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    Buck and his wife Angela attended the KidsPeace 5 K yesterday and he gave Roch some quotes. He was a class act and I wish him well. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/10/this-that-and-the-other-169.html
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    It is amusing as a physician to read this thread...lol. It sounds (and this is just a guess) to me that Austin likely had a bone cyst which can form in response to recurrent stress along the subchondral plates of one of the several bones that make up the ankle joint...the cystic fluid collection over time can dissolve/displace (lyse) inner bone tissue inside the bone surface, weakening it and likely ultimately contributing to a stress fracture, Stabilization is done both using screws/pins to stabilize the fracture and curettage (taking out of the cystic tissue) and putting bone graft tissue in place to repair and fill the defect. He will be nonweightbearing I would suspect for at least 4-8 weeks, then casted for another number of weeks then rehabbed for some months after that if all goes well. Professional athletes get the absolute best of care in these instances...and the physicians of this caliber who do this type of surgery and sports medicine are not typically influenced one whit by what Orioles, management or other lay people might think about what should or shouldn’t happen blah, blah, blah. It matters only what Austin and his family thinks...period. My best friend in medical school was the team orthopedic surgeon for the Jaguars for years and the idea that team management etc. make these decisions is just a fan idea.
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    Oh, come on. complaining that the ticket services office is doing their jobs as best they can is ridiculous. They have a job to do, they most likely won't be affected by the change at the top of baseball operations. And I imagine most season ticket holders would want more communication from them instead of less.
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    Buck is the definition of class and we were extremely luck to have him as long as we did.
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    Maybe they already made a hire or hires but won't bother to announce it. It's not really any of our business, is it?
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    Excellent, remarkable progress for 6 weeks out....Go Austin!
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    If Manny were to return to Baltimore, he would be welcomed by all with open arms. I mean, he wore his Bird undershirt under the Dodgers Jersey.
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    Roch Kubakto, The Artist Formerly Known as Weams, Tony Pente, Ken Rosenthal.....
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    I would rather see a President who is hired for a few years, with a focus on rebuilding (or building) a strong, sufficiently staffed and functioning organization, and an innovative, creative GM who might be around for longer, with the principal task of building the ML and MIL rosters through trades, drafts and signing free agents here and internationally. But I haven't got a clue as to what will happen. ( is joining as my most used emojis when discussing this team.)
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    2014 should have been our year. But then down goes Wieters (perhaps having his best season), Machado, and Davis is suspended. Also, Britton's wife was pregnant and the baby could be born at any time (which possibly effected Britton's performance). And of course last but not least, the Royals were on full fire and could do no wrong.
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    It is really unfortunate that a guy like Buck spends decades in the game and will never see the World Series, while Alex Cora as a rookie manager gets gifted with the golden roster and wins a title in his first year as manager after winning one in Houston as a coach last year and in 2007 as a player with Boston.
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    I love this one also compliments of Captain AJ! As Archie Bunker once (or twice) intoned, "Dose were da daze!"
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    Brady President, Rick Dempsey GM and Manager. Brady fired after one season for a sideburn related mishap, Dempsey takes over all three positions.
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    If Caleb is tendered a contract with the O's it will not matter if he is in the majors or the minors he will get the same salary. That is because he is arbitration eligible and his agent will make sure that happens like all/most other arbitration eligible players. If he is non tendered, he becomes a free agent. If he signs a minor league contract with the O's he probably make 300 to 400k in the minors with a bump to a million or more if he is called up to the majors. I think Caleb will find a job I'm the majors this season unless the O's tender him and option him to the minors at his full major league salary.
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    o Yeah, and Munson could only st ........ o
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    News flash: it’s very hot during the day in June, July and August. And in the other months, day games often conflict with youth soccer or little league baseball games. I really like the games that start at 4 pm, because I can go out for dinner afterwards.
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    The Orioles record? I dont think it matters when they play next year.
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    They'll have a 6 game package. Matches the amount of months it takes them to make a decision.
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    I understand the why the casinos would set such a limit. Just look at what happened in the UK a couple of years ago when Leicester City were 5000/1 at the beginning of the season and went on to win the Prem. Betting books there lowered the top odds from 5000/1 to either 1000/1 or 500/1. ..I was merely expressing that I would not put down even $10 if the odds were 1000/1.
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    The casino's will never 1000-1 odds in the preseason because in sports anything can happen. The Golden Knights are a pretty good example from last year. Had they won the Stanley Cup that would have cost the Casino's millions of dollars, because realistically an expansion is most likely going to be the worst team in the league and Vegas assumed there was no chance they would win it. It's not worth the risk for them to offer those high of odds. For some perspective the 49ers are 1000-1 odds to win the SuperBowl right now their current record is 1-7.
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    Waiting until company Halloween party is over.
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    You're guess is as good as mine, but I haven't heard a single tangible report saying that they've interviewed anyone over the last month. Compare that to the Mets GM search where multiple reports were posted each week.
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    In fairness, the retention team for the Orioles isn't exactly going to be helping them interview or vet Cherington or Ng.
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    Manny is probably fortunate that the Series didn't go seven games -- might have driven down his free agent value even more with strikeouts, stranding runners, borderline dirty plays on the bases, etc. (He did look pretty good at SS though, and didn't get on base enough to show us more than one example of bad baserunning that I can recall.)
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    “I have a beautiful wife, a baby girl and two loving boys (Mojo and Swagger). I play baseball for the Boston Red Sox #pearcefactor,”
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    Well, I am guessing. But since Roch has intimated that a hire for President has already been done, it would be logical to assume that since no word has leaked, if Roch is correct, that name has to be Ned Colletti. Well, it doesn't have to be....
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    Hate to admit it but the RSox made the bold moves required to win a W.S. Winning the W.S. in 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018 is impressive in that you have to completely rebuild the team at least three times to pull that off. Conversely, you have teams like the Nats who have had the core talent (combined with the richest owner in MLB) to win it all since 2012 But they were always afraid to pull the trigger on moves that would kick them over the edge. Now the window is closing on that core without even a playoff series victory.
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    And Manny seems like the type of guy that would cut Pearce off in traffic and run him off the road.
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    Sometime between now and Opening Day.
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    OK...Series is over...where is our President and GM?
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    God, I hate John Henry. Such a smug looking New Englander. And Pedroia, too. The true Evil Empire wins the Series. Well, at least Pearce gets a ring and played a huge part in doing so. If Price gets MVP over Pearce I will kick an old lady in the shins.
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    No I looked at the replay objectively.
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    For what it’s worth, I think the odds of an ownership change are higher than people here seem to think. I think the odds of new ownership moving the team or almost nil. Doesn’t make any sense. It’s not a perfect city for baseball, but it is a good baseball city. The problem is the product.
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    Obviously the Seattle GM felt that there was much, much more than "zero good reason" as did I and many on this board said so at the time. I believed Nelson was David Ortiz, version 2- namely, PED or not, he was going to perform more like Ortiz than like Chris Davis and that Cruz had his offensive game honed in a way that fit him to a T. The fact is that all free agency signings are high risk and high reward signings. ALL of them. There is no such thing as a "trap" signing as it relates to only some big free agent signings. They are ALL traps. They all could be tremendous or they all could be disastrous. But where were we in the winter of 2014? We were the defending AL East division champions AND it was not even close that year, not even close. If that is not a time to "go for it" then there will never be any such time for this organization EVER. And Duquette, Angelos, Brady, Buck whomever....did ZERO that offseason...ZERO...which was and remains unforgivable in my fan book. They continued to do the "prudent" course, not to fall into the "trap", except when they didn't and executed the really dumb moves (see Davis, Davis, Davis...Davis...)...and now here we are...the worst team and the worst organization in MLB.
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    Nothing is going on. Literally. Signed some teenagers from the DR and Cuba.
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    I'm sure he hopes Buck gets a job somewhere.
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    #3 just says Joseph comes back. It doesn't have to be on a tendered contract. I wouldn't mind him back on a minor league deal with an invite. That way he makes less and won't take up a 40-man spot until the end of Spring Training when you can filter out what you want to do with other guys (including Rule-5 selections). You can also then utilize the 60-day DL to help with the roster crunch.
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    I was listening to Thom Loverro and Andy Pollin on WJFK this morning and Loverro believes MLB will prevent John and Lou Angelos from buying the Orioles once Peter is out of the picture. He cited the MASN dispute as the main reason why. It would be a rather easy way for MLB to settle the dispute by making a settlement a condition of the sale. Has anyone else heard anything like this? It sure wouldn't hurt my feelings to have the club out of Angelos hands.
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