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    In a season in which the Orioles are trotting out Jimmy Yacabonis and Yefry Rodriguez as starters, it's time to give John Means a look. Means has a 2.28 ERA and 38 Ks and 3 BBs in his last 6 starts at Norfolk. He has seemed to have found the consistency that has eluded him over his career. Means has always flashed major league stuff at times, but it just came and went so often it was tough to think of him as more than a fringe prospect. I'm going to go back and watch some of his starts of late, but at the end of the game, if you are going to give opportunities to young pitchers and see what they've got, it's time to give John Means some starts. Yacabonis and Rodriguez are not long term solutions as starters. means may not be either, but in a lost season, there's no reason not to give him a shot.
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    The world needs more Adam Joneses. Very good baseball player, even better guy.
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    See ya in a week. If you return, return with the proper Hangout attitude. As this is the 3rd time you've been given a break, the next time will be a ban from the site.
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    I think if you changed the title from Dan Duquette to Peter Angelos you might have a point. Otherwise this is just nonsense.
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    In four games played, the shortstop holds a .286 batting average with four hits and three runs. He hasn’t struck out since his opening game. “I just have to get used to using a wooden bat again and getting used to hitting in this field,” Grenier said. “All I want to do is go out and play, so being able to get out there and get my legs back after going five or six days without playing was really nice.” When he’s not playing at Perdue Stadium, Grenier said he enjoys cooking, hiking and watching hockey during the NHL season. But his main focus is improving his game so he can get to Camden Yards as quick as possible. Grenier said he hopes to be the next J.J. Hardy and have a long career between the bases with the Orioles. With his stellar defensive skills, paired with the improving offense, the Shorebirds’ new shortstop is optimistic about his future in the organization."
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    Saw him tonight. HItters seemed to have trouble picking up the ball -- multiple Ks that were 3 swing-and-miss pitches in a row. Line: 7.0IP, 5H, 1ER, 3BB, 9K, ERA 2.53. The run was a homerun to lead off the 6th - to which he responded by then striking out the side. A lot of fun to watch.
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    This was a very fun game and night all around. Got to Delmarva about a half hour before the gates open and was expecting a mad house, due to the 4th of July weekend and the Trey Mancini bobblehead giveaway. Instead, it was pretty empty. Got the bobblehead and headed inside with the wife to look around (we go to 1 Delmarva game a year on average) and last time, it was storming. This time...We were good. Funny note, actually got the 2nd overall pick by the Orioles, Cadyn Greiner, to sign a ball for me by accident. I had been talking with Kirvin Moesquit on Twitter a bit and was waiting for him to come out so I could get him to sign a ball and Greiner came out first. Nice enough kid, put everything down and just started signing for everyone. Figured "well, why not?" and got him to sign a ball. Got Moesquit a bit later. Hilarious and very friendly. Said he loves to interact with the fans on Twitter and commented on a few of my pictures and tweets about the game. Laughed when I compared him to Mullins in the speed area. When I said I would love to see a race between them, he said "man, that would be awesome." Very easy guy to root for, even if he is just going to be an organizational guy. He looks older in person too. Now onto the game notes! In regards to the players that struck out, the umpire was awful. His strike zone was the plate to the neck when Delmarva was batting. It was only shins to the jersey lettering for Hagerstown. Kirvin Moesquit: 1-5 with a bloop single. Struck out looking in the first one a pitch that nearly bounced off the plate. Struck out swinging in the next at bat on a "need to swing because it'll be a strike anyway" style swing. Put some good bat on the ball and just had some bad luck later. When he got on later in the game, he stole second easily. Might give Mullins a run (hahaha...) as fastest player in the org. Played in center and didn't have trouble tracking the ball. Made a strong throw on a fly ball later in the game to keep the runner at third. If the guy tried running, he would of been out by a few feet. Again, probably just an organizational guy, but still a fun one. Cadyn Griener: 2-4 with a walk and a triple. Hit the ball hard in his first at bat to center for a loud out. Pulled one to right between 1st and 2nd for his first pro hit and got the ball back. Hit a sinking liner later in the game that the centerfielder dove for and missed, leading to the triple. He put the bat on the ball real well in this game. Only had 2 or 3 bad swings. Defense looked good. Made a nice effort on a stolen base. Carrillo threw the ball behind him. He still straddled the bag, reached back and caught the throw and made a quick tag. The guy was saw, but it was great reaction play. Per Alex Katz (relief pitcher I know), Greiner was showing some great glove skills in practice. He should be really fun to watch. Trevor Craport: 1-3 with a double and a walk. Pulled the ball down the 3rd base line for a double on a tough inside pitch. Did really good to get around on it and pull his hands in for get the head of the bat on it. On defense, made a GREAT diving stop at third to keep a similiar hit ball from going by him that would of scored a run. Had a throwing error later on on a low throw to first. More of an issue of "rushing the throw" vs. arm strength, plus it started to rain a little. I'd have to watch him more to see if he would stick at 3rd. Mason McCoy: 2-4 with a walk. Played at 2nd in this game. Good swings from him. Nothing really to mention here. Will Robertson: 1-4 with 2 strike outs and a double. Again, screwed by the umpire. Got a nice rbi double mid game that I missed. Had a nice sliding catch in right, got a good jump on the ball. Swing was a bit off though and missed a couple of pitches that caught a lot of the plate. Jean Carrillo: 1-5 with a double. Carrillo has been hitting real well this year, but is a "catch and throw" guy. He made a lot of great blocks and made a nice play on a foul ball behind the plate. The rain was picking up and he had to stare right into it. Did great to track the ball and made a nice catch at the end. Caught 1 of 2 runner stealing. First throw was towards short, but the second one was right on the money. Decent swings, bat speed seemed slow though. Zach Jarrett: 1-4 with a walk. Cooled off since the start of the season. Swing looked good, but had some bad luck. Seemed like he was *just* missing the ball when he made contact. More "bad luck" than "bad swing." Nothing really happened in the outfield for him, except for one play where he got to deep hit and made a nice relay throw to Greiner. Greiner made a great throw home and Carrillo put the tag down, but the ump called the guy safe. Replay would of overturned it. Ben Breazeale: Rough night as the DH. 0-3 with a walk and 3 k's. Looked unsure at the plate all night and his swing was slow and loopy. Didn't seem like the same guy from earlier in the year. Ryan Ripken: 2-4 with a double. Older for the league, but good swing. Made solid contact, fielding was good. Throw a ball away on a "first to pitcher" during the rain. He should be in Frederick on his age. As far as pitching, Peluffo was ok but got into a lot of deep counts. Knutson and Gruener were both shut down pitchers, toying with the Hagerstown guys. I don't know much about them, but I want to see more. Definently good ones to watch, but can't determine them right now. Overall, this was a great game to watch. The hitters were on point, the defense was better than you would expect for Low A, and the relief pitching was totally shut down. Plus, getting a high draft picks autograph? Can't go wrong with that. Might be back at Delmarva again next month, so I'll hopefully get more notes on players and see if tonight was a fluke.
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    Wow, that’s a weak way to go out. When you know you’re gonna get ejected, at least make it count. Kick some dirt on the plate or steal first base.
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    I know there are actually few people who have been a Hangouter since or even before 2004, but I also know many people have found us since. I know most of you probably know the background of the Hangout but I happened to find the article the great John Eisenberg did on me while I was deployed to Afgahnistan in 2004. This was supposed to run on the front page of the sports section on Christmas day, but the death of Johnny Oates rightfully knocked it to the second page. So if you don't remember, here's the article. ******************************* LIKE MANY PEOPLE who root for the Orioles, Tony Pente would love to find Carlos Delgado or a new starting pitcher among his holiday gifts. But Pente has more basic desires this year, such as a safe return to his wife and four children in 2005, and good things for the people of Afghanistan, where he is in a yearlong Army deployment. Pente, 34, is an intelligence specialist with deep Baltimore-area roots. He grew up in Anne Arundel County and graduated from Northeast High School. His grandfather is the unofficial mayor of Little Italy whose bedroom serves as the projection room for the open-air summer movie festival. A baseball fanatic, Pente founded and owns OriolesHangout.com, a popular Web site among fans of the team. Started as a lark in 1996, it now includes daily game reports, news and analysis from the Orioles' minor league system and a sizable bulletin board community. "It's amazing how far we've come," Pente wrote in an e-mail from Afghanistan after I contacted him recently. "And we have big plans for the future." But first things first. He still has three months to go in Afghanistan, where his work has included supporting the recent presidential election. "Things are getting pretty monotonous now," he wrote, "but it's extremely satisfying to see that we've helped change a country from a lawless safe haven for terrorists into a democratic country headed in the right direction." When his time is up, he will return to Hawaii, where his family currently resides. Married to his high school sweetheart, he hopes to move everyone back to the Baltimore-Washington area in 2006 and retire from the Army in 2008. "I figure I can serve my country for the first 20 years of my adult life and then spend the next 20 years involved with baseball," he wrote. He was a player himself, a high school outfielder who also played on military teams. He said he made the cut from 90 outfielders down to six at an Orioles tryout camp at Memorial Stadium in 1990 and was asked to come back. But his chance evaporated when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and the Army called. He spent the next year producing intelligence products for Desert Storm. After taking the basic course for military intelligence warrant officers in 1996, he was assigned to Fort Bragg, N.C., and began tinkering on the Internet. His account came with 500k of Web space, and he decided to start a page devoted to the Orioles, as much to amuse himself as anything. They had brought in Roberto Alomar, Rafael Palmeiro, Pat Gillick and Davey Johnson, and "I couldn't have been more excited about the team I've always loved," he wrote. He spent the next few years surviving start-up kinks, adding content, developing a following, moving back to the D.C. area, covering Oriole minor leaguers and bringing in a Webmaster. A network takeover put some money in his pocket. His baseball acumen was indisputable; one National League assistant general manager invited him to become a scout after a conversation in the Camden Yards press box. But he had another life, a job in intelligence. "One time I flew across an ocean, briefed a foreign government, got back on a plane, and the following day, I was at Bowie watching a prospect pitch. That was quite surreal," he wrote. By 2003, the site had become a reliable source for Orioles minor league news and opinion, and Pente was working harder than ever. But he knew an overseas deployment was coming in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The Army dispatched him to Hawaii for a three-year assignment in June 2003 and on to Afghanistan in March 2004. OriolesHangout.com is still going strong with managing editor John Domen and Webmaster Richard Legendre in charge. (Legendre is the site's "unsung hero," Pente wrote.) Pente has broadened its scope by posting moving diary entries from Afghanistan. "I figured it would be neat for my family and friends to see what it was like for me over here," he wrote in his e-mail to me. "Although my work is still mainly classified, I'm able to talk about everyday life here as well as the few times I've been out on some missions. "The hardest entry to write was the one that chronicled my youngest son Matt's journal once I left [Hawaii]. It broke my heart to see how much he missed me and how it had affected him." Although Pente doesn't have much time to think about baseball now, he monitors the site and the bulletin board and keeps up with the Orioles' moves, or lack thereof. "Once I get back to Hawaii [in April], I will be more active in the Hangout again," he wrote. Meanwhile, he continues to post diary entries from Afghanistan, which have prompted such a response that he recently posted a bulletin board thank-you note: "I'm probably preaching to the choir with most of you who have read these diaries, but I hope the one thing you take from them is the fact that I'm just a regular guy. That's why I write them from my perspective. I try to give you the thoughts that crossed my mind as I go through this deployment so you can see that I'm probably a lot like you." Just an Orioles fan. But a special one, indeed. ************************** By the way, Michael Williams (weams) is the Hangout's unsung hero now. He keeps the daily content flowing and does all the things that help keep the Hangout going. Many thanks to him, Luke Siler, Chris Slade, Shane Bauer and folks like Richard Legendre and John Doman in the past for keeping the Hangout going. Without them the Hangout would not be the longest running Orioles website on the internet!
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    First and foremost, I've not made any efforts to do such. As it would be a fairly substantial pay cut (entry level scouts are not highly paid) and I have a wife and young child who I wouldn't want to spend 3/4 of the year away from. Second, I didn't play baseball at a high level and I've only been writing about baseball for a short amount of time, so if I wanted to be a scout, I'd likely have to start as a bird dog scout (which is low to no pay) and work my way up from there. I'll use this post to give props to real scouts. It's an extremely tough and often thankless job, that often involves living most of the year out of hotel rooms, watching lots of really bad baseball, doing lots of paperwork, having games rained out, etc. It doesn't pay very well and doesn't offer much job security. It's not just about recognizing talent or breaking down a swing, it's a grind, day in and day out. I'm not a scout, I'm a prospect writer or analyst, scouts are the ones who are at 100s of games a year, diligently trying to cover huge area or player assignments to get reports on all the relevant talent.
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    If I were an Orioles player or prospect, I would certainly make sure to have long, deep conversation with Brady. I would tell him about my hopes and dreams, longing for his advice on anything he wanted to advise me on. Somehow I think my Baltimore opportunities will suddenly improve.
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    Yeah, we heard about the Dodgers back in late April, the last time they were relevant this season and Seager was done. No one knows who has or hasn't been negotiating let alone giving odds, like Heyman did the other day. Such nonsense. What leads anyone to believe the Orioles would trade ManNY before the All Star game? Shouldn't you be spending your time watching the Nats punt away a totally winnable division?
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    With Britton in his last month(s) of his O's career and no left hand pitching is the rotation its good to see the left handed depth that is being developed by the O's farm system. 1)Tanner Scott -(23) Now at the major league level. His 98-99 mph fastball and his slider makes him a closer candidate as soon has he can develop more control. 2) Paul Fry - (25) Acquired a year ago for international bonus slot money. Fry's early result have been good. He seems to be able to get out righties and lefties. 3) Richard Bleier - (31) Not an O's farm system guy and he is on the DL. But has come up big for the O's in middle relief over the past two years. He may start next year on the DL but hopefully returns to the form we have come to expect from him. 4) Donnie Hart - (27) Has been on the Norfolk shuttle for the past three seasons. He is mostly a LOOGY. He is out of options next year which will make him vulnerable to a trade with all the other lefty depth the O's are developing.. 5) John Means - (25) Has come on fast in his 10 starts since being promoted to Norfolk. Some of that may be pitching is a bigger park. But hopefully it is also him maturing. Means could be a backend starter or a long reliever for the O's in the near future. Needs to be protected from the Rule 5 draft 6) Keegan Akin - (23) Has been a very good starter at AA. I hope to see him at AAA after his AA All-Star game. He should not be in the major league roster this year because he does not have to be protected from the Rule 5 draft. However, he will come to ST with a chance to make the majors. 7) Luis Gonzalez - (26) Has climbed through the minor league system with success at every level. Currently pitching well at AA he too could be in AAA after the break. Needs to be protected from the Rule 5 draft 8) Reid Love - (26) The O's converted him from a starter to a reliever this year. He has responded with less hits than innings pitched and more than a strikeout an inning so far at AA.. His second half will be improve. We will to see if the O's protect from the Rule 5 draft for which is he eligible. 9) Zach Muckenhirn - (23) The reliever has mover from Delmarva to Frederick to Bowie this season. He probably stay at AA for the rest of the season but could begin next year at AAA. He has show well as each level. He does not need to be protected from the Rule 5 draft this off season.
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    Went back and watched a few of Means' starts including his last one against Durham. When he's on, he's throwing four-pitches for strikes and getting swings and misses on his fastball, change and slider. FB: (87-91) Slightly below average velocity (sits mostly 88-90) and movement. He's commanding the pitch pretty well to all quadrants of the zone and most importantly he;s staying out of the middle of the plate. It's more effective up and in and low and away against righties and up against lefties. Seems to get barreled often hard low in the zone. (Scouting Grade: 45) Ch: (80-83) His most consistent offspeed pitch to righties. He gets pretty good drop and some fade and is not afraid to throw early in counts for strikes. He does seem to leave it up a little too much which will could get hit hard by big league hitters. (Scouting grade: 50) SL: (79-83): An inconsistent offering that can flash plus with good tilt but flattens out at times. It's his go to pitch against lefties and will work it up and in against lefties. (scouting grade: 45/50) CU: (73-74): A get me over slow curveball that lacks consistent bite. Can be effective at times as an alternative to a batter looking first pitch fastball. Most batters seem to ignore it and it won't be an effective pitch in the majors besides being a show me pitch. (Scouting Grade: 40) Overall, Means must be able to command his fastball to all quadrants of the zone and have his change and slider working in order to be successful at the major league level. He's been doing just that of late in AAA, but the question is whether this is hot streak or something his clicked. It does appear he's using his fastball better up in the zone and if that's combined with a change and slider that he can throw effectively in the zone, then he has a chance to be decent 5th starter in the major leagues. I see no reason why he shouldn't get an opportunity in this lost year. He's got a better chance to be a big league starter than Ramirez and Yacobonis and should get some starts soon.
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    A story from yesterday's game, where I shared a moment with Mark Trumbo... In section 105 at Citizen's Bank Park (the middle section over the RF scoreboard), I was in the 2nd row. There was a loud, obnoxious fan who hit every stereotype of a Philly fan you have ever imagined except that he tended to avoid cusswords for the most part. But he spends the entire game riding the other team's rightfielder, loud enough for the guy on the field to hear. He isn't particularly original. But every inning he'd come up with something stupid to yell at Trumbo, whether it was how he had his sunglasses on top of his cap, or "Hey Dumbo Trumbo, use those big ears to fly back to Disneyland". Or taunting him for being on a 21-60 team. (Yes, I know we were 24-60 but it didn't seem worth confronting the guy to get him to be factual in his obnoxious heckling). Or making fun of whatever Trumbo had done in the last at bat. Even on Davis' error, when Trumbo went over and backed it up and made a throw that was just a bit offline to 2nd base, the jerk was all over him, telling him he was pathetic, and he'd be out of a job next year (obviously this guy was not too up on contract status situations). Trumbo ignored it for the most part but it was obvious he heard it. The guy was about 4 rows back of me, so in the 6th row, and his voice carried very well. And Trumbo was playing fairly deep most of the game. Late in the game, a Philly batter hit a ball high off the wall in right center that was just a bit too low to be a home run. Trumbo fielded the ball off the wall and threw an absolute bullet to second base to hold the batter to a single. As he jogged back from right center to his poition in right, directly in front of me, I yelled "Great play Mark!". After hearing nothing but abuse the whole game that must have surprised him because for the first time all game he turned around and looked into our section. He spotted me in my Maryland flag jersey and Orioles cap in the 2nd row and gave me a brief nod. At one point in the game a Philly usher did come down and tell the fan to cool it. I think that took the fan off his game for about a half inning, but he didn't stay quiet for long.
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    Rom made his GCL debut today, 4 scoreless innings, 1 H, 1 HBP, 4K.
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    What does SB stand for? Not sure I've seen that stat in regards to the Orioles for awhile?
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    Article that explains 20-80 scale fairly well. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/scouting-explained-the-20-80-scouting-scale/ And here is the Baseball America’s version...
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    CD 2.0 Saturday 1 for 4 (3-run double), 1 strikeout CD 2.0 so far 2 games 2 for 8 (.250 average) 2 walks (one intentional), 2 strikeouts, one sac fly 1 home run, 1 double, 5 RBIs Onbase %: .363 Slugging %: .750 OPS 1.113
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