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    Buck and his wife Angela attended the KidsPeace 5 K yesterday and he gave Roch some quotes. He was a class act and I wish him well. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/10/this-that-and-the-other-169.html
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    It is amusing as a physician to read this thread...lol. It sounds (and this is just a guess) to me that Austin likely had a bone cyst which can form in response to recurrent stress along the subchondral plates of one of the several bones that make up the ankle joint...the cystic fluid collection over time can dissolve/displace (lyse) inner bone tissue inside the bone surface, weakening it and likely ultimately contributing to a stress fracture, Stabilization is done both using screws/pins to stabilize the fracture and curettage (taking out of the cystic tissue) and putting bone graft tissue in place to repair and fill the defect. He will be nonweightbearing I would suspect for at least 4-8 weeks, then casted for another number of weeks then rehabbed for some months after that if all goes well. Professional athletes get the absolute best of care in these instances...and the physicians of this caliber who do this type of surgery and sports medicine are not typically influenced one whit by what Orioles, management or other lay people might think about what should or shouldn’t happen blah, blah, blah. It matters only what Austin and his family thinks...period. My best friend in medical school was the team orthopedic surgeon for the Jaguars for years and the idea that team management etc. make these decisions is just a fan idea.
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    Oh, come on. complaining that the ticket services office is doing their jobs as best they can is ridiculous. They have a job to do, they most likely won't be affected by the change at the top of baseball operations. And I imagine most season ticket holders would want more communication from them instead of less.
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    Buck is the definition of class and we were extremely luck to have him as long as we did.
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    Maybe they already made a hire or hires but won't bother to announce it. It's not really any of our business, is it?
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    Excellent, remarkable progress for 6 weeks out....Go Austin!
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    If Manny were to return to Baltimore, he would be welcomed by all with open arms. I mean, he wore his Bird undershirt under the Dodgers Jersey.
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    Roch Kubakto, The Artist Formerly Known as Weams, Tony Pente, Ken Rosenthal.....
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    I would rather see a President who is hired for a few years, with a focus on rebuilding (or building) a strong, sufficiently staffed and functioning organization, and an innovative, creative GM who might be around for longer, with the principal task of building the ML and MIL rosters through trades, drafts and signing free agents here and internationally. But I haven't got a clue as to what will happen. ( is joining as my most used emojis when discussing this team.)
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    2014 should have been our year. But then down goes Wieters (perhaps having his best season), Machado, and Davis is suspended. Also, Britton's wife was pregnant and the baby could be born at any time (which possibly effected Britton's performance). And of course last but not least, the Royals were on full fire and could do no wrong.
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    It is really unfortunate that a guy like Buck spends decades in the game and will never see the World Series, while Alex Cora as a rookie manager gets gifted with the golden roster and wins a title in his first year as manager after winning one in Houston as a coach last year and in 2007 as a player with Boston.
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    I love this one also compliments of Captain AJ! As Archie Bunker once (or twice) intoned, "Dose were da daze!"
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    Brady President, Rick Dempsey GM and Manager. Brady fired after one season for a sideburn related mishap, Dempsey takes over all three positions.
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    If Caleb is tendered a contract with the O's it will not matter if he is in the majors or the minors he will get the same salary. That is because he is arbitration eligible and his agent will make sure that happens like all/most other arbitration eligible players. If he is non tendered, he becomes a free agent. If he signs a minor league contract with the O's he probably make 300 to 400k in the minors with a bump to a million or more if he is called up to the majors. I think Caleb will find a job I'm the majors this season unless the O's tender him and option him to the minors at his full major league salary.
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    Dear Season Plan Member, Thank you for your support of the Baltimore Orioles during the 2018 season! The continued support of our fans helps to make Oriole Park at Camden Yards the best Ballpark in baseball. We are looking forward to exciting changes both on and off the field in 2019, as we continue to expand your options here at the Park, including ticket packages, theme nights, and concession food and beverage options. While we are preparing for the 2019 season, we wanted to remind you of a great Season Plan Member Benefit you can take advantage of in the off season. Two complimentary tickets for a behind the scenes tour of Oriole Park are an exclusive benefit of being a Season Plan Member. To book your tour, simply respond to this email or call us at 410.547.6161 and we would be glad to assist you. Please note that tours will be available until Thanksgiving weekend. We maintain hours throughout the off season, so please reach out to us if you have any other questions, concerns, or feedback about last season or the upcoming year. Thank you again for your past and future support of the Baltimore Orioles! Sincerely, The Ticket Services Team
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    He kept yucking it up with Ortiz about their days and then their questions were either just saying “tell me how it feels...” or just speeches designed to say “Look at Me!” Baseball being represented by those two in the official booth is just sickening.
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    In my world Brady would have 2 choices. Get the players in shape. Or find another job. And I'd want it in writing.
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    Without Manny the Dodgers are a wildcard team, maybe even out of the playoffs.
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    We're just another clique with a Paul.
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    If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! HOW CAN YOU HAVE ANY PUDDING IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT!!!!! All in all....
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    The Orioles record? I dont think it matters when they play next year.
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    It is very hot and humid for much of the season.
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    They'll have a 6 game package. Matches the amount of months it takes them to make a decision.
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    I'm guessing they knew they were cleaning house by September 1st. That means after 2 months they still haven't decided. That's sad. And I'll bite my tongue for now.
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    That just means that the many sources the media has developed in the warehouse over the years are not in the loop of the process. Who knows, maybe Duquette was responsible for a lot of leaks over the years. Or some of his people, who are also gone. If they are conducting a search without the leaks to the media that often happen in such situation, I would consider that a positive thing. Obviously, if they are really just sitting on their hands and not conducting a search and intervieiwing people, that would indeed be a horrible example of incompetence. TIme will tell....
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    Believe it or not, Manny the D-bag might actually put more fans in the seats of the team that signs him than a bland, non-controversial player with the same talent (or more talent, like Trout) might. Baseball has an aging fan base that is basically dominated by 50+ year old white guys. That's not a positive if you want to see teams putting 2 million fans in the seats in 2030, given shifting demographics. A team that signs Manny might find that an edgy, young, non-conforming player of Latin American descent might bring a bunch of fans into the park that had never attended before. We've "known" Manny for years but for millions and millions of casual fans, this postseason is their first introduction to him beyond a name in a box score and "that guy who always made ESPN Top 10 Plays" at 3rd base. He's established a brand, and while that brand screams "selfish jerk" to a lot of longtime fans, it might bring a younger demographic in to being fans.
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    Well you may counter to your douchey friend the following as the press gets all tangled up on the dominance of the Great Red Scare of 2018. The 2018 Red Sox beat one of the worst teams ever...16 times in the regular season. That's right, after dominating the Red Sox in spring training going 3-1 in route to a 17-12 record. The Orioles were set back by the cold and never recovered playing the Red Sox 19 more times in the regular season and needing all 19 games to match the 3 wins achieved in spring training. I mean it was impressive. 108 wins beating two 100 win teams in the playoffs before LA folded. But it's kinda obvious the Orioles were in cahoots with em all the way.
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    He liked the chain of command, that allowed him to voice his opinion to the owner instead of the GM.
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    Did you see this? I wonder if that’s gonna hold?
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    Because he finished last three out of 4 years there and won the WS in the second year with the guys that Epstein signed before he left. Cherington finished last his last two years in Boston and it cost him his job. He signed Hanley Ramirez 4/88 , Sandoval5/95, Castillo 7/72 and he let Jon Lester go FA. All failures on his part. What he did right was sign Koji, Napoli and develop talent of the farm. All and all he was a better farm director than a major league GM.
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    Congratulations, Steve Pearce!!!
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    Colletti as President Cherington as GM
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    To be fair, sometimes they ask the far more thoughtful, "How good does it feel to . . .?"
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    Can all three of these ex jock interviewers ask “Tell me how it feels” just one more time? We need to build a team.
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    Very touching that they got Tony Perkins to accept the trophy on behalf of owner John Henry. I think the last time I saw him, he was portraying Red Sox outfielder Jimmy Piersall in Fear Strikes Out.
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    Love Pearce. So happy for that dude.
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    If Colletti is hired, I'll be both disappointed that we didn't get someone more likely to be innovative and creative, and relieved we did get an experienced professional to take the job and can move forward. It could be a lot worse.
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    Sorry Roll but it's my opinion. If I had evidence I would provide a link, I assure you.
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    Sorry you feel that way. Sometimes you just gotta put your big biy pants on and have a back and forth. It's not personal with me and I don't take disagreements to other threads. I have no issues with Puck honestly. I don't agree with him on some things but he's a good poster who follows the rules and has been around for a long time. Now, people may take things personally and get all upset and run off, but I honestly rather have some people who have some conjones and who can dish and it take it all the same. I didn't call Puck a name, I said he was acting dense in this argument because he wasn't listening. I've been doing this for a long time, and if you don't like me and won't become a plus member becuase of that, I'm ok with that. I stopped long ago worrying who likes me and who doesn't. Although supporting the Hangout allows us to continue to bring you content, pay the bills, and pay the guys who work hard in bringing you this site, if my being occasionally "rude" stops you from becoming a plus members then that's your decision and I can respect that.
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    Yeah that’s why he’s not doing that well in my AFL fantasy league. (Yes, that’s a joke.)
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    If he doesn't, I don't see it as much of a loss. And it'll depend on if there's a Major League deal out there for him. He was never a true starting catcher, maybe in 2015, but since then he had a max of 280 plate appearances in a season since. I don't qualify that as a starting catcher. Lets not forget, the O's sent him to Norfolk for 24 games this year. I could phrase a similar statement as such: Not sure a soon to be 33-year old catcher that has only one MLB season with less than 20 MiLB games would be able to land a Major League deal. IMO. I just don't see how Joseph has any more value than the slew of catchers to hit the market this year. He has some value, but would rather lose him than waste a 40-man roster spot on him throughout the winter and Spring Training. Perhaps you are alluding to a pride thing about coming back on a minor league deal after having stints in years as a starter. That may be true, but I really think it comes down to a minor league deal here or somewhere else. Maybe he goes elsewhere for that deal, but--again--I don't really see how that's much of a loss.
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