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    There is a difference between constructive criticism and ranting obstructionism. And there is a difference between optimism and realism. One of my 4 kids always roots from the negative....like Eyeore in winnie the pooh. You know "We'll never make it!" Another one blindly says "We got this!" No matter the circumstance. (Mother's Day Massacre...believed until over). You make a lot of good points and I commend you for your knowledge and your time that you commit to share here with fellow fans. I even appreciate your glass half empty perspective. I do. But must you always be so negative. Look I get it, from the outset of spring training, it has been known that the Orioles success depends on its starting pitching outperforming expectations. Even before we determine who plays in the OF. And I will agree with all of that here. The Orioles, at 95-67 will be because of outstanding pitching (and the likely fleecing of some tanking team) and the Orioles at 67-95 will be because the starting pitching sucks. Now that places steep expectations on Gausman and Bundy and that is before the news of Chris Tillman hit. Personally, I am more unsure of the outcome for Baltimore in any year since DD took over. But I think it is wildly premature to judge Bundy OR Gausman on spring training. The goal for pitchers in Spring Training is to build up innings and work on pitches and most importantly to finish healthy. They have both done that...and I expect that they will show both good and bad outings as we move forward. The question is can they become pitchers and find consistency in getting 6-7 innings and helping the O's win? I think that they can, but that remains to be seen. Last year was a huge jump in innings for Bundy and his health the first half is at least as important as his results and may well go hand in hand. The outcome for Chris Tillman is much more important and a much bigger cause for concern as a replacement for more than the short term does not presently exist. But even if we carry Tillman's year to the worst possible outcome, DD has proven over his time here to manipulate the roster to use a 6 or 7 man rotation with 2 to 4 guys carrying the 4-5 slots. What does it mean. Baltimore Baseball. There is a reason why the prognosticators continually give them no chance. If you want to list reasons why they cannot win...from afar...or from here in the OH...well, you should be able to, without a tremendous amount of creativity, imagine that outcome. It isn't hard to do. However, as opening day nears, count me among those who chose to see the flaws as part of our character. Who chooses to believe that there is room for positive growth to answer the questions above as well as potential for needed flexibility. That the pitching staff can be mediocre but last 6 innings consistently and the bullpen can thrive. That Manny Machado is capable of putting the O's on his back with Adam Jones and taking them all the way. All the Way! Imagine theres no failure. It's easy if you try. Yankees Sox Rays and Jays below us. Above us only sky. Imagine all the roster moves, and a successful Oriole Way. Of course, you may say I am dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us. And the O's will be as one. ;)
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    I will say this, I always respected Pedroia and I respect him even more after today. He wanted no part of that garbage coming from his team. After the game he apologized to Manny and the Os team. He said it was mishandled, basically calling out his manager and team mate and rightfully so.
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    The constant need to say every loss was "on" someone or to pinpoint blame is annoying. Sometimes you just lose. If there's such a thing as a loss you can shrug off, that was the very definition of it. The Orioles were using a minor-league fifth-starter callup and went up against a very good pitcher. They probably couldn't use O'Day, Brach, or Britton because they'd all pitched two days in a row, so they had a thin bullpen. Entering the game, nobody would've been surprised or especially upset by an Orioles loss under those circumstances. At least they made it exciting at the end.
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    o Weams may be a better poster than me ...... and he's less annoying than me ...... and he has more friends than me ...... and he is more well-liked around the OH than me ...... but nobody does the colors and the fonts like I do. o
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    1. Aquino looked good but I don't know that he has the command to get ahead and get out ML hitters. The changeup is a beautiful thing when he spots in knee high on the outside part. The slider looks good when he keeps it down. The fastball looks ordinary. The command, I worry about. Mechanically, he looks pretty good. Nothing odd about his delivery. 2. Stefan Crichton continues to impress. His numbers at AA were ordinary although he did make a two level jump from Delmarva. He's 25 so he's no kid. He comes in a throws strikes. His first pitch fastball to Russell Martin was smoked to CF for an out but that's what you have to do at the ML level. Try and get strike one. He locates his fastball and gets a lot of movement on his two seamer. I'm not even sure he threw a slider today but previously he looked like he had a good one. 3. Jimmy Yacabonis looked like he had a good fastball/slider combo but without the command of Crichton. Still, he looks like a pitcher who has come a long way from two years ago when he had trouble throwing strikes in the minors. 4. Cedric Mullins with a sac fly from the right side. The switch hitter pulled his hands in on an inner half fastball and hit a medium deep fly for an easy sac fly. Only one AB but he wasn't over anxious, accepting a 2-0 hitter's count from the pitcher. 5. D.J. Stewart is now pretty upright with his stance with knees slightly bent. His stance didn't look that closed to me. Have to watch again but it looked straight up maybe even slightly open. Unfortunately, he took strike one and didn't come close to making contact on two inner half pitches. Only one AB but didn't look good. 6. Aneury Tavarez - Nice piece of hitting. On an 0-1 count, served a line drive to the LF that a guy like Trumbo takes a single. A guy like Machado thinks about going for two but probably sticks at 1st if the LF comes up with the ball cleanly. There was never a doubt that Tavarez was going for two and he made it easily. He might not be a pure base stealer but he is FAST. 7. Joey Rickard - Not much with the bat today but a pretty nice catch covering a lot of ground and getting close to the wall in LF. 8. Chance Sisco - I think he got 1 of 2 base stealers today. Looks like he's getting rid of the ball pretty fast. Both throws looked strong. First one was off to the 2nd base side but right into the runner. Not a great throw but got the job done. I think he had no chance on the 2nd throw which was actually more accurate. At the plate, he looked helpless against a LHP and too passive with a man on 3B and less than 2 outs in his last AB. 3 AB's. 3 strikeouts. I will say that after taking a hitters pitch (IMO) the pitcher made two excellent pitches on him his last time up. He had trouble hitting LHP's last year. Something to keep on eye on. Otherwise, he must have done a good job catching because I didn't notice him behind the plate for the most part. I did notice Aquino shaking him off quite a bit though.
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    I'm an idiot. I switched from my phone to my computer and didn't realize I had the game thread from Saturday up. I'm having my own nice little private game thread wondering where the heck everyone went.
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    You intentionally throw a 90+ mph fastball at someone's head - you should be charged with Aggravated Assault.
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    This is our only break from AL East play in the first 27 games of the season. The Reds come into the series a surprising 8-5, leading the NL Central. The pitching matchups: Jimenez (0-0, 10.38 ) v. Arroyo (0-2, 9.90) Gausman (1-0, 3.94) v. Garrett (2-0, 1.42) Miley (1-0, 2.45) v. Feldman (1-1, 2.87) Jimenez has been rocked in his first two starts, as has Arroyo. Arroyo is homer-prone and pitching in a homer-friendly ballpark against a homer-hitting team. This game figures to feature fireworks on both sides. Gausman will be making his fourth start, the last of which was his best. Garrett, a rookie, has been excellent in two road starts in St. Louis and Pittsburgh. He's a highly-regarded prospect, ranked in the top 100 the last two years by BA, BP and MLB.com. Miley has been pretty tough to hit in his two outings, and his command was much sharper last time out. Feldman has pitched three times, getting knocked around a bit on Opening Day but looking solid since then. So far, the Reds' offense has been spearheaded by the unlikely trio of Zack Cozart (1.218 OPS), Eugenio Suarez (1.145) and Scooter Gennett (1.064). Joey Votto (.749) hasn't really gotten going. The Reds are 2nd in the NL in OPS and 3rd in runs/game. They're also 3rd in the NL in ERA at 3.49. The bullpen has been very sharp so far (2.65 ERA). Last year the Reds had a 4.91 ERA and the bullpen was an even worse 5.09. Hopefully, the law of averages catches up with them in this series.
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    As I posted on that thread, and commented on the article - Among active players… Jonathan Schoop is the only Oriole that was acquired as an amateur free agent. Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez are the only Yankees that were acquired as amateur free agents. Alex Colome is the only Rays player acquired as an amateur free agent. Xander Bogaerts is the only Red Sox player acquired as an amateur free agent. The Blue Jays have no players acquired as amateur free agents (although Roberto Osuna was acquired at 16 from the Mexican League). So the O’s are right on par with the rest of their division. And spending a lot less money. I'm just glad they are trading the international bonus slots if they aren't going to spend. I hope MLB is able to clean up the buscone system down there. It is terribly exploitative for the players.
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    Well, this was the Keys second attempt at a home opener. I just have one word. COLD! Well, there are several more words, but in the interest of not being banned, I won't say them. The wind was going pretty good during batting practice and the temperature wasn't too bad, so I had hope. That was dashed once the sun went down. It got so cold, I could see my breathe. But, enough about my suffering for now, onto the game recap! Keegan Akin got the start and...Well, let me show you his stat line: Akin: 0.2 IP, 4 hits, 6 runs (all earned), 3 walks, 2 strikeouts, 2 home runs (would of been 3, but the guy hit it to the deepest part of center field against the wind and Josh Hart nearly killed himself against the wall going for it), for a nice, even 81.00 era To say that this start wasn't what people were hoping for would be an understatement. He struggled from the start (walked the first batter) and had command issues. But, in his defense, both teams had issues. More on that soon. Akin didn't have command, as on the two strikeouts, both batters swung at bad pitches to help him. But... There were 8 wild pitches thrown all game, with several dozen more (no exaggerating there) that were about 50-58 footers. Poor Stuart Levy (Keys starting catcher), he is probably regretting his life choice. The game ended up being closer than expected after the 6-0 opener. It ended up at 15-11, Carolina. Frederick spotted Carolina a 10 run lead after 5, tied them up with a 9 run 6th with a great rally and some wind aided fly balls, let the lead slip for good in the 8th, and put up a run in the 9th. Some key (haha...) players and notes: Ryan Mountcastle: 2-4 with a home run and a strikeout. He has a powerful swing, but was totally fooled a few times, including his strikeout. Interesting note: I actually got his home run and gave it back to him. He then promptly handed it to his dad, who thanked me a few times. Awesome already. Bad side note: While he made some good plays at short, the arm strength was very noticeably lacking. There were a few times he made routine ground outs look instant replay worthy at first. Might have just been the cold though. Randolph Gassaway: 2-5 with a triple. This kid can FLY! If it wasn't for an outstanding play and hustle by the left fielder, his first hit would have been a double. On the triple, he nailed it to deep left center and made it easily. His fielding wasn't bad as he didn't have many chances. He did nearly misplay a ball hit to him on the hop, having to stretch his glove out to get it from going past him. Made a strong throw on a ball off the wall to left that was about 3 inches from going out. Should be a fun one to keep an eye on. Austin Hays: 1-5 with a strike out. Don't let that fool you. He was hitting the ball HARD. The only problem was, Mudcats were in the way, except on his one hit. That was a triple into the gap in right center. Even on his strikeout, he didn't look that bad. Had a wild swing, but as much as the ball was moving in the wind, I can't put much stock in that. No issues fielding in the wind. Made some good throws. Alex Murphy: 2-4 with 2 strikeouts. Got a hometown ovation by all 30 people that had the warmth and energy to do it each time he got up. His two hits were very nice, good contact. His two strikeouts, no so much. He struck out to end the game on a swing that looked like he wanted to send the ball to Baltimore. No issues on defense. Yermin Mercedes: 0-5 with 3 strikeouts. Remember last year how he would swing and crush the ball into another state? Well, his swing is a bit more wild now as he is trying to add even more power, for some unknown reason. The result? Zero hits and not looking good at it. He was the DH, so I can't comment on his defense. Stuart Levy: 1-3 with a strikeout and a walk. This poor dude. Missed a pop up behind the plate because the wind took it from "reaching the club seats" to "15 feet from home plate." Took a beating from his pitching staff (5 wild pitches, some of which couldn't have been stopped by a truck.) Had Carolina look like a track team (4 steals, 3 by one player) while getting shafted. One of the steals, the guy looked out. If there was replay, it might have been changed. One another steal, the pitcher helped Levy out by throwing a 55 foot breaking ball. On another, Levy threw it low and the runner slid into the glove of Mountcastle, causing the throw to go to center for an error on Levy. The steal of third, the batter (right handed) backed up a bit when Levy was getting ready to throw, causing him to double pump. Overall, I wouldn't say it was too bad. The team showed a lot of fight and the new guys did good. I can't comment on Akin properly, because of the cold. If Levy had some of Yadier Molina's equipment, maybe Akin would have gotten a better grip. Once the weather warms up and the guys get used to High A, expect some great games and lots of runs. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go check for frostbite in several places...
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    So, my wife and I were sitting around the living room this week talking after finding out our kids are busy with their families over Easter weekend and not coming around. Spontaneously, she asks, "Where are the O's playing?" I tell Toronto, without hesitation, she replies "We are going." (It's about a 400 mile trip). We booked the Renaissance, and our going Saturday and Sunday. She is a woman that sent me to Dream Week on my 40th, tolerates taking grandkids to Ripken camps in Aberdeen every summer. Guess I am pretty lucky...Thought I give her some deserved praise at the OH. Anybody have any suggestions about what to do or not to do in Toronto?
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    As I did last year, for those who want to play GM, I am presenting the current opening day team payroll. I'm dealing only with the "active" roster; but the O's will have pay obligations for players on the 40 man roster. In 2016, few posters anticipated the significant increase that Dan Duquette engineered. This year’s opening day payroll exceeded that of last year by 12.1%, about $18M. And, please, let's dispense with the squabbling over the "accounting" for salary deferrals. All of the latest transactions are included. Salaries are displayed as rounded to the nearest $10k, but the total is accurate to 2 decimal places. Projections for those under contract are from the Cots Baseball Prospectus Compensation Website. The MLB minimum salary is $535,000 in 2017. I provide this information so that we can make accurate and useful comparisons to the opening day payrolls of the Orioles in previous years, other MLB teams and the totals for Major League Baseball. As with virtually all team opening day payroll tabulations on the web, my total payroll figure does not reflect any deductions for deferred salaries or additions for set-asides for deferrals from previous years (as required by Article XVI of the CBA). However, I have noted the 2017 contract deferrals in the right-most column of the below chart. The roster, as shown here, lists the opening day active roster plus players on the disabled list. Craig Gentry's salary is estimated. PLAYER POS 2017 SALARY DEFERRED ($ Million) ($ Million) Welington Castillo C $6.00 Caleb Joseph C $0.70 Chris Davis 1B $23.00 $6.00 Jonathan Schoop 2B $3.48 J.J. Hardy SS $14.00 $2.17 Manny Machado 3B $11.50 Adam Jones OF $16.33 Hyun Soo Kim OF $4.20 Seth Smith OF $7.00 *Joey Rickard OF $0.54 Craig Gentry OF $0.85 *Ant'y Santander (DL) OF $0.54 Mark Trumbo DH/OF $11.50 $1.50 *Trey Mancini DH/1B/OF $0.54 Ryan Flaherty UT $1.80 Chris Tillman (DL) SP $10.05 Kevin Gausman SP $3.45 *Dylan Bundy SP $1.64 Wade Miley (DL) SP $8.75 $2.25 Ubaldo Jimenez SP $13.50 Zach Britton RP $11.40 Brad Brach RP $3.05 Darren O'Day RP $7.00 $1.00 *Mychal Givens RP $0.55 *Donnie Hart RP $0.54 *Oliver Drake RP $0.54 *Tyler Wilson RP $0.55 Vidal Nuño RP $1.13 T.J.McFarland $0.11 To Seattle w/Gallardo $2.00 Logan Ondrusek $0.11 Total $166.32 $12.92 * Pre-Arbitration
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    Without these types of moves all we'd have in the system would be guys like Hess, Wright, Wilson, Grimes and Means as our top of the system SP depth. Instead DD has basically bought us some depth over the years by primarily taking advantage of teams with 40 man roster crunches. Chris Lee- Houston- for int'l draft slots Jayson Aquino- St. Louis- for cash Ynoa- Mets- for cash Verret- Mets- for cash Nuno- Dodgers- for cash Gunkel- Red Sox- De Aza Trade Asher- Phillies- for cash Garcia- Red Sox- Rule 5 That's 8 of our top 10(Wright, Wilson) SP depth that's been acquired for "some" cash, international draft slots and De Aza. Pretty amazing until you start thinking about the SP's he's dealt away.
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    I know I'm not the only one around here who starts watching baseball movies and videos this time of year. Field of Dreams, Major League, Bull Durham... I've had the 1989 Why Not highlights tape forever. Of course I don't have a VHS player anymore, but I still have the tape. It's been years since I've seen the whole thing. But someone finally put the whole thing on YouTube. There'd been bits and pieces before, but the whole thing is here...from the cheesy intro with Kevin Hickey and Dave Johnson leaving the Memorial Stadium offices to go grocery shopping to Otter striking out McGwire, Parker and Henderson to Kenny Rogers...it's all finally here.
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    First off, John Farrell is a cry baby for complaining so much about Machado's slide the other night. He's also a hypocrite. But what he did today in ordering his pitchers, 1st to throw at his knees, which he didn't deserve but you can almost understand if you buy into the "old school" stuff. However, what Matt Barnes did was unforgiveable. He took aim at Manny's head and just missed. No doubt, that came straight from the manager. I don't believe in hitting guys on purpose to begin with but I don't anyone believes in throwing at someone's head. Common sense tells us that Manny wasn't intentionally trying to spike Pedroia. You'd have to be an idiot to think he did. I guess Farrell thought he would teach him to not to ever do it accidentally again either. I hope Manny crushes the Red Sox in every series for the rest of his career. I think he has a little extra motivation now. That double over Bradley's head was smoked. Bradley didn't know which way to turn. I must say, I was disappointed in the home crowd when Farrell came out in the 9th for a pitching change. He should be booed out of the stadium every chance there is. Cito got "Cito sucks" for a lot less.
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    Anyone who thought they we're getting a flawless catcher for 1/6 is in for a reality check. You gotta remember the guy was non-tendered. Still think we are getting great value here.
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    If the O's can maintain a 160m payroll, (and it appears they can) then they can keep enough core players to continue their 5 years of success in the AL East into the future. There are three essential contracts that need to happen make the window go away. 1) extend Buck, 2) extend Dan, and sign Manny. All need to happen his coming off season. All three look doable. Yes, even a 10/300 Manny's extension is doable. That is mainly because Dan continues to churn the roster. Let some high salaried players go. Find good players in what is thought to be a poor farm system while making use of the Rule 5 draft and smart, cheap acquisitions. This all happens because the network that Buck and Dan have built. The know people throughout baseball. They seek advice. Find value in players that others let go. The O's may have 50m coming off the book this fall: Jimenez 13.5m Britton 11.5m Miley 8.75 Smith 7m Castillo 6m Kim 4.2m Total Gone - 50.95m Certain things have to happen to allow these players to go and not hurt the O's. 1) They have to find two starters out of Ynoa, Aquino and Lee, 2) Mancini and Rickard needs to show he can take over corner outfield spots, 3) Sisco needs to show he is ready to be a front line catcher. All those things are in the realm of possibility and Buck and Dan will be trying to make them happen with development of young players this year. I expect all these players will see time in the majors this year to prepare them for their roles next year. Britton will need to be traded this off season. He is gone after 2018 anyway. With Boras as his agent he is going through the free agent process. He will be unaffordable for the O's. Chapman got 5/86m. The O''s are not going there. Not with Brach, O'Day, Givens, Hart, Nuno, Liranzo in the organization. Brach should be able to be extended pretty reasonably. 3/21m or so. They need to trade Britton to get a decent return. A good, young 3B would help so they can move Manny to SS in the future. Castillo can opt to stay and the O's have the money to keep him. But he could opt out and go for bigger contract. I think this season will be a great opportunity for him to leverage himself for a future contract. Why do I think the O's can afford Manny? Just look at next years payroll: 1) Davis 23m - 1B 2) Manny 20m - 3B 10/300m with a 5 year opt out 3) Jones 17m - CF Extend for 3 years at 17 per 4) Tillman 17m - SP1 - extend 3/51m plus a invest option 5) Trumbo -12.5m -DH 6) O'Day 9m - RP1 7) Schoop 8m - 2B 8) Hardy 7m - SS - Let go FA and resign 1/7m 9) Gausman 6m - SP2 10) Brach 5m - RP2 extend 3/21 11) Flaherty 2m - UIF resign 12) Gentry 2m -OF resign 13) Nuno 2m - RP3 14) Bundy 1.8m - SP3 15) Joseph 1m -BC 16) Rickard .5m - LF 17) Givens .5m - RP4 18) Hart .5m - RP5 19) Ynoa .5m - SP4 20) Sisco .5m - C 21) Aquino .5m - SP5 22) Wilson .5m - RP6 23) Liranzo .5m - RP7 24) Mullins .5m - OF 25) Mancini .5m -RF 2018 Payroll 138.3M Miley buyout .5m Total 2018 Payroll 138.8M 138m gives the O's about 20m to cover any holes that occur. And when Manny's salary goes to 30m there is still room with the way Dan works a roster. I am not worried about the window. It seems to me that the O's can afford Manny. And if that is true with Gausman and Bundy stepping up there is no reason should not be able to continue there winning ways.
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    Ha Ha!! Chicken dinner!
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    I'd dance with the Bird on the dugout just to dance with the Bird on the dugout.
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    1) Trey Mancini - #5 prospect forced his way onto the major league roster. Can't do much better than that. 2) Cedric Mullins - #19 prospect showed power and speed. May make the jump from low A to AA based on what he has shown this spring. 3) Chance Sisco - #1 prospect was thought to be held back by his defense but he showed well defensively which may have accelerated is way to the majors. 4) Jayson Aquino - Not on the prospect list prior to ST but is now competing to be the #5 starter. 5) Stefan Crichton - Not on the prospect list prior to ST but showed he may be ready to help the O's in the pen whenever called on. Probably in the Norfolk pen. 6) Gabriel Ynoa - #12 prospect now competing to be the #5 starter. 7) Jesus Liranzo - #16 prospect showed a great arm that could move fast to the majors. Begins the season at AA. 8) Anthony Santander - #9 prospect showed the power that made the O's select him in the Rule 5 draft. 9) Chris Lee - #7 prospect showed improvement in his pitches and that he is healthy but needs to improve his pitch efficiency to move to the O's rotation. Begins at AAA.
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    o Mods, since this is only ever-so-mildly Orioles related, my apologies for borrowing the Orioles Talk section for a few hours. I was just reminded of this experience that I had a few years ago because of a conversation that occurred on the Brewster High School Facebook web page. in June of 2012, my beloved Garden Street School closed it's doors after 87 years. I attended Kindergarten through 5th grade there, from 1970-1976. I was lucky enough to see the final hurrah of the school, but it was only by by chance. Because I am an Oriole fanatic, I attended the Aberdeen Ironbirds' Opening Day game in 2012 against the Hudson Valley Renegades in Wappingers, NY (half an hour from my house in Brewster.) So there I was, all decked out in my orange and black gear, and just prior to the game they announced that the students of the soon-to-be-closed GARDEN STREET SCHOOL in Brewster, NY would sing the National Anthem. What are the chances of that happening ??? If I were a fan of any other team besides the Baltimore Orioles, I would not have been there. l o
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    Recent cuts with spring numbers: (1) M. Albers-WAS 11.2IP, 0.00ERA, 6/3 K/BB (1) Da. Carpenter(ATL)-TBR 8.7IP, 3.12ERA 6/0 K/BB (1) J. Niese-NYY 6.0IP, 4.50ERA, 5/1 K/BB (1) S. Burnett-PHI 9.0IP, 2.00ERA, 0/2 K/BB (1) J. Nathan-WAS 11.2IP, 3.86ERA, 9/3 K/BB (1) D. Eveland-TBR 4.7IP, 1.93ERA, 3/1 K/BB (1) C. Riefenhauser-HOU 7.2IP, 2.35ERA, 5/7 K/BB (1) R. Webb-MIL 3.0IP, 3.00ERA, 0/2 K/BB (1) D. Heath-CIN 0.1IP, 0.00ERA, 0/0 K/BB (1) B. League-KCR 5.0IP, 3.60ERA, 2/4 K/BB (1) J. Omahen-ARI 0.1IP, 0.00ERA, 0/0 K/BB (1) M. Lowe-DET 8.2IP, 5.19ERA, 7/3 K/BB (1) J. Chamberlain-MIL 8.0IP, 3.38ERA, 2/5BB (1) B. Boyer-ATL 8.0IP, 10.13ERA, 5/3 K/BB (1) J. Danks-ATL 9.2IP, 6.52ERA, 7/6 K/BB (1) R. Vogelsong-MIN 8.2IP, 7.27ERA, 5/5 K/BB (1) J. Henderson-CHC 4.2IP, 9.64ERA, 3/5 K/BB (1) K. Jepsen-ARI 3.2IP, 12.27ERA, 1/3 K/BB (1) J. Sanchez-KCR 4.3IP, 18.69ERA, 7/5 K/BB (1) R. Detwiler-OAK 11.3IP, 11.88ERA, 6/7 K/BB (1) M. Cleto-CHC 3.0IP, 24.00ERA, 2/3 K/BB (3) J. Loney-TEX 8-for-46, 8/3 K/BB, .485 OPS (5) G. Beckham-SFG 7-for-36, 7/4 K/BB, .518 OPS (7) R. Raburn-STL 7-for-32, 7/5 K/BB, .824 OPS (7) A. De Aza-OAK 12-for-40, 11/6 K/BB, .879 OPS (8) D. Stubbs-MIN 5-for-36, 15/7 K/BB, .551 OPS (8) Ky. Johnson-NYM 1-for-1, 0/0 K/BB, 2.000 OPS
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    No he didn't -- that was a mediocre team that had to go 5-0 at the end of the season to be a .500 team. One pitcher doesn't make the difference between that and a playoff team. Anyway, that's not the issue. There's no doubt that Gonzalez had a poor second half and didn't look great in spring training, either. But our pitching depth was extremely poor, and to just give away a guy who had been a key pitcher for us for several years was bad judgment in my opinion.
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    I think retaliation is a macho, fake "taking care of business" myth that is in the same ballpark of stupid as the " we gotta hit somebody" for trying to take away our livlihood" ethic. Ive been around baseball all my life and I dont think the great players or managers ever justified either initiation or retaliation. Of course, some did, but, for example, Earl didnt and Buck doesnt believe in it either. Lasorda did, Billy Martin did, and La Russa did..but most of the great ones didnt.
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    We just need to convince him that these bean balls slow down the game too much.
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    And this is the type of thread that made me stop looking at facebook groups about the Os. Unless the Os go 162-0 the sky is falling, profanities are flying, calling players garage, and worthless, and hoping they die... Its very sad and very pathetic. Sure I get frustrated when the Os load the bases and get zero runs, but I will not be calling players garbage, and wishing ill will on them. There is more to life than a professional sports team. These guys are human, they make mistakes, and they wont have it every time out. Its a long season, sit back relax and enjoy the show for craps sake.
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    - Hustled to 1B on a nubber down the 1B line and was safe on Happ's throwing error. - Hustled to 1B on a routine grounder to 3B and was safe on a throwing error. - With Hardy on 2B in a 0-0 game, lined a single to RF, headed to 2B expecting a throw to home plate, then got caught in a rundown long enough to let Hardy score after he initially had stopped at 3B. - Slammed into the wall in RCF trying to make a catch in a game where the O's had a sizable lead. The guy plays hard all the time, and I love him for that, no matter what his flaws may be.
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    I don't think Buck leaving him in there had anything to do with trying to get Ubaldo a win. Quite simply, you don't want to use your bullpen for 5 innings on a night when you've scored 9 runs, unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Buck waited until he had no choice. It may make you feel uncomfortable that he waited that long, but it was the prudent thing to do.
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    o In my rat's ass of an opinion, this is an example of getting caught up in the momento Last year, the Orioles' OBP for the season as a team was .317. Hyun Soo Kim's OBP last year was .382. I don't think that the Orioles ought to be entertaining the notion of trading someone who is far and away their best player at getting on base (Kim) because a very likable player (Mancini) hit 2 home runs in one game against the Red Sox, particularly considering the fact that this team has struggled as much as they have in that category ......... the Orioles' team OBP for the last 3 seasons was .311, .307, and .317 in 2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively. o
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    Yes...Mancini's 30 MLB PA's have me convinced he is a ML hitter for sure.
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    I think we should be sure to use perspective when looking at prospects, but I wish some on this board, especially the frequent posters who carry a lot of respect and weight in this community, could find a halfway point between rah-rah boosterism and sarcastic wet blanket. What Mullins has done since the beginning of last May is exciting. He started slow with a sub-600 OPS and since then has been the most productive all-around player in the entire system. He skipped a level and has been dominant through spring training and the first week of the season. He is younger and at a higher level than Mancini was during his breakout 2015 season. He is a lead-off hitter in an organization with a ML team that doesn't really have one. He's an adept base-stealer in an organization bereft of speed. He's a scrappy, hardworking underdog fans love to pull for. Mullins is the first player I check for a line on each morning when I check Minor League games.
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    I guess they let us off the hook the first two games when we came back. I understand what you are saying, but it's baseball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains.
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    I feel like I already know how this season is going to play out: Lots of home runs, great bullpen. Meh starting pitching, good infield defense, bad outfield defense. Showalter will manage the bullpen well and we will do well in close games. Somewhere between 85 and 90 wins, maybe sneak into the playoffs. My opinion on the team hasn't really changed based on the last four games. I thought, going into the season, that Smith was an underrated pickup, and I still feel that way. I feel like I know what we are getting from the rest of the lineup. What I will be looking for this year is the development of Gausman and Bundy, the potential arrival of Sisco later in the year (though maybe not, depending on how it goes) and possibly the emergence of Mancini. I will enjoy watching Kim hit this year...hopefully he will get more regular ABs and put up a solid full season, although his outfield defense is painful to watch. If Miley can put together a solid season, Tillman can get healthy and Jimenez can be just mediocre, we can win the division. Or, the starting pitching could fall to pieces, the bullpen will get overworked, and we will trade Machado this summer as we fall out of contention and the window closes. There's a big margin there. On the other end of the spectrum, I think NY is in for a long year. Their rotation is weak, their lineup isn't much. They have some good young players but they are probably a couple years away from contention. Maybe they will actually have a losing record this year, which would be nice.
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    Honestly, I can't think of a topic I'd rather not discuss more than this one.
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    Dan has been working the roster over like crazy for the last two months -- Ynoa, Nuno, Gentry, Bleier, Bourn (add and cut)*, Janish,* P. Alvarez,* Asher, Faulkner and Castro. * minor league deal That's 7 guys on our 40-man roster who weren't here 60 days ago, 6 of whom are pitchers. Plus several former major leaguers signed to minor league deals who could help us this year. You have to hand it to Duquette, he never rests.
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    Depends of if they can find out what Romo had for lunch.
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    Don't let any of these Rick Vaugh type of entrances distract you from the fact that In nineteen ninety eight the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16ft through an announcer's table. BAH GAWD HE KEELED EM!
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    o Although I was not at today's game in Baltimore, I nonetheless had a very peculiar experience in my quest (and determination) to watch the Orioles' first contest of the season against the Blue Jays. It was 2:30 PM, half an hour before the first pitch, and all of a sudden my Internet service went out. I called the cable company, and they said that it should be resolved by 6:23 PM ......... 6:23 PM ??? The game will be over by then !!! So ........ I was thinking of what sports bar I could go to in order to watch the game AND keep track of Kevin Gausman's pitch-count for each and every inning that he was in the game. Brewster probably has a couple of sports bars, but because of the fact that I had no Internet service, and I couldn't go on line to see where they were. The closest sports bar THAT I KNEW ABOUT was 20 minutes away, on the border of Danbury, CT and Bethel, CT. So I got in my car at about 2:45 PM, and hoped that I could get there in time for the first inning. Since Danbury, CT is Metsland and Yankeeland, all of their TV sets were on the Mets-Braves game, so I had to ask one of the waitresses if she could turn on the Orioles-Blue Jays game. She did, although I had to settle to listening to the Mets-Braves game audio. Lo and behold, when she got the channel for the game turned on, Gausman was about to face the 2nd batter in the top of the 1st inning after he had ceded a single to the first man that he faced. So, I simply started counting all of Gausman's pitches from that point onward for each individual inning, and subtracted that from his overall total after he was removed from the game to know how many pitches that Gausman had thrown to the first batter of the game that singled. Mission accomplished. 0 o
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    I'm old enough to remember very well the days of the 4-man rotation and the 9 or 10-man pitching staff. Two things changed that. Primarily is was free agency because pitchers became such an expensive commodity that teams wanted to protect their investments. The other thing (in the AL only) was the designated hitter. Because you didn't have to pinch hit for pitchers, you could get away with less bench players. Teams started experimenting with 5-man rotations in the late 70s (free agency began in '75. the DH in '73). I miss those days. Had the Orioles used a 5-man rotation, they'd have taken away 8 starts each from Palmer, McNally, Cuellar and Dobson in 1971. None of them would have won 20 that year. Every team used their best pitchers more often, which was good for the fans (a lot of guys finished their starts in those days too). Fangraphs did a thing a few years back about this after the Rockies briefly flirted with a 4-man rotation. I forget all the details, but they determined that pitchers would be no less effective in a 4-man rotation today, but a club would need to strictly limit pitch counts (maybe to 75 or so) in order to protect pitchers' health. I haven't quite decided whether that would be a good idea for the Orioles since they don't have many good starters or a bad idea because the starters they have would blow past 75 pitches in the 4th inning.
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    Actually Trumbo saves us runs defensively by NOT playing the field. So...
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    Fine day once the rain left. Felt great out there. A few pics. OH representing. MDTransplant and yours truly. Digging that cap. ^
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    This isn't entirely accurate. If Santander finished the season with fewer than 90 days on the active roster he wouldn't have to be offered back, he would merely be subject to Rule 5 rules at the beginning of 2018 (that is, he would have to stay in the Majors) until he reaches a total of 90 days between 2017 and 2018 on the active roster. Not to say that this is a likely outcome, but just for accuracy sake, I thought I should point this out.
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    Exactly this. Calm down guys and look around the rest of the league. While it's nice Mancini is putting up a 1.001OPS now he's also striking out 27% of the time and walking 6.3% of the time neither are going to lead to success. Just for kicks, here's the 10 highest OPS players of spring training with enough bats to qualify. 1.Greg Bird 1.558OPS 2.Jesus Aguilar 1.395OPS 3.Jose Osuna 1.345OPS 4.Ian Happ 1.287OPS 5.Bryce Harper 1.227 6.Jose Martinez 1.206 7.Wil Myers 1.191 8.Mitch Haniger 1.151 9.Peter O'Brien 1.127 10.Yonder Alonso 1.126 Mancini is 19th at 1.001 sandwiched between Baltimore's own Craig Gentry and semi prospect Keon Broxton. This doesn't mean he's bad and it doesn't mean he's good. Let him go down to AAA and work on somethings, let him better that uninspired .776OPS from AAA last year.
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