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    This is my story. As some of you may or may not know (not sure if I mentioned it before on here,) I am a police officer in Baltimore City. Yes, I was there for the riots. Yes, I did the 12 hour shifts right by the CNN famous Penn North location, for 7 straight days. Lucky me. In December of 2015, I was severely hurt in an accident while going to help another officer in a fight. Hurt enough to be out of work for several months at the time. That is when Workman’s Comp started screwing me around. When you are used to a routine, getting up, getting ready, putting on gear and realizing that each day may be the day that someone you are talking to or someone you might not even see comes up behind you and kills you, or tries to take out you and your coworkers, and now that is taken away and the doctors and insurance adjusters in your case feel like you are faking your injury, when you wake up everyday in more pain than the last, fighting just to have some semblance of a life, it wears on you. Sitting at home, doing nothing, can only go so far. Luckily, that is where Frederick Keys baseball, and eventually Austin Wynns, comes into play. From February to June, I was a complete wreck. Phone calls. Appointments. Therapy. Pain. Pain from moving. Pain from standing still. Pain from sitting. Pain from being painful. Doubting what was going on, doubting if I was even really injured, and replaying what happened over and over and over again. Thinking “what if.” In late April, I walked down the little grassy hill on the first base foul side in Nymeo Field (Frederick Keys) towards the Keys bullpen. The same hill I had spent the several years playing on when I was a kid. I had been to several games before this during the season and had started having some favorite players. One was Wynns. I was never much of an autograph person, but I walked down and saw him and Jonah Heim warming up. I ended up getting both of their autographs. Then, about a month later in Bowie, Wynns was there, having just been called up earlier that day. I was the only one that recognized him and ended up saying “hi” to him and having a short conversation, mainly a “congrats on getting called to Bowie” and a “good luck.” At this point, I was still living a surreal, living nightmare. The pain was increasing, I was losing movement and the doctor that the insurance company had given me was less than caring. Work only cared about why I wasn’t back at work yet. No matter how much I told the doctor that his treatments weren’t working, all I could hear was “oh well. You’ll have to live with it.” In my job, that would mean I wouldn’t HAVE a job. Regardless, I couldn’t just sit around the house. My self-prescription was more baseball. Further trips. Hello Norfolk! At this point, I figure a longer drive to a different state and stadium would help clear my mind. Setting out at a lovely 4 am for Norfolk, I was intent on making it to a blistering hot 12:05 PM game. I arrive right before the gates open and get an alert on my phone. Austin Wynns had been called up to Norfolk the day before. I walk in and there is only 1 player on the field at this time, stretching and getting ready in the scorching stadium. Too tired to notice the pain and heat, I made my way down towards the field and called out to him. He stopped and came over. “Hey Austin, did you steal my schedule or something?” “Nah, the Orioles might have, though.” We chat for a bit and end with the usual “congrats on getting to Norfolk and good luck.” He drives in the only run of the game. The 5 hour drive back actually seems to go by quickly as things seem better. Not but 2 weeks later, several things happen. Wynns comes back to Frederick, Jonah Heim is traded away, and Wynston Sawyer gets injured. Wynns is now the starting catcher for Frederick during a time that, whether by fate or coincidence, Frederick is the team with the most home games that week. By this point, Workmans Comp has stopped with the payments, the job has been sending me to their doctor, who is sending his “reports” to HR, which in turn sends me a letter that tells me I can’t do my job, so it might be time to leave. I’m still fighting to find a doctor that will listen and treat me, instead of dismissing me because they are being paid by the insurance company. Coworkers have stopped even checking on me, I’ve been ignoring family and friends because I feel like no one really cares. I miss some games because of appointments and a general apathy to wanting to go out or even be around people. Finally, I get the stubbornness to go to another Keys game, as the drive up 70 is soothing. Wynns is starting, as he is the only catcher on the roster at the time. Mercedes hasn’t yet packed his bags from Delmarva and Zack Kapstein appears to be a player only on paper. I head back down the familiar hill again, slightly hoping I slip on the slope and crack my head open on the rocks nearby and can finally get the medical attention. Instead, I make it down safely as Wynns is putting his gear on. This time, he speaks first. “Hey man, haven’t seen you in a bit. Everything ok?” Maybe it was a long day. Maybe it was the “everything ok?” Maybe it was the childhood version of me popping out, giddy. Whatever it was, I explained to him about my job and my injury as he stretched. He could have easily just have ignored me, or cut me off, or whatever. Even when the starting pitcher came out, Wynns waved him off for a bit to listen. He added some words here in there, thanked me for what I do, then walked over to the fence, shook my hand and said “keep me up to date and I hope things go well for you. Good luck.” With that simple act, the weight of the world seemed to fall off. I’m not an emotional person, but I damn near broke down right there. For the first time in months, it felt like someone cared. I would love to say that he hit a home run that night. It was actually 2 weeks later and I got it. During the next few weeks, I would talk to him and keep him up to date as things finally seemed to be progressing. Then, in the middle of one game, I got a call. New doctor, new test results. Come in and schedule the surgery needed so I could get my normal life and career back. I told Austin on the concourse and got another handshake and a “you’re a great guy. Keep doing you and you’ll get through it just fine.” Also got a bat from him that night and I gave him one of my business cards. He got called up to Norfolk the next day. We ended up friending each other on Instagram. Didn’t think much of it, but was happy. Then, moments after surgery, the fiancé took my picture of me in the hospital bed, sling and all, and all hooked up, with me giving a barely coherent thumbs up. This picture ended up on Instagram. While waiting in the car for the fiancé to get my medicine, I got an alert that someone had liked my picture. The person that had been kind to me all season when he had no obligation to be, who gave a few words of encouragement that seemed to take the weight off, the person who seemed to be in the right place at the right time, liked the picture. A very small gesture, but after everything I had gone through, it meant (and still means) the most to me. That is why, no matter what, I will always root for him. Whether it is with the Orioles or with another team, I will be there for the first game he plays. He earned a fan for life, for being himself.
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    I understand some of what you're trying to say here -- we can't be sure that all the incidents LA2 described were necessarily race-based (such as at Dempsey's). And I think, or at least hope, that the majority of fans at Orioles games don't engage in racist behavior. Having said that, I don't think it's appropriate or respectful to say that LA2's encounters with racism were all in his head or that he's a professional at being offended. He's clearly been on the receiving end of racial epithets and racist jokes, and it's inexcusable for that to happen even once. That's not on him. That's on the idiots who said those things. As a straight white man who generally doesn't have to worry about discrimination or racist comments, I can't put myself in LA2's shoes, and neither can you. It's easy to speak up as an outsider and say "Just choose not to be offended," but neither of us really knows what it's like to be in that situation. A white guy is in no position to tell an Asian guy that he's being overly sensitive when racial epithets are hurled at him. Again, though, I agree with your point that the actions of a few idiot racists shouldn't be an indictment of the Orioles fan base as a whole. LA2, I hope you'll continue to come to Camden Yards and that your experience will be a lot more enjoyable than your last one.
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    Your experience and mine have been very different. Without knowing you, I cannot speculate as to why that is. Let me clarify that I do believe that such behavior is true of only the tiniest, most ignorant or immature fraction of Oriole fandom. Overwhelmingly, I feel truly welcomed at the park, but it only takes a few brief incidents to make me doubt the whole experience. Let me give an example from my last visit to OPACY. I was taking my girlfriend, a Korean, to her first Oriole game, the Hyun Soo Kim T-Shirt Night. While we waited in line at Boog's BBQ I filled her in on his Oriole accomplishments and what a humble man he's always been (later, after returning to NY I showed her the amusing lite beer ads he did, which I think convey how affable he is). When it was our turn, I told Boog, as I have before, that I actually saw him play left field and he joked back as before that I don't look that old, but added this time that he was only out there because back then Jim Gentile was still the first baseman. I took a photo of Boog and Woomi together and he signed her newly bought cap, which she now proudly wears to her current project in Seoul, where she's stuck because for some unknown reason her visa application keeps getting suspended. About midway through the game we went out to Legends Park and began to take more photos. Woomi loves the videos of Earl Weaver she's seen and wanted me to take a photo of her standing next to his statue. A group of three young white guys--probably between 16 and 20 years old--walked into the path of the photo shot and I motioned politely for them to step aside. One of them gave me the finger and yelled "***kin' Chink!" He then had to run for his life as I chased him halfway around the ground floor of the stadium until I lost him in the crowd. A young white Oriole staffer rushed up and asked me what had happened and apologized. A middle-aged white souvenir vendor said she had seen what happened and then muttered, "I hope they grab him. It's unacceptable." Another white fan came up and handed me my keys, which he had seen fall out of my bag as I tried to whip through the crowd. To these helpful individuals, I expressed my gratitude. Comically, according to my girlfriend, who had tried to follow but couldn't find me, the name-caller ended up trying to catch his breath right next to where she was standing. He must have either run the entire circle of the stadium or doubled back. I guess he didn't realize she was the Chink who had been with me. She socked him in the arm and he began running again. How ironic that this happened on a night when most of the crowd was wearing T-shirts printed in Hangeul (the Korean writing system), something that Woomi photographed both with pride (in her nation) and gratitude (to the Orioles and the USA). I hope that begins to answer your skeptical "Seriously?" As for "any other MLB ballpark," I haven't been to that many, and never for more than one visit, except for Chavez Ravine (3-4 times because I once lived in L.A.), Citifield (twice) and Yankee Stadium (both the old and new ones, for a total of about 7-8 times). In the heated atmosphere of the playoffs against the Yankees, cheering in the cheaper seats, perhaps it's not surprising that an Asian wearing Orioles gear hears taunts of "Mr. Miyagi," etc. almost every time he walks up the long aisle to the concession stands or rest room. It could even be taken as friendly except that, at the end of the game (the one in which Adam Jones played a Jeter flyball into a triple and Ibanez's homers off of Jim Johnson and Matusz wasted Miguel Gonzalez's great start), another fan in O's gear and I needed a police escort out of the stadium because of all the plastic beer bottles being thrown at us. Racist name-calling hasn't happened at any of the other stadiums I've been to (aside from Chavez Ravine and Citifield, these include Seattle, the old Homerdome in Minneapolis, Anaheim, Fenway, and Marlins Park). Finally, let me make a confession. I got emotional and exaggerated when I said explicit name-calling happens *every* time I go to OPACY. But it feels like it. Why? The name-calling leads me to interpret other behavior I see which is less in my face, like when a group of strangers at another table in Dempsey's Brew Pub gives me such an unbroken long glare that when one of their friends returns to the table he looks over at me to see what's going on. I trust my own gut feeling that what I want to say right then is "I've been an O's fan longer than any of you. Stop acting like I just landed from Mars or crawled off a sinking boat." Or "I'm not just here to watch Wei-yin Chen, I've been at this for such a long time you should realize I am your brother, not an alien." It means a lot to me that Kim is an Oriole (as a teenager, I used to fantasize about becoming the first Oriole of Asian descent--I once called up Lenny Sakata and congratulated him), but that doesn't mean I want him to get any extra consideration because of his ethnicity. I just hope he is treated fairly when it comes to deciding whether he deserves an important role on the team that I have been devoted to since 1965. I have enough experience to make up my own mind as to whether that actually turns out to be the case.
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    Seriously. If "construction worker" was going to be used as some sort of racial shorthand or implication, it certainly would not be used to describe the white American player in contrast to the Hispanic player. This is so plainly not racial that it's almost painful to debate it. It is a flat comparison of two power-hitting RF/DH players who were available free agents at the same time. The clear message is that Trumbo is a stoic, understated, no-nonsense player who goes about his business quietly, without any fanfare and not making waves. Is anyone arguing with that characterization of Trumbo? The flip side of the message is that Bautista is not those things. Does anyone disagree that Bautista does not fit that description? You know who does fit that description, though? Frank Robinson. Brooks Robinson. Eddie Murray. Cal Ripken. Adam Jones. Buck Showalter. All among the most beloved people to ever don an Orioles uniform. Not because of their race or nationality -- because of their ability, of course, but also their attitude and approach to the game. The attitude that essentially defines the "Oriole Way." Jose Bautista is an obnoxious, confrontational, self-aggrandizing, attention-grabbing jerk. As a person. As an individual. Not as a racial symbol. Could anyone possibly suggest that he better fits the mold of the tradition the Orioles have created over decades in Baltimore? That his approach to the game more resembles the players and managers Orioles fans have most loved and rooted for than does Trumbo's? It was a poor choice of words to say "working class," which brings more issues of social strata into the context than necessary. But the point he was making was one about two individual players with entirely different approaches to the game. And if there's really any doubt about underlying implications about the Orioles or Duquette having a latent racial preference, just bear in mind that this very offseason, at the exact same time they were choosing Trumbo over Bautista, they let go of their smart, gritty, no-nonsense, team-first catcher. Who is white. And replaced him with a new catcher. Who isn't white -- but who does happen to be smart, gritty, no-nonsense, and team-first. So I suppose it is accurate to say that they have a preferred type of player. It just has nothing to do with race.
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    I just got back from Sarasota and did 7 interviews of Orioles players, executives, and others. I'm very excited and appreciated the Orioles bringing me in to do the honors. These interviews will appear on either MASN or ORIOLES.COM or both in the coming weeks. Here's the list of interviews... BRAD BRACH CHRIS DAVIS JIM PALMER JANAE CHERRY BRACH DAN DUQUETTE BUCK SHOWALTER I love interviewing and these are the first Oriole interviews of any length I've done in a few years, and I'm grateful John Angelos brought me in for this opportunity. I'd love to do more too! Keep an eye open for these pieces.
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    I'm not offended -- I'm just saying it's wrong. It makes assumptions that we're in no position to make, as people who generally don't face discrimination for our ethnicity. It'd be like if I told an astronaut what it's like to be in outer space. If you or I lived our lives as a racial minority for a month, I think we'd have a very different perspective on what's offensive and what isn't. And I do feel it's disrespectful to tell someone they're being a professional victim, when clearly -- in at least one case -- they were blatantly being targeted because of their race. It could certainly be true that none of the other incidents were race-related, but again, we weren't in those situations and we don't have the kind of context (both in those specific situations and in life in general) that LA2 has. The fact is, he was clearly the victim of at least one racial incident at Camden Yards, and that really sucks. I don't blame him if that has marred his opinion of attending a game in Baltimore. This isn't a perfect analogy, but if you went to a game and some drunken idiot threw up on you or made inappropriate comments about your wife, that experience would probably stick with you. It doesn't mean you would never go to a game again, or that you would think all Orioles fans are terrible, but you might at least have that memory in the back of your mind when you go to your next game. I think that might be part of LA2's thought process here, though I don't want to speak for him.
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    This logic might be flawed but FWIW... Since 2012 I calculated out the Orioles record going into the 6th inning under the following situations as: Ahead: 298-61 (83.0%) Tied: 64-45 (58.7%) Trailing: 81-260 (23.8%) I calculated out the overall AL record going into the 6th over the same period as: Ahead: 4,237-890 (82.6%) Tied: 893-885 (50.2%) Trailing 925-4,150 (18.2%) Applying the AL average wining percentage to the Orioles totals would yield the following number of wins Ahead: 296.7 (359*.826) Tied: 54.7 (109*.502) Behind: 62.2 (341*.182) So the Orioles outperformed the AL average by the following: Ahead: 1.3 wins (298-296.7) Tied: 9.3 wins (64-54.7) Trailing: 18.2 wins (81-62.2)
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    Racial dimension? What did I miss? Working class guys aren't divas like Jose.
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    He isn't worried about politics. He was asked a question and he answered it. We're all capable of multitasking in our lives. God forbid someone would tell you to stay off this message board and worry about something else more important.
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    Folks, we can pile on Molina without resorting to these kind of childish remarks.
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    I understand what Molina is saying. Puerto Rico is in dismal economic condition and the team's success was a huge morale boost. They had a parade for coming in second, whereas here baseball fans were happy but it wasn't really a big deal. Adam doesn't owe any apologies, but I have no problem with what the Puerto Rican team did.
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    Pretty interesting read. Wieters, Chiti, Wallace all speaking out about Brady's role...Is this sour grapes or part of reason why they left? http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/brady-andersons-role-with-orioles-a-topic-of-debate-032017
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    o But you are dumb enough to insult all of the posters on the OH whom are willing to pay the $2 per month that it costs to be a plus member. You are welcome to post without paying any money, as Tony has made that clear numerous times. Going out of your way to taunt almost all of the regular posters who do isn't particularly wise (or nice.)
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    I'll remember that moment at approximately 1:00 PM EST for the rest of my life. Chills down the spine. Anyone who doesn't like the WBC.....doesn't like baseball. Passion, energy, pride. How can you not love it?
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    March 14 vs. Tampa The defense was really uninspiring today. 1. In the first, Trey Mancini in RF looked very Trumboesque, getting tentative on a catchable liner and then letting the short-hop bounce off his glove, allowing the hitter to advance to 2B. 2. Chris Johnson made a nice diving stop and throw while Miley was in, and the ball took a wicked hop to his backhand side. Best play of the day. 3. Britton induced a chopper over the mound that looked playable for Andino, who didn't pursue it and it was too far for Hardy to reach. The next hitter hit a soft chopper to a Johnson's left that at first I thought was a DP ball, but Johnson chose to throw to first. Not sure it would have been a DP, but I'm pretty sure they could have cut down the lead runner. Later in the inning, a grounder deflected off Johnson's glove for a single; a play Manny makes 4 times out of 5. Zach allowed two runs but the entire inning was ground balls and strikeouts. 4. Aneury Tavarez came in to play LF and chased down a long fly in the gap but then couldn't make the catch. 5. Logan Schafer came in to play CF and misjudged a line drive hit in front of him, got a late jump and had the ball tick off his glove trying to make a shoestring catch. Then he picked the ball up and threw a bullet to 1B and nearly nailed the runner as he rounded the bag. 6. Chris Dickerson badly misjudged a ball that sailed over his head in the RCF gap. 7. Joey Rickard, who started in LF, threw to 3B when he had no chance to get the runner and allowed the batter to advance to 2B. 8. Garabez Rosa, playing 3B late in the game, made a nice stop to his backhand side and then nearly threw away his throw to 2B, but Giovatella stabbed it on a hop to get the force. Some other notes: 1. Rickard hit a HR that cleared the 366 foot marker in the LF gap by a wide margin. Dickerson hit one to dead center. Janish also hit a nice one to left. 2. Gentry stole 2B pretty easily, beating an accurate throw. 3. Hardy had an infield single, seemed to be moving freely. 4. Tavarez is very fast. He beat out a high chopper in the 1B hole, beat out a DP relay throw on a tailor-made DP grounder he hit, and made a force play at 2B very close. 5. Santander had two line singles, one from each side of the plate His stance from the LH side looks a bit like Eddie Murray's. 6. Miley wasn't very good, but his defense didn't help him and he had a bloop hit fall in too. 7. O'Day allowed a couple of hits but got a key strikeout with runners on 2nd and 3rd and one out, then got out of the inning. 8. Wilson looked bad today. Almost every ball was hit hard. There were a couple of hits that might have been caught, but they were smashed. Overall, it was a sloppy game.
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    Thanks for sharing your story LA2. I'm very sorry that you've been treated this way. Racism sucks. And it is frighteningly entrenched.
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    If the Orioles dump Kim that's the end of my more than 50 years of following the O's. Between that and being called a Chink every time I go to the stadium I've had it.
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    You realize how silly this comment is, right? By that logic we can never question any of Buck's decisions. I guess we should be praising him for not bringing Britton into the wild card game -- Buck has more experience than us, so clearly he was right and we were wrong.
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    I think this is a GREAT deal. Low investment.Proven power hitter. If Trumbo or Davis are injured he could be an easy option. I think this may not be great news for Seth Smith or Joey Rickard, or even Mancini, but Pedro gives us big time insurance.Still, Id like to see Alvarez DH and not play the OF.
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    My view of the game from the Pirate game Miley- nothing hit hard but was wild. He might have got away with two run scored one well hit ball ,a bunt single two walks and a Dribbler in front of the mound with bases loaded that Castillo threw down the right field line after no one cover the plate. Lee threw three very strong innings Givens ,Ondresek and Liranzo all had good outings, Liranzo had two K's and a weak little liner to short. Hit 96 Hitting wise Mancini hit the ball hard and square In all his at bats. The one out was a drive to the warning track in right into a 15 mph wind. Impressive Castillo and Manny would have both had homers on a normal day. I can't get over seeing speed on the base paths. Giovotella,Coyle, Taverez and Gentry can fly. I am giving up on my phone and game threads but will summarize what I notice postgame
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    Lewis Black does a live rant after every show and streams it live on his FB page. He was in Baltimore tonight so someone asked him about the Orioles...Lewis is a fan and he went off on the Red Sox, the Yankees then talked about every winter the Orioles spending 47 pop bottles that they get their deposit back on starting pitching. Someone asked him what he would do if Manny signs with the Yankees and he said he would be at every game in a dog costume and run out on the field and bite him in the leg. Hilarious.
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    We've been over roster movement and have a general idea of the power structure of the AL East going into the 2017 season. Boston looks to be the clear favorite, with Toronto in the Wild Card mix, and Baltimore / New York depending on your source, and Tampa Bay in the rear. But years past have proven that these teams don't finish the way they look on paper. If I were to pick one player for each team that can swing the fortunes of the season, here they are: Pablo Sandoval, Boston The Red Sox lineup is going to take a hit from the loss of David Ortiz, everyone knows that. But a smaller move on the side is being overlooked, and that is the trade of Travis Shaw in part to get Tyler Thornburg. Shaw was a 2-win player despite having his bat disappear post all-star break. He graded out very well defensively and is expected to be the Brewers' everyday 3B. While the loss of Ortiz is mitigated by moving Hanley Ramirez to DH and signing Mitch Moreland at 1B (an offensive downgrade at both positions), the role of 3B falls squarely on the incredible shrinking Panda. Sandoval is in better shape than perhaps at any point in his career - but will that translate to better performance? If he puts up something like his last season in San Francisco (a 3-win season), the lineup will have no real holes in it. If he is below replacement again, the team will have to use Brock Holt at 3B and severely weaken their bench. With their pitching and team defense, Boston can probably still win the AL East with replacement level 3B play... but I don't know if it's enough for a championship. Troy Tulowitzki, Toronto Like the Red Sox, the Blue Jays are losing a huge bat from their lineup in Endwin Encarnacion, replacing him with a downgrade (Kendrys Morales). The bottom of their lineup against RHP looks like Justin Smoak (.705 OPS last year), Kevin Pillar (.679) and Ezequel Carrera (.679 again). Their lineup is going to have to rely heavily on Josh Donaldson, an aging Jose Bautista... and Troy Tulowitzki, who last year played more games (131) than any season since 2011. Tulo's injury history is significant, and if he has a significant injury, the Jays will have to replace him with Darwin Barney or Ryan Goins, two more poor hitters. Like Boston, Toronto's pitching is strong, particularly in the rotation... but they are thin on position players. J.J. Hardy, Baltimore Tulowitzki redux. Hardy, while not the hitter Tulo is, provides terrific defense and a steady presence at SS. But he is at the end of his career. The season he provided last year (2 wins) is good enough to round out the lineup and keep the Orioles focusing on the obvious problems like the rotation and outfield defense. If he misses a few games, Manny Machado can amply fill in at SS and the team can cobble together something at 3B. If he misses half the season, or puts up a replacement-level season like in 2015, the team may have one problem too many. It seems we have a run on aging, injury-riddled infielders, but in today's game, you need production from everywhere because there is depth at every position on the field. If your shortstop can't at least hit a little, and defend, you are behind the curve. C.C. Sabathia, New York We have a pretty good idea of what the Yankees plan is. Their young players will develop more, and they will bop a few more HR than last year. Their bullpen will be good, but with one less "monster head" at the back end. They will stay the course and shed a bunch more dead weight at the end of the year. But if you ask me what the biggest key to their out-performing expectations the past few years was, it is their surprisingly good rotation. The clock is ticking on Masahiro Tanaka's arm - but he pitched like a real ace in 2016 and he keeps plugging away without surgery. What perhaps embodies the Yankees of the past few seasons more than any other player is C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia was toast... done... after his shortened 2014 season ending in microfracture surgery on his right knee. Yet he cobbled together a mediocre season in 2015... and followed that up with 180 innings of 111 ERA+ pitching in 2016. Three wins??? Sabathia is entering Hall of Fame conversation. If you don't believe me, look at both the active wins and active WAR for pitchers leaders. If Sabathia can perform this magic one more time, he will save the rotation again and the Yankees will be right in the thick of the wild card hunt. Of course, Tanaka has to stay on the mound too... Alex Cobb, Tampa Bay For all we talk of the misery of the Rays offense last season (14th in runs scored, 15th in batting average) their pitching staff had a lower ERA+ (97) than their offense's OPS+ (100). The Rays are just not built to be an offensive juggernaut. They did so well in years past because their young pitchers performed. Last year, despite many promising names, that just didn't happen. I could really pick from a number of guys -- but I will go with the one that has the most room for improvement, T.J. surgery recoveree Alex Cobb. The rotation looks a lot better with Cobb pitching 100%. Without him... Matt Moore and Drew Smyly are both gone, and Jose De Leon is a rookie changing leagues. That would put a lot of pressure on Chris Archer and Jake Odorizzi - and Archer underperformed last year.
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    Ladies and Gentleman, I just want to say hello from an undisclosed location in the hell that we call the sand box. As another baseball season is upon us, I sit at this computer once again getting all the Orioles information that I can from this very website and forum. Thank you all for all that you guys provide. Hoping ill get to watch a few more games this year than I have in past years. I have a couple questions that I was hoping someone on here could answer. I don't have a ton of time to go through all of the posts to see you if guys have already discussed this previously or not, so if asked already, my apologies. Here goes, 1. Why is it that the orioles never seem to bring in, or at the very least, try to bring in any of these young talented international players that everyone else seems to. I know last year we brought in Kim, and everyone has mixed opinions on him. Our money situation is obviously not great. But it seems like we don't even send anyone to scout them. At least I never read about it. For instance, the Cardinals just signed Jose Garcia to a minor league deal, with a 2.5 million bonus. Is this not something the Orioles can afford? Are we not sending scouts to see these guys? Or are we just looking at immediate help and aren't considering if they will have to be in the minors for a bit first? He's an outfielder. He gets on base. Has some pop. Runs good. Seems like he would have fit will. Now to my second, Do we have any scouts looking at Luis Robert. Scouts are all over this guy. He will require a heftier price no doubt. I guess im just curious as to why or how we miss out on these type players as often as we do. Is it JUST because money, or are our international scouts all on vacation? Thanks in advance
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    Red Sox 103-59 Orioles 90-72 Rays 86-76 Yankees 80-82 Blue Jays 0-162
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    Bad day for music. I consider Johnny B Goode to be the definition of the Rock n Roll era. James Cotton was one of the most amazing harp players of all time. Not only play solo but also with Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf and other greats. Both will be sorely missed
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    You left off the best part. “Better,” Showalter said. “He stepped up. It’s that time of the year. He was 90-94 mph today. It’s that time of the year. They’re releasing the hounds. He was better today. Command still has been a little off, but he’s kind of had a track record of that, something he’s got to get better at that if he’s going to play a role for us.”
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    The last two weeks are the hardest. Regulars play more. Starting pitchers stretch to 4 to 6 innings. Its a test for the fringe players. Outfield: Rickard has made the majors. Gentry has a big lead on getting the 5th spot. Smith's hamstring is something to watch. Starters: Gausman, Bundy. Then Jimenez is leading for the 3rd spot. Miley will get the fourth. The fifth on April 15 is wide open. No one has stepped up so far. Tillman is probably out for at least the first month and maybe a lot more. Still in it - Lee, Ynoa, Aquino, Wright. Nuno could be stretched to 4 innings over the next two weeks if that is something the O's decide to do. Relievers: Top 5 look good. That includes Hart. 6th is probably Nuno if he is not a starter. Look out for Bleier. He is holding his own which is more then can be said for several others. Time for someone else to step up. It hasn't happened yet. One of the fifth starters could get the last spot. Liranzo is showing a great arm but the walks and this age probably sent him to the minors to start the season. 14th position player until April 15. Mancini is earning it but he would just be a pinch hitter on a team with a strong lineup. Tavarez is just a pinch runner with Rickard and Gentry ahead of him in the outfield. Rule 5 guys: It would appear that the O's are working hard to DL Santander. Tavarez could stay as the14th position player or if Smith's hamstring does not heal. But he probably gets returned at some point. Boston does not value him so the O's could trade for him or buy him. One myth that has appeared in the last few days is that Tavarez is converting from 2B and is still learning the outfield position. Truth is Tavarez has played nothing but the outfield for the last 5 years. If he hasn't learned to play the outfield in that time another year is probably not going to help. Maybe the Florida winds are causing him problems but he is a speedy guy who has had some problems tracking balls this spring.
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  30. 3 points
    The evaluator favoring Harper brings a strong argument...Harper's younger...by three months.
  31. 3 points
    If you were going to go with that tagline you should have called him GI Jones.
  32. 3 points
    Have to admit, I'd never heard of it. Just goes to show that few fans cared about walks in 1949. http://boston.locals.baseballprospectus.com/2017/03/02/ted-williams-underappreciated-on-base-streak/ Williams hit .406/.557/.711 during his 84-game streak, compared to DiMaggio's .408/.463/.717 during his 56-game hitting streak.
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    Courtesy of 105.7 The Fan. http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2017/03/15/orioles-manager-buck-showalter-has-been-impressed-by-the-teams-depth-players-so-far-this-spring/ http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2017/03/15/orioles-general-manager-dan-duquette-on-guys-who-have-surprised-him-so-far-this-spring/ Some great content in here. Joey got better defensively after he got use to major league parks - Third deck Lee has gained 16 pounds and improved breaking pitches Aquino improved breaking pitches Tavarez improves the team speed which is needed (didn't say how he was going to keep him) Dan praises Mancini power
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    Seriously? I am Asian and have never experienced any kind of racial remark at OPACY or any other MLB ballpark. That said, I would be extremely upset if the Orioles traded Kim. The man can hit and the O's should be able to find a spot for him.
  36. 3 points
    And the state of the Orioles is mixed. Starting pitching The starting pitching is a concern without any certainty about Tillman's health. Gausman, Bundy, Miley and Jimenez have been stretched out to 3 innings each. Buck has stretched out 4 additional starters to 3 innings each in Wright, Wilson, Lee, and Aquino. Ynoa has gone 2 innings several times and is not out of the starting picture. The team has 18 spring games remaining counting the Norfolk game in 19 days. Buck's selected starters will stretch out to 4, 5 and some may go 6 innings prior to opening day. The minor league games will probably be used to find enough innings for these starters. A fifth starter is not needed until March 15th and could be longer depending on the weather. Before freaking out about the loss of Tillman for some period of time realize that last year Wilson and Wright pitched in the rotation up until July 2 with ERAs well over 5.00 runs per game. And the O's won 89 games and a playoff birth. I think it is highly unlikely that Dan will be able to find additional starting pitching that is better then what the O's have any time soon. Starting pitching is expensive and is a commodity that every team is looking to add. Relievers The unit looks ready to lead the league again this season. Britton sounds like he is really to start pitching in games. The O's have been very cautious with him. O'Day, Brach, Givens and Hart are locks to make team. Nuno has the edge on winning the third lefty spot. He should be returning from the WBC in the next few days as Mexico will not make the second round of the tournament. The last spot is probably between Zach Stewart, Oliver Drake, Logan Verrett and Tyler Wilson. Stewart is out pitching the others. Drake continues to not pitch well but he has time to recover. He is out of options. Jesus Liranzo has shown a high ceiling but is a one inning pitcher at this point and 7th spot probably requires a pitcher to go multiple innings. Stewart is on a minor league contract and will need to added to the roster if he wins the job. Infield The infield is set with Manny, Hardy, Schoop, Davis and Flaherty. Hardy is ready to begin playing games. Trumbo is available to backup first base. Catching Castillo and Joesph are ready. Joseph is having a good spring at the plate. DH Trumbo is set to play most of the games at DH. Kim and Smith may see some action at DH along with other players that need a break from the field but that Buck does want out for the lineup. It is questionable if there is roster space for Mancini. Outfield Jones is the main stay in center. Playing time at the corner outfielder spot is up for grabs. Kim, Smith and Rickard are near sure things to get the most of the playing time. Craig Gentry has had a good first half of ST with both the bat and glove. Gentry is on a minor league contract and will need to be add to the roster if he make the team. Trumbo could see some playing time in right field especially in games at NL parks. Both Anuery Tavarez and Anthony Santander are showing skills that the O's would love to keep but roster spots are at a premium. Tavarez, Santander and Mancini may be competing to stay until the fifth starter is needed. But the O's will run out of space for them without trades to open one or two roster spots. A roster spot for Santander on the DL is questionable at this point. The second half of ST is always more important and harder for players competing for spots. The pitching and hitting gets better as major leaguers play more to get ready for the season. Summary Overall this is a very solid team with some concern for the starting pitching. Hopefully there will be clarity that comes to the starter's health and readiness over the second half of ST. The leadoff spot in the lineup is also somewhat up in the air. That competing will continue. This writeup is my take and I am sure others may see it differently.
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    I'd like a few examples of -10 to -20 corner infielders moving to the outfield and being acceptable. There won't be many samples in your dataset because that's like giving a guy who couldn't put together an IKEA cabinet a job building a house.
  38. 3 points
    I don't think ST stats hold alot of water to Buck...good or bad. Rickard has options. That's the stat he and DD care about.
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    On my way to Sarasota! #cantwait
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    If Dan is going in the wrong direction, it has to do with longer term issues like signing Chris Davis through his age 36 season and not doing enough to build up the farm system and bring young players up that way. I'm not concerned about the age of the players he's acquired who are only here for 2017. None of them are so old that there's a reason to expect some precipitous decline in 2017, and in several cases, they're here on minor league deals -- it's not like they've brought in Derrek Lee and Vlad Guerrero for large sums late in their career.
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    He looked sharp today. Good fastball location and his curveball was sharp.
  42. 3 points
    Apparently, Alvarez has reconsidered and has agreed to start a pitching program: http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/03/dariel-alvarez-agrees-to-start-pitching-program-and-more-notes.html
  43. 3 points
    Fantastic story and thank for sharing. I love to hear the human interest stories of players and honestly more important to me, the human interest stories of Hangouters. People like you ar what makes the community more than a comments section, but a true community full of real people going through real good and bad times. Do you mind if we use this in a Hangouters Highlighted Post on the front page?
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    By now we all expect to see the Orioles taking small steps to improve themselves. Over 162 games, incremental advantages add up. Today I was surprised to see the Orioles playing the WBC Dominican team. In spring training you rarely see teams trot out opening day line ups and the quality of the lineups your pitchers are facing can vary. Instead today, Kevin Gausman gets to face a veritable all star team of talent, including two Orioles. It's another smart move by the Orioles front office.
  45. 3 points
    It's early ST. Guys are building up arm strength. Stats mean very little for veterans. Some are already on the ledge waiting to jump. How those make it through a regular season is amazing.
  46. 3 points
    The second opinions of Dr. James Andrews Date Player Result Second-opinion source 4/9/12 Drew Storen Bone fragment surgery, returned in July http://wapo.st/2mj5ZmV 6/15/12 Kyle Drabek Tommy John http://on.thestar.com/2lE3BmQ 4/23/13 Dylan Bundy Tommy John http://es.pn/2lE2tQc 5/9/13 Joel Hanrahan Tommy John http://bit.ly/2lE3E20 8/22/13 Jeremy Hefner Tommy John http://nyp.st/2mQcs5h 9/16/13 Matt Harvey Tommy John http://nydn.us/2miYeNI 3/11/14 Kris Medlen Tommy John http://bit.ly/2m0ImNr 3/17/14 Brandon Beachy Tommy John http://cbsprt.co/2mKpx0z 3/17/14 Patrick Corbin Tommy John http://bit.ly/2mKwjno 3/29/14 David Hernandez Tommy John http://bit.ly/2liy8up 4/9/14 Matt Moore Tommy John https://yhoo.it/2lZ2kcV 4/15/14 Josh Johnson Tommy John https://yhoo.it/2mjcKov 4/23/14 Ivan Nova Tommy John http://bit.ly/2mj6ayB 5/22/14 Luke Putkonen Bone spur surgery, out for season http://bit.ly/2lxWNq7 5/22/14 Matt Purke Tommy John http://bit.ly/2lYQX4Q 6/17/14 Derek Law Tommy John http://bit.ly/2mewWYx 7/29/14 Matt Cain Bone fragment surgery, out for season http://bayareane.ws/2lYUgZw 3/9/15 Cliff Lee Rest and rehab, unofficially retired http://bit.ly/2mxGxud 3/10/15 Tim Collins Tommy John http://bit.ly/2lYXigo 3/12/15 Yu Darvish Tommy John http://bit.ly/2lxRPtn 3/15/15 Josh Edgin Tommy John http://nyti.ms/2mxtk4K 4/14/15 Brandon Workman Tommy John http://bit.ly/2mxDMcx 5/4/15 Adam Ottavino Tommy John http://dpo.st/2m0wOtk 5/10/15 Nick Kingham Tommy John http://bit.ly/2m0Alrq 5/14/15 Hunter Harvey Rest and rehab, followed by Tommy John http://bsun.md/2m0oSbB 5/26/15 Branden Kline PRP injection, followed by Tommy John http://bit.ly/2lYOZRG 7/17/15 Clay Buchholz PRP injection, out for season http://bit.ly/2liE46X 7/27/15 Casey Sadler PRP injection, followed by Tommy John http://bit.ly/2mKwz5Q 8/3/15 Parker Bridwell Rest and rehab, out for season http://bit.ly/2mKsJte 3/3/16 Jesus Luzardo Tommy John http://bit.ly/2lE66pr 3/5/16 Andrew McKirahan Tommy John http://bit.ly/2lDJo0Q 3/8/16 Carter Capps Tommy John http://hrld.us/2mj8jKq 4/24/16 Branden Pinder Tommy John http://bit.ly/2liENoq 5/6/16 Garrett Richards Rest and rehab, out for season http://atmlb.com/2mexai0 2/15/17 Alex Reyes Tommy John http://bit.ly/2mj1YPa http://www.sbnation.com/2017/3/2/14790838/david-price-injury-dr-james-andrews-second-opinion
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    Interesting read! http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/18740637/how-baltimore-orioles-keep-trumping-projections
  48. 3 points
    That place on the corner you speak of has a crab mac and cheese hot dog. I had one once after pregaming at Pickles and I thought it was the best thing ever. At a different game I had one late in the game where I wasn't drinking. It wasn't nearly as good as I'd remembered. I'm not sure if it was the beer talking or the fact that I got it fresher early in the game. Probably a combination.
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    So, of course, I did it. Excluding the three listed players who haven't yet completed 10 years beyond age 24 (Trout, Heyward, Machado), this group of players averaged 30.0 WAR by age 24 and then 59.1 WAR over their next ten seasons. The top player on the list over his next ten years was Willie Mays -- 24.8 WAR by age 24, 95.4 WAR in his next ten seasons. The lowest was Vada Pinson, 30.9 WAR by age 24, 23.8 his next ten seasons. On average, these players had 1.9 times as much WAR in the next 10 seasons as they did by age 24. For Manny, that would lead to expected WAR of 48.1 over the next decade. 19 of the 26 players on the list exceeded that. At current FA prices, 48.1 WAR is worth about $383 mm. Factor in that Manny's not a free agent for 2 more years, and a haircut to $350 mm sounds about right.
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    The "_____ should stick to _____ and not talk about _____" is a pet peeve of mine in general, and you see it a lot these days. All people have opinions about a variety of things and a right to express those opinions. Not all of those opinions are going to be right or agreed with, but they aren't invalidated just because the speaker also has a day job.
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