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    Stone is very good and his ceiling is really high, but this game isn't a good game to judge his ability to play at the next level. The game plan and their lack of size allowed that game to be possible. It was really impressive, but I watched him in person against Bryce Johnson. He is still developing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This team is scary. Literally nothing fell for 30 minutes. Carter had an open shot at the foul line about 8 times and never made one. Trimble had some really rough moments. They were down 13 with 5 to play and won by 6. Amazing. If they shoot well from the outside, they are going to be almost impossible to beat. Stone had a monster night and good on him for continuing to answer the bell but Penn State's game plan was set up to provide a ton of opportunities inside for short shots. It was impressive that he kept coming and never looked gassed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    IF!!! It's also putting a crazy amount of pressure on yourself. The Cruz deal was to re-establish himself to the market after suspension. He needed it. Davis stock really can't get any higher. It could be horrible for him after turning down 150 mil!
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    Nothing hurt his market except his agent. He turned down a 7/150 million deal. A one year deal would be awful for him.
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    Man, I forgot about Zach Clark. He was in our organization for a long time. Guess that knuckleball experiment didn't work out...
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    When you get over 100+ million a year for payroll, you have to lose the adjective, severely limited to describe their budget.
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    Terry Doyle is currently on the Norfolk Tides Roster. http://www.milb.com/roster/index.jsp?sid=t568 Quincy Latimore is currently on the Bowie Baysox Roster. http://www.milb.com/roster/index.jsp?sid=milb&cid=418
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    More importantly, a player hires Boras to get the most money possible without caring about where that is, and while also allowing Boras to take the heat and the player can claim "it's out of my hands." To each his own. Nothing "wrong" with that per say, but after Davis' suspension during our WS run in 2014, his arrogant comments last offseason, and then turning down 150 MILLION dollars to play somewhere he "claimed" he would like to return, well, there is nothing wrong with me having the opinion that he is a greedy man who has no allegiance to his old team or his old teammates. Bigger picture, he's helping the Orioles not get locked into a significant bad contract for the next 7 years. I just hope we spend those resources wisely, and that is the real question.
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    Strange caption to run with the photo, as if the tornado were divine retribution for the Toronto rout.
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    It was pretty scary there for a little while.
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    Is he under contract? I think that's last year's news. Anyway, if I'm Latimore, coming up on age 27 after a big year at AA, I'm taking steroids and HGH for a shot at the bigs. I'm sure he'll end up somewhere, if not with the O's. Sent from my 0PJA2 using Tapatalk
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    Scott Kazmir just signed today with the Dodgers and the O's continue to wait until all the good players are signed elsewhere and the fans will hear the O's tried their best.
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