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    We shot this back in November while just trying some things out and thought we'd go ahead and put this out. It's a little dated when it comes to the Elias discussion, but we then go into our main focus which is Orioles prospects. This was just a bare bones runs through so if it goes over well our hope is to do one of these a month next season starting with a spring training preview show in February. We broke this down into three episodes and covered the top ten pretty thoroughly and then went into the 11-30 guys a bit. Again, this was more of a give it a whirl and see how it comes out and I guess we think he came out well enough to share. We tried to have some fun with this and if you listen to Terry Ford it's hard not to have some fun. Let us know what you think. What would you like us to add in the future? We thought about adding some videos of the prospects we're talking about and perhaps some interviews with prospects/coaches like I've done in the past. Either way, let us know what you think, even it's to say how bad I was! haha. Thanks To Gregg Landry (Blue rock Productions) for producing this and of course to my co-host Terry Ford! Part one Part two Part three
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    I borrowed this arrangement from the great James Taylor.Hope you enjoy it. Lets have a wonderful holiday with better days ahead. I love my birds. Some day, hopefully sooner rather than later we can be proud of our guys again. This is me singing this Christmas classic: https://youtu.be/kUbYptx4qMY
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    Orioles Controllable Depth Sorry , it didn't attach the first time
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    I'm being a contrarian here, but why's Dempsey a damn idiot? Is it cause he talks in a folksy manner? Is it cause he's paid to be more of a homer than Jim Hunter? Let's stop pearl clutching and pretending that Dempsey is going to ruin Austin Wynns.
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    Let Hyde do whatever he wants, hire and fire who he wants. Carte blanche. That's an old Japanese phrase meaning "this organization has been a dumpster fire and if Brandon Hyde wants Dave Trembley to do anything, that's his prerogative, and the dopes who've otherwise crashed this plane should get out of his way without quarrel." It's a very difficult and unusual translation.
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    Anxiously awaiting wildcards take on this and how it pertains to what Elias did in Houston. Also waiting for the token "I wonder what analytics can do for this guy" post.
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    Right. The top pick doesn't just give us the opportunity to get the best player in this draft, it also gives us a much larger bonus pool to creatively spread out across the draft. We're liable to end up with a Lucas Giolito type of overslot pick in the 2nd/3rd round. Having the #1 pick really is a large advantage beyond the pick of any individual player at #1.
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    Ross doesn't have the awesome 70's fro anymore, but he does have a kick ass Fu Manchu mustache. He's also a great guy and good analyst.
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    I'd like Colby Rasmus to come in and coach Chris Davis.... Drops Mic.
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    Some thoughts on players I played with and against. The best player I ever played against was Delino Deshields who I played quite a few times. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/deshide02.shtml I grew up in Delmar. He was from Seaford which is about 15 minutes away and he was a year older than me (the same age as my cousin who was a helluva player from Georgetown). Delino was a crazy athlete, but he wasn’t very big at the time. I got the best of him a few times. He definitely got a few hits off me, although only singles from what I remember. It didn’t matter though. He could steal at will. I was a lefty and picked him off a couple times, but he just broke for second and outran the 1st baseman’s throw to 2nd because the exchange wasn’t crisp enough. To be honest, as good as he was at baseball, he was more mesmerizing at basketball. I didn’t belong on the same court as him. I went to WiHi in Salisbury. We scrimmaged Seaford once and Delino dunked on us in the half court set twice at 5’9” tall. It was amazing. We were playing box and one with the one on him. He just juked his man, blew by everybody, and rose up over our biggest players to dunk with ease. TWICE! The highest drafted player I ever played against was Terence Carr from Bennett. He was two years older than me. I pitched against him in a high school game as a sophomore when he was a senior. I struck him out twice. He popped out. And he hit an absolute laser that hit the fence on the fly for a double. He was drafted in the first round with the 25th pick out of high school, but didn’t have much success in the pros. To be frank, I wasn’t surprised. He was tall, athletic, and could fly, but I didn’t think he was very advanced as a hitter. A better athlete than I could ever hope to be though. I didn’t know him well, but he had a good reputation at the time. http://www.esbhalloffame.org/index.cfm?ref=30200&ref2=303 The best player I every played with was Tim Barker. He was our SS at WiHi (Wicomico) and graduated my sophomore year. He was amazing. Outstanding hands, great arm, great eye, and damn could he hit. Great guy too. I was certain he was going to be a pro player. He went to VCU out of high school, was drafted in the 6th round, and got all the way to AAA for six seasons but never got so much as a game in the majors despite pretty solid MiL statistics. He had 3300 MiL AB. I followed him religiously when he was playing and my heart broke for him when he didn’t make it. http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/profile.asp?ID=71297
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    Maybe this is why we gave them all that slot money... 😂
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    They're all good hires when they're new.
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    Back to Adam, I was looking at his batted ball data yesterday to try to understand if his drop in homers was a fluke or dictated by deterioration in ability. Bottom line, I think it was mostly a fluke. No huge change in his FB/GB ratio, average length of hit was actually up, strikeout rate actually a little down. His pull rate was a little down, which probably explains why he tied his career high in doubles while having his HR/FB rate drop pretty precipitously. His BA and OBP were typical Adam Jones. My guess is his HR rate will be back in the usual range next year, with the caveat that if he’s playing somewhere like Citi Field instead of OPACY, it won’t bounce all the way back.
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    Roch discussed in one of his recent posts; adding to the MLB roster is not the club's priority. There is no need to win at the moment, and if ME is trying to implement "his" system, then adding established, expensive vets who potentially have become comfortable in "their ways" could be counter productive to the culture he's trying to create. A coaching staff can provide veteran leadership. There's like 10 coaches with the team at a time. I also don't think he's trying to spend any big money on the club. If he signs anyone, I think it will be for less than 5 mil or milb deals for bargain basement prices. I think he's trying to see what he's already got in the system and he's currently trying to figure out everything's potential value and how it should be used because through the, lets say, next 3 seasons he's going to add 200+ ball players through the drafts, trades, intl signs, etc. Those will be "his guys" and he's trying to figure out what he inherited from DD and how it compares to the players he likes. This may lead to some prospect for prospect trades too. Trumbo, Cashner, Cobb, Givens, Villar, Bundy, and even Davis could all be gone after this season. He's cleaning house and trying to keep his spending down so they can sign young talent, hire scouts, etc. I figured with the rumored 5 year contract, he's probably most interested in the players who have 5+ years of control. Those are the players that he is probably most interested in assessing and understanding their value as they could potentially be here as he moves out of the rebuild. If he doesn't see that player contributing to the team's goals in 2021 and beyond, he's going to shed them from the system one way or another. I am most interested to see which players he covets in this 5+ years of control group. Below is a database of the top 101 players(with some honorable mentions) with 5+ years of control in our system (in my opinion of course) that I believe ME has probably targeted for assessment and the reasons why. I tried to rank them in an order ME would value the player. Its a good scope of who and where our system's talent is. Based on his trends in Houston, which of these players do you see ME valuing most? Which ones will he believe are overrated and may look to move to other teams? Which players may his analytics approach best support?
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    Here are some choice excerpts from the official Rick Dempsey website, www.rickdempsey24.com: 🤡🤡🤡
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    Take a look at the Indians J2 signings from the Dominican and Venezuela the 3 years he was at the helm, especially Venezuela, they did better there than any team in baseball. Yeah, they are major leaguers who add value, 12.1 fWAR so far with more years of team control remaining. That’s a haul for one guy, it beats the entire Orioles effort.
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    They also need way better marketing. Lack of communication with your season ticket holders. One of the last teams every year to start selling season tickets.What happened to holiday or flex packs? Even the Yankees are selling small ticket packs this year.I have gotten zero calls or communication from the Orioles since the season ended.Got two calls from the Nationals about tickets for next year and I went to two games last year.I was an Oriole season ticket holder for 15 years.The Elais message was nice but that was a mass email.First year since that I can remember that I did not even get a holiday card. If you are going into seasons of alosing team,you need to keep some of your devoted fans if you really care.
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    I got Astroball for Christmas and finished it this morning. It’s a great read, even without the obvious connections to the new Orioles front office, and I’d highly recommend it. Mike Elias actually is only a minor player in the book; Sig Mejdal features much more prominently. And honestly, it’s really Jeff Luhnow who comes off as the true visionary. One of the interesting takeaways is how the Astros actually analyzed the input of their scouts, ascertaining their tendencies and biases and factoring those in when quantifying the scouts’ input and adding it to whatever numerical analyses were included. I’m guessing it takes a while to build a system like that when joining a new team with a new set of scouts. Another takeaway was the Astros’ investment in technology, installing sophisticated cameras and tracking equipment at every minor league park in their system. I read somewhere (not in the book) that this system alone cost about 10 times what some teams spend on their whole player development budget. So when you’re complaining about the O’s skimping on payroll the next couple of years, remember that there’s a lot of investment going on behind the scenes. Overall, I came away with the feeling that the Astros are far from the only team who are light years ahead of where the Orioles have been in terms of using analytics and technology to aid in player selection and development, and it’s going to take a while to catch up. I think our processes will be good but that overall resources, judgment and yes, luck, still play a big role in outcomes. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out for Elias, Mejdal and the Orioles.
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    Usually the fastest home to third over the course of a season is about 10.5s, league average is about 12s. LHBs are usually a tenth or so faster just because of their position coming out of the box. For home to first, here are the fastest and slowest of 2017 (average of a player's three best times) https://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/2017-home-to-first-times/ For comparison, I had McKenna 3.9-4.0 at least 3x in 2018. Here are some objective tool grades from this article....https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/scouting-explained-the-20-80-scouting-scale/ Although I will note, the fastball velo grades have definitely shifted with the increase in velocity league wide. 97 is not an 80 RH FB anymore unless it has plus movement (Treinen) and 90-91 without much life is probably a 40 right-handed FB and 45 LH FB. Objective Tool Grades Tool Is Called Fastball Velo Batting Avg Homers RHH to 1B LHH to 1B 60 Yd Run 80 80 97 .320 40+ 4.00 3.90 6.3 75 96 .310 35-40 4.05 3.95 6.4 70 Plus Plus 95 .300 30-35 4.10 4.00 6.5 65 94 .290 27-30 4.15 4.05 6.6 60 Plus 93 .280 23-27 4.20 4.10 6.7 55 Above Avg 92 .270 19-22 4.25 4.15 6.8 50 Avg 90-91 .260 15-18 4.30 4.20 6.9-7.0 45 Below Avg 89 .250 12-15 4.35 4.25 7.1 40 88 .240 8-12 4.40 4.30 7.2 35 87 .230 5-8 4.45 4.35 7.3 30 86 .220 3-5 4.50 4.40 7.4
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