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    Check out my new article. Quick read on the state of the O's system. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/02/10/orioles-farm-system-good-bad-ugly/
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    - Went to the O’s Christmas events for charity - Has been working out with Brady for three weeks - Is about to do infield work with Bobby Dickerson - Plans to be in Sarasota on Feb. 11 - Said only positive things about being asked to move to 3B. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/01/beckham-on-third-base-im-looking-forward-to-it.html I’m going to be rooting hard for this guy.
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    Hola (from, at the moment, Mexico)—hola, as in, Hello, Orioles Lifers Anonymous. Let me explain. I totally get all the doom/gloom, impatience and frustration around here. Yet I want to share a minority view, that of the perennial Orioles optimist, born of being a lifetime Orioles fan. As an aside, many of you will remember me from seven years ago, when I decided to take a break from active posting on this forum, after being a regular, and even writing a weekly column, since practically the beginning of Orioles Hangout. But it had less to do with the Orioles than my own shifting life priorities—a new relationship, a renewed focus on creative writing and publishing. Or maybe thirteen years of losing had finally sunk in. At any rate, poor timing to jump ship, at the beginning of the 2011 season, before the ensuing seven years of mostly winning baseball. Nevertheless, I remained a faithful fan, and regular lurker on the forum… just didn’t want the responsibility of keeping up with columns and posts. Enough about me. How about dem O’s? I’ll jump right into the starting rotation fray. I’ll say without apology that I would rather see the 2018 rotation filled out by Cortes, Castro, and Harvey than by another round of expensive retread veteran “innings eaters” of the 5 or 6 ERA variety. I’m neither a professional statistician nor financial wizard, but I follow the logic of getting cheaper production for ages 20-28 than less production at many multiples of the cost for ages 29-37. As for Duquette/Angelos, I like the apparent reticence to follow the latter course now, but like most of you am disgusted by the perennial trading off of pitching prospects and draft picks for precisely those sort of retreads in the name of “competing now.” I favor selling high over rewarding past stars with future albatross contracts: an Orioles plague forever (from Scott Erickson and David Segui right down to O’Day and Davis). They always seem to miss the boat on trade value (Jim Johnson, Zach Britton, Machado), with the notable exception of Erik Bedard—the one case we can largely credit for the sudden turnaround of the franchise 2012-16. In short, I’ve followed this team addictively since before the “Baby Birds” rotation of 1960, and will always root for the young prospects to be given roster spots and playing time over veterans whose best days are but a memory. I don’t buy into predictions and projections as much as potential and the sheer excitement and novelty of seeing what the younger players can bring to the table. Supplement them with sure things--the Frank Robinson, the Roberto Alomar, the Jimmy Key, the Miguel Tejada—as needed. Then let the chips fall where they may. Thanks for listening, and I hope to find more time to engage with you all again.
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    To me, this take is completely unwarranted. There’s zero evidence that Brady is meeting with free agents without having been asked to do it by Duquette. On the one hand people cry about Brady having no experience that would prepare him to be a GM, and then when he’s given tasks to do that clearly are the type that would give him that experience, he’s accused of going beyond his authority. Honestly, I think it’s ridiculous. Dan doesn’t do all the meetings with free agents and their agents himself, and I’d bet no other GM does, either. Brady is a bit unusual in that he combines a front office role with also being involved in helping players with conditioning and in some cases giving out coaching advice. That dual role can certainly be questioned. But as to the duties he carries out purely in his front office function, I find nothing unusual about them at all. For those who don’t think Brady has the experience to be a GM, exactly what experience should he have? And how do you get that experience without being a GM? I’d think it would be by performing various GM-related tasks that the GM has assigned you to do. The guy has been Vice President of Baseball Operations for five years, after having been special assistant to the director of Baseball Operations for a year and a half. I don’t know if he’d be a good GM or not, but this idea that he doesn’t have any experience that would prepare him for the job is based on no factual predicate that I can discern. I don’t think most of the critics really know very much about what Brady has done, or what experience other first-time GM’s had before becoming the GM.
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    New article up, just talking about some non-depressing things to look for in spring training. There are tons of other things to look for, hard to choose just ten, even focusing on prospects and unproven players (that includes Beckham at 3B and Castro as a SP). Please share what you'll be watching for. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/02/14/orioles-spring-training-10-things-watch/
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    This is the first of several posts coming up, detailing the different position battles going into Spring Training! There are a few clear cut favorites for each one, while some others are completely up in the air. Let's see what we should keep an eye on and who might have an inside track, shall we? Starting off first is catcher. Pretty much written in sharpie: Caleb Joseph Battle for the back up: Chance Sisco, Austin Wynns, Andrew Susac Overview: In 2017, the Orioles changed starting catchers. Being shown the door was Matt Weiters, a fan favorite who came thru the minors with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Well, atleast a lot of expectation. After 8 seasons with the Orioles (2 of them shortened by injury), fans figured the Orioles were looking for a stop gap until Chance Sisco would be ushered in. The Orioles responded by making a splashy signing in Welington Castillo, along with a surprising "player option" for the second year of the deal. Castillo rewarded the faith with a .282 average, 20 home runs, .813 OPS, and a 50%ish caught stealing rate. Plauged by some tough injuries during the season (including a shoulder issue and a "Caleb Joseph" injury), Castillo would have improved on, from statistical terms, was a career year. The biggest downside was the people throwing to him, as he ranked low on metrics as far as defense (minus the caught stealing.) The biggest knock was that the reason he was able to catch so many runners, was due to pitchers mainly having to throw fastballs to him. He excercised his option and found a new home with the White Sox, paving the way for his backup to become the de facto starter, that being... Caleb Joseph. After a disastorous 2016 that saw him miss time with, what can only be described as, a mans worst nightmare for an injury, along with ZERO RBI's, Joseph bounced back. 28 rbi's later (and 8 home runs), Joseph was shown some faith as he goes into 2018 as the starter. Or atleast, he is basically garunteed a spot. Talked up by Trey Mancini as a leader, Joseph will be tasked with mentoring whoever backs him up while also guiding whoever is on the mound. Originally thought of as a "bat first" player in the minors, his defense has really shined and he developed a repuation as a very solid defender. When tasked with being the starter while Wieters was out injured, Joseph guided the staff to a 3.65 ERA while putting up decent numbers at the plate. Chance Sisco has been highly regarded since early on. A .340 average in Delmarva in his first full season had a lot to do with it. Sisco hit very well throughout the minors, currently sporting a .311 average during his time. He was challenged a bit this past season in Norfolk, as left handed pitchers took advantage of the left handed hitter. A .267 average, the lowest he had in a full season as a level, improved a bit later in the season. Sisco has shown power though, especially to the opposite field. A moonshot in the 2016 Futures Game got the attention of a LOT of people. Has room to grow and add muscle, leading him to be a forminable power hitter in the future, especially with his average. He got called up to the Orioles in September and hit his first MLB home run not long after getting his first MLB hit. The bat has never really been a question. He got a late start in life as a catcher, switching his senior year of high school from shortstop. He has gone thru some growing pains on defense, most noteably his arm. AAA teams ran on him early in the season and his "caught stealing" rate hovered around 15% at the break. He was able to bump that up as the season wore on to get to a 29% rate. During his MLB debut, he went 0-5 on attempts though. Austin Wynns showed up on the radar during the last two seasons, culminating with him getting on the 40 man roster this past November to keep him from being selected in the Rule 5 draft. A highly regarded defensive catcher, Wynns has been talked up by Buck Showalter and other Orioles brass the last few months. Getting his first full season in the upper level in 2017 at Bowie, Wynns caught 68% of baserunners (29 of 47 were caught.) The biggest question was his offense, which had been a bit stagnet due to mainly being a backup early on. In 2016, he showed some offense in 3 levels (Frederick, Bowie, and Norfolk) and then hit .300 in the Arizona Fall League. He started off on a tear in 2017 at Bowie, carrying a nearly .400 average thru the first month. However, he was a college graduate draftee, so he was a bit older than the rest of the league. Possible a "late bloomer," he won't hit for high power like Sisco has shown (Wynns has 20 career minor league home runs), but hits to the gap and has a great glove and arm. Andrew Susac comes over from the Brewers, being picked up this off season while on waivers. A former #1 prospect for the Giants, Susac didn't quite live up to the hype. A "veteran" of 77 MLB games over 4 seasons (8 total the last 2 combined), Susac does have some experience. However, he was trending downward in batting, with a .172 average while with the Brewers. He went thru several minor league organizations last season (A all the way to AAA), he does have some upside though it seems to be fleeting. Not a whole lot of a positive spin here, but after seeing how Tim Beckham played after getting brought over, you never know. Camp Questions: Here is where the big points are! Will Sisco break camp with the Orioles? - Clearly the biggest question on most peoples minds. With multiple reports coming out the last few months about the battle between Sisco and Wynns, his spot is not garunteed. The Orioles could decide he needs more time in the minors to work on defense, especially if the pitching staff is a meshed together string of arms. This could be a battle that comes down to the very end. There is also the thought that Sisco might be getting sent to Norfolk anyway, as it would be more benficial for him to start every day vs. being on the bench. What will Sisco have to do to make it on the 25 man to start the season? Impress on defense. This includes: handling pitches in the dirt, getting his footwork and arm mechanics in sync and throwing out some base stealers. He will also need to show he can work with pitchers and get thier trust on breaking balls in the dirt. He shouldn't have any issues hitting, so that might be one less thing to worry about. What will Wynns have to do to make it on the 25 man to start the season? Be impressive. As already stated, his defense is what put him on the radar mainly and is highly touted by Buck and many others coaches and brass on the Orioles. He will have to show that he can handle hitting MLB pitching without too much of a downgrade. Being right handed might work against him a little though, as Sisco has the slight edge being a lefty. What will happen with Susac? Unless Sisco and Wynns turn into complete piles of "oh dear lord, what happened!?" and Susac seems like the second coming, expect Susac to be sent down (he has an option left, something that was probably looked at as gold by Dan) and possibly start in AA. However, if he slumps completely in the spring, you might see him DFA'ed since he takes up a 40 spot. Will the Orioles care more about the offense or defense for a catcher? It's Buck Showalter, so you should already know. Defense will be the main factor, according to all the sources. How do you see the battle playing out? From my own point of view, this will be a great battle. Depending on the first couple of games, that could show us how they plan to play things out. Sisco and Wynns should be the main two competing, with Susac probably getting more time during split squad games. If one starts to pull ahead, you could see them get more reps and that could start to show who they favor. I do expect it to go down to the last week. Who do you want to see get the back up spot? I'm just gonna leave this link here: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2017/03/09/hhp-like-austin-wynns/ What other factors could be at play? Injuries are the main one. The spring can be tough and brutal, especially for catchers and all the reps they will be taking. The good news is that with 4 main catchers (and Audrey Perez), they can spread the reps out a bit more than if only 2 catchers were the main focus. Will we see all 3 with the Orioles at some point? Depends. Whoever loses the "Sisco/Wynns" battle will most likely get the starting spot at Norfolk, with Susac getting the start at Bowie if he stays with the Orioles. Though which ever one doesn't stay on the 25 man, expect to see them during the season though. Both are being looked at for a reason. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Love to hear them! What would you like to see for Part 2? Pitchers, Utlity Fielder, or Outfield?
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    Looking at the top 12 players from the debut class of 2011, 10 of whom could have been free agents this winter if their teams hadn’t taken proactive steps to lock them up: 1. Mike Trout, 6.070 years of service, 55.2 rWAR: Angels locked him up for 6/$144.5 mm before he was eligible for arbitration. 2. Paul Goldschmidt, 6.059 years of service, 34.8 rWAR: Diamondbacks locked him up a year before he was arb-eligible for 5/$32 mm with a team option for 2019 at $14.5 mm. 3. Jose Altuve, 6.072 years of service, 28.6 rWAR: Astros locked him up the year before he was arb-eligible for 5/$18.5 mm and a team option for 2019 at $6.5 mm. 5. Kyle Seager, 6.085 years of service, 26.8 rWAR: Mariners locked him up before he was arb-eligible for 7/$100 mm and a team option for 2022 at $15 mm. 8. Brandon Crawford, 6.094 years of service, 20.6 rWAR: Giants locked him up for 6/$75 mm with two years of arbitration eligibility remaining. 9. Jason Kipnis, 6.069 years of service, 20.4 rWAR: Indians locked him up one year before arb-eligibility for 6/$52.5 mm, with a team option for 2020 at $16.5 mm. 10. Matt Carpenter, 6.012 years of service, 20.4 rWAR: Cardinals locked him up a year before arb-eligibility for 6/$52 mm with a team option for 2020 at $18.5 mm. 11. Brandon Belt, 6.128 years of service, 19.9 rWAR: Giants locked him up before his last year of arb-eligibility for 5/$72.8 mm. 12. Salvador Perez, 6.050 years of service, 19.3 rWAR: Royals locked him up before his last year of arb-eligibility for 5/$52.5 mm. Of the three players in the top 12 who I skipped, two of them don’t have six years of service time yet, but they’re both locked up long term — Corey Kluber and Anthony Rizzo. The only player from the top 12 who wasn’t locked up and went FA was Todd Frazier (6.071 years of service, 22.0 rWAR), who signed for 2/$17 mm with the Mets this offseason.
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    Well ladies and gentlemen, Dan has done it! He has filled up the 40 man roster to the brink without really accomplishing much! With that fun tidbit out of the way, lets see how it really breaks down and what moves would be available for openings: Pitchers: Pedro Araujo (Rule 5) Alec Asher Richard Bleier Brad Brach Zach Britton Dylan Bundy Miguel Castro Nestor Cortes Jr. (Rule 5) Stefan Crichton Kevin Gausman Mychal Givens Donnie Hart Hunter Harvey David Hess Michael Kelly Chris Lee Jesus Liranzo Jose Mesa (Rule 5) Darren O'Day Yefry Ramirez Tanner Scott Mike Wright Jr. Jimmy Yacabonis Gabriel Ynoa Now, that is one impressive...Ok, it's a list. With the roster pushed to the limit now, this is where the most cuts would come in. Due to the roster being full, Britton can be placed on the 60 day DL, which clears up a space. This will be done at the end of the spring though. If someone is signed and needs a 40 spot, either a Rule 5 guy (Araujo, most likely) can be sent back to clear up a spot. In the end, Cortes or Mesa may also be sent back (or both), but those two have a higher shot of sticking than Araujo right now. Michael Kelly, a late free agent signing, can also be outrighted without much thought if someone better comes along. Mike Wright is also on the bubble due to his lack of options, but I think the Orioles will give him every opportunity to earn a spot on the 25, unless he really tanks. Same goes for Gabriel Ynoa. Miguel Castro is also out of options, but the Orioles will hang onto him unless he REALLY implodes. So in the end, Araujo and Kelly would likely be one of the first 2 gone if they need a spot, with Wright or Ynoa not too far behind if things don't go well. Outside chance of Chris Lee going too, but he would really have to do something bad. Catchers: Caleb Joseph Chance Sisco Austin Wynns Andrew Susac Well, instead of getting someone on a minor league deal with a MLB invite, the Orioles decide they need 4 on the 40. Joseph isn't going anywhere,. Sisco, Wynns, and Susac will battle for the back up spot. The Orioles are enamored with Sisco's bat, but have been open about defensive concerns, which was a main reason for Wynns to get the 40 spot before the Rule 5 pick. Susac is a former #1 prospect in the Giants organization with a hundred games in the Majors. Not a great bat, decent defense. Susac might be the odd man out if he doesn't blow Sisco and Wynns away in camp as far as earning the backup spot. If he struggles, might be one of the first DFA prospects. Might also be set up for a trade involving Sisco or Wynns (please...no....) Infield: Tim Beckham Chris Davis Manny Machado Jonathan Schoop Engelb Vielma Vielma is the newest addition to that list, but has a lot of competition. 4 other utility players are being brought in as non-roster invites, along with the Orioles still open about looking for someone. If a better target comes up, he could be swapped out. If he struggles and Tejada or one of the other NRI's shine, he could be swapped out. Beckham isn't going anywhere, nor is Davis. Machado has had his name thrown out more times that Earl Weaver, but he is still here barring something big. Schoop is still here and doesn't look like he will be moved, unless a team gives up their entire 2018 draft spots. Outfield: Jaycob Brugman Austin Hays Adam Jones Trey Mancini Joey Rickard Anthony Santander Mark Trumbo (listed as DH, but...) Jones isn't going anywhere. Neither is Hays or Mancini. Trumbo is only moving if they trade him. Santander is a Rule 5 and only has 44 (or 46) days needed to be a permanent member of the organization. Giving him back now wouldn't make sense (which is why I can see it happening.) Rickard has options, so that might save him from DFA land. Brugman also has options, but the Orioles are still looking for a left handed, outfield bat. Brugman is the odd man out right now, with Rickard the closest behind him. Final Wrapup: In the end, the Orioles do have a few contenders for DFA land (barring trades), the main ones being Michael Kelly, Jaycob Brugman, Engelb Vielma, and Andrew Susac. Second tier ones would be Joey Rickard, Mike Wright, Gabriel Ynoa, and giving back Pedro Araujo. "Not likely" moves are Chris Lee, Anthony Santander being sent back, Stefan Crichton or Jimmy Yacabonis being DFA'ed, or a trade. The last one is putting Zach Britton on the 60 day DL. That right there would clear up 9 spots, if they have corresponding moves for tier 1 and tier 2 moves, along with Britton. Unless something changes, you are looking at atleast 1, possibly 2, of your "3, 4, 5" starters coming from the list above. The two big battles are at catcher and for the utility role right now. This will be an interesting Spring.
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    He agreed to come, but missed the flight. Stood right there an just watched it...
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    Nobody wanted Vargas. He's just the bizarro Newman.
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    Trade Britton at the deadline last year (Unless this is a new plan) or failing that at least make an attempt to trade him early in the offseason. Trade Machado, Brach and attempt to get O'Day to accept a trade. See if you can find someone willing to pay a portion of the Davis and Trumbo deals.
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    My favorite Flash moment, facing Aroldis Chapman
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    This is my concern with him as well which is partially why I'm not as high on him as some. You can look like the best pitcher on earth one day, but if your manager doesn't know who's he's getting, he's not going to risk putting him him in a high leverage situation.This is why I don't like the idea of starting him down in the minors. The idea should be at this point o use him in the role he's going to be in if he has a major league future. I see no way he can be a starter with his command and lack of consistent 3rd pitch issues (actually none of his pitches besides the velocity on his fastball is consistent). If he's going to be reliever, he as to be able to pitch on consecutive days and how many pitches can he go to before his rest time increases? they need to find that out in my opinion. I would start him in Triple-A and tell the manager to use him like we Buck would use Givens, Brach and O'day. If he fails in that role, then they have to decide can he be a three-inning reliever used when the starter's go out early? This would allow him more rest between appearances which some pitchers need. At least this is how I would develop him.
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    Hello to everyone. It has been awhile. My thoughts on the thread: Let’s start with some facts. Then get to the opinions. There apparently is some confusion about lots of things. To clear up a few things - 1) Schoop has two more season until he is a FA, not three. Gausman has three years. 2) The Orioles end of season payroll in 2017 was $179.9M which ranked 11th in baseball so we certainly haven’t been cheap the last few years. http://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/al-east/baltimore-orioles/ We also certainly aren’t spending wisely. 3) As others have corrected pointed out, it is part of the individual contract and the master agreement that players support events like Fanfest. 4) We were a bad team for 14 seasons from 1998 to 2011 and it is certainly possible that we could be a bad team again for the a long time starting with last season, but we most certainly weren’t a bad team from 2012 - 2016. We had the best record in the AL east during that time and made the play-offs 3 times. It really annoys me when people can’t state frustration without also being accurate in characterizing the past. Now the opinions: 1) Bad choice by Schoop, but I don’t really care much. I do think there is little chance he will sign with us as a FA. 2) We need to trade Machado and Schoop now. Neither will sign here IMHO so we might as well get the rebuild started. 3) I love Adam Jones, but I don’t see a path to signing him that makes sense for us based on his skills and likely requirements so I am going to celebrate 2018 as the last season of a great Oriole and hope we don’t do something stupid (like we did with Davis). 4) I don’t understand our starting pitching approach at all. Yes, FA deals for starters don’t tend to work out great, but we simply have to sign 1-2 quality starters since we don’t have the major league ready talent in the organization. 5) We should trade O’Day if he has any value rather than pay him $9M for each of the next two seasons. I’d be happy to pick up a decent amount of that salary if it nets us prospects. It never made sense to pay him that much. It really doesn’t now. 6) The next few years are going to be rough. The Yankees have done a lot of things right over the last 5 years and are poised to be extremely nasty. Everyone should just prepare themselves that Machado is going to be a Yankee and maybe Harper too. 7) Other than the stupid Davis deal, we don’t have many long term commitments. Build the farm. Make the right trades before upcoming FA become FA rather than letting them go for a pick at best. Acknowledge that we aren’t contenders for at least the next 2-3 years and do what is needed. It won’t be fun, but if we commit to the rebuild it can be fairly short term. Look at Houston (and what is about to happen in Atlanta). 8) Go O’s!
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    It is the and more part that is the problem. In other news, employee publicly defends person who pays him.
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    Whatever. Shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. RE: trying to "up" his trade value, it's no secret that he can play SS. I don't think there's anything Manny can do at SS that'd make him more valuable than he already is.
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    Don't worry, you will never have to pronounce it after today.
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    Twins owner Jim Pohlad showed up at Twinsfest last weekend and, speaking at a fan forum, openly stated he’d love to sign Yu Darvish. What do you think the odds are of Peter Angelos showing up at Fanfest and answering fan questions? https://www.twincities.com/2018/01/20/twins-owner-jim-pohlad-is-a-yu-darvish-fan-hes-a-cool-guy/
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    I read that as being 40 people not people who are 40.
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    My take is that folks probably feel like if he's going to meddle and be the de facto GM, then he should also be accessible and accountable like a GM.
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    Frobby's pretty funny when he wants to be.
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    when I saw him in Miami last week for a UM baseball dinner I told him, "Manny if you sign with the Yankees...I will hate you."He laughed and said "Hate me? Really?"I said "Well, I'd certainly love you LESS"....I think he's going to to Yankees.
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    When ABC has a 1-2-3 inning, I think there's a Jackson 5 song they could play on the PA. I hope he has some.
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    SB Nation, Blue Jays Banter had an article on Cashner this morning. Here is an excerpt regarding his decreased Ks: "Baseball Savant has his slider go from 94 wiffs to 31 so it looks like his strikeout pitch wasn't working as well as 2016... except players went from hitting .288 and slugging .500 on it in 2016 vs .242 and .377. It seems that Cashner is finding effectiveness in his slider by generating soft contact instead of strikeouts. In 2017 his K rate dropped from 7.64 to 4.64 but he gained a 6 percentage point increase in soft contact rate and a 7.4 percentage point decrease in hard contact. This is why he only had 41 extra base hits last year and only 704 bases allowed (12 best among qualified starters in 2017). Another change Cashner made last year was flipping his 4 seamer/2 seamer usage from 40%/25% to 24%/41%. This gave his highest groundball percentage since 2013 and a career high 23 double plays turned behind him."
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    what is his WAOR? Wins above oriole replacement. 20 WOAR?
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    I know this is totally ridiculous, but just for fun: Cashner had a 4.6 WAR last year. Ubaldo had -1.3 WAR. So 5.9 additional WAR with this signing. Manny had a 3.5 WAR last year - let's say he gets back to 6 WAR this year. Trumbo has -.6 WAR, Davis has -.1 WAR - let's just say they put up 0 WAR each this year. Hardy had -.5 WAR. Beckham had a 3.3 WAR - let's just say that change results in 2 WAR. Miley had -.3 WAR, Tillman had -2.2 WAR - let's just say their replacements put up 0 WAR this year. That's 14.1 additional WAR in 2018 than 2017. Or 89.1 wins. Again, this is a totally ridiculous WAR exercise. But, even without another signing, it is NOT crazy the O's can compete for the Wild Card in 2018.
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    It's the waiting to check out player X's performance that kills them. Assuming Schoop was willing to sign, how much did last season raise his price? I can see it now, Gausman has a breakout year and is suddenly too expensive to sign long term.
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    It's 1 day until pitchers and catchers report to Sarasota. Here's the #1 most significant date in modern Orioles history: #1 October 9, 1966 The Orioles' acquisition of Frank Robinson put them over the top in the American League. Frank won the 1966 Triple Crown and led the team to the American League Pennant. But the Orioles were still considered underdogs to the NL Champion LA Dodgers, the defending World Champions with one of the best 1-2 starting pitcher combos of all time in Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale. In the first game in Los Angeles, Dave McNally faced off with Don Drysdale. The Orioles struck first, as a 1 out walk in the top of the first was followed by back to back home runs by Frank Robinson and Brooks Robinson for a 3-0 lead. Russ Snyder's RBI single made it 4-0 in the 2rd. Jim LeFebvre's HR put the Dodgers on the board in the bottom of the 2nd. The Dodgers could have scored more that inning, but fan interference by an LA fan kept a possible triple as a 2 base hit, and Russ Snyder made an excellent catch to escape the jam. McNally couldn't escape the 3th though, walking the bases loaded. Moe Drabowsky came in and got out of the jam, but not before walking in a run to make it 4-2. Drabwosky pitched the rest of the game, 6.2 innings of shutout relief, and the Orioles wound up winning 5-2. Game 2 matched veteran lefty Sandy Koufax, perhaps the best lefty in major league history, vs 20 year old Jim Palmer. The pitchers' duel was scoreless into the 5th, when the Orioles scored 3 runs thanks in part to a couple poor defensivep lays by Dodger CF Willie Davis. That would be more than enough as Palmer became the youngets player ever to throw a complete game shutout in the World Series, a 4 hitter, and the Orioles won 6-0. On Saturday, October 8, postseason baseball came to Baltimore for the first time ever. Oriole starter Wally Bunker pitched a complete game 6 hit shutout. Dodger starter Claude Osteen was nearly as good, but he allowed a 5th inning home run to Paul Blair, which turned out to be the only run of the game. THe Orioles won 1-0 and were one game away from the World Championship. Game 4 matched McNally and Drysdale again. They would both pitch complete games and each would allow only 4 hits. And once again it would be a 1-0 game. Frank Robinson's home run in the 4th inning was the only run of the day and McNally made it stand up. When McNally got Lou Johnson to fly out with 2 outs and 2 on in the 9th inning, the Orioles were Champions of the World for the first time ever! Oriole pitching allowed just 3 runs in the series, all in the first 3 innings of game 1. They shut out the Dodgers for hte last 33 innings, a feat that has never been matched in World Series history and probably never will. Frank Robinson added to his many honors with a World Series MVP. The Orioles were the first AL team other than the Yankees to win a World Series in 18 years. Twelve years after arriving in Baltimore, the Orioles were on top of the baseball world and would remain at or near the top for the next 18 years.
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    The double play he started in the Delmon Young game was as key as the Young double itself. He also homered in the 2012 playoffs in Yankee Stadium, which is more than most of our bats did that series. Good luck, Ryan.
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    Here's a video with Matt Antonelli who some of you all may remember played for the Orioles (MLB deal but played in AAA) back in 2012. He discusses his experience working out with the team and the influence of Brady Anderson. It's definitely worth checking out.
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    It is the indecision. If we have to lose, in order to win, i can take it. If we go for it, against all odds, I can get behind it. If we sacrifice an entire year because we can't decide if we want or can afford to keep: our GM, manager, best player, best closer, team leader etc. We just need to pick a direction and go...perhaps this off season really is odd and it somehow still plays into our hand. I think most of us as fans, are just wanting to see a sign that we are trying to do something. Since 2011 I have been very optimistic and honestly have been very pleased. I have not agreed with every move. I defended AM back in the day when many couldn't wait for him to be gone. I have done the same with DD. I think Buck has been great. My feeling has been our ownership wants to win but has been largely unable to get out of it's own way. All of my fellow Redskin fan's know what I am talking about. Replacing AM, or DD for that matter won't get us a WS championship until we have a team that is committed from Ownership down to grounds keepers. That my fellow fans comes from the top. With ownership. If you watched Super Bowl LII last night and listened to their players and coaches speak it was universal how clear and focused they were. They believed in what they are doing and their plan was followed. I know they just erased a super long championship drought, but they are impressive. What they have done and what they overcame is inspiring and seems more like a sports movie than a real life event. I felt this way about the Orioles at the end of 2011. As the Orioles played and scrapped with the Red Sox and helped eliminate them in one of the great collapses in Baseball history. Just like that, Andino drove in the winning run and then right up until Mark Trumbo pushed back on that Adam Jones pie this summer, I thought that in spite of the dysfunction, that this group had the final goal in mind. But this group does not have that. This group with the ball inside the 5 nearing the end of the first half, would have let the clock run. With the lead in hand, we would be to affraid to risk having a kick blocked, we would not afford the risk of getting our best players hurt. We would have feared to fail. In short, we have lacked the courage and institutional agreement to go out and make it happen. We are either getting better by moving forward, or we are getting better by moving back. Standing still paralyzed with indecision is ripping the heart right out of fans. It's like watching a house burn. We can't put it out, we can't help get those inside get safely out. We just have to watch. The Yankees may be better run, but they are not unbeatable, if we believe that to be so, we sacrifice the opportunity to be bold. We miss the opportunity to win. The Philadelphia Eagles didn't wait to try and catch the New England Patriots without Brady...or their genius crew. They just set out to beat them and then would not accept anything else until it was done. Congrats Eagles. Fly Orioles Fly.
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    What I want is for the O's to pick a direction. If they want to make a push for this year, then they need to pony up the money to sign two frontline starting pitchers--pitchers who are as good as or better than Bundy and Gausman (Cobb/Lynn/Darvish/Arietta). If they aren't willing to spend what it takes to make this team competitive in 2018, then they need to go all in on rebuilding, which means trading Machado, Jones, and Brach, and at least shopping younger established players like Schoop who have limited years left of team control. I would also shop Mancini, only because the O's have a lot of good hitters with defensive limitations in their farm system. I would be content to see Cortes, Castro and Mesa in the opening rotation (Harvey needs more time in the minors IMO), as long as the O's are firmly committed to rebuilding. But if they open the season with rule V picks or bargain basement/mediocre free agents in the rotation AND with Machado, Jones and Brach still on the team, then that would mean that they had chosen the muddled middle of hoping to contend without committing sufficient resources, which is unlikely to work out in the short term or the long term.
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    Sure....sign Drew Hutchinson...I don't think anyone has even mentioned him here in the multiple thousands of comments about additions to our staff...but sure...why not? So is our estimated payroll for 2018....130 million or thereabouts? Less? More? With slots open right now we have about 98 million committed as of today....as of today we have Bundy as our number 1 at 1.8 million? and Gausman depending on arbitration is likely around 6 million? And the three open slots would as of right now would be filled with league minimum, Castro, Cortes, Ynoa, etc. at the moment so that would about be another 1.6 million...so as of today we have currently 8.4 million out of our total committed budget spent on the entire 5 man starting rotation and about 90 million on everybody else. And are still talking of adding a left handed bat outfielder and perhaps a utility guy or a third baseman.... The Yankees have about 42 million tied up in Tanaka, Sabathia, Sonny Gray and the two prearbs of Severino, Montgomery, etc. but are still looking at adding a starting pitcher free agent. The Red Sox have about 74 million tied up in David Price, Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, Drew Pomerantz, and EdRod... The Blue Jays have about 35 million committed to Estrada, Happ, Stroman, Sanchez, and fifth starter whomever and are looking at adding a free agent starting pitcher...The Nationals have 60 million committed to their five starters- Scherzer, Strasburg, Gonzalez, Roark, AJ Cole and talking about signing another free agent pitcher. Tick, tick, tick....i can feel those ticket cancellations getting sent....
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    I was a contributor on Eutaw Street Hooligans. Not bragging, but we had at least 6 regular readers.
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    Yeah and I am interested in Penelope Cruz
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    I think nationally, it is Cal. To O's fans, it is Brooks. Just my opinion, obviously both are great choices. But Brooksie is a one in a million person along with being a one in a million player. Not that Cal's not a good guy, he's just - different.
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    A one year drop isn’t the end of the world, if they don’t sign anyone major, payroll will be down as well. However, if the team is going that route they should trade Manny, Brach, etc and let the fans know they have a plan to reload for another competitive window. The worst possible thing the Orioles could do IMO, is sign mediocre talent (insufficient to move the needle for fans or on-field product), “try to contend”, fail miserably, and then see Jones, Manny, Brach, and Britton walk. THAT will alienate fans in a much better way than fans just not being particularly excited.
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    Eh, I'll remember. I'm not going to hold a grudge or boo him or anything, but it definitely lessens my opinion of him a bit unless I get some sort of explanation. Maybe it's different because I'm a dad with young kids, but FanFest should be about 1 thing and 1 thing only, and that's the kids. Nice to hear that we have at least 1 player who ignored the lousy advice of his agent to use a fan event as a negotiation tool. Wish I knew who that player was.
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    Honestly, at this point, given what we know: -- they "tried" to trade Manny, didn't, and don't appear to be actively trying now or even talking -- they won't sign a pitcher to a 4+ year deal At this point, we know, they are going to "bring in mediocre starting pitching", as you say. They won't be doing it to try to contend (regardless of what they say), they will be doing it to put bodies with a pulse on the mound after Gausman and Bundy. Even the Astros during their bad time found some veteran warm bodies to pitch... 34 year old Erik Bedard, 30 year old Philip Humber, 33 year old Wandy Rodriguez, etc. So I wouldn't overreact when we sign Vargas or Cashner or Tillman and say how stupid they are trying to "win" this year with those guys. They are simply placeholders because we do not have the 6 or 7 warm bodies you actually need to fill out a rotation. Don't sweat it. We're going to suck this year. But we are not going to go to war with a rotation that includes at least 3 of Castro, Cortes, Ynoa, and Wright. We'll get SOMEONE. Probably 2 someones. It won't be someone good enough to contend with, unless we catch lightning in a bottle like Texas did with Cashner last year, and we probably have to do that TWICE. But all the "rebuild purists" who want a complete rebuild with scorched earth trading policy of dumping all veterans for youth, will be throwing a fit when we sign some mediocre ML pitcher for 1 year $5 million, especially when DD & Buck publicly talk about "trying to contend", which will be just lip service cuz what else are they gonna say? It's time to have a zen attitude about it and accept what you cannot change. An investment in a low-rent starter or two for this year, maybe even a 2 year deal, doesn't mean they are in denial or that they are adding 5 years to the time it will take to rebuild. It's inevitable, that's all. They still have a responsibility to field a major league team.
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    Not this year. I'm on an every other year thing right now. Have a friend in Tampa, me and a Nats fan and a couple of Pirates fans go down and stay at his place and hit some games, in 2015 and 2017. And visited lots of good beer places which is also a thing we do. Saw Bundy and Harvey pitch against the Red Sox in 2015, and the O's and Pirates in Bradenton last year. Both losses. If you go to Sarasota, go before the game and get some fried chicken at the Amish place, Yoder's restaurant. Yes, there is a significant Amish community in Sarasota. And the chicken is incredible. They apparently have mutant giant chickens becuase 3 of us got an 8 piece box and couldn't even finish it all when we tailgated before the game. If I actually me the chicken who was big enough to produce those huge wings, breasts, and thighes when he was alive, I would have feared for my life. Fantastic. If you catch a Pirates game in Bradenton, and you like good beer, be sure to go to Darwin's Brewing right across the street from the 1st base entrance to the ballpark. One of the best craft brewers I've ever been to, I love their beer. It's closer to the ballpark than Pickles is to OPACY. The Red Sox park in Fort Myers is a replica of Fenway, it looks really cool. Haven't been yet, we will probably try to find an O's or PIrates game there on our 2019 trip so we can see the place. Hard to believe we're at that point... but there's a game 3 weeks from Friday. And it's on MASN. The dam's gotta break on this free agent market really soon. Geez, now I've got myself wanting to go this year even though it's an even number!
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    My Fanfest experience: Got there around 10:45 A.M. Line was extremely long, one of the longest I've ever seen and I've been going every year for over a decade. That said, some years they actually had 2 lines to enter, one that stretched left away from the front door and one that stretched right, so if those years there had been only one line those lines might have been longer. Went in and it was a mob scene. As many people there was there was last year, and as many as the year before. I was expecting far fewer people. Only real difference is the old Rag Time band they usually have had playing when you first get in wasn't there (although I saw a tuba leaning against a wall). Started by going upstairs and went to the Orioles Store. Really interesting: apparently they remodeled a bunch of the luxury suites this off-season, so they took a bunch of framed pictures that had been in the suites down and were selling them for $50. Prints from the News American front page with WE WIN! as a headline from when we won in 1983, photos of players, drawings of players (a drawing of Roberto Alomar in a Blue Jays uniform was interesting), that kind of stuff. I have no room, so I didn't get anything. I go for the outside banners. They had 25th Anniversary banners, but at $75 I said no. The guy said come back later, the price would drop. I did, and I got a banner with Manny on one side, Tillman on the other and the 25th Anniversary logo for $40. Went to the freebie line. It was looooonnnnngggg. I was in line 40 minutes. I got a free red, white and blue Orioles logo shirt, a Maryland flag brim adjustable O's ball cap and the wine bottle stopper set. I didn't try going through again - too long. Later on in the day I saw people walking around with give away wiffle ball and bat sets. Went downstairs. Big crowd playing Bingo. MTA Orioles bus was there. Lots of people in line for autographs. Davey Johnson was giving a pitching seminar with two guys I didn't recognize and who he clearly didn't know (I heard him ask them what pitches they throw - I guaranty he wouldn't have to ask Bundy or Gausman that). I had my picture taken with Michael Kelly (who?) for $5 to charity. He is tall and thin with huge hands.If he can't throw a curve, shame on him with the grip he must have. Watched Orioles Family Feud, where O's players led by Joey Rickard played Family Feud against a family of fans. They asked "Name a song you would hear played at Camden Yards." Answers were National Anthem, Orioles Magic, Thank God I'm a Country Boy, Take Me Out To The Ballgame. The last one, Seven Nation Army no one was getting, so they asked Joey Rickard for an answer and he said "Sweet Caroline." I immediately started booing REALLY loudly, and a bunch of people joined in on the boo chorus. Rickard just started laughing. Went over to the Clubhouse and dugout tour. For the second year in a row they allowed no picture taking in the clubhouse (I took some anyway). There is a new room, the Team Prep Room, set up like a small 20 seat stadium seating movie theater where guys can go before the game and watch film of that night's opposing pitcher. There were no lines at all at the Stadium. Usually there is a line to get in, to get on the elevator, to get into the clubhouse, etc. Not this year. I just strolled on in, strolled on through. My take (for what it is worth): There were as many or even more people who showed up at the start, at 10 or 11, but far fewer showed up as walk-ins later on in the day. I took pictures. I will post them on my Facebook page for public viewing later tonight. On Facebook I am Carl Lamy, and I'm the only Carl Lamy with an avatar of me wearing Orioles gear.
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    To bring joy to your fans, particularly kids. Regardless of what's happening at the organizational level, I'm sure a ton of kids will be very disappointed to not see Schoop or Machado. I hope they have a legit reason for not being able to make it, but sure seems fishy for them to both bail at the last minute. Doesn't seem like too much to ask to fly up for 1 day and show some love to the fans to me.
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    The bad part is the other 22 teams have Trumbo as part of their no trade clauses.
  46. 4 points
    Heaven forbid a player and a team sign a mutually binding agreement.
  47. 4 points
    I'm not Luke, but "control" typically has the connotation of the specific ability to throw strikes. If a pitcher needs to work on his control, that most likely means that he is walking too many guys, getting behind in counts, etc. He has difficulty throwing a pitch in the strike zone. "Command" is more nuanced, and often means the ability to throw a certain pitch a certain way, or to a certain area within the strike zone. If a pitcher has trouble "commanding" his curveball, he may be able to throw it for strikes, but maybe it doesn't have the same bite all the time, or he's not able to hit his spot well. Basically, even though he's able to throw strikes, he's not able to consistently make the pitch do what he wants it to do. A pitcher with bad fastball command may not walk many guys, but perhaps he misses his spots within the strike zone often and allows hard contact because of it. Kevin Gausman would strike me as a guy that may not necessarily struggle with control, but does struggle with command. He's not an extremely high walk guy, but he has trouble locating and commanding his pitches within the strike zone.
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    Let's pretend Nestor Cortes isn't a rule 5 pick for a second. Ok, so in that case, the Orioles have a guy who... Threw 63 innings of 2.26 ERA ball in 2015 as a 20yo in short season ball. Threw 106 innings of 1.53 ERA ball in 2016 as a 21yo split between low A and A+ ball. Threw 104 innings of 2.06 ERA ball in 2017 as a 22yo split between AA and AAA. The Orioles didn't have one pitcher in AAA who was 22 years old for any of 2017. He's struck out more than a batter per inning on average and his HR/9 innings pitched is a minuscule 0.38 in his last two seasons. (for comparison, the lowest in the majors in 2017 among pitchers with 100+ innings was 0.60) If this guy had been acquired any other way, a lot of people would be excited about trying him in the rotation. Now, don't get me wrong, there are reasons to question whether he'll be as successful as a major league player from a scouting perspective and he's hard to project because he's such a weird pitcher. But the guy has done nothing except pitch exceptionally.
  49. 3 points
    Guys, Dan Clark is not a source. Please don't entertain him.
  50. 3 points
    I totally disagree. The arbitration process has a timetable, that happens to call for final resolution after events like Fanfest are held. The team has no more leverage than Schoop has to resolve his salary; he’s under contract and a third party will decide the matter if the parties can’t agree. Meanwhile he has a minimum of $7.5 mm coming his way. I’m very disappointed that Schoop didn’t come; that doesn’t seem like something he would have done on his own. I agree with Buck that Schoop’s agent gave him bad advice.
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