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    I think I'm as informed on this issue as much as anyone outside of Tony here, I'm certainly not any more ignorant of the situation than you are. I've read everything there is in the public domain (including Tony's excellent article) about this and I've talked to people within the organization who have provided color to some of the reported things. I think one thing that gets overlooked is Buck's power within the org. and his level of involvement in some of the issues you mentioned. I'm not blaming everything on anyone. No one is blameless, but Buck, Brady, and ownership deserve to be in the same boat as Duquette. How much of the blame should go where, I think people within the org don't even know that. If you had to blame one thing, you could make an argument that most of the dysfunction comes from the lack of a structured chain of command, which is an ownership thing.
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    This org is a complete joke and mlb should force a sale. The fans deserve better than this BS. I apologize for the language but tired of such incompetence.
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    Truth is, he has pitched more good games than bad ones after his initial three terrible starts. But his bad ones have really been awful.
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    Does it look to anyone else that he's using a lighter bat?
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    We gotta Lock this guy up for a couple more years.
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    I don't know... based on his OPS by month, I think Machado is hemorrhaging his own trade value. April 1.124 May .833 June .634
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    Petition to rename the thread. "How to, despite a ton of evidence to the contrary, oversimplify the Orioles' problems and use the GM as a scapegoat."
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    I do believe there is a difference between something that allows you to build muscle which you will then have for quite a while and be able to improve your performance going forward, and something which gives you an immediate energy boost the day you take it. Yes, both should be penalized if they are banned by law or by baseball, as they both give you a boost in improvement, and have harmful side effects. I am not saying one should be legal and the other shouldn't. But sportsfan used the word steroids which implies that even if Wilkerson has stopped using, he still could be reaping benefits of illegally obtained improved musculature from when he DID use, which wouldn't be the case with amphetamines.
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    I think if you changed the title from Dan Duquette to Peter Angelos you might have a point. Otherwise this is just nonsense.
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    A friend of the family who works in mlb told me that this kid has more potential than anyone in the draft. He honestly believes Baltimore got the best pitching prospect in the entire draft.
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    The PED he was popped for wears off in a day. It was a stimulant, not a steroid, taken in the offseason.
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    VERY nice play by Wilkerson in the 14th to charge a slow roller and get a runner hustling at first. If he doesn't make that play, Markakis scores and the game is over.
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    Someone ask him if his orange juice tastes different. On second thought, don't.
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    Gary: "BEES! OH MERCY!" Palmer: "Well Gary you're absolutely right. You know I was in A ball Aberdeen in 1964 at the age of 18, working on my game after being signed by the Orioles out of high school the previous year. After school I had been offered a job by a little outfit named Goldman Sachs--they were looking for a new CEO--but I decided my fortunes would be found on the baseball field, so I took the Orioles job. And boy howdy I'm glad I did. But that first month in minor league ball, I ran into a gentleman named Mark Belanger. Maybe you've heard of him [warm but condescending laugh]. And he was as good a fielder as Werhner von Braun was a rocketeer. But one day, April 17th, 1964, at 7:45 PM, a swarm of bees came onto the field at Aberdeen. And theeeeeey did not like Mark. I haven't seen a man flail like that since Chris Davis went up against Chris Sale on an 0-2 count. And Mark made it through, of course, thanks to some quick epinephrine from the training staff, but after that game I decided I would never fight bees. It didn't matter if bees were between me and my fourth career Cy Young award, I was going to let the bees do their thing. And you know what, you don't get to the Hall of Fame like I have fighting those bees." Gary: "Ground ball to Machado, he picks it up, fires, over to Davis, and that's the inning. The Orioles now lead 185 to -7."
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    Hmmm...sounds like some other billionaire I know ....lol.
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    The owner is currently suing MLB. You don't think they would get him gone if they had a way handy?
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    They did. They’ve changed vocalists several times, and constantly shuffle members based on which eight members or so are available out of a group of about 15 candidates between the UK and Sweden. It makes touring and even recording both expensive and complicated.
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    I just saw King Crimson play last night at a great venue (my favorite movie theater) nearby in Essen last night, and they were pretty amazing. Three drummers at the front of the stage, with the other five band members on a riser behind them. Robert Fripp, Tony Levin and Mel Collins are all in their 70s, and were still killing it. Highly recommended if you get a chance to see them.
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    In 2015 the Tigers had a poor season. The owner allowed Dave Dombrowksi to sell off players at the trade deadline and then he was fired shortly after. Of course we already know that Dan Duquette made trades of both Britton and Manny that ownership rejected. Who knows this time around what will happen. If the Orioles would actually allow the most qualified person here to handle the deadline-DD- and then move on like Dombrowski did, that would make some sense. So I doubt that happens.
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    Job Security - Offense Its appears that for the most part the O's veteran players that are are free agency or are working on one year contract are playing better that O's player that have some job security. Playing to their potential - Manny, Jones, Valencia, Gentry (Gentry had a bad April but has a high OBP in May and June. He has never been a power threat) Players not playing to their potential - Davis, Schoop, Mancini, Trumbo I am not counting rookies. Injury players - Beckham and Rasmus just aren't capable of doing the job physical Alvarez is not playing to his potential and does not have job security
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    I knock the guy because he sucked as a GM. The common misconception is that the Dodgers were losers, he came in, after 2005, and they were winners. It was largely the talent that Logan White assembled through the drafts in 2003-2004 with Billingsley, Kemp, Loney, RMartin, Broxton and Laroche (later used in the Manny trade). Those drafts created the bricks upon which Colletti stood. To this day he largely rests on the brilliant Ethier trade. It needs to be mentioned that Bradley had worn out his welcome and was traded to a seber-GM. Can anybody find any other trade or acquisition that was a clear winner? I can’t.
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    Here is the new Orioles front office for 2019. Amazingly, they're doing a better job than the 2018 front office.
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    Belanger and Ozzie Smith were so great defensively. You would think teams would go defense first at Short Stop again. It would be cheaper and would make your pitchers better.
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