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    Ichiro will be a first ballot Hall of Famer! To say he had a "solid career" diminishes his tremendous accomplishments. And is downright dishonest.
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    His latest scouting report from mlb pipeline http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=int “Scouting grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 45 | Run: 60 | Arm: 60 | Field: 50 Victor Victor Mesa's departure from Cuba in May sent shockwaves through the international baseball community. Now, he is eligible to sign with a Major League team. At 22, Mesa is the oldest player on MLB.com's Top 30 International Prospects list. He's also among the most accomplished. Mesa made his debut for Matanzas in Cuba's Serie Nacional, the island's top league, at 16 in 2012. He had three hits, including two doubles, in seven at-bats for Cuba during last year's World Baseball Classic. Overall, Mesa is considered an outstanding defender with a strong arm. He's also a plus runner and scouts like his upside and pedigree. There's the belief that Mesa would be selected in the first round if he was eligible for the Draft, and he's the type of hitter who could be placed at the top of the order. However, there are questions remaining about his hit tool and power potential because he's not considered "a pure hitter" like fellow Cubans Luis Robert and Yoan Moncada were at the same age. That said, there is a lot to like about his potential and scouts have watched him shine in international tournaments for years. Evaluators will get another chance to assess his skills when he performs in a showcase for all 30 teams. Mesa's younger brother, Victor Jr., 16, was a star for Cuba's 18U national team as a switch-hitting outfielder and is also eligible to sign. Their father, Victor Sr., played almost two decades in Cuba's Serie Nacional starting in the late 1970s and was a star outfielder and manager on the island.” I look at signing him like this.... He’d be like adding a CF version of Y.Diaz with more speed and less hit tool. Also, at the very least, he’d be like adding an extra first round draft pick. I’d say the fact that he’d be an extra first round pick would be his floor. Keep in mind that the Dodgers spent $31 in signing bonus and penalties to sign Y.Diaz, and he was the centerpiece of the Machado trade. Things are lined up pretty ideal for the orioles right now. The guy is basically pre scouted. All the other big name teams are out of it. He’s from Cuba, so our lack of infrastructure in the DR and Ven don’t hurt us. We have the most money. If we don’t jump in now, when are we going to????
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    I think they should give V V Mesa the amount equal to the Marlins remaining budget and as a package deal give his brother the remaining balance. That would be like adding two high draft picks even if they aren't both 1st rounders. No other team can offer that much and give them the chance to stick together. IMO the Os should hire me to be their new GM 😂
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    Both John Means and Dillion Tate threw some extended side sessions in Sarasota today. Both need to be added to the 40 this off season to be protected from the Rule 5 draft and both will be. This could get them on early and give them a shot at pitching in Baltimore. Thank you injuries. Chance Sisco is out with a chin laceration and in the concussion protocol. If he ends up being "out" out, Roch replied to me that the Orioles are considering adding another catcher. Martin Cervenka would most likely be the replacement, as he needs to be on the 40 this off season too and they are high on him.
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    Nope. To address your points - Says they should have waited till the off season if they did not get good value of Gausman and Schoop. - Didn't talk about the front office - Says the farm system is 15-20th in baseball - Does not talk about player development. - Says that VVM may makes the Gausman deal look better. Additionally: Says the O's have some good talent coming and talking about several players. Doesn't think salary dumping Gausman by adding O'Day was a good long term strategy for a rebuilding team. Says Bobby Witt Jr would be a good #1 selection in the draft. Someone to build around. Says the rebuild will take a long time.
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    How many actual major leaguers are there?
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    Hobgood was a signability pick but... They dropped a million(995K) on Ohlman. They dropped a million on Coffey. They dropped 800K on Givens. (The Givens signing took them over their budget for that draft). They spent 8.8 million on that draft. The money that didn't go to Hobgood went to Ohlman and Coffey. That draft ended up a mess but not because the O's were cheap.
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    The Rays most certainly do NOT "manicure their roster" to be a .500 team. Next year's Rays will be comfortably better than .500 and it is likely the Rays have a three to four year window at the least - and likely longer window than what is ahead of the BoSox. The Rays invest in their farm system. They invest internationally. They make very few long term large contract commitments. They sign their best players to bargain contracts that buy-out the first year or two of free agency. They trade their best players near peak value for quality minor league prospects. They are very aware of the competitive positioning of their team. I have posted here about 100 times - Os fans love the Bedard trade, but don't want to do it again if the team is competitive even if guaranteed that the return will be outstanding. Think of the all the players the Os have held past their prime in the last 15 years - let's start with Melvin Mora. A utility player in a trade with the Mets, Mora became a 2.5+ WAR player in his age 29 season and then provided over 4 WAR annually for less than $4M annually for the next four seasons! How about trading Mora entering the last year of a bargain contract 3 years/$10.5M in his age 34 season. No, let's see his production fall by 50% to 2.2 WAR and then sign him to a 3 year $25M extension through his age 37 season! Think of all the players the Os have held past peak production and think of the return the Os could have received had they dealt JJohnson, BRob, Markakis, Wieters, Davis, Hardy, Britton, Manny and others at the right point in their production/value curve. Hindsight may be 20/20, but that curve generally falls around the first or second year of arbitration around the age 26/27 season. Folks here have to decide if they want to win or have a core of players hang around into their early 30s when their production wanes and injuries generally set in. To look at it another way - the Rays are the sixth best team in the AL. They are 6 games back in the second wild card and a month ago, traded one of their best SPs for a failed SP prospect and other prospects. Even if not good enough this year, the Rays were well set up for next year with Archer. Would you be prepared to do that if you were an Os fan?
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    I figured the Orioles must lead, or be near the top, in some positive category. Here's one: the Orioles have had 18 of their baserunners caught stealing, the fewest in MLB.
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    But he could still get hot and get his average above .179. Sitting at .174. He will need to either get a good hitting streak going or at least a couple of multi hit games. He very briefly got above .180 on Sep 5, but since then has gone 1 for 22.
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    Probably going to catch a lot of flack for this, but the Orioles really aren't the organization that should be signing a guy like Gaston unless they're doing it strictly with intent to move him to another team.Right now the kid is a one trick pony. He's a fastball that hits triple digits at 16 years old, but outside of that he has basically nothing. No offspeed pitches that approach average, no command that approaches average, subpar mechanics, etc etc. Gaston is going to have to be built from the ground up and quite frankly an organization like the Orioles hasn't really shown that they're suited for that type of challenge.
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    It's beginning to look like Ohtani would have been worth 30mm+ to hit only.
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    I think the only hold up left is a showcase, probably more to give the appearance that negotiations haven't already been underway and to give teams a chance to scout the younger brother more than anything VVM related.
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    Also I think people get too stuck on WAR sometimes. Gentry's 3.5 WAR as a part time outfielder is not as valuable as the 3.5 WAR from a starting pitcher who can pitch 200 innings. You obviously can't have a team full of players who only play half the games. Also he had listed as 2.3 offensive WAR that year but only scored 38 runs and had 22 RBIS. WAR is not a perfect stat and people seem to believe in it unquestionably
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    I'd rather be more positive. Think of what they are first in. They are first in losses. They have the highest ERA.
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    I found this from August. Callis rates what the O's got in the trades and talks about some of the O's minor leaguers. What he says is about the way I feel now. I do like Jonathan Villar a little better than he does but then Jonathan has played better over the last 6 weeks since Callis recorded this. Its a good listen: http://www.glennclarkradio.com/2018/08/01/mlbpipelinecoms-callis-not-impressed-with-returns-orioles-got-in-gausman-schoop-deals
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    Not good. There’s no excuse they can give, including not having a scouting portfolio, that will signal to me they shouldn’t sign him. No excuse.
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    I consider both Wynns and Joseph midling MLB catchers. Not hitters. Catchers.
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    Yeah. I was there. If not for two errors he would have done fine. And got the win. He struck out seven and walked one.
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    There is another lineup change coming.
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    I may be the only one but I like what they got for Gausman.
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    Some long quotes from Duquette about the Mesa situation in this Melewski piece. I didn’t like this part much: ”We don’t have that significant of a scouting portfolio on him. We saw him in the (World Baseball Classic), so we’re going to have to get up to speed.” Hopefully, he’s just playing possum. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2018/09/duquette-talks-victor-victor-mullins-talks-about-his-big-game.html
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    I don't know why people are so interested in when we'll be good again and putting a timeframe on it. It'll happen when it happens. Could be next year (probably not) or 5 years from now. No way to tell. It'll happen when it happens.
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    In the days following the trade, Callis was among the most negative of the talking heads about the return the Orioles received. I respect his opinions, and he may be right, but he doesn’t represent a consensus view here.
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    If only the Orioles operated this way except they have some money to spend on talent.
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    o I've got to admit it's getting better (Better) A little better all the time (It can't get no worse.) John Lennon and Paul McCartney, 1967 o
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    Don't really need to listen to this. Already know what he'll say. From list below, please check all that apply: - O's got robbed in deadline trades, especially the Gausman deal - O's front office in absolute chaos - O's farm system stinks - O's can't develop players even if they have talent in farm system - Victor Victor ceiling is Soto/Acuna unless the O's sign him. In that case, he projects as a 4th OF. - Blah, blah, blah #DeadHorseBeaten.
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    Thanks for posting this. Its helped me understand VVM's potential a little better.
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    I think the players on the next O's winning team have not been born yet.
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    Narrator: After Moose Milligan proclamation that things could not get worse for the Orioles, things unfortunately did get worse for them.
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    From Section 98 @ OPACY: O HECK YEAH!!!
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    Two things stand out for me from the article: Has there ever been a wider spread of regular standings in a division than this year's AL East? And while it's comforting to see BAL middle if the pack in the 45 FV prospects, how depressing is it to see 0 at the 50 FV benchmark?
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    Up by 5 in the first inning is this 2018 still?!
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    When this is a reply, I question why the same thing was said about moving Machado to SS this season. A good defensive 3B was supposed to be able to be had for little to no cost. How did that turn out??? Some seem to think that ALL the players that the Orioles DON'T HAVE are some how better than those that they do. Some seem to think that ALL trades/acquisitions that Dan Duquette made were BAD FOR THE CLUB. For the record, I would like to see these posters correctly pick ALL the MLB players that are NOT on the Forty Man, in the Orioles farm system, and will make an impact on someones MLB Team. These posters are not allowed to miss a single player.
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    I’m sure some of us feel as though we can’t believe we have to argue against you. A-his ceiling isn’t Gentry, I have not seen anyone say that prior to today. 2-Gentry got roughly $7mm over the last 6 years. I’d give a $4mm signing bonus to anyone that would produce Gentry’s career(if it was guaranteed they produced that) finally-you would probably call the team cheap if this was pre-cba for the current system. Crying he is the top guy, why won’t they cough up the $15+ million some other team was willing to? I mean really, you have a chance at one of the top int prospects for 3-7 million(bottom to absolute max) why are you so hung up on one person asking about his ceiling being Gentry when it has never been said before and probably isn’t his ceiling? If I told you his ceiling in my view was Starling Marte, would you be having these same reservations? I would hope it is his trajectory but there is too little info and competition to make that a definitive opinion.
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    His ceiling isn't Craig Gentry. He has significantly more pop than prime Gentry. The question with VVM is hit tool, he struggled in a SSS in the Canadian-American Association in 2017. As with anyone with hit tool questions but big tools otherwise, there is a wide range of outcomes. He could never figure out MLB pitching, or he could be an all-star caliber player if he can get to average hit tool. The swing works and there is bat speed so it's going to be a matter of pitch and zone recognition. I have no idea of whether he'll develop those qualities, I'd need to see him against high minors pitching before I'd be comfortable making that assessment. I think Albert Almora Jr is a reasonable projection but the error bars are big here.
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    I guess if you go by the theory that the MVO should be the player who is most responsible for wherever the team ends up, then you have to go with Davis. He has IMO contributed the most to our 42-105 record. Put another way, if you stuck a player's face in the record book next to each season, he would be the face of the 2018 season.
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    I know many on this board are of the belief that all Oriole leadership employees are buffoons, but do you really believe that the Orioles would trade Gausman for lesser prospects in order to ensure the ability to offer Mesa the most money, as well as the money saved from O'Day's salary in order to actually pay Mesa if they do come to terms, only to then be unwilling to actually make the offer to Mesa? I'm sorry, but I simply can't believe that the Orioles' management would be that illogical.
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    I'm not sure if it would be possible for me to disagree more than I do with your logic here. The ability to offer more money than anyone else is a huge stick to be carrying. Your assertion that poor people don't appreciate the difference that a few million dollars makes doesn't make sense to me. Sorry.
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    I have been reading posters on the OH for years talk about how they "can't wait for the rebuild." Do what the Astros and Cubs did. Blow it up. Its the only way to get the high choices and have a chance to rebuild to win the World Series. Well, here we are. Right where you wanted the Orioles. The Astros lost 111 games in 2013. Their attendance was 27th in the MLB. And Houston is the 4th largest cities in the US. Baltimore does not have have that kind of drawing power with a small market. So we should expect low attendance. Its part of the process that many were praying to happen. I am sure that John and Lou know that they have to settle the MASN dispute in order to get approved as owners. Peter probably still has a say in that. So it might take a while to settle. Whether Dan comes back should be announced shortly after the season ends. If he is not back a GM/VP of Baseball Ops search could take a couple of months. Whats the rush? The O's are not competing for expensive FA this off season. Brady can make up a 40 man roster. If they keep Brian Graham he can help. Other then the Rule 5 draft in December I don't expect much adding to the roster. Non tenders can be decided by Brady and ownership. They would be marginal players anyway. So ease back in your chair, don't get excited and wait for the rebuild to unfold. By January the O's can decided if they can find trades for Cobb, Givens, Trumbo, Bundy if that is the direction they decide to go. Some wanted this to happen. It will take years to rebuild. Maybe 3, 4, 5, 6. It depends on how the young players they acquire mature. It will take 8 to 10 good ones to form a core of winners. The last core started with the drafting of Markakis is 2003, the Jones and Tillman trade in 2008. And they did not have a good enough core to win until 2012. Relax and enjoy the rebuild. Expect low attendance. Expect a lot of losing. If I live, I will be here to wait and watch. How about you?
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