home run trots? Why would any serious sports news outlet even care?
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    I called Flaherty a homeless man's Zobrist once. Guess I've gone and done it twice now.
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    As those of us who follow the game threads know, there is much gnashing of teeth and lamenting the Orioles tendency to swing at the first pitch they see. Jones and Schoop seem to be frequent targets of complaints, particularly when they pop it up or ground out weakly. Inspired by Jones' first-pitch HR last night off of Scherzer, I thought I'd look at our results this year and see how often that tendency pays off in a big way. Through last night, the Orioles have sent 41 baseballs over the outfield wall. Of those, 13 souvenirs were served up on a first-pitch swing. In other words, nearly 32% of our home runs to date (31.7%) are on the first pitch of an at-bat. Given that the Orioles have averaged 3.79 pitches per plate appearance, the random chance of a home run having been hit on any particular pitch would seem to be about 26.4%. It seems to me that the team is more likely to hit a home run on the first pitch than they are on any random pitch. Of the 41 total home runs, 22 have been in situations where the Orioles were there count was even, so roughly 60% of the even-count home runs have come on the first pitch of an at bat. Somewhat oddly, the Orioles have managed to hit only 7 home runs when ahead in the count, compared to 12 home runs when they were behind in the count. That may reflect their tendency to get behind in the county more than anything else though. Among the Os with a first-pitch HR, the first-pitch HR ratio varies across players from 12.5% for Manny to 100% to Castillo, Gentry, and Joseph (one HR will do that to you). Two of Jones' 5 homers have come on the first pitch and 3 of Schoop's 5 have come on the first pitch. Given their tendency to swing freely at pitches out of the zone when they are behind in the count, maybe it benefits them to swing at the first pitch, which may be one of the best opportunities they have to drive the ball. For what it's worth, the Orioles have the second-highest number of first-pitch HRs this year at 13. The Rangers are way out in front with 19. Of interest, the Astros have 12 and the Cubs and Yankees both have 11. Nearly 40 percent (38%) of the Ranger's home runs have come on the first pitch (maybe throw them one out of the zone on the first pitch when we play them). The Astros are at 26.7%; the Cubs at 28.9%; and the Yankees are at 21.2%. As you'd expect teams known for patience tend to have lower percentages (like the Red Sox, who can't seem to hit many home runs at all so far). It is hard to draw too many conclusions from this given all of the other variables for which I have not controlled. In any event, I thought the numbers were interesting. For those that are curious: Machado 8 1 12.5% Mancini 7 2 28.6% Jones 5 2 40.0% Schoop 5 3 60.0% Davis 4 2 50.0% Castillo 1 1 100.0% Gentry 1 1 100.0% Joseph 1 1 100.0% Texas 50 19 38.0% Houston 45 12 26.7% Cubs 38 11 28.9% Yankees 52 11 21.2%
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    I want to give credit to somebody tonight, who had some bad breaks but made a big difference:
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    2 runs were scored by guys who walked.
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    Additionally, I don't think Jones ever said "it's white people's fault". I'm sure he feels that yes, black athletes face racism, but also, crucially, yes! more needs to be done to remind black athletes that baseball is an option, more outreach needs to be done. You can view the "white man's sport" comment from the angle of he's playing the victim, like Tony did. Or you can view it as statistically, yes, it's a white man's sport and let's get blacks more involved. Let's try to reach out to them and pave the way and show them it's an option over basketball and football. It doesn't have to be about racism all the time.
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    The HOTSHEET is back. Check out who was hot (and not) among the Orioles Hangout top 30 prospects for the month of April. Baysox left-hander John Means earns the top spot on the list after pitching to a 1.40 ERA over his first five starts: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2017/05/01/orioles-minor-league-prospect-hotsheet-april-edition/
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    I can't imagine how bad it would have felt to blow that one. Well, we did blow that one, but we grabbed it back. I've got a knot in my stomach but a smile on my face. On to Boston!
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    5 innings and 2 earned is a good outing when you don't have it. If that's what a bad start looks like from him, he's going to have a pretty good year.
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    1. Ubaldo will get better. Is it worth the wait? No. Ubaldo might put together a month or even a half of good pitching but it's not worth the wait. Despite our rotation depth being shaky, I'd rather see Asher, Aquino, Lee or just about anyone getting those starts and hope for the best. Even a good Ubaldo is no fun to watch pitch. 2. Kevin Gausman will get better. And it has nothing to do with a 3rd pitch. Gausman experimented with a slider and curveball in college and could never master either. Here we are, 4-5 years later and he hasn't progressed one iota on either pitch. Forget the freaking breaking ball. He doesn't have a good one. Fastball, split finger fastball, conventional changeup. That's what he's got. Just go with it for God's sake! 3. The O's need to keep the front of the bullpen rested and shore up the back of the bullpen. Optioning Nuno will hopefully be a first step. He just hasn't gotten it done. Hopefully it won't be a revolving door. Aquino belongs in the Norfolk or Baltimore rotation (maybe). Asher belongs in a rotation someplace as well. When Tillman comes back, hopefully Bleier will settle in as a long man (he can go 3 innings which is all you need) and someone like Yacabonis will get a chance and seize a bullpen job. 4. Can we convert Mike Wright and David Hess to the bullpen already? These two, IMO, clearly seem to be pitchers with good arms who have never mastered the secondary pitches or command to be ML starting material. Quite often it's these types who become the top bullpen pieces and not the guys like Crichton, Yacabonis, Drake, etc. who come up the whole way through the minors as relievers. Hess and Wright might be able to help THIS year out of the pen. Hess has no chance to help as a starter. Wright has fallen behind about 4-5 other guys. 5. You can never accuse Buck of taking a starting pitcher out a batter or inning too soon. Great manager. I question him on that trait constantly. 6. Gentry, Rickard, Mancini. It can't last. Who goes? Buck loves Rickard so it's not him although I think it should be him. 7. If Tillman is healthy, I still like Bundy/Gausman/Miley/Tillman. 8. Which brings me to Bundy? I'm hopeful but does anyone expect him to make it through the season without 1) breaking down or 2) tiring to the point of being ineffective? 9. Trumbo, even with the grand slam just looks bad at the plate. He can't do anything with an outside pitch except punch it to RF. Last year, he didn't miss too many mistakes. This year, he waits and waits for a pitcher to miss on the inner half. I think pitchers are staying away from him more and then he's obviously not hitting as many of the mistakes. I'm sure he'll bounce back to his career averages but that's not what we need from him. 10. Lot's of good stories in the minors this year. Maybe we don't have any blue chippers but this is as many legit prospects we've had in the last 5 years at least. Now, MAYBE even D.J. Stewart is becoming the prospect we wanted him to be.
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    I didn't know ESPN was still on the air. I need to find my remote.. on 2nd thought, no I don't.
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