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    Just returned from Sarasota. A few random thoughts in no particular order. - Love our stadium. Also went to the Rays' home in Port Charlotte. Have been to other stadiums in previous years. I do believe we have the best Spring home. - I'm really impressed with our catcher options. Everyone is talking about Joseph and Sisco, but Wynns is the real deal on defense and seems to have a pretty good clue at the plate. And don't sleep on Susac...dude can play. I do believe I would start Sisco in Norfolk, at least until June 1 for service clock purposes. I would opt for Joseph/Wynns to start the year. Not worried about Wynns' clock since he is already 27. - Our young outfielders are quite promising. Mullins does something exciting every game. He needs another year in the high minors, but he is close. Will be our best defensive outfielder and second place won't be close. Santander looks really, really good. He deserves to make the big team not as just a Rule 5 guys, but as one of our five best. He is that good now. I'm intrigued by Stewart. Cool story. Looks different than all the other players. Hard to describe. I predict he will be our minor league player of the year. Hays is absolutely gonna be a stud. I think he is ready now, but these little injuries are a nuisance. Probably for the best. I'd rather bring him up after June 1. - Speaking of OF, Adam is dialed in. Spraying lasers all over the field. Must be a contract year! And Mancini may have the quickest bat on the team. He is a professional hitter. Saw him going after first pitches and driving them with authority to opposite field. Not sure if that was a coincidence or if he was working on something. I expect him to prove last year was not an anomaly. - I'm a Joey fan, but not sure what to do with him, Gentry and Presley. They are kind of the same player. I like that Gentry can bunt really well. That's something we need to strengthen as a team. - Like the rest of the Hangout, I'm concerned about Trumbo. The acquisitions of Valencia and Alvarez raise an eyebrow. But those guys can both hit opposite pitchers. I am quickly warming up to the idea of them as a DH platoon. I think we could have a .900+ OPS from them, but would require two roster spots. Can't see that happening if Trumbo is on the roster. I hate it because I think Trumbo is a cool dude and has been a good Oriole. - Was in favor of trading Manny, but seeing him play in person reminds me of how much better he is than everybody else on the field. With all those young cheap hitters coming up, we can afford to give him and Schoop the big contracts. Offer him 10/300 with incentives. Go as high as 10/330 if needed. Don't let him get out of town. - I'm rooting hard for Mountcastle, but 3B is not working. Even the warm up throws were going over the first baseman's head. Every play is an adventure. I know we have been spoiled by Manny, but it's time to try 1B or LF. But, to his credit, this kid can absolutely rake. - Beckham will be fine at 3B. - I love watching Manny throw. Arguably best infield arm (combo of strength, quickness, accuracy) in MLB, but I think he is playing a step too deep. Saw a runner beat his throw even though he snagged it clean, charged and made a great throw. One step closer to the batter and he gets him. - Our pitching staff is a tire fire. I don't see any of our Rule 5-ers sticking this year. They're just not close enough. - Many of the guys I saw seemed to have lower velocity than expected. Wright was hanging out around 89-91. Brach and Givens were in the low 90's. I thought maybe the gun was off, but Blake Snell was sitting 95-97. - Moved behind home plate at the end the games. Really enjoyed watching Tanner Scott pitch. Brings it! Had a good inning. Some type of off speed pitch (slider I think...89-ish) was just effective enough to make us wonder if it was coming. Fastball was coming in at 97. He could be a nice replacement for Britton in a year. - Yacabonis and Teague (no clue where he came from) looked good in very limited action. Donnie Hart throws slow, but was effective. Good placement and kept batters off balance. Not much else impressed. Every no-name on the other teams seemed more impressive than our guys. - Not sure what to make of the utility competition. Sardinas, Vielma and Tejada seem to be getting equal time...meh. - Didn't get to see Tilly, but I have real doubts about him locking down a starter role. I really think we can compete if, and only if, we get both Lynn (3/33?) and Cobb (3/39?). Would like to see our rotation turn from a weakness to a strength for $24M...within the boundary of last year's payroll. Lots of money coming off next year and no concern about blocking prospects for at least two years. I have zero hope this will actually happen. That's it. Just one man's thoughts. Would enjoy reading your reactions.
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    They're still in on Cobb and Lynn. (I still don't see Cobb..but a good source said don't be surprised if they can get him).The longer it goes, the better the chances of landing one or the other. Manny is locked in. Mancini looks great again and is bigger. Really working on his OF defense.O's love Mountcastle but not for this year. Don't rule out Hunter Harvey before July. Beckham is energized at 3rd base and is excited about playing there.Austin Hays will likely NOT start the season with Baltimore. Rasmus probably starts in RF. Trumbo is fit and on a mission. Davis looks lost again.Bundy hasn't thrown a good breaking pitch yet.Hes been battered, but may be trying some stuff and isn't sharp yet. Gausman won't miss a start, and is not hurting from the collision.Orioles brass loves Austin Wynns can hot and plays solid defense......they love Cisco too. Joseph is still their best game caller and framer. He's all business.Adam told MLB Channel today he won't talk to them if they talk contract.O's will keep Santander on the roster for about 60 days and see what he brings. I heard O's tried to sign Ohtani(Angels) out of HS but were turned down. Britton is close to running...has no limp and feels great...still probably won't return before late June at the earliest. Brach AND Givens will close.Givens one of the most coveted players in trade talks. Thats all for now.
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    Oh cry me a river. These guys go out and have dinners together, they train together in the offseasons, they talk to each other during batting practice and between pitching changes. They have the same agents and have endorsement deals with the same companies. This is the landscape of sports today, high priced athletes that hang out with each other in various fashions all the time. Arguably, one of the worst things that happened to the NBA was the Dream Teams because it got the best players spending time together and getting to know each other and figuring out how to play with each other. IIRC, LeBron going to South Beach with Bosh to join Wade was hatched while they were on an Olympic team together. NFL players after a game are taking their jerseys off and signing them and trading them with their opponents. Fans like to hold on to this thing that doesn't exist anymore, that these guys are sworn enemies and hate each other because...well, that's the way it was in the good old days. But it's not like that anymore. My point is that these guys are having these conversations all the time in private. So when Judge says something like that, the hand wringing and wrist slapping that ensues is an overreaction. Manny's probably going to end up there if the dollars add up first and foremost, I don't think a comment from Judge in an ST game is going to sway him.
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    Dan is starting to remind me of my late Grandmother. If she thought something was cheap enough she would buy it, even if she didn't need it, had no place to put it, and had three more at home.
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    Suddenly, I'm really in favor of Brady Anderson becoming the next GM.
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    This is classic Buck. Saying stuff that has nothing to do with anything, and meaning absolutely nothing. I love this stuff and I love the different ways we can assign meaning. Its almost as fun as pretending who will react how? BUCK "I don't think I've ever had four pitchers with as much in common as these four guys do." WEBBRICK - "This is Buck saying it's the worst starters 1-4 in his entire history..." Frobby - "This is Buck saying these guys have the makeup and the potential to be special..." Corn - "These guys all wore grey T-shirts this morning..." "There really seems to be a nice unit forming there" Atomic - "This crap is what DD calls going for it?" Tony-OH - "Yeah, it's a nice unit, but it's still only 80% of a MLB rotation." Corn - "You know what was nice? Having 4 20 Game winners! THAT was nice!" "and they are real curious about who the fifth one is going to be, which is good to see?" bobmc - "Well some of those 4 have to be here for two more years...." Frobby - "If we analyze the 23 previous springs, and all of the moves made during PA time in ownership, the 5th starter is most likely to come from within. I hope it doesn't but I think it will." Corn - "Tillman is gonna be 4 and 5. We're gonna lose 95 games either way."
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    “That accident on Pennsylvania Avenue reminds me of that time in 1964 when there was a traffic accident at the intersection of First and Main in Aberdeen and I was five minutes late to practice. I’m pretty sure it was a Dodge Rambler that had run a red light and hit a Buick Skylark. When I got to the field, Cal Sr. made me run three extra laps around the field.”
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    We’re getting to the serious part of spring training now, with Bundy going 5 innings today and good prospects like Mountcastle and Stewart being reassigned. So, here’s a few thoughts: 1. I like our options at catcher. All four have performed pretty well. 2. The Manny/Beckham thing seems to be going pretty well so far. 3. Overall, the O’s have hit quite well. 112 runs in 19 games. 4. Santander has been a pleasant surprise on defense, and is hitting well too. 5. I think we’ll see Gentry and Rasmus on the OD roster. 6. I’m really happy with how Harvey has looked. 7. Hays has pretty much blown his chance to jump to the majors. I think he’ll get reassigned some time this week. 8. Still waiting for the pitching to sort itself out. We’ve now had nice starts from Gausman, Bundy and Cashner in their last outings. We haven’t seen Tillman. Wright’s been half decent, Cortes a bit disappointing, Castro’s just getting going. I’d feel WAY better if we landed Cobb, but that’s still unlikely and now we’re at the point where he’d probably have to miss 3 starts before he’d be ready. 9. Like everyone else, I’m wondering if we can get anything positive from Davis and Trumbo. Their injuries aren’t helping matters. 10. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m right at 5 on the optimism meter. Would go up to 7 if we landed Cobb.
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    I will get hammered every time he pitches
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    JTrea: The sky is brown. Me: No, it's blue. JTrea: No, it's really brown. Me: Here's a pull from a spectrometer with a definite peak in the blue wavelengths. JTrea: That's fine, but it's brown, and I don't know why you're demeaning my opinion. Me: It's not an opinion, it's a fact supported by evidence. JTrea: All opinions are equally valid, and I shouldn't be persecuted for my opinions. Me: (scrambles off to find the board's ignore function, but doesn't have the self-discipline to not override it.)
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    For me Trumbo is the biggest reason that I wish Trumbo was not on this team.
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    Let’s keep politics out of here. Everyone.
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    These are the things some people don't give Buck enough credit for. This is EXACTLY what he needed to hear and from the EXACT person. The fact that he laughed didn't surprise me based on some of the stories I've heard about him in the minors. He's been put on notice by the minor league staff for being too aggressive and popping up or getting himself out on bad pitches in hitter's counts and his response would be, "If I had hit a double you wouldn't be talking to me right now." He has all the tools to be an impact hitter, and no one is telling him to not hit good pitches regardless of the counts, but he needs to learn more about hitting and having more of a plan during an AB. He's 21-years old and of course his maturity will continue to grow, but I'm very happy that not only did Buck tell him this but he made it public. I'm sure his reaction was why Buck made it public. Great job by Buck and hopefully he'll take that advice to heart as he returns back to Bowie.
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    I’m more interested in actually landing Cobb than I am in trying to win the “who can sign a good starting pitcher to the cheapest contact” competition. We’re not going to win the latter, and we desperately need to add an above average starter to this rotation. At the beginning of this offseason, I’d have been turning cartwheels over signing Cobb for 3/$42 mm, and if that’s what it would cost to convince him to sign with the Orioles now, I’d do it in a heartbeat despite the downturn in the market. Of course, it would be great if we could sign him cheaper, or give him a deal with less of a guarantee but including some incentives.
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    Santander is making a good impression so far. Two homers, a number of hits, and a couple of good defensive plays. Buck has said twice now that Santander is making his case not just to stay on the roster for 44 days, but to make a contribution to this team. Nice to see.
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    I always liked Markakis, and always will. Was a huge thrill to see him play in an ALCS after being on so many losing teams and his unfortunate injury before the 2012 playoffs.
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    Arrieta continues to be a person that we are keeping tabs on. Heard we haven't written him off yet. The two sides have talked. Hasn't progressed a ton, but the dialogue is fluid as recent as this morning.
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    Scott McGregor told a bit of the Jake story at Dan Connolly's Hot Stove Event this year. He disagrees. He says that Jake was always HE until he failed and had to do as he was told in a new organization where he had no reputation and no option to rebel. Or he would be left in the Milb until his options were gone and then he would be dfa'd. He simplified his approach under order and direction and found success. McGregor said the last two MiLB starts that Arrieta had as an Oriole showed him that Jake would never change and trust his stuff while in the organization. Scott credited Jakes profoundly disappointing Orioles career to his lack of working in the strike zone with his superior pitches and his fascination with the variety of pitches that he had not mastered.
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    Eduardo Encina article today. Flaherty did not get club wide approval in time which is why he didn’t come back. He basically waited on the Orioles and time ran out. Ryan Goins and the Orioles had agreed to a major league deal but it did not get ownership approval in time and the deal fell apart. First off why in the world is the owner involved here. Can anybody do anything in this organization without his approval? Can toilet paper be ordered without him approving of it? If signing a utility player to a contract requires his approval can he take the time needed to get it done? How can anyone do their job? Lord knows how many opportunities are wasted waiting on the owners approval. We have heard these type of stories before but good grief. It is amazing we accomplished what we did from 2012-16. Looks more impressive everyday. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-bs-orioles-flaherty-20180225-story.html
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    Listened to the Scott and Jeremy show on 105.7 The Fan today. They had Keith Law on. Scott Garceau has been mentioning for several days on his show that he doesn't understand how Odorizzi could be traded by the Rays for a minor leaguer who wasn't even in the top 30 of The Twins' prospect list. So, he asked Keith Law straight out about it. Law said he had talked to a number of the people in the Rays' organization, and while he couldn't talk about everything they said, what he could say was that Odorizzi had a back problem last year, and there is a concern that he might not be completely over it yet, and may not get over it for a couple of years. He speculated that, given the Orioles' need for a consistent starter who will give them 35 starts, and knowing how tough the Orioles' physicals are, he wouldn't be surprised if the O's just passed on Odorizzi out of health/dependability concerns. Now, didn't we hear earlier in the off-season that the O's had been looking for starters but that there were some the O's just were not going to be in on because of health concerns? Maybe one of the ones they were talking about was Odorizzi?
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    I jumped on the board to catch up a bit. I read the whole Cashner and Tillman threads. My approach to the season wouldn’t be to keep Manny, sign marginal veteran starters, etc... About two weeks ago, I popped in to advocate trading Manny, Schoop, etc... and do a roster turnover / youth movement. I knew it wasn’t likely to happen, but that was my preference. However, once the Orioles move PAST the philosophy of how the team should proceed, I think the right thing to do is to evaluate the moves that are made in the context of the path that was chosen. In other words, I may disagree with the Orioles’ chosen path, but once they choose the path, it makes more sense to analyze how they execute on that path. Within the path they have clearly chosen, DD has executed pretty well IMHO. The three signings when taken as a whole have a solid chance to produce net positive value when compared to the price of a marginal win on the open market. We now have a puncher’s chance to beat 500 and sneak into the play-offs if things go well. I wouldn’t want to bet on it and it isn’t what I’d be doing, but that isn’t nothing. I’m surprised at how much negativity is being thrown around about these signings. They just aren’t bad moves when taken from a risk/reward perspective. On the other hand, the main reason I stepped back from participating so much since last year was because the overall tone was preventing me from enjoying the season at all. I felt like it wasn’t very easy to celebrate a good win, a young player acclimating to the majors, a winning streak, etc... with a bunch of knowledgable fans that I’ve grown to know so well. It’s cool. I get why things are pretty bleak for a lot of us. The foreseeable future looks mighty uncertain. Still, I’d encourage us all to continue to advocate what we think needs to be done AND to find a way to celebrate positive moments, players, etc... It makes life a lot more fun IMHO. Go Orioles!
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    UMBC just called and said, "This is why you play the games."
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    If Buck didn’t tell him to walk more, maybe he’d have swung at the pitch. 😉
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    All kids 9 and under will get free upper deck seats all season. Apparently an unprecedented move in major American sports. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2018/03/12/Franchises/Orioles.aspx
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    "Playing baseball is fun. If I could play, I'd never retire. But managing is work. It's constant decisions of whose feelings you want to hurt all the time." "You must remember that anyone under 30 - especially a ballplayer - is an adolescent. I never got close to being an adult until I was 32. Even though I was married and had a son at 20, I was a kid at 32, living at home with my parents. Sure, I was a manager then. That doesn't mean you're grown up." “I gave Mike Cuellar more chances than my first wife." "You can't help loving (players), yet you can't afford to. You're the person who decides all the worst things in their life." - Earl Weaver
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    I’m glad Mountcastle is being coached to be more selective, but I honestly don’t like that it was made public. I don’t know the guy, so I don’t know what his attitude is like but I’m ok with a laid back personality as long as he works at his craft (which I haven’t heard any complaints about). So this guy who has been coached to “learn what he can’t hit”, he is 20 and having a breakout season, as arguably the best hitter in the Carolina league. He gets promoted to Bowie while they are trying to get into the Eastern league playoffs, he’s moved to a position he’s never played. He’s 4 years younger than the average pitcher, immediately his teammates are pissed off by his play at 3B and resent him to some degree according to things @Legend_Of_Joey has said. I don’t see how struggling at a new position as one of the youngest players in a league is his fault. I guarantee he’s not out there thinking I’m going to waste this AB or not play well at 3B, he’s trying his best to keep his head above water. His approach has improved this spring, he’s recognizing break better, and swinging at less garbage. I have a hard time blaming him for laughing things off, what do you want him to do, cry about it. I watched him play in Bowie, he cared about his performance, he was trying his best. Yeah, he should be coached that because his bat is so dangerous pitchers are going to try and stay out of the zone and that he needs to take walks to keep guys honest, but to call him out through the beat writer, that’s a bit much IMO. Maybe there’s something I don’t know and he’s hasn’t been working hard, but he seems like a guy who cares a lot about his performance and hates making outs.
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    I’m sorry but I don’t agree with any of this. Beckham has a 103 wRC+ as an average SS. Joey Rickard has a 75 wRC+ and Hyun Soo Kim has a 96 wRC+ as a below average corner outfielder. Beckham has a better career line than Schoop. Needs to be humbled, how about being the first overall pick, tearing your ACL, not getting regular playing time, getting replaced by hechavarria, getting traded for a fairly unknown short season prospect, if that doesn’t humble someone, I don’t know what will. Of all the position players on the team, Beckham had the 2nd best season in 2017. Better than Manny, Jones, and Mancini. That’s not one month, that’s the whole season. He was the 52nd best position player in all of baseball last season by fWAR. I don’t expect him to be that good in 2018 but he could regress and still be a starting caliber player. Of course he should expect a starting role. As for the NY article, are you talking about this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2018/02/27/sports/baseball/baltimore-orioles-tim-beckham-.amp.html If so I don’t get it, I just read it and I have zero problem with any of the things he was quoted as saying.
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    Yeah, we could use a really good fan forum for the Orioles. Maybe one where you could even post comments about how hopeless the team is while the game is being played. And if an Oriole hits a homer some guy could post his full name in orange and black letters. Great idea!
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    This has got to be the most depressing fan forum - ever. The O's just went through an incredible renaissance... they've led the AL in total wins for what, the last 5 or 6 years? We've had an opportunity to watch legit stars. They were a few short games from getting to the WS in 2014 - and that's without Davis, Machado, and Wieters. Everything aligned to that point. It didn't happen. What's with the constant trashing and total disregard for the franchise? It's pitiful. Enjoy it, for the love all that's good. Every year it's the same thing: we're going to suck. We have nothing. Our team is run by a ship of fools.... Why not sit back and enjoy the ride? Let these guys play the game. They might very well have a great ride in them this year. Good grief.
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    I don’t know who saw Manny’s grand slam yesterday, but it was crushed. No doubt about it off the bat. Jim Hunter mentioned that Manny has 7 career grand slams. That’s a lot for a 25-year old player with only 138 homers. Here’s a list of notable players who were active in 2017, including the top 10 in total homers and some others (total homers in parentheses): Howard 15 (382) Pujols 14 (614) Cano 11 (301) Beltre 10 (462) Encarnacion 10 (348) Cruz 9 (323) Granderson 8 (319) Davis 8 (267) Machado 7 (138) Holliday 6 (314) Braun 6 (302) Bautista 5 (331) Gonzalez 5 (311) Stanton 5 (267) Cabrera 4 (462) Trout 4 (201) Harper 3 (150) Jones 1 (251) That said, grand slams can be pretty episodic. 6 of Manny’s 7 grand slams have come in the last two seasons, and last year all three came in an 11-day window. The all-time leader for grand slams in a season is Don Mattingly, who hit 6 in 1987. His career total? 6. Funny how things happen sometimes.
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    My favorite was Bordick's comment about how Mancini came up last year as a rookie and started hitting the ball to all fields and how the other veteran Orioles learned from him and all started doing the same. I probably watched 140+ games last year and somehow didn't notice that happening.
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    When he was traded to Seattle I believe, he said he would answer three questions. The press asked why only three. His response. “There’s the first one.”
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    This thread, in a nutshell, is why I haven't been around very much since August. I can't stand this constant negativity. SMH
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    If you are looking for Opening Day tickets without a season ticket package, I noticed that they are available on the Orioles site right now...I just searched for groups of 2 and 4, and found tickets in Section 330 behind home plate.
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    Observations from today. 1. Bundy did not have a good fastball. He sat 89-90, topping out at 91. Didn’t locate it well, either. HR came on a 3-0 count, two doubles came on 2-0 counts. His breaking stuff was very good, and if I’m not mistaken, 5 of his 6 strikeouts came on offspeed pitches. He threw about 93 pitches in 5.2 innings, and Buck removed him after he struck out a batter on a 91 mph heater. The last run he allowed was kind of cheap, and only scored due to a passed ball by Joseph and then a single allowed by Luis Gonzalez in relief. All in all, not a disastrous outing by Bundy but the fastball was very lackluster. 2. Mullins had a beautiful bunt single followed by a stolen base, and later a solid single to RF followed by another stolen base, this one not drawing a throw. He made a really good impression in the two games I attended. 3. Rasmus pulled a single to RF on a 100 mph fastball from Syndergaard. The dude has some bat speed. 4. The O’s botched a rundown between 1st and 2nd when Schoop took too long to throw back to Davis and then Davis missed the tag of the runner running past him. 5. Schoop hit a single that shorthopped the LF wall and ricocheted directly back to the LF. Most days, that’s a double. 6. In the 9th, with the O’s trailing 5-4, Hays roped a double in the alley on a really nice looking stroke, then advanced to 3B on a grounder to the right side. The O’s brought Santander in to pinch hit, but he struck out on three pitches. The 2nd pitch was well out out the strike zone and the third pitch bounced at his feet. It was a terrible at bat in that situation. 7. Brach wasn’t super sharp but did throw a couple of 93 mph heaters, so his velocity seems to be ramping up. 8. Valencia hit a long homer against a minor league pitcher, that hit the batter’s eye on the fly. Probably a 410-420 foot shot. Overall, the O’s couldn’t do much with Syndergaard, who pitched 7 full innings and allowed 7 hits. He was throwing 97-98 for much of the game but got a couple of strikeouts by taking a little off and getting swings and misses on 94 mph pitches.
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    What else don't you like? Puppies? Ice cream? Sunshine? America? Sheesh, change your name from atomic to fussybritches.
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    Mountcastle broke his 5th Metacarpal. Markakis and Reyes broke their Hamate bone. Very different injuries.
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    No, that's not true at all. What is being taught is to be aggressive on YOUR pitch. That's really the key. Being aggressive on a 2-0 fastball in the middle of the plate is a good thing. Swinging at a 2-0 curveball in the dirt is a bad thing. They want the players to have a plan at the plate and understand what the pitchers are trying to do to them. I was told Mountcastle got himself out way too much in AA by swinging at bad pitches, even in hitter's counts. AS he goes up in levels, you can't expect a down the middle 3-0 fastball in certain situations (like say with a tie runner on 2nd, late in a game and a base open). There was the story where this happened. With two outs and that tie runner on, Mountcastle swang at ball four and popped up for out number three leaving the older better hitter on deck with no opportunity. That player was livid at Mountcastle so the coaching staff brought them together. That's when Mountcastle was like, "If I had hit a double no one would be talking to me." That's where his lack of maturity and understand of the game came into question. That's where being over aggressive hurts him. Clearly the pitcher did not want Mountcastle to hurt him so he was basically pitching around him, but instead of taking the walk he swang at a bad pitch and got himself out. I don't think this is anything that maturity and getting the right advice from the right people won't cure. Mountcastle has all the tools, and he isn't the first or last 21-year old who needed to mature.
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    I saw Mesa yesterday and unless he's hurt, he's not staying. He topped out at 89, the same gun Harvey was 96 and Joely Rodriguez hit 94. Not to mention his 1st outing was a nightmare. On the other hand, Araujo was very impressive in his outing in Port Charlotte. He had some of the ugliest swings against that I saw in the 2 games I went to and that was against at least one major league Keirmaier
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    I see him making the team instead of a utility guy. No need for a utility guy when Beckam can play SS if Manny needs a rest (which isn't often). Valencia can hit lefties and gives Buck a matchup option at 3B, RF, 1B, DH. I'd rathr have him on the bench than Engelb Vielma.
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    Jay only if Rasmus struggles in ST. Say no to CarGo. Say yes to Cobb/Lynn at 3/ 42 M.
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    Lewis is my kind of Orioles fan...my sentiments exactly...lol
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    I think there is zero chance of Hays as a 4th OF. Either he wins a starting gig or he starts in AAA. Santander will be on the team. I think Gausman will be the opening day starter.
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    Yankees now have the Judge and Drury.
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    Surely you've noticed him writing in his little book after someone makes a bonehead play. He probably writes something like, "Jeremiah was a bullfrog. Was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said, but I helped drink that wine. And he always had some mighty fine wine."
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    To me, this take is completely unwarranted. There’s zero evidence that Brady is meeting with free agents without having been asked to do it by Duquette. On the one hand people cry about Brady having no experience that would prepare him to be a GM, and then when he’s given tasks to do that clearly are the type that would give him that experience, he’s accused of going beyond his authority. Honestly, I think it’s ridiculous. Dan doesn’t do all the meetings with free agents and their agents himself, and I’d bet no other GM does, either. Brady is a bit unusual in that he combines a front office role with also being involved in helping players with conditioning and in some cases giving out coaching advice. That dual role can certainly be questioned. But as to the duties he carries out purely in his front office function, I find nothing unusual about them at all. For those who don’t think Brady has the experience to be a GM, exactly what experience should he have? And how do you get that experience without being a GM? I’d think it would be by performing various GM-related tasks that the GM has assigned you to do. The guy has been Vice President of Baseball Operations for five years, after having been special assistant to the director of Baseball Operations for a year and a half. I don’t know if he’d be a good GM or not, but this idea that he doesn’t have any experience that would prepare him for the job is based on no factual predicate that I can discern. I don’t think most of the critics really know very much about what Brady has done, or what experience other first-time GM’s had before becoming the GM.
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