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    My personal top 34 prospects in the draft. Adley is obviously featured prominently and I’m sure a few of these guys will be around at 41 for the O’s second round pick. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/05/28/mlb-draft-primer-2019-the-first-round/
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    Like the previous years, this will be the thread where we will keep the draft picks and follow them through signing. Post any signings in this thread, or in the forum, and I'll keep this post updated. Thanks. Player will become bold when he signs. 1. - (1) Adley Rutschman - C - (JR) Oregon State - Stats 2. - (42) Gunnar Henderson - SS (HS) John T. Morgan Academy (AL) 2A - (71) Kyle Stowers - CF/RF - (JR) Stanford - Stats 3. - (79) Zach Watson - CF - (JR) LSU - Stats 4. - (108) Joseph (Joey) Ortiz - SS - (JR) New Mexico State - Stats 5. - (138) Darell Hernaiz -SS - Americas High School (TX) 6. - (168) Maverick Handley - C - (JR) Stanford - Stats 7. - (198) Johnny Rizer - CF - (SR) TCU - Stats 8. - (228) Griffin McLarty - RHS - (JR) College of Charleston (SC) - Stats 9. - (258) Connor Gillispie - RHS - (JR) Virginia Commonwealth University - Stats 10. - (288) Jordan Cannon - C - (SR) Sam Houston St University (TX) - Stats 11. - (318) Andrew Daschbach - 1B/3B - (JR) Stanford - Stats 12. - (348) Kade Strowd - RHP - (JR) West Virginia - Stats 13. - (378) Dan Hammer - RHP (JR) University of Pittsburgh - Stats 14. - (408) Mason Janvrin - CF - (JR) University of Central Missouri 15. - (438) Kyle Martin - RHP - (JR) Fordham University - Stats 16. - (468) Shelton Perkins - RHP - James Madison University (VA) - Stats 17. - (498) Morgan McSweeney - RHP - (JR) Wake Forest - Stats 18. - (528) Malachi Emond - RHP - University of New Mexico - Stats 19. - (558) Jensen Elliott - RHP - Oklahoma State - Stats 20. - (588) Clayton McGinness - RHP - Wichita State (KS) - Stats 21. - (618) Toby Welk - IF - Penn State Berks - Stats 22. - (648) Jake Lyons - RHP - Oklahoma State - Stats 23. - (678) Shayne Fontana - CF - Lynn University (FL) - Stats 24. - (708) Andrew Martinez - IF - UC Santa Barbara - Stats 25. - (738) Garrett Farmer - RHP - Jacksonville State (AL) - Stats 26. - (768) Nick Roth - RHS - Randolph-Macon College (VA) - Stats 27. - (798) Dillon McCollough - LHP - Eckerd College (FL) - Stats 28. - (828) Jonathan Pendergast - RHP - Pepperdine University (CA) - Stats 29. - (858) Houston Roth - RHP - Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) - Stats 30. - (888) Dalton Stambaugh - LHP - Morehead State (KY) - Stats 31. - (918) Jake Prizina - LHP - Seattle University (WA) - Stats 32. - (948) Harris Yett - C - University of North Carolina, Charlotte - Stats 33. - (978) Craig Lewis - CF - Seton Hill University (PA) - Stats 34. - (1008) Zachary Arnold - SS - Great Oak HS (CA) 35. - (1038) Justin Miknis - C - Dubois Central Christian HS (PA) 36. - (1068) Trevor Kehe - CF - Colorado School of Mines 37. - (1098) Colby Thomas - RF - Valdosta HS (GA) 38. - (1128) Ben Pedersen - RHP - Marshall HS (Duluth, MN) 39. - (1158) Christian Fagnant - C - East Granby HS (CT) 40. - (1188) Bobby Zmarzlak - CF - Westhill HS (CT) 2018 Draft Tracker 2017 Draft Tracker 2016 Draft Tracker 2015 Draft Tracker 2014 Draft Tracker 2013 Draft Tracker 2012 Draft Tracker 2011 Draft Tracker 2010 Draft Tracker 2009 Draft Tracker Player Slot Spent Savings Pick# 1. Adley Rutschman $8,415,300 1 2. Gunnar Henderson $1,771,100 42 2A .Kyle Stowers $ 884,200 72 3. Zach Watson $ 780,400 79 4. Joseph Ortiz $ 538,200 $450,000 $882004 108 5. Darell Hernaiz $ 402,000 138 6. Maverick Handley $ 301,600 168 7. Johnny Rizer $ 235,100 $15,000 $220,100 198 8. Griffin McLarty $ 186,300 $170,000 $16300 228 9. Connor Gillispie $ 159,200 $125,000 $34200 258 10. Jordan Cannon $ 147,900 $5,000. $142,900 288 Savings $ 501,700 Slot Values $13,821,300 - Orioles Slot Values 105% $14,512,365 Approximate potential overslot
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    The 1-34 list that's already up. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/05/28/mlb-draft-primer-2019-the-first-round/ The new article detailing my #35-100 prospects. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/06/03/mlb-draft-primer-2019-2nd-round-and-beyond/
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    No. Just no. Do you not remember 30-3? Do you not remember Raffy wagging his finger at Congress? Or the deaths of Steve Bechler and Mike Flanagan? Or the year they ended the season 4-32? Or Chris Smith, Matt Hobgood, Adam Loewen, Josh Cenate, Keith Reed, Rich Stahl, Mike Paradis, Beau Hale, Wade Townsend, Garret Olson, and Billy Rowell? Have you forgotten Deivi Cruz? Jay Gibbons? Aubrey Huff calling Baltimore a ******* town before he'd played a game here? Steve Kline ripping the organization in the press. Felix Pie? Sammy Sosa! Beer league softball player Ty Wigginton playing shortstop? Luis Hernandez starting opening day at shortstop, before being replaced by Freddy Bynum. The fact that Cesar Izturis was a HUGE upgrade from Hernandez and Bynum. Karim Garcia playing center field. Syd Thrift trying to trade for players who were retired or otherwise no longer on the team he was talking to? Marty Cordova falling asleep in the tanning booth? Re-signing 40+ versions of Jeff Conine and BJ Surhoff? Calling up Jeff Fiorentino from A-ball for no apparent reason? Trading #1 prospect Denny Bautista for 36-year-old middle reliever and PED snitch Jason Grimsley. Ripping Brian Roberts for not running out every September ground ball on his 9th straight 68-win team. Surhoff for Trenidad Hubbard, Fernando Lunar, and Luis Rivera. Ponson drinking and punching his career away. The Mother's Day massacre. Daniel Cabrera walking everyone and growing three inches at the age of 24. The bullpen of Jim Hoey, Rocky Cherry, Victor Santos, Victor Zambrano. The Jaret Wright experiment. Brian Matusz' 10.69 ERA. Derek Lee and Joe Carter. Garrett Atkins. Ryan Freel. Matt Riley and his 24 carat arm, 10 cent head. Russ Ortiz. Rich Hill. Hayden Penn, worst baseball name ever. That's just what I pulled off the top of my head... All we have today is a year and a couple months of a bad W/L record.
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    I'd wait until this time next year. If he's still hitting this way, sure. The OH is a crazy place. All of a sudden, 27 is a bad age for a ballplayer. Suddenly a guy who's still on the upswing of his career and is affordable is looked at as a "meh" player. After all the incessant bitching and whining around here about not having young, cost controlled talent we finally have one and he's viewed as expendable because he's not the right size and shape. Beggars being choosers, indeed. Yeah, he's got his shortcomings on defense but no player is perfect. I'm not saying we should back the Brinks truck up for him but I'd want to talk to him about it.
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    Adley, a man of pedigree, a disciple of Pat Casey, from humble Oregon Roots, and by the way, a pretty good ball player. Baltimore, you have been blessed. Embrace him. Oregon's gift to Baltimore.
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    There were 9 players in my Top 100 who went undrafted. Maurice Hampton $ Hunter Barco $ Jack Leiter $ Spencer Jones $ Jared Johnson ? Bryce Osmond $ Kenyon Yovan ? Adam Lukas Armani Sanchez ? Of those, I'd expect these players the ones with the dollar sign to be completely unsignable at this point. The ones with the question marks would be overslot on day 3 but might be signable. Not sure if the Orioles are going to have the slot room to sign any of these guys. Here are my top college juniors left (excluding Kenyon Yovan who probably won't sign, get a medical redshirt and go back to school). In no particular order, my favorite are bolded. Adam Lukas - t100, easy action, big league body, slider flashes, no command Hunter Bigge - 91-95, sharp slider, two way player Austin Langworthy - some bat to ball skill, average pop, corner outfield, not a favorite but really good value at this point Zach King - 94-97 lefty, nothing else Morgan McSweeney - big spin rate guy, up to 96, poor command and feel Joey Lancellotti - FB/SL reliever, t97, small, slider just ok Nick Mikolajchak - 94-96 in relief, could be average curve and change Nick Snyder - lefty up to 95, sits 88-93, fastball plays like Ethan Small's, but doesn't have the same command, weird incomplete arm action, 6'7" Ryan Anderson - big lefty, was up the mid 90s last year but more 90 this year Riley Ornido - excellent split change, loose live arm, lost velocity this year, mostly 88-90, has the frame to get it back Logan Boyer - mid 90s fastball, quality stuff all around but has never been able to stay healthy Zach Kohn - missed first half of the season, was 94-95 in relief when he came back Kyle Hurt - deceptive righty, spins a good curveball, 89-91 early, ticked up late Tommy Jew - potential 5 tool CF who started hot and then slumped badly, hampered by a poor approach Tucker Maxwell - toolsy guy with hit tool issues Christian Koss - shortstop who can hit a bit, but needs to get stronger for the bat to play Nick Grande - undersized and undertooled, but with polished defense and swing Jimmy Titus - small school SS with some power, missed 2018 with a torn acl or achilles (I forget which Matt Dyer - versatile catcher with great feel to hit Alex Brait - tall catch with bat speed, could probably handle being a super utility type Dallas Beaver - big strong catcher, probably a 1B long term Kona Quiggle - chance for hit and power, 1B/LF Andrew Daschbach - big power bat, defensively limited Andrew Magno - lefty multi inning reliever, undersized but t94-95 with an above average curveball, generic brand Jake Agnos Mason Feole - funky lefty with a good breaking ball but 87-91 FB John Baker - deceptive righty with a invisible fastball, 88-92, but misses bats Ben Anderson - 90-93 righty, average curveball, feel for a change, Ian Anderson's twin Nick Fraze - quick arm, good slider, below average command, needs to get stronger Tanner Brubaker - Funky RHP with a 92-93 sinking fastball, not a ton of secondary stuff Robbie Peto - solid stuff across the board, results don't match stuff Francisco Urbaez, Corey Joyce, Corey Wood, Oliver Dunn - patient hitters with gap power, should stick at second base Carter Aldrete - physical utility guy, could have average pop, play multiple positions Ike Freeman - patient, good feel to hit, contact over power, but some raw pop, strong arm, probably a 3B Carter Bins - good defensive catcher with some power Mason Studstill - high spin RHP, excellent performer, fastball only 90-91 Tanner Murphy - Corner outfielder with a chance to hit, pro body, needs to change swing to get to power Sahid Valenzuela - slap hitting, slick fielding SS Forgot to add a couple of DII arms, Louie Varland and Cole Waites. The are first couple rounds of day 3 names.
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    Daschbach is interesting, big power, plus to double plus, 7th in the PAC 12 in OPS, 31 HR in 2018-2019. Muscled swing, but very strong throughout, lacks looseness, straight line weight transfer, doesn't rotate well, will need to improve to prevent serious strikeout issues. 1B but has played some COF can perhaps pull a Mancini there. Morgan McSweeney was 95-96 early in starts to begin the year with above average spin rate, also a 2700rpm slider and a cutter. MLB stuff, no doubt, lacks pitchability, doesn't hold stuff well, but could really profile well in relief. Elliot Jensen is a TJS survivor who is just getting his stuff back, but has a huge frame and knows how to pitch, could be a 3 average pitch starter. Kyle Martin is a statistically dominant reliever with an above average slider, but a fringe average fastball (90-91), good deception and feel. Garrett Farmer has a plus pitch, a dominant changeup, but is a 88mph RHP. Dan Hammer is a guy with decent stuff across the board, but nothing standout and probably needs to be a reliever so the FB plays up. Bobby Zmarzlak is one of the better power/speed prep prospects in the draft, physical specimen with serious hit tool concerns, there's no way he signs. Familiar with a lot of college names, but only seen most in passing, so I'll give them a better look before weighing in, I'm not familiar with the 7 DII and DIII players.
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    17 college catchers have been drafted in the top 10 picks in the June draft: - The best are Thurman Munson and Buster Posey, in the 40s in WAR - After that it's Terry Kennedy, John Stearns, Matt Wieters around 20 - Mike Zunino, Kyle Schwarber, Dan Wilson, Rick Cerone, and Jason Castro are below that, some still active - Joey Bart and Zack Collins haven't made the majors yet - Danny Goodwin, Jeff Clement, Eric Munson, Tony Sanchez, and Robbie Wine crashed and burned - Goodwin is the only college catcher to go 1:1 - Wieters is the only college catcher the O's have taken in the top 10 picks 57 high school shortstops have been drafted in the top 10 picks in the June draft: - ARod, Chipper, Yount, Jeter, Sheffield - Jay Bell, Justin Upton, Manny - Lindor, Correa, Cuddyer, Melvin Upton - Rick Manning, Shawon Dunston - 15 of them never played in the majors, a handful might still be in the minors - 13 had/have careers of 0 or fewer WAR, including Luis Montanez, Scott Moore - Nine had careers of 1-9 WAR - HS Shortstops at 1:1 are ARod, Chipper, Justin Upton, Correa, Dunston, Beckham, Tim Foli, Matt Bush, and Royce Lewis - The O's have taken two HS shortstops in the top 10 picks, Junior Kennedy (1968) and Manny I don't know that any of that is hugely indicative of a way to go, but it generally supports the idea that the college catcher has a higher floor. About 1/3 of college catchers in the top 10 picks had no MLB value, compared to 29 of 57 high school shortstops.
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    o WEDNESDAY, MAY 22nd ************************ VINNY & HAYNIE:) You were in AA-Bowie last night. Can you tell us about Dean Kremer ??? What is a realistic clock for him to come to the Majors ??? TONY PENTE:)l Yes, I saw him make his AA-level debut last night. I think that we will probably see him up with the Orioles sometime next year. He has all the stuff that you want see in a young, top prospect. He came out smoking last night, striking out the side on 14 pitches in the 1st inning ........ but then his command left him, and that is the first time that I have have seen him lose his command since he came over from the Dodgers last year. His velocity is excellent at about 96 MPH for his fastball, and he has a very good curve-ball also. He gets a lot of swings-and misses, which we know is very important for a lot of pitchers. A big question for his chances of long-term success in the Majors will probably wind up being, "how good will his change-up be?" I see him as the 3rd or 4th best prospect in our system right now. VINNY & HAYNIE:) Luis Ortiz came over from Milwaukee, in the Jonathan Schoop trade. Is there any optimism about him from your angle ??? TONY PENTE:)l Considering who they are throwing out there now, yes. With Josh Lucas and company, why not ??? That said, ever since he came over from the Brewers last season, we haven't seen it. He velocity is not that great, his slider is inconsistent, his change-up is inconsistent, and he has a bloated ERA. And with him being unable to command the ball consistently, I think that it's pretty clear that something is not going right with him, BUT ........ there is no reason to give up on a guy like that, no reason why we can't keep him down at AAA-Norfolk for a long time to see if something eventually clicks. Perhaps we can make him a 2-pitch pitcher, and see if that changes things for the better. VINNY & HAYNIE:)l Your assessment on David Hess ??? TONY PENTE:)l The long ball is obviously not his friend, as he leads the Majors with 17 of them ceded to opposing batters. He is who I thought he was, a fastball-slider guy that belongs in the bullpen ........ but he is getting overexposed as a starter right now because the Orioles' choices are limited, and he is being pressed into action in an area (starting pitcher) which is not beneficial to him. It's clear that guys are barreling him. Ultimately he is a bullpen guy, and he probably needs to focus on a fastball-slider combination. VINNY & HAYNIE:)l How many prospects do we have, and how many are just roster guys ??? TONY PENTE:)l The system is not as bad as some think, especially with the pitching. Grayson Rodriguez is not only one of the top Orioles prospects, he is also one of the top prospects in all of baseball. Some say that he would be the best pitcher in the SEC (Southeastern Conference) if he were a freshman in college right now, and that is a huge compliment. D.L. Hall is also a top-100 prospect in all of baseball, and these 2 guys could eventually wind up being TOR (Top-of-the-Rotation) starters. Additionally, Dean Kremer, Blaine Knight, Michale Baumann, Zac Lowther, and even Keegan Akin are all guys that could eventually be Major League starting pitchers. For position-players, there is Ryan Mountcastle, and not much else. He could probably be in Majors right now, but he will probably stay down in AAA-Norfolk for clock reasons. D.J. Stewart has hit .423 with a .492 OBP in his last 14 games down at AAA-Norfolk. If Dwight Smith Jr keeps making those defensive gaffes out in left-field, we might see him get an opportunity pretty soon. o
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    So I think I was pretty spot on calling this draft.
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    Not specifically quoting him, but this is the review that sits on 2080 Baseball as of 6/3 with Nick and Burke Granger as co-authors: (https://2080baseball.com/2019/06/2019-mlb-draft-positional-previews-middle-infielders/)
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    This is like wondering which Wal-Mart cashier is the hottest. Uhhh...Means? Sure, why not.
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    Last years team was bad for lack of effort. This year’s team is a lack of talent. I prefer this style of bad.
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    This is what year one of a complete rebuild looks like. Everyone said they understood what was going to happen here and, yet, there is thread after thread like this one. The previous administration (and owner, if you will) destroyed this franchise. Destroyed it. They stripped it [almost] entirely of major league, and near major league, talent. They threw away prospects and picks, had zero international baseball presence, had no cohesive development/analytical plan, and signed garbage players to huge deals, all while failing to trade assets because they ignorantly refused to admit that this rebuild should have been started years earlier. Elias is starting completely over and it will take time. No one will pay to watch this disaster, nor would any reasonable major leaguer want to play here, so payroll has to come down. Who's left to play then this season? No one beyond the remnants of the last administration and cast offs from everywhere else. 2020 will look similar.
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    The clarity of the team not trying to win comes from the off-season, when there were a lot of relatively low-priced, reasonable quality free agents out there and the FO opted to go with a lot of unproven but cheap players. I've actually felt like, Straily aside, Elias has put at least some effort into cycling through his (poor) options in-season. Witness the Wright trade, Rickard DFA, Phillips, Kline, Yac, Stewart, Santander, Mullins being sent down, et. al. Ultimately, given the rules in MLB today, opting to field a 50-win team instead of a 70-win team is a good decision for the club long-term. It allows Elias to stockpile high amateur draft slots, go first in Rule V, be at the head of the waiver wire, etc. I don't necessarily agree with the system and believe it does incentivize fan-unfriendly team building like this, but it is the system and it is the right strategy for the long-term health of the club. It's also damn painful to watch. As for the fans... if we win, they will be back. This is a fanbase that has endured 14 year losing streaks and 25 years of gross mismanagement. A few years of a rebuilding project isn't going to do a whole lot more damage, and at least we are seeing a clear direction now. Keep the faith!
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    Well part of that was probably your super human brain power with the ability to mask the pain.
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    The K’s and Means committee imposed heavy taxes on the Jays bats this evening.
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    You to to be kidding me. I dont know what is worse, you actually believe this crap, or the fact that you posted it to troll us.
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    So, Adley will probably sign for about 400K below slot. Rizer (7th round) and Cannon (10th round) will sign for a combined 350K below slot. So that's about 750K. The bigger unknowns, what will the college juniors sign for? You have to assume close to slot, I didn't love Watson, but it seems like there was enough 3/4th round buzz that he probably wouldn't cut a deal, I dunno. Then there are Gunnar Henderson and Darell Hernaiz, both will likely be overslot to some degree. Probably not much on Hernaiz, but could be significant for Henderson. So I wouldn't expect much in the way of overslot.
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    Severino should get a full 1 WAR for tonight's game.
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    I’d like to think that we can all agree that he has 80 hair.
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    We've had MANY discussions on this before, but I think Rajisch actually did a pretty good job. Look at where he was picking, what he had to work with, and the amount of picks that were forfeited and/or "sold" due to FA signings. Looks at his drafts and it's littered with guys that are among our top prospects now and look to have decent MLB futures. That said, I'm happy to see what Elias does, but Rajisch seemed (to me) to be 1 of the few people in our development system that was good at his job. But it's tough to tell with so little transperency.
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    There wasn't a lot of action tonight. I left after the seventh inning. There were, I think two hits on each side at that point. I'll comment on a few players: Zak Lowther threw a lot of fastballs. Stadium gun wasn't working, so I have no idea how hard he was throwing. But standing behind home plate his fastball seemed to really explode on batters for a "soft tosser". Probably 75 percent fastball, 25 percent curve ball mix if I had to guess. He might have mixed a few changes in there but none that I noticed. He didn't have his best command. Walked the bases loaded in the second, but got out of it unscathed and settled in after that. I really liked his curve ball. Hard down and in breaker to righties. Got a lot of whiffs. It's a better pitch than I expected to see based on the scouting reports. Hays didn't look great. Came out super aggressive in his first at bat swinging at a 1-0 pitch around his eyes before rolling over on an outside breaking pitch. The next two at bats he seemed hesitant to swing and watched a few hittable pitches go by getting himself into some bad counts. Almost as if he told himself that he needed to compensate for his first at bat. I guess that's good? Rylan Bannon had a few chances at third and looked solid. There was one hard hit ball that he bobbled but pounced on it and got rid of the ball so quick that he still got the runner out by a step. He has enough arm for third and a really quick sidearm release. He got up the line on a grounder better than I expected, or maybe he was just hustling really hard. Didn't look like a 45 runner to me. I'd call it 50-55, but that's just my eye balls telling me that. Didn't bring a stop watch. He hit one that died out at the warning track in left center (probably would have been a HR if they were using the MLB balls). McKenna was in right and looked like a natural tracking down a ball that was hit directly over his head. Also made a nice throw into the infield. That's all I got. I'll post a few videos in a bit.
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    Matt Wieters was taken 5th in the 2007 draft, and has had the 6th-most valuable career out of that year/round. I wish people would stop acting like Matt Wieters was a disaster. If he'd just hit .225 at Bowie he'd be this scrappy, lovable ex-Oriole.
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    Very excited for this opportunity for Stewart and for him to show what he can do in the Show. I believe Stewart is the first prospect who signed for my son at an Ironbirds game in Brooklyn to make it to the Show. Stewart couldn't have been nicer. IIRC, DJ was late for warmups and told my son he would sign for him AFTER the game. The IronBirds won and DJ walked straight from the lineup of players shaking hands and high-fiving after the win to my son and signed multiple items. Later, while enjoying a hot dog with my son and father-in-law nearby at the original Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dog stand, DJ and a couple Ironbirds decided to walk to the team hotel instead of facing Brooklyn Sunday summer traffic on the team bus. They walked by the hot dog stand and my son ran over to DJ again and exchanged a high five. So, DJ, like most everyone we have met with the IronBirds, is one of the good guys. None of that has to do with DJ's baseball skills. It has been a long road for DJ from his draft day to today, but here we are and I hope DJ has every chance to prove he can be a solid big league regular or maybe better. Good luck DJ Stewart!
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    In this picture, I'm not sure which one i want to be alvarez haha Love the signing though
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    Starting to think they aren't going to be able to move Cobb at the trade deadline.
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    It's so bad the league is not letting us play the last 16 games.
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    I wasn’t referring to me. You said anyone.
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    One reason would be keeping it so the team had more information about their financial flexibility as far as what they could offer than the player’s advisors/agents. Maintaining that information gap could be somewhat advantageous. The other being amplifying the PR campaign by announcing the core of the draft class all at once.
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    Mods, if this isn’t the appropriate place for this, please feel free to move it. Meoli did a nice accounting of where the 2018 international signing bonus slots were sent and spent: https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-international-bonus-pool-accounting-20190612-story.html Of note, Stivan Acevedo received the largest bonus and the team believes he would’ve gone for 7 figures if he held out until the 2019 signing period: The highest bonus of the signing period went to Acevedo, a 16-year-old outfielder who got a $275,000 bonus when his signing was finalized in April, according to the baseball source. Acevedo fit the "late bloomer" tag, not because his talents came along late but because he was born Aug. 2, 2002, making him very young for the 2018-19 period. He wasn't 16, nor was he developed enough, when teams used most or all of their bonus pools. Because the Orioles had the money to sign him, they believe they got a player whose present-day talents would have his bonus in the seven-figure range if he waited to sign until the upcoming period beginning July 2, as he was turning a corner. Acevedo is a 6-foot-4 center fielder with feel for the barrel, not much swing-and-miss and the chance to grow into some power.
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    Mike Elias, now verified on Twitter finally, has tweeted the following: Folks, get ready for the international era of the Baltimore Orioles, courtesy Mike Elias.
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    Growing up, I was a Texas Rangers fan. The first game I ever remember my parents taking me to involved the Rangers and the Orioles. Some guy named “Nolan Ryan” was pitching for the Rangers and he seemed to be an ok player. Not long after, I got started with playing baseball and was mainly the catcher and took after Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. Ever since it was built, one of my goals (dreams, really) was to go to the Ballpark in Arlington. Thanks to some great MLB scheduling and some luck, I was finally able to. Here is my story… Before MLB announced the league wide schedule, I was determined to go to the Orioles at Rangers series, no matter when. However, once the schedule was released, it appeared like fate was stepping up. The Orioles were scheduled for June 4-6, with my birthday falling right in the middle. Whoever was making this schedule a reality, I hope you got a nice pay raise for something. Since the schedule was announced, this trip was the main focus for me. I didn’t care if the Orioles were 0-season at that point, I was still going. Yeah, the Orioles decided to throw a giant wrench into my idea for fun when they sent Austin Wynns and Stevie Wilkerson to Norfolk before they left for Texas. A gut punch for sure and for a brief moment, I thought about switching the trip to the Raleigh-Durham area, since that is where Norfolk was going to play. The look on my wife’s’ face when I even jokingly mentioned it made me realize we were going to Texas, or she was ending up at the prime suspect on The First 48. Leading up to the trip, the weather kept looking like it was going to be bad. For a bit, all three games looked like rainouts with thunderstorms. Then alternating storms before having Tuesday be the only game that wouldn’t have storms all day. An early morning flight and some rest at the hotel room gave me an idea. So what if my birthday was the 5th? If the game was potentially going to be rained out, celebrate a day early! So on the way to the park, I stopped by Walgreens and picked up a poster board and created a sign, hoping for the best. Pulling up to the ballpark, it was like pulling up to a lifelong dream. Finally, after all these years, I get to experience one place I have always wanted to go. Who cares if the heat and humidity made me want to sit in a tub of ice the entire trip? I was finally there! We got there before the gates open and we were actually first in line on the left field side. After getting in there, the Rangers were still taking batting practice while bullpen catcher Joel Polanco was just lounging near the tarp. I have a card of his from Bowie and made my way through the seats and asked if he would sign the card, please. A hand wave and a “no” later, and I’m suddenly wishing Jett Ruiz was still around. After a bit, the Orioles come out and start playing catch before batting practice for them. While walking back a few rows to avoid getting drilled with an overthrow, an overthrow hits the seats right in front of me and rolls to me. Fine, if you all insist on giving me a ball here…No one was asking for it back, no kids were around (except one who had 3 baseballs already in his hand), so “Welcome To Texas.” Right after that, I decided to unleash my sign in all of its glory, towards the intended target. The results were successful! For a quick backstory, I have enjoyed Paul Fry’s work since he was acquired from Seattle and was in Bowie. He gets results. During batting practice earlier in the year in Baltimore, I had my “Papa Frita” Players Weekend Jersey with me. He saw it and offered to sign it, but I didn’t have a pen. He grabbed a batting practice ball and signed it instead. A few weeks later, I finally went back for batting practice with the jersey and had a pen. He immediately came over and signed the jersey, gave me a ball, and gave my wife a ball (which he signed for her.) He is definitely one of the nicest players, Orioles or otherwise. Anyway, back to the main story. Watched some batting practice (or as I call it at times, “kids yelling ‘BALL’ after a hitter even makes contact) and realized the ball is going to carry a lot that night. Mancini and Nunez were launching things into the second deck with ease. Severino was peppering the bullpen (go figure.) Walked around a bit after batting practice to get some food and something cool to drink, which was the main goal. Ended up finding out that the Rangers have a special “Soda Stein” to commemorate the final season at Globe Life Park, which cost $20 but had $1 refills. It is made of plastic, but the detail that is carved on it is tremendous. The price is great too, because the wife and I went through the drinks pretty quickly during the few days we were there. Took our seats for the first night, right over top of the Orioles bullpen, which was great. The view was awesome, Fry spotted me and waved, and the people next to me were pretty cool. The only issue we had was a drunk group that sat behind us in the 7th inning that were making some inappropriate comments, including trying to hit on my wife. Luckily, they got up soon after, as they heard some of my comments that I whispered very loudly. The biggest highlight was Severino’s 3rd home run of the game. The ball was hit directly at me and if he hit it another 3 feet, I would of caught it on the fly. Instead, it bounced up and hit the wall, causing it to spin a little towards center. It came up high enough for me to get it, but it was just a little too far away. This was the closest I have ever come to a MLB home run and it was both awesome and frustrating. In the bottom of the 9th, we decided to make our way towards the Orioles dugout so I could check off the second box on my sign. Little did we know the adventures the 9th inning would bring. I was finally able to check it off, but I think the look on my face says how it went. Day 2 brought out some more fun, but mainly more sun. After catching up on some much needed sleep, we grabbed a birthday lunch at Saltgrass Steak House. Could we have gone to a non-chain restaurant, or a more upscale one to celebrate? Yeah…But this was close to the hotel and I wanted a good steak, which I heard they had. They were right! If you don’t mind a “chain,” I recommend the place. The prices were actually very good for the quality. After a quick shower to try and cool off, it was off to the park again. I had bought tickets on Stub Hub but wanted a hard copy, due to it being my birthday, but they weren’t able to do that, saying I would have to call the next day. I wasn’t sure what was even going to happen the next day, so I bought another ticket from the box office for the cheapest seat they had. We got in again pretty soon after the gates open and headed down to the Orioles side, as they were warming up. The wife wanted John Means autograph, even though he was starting. Means ignored everyone on the way out to the bullpen, which was expected. She did get Richard Bleier’s autograph though and he chatted with her and the few people around for a while. He is DEFINETLY another one of the nicest players in all of baseball. If you want his autograph and don’t get it, you really did something wrong. Also popping out of the dugout to warm up was Fry. He saw me, waved, and came over and signed my ticket for the day. Talked for a minute before he headed out. Funny story: While we were waiting for some more players to come out, a few had started throwing infront of us. I told my wife to move to my right, incase of an overthrow. She said “I should be fine.” *SMACK!* A ball that was overthrown missed her by about 8 inches and hit the seats. I made sure she was ok and went to get it, as no one was moving. Headed out to center field to see how that berm looks and realized I wasn’t going to hop the fence there to chase a ball on it. Keon Broxton did throw a ball into the crowd I was in and I ended up with it. After asking around, all the kids admitted to already having multiple baseballs already, so I got to play hero and give it to the wife. The seats for the night were down the 3rd base line, about 4 rows back. Luckily, the sun went down quickly and we only had to deal with the humidity. We also had to deal with this being the “Oriole’s Body Bag Game.” Severino, Villar, and Stewart, all going down with injuries. I didn’t realize Severino was hurt until the trainers came out after Pence was hit by a pitch. I thought maybe he was dehydrated or something. Heard on the tv while on the concourse about Villar and was in our seats for the Stewart play. Only saw Alberto sliding into him and didn’t realize he hit the wall a bit until later, but could tell they were working on his ankle. Could also tell Fry was exhausted in the 12th and was wondering why Givens, who had warmed up a few times already, wasn’t coming in. We all know how that game ended. Day 3 brought something we had been expecting all week. RAIN! But not when we expected it. There was no batting practice, even though the weather was the best of the three days. Sunny, but not super hot and there was almost no humidity. The Orioles players didn’t come out to throw either, except the starters right before the game. The wife finally got Means to sign her ball, so she was happy. Our seats were near the dugout, but it was packed around us. Once it started drizzling, we got up and hit the concourse just as the rain came down hard. Spent the weather delay and most of the rest of the game walking around, checking out different views of the field and different parts of the park. Hit up the Rangers Authentic Stand for a 3rd day in a row. Picked up a Mancini hit from my birthday with an almost pristine “Rangers Final Season” commemorative logo on the ball. Talked with the employees for a bit before heading back to the field area. Once there, I decided to make one last attempt at something for the day. Once the game ended, we raced down to the box next to the Orioles dugout and waited for the bullpen to come towards the dugout. Spotted the man of the week, Mr. Paul Fry himself, and called out to him and motioned for a picture. He came over and seemed happy to take one with me, before asking if we were going to Houston with them. When we said we had an early flight home, I got a handshake and we got a “great seeing you here, have a safe trip and glad your birthday went well” before he went to the dugout. To say the experiences at the games were great would be selling it super short. The staff we met was super nice, even if I had on Orioles stuff all 3 games. We were told to come back to the new stadium and find them again next season and they would take care of us. The people at the Authentic store were amazing and they had some pretty sweet stuff. Even gave a great price on the Mancini ball because of my birthday, along with a Mancini “one of a kind” autographed card and my wife got a “one of a kind” Adam Jones patch card. Picked up some earrings for my mom, a "Final Season" pin and an Ivan Rodriguez Number Retirement pin. Former Ranger pitcher Tom Henke was signing autographs on the first day and we happened to walk into the line when it first formed, so getting his autograph was easy and pretty neat. Told him I remember seeing him in the 1995 All Star Game there and he laughed, talked about how great it was to come back to Texas even as a member of the Cardinals and how it meant a lot to him and thanked me for bringing up that memory. This trip was one of the best baseball trips ever. If you get a chance to go to see this stadium, please go. Yes, it will be hot, but the view is amazing. If the new stadium is better, then it might be the best stadium in MLB, right behind Camden Yards. Everyone was extremely friendly, the Uber rides were cheap and all the drivers were nice. Even though I wish Wynns had been able to be there, especially with his debut being on my birthday last year, things still worked out very well. Once the schedule is announced for 2020, I will make sure to be at the Orioles series in Texas. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky with the dates again or even see some of you there.
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    Honestly, who cares? I don't mean that disrespectfully, truly. atomic wanted us to sign a bunch of mediocre veterans to try to win 70 games instead of 50. It's a silly argument but he's welcome to it.
  42. 6 points
    That’s fine. No reason to be impatient, just get the guys you think will develop into the best players. I know we’re all anxious for the team to be a contender ASAP, but this is a long term project. Henderson can be rookie of the year the first time that Rutschman wins MVP.
  43. 6 points
    It’s not a sexy pick, but he’s got a shot to be 50s across the board. Big time Cape Cod performance. His Junior numbers at Stanford are fairly comparable to Piscotty, which would be really solid value at 71. There definitely more power than he’s shown, look at his hand drift forward with the hips. Simple fix, same thing Nico Hoerner did.
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    Four of the Orioles last 5 first round draft picks will be in every top 100 list to start next season (Mountcastle, DL Hall, Grayrod, Rutschman). As the losses pile up, it's good to take a step back and realize maybe things aren't as bad as it seems.
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    Since there’s a lot of talk about how the Orioles may not take Rutschman because of a desire to save money on the no. 1 pick to spend in later rounds, I thought it might be worthwhile to give some brief history here. When baseball first went to the slotting system, the gaps between the first few slots were larger than they are now, and that gave the teams more leverage in negotiating with the no. 1 pick. For example, in 2015, the DBacks signed Dansby Swanson for $2.116 mm under slot (which was $8.616 mm); in 2016, the Phillies signed Mickey Moniak for $2.995 mm under slot (which was $9.015 mm). In 2017, MLB tightened up the spacing. Slot for the no. 1 pick was $7.77 mm, and $7.193 mm for no. 2. The Royals made what was clearly a cost-conscious choice, choosing Royce Lewis and signing him for $6.725 mm, which was $1.045 mm under slot, and in fact well below no. 2 slot money and barely above no. 3 slot money. The no. 2 pick, Hunter Greene, actually received almost $500 k more than Lewis. Last year, slot was $8.096 mm for no. 1 and $7.496 mm for no. 2. First pick Casey Mize signed for $7.5 mm, $596 k below slot and $4 k over the value of the no. 2 spot. This year, the top slot is valued at $8.415 mm and the second slot at $7.790 mm. My guess would be that any candidate including Rutschman would be glad to sign for $7.9 mm, a savings of $515 k vs. slot. Getting a guy like Rutschman to agree to less than no. 2 slot money would be a stretch, though. A guy like Vaughn, Abrams or Bleday would probably gladly sign for something above no. 4 money, which is $6.664 mm. So the team might save an extra $1.2 mm or so by going to that choice.
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    Really happy that the Orioles took catcher Adley Rutschman. He immediately becomes the organization's top prospect and should be in the majors with a year or two.
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    Could be circulating the rumor to keep shave some coin off Rutschmans demand?
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    I thought it was IL Hall now.
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    I don't really care whether we spend $3.5 million or $6 million or whatever, to me what counts right now is that we are focused on developing a program to scout and sign kids internationally going forward. The fruits of that labor may not be obvious until 3 years+ down the road, but at least it really seems like the Orioles as an organization have clear leadership and a clear plan and that is a MASSIVE improvement over the past 20 years.
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    The original "Cavalry" has gotten a bad rap over the years in my most humble of opinions. The Big 4 there really were Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta and Britton. Those 4 produced: Tillman - Above average starter on a contending Orioles team. De facto ace of the staff that really had no true #1. Matusz - Decent LOOGY, albeit for not a very long time. Britton - One of the best relief pitchers in the game for several years. Arrieta - CY award winner....just not with us. Ultimately those 4 produced about as well as could reasonably be expected. The only real negative is that none developed as a true shutdown ace for us. Arrieta finding himself elsewhere really was the killer.
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