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    Britton only played for one major league organization. So thats what he knows about. He goes north and finds out how much differently prepared they are and it was an eye opener. So I think he talked openly about it.
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    My guess is their agent is stringing us along, hoping the Marlins can get more money.
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    Looks like it was started by me now. Take this as a life lesson.
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    I started this post and someone named Chito on here has highjacked it or something because it shows his name as starting it. There is no way to get support on here. When you try the support button or contact nothing appears. Is this someone from Miami?
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    This blurb was buried in David Laurila's Sunday Notes round-up on Fangraphs. If the moderators feel it would be more appropriate in the MLB forum, so be it, but it mentions Baltimore's approach to analytics and I thought it germane to the board's discussion of the club's leadership and direction.
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    http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/10/orioles-wont-leave-their-tender-moments-alone.html Gilmartin is not eligible for arbitration as Roch stated. He began 2018 with 1.073 service time. Even if he stayed in the majors all year he would only have 2.073 service time would not be enough to be eligible for a Super 2. Rickard probably begins ST as a RF or 4th OFer. Trumbo may not be ready to start the season because of surgery. That puts Davis and Mancini at 1B/DH. Stewart in left. Mullins in CF and Rickard in right. Hays and Diaz will try to win an OF spot in ST but its probably not likely. Rickard still has options and is not arbitration eligible just to be clear. The O's don't have a lot to trade to bring back front line talent so they probably have to go with what they have. FA will have to be cheap, cheap, cheap.
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    o Steven Wayne Pearce had an amazing stretch and catch at 1st base to end Game Four (and the series) against the Yankees just now. o
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    I wonder if there is a team out there interested in trading $750,000 for a 24 year old in the GCL or $1.5 million for two 24 year olds in the GCL? That would get the O’s close.
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    Those Yankee analytics were awesome against Boston last night.
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    Soooooo....think we get an answer anytime soon? Or are the Marlins getting as much time as they like to get more money?
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    He should of paid more attention to "short right field porch" in New York.
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    “Exercises and techniques for working on your batting stance during the offseason.” by Chris Davis
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    Sorry if I was overly dramatic...lol. I can be that way sometimes. Ask my wife. It probably was a bit over the top...but my irrationality about the MFYs gets in the way of my rational cortex, no doubt... And, on some level, it is somewhat surprising that Zach could be an All-Star veteran pitcher for years...and that he apparently never talked to any other pitchers in any other organizations about his craft or had any idea that analytics even existed...it just seems overly convenient to me that Zach apparently also never talked with Alan Mills or Roger McDowell or anyone else in the organization and asked..."hey could I get some of this information that I heard from so and so at the All Star game was helpful to them." None of this excuses the terrible analytic processes under the Angelos regime. At all...and I was one to clean the house and hire a top analytic GM and give them free rein. But I too probably see more red about the MFYs than I should rationally and no doubt that influenced my take.
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    Austin Hays? He of a .235/.266/.410 - .676 OPS in 2018 across A- and AA with injuries? Why should he be starting the season in any capacity for the Orioles to start 2019? Diaz you could make a case, although it wouldn't shock me to see them give him more seasoning. That said, I don't think much of Rickard. So it's a moot point, really.
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    oops...thought it might have been, since it was in response to my comment. My bad,...lol. Congratulations, by the way...in just breaking through the 70,000 mark...on your way to the big 100K 😀
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    Brady has already announced he's hiring Gary Dell'abate as next manager.
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    I do too, I just think they are going to Montreal instead of Portland.
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    I hate LaRussa with a passion like the burning of a million suns. As an officer of the court (an attorney) he stood by while his employees broke the law on a continuing basis. As a manipulator of bullpens, he is personally responsible for the pace of play issues. And, I think he kicked a puppy once.
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    I admire him and that alone makes him a great choice!
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    It also helped that Soto got injured early in the game. He was the starting catcher for Oakland primarily to help control KC's speed. It always helps when your opponents are injured and you are healthy.
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    Steve Melewski crushes him. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2018/10/for-the-orioles-where-will-accountability-factor-in.html
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    Ive been a baseball fan for more years than I can remember. But, usually during the playoffs, you dont hear too many rumors breaking forth about whom is talking to whom. Even now adays with social media, its still largely quiet, unti the end of the WS, when a few will surface ahead of public announcement,.
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    No I dont get that, not at all. I think he was speaking honestly about the differences. You realize that his last two salaries was 11.4m and 12m. He was very well paid. But, you can read it however you want.
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    It's pretty clear to me that from 2012 on the "plan" -- not sure that's the right word -- was consistent and came from the owner: gather and develop a group of players who might be able to contend for the post-season during the current season and in the near future, taking advantage of the HR-friendly home field, emphasizing relief pitching and de-emphasizing starters, overpaying established players where necessary to get or keep them (while avoiding commitments to those with significant injury risks), skimping on other investments and expenses, and trading away prospects -- all to enhance the chances of winning now. The signings of Davis, Trumbo and O'Day started out as part of that plan -- the belief it was important to keep those guys in order to remain contenders -- and then spiraled out of control. The owner, presumably with the agreement of his sons and/or others, adhered to that "plan" until June or July 2018, well after most of the rest of the baseball world saw how foolish it was.
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    I think the Orioles will consider trading Givens if the price is right. I read Roch's article as they wouldn't consider trading him last Winter Meetings. The use of the "wouldn't" instead of "won't" leads to me to believe past tense. I think he was trying to paint the story of Givens over the last year (but failed). I don't think they'll trade him unless they get what they think he is worth (which is more than what other teams will probably offer), but I don't think they'll listen.
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    Difficult to read Britton's comments and the ones of the minor leaguer we received and not believe that we are comfortably behind at least the analytic leaders if not the rest of baseball. Comments that we might not need these analytics because of a great year from Britton reflect an ignorance that is not worth attempting to counter. I think from the Pirates example that it is the responsibility of the GM to have these resources available to the coaching staff (and then ultimately to the players) and to put in place people and relationships such that the coaches see the value in the analytics. Maybe this leading edge information was at Buck's disposal, but my guess is that it was not. Buck learned and employed the shift information he was given so why would he be so resistant to incorporating individual player analytics? Regardless, this should be an area of focus for the new GM.
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    Let's get a GM and let them decide. Let them build the plan for the future. There should be zero statements like this right now. Otherwise, we still have a lot of frustration ahead of us (well....more than we already know we do...)
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    Ha! That's true. Analytics are helpful, but yeah - at a certain point, you gotta throw the ball across the plate and execute. An excel spreadsheet by itself isn't going to turn Mike Wright into Nolan Ryan.
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    Word is Severino didn't show up to begin his warm ups until eight minutes before the game started. https://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2018/10/mlb_playoffs_2018_did_yankees_luis_severino_screw.html
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    Did anyone else find Roch's blog post on this a little weird? Like, Roch states, "The Orioles won't consider trading Givens...." Um, who is "the Orioles" here? It's obviously no longer Buck or DD. Who is feeding Roch this info? The Angeloses are unwilling to trade Givens? Seems weird. Why would the owners care about a middle reliever and non-superstar? Is this Brady feeding Roch stuff? If so, it's weird. Do we actually already have our GM?
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    INTROOH--DEUCING The 2018 Wawld Series Champeen Bawltimawh OhhRioles!! Nick Markakis RF Gerardo Parra CF Justin Turner 3B Manny Machado SS Steve Pearce 1B Jonathan Schoop 2B Mark Reynolds LF (A Rockie for most of the season) Ryan Flaherty C RIch Hill, Kevin Gausman, Eduardo Rodriguez, Wade Miley, Zach Davies SP Andrew Miller, Brad Brach, Josh Hader, Zach Britton RP * * * Am I missing someone?
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    And Seriously, no one got a warning on that. But as Dip says, we have rules. And they ain't changing.
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    This thread isn't nearly as exciting as what I was signing up for
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    From this 2016 article https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/sunday-notes-orioles-analytics-freeland-expos-more It sounds as if she was given this role a year out of college with a degree completely unrelated to analytics, because what they had before was stone zero.
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    About one Colby Rasmus per year. Or one 2018 Tillman. The Orioles have flushed that kind of money down the toilet multiple times per year most years of the Angelos reign.
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    Wichita sounds like a much more fun place to play than boring old New Orleans.
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    Interesting that the A's one of the pioneers using analytics only has 3 on staff. Analytics, scouting and minor league development staff are three areas that are often underfunded and are 3 key areas every team especially small to medium market teams need to exploit. How much does an analyst cost? A scout, minor league coach? You can probably hire an excellent coach or scout for $100K, a very good analytics department might cost $7 or $8 mil. The O's cut corners here to basically save the salaries of Chris Tilman and Rasmus who you did not need any analytics or scouts to tell you were bad signings.
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    That money was given away by Duquette, who has been kindly asked by the Orioles Warehouse security team to leave his keys and badge at the front desk on his way out. People need to back off the name calling as well. The insults thrown at the players and office personnel is uncalled for. Does anyone really think Chris Davis is not a nice person just because he can't hit? We can't control what people say to them at the stadium, but we used to have rules on the Hangout that personal insults were not allowed. Calling guys "clowns" is insulting, even if that wasn't your intention.
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    Fact is, Britton was the best closer in history with the O’sin 2016. Today with the Yankees, he’s another guy in the bullpen. 2018 O’s didn’t suck because they lacked analytics, they just sucked and you didn’t need a computer to tell you that.
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    Exactly, and if the new GM wants to retain Brady Anderson then good deal. Brady Anderson takes a lot of crap around here, but he most certainly has value imo. Just hire the new GM and turn the reigns over to him. That's all. Because just like I did with Duquette, I will hold the new GM accountable. None of this, yeah but...bs. The GM is the Captain of the ship and it is his ship to sail or sink. DD sunk his ship, and good riddance.
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    They did do a chat, and nobody asked.
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    When a team losses a 110 games I am not interested in promoting from within. While I do not like recycled managers, I also am not interested in hiring someone who has never managed before.Too much unknown and the major leagues is not the place to learn on the job even when rebuilding. There are a lot of long time major league players that were considered smart gritty players that would make good managers. However, when they get a major league manager's job, the reality is that they often are in over their head and being a player that projects to be a manager does not translate in reality (Mathany, Ausmus, Ventura and Weiss) . I like managers that have a record of success in the minor leagues and gained experience by managing hundreds of games. I have a name of someone I would like for the Orioles to consider and it is a good memorable name, Stubby Clapp. He is 45 years old and has managed the Memphis Red Birds to two consecutive PCL titles. I think he would be good with young players and bring a different and new energy to the organization. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stubby_Clapp The Orioles had success once before with a manager who was very short, colorful and had a mediocre playing career as a 2nd basemen in the Cardinals organization and sometimes history repeats itself.
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