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    I updated using Steamer projections equalizing for 600 PA/200 IP for SP. There were better Orioles projections in some cases than the current Orioles listed, like Dean Kremer and Mountcastle, but I didn't list them because they definitely won't be on the opening day roster. The end result is that even with the huge upgrade Machado would provide, the team would still be worse with the players you listed. The current players are 1.4 fWAR better based on statistical projections for 2019.
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    I drove to the gym this morning and looked at my dashboard on my car and thought, man, 5000 RPM...no pitcher has $#*% on me.
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    Plus his mom doesn't like Frobby. I vote no.
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    Way to go Luke. Way to throw some 100 MPH heat. I get so tired of the negativity around here.
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    I made this happen by complaining yesterday!!!
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    Except Colby Rasmus. I don't know what you could flip Granderson for though. You'd probably get an organizational arm.
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    Pretty sure I did that on Route 50 this past summer. It even has some glove side run and tilt if I take my hands off the wheel.
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    https://www.mlb.com/orioles/spring-training Individual tickets for all 17 of the Orioles' 2019 Spring Training games will go on sale Saturday, January 26 at 10:00 a.m. ET. It is recommended that fans purchase tickets online. The Orioles will offer a special online 36-hour presale from Wednesday, January 23 at 10:00 a.m. to Thursday, January 24 at 10:00 p.m. to fans subscribing to the free digital Sarasota 365 Newsletter or Warehouse Wire. This season, we will welcome our one millionth fan to Spring Training at Ed Smith Stadium. The day we reach this milestone, we will select a fan at random to receive a $5,000 shopping experience at Diamond Vault, two Spring Training season tickets (for 5 years!) and more. The one millionth fan is out there - is it you?
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    Mr. Upvote Sad Fan.
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    Caffeine is not your friend.
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    And for me - to see if any of @Luke-OH 's "hot takes" on our little known prospects actually make break throughs (Escarra, Bannon, the OF from Iowa, etc.) using the anal y tics.
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    I always hated Weasel. All he tries to do is talk about himself and all his vast knowledge. Just play the songs. I don't enjoy his 10 minute talk between songs to prove how he knows everything about every artist.
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    You guys are getting old! (and so am I). If you like the Lumineers and Monsters and Men you should check out the Highwater Festival in Charleston, SC this spring. As for me, I've been having a bit of a musical mid-life crisis so I've really been trying to listen to new stuff lately. I made a best of 2018 playlist on Spotify. If you're interested send me a message and I'll send you a link. Off the top of my head, here here some of my favorite songs of 2018. Now back to baseball... 1) Superorganism "Everybody Wants to be Famous" 2) Boygenius "Bite the Hand" 3) Ty Segall "Lady on Fire" 4) Dirty Projectors "Break Thru" 5) Yuno "No Going Back" 6) The Kills "List of Demands" 7) Yuno "No Going Back" 😎 Parquet Courts "Wide Awake" 9) Addictions" Lucy Dacus 10) Cautious Clay "Cold War
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    When Bridwell was DFA here, his mother sent me a PM stating that she hadn’t been the one who sent the offending post (several years back) and someone else had used her account for that without her consent. I assume that’s true, and even if not, I’m not going to hold a grudge because someone personally close to a player overreacted to something posted here. I leave it to Elias & Co. to sift through the waiver wire and decide who is an upgrade to what we have, or who might be upgraded by better coaching, analytics or whatever. I don’t really have an opinion on whether Bridwell fits that description.
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    Well he looks happy anyway...
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    Mine is more armside. I can get it up to around 120.
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    Bridwell has already been DFA'd by the Angels this offseason in November, then picked up by the Yankees off waivers and quickly DFA'd again in December. He was then picked up on waivers by the Angels a second time and now DFA'd once more. The Orioles, along with most of the league, have already passed on him twice and I think his 2017 results were a bit lucky. That being said, I'd much rather see Bridwell take a shot in Baltimore than Mike Wright Jr.
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    If I had to guess, it's less about past results and more about a former MLB player with pitching coach experience who is open to using info provided by the FO/analytics dept.
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    If you put that current pitching rotation on the Orioles, we would set the Major League Baseball loss record once and for all.
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    I can’t tell if Luhnow actually considered this a promotion, or was just giving the press some positive spin on a reassignment of the pitching coach. While in the special assistant job, he eventually took over as interim pitching coach at AA Corpus Christi in 2014 and remained there for 2015. That doesn’t exactly seem like a promotion from being the major league PC. But in any event, it seems unlikely Elias would have hired Brocail if he thought he’d done a bad job in Houston.
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    I think Wallace was generally liked by the players, the GM, the manager and the fans.
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    If this were posted by anyone but Drungo, I'd assume those were made up names just to make a point. But I have no doubt that Joe Start, Dickey Pearce, and Jim Creighton really existed, probably around 1870 or something.
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