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    His latest scouting report from mlb pipeline http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=int “Scouting grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 45 | Run: 60 | Arm: 60 | Field: 50 Victor Victor Mesa's departure from Cuba in May sent shockwaves through the international baseball community. Now, he is eligible to sign with a Major League team. At 22, Mesa is the oldest player on MLB.com's Top 30 International Prospects list. He's also among the most accomplished. Mesa made his debut for Matanzas in Cuba's Serie Nacional, the island's top league, at 16 in 2012. He had three hits, including two doubles, in seven at-bats for Cuba during last year's World Baseball Classic. Overall, Mesa is considered an outstanding defender with a strong arm. He's also a plus runner and scouts like his upside and pedigree. There's the belief that Mesa would be selected in the first round if he was eligible for the Draft, and he's the type of hitter who could be placed at the top of the order. However, there are questions remaining about his hit tool and power potential because he's not considered "a pure hitter" like fellow Cubans Luis Robert and Yoan Moncada were at the same age. That said, there is a lot to like about his potential and scouts have watched him shine in international tournaments for years. Evaluators will get another chance to assess his skills when he performs in a showcase for all 30 teams. Mesa's younger brother, Victor Jr., 16, was a star for Cuba's 18U national team as a switch-hitting outfielder and is also eligible to sign. Their father, Victor Sr., played almost two decades in Cuba's Serie Nacional starting in the late 1970s and was a star outfielder and manager on the island.” I look at signing him like this.... He’d be like adding a CF version of Y.Diaz with more speed and less hit tool. Also, at the very least, he’d be like adding an extra first round draft pick. I’d say the fact that he’d be an extra first round pick would be his floor. Keep in mind that the Dodgers spent $31 in signing bonus and penalties to sign Y.Diaz, and he was the centerpiece of the Machado trade. Things are lined up pretty ideal for the orioles right now. The guy is basically pre scouted. All the other big name teams are out of it. He’s from Cuba, so our lack of infrastructure in the DR and Ven don’t hurt us. We have the most money. If we don’t jump in now, when are we going to????
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    But he could still get hot and get his average above .179. Sitting at .174. He will need to either get a good hitting streak going or at least a couple of multi hit games. He very briefly got above .180 on Sep 5, but since then has gone 1 for 22.
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    Probably going to catch a lot of flack for this, but the Orioles really aren't the organization that should be signing a guy like Gaston unless they're doing it strictly with intent to move him to another team.Right now the kid is a one trick pony. He's a fastball that hits triple digits at 16 years old, but outside of that he has basically nothing. No offspeed pitches that approach average, no command that approaches average, subpar mechanics, etc etc. Gaston is going to have to be built from the ground up and quite frankly an organization like the Orioles hasn't really shown that they're suited for that type of challenge.
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    It's beginning to look like Ohtani would have been worth 30mm+ to hit only.
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    I think the only hold up left is a showcase, probably more to give the appearance that negotiations haven't already been underway and to give teams a chance to scout the younger brother more than anything VVM related.
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    Also I think people get too stuck on WAR sometimes. Gentry's 3.5 WAR as a part time outfielder is not as valuable as the 3.5 WAR from a starting pitcher who can pitch 200 innings. You obviously can't have a team full of players who only play half the games. Also he had listed as 2.3 offensive WAR that year but only scored 38 runs and had 22 RBIS. WAR is not a perfect stat and people seem to believe in it unquestionably
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    I'd rather be more positive. Think of what they are first in. They are first in losses. They have the highest ERA.
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    I found this from August. Callis rates what the O's got in the trades and talks about some of the O's minor leaguers. What he says is about the way I feel now. I do like Jonathan Villar a little better than he does but then Jonathan has played better over the last 6 weeks since Callis recorded this. Its a good listen: http://www.glennclarkradio.com/2018/08/01/mlbpipelinecoms-callis-not-impressed-with-returns-orioles-got-in-gausman-schoop-deals
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    I think the players on the next O's winning team have not been born yet.
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    Narrator: After Moose Milligan proclamation that things could not get worse for the Orioles, things unfortunately did get worse for them.
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    I’ve heard plenty of debate about that, and it seems that it’s really a wide range of talent in the league. One AB you could be facing MLB quality talent, the next a high school age player who wouldn’t get drafted. So it’s not really like any specific level, which makes it hard to scout the stat line with any accuracy.
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    No the Orioles would have drafted first either way.
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    From Section 98 @ OPACY: O HECK YEAH!!!
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    There will be a plaque on Eutaw Street next year that says "Palka" on it.
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    When this is a reply, I question why the same thing was said about moving Machado to SS this season. A good defensive 3B was supposed to be able to be had for little to no cost. How did that turn out??? Some seem to think that ALL the players that the Orioles DON'T HAVE are some how better than those that they do. Some seem to think that ALL trades/acquisitions that Dan Duquette made were BAD FOR THE CLUB. For the record, I would like to see these posters correctly pick ALL the MLB players that are NOT on the Forty Man, in the Orioles farm system, and will make an impact on someones MLB Team. These posters are not allowed to miss a single player.
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    AAA- New Orleans AA- Jacksonville A+ - Jupiter A - Greensboro Not exactly Miami. I don’t think anyone is taking a million dollars less to play in Jacksonville versus Bowie for a year.
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    I’m sure some of us feel as though we can’t believe we have to argue against you. A-his ceiling isn’t Gentry, I have not seen anyone say that prior to today. 2-Gentry got roughly $7mm over the last 6 years. I’d give a $4mm signing bonus to anyone that would produce Gentry’s career(if it was guaranteed they produced that) finally-you would probably call the team cheap if this was pre-cba for the current system. Crying he is the top guy, why won’t they cough up the $15+ million some other team was willing to? I mean really, you have a chance at one of the top int prospects for 3-7 million(bottom to absolute max) why are you so hung up on one person asking about his ceiling being Gentry when it has never been said before and probably isn’t his ceiling? If I told you his ceiling in my view was Starling Marte, would you be having these same reservations? I would hope it is his trajectory but there is too little info and competition to make that a definitive opinion.
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    Listen, this is the last thing Ill say about this . I DID in fact bring up the fact that the Oriole have multiple cliques and dysfunction and I promised not to name names or sources. I don't HAVE to share anything with anyone.Hey, this isn't a Senate subcommittee hearing. I can raise things and make comments about whatever I want and you are welcome to or not to consider and comment. I just try to keep the conversation going in a dark year. I have absolutely no allegiance to anyone or anything except my word that I promised to insiders in this organizationI have nothing to gain, nothing to prove about anything I say. I just made a statement of what I heard.This shouldn't be that hard to understand.
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    I'm not sure if it would be possible for me to disagree more than I do with your logic here. The ability to offer more money than anyone else is a huge stick to be carrying. Your assertion that poor people don't appreciate the difference that a few million dollars makes doesn't make sense to me. Sorry.
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    It is like some people on this board are hoping he signs with someone else. They should just pick another team to root for.
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