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    New article up this morning, in which I list my personal 11 favorite draft prospects with notes and video as well as discuss briefly strategy and players likely to be available at the spot. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/05/23/orioles-draft-primer-the-first-round/ This thread may get moved to the Amateur Draft sub-forum eventually, but I wanted to put it here first for exposure and discussion. Edit: the second installment http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/05/28/orioles-draft-primer-supplemental-1st-rd-and-preference-list/
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    Like the previous years, this will be the thread where we will keep the draft picks and follow them through signing. Post any signings in this thread, or in the forum, and I'll keep this post updated. Thanks. Player will become bold when he signs. 1. - (11. $4,375,100) Grayson Rodriguez - RHP - Central Heights HS TX 1A.- (37. $1,923,500) Cadyn Grenier - SS - Oregon State 3. - (87. $663,200) Blaine Knight - RHP-Arkansas 4. - (115. $483,300) Drew Rom - LHP - Highlands HS (KY) 5. - (145. $361,000) Robert Neustrom - RF- Iowa 6. - (175. $273,400) Yeankarlos Lleras - RHP -Leadership Christian Academy (HS) 7. - (205. $213,700) J.J. Montgomery - RHP - Central Florida (FL) 8. - (235. $170,700) Ryan Conroy - RHP - Elon U (NC) 9. - (265. $149,900) Kevin Magee- LHP - St Johns U 10. - (295. $140,600) Dallas Litscher - RHS - St. Katherines 11. - (325) Cody Roberts - C - North Carolina 12. - (355) Clay Fisher - SS - UC Santa Barbara (CA) 13. - (385) Andrew Fregia - SS - Sam Houston St 14. - (415) Doran Turchin - OF - U Illinois Champaign 15. - (445) Cody Hacker - LHP - Wentzville Holt HS 16. - (475) Parker McFadden - RHS - Washington State (WA) 17. - (505) Trevor Putzig - 3B - Tennessee Tech 18. - (535) Jake Zebron - RHS - Colonel Richardson HS 19. - (565) Andrew Jayne - CF - Terry Sanford HS 20. - (595) Caleb Kilian - RHP - Texas Tech (TX) 21. - (625) Nick or (Lance) Meservey - LHP - Seattle University (WA) 22. - (655) Garrett Martin - 3B - Standley Lake HS 23. - (685) Bradley Brehmer - RHS - Decatur Central HS 24. - (715) Herbert Iser - C - San Jacinto Col North 25. - (745) Nick Horvath - CF - Florida 26. - (775) Ian Evans - 2B - Grand Canyon University (AZ) 27. - (805) Jason Montville - LHS - St Katherine Col 28. - (835) Trey Whitley - CF - North Johnston HS 29. - (365) Jared Denning - C - Solano JC 30. - (895) Tyler Joyner - RHS - University of North Alabama 31. - (925) John Ham - SS - Tennessee Tech U 32. - (955) Jayvien Sandridge - LHS - Mercersburg Academy 33. - (985) Zachary Mcleod - SS- Colorado Mesa U 34. - (1015) Trey Truitt - CF - Mercer (GA) 35. - (1045) Conor Grammes - RHR - Xavier U 36. - (1075) Matt Beaird - C - Coastal Carolina U C 37. - (1105) Andrew Ciolli - RHR - Mercyhurst Col 38. - (1135) Slade Cecconi - RHP - Trinity Prep School (FL) 39. - (1165) Ted Stuka - RHS - UC San Diego 40. - (1195) Sam Grace - RHS - Francis Howell North HS 2017 Draft Tracker 2016 Draft Tracker 2015 Draft Tracker 2014 Draft Tracker 2013 Draft Tracker 2012 Draft Tracker 2011 Draft Tracker 2010 Draft Tracker 2009 Draft Tracker Player Slot Spent Savings Pick# 1. Grayson Rodriguez ($4,375,100) $4,300,000 $75,100 11 1A. Cadyn Grenier ($1,923,500) 37 3. Blaine Knight ($663,200) 87 4. Drew Rom ($483,300) $650,000 $- 166,670 115 5. Robert Neustrom ($361,000) $300,000 $61,000 145 6. Yeankarlos Lleras ($273,500) $ 250,000 $23,500 175 7. J.J. Montgomery ($213,700) $195,000 $18,700 205 8. Ryan Conroy ($170,700) $150,000 $20,700 235 9. Kevin Magee ($149,900) ~($20,000) ~ $129,900 265 10. Dallas Litscher ($140,600) ~($20,000) ~$120,600 295 Savings ~$282,830 Slot Values Orioles: $8,754,500 $ Slot Values 105% $9,192,225 Approximate potential overslot $437,725
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    I was 13 years old when the Orioles beat the Phillies in the 1983 World Series. I still remember watching Scott McGregor make that pitch and Cal Ripken making a two-handed catch to finish off the series. In my lifetime, the Orioles had never had losing record, and in fact won less than 90 games only three times, two of which were strike shortened years (1972-1981). If you go back to 1966, the Orioles had appeared in six World Series, won three, and made it to the playoffs in eight of those years. A big part of that was the "Orioles Way" The Orioles Way was real as players learned it from the time they were signed, through the minor league and onto the big league team. Everything from how to take leads, make cut offs, work counts in order to get on base (working a walk was encouraged), and to "Work Fast, Change Speeds, Throw Strikes" was taught to everyone. "Perfect practice makes perfect" was a Cal Ripken Sr. motto that they lived by. The overall belief was that hard work, professionalism, and a strong understanding of fundamentals were the keys to success at the major league level. The Orioles never had the highest paid players or signed the best free agents, but they won year and year out because the Orioles were a synchronized cohesive organization. They had great managers and coaches, many of which would go on and manage elsewhere. Heck, my High School coach Harry Lentz was a "bird dog" scout and friends with Cal Ripken Sr. and he taught us the Orioles Way at Northeast Highschool! Despite the fact that our high school rarely even put kids into college baseball, we were always in the running for County and sometime state Championships in in 1991 the school won a "National Championship" under Lentz. Why? Lentz and Coach Kohlhafer were great coaches, but we were taught and used the "Orioles Way". In fact, I truly believe my knowledge and love of baseball to this day was cemented by the Orioles Way. In 18 years under the "Orioles Way" (1966-1983), the Orioles did the following: .588 - Winning Percentage (1168-1168) 17 - Winning Seasons 0 - .500 seasons 1 - Under .500 Season 6 - World Series 3 - World Championships 8 - Playoff Appearances 8 - ALCS appearences 8 - Division Championships The Orioles eventually would go away from the "Orioles Way" as Earl Weaver retired and Cal Ripken Sr. was fired. They started trying to fill voids with second class free agents and their drafting and development started to go downhill. In the last 35 years since that World Series, the Orioles have done the following: .475 - Winning Percentage (2612-2879) 11 - Winning Seasons 1 - .500 season 22 - Under .500 seasons 0 - World Series 5 - Playoff Appearances 3 - ALCS appearences 2 - Division Championships Now I know you can't really know when the Orioles way stopped being taught, but many feel when Cal Sr. was fired so did the Orioles way, though the way the team was being built certainly had changed before then. Regardless, until the Orioles can find someone to lead them that will once again instill an "Orioles way" throughout the organization, this organization will remain the dysfunctional mess it's been for most of the last 35 years.
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    Paul, I read your article on Baltimorebasball.com. I know being negative is in vogue now but maybe you could go against the trend and write a positive article about the youth on the team. Only 21: Ryan McKenna - Should be moving up to AA in the next month. From there he could be in the majors soon. He is a speedy centerfield with a better arm than Mullins. He could push Mullins to left sometime in the future. His 366/447/517/964 split at Frederick along with his defense has been impressive. Just 23: Chance Sisco - Is throwing, playing defense and calling games better than expected. Now if he can get his bat going like his minor league splits of 311/390/426/815. Miguel Castro - After putting up a 3.53 ERA in 66.1 IP as a 22 year old for the O's he is back this year with a 3.00 ERA in 33 IP in only a third of the season. Cedric Mullins - Cedric has the rangy and skill of a major league centerfield right now. Tonight he moves to AAA after burning up AA with a 315/362/518/879. We will probably see him in CF with the O's the day that Adam Jones is traded. Keegan Akin - This 2nd round lefty starter is moving fast. In AA he has a 2.97 ERA in 10 starts and 57.2 IP. He is striking out over a batter per inning with 63. He should be moving to AAA in the next month. Hunter Harvey - The O's first rounder was having his innings limited because they wanted to call him up in the 2nd half to help in the pennant race. With no race this year he is now pitching more innings per start. Striking out a batter an inning through his first 30 innings. If we don't see him this year he will come to spring trading in 2019 with a chance to make the team. He is already on the 40 man roster. Austin Hays - Injuries and a change in his hitting approach messed him up early but this guy has the arm and range to be a major league right fielder. His 32 homer and 95 RBI to go with splits of 329/365/593/958 at AA and A+ last year made him the #21 prospect for Baseball America. Getting healthy and his batting approach straighten out could move very fast up to the O's. Anthony Santander - With a year in the majors under his belt as a Rule 5 steal, Santander is now starting to show how good a AA prospect he can be with a .313 average. Look for him to start flashing the power that he showed last year in Bowie and the year before in A+ when he hit 20 and drove in 95. At 24: Davis Hess - Has earned himself a place in the O's rotation replacing Chris Tillman. His 3.47 ERA shows that his 2-2 record in his first 4 starts could even be better with a little more offensive support. Tanner Scott - This lefty's blazing fastball and effective slider is now showing flashes of what he could be in the near future as a setup reliever or maybe even a closer. With stuff this good it will be hard to keep him at AAA though he may be headed there with a roster crunch about to occur. Once Britton and Brach are traded by July 31st, look for Scott to become a fixture in the O's pen. DJ Stewart - is ready to be promoted to the O's outfield. Only a strained hamstring stands in his way. Look for him to take over RF when he arrives. His .363 OBP and 814 OPS in spite of a tough home park for hitters. . Elsewhere in the International League he hit 295/370/500 870. He is ready when healthy. Pedro Araujo - Taken in the Rule 5 draft he has shown flashes of a strong arm and good stuff. He still needs some polish on his pitches but could be a real factor in 2019 after beginning the year in the minors. At 25: Dylan Bundy - Is a fixture in the O's rotation. He has 7 Quality Starts in his 12 games and could have a good record with a little offensive support. He has a 28-22 career record in his young career. At 26: Jonathan Schoop - Jon was the O's MVP last year with 32 homers, 105 RBI and a 293/338/503/841 split. He is off to a slow start due to an injury this season but is expected to get back to his bashing ways soon. Jon will have 5 years of service at the end on this season and needs to be extended. Trey Mancini - Showed a power bat with good control in his rookie year last year. His 293/338/488/826 split made him a dependable, productive hitter wherever Buck put him in the lineup. He is slumping now but his bat has been so good the expectation is he will trend back to what he did last year. Luis Gonzalez - Look out for this lefty reliever. Buck has liked him in the past and he is having a good first half at Bowie. A 2.55 ERA in 24.2 IP with 31 strikeouts and a 1.05 WHIP. He should be at AAA in the next month. The only thing that will hold him back is having Bleier, Scott and Hart in front on him. At 27 and now in their prime: Kevin Gausman - Kevin was a workhorse last year with 34 starts and 186.2 IP. His 2016 was probably his best year to date with a 3.61 ERA in 30 starts. He has had a hard time putting two good halves of the season together. Its hard to know how good Gausman is this year with poor defense, poor hitting and an inconsistent pen so far. There is no mistaking his 98 mph fastball and his great secondary pitches when he has it all going his way. Donnie Hart - has been a effective lefty reliever for the O's over the passed 2+ years. His 2.66 career ERA shows his value to the team. So far this year he has a 1.59 ERA when in the major. He has been on the Norfolk shuttle because he has options. 28 and established: Mychal Givens - Is the O's next closer in waiting. Givens career numbers speak for themselves. 18-4, 2.86 ERA in 211 IP, 256 SO and a 1.13 WHIP. Mychal is not even arbitration eligible yet and will not be eligible for FA until after the 2021 season.. These 19 players are the young core of the O's. It is expected that as Manny, Britton, Jones and Brach are traded in the next two months other young players will be added to the mix.
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    I know Jim Palmer well...one thing he never does is lie. Sometimes his honesty is maddening for some in the WAREHOUSE but he doesn't have to lie at this point in his career.
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    Of course, the shear fact that we played ourselves out of any chance of contention within the first 30 games of the season is the most disappointing thing about this season. But beyond that, there are three things really gnawing at me: 1. The incredibly disappointing performance of Austin Hays in AA this year. I had this guy pegged as our RF for the next 6-7 years, with the only question being exactly when this year he’d be ready. Now, I don’t know what the hell to think about him. 2. The up and down performance of Dylan Bundy. Just like last year, he started the season looking like a stud, and this time, I thought he’d maintain it. I still expect him to have some more great performances this year, but he just doesn’t seem cut out to consistently excel every fifth day. Very frustrating. 3. The Orioles’ refusal to deal with the Tillman and Davis situations. It’s bad enough that these guys have been as bad as they are, but the O’s reluctance to address either situation with urgency has really shaken my confidence in management at all levels. It’s an organization that can’t admit its mistakes and minimize the damage, and that’s a terribly dangerous thing. There have been countless other negatives this year, but those are the three that really gnaw at me.
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    I just discovered a cool resource to see the current stats of each teams top 30 prospects, per MLB.com. Just choose any team in the drop down menu. It's very nice for all of this trade discussion. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/prospects/stats?dateRange=Year2018&minPA=1
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    Sure, we ARE a crummy team with flaws and holes everywhere, and sure, the White Sox ARE a crummy team with only one truly great hitter...Abreu. I sometimes watch the game without regard to standings or how futile this season has been. I suspend reality. I zero in and concentrate as if it were an important playoff game..the series in NY for example reminded me of a playoff game in this nearly unwatchable season. Tonight Mancini didn't get a hit, but hit the ball hard, and he had assists on two key defensive plays, and one of them was with the game rally on the line. Manny made throw on the relay and it was a thing of beauty...and a game saver. Also Mychal Givens was magnificent tonight, coming in with runners at second and third and NO outs and striking out two and getting one infield popup. Super clutch performance. Givens looks like a different pitcher lately. He pitched through an injury before but now his stuff is electric again...touching 97-98 tonight. I also liked that Davis hit the ball really hard and though he had nothing to show for it, Im hopeful he can start hitting with confidence. I hope. Brach nearly caved again but gained poise and composure after striking out two with a runner at third and only 1out...with the game on the line. This isn't a very good team and this has been an embarrassing season, but if you just watch the game for what it is...sometimes, not often enough this year...you get rewarded as a fan. This game tonight was a reward. We beat the crummy White Sox and we are crummy too....but it felt really good.
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    Happy Birthday to my first and really ONLY sports hero. Oh, I loved and admired Ali, but I never wanted to “be” like him. Brooks Robinson, who celebrates his 81st birthday today, carried himself with grace, dignity, and class. I wanted to be like him, even though I would never have his talent. I wanted to carry myself with dignity and decorum and hoped that if I ever were successful..that those qualities I saw in Brooks, I would try to embody myself, if I could. From the time I was 5 years old, I knew he was the player who would be at the center of my sports universe. By the time I was 18, and he was almost retired, I saw him “Up Close”. I’ve mentioned here that I was batboy for the Baltimore Orioles for a few years during the late 60’s and 70’s. It was a gateway to Brooks Robinson,I thought…. getting to meet him, getting to know him, and maybe, just maybe, becoming a, dare I say “friend” of Brooks’? On my very first day as an Oriole batboy, Brooks Robinson, the first player in the Oriole clubhouse(sometimes ahead of the clubhouse “cubbies”) in the locker room, walks into the tiny dressing room I had. ‘Hey partner’..whats your name’? I looked up from what I was doing…and saw Brooks with his hand extended to me. It took my breath away. Then, after I stammered and remembered my name, he said “Partner…wanna play some pepper”? For those who don’t know…”pepper” is a simple game of hit and field. For the next 30 minutes, a goofy, awkward kid from Miami is playing ball with his only sports hero. “Don’t stab at it partner, look the ball in”, he said. Brooks Robinson was giving ME fielding pointers. I eventually caught my breath again and for the next several months I would ride “shotgun” on the buses going to away games in the Spring with Brooks Robinson. We talked, but he was so friendly and interested in me, I could barely say anything at all. He just radiated positiveness and goodness. Brooks NEVER dissed. No gossip. No profanity. He was always the gentleman of the team and the team had a lot of profane, bad mannered types. Brooks authentically lived the perception people have of him. He exuded the best of sportsmanship, cheerfulness, positiveness. I mustv’e watched him field 10,000 ground balls in the spring. He never took time to goof off when he was “working”. Years passed. Then I left the team to go to college. One night the Orioles were playing my college team, Miami, in a Spring exhibition game. I was the baseball play by play announcer on college radio with my buddy Gary Chrisman.(Who is still doing it today and is one of the best in the business) Brooks Robinson comes to the plate and hits a home run… as Gary and I were calling the game. I can say in my lifetime, I called a Brooks Robinson home run on a radio broadcast. More years went by, Brooks went to the Hall of Fame, and we remained close. Brooks had some serious health issues, but thankfully he recovered. One night, when he was ill, he asked ME to fill in for him at a major awards banquet. I couldn’t have said yes fast enough. An undeserved honor for me. Then lets fast forward to 2012. I get a phone call and see on ID…its Brooks. “Partner”(he still only calls me partner) its Brooks Robinson(“…..like I wouldn’t know who Brooks was). They are unveiling my statue at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and I’d like YOU to introduce me to the fans when I come to podium. I literally looked at the phone like people do in movies with disbelief as to what I just heard. He wanted ME of all people to dedicate his statue with HIM? It made no sense. Then I realized. He didn’t want to pick one teammate or baseball person he was close with…and heres why. Brooks cares about people’s feelings. if he asked Earl Weaver or Frank Robinson to introduce him, maybe someone else who played with him might be hurt. Thats the way Brooks thinks. It is why he is a great and good man. He picked ME. What an honor. The day comes. Thousands of people are there for Brooks’ statue I am introduced by Gary Thorne at the Oriole Park. I walk to the podium, and Im choked up. I almost couldn’t breathe. This isn’t about me, its about my only sports hero. And this is the greatest honor of my public life. After I caught my breath,I got a few minutes to tell my hero…I loved him. And I got to tell everyone there why. That clip is below. Happy Birthday Brooks Robinson…number 81. We could sure use a ton of people like YOU on this planet. I love you Brooks Robinson. You’re the greatest man in sports I ever knew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz9iiXNRado
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    Everybody knows this team cannot contend in 2018. No matter what rosy picture you want to paint about players turning around bad seasons, guys coming back from injuries, or any other fantasies, it won't happen. And as much as we like to think people in the organization are stupid, they all know it too. Even PGA. Tomorrow is the draft. There will be interactions with the press where Duquette, or somebody, talks about the new players we got. It is time for whoever is actually running things to set the tone for moving forward. Talking about the drafted players as being part of the future of the Orioles, but also talking about how the rest of this season will be about positioning the Orioles for the future and getting back to contention as soon as possible. Every move made from here on should be made with that in mind. That means there should be no reoccurence of yesterday, when Dan Duquette confirmed to a reporter that we are interested in Hanley Ramirez. This team has been in a win-now mode for the past 7 years, and some good teams were produced. But the rudder has to be turned, the ship has to be maneuvered towards building for the future and not this year. Buck has to buy into it too. He has to start talking about the future in his postgame press conferences, about building a group of young players who can learn how to win together. No more talk about how some guys are "struggling", with the implication being that they will break out of their slumps. Man up, admit that we will not be playing for the postseason this year. That is the first step in giving the players something to play for, an organizational vision that they can work to achieve their place in. I know people talk about how it's difficult for players to play, and play hard, on a losing team that isn't going anywhere. And it is. But you know what I think is HARDER? Playing for a losing team that isn't going anywhere but that is still talking about this season, pretending and acting like they are still contenders. When in their hearts they know it's all BS. Letting go of that pretension can actually be freeing. Instead of grinding through meaningless loss after meaningless loss, if the organization suddenly is talking about the future, the players who aren't free agents now can play with a mindset that they need to do what they can to assure they are part of that future. That kind of attitude may make them more willing to listen to coaches, to make major adjustments that they would normally not try in the middle of a season for fear that they would hurt the team if it didn't work. Right now, they are trudging out there every night trying to climb the impossible mountain, trying to turn around something that is un-turn-aroundable. Pushing a rock up a hill and seeing it fall further back than it was yesterday. Start talking about a vision for the future, and each game is no longer the painful slog that has to be repeated night after night. It is the start of something, something that won't happen this year, likely won't happen next year, or even the year after. But there is a goal and the goal is no longer an impossible dream of this team achieving anything. It is a goal that sometime down the line, we will be a winner again, and your only job now is to do what you need to do to be a part of that winner. Who knows, maybe it would even convince Chris Davis to take a few weeks in the minors. (I doubt this, but making him think more about the next 4.5 years instead of just trying to go out there each night and magically turn it around could lead to a willingness to try something different). And of course the talk has to be backed up with action. Every move from here on should be based on the future of the team. I'm not saying they need to immediately make wholesale cuts of dead wood such as Gentry, Alvarez, Wright, etc (not that I would mind one bit if they did). But when an opportunity to make a move arises, it better be a move that looks to the future. Say no to Hanley Ramirez, say yes to Cedric Mullins. I actually believe even this year's team might win more games if the organization sent that message now and lived up to it, instead of trying to act like we just need to get some guys going or add a Hanley Ramirez to "turn this around". Sometimes you have to let go of the dream before you can start the hard work for the next dream.
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    I’m reasonably confident Duquette could do a rebuild job, if ownership would get out of the way and let him do it. We have a pretty good scouting staff, judging from the last few drafts, and they probably could identify the MiL players we should chase. What worries me is that other teams will be reluctant to spend time cutting deals with Dan, due to the high risk of a veto and/or foot dragging by ownership.
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    Excellent article by Ed and Peter that verified a lot of what was in my piece but also clarified Lou's role in baseball operations. That was something I wasn't clear about. What this tells us though is several things: - The Orioles are still run by Peter Angelos even if his sons are taking more responsibility and that ownership is still making final baseball decisions. - Ownership veteoed deals for Britton and Machado that baseball people liked and thought would help rebuild the team. - Lou was in charge of the baseball operations budgeting this off season and perhaps longer, including international scouting. So the fact that they didn't spend much at all in international budgeting would suggest he won't change the poor policy of not spending internationally much in the future. - Duquette acts as the GM, but only to bring deals to ownership who then makes final decisions (2hich could include Brady with influence) - Like in my piece, Brady wants to be President but doesn't want to do the dirty work of being a GM. He likes to do what he wants when he wants. Basically, all things point to this team continually being run like it's been run. No clear hierarchy, multiple people having influences, and the Angelos' running things as they always have. In other words, more of the same.
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    In my humble opinion, Davis has completely lost it. Not only at the plate and but also in his line of thinking. Davis, you're hitting .156, your OPS is .483 and you've scored 9 runs on the season. What in the world are you talking about who the real players are and the guts of the team for. Nothing is wrong and there is a actual game plan? Is it for the entire team to swing at anything that leaves the pitcher's hand and for you to continue to strike out looking on fastballs right down the middle of the plate? Look, I have nothing wrong with encouraging teammates and trying to be positive etc but if I'm your teammate and you're the highest paid player on the team hitting in the .150's constantly not lifting the bat off your shoulder, I don't think there is much advice I would take from someone performing at a way below replacement player level. masn
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    Chris Davis Positive Thinking Seminar will be at the Baltimore Arena this weekend. Tickets are going faster then his balls put in play. Mike Bordick is guest speaker - He will be doing the Sgt. Schultz routine. I see nothing. Scott Coolbaugh was supposed to help with the training but some confusion on what really happened. Buck will speak ,so Davis can be the guy to cleanup.
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    The draft will be so much more fun next year when we don’t have to wait for other teams to pick.
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    Well I'll be dead in 80 years so I'm fine with it.
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    There is much wrong with this roster and rosterbation relief won't change that. And the depth of futility by this roster and it's "going for it" payroll is one of the most intriguing aspects of our otherwise abject failure. I am not in the camp of they won't make trades. But it's a situation that is highly likely to leave the Orioles worse off. Teams negotiating will obviously be hesitant about if we will agree and that is understandable. We also don't have many pieces performing in a way that screams of tremendous trade value. Obviously Manny is valuable. But if your next best piece is Britton...well he was last awesome in 2016. There is value, and the Orioles should have everyone on the table. I continue to fear that trades will reflect a reload for 2019 and I think that idea will work about as well as the 2018 We're going for it! So, it's not IF there will be trades I am concerned about. It is what are we trying to accomplish in doing them that has me greatly worried. As to the Original Post. Have I had enough? Many here have debated things like the value of Felix Pie, the wisdom of Marty Cordova, the embarrassment of 30-3, the Mother's Day Massacre, the Wow Offer to Mark Teixeira, the wild 3 ways of Sports Guy and through it all...up or down have we have managed to forge on and continue to love the Baltimore Orioles. Everyone has things they can turn attention to when it's not going well. Less time here, more reading, time with family, etc. Check out the music thread here sometime... Mostly this is a continuation of an ERA began by an owner who may have saved the Orioles from an even worse fate by outbidding Jeffery Loria and yet has somehow managed to consistently embarrass baseball and the fans. However, he may have also left a more enduring legacy by proving that 7+ years at top money contracts are bad. Enough? Well, yes, I have had enough. But there are 30 MLB teams, and mine is the Baltimore Orioles, so, I will: Hope the Owner makes a good move soon, hope the GM is given authority and a budget to succeed, I hope the draft turns up Brooks, Cal, Eddie, Frank and Jim. I hope the manager drives the clubhouse to success, I hope every member of the organization knows their role and is held accountable to it. I hope Chris Davis rediscovers himself and if not finds happiness away from the game. I hope Manny Machado, Zack Britton and Adam Jones are traded to the Yankees for Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar and Luis Severino and I hope all three (Manny, ZB, AJ) sign with the Orioles on great deals in November. Mostly, I yearn for success that has been long out of our reach. And while this particular season of futility has been very hard to take, I will simply find ways to go forward. And to those who really don't have much remembrance of the 14 years of blackness or the 15+ years of baseball excellence, I say this...On the day that the Orioles announce they are looking to the future; name a GM, begin making trades that look to a future beyond this year and next...you will feel better immediately. So will the players. It's always darkest before the dawn of an era. Imagine!
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    He seems to be the one person in the organization who is good at his job. The Orioles have drafted Josh Hader, Mancini, Sisco, Hess, Mountcastle, McKenna, Mullins, Hays, Lowther and Baumann under his watch. Donnie Hart's been worth 1.6 WAR as a 27th round pick. If the Orioles are going to promote within, why not hire the guy who has a good eye for talent? I bet he would be a much better GM than Brady or Buck.
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    So how many baseball seasons are you willing to cancel to get the players union to agree to that enormous concession? Seems like it would be easier just NOT TO OFFER 7 YEAR CONTRACTS TO 30+ YEAR OLD PLAYERS. That solves the whole problem without cancelling the World Series two years in a row.
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    So now the Rays have almost as many Fonts as OFFNY.
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    Susac's hitting was so bad, he made Davis look good. DD sent him to the minors before Angelos could sign him to a long term deal.
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    If its true that the Cubs would offer Baez and Mike Montgomery plus another pitching prospect for Manny, I would take that deal. Baez is a a solid second baseman, and you could move Schoop to SS or 3b if they do acquire Baez. (Maybe acquire Moustakas down the road too)I like Montgomery too and I know him well. He came to my house for a baseball seminar and was the only player of the 16 prospects at my house who wrote a hand written thank you note for allowing my house to be used for a meeting.I have NO interest in Addison Russell who looks like a troubled kid with a suspicion of domestic violence. But then, thats never stopped us before...remember Frankie Rodriguez.
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    Yeah, he's turning the barrel better now, something he always did well as a LHB. For those who might read this and not get what turning the barrel means, here is an example (not intended for you Joey). Watch these two videos in slow motion, look at hand position when the barrel begins to enter the zone. For HS Moesquit, the barrel doesn't enter the zone until the hands are past his body, it's pushed through with his hands. For Soto, the barrel begins to turn as soon as he finishes loading his hands and enters the zone much earlier. If that doesn't make sense either, here is a quick video explaining the difference. In pro ball you don't see full on push the barrel swings, because guys with those swings don't make it. But you will see guys who let their hands get forward and their swings get a bit pushy.
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