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    Thank God somebody has the courage to say what the rest of us are too afraid to.
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    I feel this is an appropriate poll since we are down to three impact bats. Of the big three left, who do you want? If you want none of them then pick who you would not want the least. I'm projecting the years and AAV to the best of my ability based on what the market has dictated, QO's, etc.
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    Wow this will be great. Thanks for the time and effort Doc and Craig.
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    Will impact the budget for this season in our ability to add other pieces. Could impact signing Manny long term. Also, you have to consider that when this blows up in Angelos' face he will be even more hesitant in spending significant money to improve the team in the future. The not my money argument doesn't work when you are a mid-market team operating with a gun shy owner.
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    Jones has a chance to pass Brady Anderson (208) and Rafael Palmeiro (223) this year, if that infernal Brady doesn't insist that the O's trade Jones away to keep him from passing Brady's mark.
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    I think they have a long way to go to be talked about among the best Terps team ever although they have the potential. Anyone remember this Terp team from 1998-1999? PG Steve Francis SG Laron Profit SF Danny Miller PF Terrence Morris C Obinna Ekezie Bench: G Juan Dixon G Terrell Stokes C Lonny Baxter F/C Mike Mardesich Six NBA draft picks on the roster. Did not make it past the Sweet 16.
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    Pretty much proves right there that there's nothing to it. Not that it's impossible, just that there is no real talk about it. Hey, you got 9 pages out of a non rumor. Not bad.
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    Haha--interesting analogy! That boondoggle convinced me never to drive thru downtown Boston; haven't been back for almost two decades. One of my favorite Capt. Beefheart songs is "Smithsonian Institute Blues": "C'mon down to the Big Dig / Can't get around the Big Dig!" Then, near the end, "Forget about that Big Dig, / Now you see it and it's time for you to choose." I hope the Bosox keep choosing wrong!
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    Like how you did that... If Upton signs with the Gnats I think I will barf.
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    Just doesn't seem lke this team is going to do anything.l would be shocked if one of the three players would likely end up in Baltimore.DD just doesn't seem interested in the team.Every year it's the thing. same DD and missed opportunities
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