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    This is advanced OH posting. It usually takes thousands of posts and dozens of Fangraphs articles read to get to this level of cynicism. You're this site's number one prospect, basically. Granted, not everyone ends up a Can of Corn. You could be a Moose Milligan, showing those flashes of brilliance but then posting something human that isn't the most depressing thing you've ever read in your entire life. You could be a total bust like Frobby, who is still a complete person despite watching the Orioles for like 40 years. That said, I have a lot of faith that if you work at it, you'll have a long career of making Matt Riley and Omar Daal references. Even at your floor you should be able to reference the time Jack Cust fell down in at least one post per year.
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    They don't seem to get the message. The Royals are out playing the Os this year....again. 5-8 is not acceptable. We are 2.5 games behind for the #1 pick next year. Why in the heck isn't Davis playing every day, particularly against lefties? Why is Hyde pulling pitchers after giving up five or six bombs in a game? Mancini needs to take a seat after one or two ABs. While we're at it, why isn't Davis playing 3B? These guys need to get with it. Our perfect season is already slipping away, and it's only April.
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    Welcome to my rainbows 🌈and unicorns 🦄 thread that I am going to force upon you all for Every. Single. Game. The idea here is that there will obviously be enough threads voicing frustrations and talking about the losing, and I will be participating in those threads as well. However, I cannot do another season like last year where I'm focusing on the negative. I am committed to the process that Elias is enacting and seeing the tiny slivers of good things and/or funny things about this season of Orioles baseball. If you're here to tell me this is dumb or wrong or bad or that Davis should be released, surely there is a better use of your time on this earth. If you're here to say "sure, but they did these other things badly" (and I will surely agree with you), I kindly point you to any of the other threads, though I expect this will be mostly ignored. I do not do this to invalidate your own frustrations or despair about this season. I just want to point out the stuff our good good baseball sons have done on the field for each game. Because while I may stretch to find it, there will always be something. And yes: unless the mods find a problem with it, I will be creating a new thread for every single game, give or take extenuating life circumstances. Without further ado: Trey Mancini: 3-4, 2B, RBI. Likes to DH. Rio Ruiz: good play on a hot shot at 3B, got the O's on the board with a sneaky RBI single up the middle. Cedric Mullins: BB, 4.5 pitches/PA to lead the team. Joey Rickard: Excellent diving catch on a very shallow ball to RF. Richie Martin: Turned a couple of double plays smoothly, looked unfazed out there. Dwight Smith Jr.: Handled a number of deep fly balls to LF smoothly, looks like a natural OF. Hanser Alberto: Entered the game late and got a hit off Chapman. David Hess: Nice max effort stuff out of the 'pen, the only O's pitcher to post a positive WPA. Held Tanaka to 5 Ks, 3 of which were Davis, so they put the ball in play against him. Errors: 0 Hits: 8 to the Yankees 9, including 1 off Britton and 1 off Chapman. Weird play: Dropped pop-up by Jesus Sucre was turned into a DP against the Yankees who ran into some outs. Brandon Hyde: Smooth debut. PH Nunez for Davis against Chapman, a welcome sign that Davis will only be put in positions he is most likely to succeed. Yanked Cashner at the right time, I thought, while still getting about as much as you could from him. Got through what was a sure loss without warming up or using Givens, Bleier, or Castro. Got every batter into the game other than Pedro Severino. Gary Thorne: "Better his wife than mine!" I don't even remember what they were talking about. Mike Elias aviator game: Strong. See you for Game 2.
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    That’s how long it took Mullins to circle the bases on his triple and the error, by my stopwatch. My breakdown was: 1B 4.06 2B 7.36 3B 10.83 (Statcast said 11.05, sprint speed 28.8 ft/sec) HP 15.70 Really impressive how quickly Mullins popped up and dashed for home. Great instincts there. On the second one, I had him at 3B in 10.75. Statcast said 10.99, 29.0 ft/sec. By both my and their accounts, slightly faster to 3B than on the first one. I had Richie Martin to 3B in 10.78 on the third one, in between Mullins’ two times. Lots of speed displays in this game. It’s fun to see after years of station to station baseball.
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    Just texted a friend who is a Yankee fan, "O's take 4th in a row, but all against rebuilding teams." 🤣
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    No problem with it.
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    We have an over-.500 month already this season! Beware the O's of March.
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    So as many of you know, I started attending a lot of minor league games in the last few seasons, mainly in part due to crippling depression from a work accident that led to retirement (ok, maybe you didn't quite know that part.) Growing up, my parents would usually take me to a Frederick Keys game or Hagerstown Suns game instead of the Orioles, despite the large travel distance. These games were always fun and memorable. As an adult now, these games are still very fun and memorable, but on a whole new level. I never really talked to the players as a kid, instead being in "awe" of them. Here they were, future major league players, each and every one of them! Atleast, to a 7 year old. As an adult, I realize that maybe 2 players on the team will make it to the majors. Maybe. But now I actually talk to players. My friendship with Wynns being well documented. My wifes love of Mullins also getting some time, but he does come over and talk with her too. Being fond of Stevie "High Socks" (among other things...) Wilkerson and chatting with him. But then there are players you all probably don't remember, or care about. Conor Bierfeldt, the powerful outfielder who spent 4 years in the Orioles system and clubbed a lot of home runs in Frederick before being released, phased out by the new crop. Also a great friend of Wynns. Wynston Sawyer, the power hitting 3rd catcher of the Keys when Sisco and Wynns were there, and when Wynns and Jonah Heim were there. Signed with the Dodgers org, then over to Minnesota. Unknown where he will play. Jay Gonzalez, a speedster outfielder for the Keys who was selected by the Diamondbacks in the Triple A Rule 5 pick 2 seasons ago and who might of been released recently. Not just random names, but names I choose for a reason. When Conor was released, he was one of my favorite Keys and my wife loved his weird socks design. He signed with the New Britan Bees of the Atlantic League and mashed his first season. The wife and I went to York, PA for a Revolution game when they played the Bees and stood near the outfield when the players came out. I called out to Conor and he came over, kind of amazed someone recognized him. Got him to sign a card and chat with him. He then went out and had a good game, including throwing out the tying run at the plate to end the game. Got a pic with him after the game too and some good parting words. He remembered me from chatting with him a few times in Frederick and being the only one to recognize him when he got promoted to Bowie, including being the only person to say his name instead of his number when he walked by. When Sawyer was in Frederick with Wynns, I was a big fan, including sprinting out of the stadium for a home run he hit to dead center (only took me 4 innings to get my heart rate back to normal and my breathing to go from "I'm gonna die" to "I only might die.") Even made him and Wynns shirts when I was doing that as a side job. But I talked with Sawyer a bit. Kept up with him a bit on Twitter too and recently got 2 cards signed by him, including one from the "Nickelodeon" Night promo. I posted them on Twitter and he responded very positively. I also sent Jay Gonzalez a letter and some cards during this Spring Training, talking about the amazing 2017 A+ playoff game in Frederick when he scored the winning run in what was one of the greatest and most unpredictable games I have ever seen in person. I ran down the stairs as he was rounding third and probably yelled "SLIDE" as loud as his teammates. My wife thought I was running down to the field. He replied back with the signed cards and a very awesome reply on an index card about how much he loves the game and how happy he is to play it, along with how getting a letter like that meant the world to him and helps keep the spark alive. I'm not saying any of this to brag. I am saying this because, no matter how pointless it may seem to root for a player in the minors, you never know how just much showing you are a fan can mean to the player that is overlooked, under appreciated, and who might only get to the level they are at. We know about the Machados, the Gausmans, the Weiters, the Ripkens, ect that the Orioles draft. Don't forget the Jeff Kemps, the Tad Golds, the Glynn Davis (not of that trade fame), the Tucker Nathans (who hit 3 home runs in a Baysox game and missed a 4th by 2 feet to the right of the foul pole.) These are the players that really do play because they enjoy the game. It's ok to let them know you enjoy watching them, too.
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    But I'm pretty proud of these guys so far. They battle. They have pitched reasonably well as starters.The pen has had some good moments..and we see some potential talent on the mound. I liked what I saw in Means yesterday, and Mancini continues to rake. I like the team speed and theres been some fine defensive plays. I still don't see this team ending up with an even respectable record...thats just my view. But its nice to watch those guys play hard and compete. Much to my pleasant surprise, I'm suddenly interested in this club and they are worth watching every day. Even Chris Davis came up big in the Red Sox series. Good to see. I'll take a split in Boston every time. Go O's!
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    What a bunch of bull hockey. I just hate it when people can’t accept that there are two sides to an issue because of their own feelings. Don’t insult me by telling me I’m arguing just to argue. The manager, Jim Palmer, Rick Dempsey and lots of posters agree with our side of this argument. If you want to argue the other side, go ahead, but don’t tell me why I’m making the opposite argument. I’m doing it because that’s what I believe, for the reasons I gave.
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    The last hitter of the 6th hit a screaming liner to Davis. The first hitter in the 7th hit a screaming liner to Martin. His velocity was down about 2 mph from the start of the 6th. It was a good time to pull him. He wasn’t going 9 in any event.
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    I tell you what, I'm glad some of you are not the Orioles manager. It's clear Hess had a pitch count. If he didn't throw over 65 pitches this spring, you don't want to suddenly have the guy go out there and throw 90-100 pitches in his first start. This is all about the future. If this was in the middle of the season Hess is still out there. Honestly not sure why people that follow baseball don't understand this.
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    It seems like alot of you guys are allready wishing the 2019 season was over. I would like to encourage all of you to enjoy the 2019 Orioles. Yeah, I know the Orioles will be battling with the Jays for last place. However, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the season. Let's enjoy Brandon's first year as a MLB manager. Let's enjoy having great leadership in Mike and Sig. Let's enjoy players making there MLB debut. Let's enjoy a team that will hustle and play their hearts out. Let's enjoy sunny days at Camden Yards. I have never been to Camden so consider yourself lucky if you have been there. Cheer up guys! We endured 14 years of losing. We can handle whatever the 2019 season throws at us. I will proudly support the 2019 Orioles. I hope you will too.
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    *Reads Frobby's title* That's what she said!!
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    Glad no one is over reacting to anything...
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    Where, San Quentin?
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    I like him. He isn't perfect, but he's fun to watch and he plays like he cares. He makes the team better. Gotta take the rough with the smooth sometimes.
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    You know I am going to be in favor of anyone named Socrates.
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    I'll start it with this fact courtesy of the Statcast podcast guys. Mancini's 16 barrels for outs last season tied Nick Castellanos and Marcell Ozuna for the MLB lead. It's fair to get something extra base hittish on a barreled ball, which is defined as more than X exit velocity and within launch angle band X to Y. I don't know the exact numbers off the top of my head but Tom Tango now of the MLB Statcast crew was part of developing them. Trey Mancini hit his way to the majors with no other playable skill. He played zero minor league games as an OF, then tried what his team asked of him, at times hurting himself in the effort. Today, Trey Mancini is our DH and cleanup hitter. Godspeed.
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    Part of it is they trade for young pitchers instead of trading them away.
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    I call that irony. Why would anyone spend so much time posting about a team they don't enjoy?
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    It's called lettIng your hand picked GM and his hand picked management and coaches do their jobs. I don't expect to hear from the Angelos brothers until the season is over.
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    That'd really give them some flexibility. With 1-1, they should be able to go overslot on their 2nd, Comp B, or 3rd round pick. Potential overslots at those spots include Draft eligible College Sophs - Brady McConnell, Drey Jameson, Greg Jones, Tanner Morris, Gabe Holt JUCO talent - Jackson Rutledge, Carter Stewart, Ivan Johnson, Antoine Kelly, Thomas Farr 1st round College talents who have fallen due to injury - Graeme Stinson, Kenyon Yovan High School tough signs - Jack Leiter, Joe Charles, Jerrion Ealy, Spencer Jones (inj) Any HS who falls.
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    Hey it might be a short month but this team already did something we couldn't do all of last year and that is finish a month with a winning record. The last month we had a winning record was August of 2017.
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    A bit late but I mainly hope to just get these out before the next day's game. A lot to highlight in this one, as the Os take first place in the AL East. Jesus Sucre: 3-4, 2B, 3 RBI. Coaxed a somewhat wild pitching staff through the game. Aggressive/smart baserunning on the tag up to 3rd. Looked engaged and vocal the whole game. Rio Ruiz: Several (3 or 4) good defensive plays at 3B, including a double play and a diving stop to hold a batter to a single. He continues to impress there. Hit an opposite field 2B. Mike Wright: Impressive. 96 mph, 2 k's in the heart of the order for the save. Wright as a 1 inning max effort reliever is probably his best chance of having success. Dwight Smith Jr.: Quietly another good game. Two hits off a lefty with a clutch RBI and SB. Nate Karns: Got the first one out of the way after a long road back to the bigs. Nice composure on the huge 1-2-3 double play. Jimmy Yacabonis/Miguel Castro: Big 5 innings of relief from two guys with big stuff who did not have their best command. The wheels, however, did not come off. Mychal Givens: Downright filthy. Hit 98 on his third strikeout of the inning. 😮 Richie Martin: First major league hit was *checks boxscore* a line drive! Also notched his first SB on a fun double steal that led to a run. Brandon Hyde: First Major League win was one to remember, including the post game laundry cart syrup-and-beer shower (what?!). Put a few stamps on this game by using an opener, sitting Davis, pitching Givens earlier, and eventually handing the 9th to Wright when Bleier didn't have it. They all worked out so they were all good decisions, because that's how managing works. 😊 Errors: 0 Mini rainbows: Mullins' PH single and SB, Bleier's return to the mound. Gary & Jim: The hotel didn't have hot water so Jim took a shower in "glacier-like" water. Gary related with a story about a hotel with fleas. Yankee fans absolutely lose it on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yankees/status/1112090341157548039?s=19
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    Anytime you can win a series vs the Yankees, you enjoy it.. every. Single. Time. Lets keep it rolling boys!!
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    I'm back with my thoughts... Norfolk Nice to see Akin gets bumped up. With the way the new regime was talking, you didn't quite know...No big surprises with the pitching. As far as catching, I can't see all 3 of them being there come Thursday. No big surprises in the infield, it will just be interesting to see how all the moving peices are used. The infield is almost as fluid as water, with almost everyone being able to be used at every spot. Wilkerson might actually get some extra reps in the outfield and might play some centerfield, while Hays recovers. Showing that type of flexability and getting the bat going is the only way he can get a 40 man spot back. The outfield lost a little luster with Hays being hurt and Diaz being in Bowie, but this might work out best for DJ Stewart. If anyone needs a good year, it is him. Bowie Not a whole lot going on here. Lowther gets a bump to Bowie, which is nice. Erwin also got moved up, after an impressive Frederick campaign. The big questions in the rotation will be the health of Harvey and Lee. Can either stay healthy and get through a full season? Tate will also need to show some improvement, while Zimmerman can build on last year. Cervenka is the starting catcher and probably gets the majority of the starts, instead of a platoon. This could be really beneficial for Cervenka as he needs to win the favor of the new regime. The infield could be the weak point of the team. Bannon will likely move around the diamond and play "Mr. Utility." Palmeiro returns to first after a season at second. His bat will need to show that the bandbox of Frederick wasn't a fluke and if he can do that, he could be a good surprise. Miller will likely hold second and be the "hometown" guy, but that's about it. Clare can play short, but needs to work on the bat. Feliz was a huge surprise last season and will hold down third. Nothing beyond organizational depth, but if he can put together another nice season like last year, that would be very helpful to the team. The outfield has 5 players right now, with Diaz being a question mark with his health after reportedly injuring his foot a few days ago. Billingsley gets bumped up and so does Nichting, which will make this outfield very fast, between Billingsley, McKenna, and Nichting. Diaz has a little speed too, but the previous three should get to anything that leaves the dirt to the fence. Rifaela gets lost in the shuffle as he fell off big time from his Frederick MVP season, so he will need to prove he can stay. Frederick The big name in the rotation is DL Hall. Dietz gets another attempt in Frederick and everyone hopes he found some control since last season. Sedlock is also in Frederick and he needs to do something amazing, otherwise the only jersey he will wear from the MLB club will be a custom one on MLB Shop. Camp hero Diogenes Almengo appears here, so getting autogrpahs should be easy. David Lebron ends up here after coming over from Texas, so this will be easy to see if the Orioles spent money wisely or not. For the guys squatting behind the plate, Breazeale and Carrillo move up while Levy stays where he is. Breazeale probably isn't long for the catching gear, while Carrillo and Levy are both good (for minors) defensive catchers. Biggest surprise of the infield is Reyes as he is in his 4th year in Frederick. Hope he knows a realator. Escarra getting moved from Aberdeen to Frederick is a good sign, as he has the hit tool to move quickly and should put up some video game stats in the Frederick stadium if Aberdeen wasn't a fluke. The infield is what it is, but keep an eye on how they use Mason McCoy. That will go a long way to say how they feel about him. The outfield only has 3 listed right now, with Jake Ring being the repeat there. Jarrett dropped a bit since his power display in Delmarva, so maybe the ease of homering in Frederick will help. Moesquit is going to have a lot of room to cover in center and needs to do some work at the plate, but should be worth the price of admission to watch him cause havoc on the basepaths. Delmarva Not going to lie, I don't know much about the staff here. Fenter has fallen on hard times, so he really needs a strong season. Grayson Rodriguez is probably the biggest name on the list now, after his performance last season. For catchers, Fajardo drops a level from Frederick and most likely splits time with Roberts. Fajardo will probably be working with Roberts a bit on defense, as Fajardo is a really strong defensive guy. The infield is a little crowded, with Becker (most likely utility), Curran (first), Encarnacion (third), Grenier and Hall (short), mainly rounding out the infield. Fregia and Miller most likely take second, once we figure out who they are. The outfield has a large variety of names, most were at Aberdeen last year. Will Robertson is the lone repeat, who was on a great start last season before dropping off. Horvath, Neustrom, Thorburn, and Turchin will fight for time. Extended Spring Training/Rehab Probably the most interesting list. Pitchers - Carroll, Wells, Baumann are all here and nothing was reported about needing to rehab anything. A lot of the guys on the list were in full season last year, so this is also a little surprising. 2 big names that stand out: ALex Murpy and Lenin Rodriguez. Murphy was "catcher turned 1st baseman" before suffering a season ending ACL injury last year, while Rodriguez was acquired from the Phillies recently for slot money. Waiting on confirmation of the position change, but this is strange. Catchers - Cumberland and Ringhofer being down here is interesting. No report of injuries of either, with Cumberland being a prospect. Maybe they will clear up some roster spots before Thursday, but still... Infield - Carmona being here is the strange one. Figured he would be bumped up after his time in Aberdeen last year, but seems ticketed to Short Season ball again. Fisher is still recovering from Tommy John surgery, while Gulf Coast League season starting hero John Ham gets to work on some stuff. Sadly, Jack Zoellner is only here and not in Frederick, sending warning shots to the highway. Outfield - Lamar Sparks is probably here as he is still coming back from labrum surgery. Dalton Hoiles is until a spot opens. Jaylen Ferguson seems to have a lot of connections here, as he hasn't made it above Aberdeen yet. Still trying to find out what happened to Collin Woody. He was a 3rd/1st baseman in Frederick and was supposedly being used as a pitcher in Instructionals, but was in the infield during Spring Training games. I'll be at a bunch of Bowie games and will be at a few Frederick games. Delmarva gets the yearly trip, but might try and head there more. Norfolk might get some flights there, as the roster will probably look different every week. Which affiliate are you looking forward to seeing?
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    I'd say you're making a fool of yourself with comments like this, but that ship sailed a long time ago.
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    I think i prefer this to Christmas. I'm not kidding. Christmas = 1 day off, 4 months of bitter cold ahead Opening Day = 1 day off, 162 games of baseball ahead and warmer weather a few weeks away
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    Good News is He lives. The rest is just details....lol. Happy Easter to all! 😎
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    It's a split in Boston and the O's have yet to lose a road series! Dan Straily: Great success. 5 strong innings of mostly weak contact, only 2 hits and 1 walk allowed, and got the win. This is the kind of stabilizing performance we hoped to see from Dan. In fact, maybe we can cautiously say the rotation is beginning to come around. Chris Davis: I will refrain from Bordick-isms, but it was nice to see the big man go deep. He sure relished that trip around the bases 😂. He's now nipping at Mullins' heels with a .086. Oh, and he broke another bat on his knee after a strikeout, which must be a very satisfying thing to be able to do and I'm jealous. Dwight Smith Jr.: Bounced into 2 double plays before going Super Sayan and deciding to drive in 4 runs with his second 2-run Pesky Pole Squeaker and a 2-run opposite field double in the 9th. Good for an even .800 OPS on the year. Gotta love this guy! Pull that lawnmower cord, young man. Renato Nunez: Speaking of finding good players on waivers, Renato continues to show that, yes, he's a Major League hitter, thank you very much. Slammed an RBI single off the monster and picked up 2 more hits, including a 2B. 3-5 on the day and his average is closing in on .300. That'll work! Trey Mancini: Ho hum, another two hit game with a double from the All Star RF. OPS hanging out at 1.101. 🤷‍♂️ Jonathan Villar: RBI single, SB, 2 BB, 2 R. Good fantasy line! Jimmy Yacabonis: He's getting a lot more trust to pitch in big spots this year and he's not disappointing. He's an expert gap-filler in all these 5 inning starts and he came up big again today, notching another scoreless outing over 1.1 IP. Paul Fry: Couple of really big outs. Can't say enough about Paul Fry, man. He and Jimmy are a steady duo out there. Phillips and Castro: 2 scoreless innings to end the game, and nice to see Castro have back-to-back scoreless outings. Perhaps he's coming around a little. The Red Sox: Consider the following: The Sox got beat at home on Patriot's Day by $500,000 Dan Straily who throws 90mph, the .086-hitting Chris Davis, two waiver claim guys who drove in 5 runs combined, and a bullpen consisting of Some Guys. All while inexplicably playing their catcher at 2B and Pearce in LF (who has actually played 2B) and generally looking goofy out there. And they're a game behind the O's. Yikes! Brandon Hyde: Attaboy Skip! Get your money's worth babayyyy!!! Mini 🌈s: So Ruiz is basically good for a walk per game, which is pretty cool. Sucre had a nice hit to go with a walk of his own. And Martin picked up two walks himself, which, whatcha doin Red Sox? Two double plays were turned, one started by Martin, the other by Villar. NO HOME RUNS ALLOWED
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    Straily put up a .544 OPS in 43 PA last season. So if anything, it's another option off the bench to hit for Davis late in the game.
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    Not a pitcher, Mike Wright.
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    Hess threw 82 pitches and needed 8 more outs. I honestly expected my opinion to be in the majority here, I promise it’s possible to agree with the decision to pull without being a contrarian.
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    I have already had more fun in 3.7 games this season than all of last season.
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    On pace for 108 wins baby.
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    I know this isn't a game thread, but this has been a very entertaining game to watch for this Orioles fan. Those of you whining and complaining and not watching due to the lineup have missed a good one. Aggressive on the bases, timely hitting and some fine defensive plays. Great Saturday afternoon fun.
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    The Yankees had 8 hits over 100 MPH exit velocity compared to 3 by the #Orioles. Cashner gave up 6 of those including Giancarlo Stanton's 120.6 MPH 1B, and Luke Voit's 112.6 MPH, 428 foot dead center home run. Dwight Smith Jr. had O's hardest hit with his 103.5 MPH single. The Yankees averaged 96 MPH Exit velocity off Cashner today which is bad, but not as bad as Paul Fry's 99.3 EV allowed. Mike Wright struggled to throw strikes but only allowed a 84.9 EV. These Yankees can hit. Rio Ruiz's 4th inning single (100.3) was the only other Orioles hit over 100 MPH EV, bu at it's -9 launch angle it only registered a .280 xBA. Andrew Cashner only got 5 swinging strikes in his 75 pitches. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/gamefeed?game_pk=567456&game_date=2019-3-28&type=away_pitchers&chart_view=pitch&chart_type=description&inning=&count=&batter_hand=&pitcher_hand=&filter=
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    I get so sick of the Brady is the root of all evil narrative. Reimold was pretty good a lot of the time. That’s why he got lots of chances. .831 OPS in 2009. .781 in 2011. .960 in 2012. Lest anyone forget, it was his clutch double that tied Game 162 against the Red Sox in ‘11, and he scored the winning run. I was not, repeat not, one of Reimold’s fanboys. But he had his moments. As to his fielding, his arm was just fine, thank you. He played LF because Markakis was entrenched in RF. Was he a good judge of fly balls? No, not at all. Overall a below average fielder. But his arm was very solid.
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    I’m just not able to comprehend baseball at your level.
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    This probably won't come as a big surprise, but I've been of the belief that Mike Wright is not going to be a successful major league pitcher for some time now. I once held out hope if he was converted into a one or two inning reliever that he would throw harder more consistently and when he focused on his change it could be a nice complement piece. This year, the new regime had him ditch the change (only thrown 3) and focus more on the cutter (designated as a slider in statcast) but the results have been pretty horrific since his 1st two outings of the year, including the outing when he was brought in to save the game and was all hyped up and throwing 95-97 MPH vs his normal 93-94. While the cutter has gotten some whiffs (36.4%), he misses too much with the pitch and batters have hit .462 with a .923 SLG against the pitch so far though the expected BA (.251) and SLG (.456) suggest he has run into a little bit of bad luck. The big issue though is without enough change of speed (89.4 for cutter vs 94.1 for FB) or plane, his fastball has been getting murdered for a .833 avg (.441 xBA) and 1.500 SLG (.906 xSLG). It's worth noting that in the 20 sinkers (92.8 MPH) he's thrown batters were 0-for-3 when batters put it in play making it his only successful pitch so far in 2019. While I don't necessarily believe any combination of Mike Wright will be successful, I do think he's got a lot better chance of being better as a sinker, change-up guy with an occasional cutter/4 seamer than this FB/cutter guy. BTW, last year batter put up a .204 xBA against the change and throughout Wright's minor league career his change was his best offspeed pitch. Saying that, if the Orioles are going to run Wright out there as a cutter/FB guy then it's time to cut bait and bring up Gabriel Ynoa and give him a shot at the Wright role. While I don't necessarily believe Ynoa is a long term answer, I did like what I saw in a couple of his outings where he at least showed a 4-pitch mix. Ynoa, sometimes you gotta give a guy a chance!
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    Who had Easter Sunday for the day they DFA'd Mike Wright? The Orioles selected the contract of Gabriel Ynoa to replace the struggling reliever. I guess that Spring training media driven "confidence" thing was a little overblown a bit? Nothing personal, but this was long overdue.
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    That was a nice hit and base running by Davis tonight.
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    How can you change the standings when there's a sign that says Please Don't Touch Bats?
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    Honestly, this is the kind of early season cherry picking that wildcard seems to do every year that just drives me nuts. The guy has a 5.31 ERA this year. He had a 5.28 ERA last year. His last two outings were 5.1 innings 3 ER and 5.0 innings 3 ER (that’s 5.23 ERA combined). So he groups those with the one good outing Cashner has had all year, ignores the bad one immediately before that, calculates a 3.31 ERA for those three outings and then says there’s “no reason to think that won’t continue.” In reality, there’s probably less than a 1% chance that will continue. Please don’t take this personally, wildcard. I think you’re an excellent poster, and the board wouldn’t be nearly as good without you. But the cherry picking of minuscule samples to try to reach some insanely optimistic conclusion detracts from that.
  47. 6 points
    Rick Dempsey just "completely, totally agreed" with Hyde pulling Hess, which tells me that it was, in fact, a terrible decision.
  48. 6 points
    Coming off short rest and not on pace to finish under 110 pitches, you could just as easily say they respected him by protecting his health.
  49. 6 points
    Tied for second place. Everyone else in division lost except of course Yankees.
  50. 6 points
    Every air-tight argument begins "announcers on ESPN" said.
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