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    CD 2.0 Saturday 1 for 4 (3-run double), 1 strikeout CD 2.0 so far 2 games 2 for 8 (.250 average) 2 walks (one intentional), 2 strikeouts, one sac fly 1 home run, 1 double, 5 RBIs Onbase %: .363 Slugging %: .750 OPS 1.113
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    For you and for me maybe, but think about all those poor people who follow the Orioles primairly in hopes they might get the first overall draft pick next year. They must be crapping in their pants at the thought that the race for most contemptible loser might be in jeopardy.
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    From each affiliate, a few guys that don't get as much attention that I'd like a little more info on based on interesting statistical contributions, splits, or age/body/tools combos. Whose got high ceilings, floors, or is simply organizational filler. AAA Drew Dosch, Renato Nunez - Is there offensive potential in either of these two? Enough bat to contribute, even as a RH/LH platoon? Andrew Faulkner, Paul Fry, Ryan Meisinger, John Means - Interesting relief contributors for the future based on some statistical success at AAA? AA Erick Salcedo - No stick, but heard good things about the glove and arm. Future MLB util? Luis Gonzalez - Older, but has dominated, will it play at MLB? Tanner Chleborad, Jay Flaa - Both seem to be quietly dominating righties out the pen., TC seems like a tall lanky boy. Flaa's ERA ain't nothing to write home about, but he's not giving up hits either. Thoughts? A+ Chris Clare - Not much stick, but versatile and OBP! Wilson Garcia, Colin Woody - WG is an older milb FA pick up, but some isolated power? Little isolated power with Woody too? Christian Alvarado, Ofelky Peralta, John Pelffo - Not overly impressed with these guys, but we keep running them out there,and they have had a little hype in the past as prospects in Delmarva. Their splits don't suggest that they'd be better in the pen. What are the ceilings on these guys? Tyler Erwin, Zach Mckenhirn - smaller body lefties are dominating both lefties and righties. K/9's are rising as well. Future LOOGYs? A Trevor Craport, Ben Breazeale - Two interesting bats, but can they stick at their positions. Breazeale getting on base a bit but can he be an MLB level defensive catcher? Craport has some pop, but enough to develop into a contributor at the corners? Jean Carillo - Batting over .300. How is his defense? Only 21 Nick Vespi, Cameron Ming - Interesting LHRP potential. Both racking up good K/9. Ming is dominating lefties. Short Season - Not enough games in really to have an idea, so a few guys that sparked my interest last year. Dont want to include this year's draftees either as you did a good job breaking down the draft class. Brandon Bonilla - Little older, but seems to dominate when he is on. Jacob Brown - Showed some pop as a young man in the GCL last year. Projectable as an OF? Jose Lizarraga - OPS over .800 in limited ABs last year. How is his D? Only 20 Yelin Rodriguez - Lefty, bigger body. Good K numbers as an 18 year old last year.
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    I think I'm as informed on this issue as much as anyone outside of Tony here, I'm certainly not any more ignorant of the situation than you are. I've read everything there is in the public domain (including Tony's excellent article) about this and I've talked to people within the organization who have provided color to some of the reported things. I think one thing that gets overlooked is Buck's power within the org. and his level of involvement in some of the issues you mentioned. I'm not blaming everything on anyone. No one is blameless, but Buck, Brady, and ownership deserve to be in the same boat as Duquette. How much of the blame should go where, I think people within the org don't even know that. If you had to blame one thing, you could make an argument that most of the dysfunction comes from the lack of a structured chain of command, which is an ownership thing.
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    This org is a complete joke and mlb should force a sale. The fans deserve better than this BS. I apologize for the language but tired of such incompetence.
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    Most 31st round picks are destined for a few forgettable seasons in the deep depths of the minor leagues. Their time spent riding the bench, filling in a few games a week or perhaps if they’re lucky they get some playing time at a position not occupied by a “prospect.” That may be young Mr Ham’s ultimate fate, but don’t tell him that! It’s only been 2 games and ultimately the results thus far have no bearing on his future or prospect status. Having said that, it’s hard to get off to a much better start to a professional career than young Mr Ham. 9 plate appearances 4 singles 1 2b 1 HR 3 BB 1.000/1.000/2.667 Quit while he’s ahead and retire now or keep going and accept what the future holds for him?
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    Just another ho-hum 8 shutout innings on 86 pitches. 3H, 0BB, 4K. I'm not sure if I remember another player his age eat innings the way this kid does. 9 of 13 starts of 6+ innings (one of which was stopped due to rain before 6 innings), and he started the year as a teenager.
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    I saw him play on Thursday night, and while he didn't make any errors, I don't think I've ever seen a third baseman with such a weak throwing arm. Harrisburg tried to take advantage of it a couple times, but he was barely able to make the put-outs in time. Even in between innings he was just lobbing the ball over to first, never throwing hard all night. His hitting was great, though. He hit the ball hard every at-bat, including the only out he made, and he went up the middle three times. He might be a perfect fit for DH, but I can't imagine him playing in the field right now.
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    My screen name is "Legend_Of_Joey" and I approve this message.
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    One would think that is common sense.
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    I turned it on in the 13th inning after my girlfriend went to sleep, and was able to see a great defensive play by Wilkerson at 3rd, Mike Wright handling the bat very respectably in only his third career ML at bat, and of course the Manny homerun. It was great because it re-assured me that I still actually do love the Orioles. I was invested for the first time since the Yankees series in New York in the first week of the season. I've been so frustrated and disenchanted that it was beautiful to be able to just sit back and watch the team get a hard fought win.
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    Watched first three innings of his start a couple days ago; he had much better stuff than his previous outing. Fastball was sitting 92-94 and occasionally touching 96; big breaking 12-6 curveball; mediocre change. However, command seemed to come and go, along with his mechanics and release point. Even though he's a third year college player, I'd look at him more like a HS project. He's tall and skinny with good velocity, but needs a lot of work on repeating mechanics and command/control. I think it will be very hard for us to sign him. We won't have much pool money, if any, left to give him significant overslot. If he returns for his junior year and improves his command/mechanics, he has the talent to be drafted in the top 5 rounds.
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    I am really impressed with Wilkerson. There is something about him that shows confidence like a veteran player. He looks like a baseball player that needs to be in the lineup every day . I hope he continues to produce and gets playing time.
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    Truth is, he has pitched more good games than bad ones after his initial three terrible starts. But his bad ones have really been awful.
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    Does it look to anyone else that he's using a lighter bat?
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    We gotta Lock this guy up for a couple more years.
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    I don't know... based on his OPS by month, I think Machado is hemorrhaging his own trade value. April 1.124 May .833 June .634
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    Petition to rename the thread. "How to, despite a ton of evidence to the contrary, oversimplify the Orioles' problems and use the GM as a scapegoat."
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    I do believe there is a difference between something that allows you to build muscle which you will then have for quite a while and be able to improve your performance going forward, and something which gives you an immediate energy boost the day you take it. Yes, both should be penalized if they are banned by law or by baseball, as they both give you a boost in improvement, and have harmful side effects. I am not saying one should be legal and the other shouldn't. But sportsfan used the word steroids which implies that even if Wilkerson has stopped using, he still could be reaping benefits of illegally obtained improved musculature from when he DID use, which wouldn't be the case with amphetamines.
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    I think if you changed the title from Dan Duquette to Peter Angelos you might have a point. Otherwise this is just nonsense.
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    o (vs. BRAVES, 6/23) Hart faced 4 batters, and did not record any outs. 3 Hits (1 Double, 2 Singles), and 1 Walk. 15 Pitches )(9 )Strikes, )6 )Balls.) o
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    "Thanks for saving the game last night! Now pack your bags."
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    This is a thread we need. There’s a lot of funny posts in the game threads, often gallows humor. So if you see one that really tickles you, post a link here! The only rule is you can’t nominate your own post. Here’s one of my favorites from last night, just after Manny’s 15th inning homer, with Wright due to continue pitching in the bottom of the inning:
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    Had to use the Google machine on “sui generis.”
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    Look on the bright side. We can sign him cheap next year. Trying to keep on the sunny side.
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    From Delmarva: Tim Naughton and his 97 mph fastball, and Kirvin Moesquit with his league leading 29 stolen bases.
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    What? Your Nats blew another and you switched over to MASN Deux? 👍
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    I made it to whenever Castro came in - I knew he would blow it! But, glad I went to bed and thankful for the condensed version of game on MLB! The Wright stuff! Great game - Davis, Wilkerson, Peterson, Eutaw Backstop, Schoopie, Wynns, Raz, Cobb and of course Manny. We may have something here guys! ⚾
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    Damned good outing from O’Day last night. He came in with the winning run on 3B and only one out and got a key strikeout and then a harmless pop out after an intentional walk to the immortal Ryan Flaherty, then pitched a scoreless 10th inning. ERA to 2.70.
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    VERY nice play by Wilkerson in the 14th to charge a slow roller and get a runner hustling at first. If he doesn't make that play, Markakis scores and the game is over.
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    Wilkerson wants to stay.
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    Gary: "BEES! OH MERCY!" Palmer: "Well Gary you're absolutely right. You know I was in A ball Aberdeen in 1964 at the age of 18, working on my game after being signed by the Orioles out of high school the previous year. After school I had been offered a job by a little outfit named Goldman Sachs--they were looking for a new CEO--but I decided my fortunes would be found on the baseball field, so I took the Orioles job. And boy howdy I'm glad I did. But that first month in minor league ball, I ran into a gentleman named Mark Belanger. Maybe you've heard of him [warm but condescending laugh]. And he was as good a fielder as Werhner von Braun was a rocketeer. But one day, April 17th, 1964, at 7:45 PM, a swarm of bees came onto the field at Aberdeen. And theeeeeey did not like Mark. I haven't seen a man flail like that since Chris Davis went up against Chris Sale on an 0-2 count. And Mark made it through, of course, thanks to some quick epinephrine from the training staff, but after that game I decided I would never fight bees. It didn't matter if bees were between me and my fourth career Cy Young award, I was going to let the bees do their thing. And you know what, you don't get to the Hall of Fame like I have fighting those bees." Gary: "Ground ball to Machado, he picks it up, fires, over to Davis, and that's the inning. The Orioles now lead 185 to -7."
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    He’s ready to put in the work.
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    Ridiculous. He inherited a destroyed franchise with a crazy owner and took us to the playoffs i spite of that.
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    MLB.com has the following listed bonus for - #9 Kevin Magee - $ 6,000 #10 Dallas Litscher - $7,500
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    I knock the guy because he sucked as a GM. The common misconception is that the Dodgers were losers, he came in, after 2005, and they were winners. It was largely the talent that Logan White assembled through the drafts in 2003-2004 with Billingsley, Kemp, Loney, RMartin, Broxton and Laroche (later used in the Manny trade). Those drafts created the bricks upon which Colletti stood. To this day he largely rests on the brilliant Ethier trade. It needs to be mentioned that Bradley had worn out his welcome and was traded to a seber-GM. Can anybody find any other trade or acquisition that was a clear winner? I can’t.
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    I'll do it. So will many other people. It's still one of thirty.
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    What a great Oriole SS and a tremendous young athlete at Piitsfield (MA) High School. He almost singlehandidly beat my alma mater, Fitchburg, in a basketball playoff game when I was a kid. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I just glanced at his stats having never done so. How was he the starting shortstop as long as he was?? His OPS+ was terrible. He had plenty of errors. His SB% wasn’t good. The only positive I could find was his fielding%. Was he really THAT good defensively??
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    o Brach is 8-for-8 in Save situations since Opening Day (including an extremely shaky one at Yankee Stadium back in April.) (vs. DEVIL RAYS, 5/25) 1 lllll Inning Pitched 2 lllll Hits ) (2 Singles) 0 lllll Walks 0 llllll Strikeouts 17 ll Pitches )(11 )Strikes, )6 )Balls) 2018 ERA: lllllllllllll 3.60 ) 20.00 IP (8 ER) 2018 WHIP: lll.lllll 1.700 ) 20.00 IP (34 H/BB) 2018 BATTING AVG: Oo .277 )l) (23 for 83) o
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