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    The biggest reason to increase the odds of something happening is because pitchers and catchers report in less than 20 days. Fanfest isn't a factor, but every day we get closer to ST the odds go up slightly.
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    Oh boy! Is it going to be Miguel Tejada?
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    Exactly how I feel. I was a huge Mussina fan and held ZERO grudge against him for leaving. I also don’t hold a grudge because he chose the Yankees...they had the ability to offer him the most money and best opportunity to win. For all the talk about how many people dislike Angelos for the way he runs this organization, Mussina should’ve been applauded for basically telling him to pound sand. And take this for what you will but years ago, I ran into Mussina’s brother in a bar, noticed him right away and decided to go over and strike up a conversation with him. Super nice guy. He talked to me for at least 30 minutes and he explained that Mike was furious about how Angelos reneged on his promise but that he also felt terrible for the fans. Unless his brother is a liar, he did the same thing any normal person, working in a normal business would do if their boss pulled the BS Angelos pulled on him. Mussina will always be one of my top 5 favorite Orioles. Isn’t it “slightly” ironic that we haven’t had a TRUE Ace since he left?
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    Sidney Ponson and Dave McNally's zombified corpse. There, SP problem solved
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    You have to think they're dreading the upcoming Q/A sessions if they don't make some type of signing. About to lose the face of their franchise...only two legit SPs on the roster...even the little kids are going to grill them.
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    Here’s what I know: the free agents don’t care about Fanfest. They’ll sign when they get an offer they like. And I expect DD would love to have something to talk about at Fanfest but he’s not going to increase offers just for that. So, I’d peg the odds of a significant move in the next 48 hours at 10-15%.
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    I'd rather have uplifting news or no news than bad news
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    Did you mean Bookman? We used to do the "schop" in the sixties ;-)
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    I knew that of course and at this point any news is welcomed...even if not uplifting.
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    Team Weams. Of course not! I said LOL. Surely a guy who lives down by the river, but not in a van down by the river....gets sarcasm!!!!!! And I try to stay glued to computer for Oriole news most all year. Right here. At the best place for O's thoughts and news!
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    If they carry both Machado and Beckham, it doesn't seem necessary.
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    http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/01/leftovers-for-breakfast-68.html Roch mentioned that. And Shortstop still seems to be a must.
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    Mussina to HOF? Joe Torre: No, stay there!
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    For whatever reason, people seem to forget that Pettite is as much connected to steroids as Bonds, Clemens, ARod, Palmeiro, Sosa and others. For the record, I think they all should be in, but if you’re going to put one in, you put them all in.
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    Doesn’t even matter at this point. He’s already been worth double the contract he signed. He could miss all of 2018 and that deal would still be an absolute steal for the Mariners.
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    If they make a Mussina statue, Cito Gaston will leave it in the bull pen.
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    It's a worry free philosophy.... Oh sorry that's Hakuna Matata
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    I'd say Cain is Abel to push Jones to RF. If the price is right, it'd also give the Orioles more OF depth to trade from for SP.
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