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    Jake is teasing us like a young girl out at the local bar for the first time tonight. She dances with you. Gets motor running. You screw up the courage to ask her out. She should say yes. But now she is all coy and innocent. You learn she is only 16. She is jail bait. She runs back to her house and wont come out. You call her, drive by her house once in a while. She sends you letters telling you how much she loves you and just wait the two years then she will be your fantasy girl. Well two years have past a while ago. You see her around but she isnt as hot as before. Your memory is playing tricks on you. She lets boys from NY and California do nasty things to her. And you get nothing. But she teases, teases, teases. But is this the year the Orioles hit a homerun with Arrieta? Or will she keep giving it up to the others?
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    Yep. 100% PR and marketing nonsense. I enjoy football. I could do without a special performance from some crappy pop act playing on the "Coke NFL Experience Stage" with compensated actors in NFL jerseys dancing around in front of the stage. Seriously, THAT is what people are upset about missing. S-L-A-P!!!!
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    The owner's comments and the moronic stance of many of my fellow Ravens fans. Really, I like the league as a whole a little less after this entire thing. So many lies, so much deception, money-grubbing and blame-shifting. It's everything that's wrong with sports in a small container.
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    I know it's not a popular opinion around here, but I think it sucks. I couldn't care less what organization makes what power play to stand on ceremony and count it's millions. The losers here are the fans and the players. I understand that the general consensus around here is, "good for them for standing up to the bully" because this is an Orioles website with fans that love the O's and the MLB. I still don't think it's a great move for the fans that live in Baltimore. I love the Orioles and that's never going to change. I also spend a good bit of money on my PSL and tickets every year, so I'm pretty bummed out that I don't get to see the season opener that gets awarded to the champs. Oh well, I'll just have to catch the next one when we win our next trophy..... I guess.
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    What an outing. His stock moved up today and Johnson down. I still think this is a 2 horse race with Arrieta and Matusz duking it out. One in the pen and the other in the rotation. I wish this season would hurry up and start so we could put this to rest and start talking about trades or who should come up or go down.
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    Jeff Zrebiec ‏@jeffzrebiecsun 7m #Orioles apparently agreed to move up the game up from 7:05 to 4. You could see why that wouldn't work w/ FB game starting at 8:30/9
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    I won't disagree with that, but we have to call a spade a spade when it's acting like one. And right now Bisciotti is in bed with Kraft and the NFL, and they're being a bunch of bullies. I'm ecstatic that MLB didn't back down.
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    Greedy Goodell. He could have easily moved the game to a Wednesday, Tuesday, or Monday, but didn't want to. It was either his way or a way that would either inconvenience the Orioles or inconvenience the Ravens. This date was set for months by MLB and both teams involved. Goodell was way off base expecting the Orioles, White Sox, and MLB to bend to his will. Good for the O's, and screw the NFL. I hate that the Ravens open on the road, but that's on Goodell and no one else.
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    And I understand that reasoning... but this no Wednesday stuff because of Rosh Hashanah is such a load of BS it's ridiculous.
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    Closer to 8 k/9. Please give the actual numbers rather than inaccurately rounding. He has averaged 8.4 k/9 in his minor league career, 8.5 in AA and 7.5 in AAA.
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    Rodriguez messes up a DP ball by Dickerson. Teagarden out at 2nd. Dickerson on first
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    Ah, of course...the liberals. (not to steer this politically...but yeah.)
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    Well if that isn't the creepiest thing I've read in some time, I'm not sure what is.
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    A prerequisite for trading pitching for a middle of the order bat is that the pitchers must have either had sustained success in MLB or not have any MLB experience and be considered top prospects. They didn't want to trade Bundy or Gausman and they couldn't get a good hitter for Arrieta, Matusz or Tillman without further sustained MLB success. Saunders would have hindered not helped trading for a middle of the order bat. His ST stats were merely an aside, I expect him to be somewhat decent, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if one of Arrieta, Matusz or Johnson were better, and they wouldn't have had the opportunity to start if Saunders was here.
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    Is this a recurring theme with the Ravens? Win the super bowl, sign an Elvis?...thank you, thank you very much.
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    Not to be negative, but am I the only one that thinks that out of Hammel, Chen, Gonzo, and Tillman that one of them is going to falter? Either injury or just poor performance. Not one of them is an established front line starter. All have shown the ability to win in the big leagues(last year especially) but is it too much to expect that all four will repeat last year? I'm just not ready to trade any of those guys just yet. I would love to see Hunter moved, if any pitcher gets traded.
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    I'd happily flip a "young promising pitcher who just needs a change of scenery" to some dumbass team for a top prospect, but it's unlikely to impossible.
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    I have adapters to connect my dad's camera to my scope. We tried taking some pictures of the moon, but we couldn't get the images in focus. Not sure why that was. I need to do some research. Last night before I put my scope away I tried taking some pictures using my cell phone through the eyepiece. It's actually a viable method of taking pictures. They sell brackets that allow you to lock your phone in place in front of the eyepiece. Last night I did it all by hand, so the images are a bit blurry. I can do better. In these two pictures the curvature of the upper left corner is the edge of the eyepiece. The lower right is the shadow on the moon. If my math is correct this is 150x magnification.
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    Exactly the right decision, with the baseball schedule already set and the NFL schedule still being drafted.
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