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    A lot of this you will know if you have been following along here at the Hangout and in other places, but hopefully this can put it out there for all to be able to reference. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/05/09/orioles-game-of-thrones-and-the-way-forward/ Hope you enjoy the piece.
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    o TUESDAY, MAY 8th ******************** SCOTT GARCEAU:) If Chris Tillman gets replaced in the starting rotation, what are some of the possibilities that we could have from AAA-Norfolk or AA-Bowie ??? TONY PENTE:)l We basically have 3 options ........ David Hess has been throwing well for AAA-Norfolk, although he has some command issues. His walks are a little high, but overall he has been throwing pretty well. But when he's on (with his command), he's good. Tim Melville is a former Major Leaguer, and he has done well at the AAA-level over the last 2 seasons ........ but like Hess, he has had some command issues. He does throw in the mid-90's, so he has some zip/juice on his stuff. He has thrown well, but again, his walks are a little high. Basically, Hess and Melville are the same type of guys. I'll take either one of them every day of the week and twice on Sunday over Tillman right now, though. The 3rd option that could make a splash if he is promoted to replace Tillman is Keegan Akin. Akin has thrown well at AA-Bowie so far this season, as he struck 12 batter in 6 innings two starts ago. I think that he is close to being Major League ready, but not quite there yet. Like Melville and Hess, he is also working on his command. He probably needs more time at the AA and/or AAA levels, but the Orioles are desperate for that #5 slot right now, so he may come up sooner than later. Melville is the guy I would go with if they absolutely had to replace Tillman right now. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l What would you do overall in terms of a rebuild at this point ??? TONY PENTE:)l I think that a complete rebuild is necessary. Machado is biggest and most obvious trade chip, that's no surprise. The Dodgers, the Cubs, and the Diamondbacks all have good farm systems, so I could see a reasonably good deal getting done with any of those teams that could bring back a solid return. They would have enough guys that are young AND Major League ready. If you could target those guys, it would probably be good for the Orioles' future. But other than Machado, we really don't really have a lot of tradeable guys. We have some really good young players, but we don't want to trade them. I think that guys like Bundy, Mancini, Gausman, and Schoop are all part of the solution, not the problem. The only other trade chip that I think could potentially get us something back would be Adam Jones, but in order for him to become marketable, he needs to get on a hot streak. He's a guy that you would want to reward for his long tenure as an Oriole by getting him him to a contender, and he would hopefully he will bring a solid return back for the Orioles' future teams. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l What's going on with Hays and Mullins ??? TONY PENTE:)l Hays has been a disappointment down at AA. He suddenly has incorporated an uppercut swing, is swinging for fences, and is subsequently striking out a lot. And in turn, he is also not walking much. I don't what happened with him since last season. There are a lot of theories out there on why its happened, nobody really knows for sure. Mullins has been up and down, but his speed has not been there since he hurt his hamstring in the middle of last season. Neither of them (Hays or Mullins) is breaking down any doors, though. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l What's going on with Dylan Bundy and his last 2 starts ??? TONY PENTE:) In his last 2 starts, his command simply was not there. When he is on he has 4 or 5 pitches of which he has command of, and batters subsequently have no idea what's coming. But when he loses command, he has to resort to throwing the fastball more often to throw strikes, and the batters subsequently know what's coming. He's not overly powerful at this point in his career, so he needs that command. I am not worried about Bundy though, he will be fine. Gausman has been fantastic, also. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l Regular-A Delmarva has 3 or 4 starters that have all been pitching great, haven't they ??? TONY PENTE:)l Yes, and they are all are prospect arms. Michael Baumann, Cameron Bishop, Zack Lowther ........ they are all top-20 prospects, and pitching incredibly well. They all have ERA's that are under 2.00. Even Matthias Dietz is throwing the ball pretty well. And Gary Fenter, who had previously undergone Tommy John surgery, is throwing well. I think that you will see these guys get up to Advanced-A Frederick pretty soon, and if they continue to pitch well at that level they might even get to AA-Bowie in the latter portion of the season. SCOTT GARCEAU:)l Tony, you have an article coming out in relation to the goings-on of the Orioles' front office ??? Things in regard to Buck Showalter, Brady Anderson, perhaps Dan Duquette's lack of influence, etc ??? TONY PENTE:)l Yeah, I put something out there (in the public) on that, and I subsequently feel a lot of pressure because I talked about it. But yes, I do have an article about it that will be coming out in the near future. o
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    http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/05/11/lukes-prospect-hotsheet-may-edition/ A look at players moving up or down my personal prospect rankings.
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    All this talk of trading Manny is asinine. We just won a game for the first time in over a week. We might win a road game soon. Has only been about a month. Trading off your best player at this point in the season would be wrong. We need him for the stretch run. This winning streak we are on has been fun. Bordick said the Orioles are playing good baseball. I see his point. The Orioles have looked really good for a day or at least an inning.
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    This is important to remember when reading Tony’s article, the piece showed a ton of restraint to just stick to facts of who was doing what, when and stay away from opinions. It was probably extremely difficult not to editorialize in a way that threw people under the bus, especially with the current state of the team. Hats off to Tony for getting this info out and staying professional about it.
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    At this point, listening to Jim Palmer call games is pretty much the only reason I'm tuning in to watch this train wreck. His cache of insight into baseball and his team is truly the organization's gem. He doesn't hold punches, calls em like he sees em, and talks with constructive criticism. But it sounds like he's had enough of this team. He really got on Manny for making a bad throw to Peterson, and then in the top of the 9th, he went off when Chance Sisco swung at a 3-1 pitch. As Sisco steps to the plate, Palmer says, "You've got to imagine he's taking here. You're down by two runs. Make him throw a strike." Sisco swings. Grounds out weakly. As the ball leaves the bat, Palmer lost it. "He's swinging. Unbelievable." But then he directs the frustration at Buck. "It's not Chance Sisco. You've got to give him the take there. You've got to force a guy who's all over the strike zone or the ball zone or whatever you want to call it to throw a strike. And you swing at it. It's nonsense." Can't remember Palmer sounding this frustrated in a long time.
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    Fun idea. Ok I'll start off by saying that I wont be at all trying to get rid of Chris Davis or Trumbo in a Machdo deal. Machado is the one and only shot this organization has to infuse itself with young high end talent. With that said, the primary focus should be the St.Louis Cardinals. It's no secret the Cardinals are enamored with Manny and with Jed Gyorko at 3B and coming back down to earth, Manny would be an enormous upgrade both offensively and defensively. Also, the Cardinals have a huge sum of money available for just the right contract. Remember that just 2 years ago they actually offered more for Jason Heyward than the Cubs did and they were also willing to take on Stanton this offseason. They have the positional need, they have the financial resources and having gotten off to a good start in what looks to be a very competitive NL Central, Machado may get them over the top. With that said, what does it do for Orioles? Well, the Cardinals have one of the deepest farms in the league and and universally ranked in or around #5 with most of their talents in pitching. Unfortunately because Manny is only under contract for the rest of the year you can almost definitely eliminate the elite prospects from the conversation. In this case Alex Reyes wouldn't be on the table, just like a deal with the Dodgers wouldn't have Walker Buehler or a deal with the Yankees wouldn't have Gleyber Torres available. My initial deal is as follows Manny Machado and Brad Brach for Jack Flaherty, Austin Gomber and Max Schrock Jack Flaherty is your big piece, a guy who looks like a potential #2 and rank top 50 just about universally.. He had a taste of the bigs last year at 21 and has been successful in limited innings this far in 2018. He's a guy you can pencil into your 2019 rotation. Austin Gomber isn't the flashiest name in the Cardinal system. He doesn't have Flaherty's stuff, he can't hit 102mph on the gun like Jordan Hicks, but what he does have is pitchability. He's smart and mixes up his pitches well. Thanks to that and an uptick that saw his fastball go from 88-92 to 90-94 he dominated the second half of last year and has started on that pace again at AAA this year. He's a strong bet to be a middle of the order inning eater. As Schoop continues to get bigger, it becomes more obvious that 3B is going to have to eventually happen. With that said, Max Schrock is a guy who is ready to fill that position Schrock is nearly MLB ready and brings elite bat to ball skills and above average plate discipline which is going to keep both the BA and OBP well above average. He does lack pop, you likely wont see him hit more than 10-15HR, but between the hit tool and his above average defensive reputation at 2B, he definitely fits the mold. 2019 Rotation Bundy, Gausman,Flaherty,Gomber,Cobb(All under control for 3+ years)
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    I was a huge fan of Brady as a player, he had his peak years during my prime childhood fandom. I think he has said some smart things about strength and conditioning and about the combination of analytics and traditional coaching. All that said, I don't get the sense that he has the want-to or attention span to run a baseball team. He wants to have fun, he wants to play fantasy GM, he wants to hang out with the guys. He's smart, but I don't know if he's disciplined enough to dedicate himself to GM duties and limit his personal friendships/relationships with players.
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    Dan Clark is a guy from Australia who built a follower base by repeatedly following and unfollowing people who pretends to have sources, but really just steals info from beat writers, national journalists, etc and tries to pass it off as his own. He somehow got twitter verified so people believe him. He deletes tweets and blocks people who catch him in lies and call him out for trying to pass off others' content as his own without giving credit. I've been blocked by him and I'm not a hard guy to get along with. Actually he followed me, unfollowed me, followed me again, blocked me, unblocked me, followed me, unfollowed me, and blocked me a second time.
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    The more important question is when the Cubs come calling, who should they ask for on the phone? Duquette? Brady? One of the Angelos brothers?
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    Roch has a job to do and he does it well. His job is to report on Orioles news and he does a great job of getting information out. Think about it though, would you bash your employers openly? Sometimes people forget that in all of this, people's livelihoods are at stake. Front office people, major and minor league coaching staffs and managers, the press. They all are reliant on each other for their livelihoods. The thing about me is that I don't make my livelihood from the Hangout. The Hangout could go away tomorrow and it's not going to change my lifestyle, well besides giving me a whole bunch of time back (haha). However, I'm also fair. I have zero axe to grind with anyone. I'm not trying to play gotcha and I'll listen to anyone who has a side. Most have to be very careful and they know I will never burn them. I'm very careful about protecting my sources and I won't ever give them up nor tell the others who I talk with or who talk to me. The only thing I want out of all of this is for the Orioles to put a good consistent winning product on the field with an organization we can be proud of. My only part in any of this will be for people to know what's going on and hopefully the Orioles ownership will enact the change that is needed in the culture and chain of command that will enable the organization to have the right leadership as it rebuilds.
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    I won't watch baseball at all before I will become a Nats fan. Bob Carpenter alone guarantees that.
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    The twitter handle you want is @BaysoxNotes . Pretty much every day you want to check in and find the latest "documents" url that's listed. For instance, six hours ago they posted this -- http://www.milb.com/documents/1/5/8/274550158/Baysox_Game_Notes_4_30_18.pdf inside of which are listed the probable starters for the upcoming games:
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    Watching Chris' post game interview was also tough (link here). His eyes seemed to be watering up. As much as it's painful to watch how his performance has hurt the club, it's pretty painful to watch the human side of this as well. It's easy for us to rail against a guy who clearly shouldn't be pitching in the major leagues right now. But sometimes its good just to take a step back and feel for the guy himself. He knows he's about to lose his job. Sure, he should be set for life. But he's also seen his physical ability simply erode -- and has lost tens of millions of dollars in the process. He knows he's hurting this team, knows that the road here is almost over, and that's got to hurt. Imagine trying to save your own job with the pressure of a whole team, a fan base, and also millions of dollars at stake all boring down on you. Can't be easy -- and then to have to talk about your failure with hot lights and microphones shoved in your face? That's a tough spot. He's been a great Oriole. I hope he takes a minor league assignment, hope he gets things worked out, and hope we see him in some serviceable form once again. And if not, I'll miss Chris Tillman.
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    o THURSDAY, MAY 10th *********************** BRENT MUSBURGER:) Roy, you may be having your own variety show in the near future ??? ROY FIRESTONE:)l Yes. We are in the middle of negotiations for a special events show. Half of the show will be that of entertainment/variety, and the 2nd half of the show we will have a legend of sorts (special guest star.) It has something that I have always wanted to do, since I was a kid. BRENT MUSBURGER:) And you just had a CD come out, as well ??? ROY FIRESTONE:)l Yes. am very fortunate and blessed ........ I just had a grammy-nominated band me for for a CD, which I just did. This is a dream come true for me. BRENT MUSBURGER:)l Roy, we have had a lot of great times together, haven't we ??? ROY FIRESTONE:)l In all the years that I have worked with professionals, I have never seen or heard a better sports anchor in the history of sports than you, Brett. You certainly have that universal recognition as such, and deservedly so. I am very proud of you, and very happy for you. BRENT MUSBURGER:)l Roy, in addition to your great Harry Caray imitation, you actually do a Howard Cosell/Muhammad Ali skit of them RAPPING together ??? I had no idea !!! ROY FIRESTONE:)l (Roy does a hilarious imitation of Cosell and Ali, RAP-SINGING back and forth to each other.) BRENT MUSBURGER:)l And you have something about to happen with Kareem-Abdul Jabbar ??? ROY FIRESTONE:) I am going on tour with Kareem in the fall, starting in Milwaukee (where his professional basketball career began.) It will be called BECOMING KAREEM. It will be a tour through his life, with video clips through the lens/prism of Kareem's own eyes. He is finally showing in his life that he has another side to him. He has battled cancer and leukemia. He has written 14 books. To me, he is one of the most misunderstood athletes of all-time. The biggest reason for that is because he had never been particularly congenial ........ but he appears to becoming more so now, and I think that it will be great to see that side of him. BRENT MUSBURGER:)l Who is your favorite football announcer ??? ROY FIRESTONE:)l Keith Jackson, who died recently (Roy does a Keith Jackson imitation, including the well know "FUMBAAAAAALLLLLL" phrase that he was known for.) Baseball announcers don't have that energy that football announcers have. They are always so happy (Roy imitates Harry Caray.) BRENT MUSBURGER:)l You have some feeling on the major change in attitudes in regard to sports, as of late ??? ROY FIRESTONE:)l Yes. I believe that the fun and the joy of sports is being replaced by hostilities, with announcers yelling and screaming. One of the things I always prided myself on was giving people a chance for dignity. I think we're losing that civility in sports, in politics, almost everywhere in our society. I always allowed people their own sensitivity (see Roy's interview with Dennis Rodman many years back, in 1994.) I believe that the lack of sensitivity that we now find ourselves in has hurt us tremendously as a country. When Westley Unseld talked about his father, I will NEVER FORGET what he said ........ Unseld simply stated the biggest influence that his father had on him was that he loved his mother !!! If he said that now, it would probably get edited out for being too cheesy/corny. People such as Bill Walton and Joe Montana would do that, also. We don't have time for that anymore. Now we have two-minute soundbites, with little-to-no surrounding substance. BRENT MUSBURGER:) Roy, you were a big fan of the late Danny Gans ??? ROY FIRESTONE:)l Yes. Gans was a former Minor League Minor League Baseball player. He later built his own variety show, which is something that I have always wanted to do. BRENT MUSBURGER:) Roy, once spoke with Akeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley when they both played together for the Houston Rockets ??? ROY FIRESTONE:)l Yes. And when I asked them each about their feelings about their chances of getting into Heaven someday, the contrast was hilarious. Akeem was extremely humble, quiet, and essentially said that he believes that he will go to Heaven if he continues to follow the teaching of his faith. Barley's answer ??? " Well, I don't know if I will get in, but the vote is sure going to be close !!!" o
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    This makes me wonder "what if" the Toronto gig was never a factor, causing Dan to lose clout in the Front Office. It sounds like when left to his own devices, Dan is a great GM. Very curious how the organization would look today with more of the Duquette DNA as opposed to others mentioned.
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    And that is how we end up with a draft pick.
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    The problem with your analysis is that you have chosen a side here. So duquette had nothing to do with acquire any major league agents this offseason, that was on Brady. What Duquette did was go out and do what he always did, find cheap, available players with major league experience who could provide depth. Unfortunately, with injuries and and poor performance, they have played a lot more than anyone had hoped they would have to play. Duquette didn't resign Tillman and he doesn't start him every five days. He doesn't bat Davis 4th behind Manny Machado and he wasn't the guy who signed him to that large contract. He traded for one year of Trumbo and got great value while dumping a bad contract. From what I know he was not the guy who resigned him.
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    I'm not sure what firing Buck does right now, other than the appease the OH horde who is extremely thirsty for blood these days. You're probably going to get a 2nd rate manager in here that's just going to be replaced in the offseason after a proper manager search has been done. But I get it, you guys need to see heads roll to make yourselves feel better.
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    Same here. Pleasantly surprised. Our youngest saw Tillman pitch on her 7th birthday, her first O’s game. I think that same weekend was a Tillman bobblehead day. He’s been her favorite ever since. Two weeks ago, I was wondering how I was going to break the news to her that he may likely not be an Oriole for much longer and that maybe he’d be running a lemonade stand like her the rest of the summer. But looks like he’s earned some good will and a longer leash. Heck of a performance. Looks like he’s making strides towards re-inventing himself.
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    I have gone through three of those just over Manny's hair.
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    The power of the Hangout has always been Hangouters. For years, this board was perused for information and ideas from people within the warehouse. The one thing that is certain is that there are a lot of smart people on this board who if situations were different, might have pursued and probably would have been very successful in baseball. So here's the challenge. I'm going to play Vice President of Baseball Operations (Hey its my site, haha) and you all are my assistant GMS. I call you into our war room within the Warehouse. This war room that I designed looks like many OPs floors in the deepest parts of the Pentagon, Virginia, and Ft. Meade (you can figure out where I'm talking about pretty easily). This Ops floor has large Monitors, stacked three high that surround a two floor, multi-deck arena, full of rows of curved tables and chairs with laptops and three monitors at each position. The Ops floor is built as a horseshoe with the open end the displays. The triple high Monitors would parallel a large 20 foot high display in the middle. On the displays would be information about the Orioles and the minor leagues teams that would include hot streaks, pertinent stats, injuries, travel locations, weather at those locations. Other displays would include waiver wires, transactions of all major league organizations including minor league moves. These screens would also feature the games of the Orioles and all of their minor league teams each night (all of my minor league affiliates would have a center field camera and a behind the press box camera installed with feeds that come straight to the ops center. So I bring you all in and you sit down at the open positions. I come down and sit in my chair behind all of the positions that faces the screens. You all look up and I begin: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is very apparent that this team is not going to compete this year and we need to start looking forward to how to rebuild this team into a consistent contender in the future. Although there are many moves that we need to make, our first order of business, and what I want you to solely focus on right now, is to trade Manny Machado since he is our most valuable trading chip by far. What I want from you: Team or teams (if a multi-team trade) involved: Why this team would be willing to pay a bounty in order to get Manny's services for the rest of the season: ex: Team X is a contender but has player Y at SS and Manny would be a huge upgrade and make them a legitimate contender. Players in return, why they are a good fit for the Orioles and why the team would be willing to give them up: ex: Player A is a 21-year old shortstop prospect who will be an everyday major league shortstop starting in 2019, Team A would be willing to give him up because they have depth in SS prospects in the minors and they will be bidders for Manny Machado this offseason as FA. Make sure to take salaries into consideration. If you wanna be creative you can see if there is a even a possibility that someone will take Chris Davis' contract on for taking Manny but still be willing to give up a prospect. Do not just give me Trade Manny to Dodgers for Player X, Player Y, and Player Z. If you don't give me the background i requested you will be excused from the OPs room. I will take the top ideas and then bring them back up for discussion. i then want to here the pros and cons of each of the best deals. Please have all ideas completed and submitted by COB 30 April. So that's your challenge. Who can be the best Orioles assistant GM?
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    I watched it on MILBtv, he's improved so much from 2017. His changeup is a real weapon. He's around the plate, even when he walks people. He's working on a slow curveball to go along with his FB, SL, CH. He's missing bats because he can throw his offspeed pitches competitively now. They were all over the place last year.
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    I've been trying to track this down for a couple days and doing my best Sherlock Holmes work I think I finally found it. It's quite a read: https://web.archive.org/web/20021012004905/http://www.orioleshangout.com:80/tony/tt020927.htm
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