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    I updated using Steamer projections equalizing for 600 PA/200 IP for SP. There were better Orioles projections in some cases than the current Orioles listed, like Dean Kremer and Mountcastle, but I didn't list them because they definitely won't be on the opening day roster. The end result is that even with the huge upgrade Machado would provide, the team would still be worse with the players you listed. The current players are 1.4 fWAR better based on statistical projections for 2019.
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    Seems like whenever I see nostalgic posts about the 2012-16 era, there’s all this good feeling about 2012 and 2014, but with 2016 all anybody ever brings up is Buck not using Zach Britton in the playoff game. But to me, 2016 was a really fun year that’s now very underrated. - We were coming off an 81-81 campaign in which we had to win our final six games just to reach .500, and those wins came against teams that had clinched playoff spots and didn’t really care. - We had lost Wei-Yin Chen in the offseason, and replaced him with Yovanni Gallardo, a move that was questioned by many. - We seemingly had signed Dexter Fowler to a very favorable deal, only to have the Cubs woo him away at the last minute. So, the mood that spring was pretty mixed. I wouldn’t say expectations were very high, despite having extended Davis and O’Day, traded for Trumbo and brought over the mysterious Hyun Soo Kim from Korea. But here’s what happened: - The team started off red hot, winning its first 7 games. Every time the team would sink towards .500 in the first half, the Birds would rip off another winning streak. In the first 77 games, the O’s had three 7-game win streaks and another stretch where they won 8 of 9. - The team was bipolar in July, suffering losing streaks of 5, 4 and 5 games sandwiching winning streaks of 4 and 5. - It looked like the team was fading away in August. It fell from a season high 18 games over .500 on July 25 to only 11 over by August 31. - But the team pulled it together in September, going 17-12 and finishing 7-2 and closing the year with series wins against Toronto and New York. It took until the final day to guarantee our spot in the Wild Card game and to learn whether we would play at home or on the road. Some of the individual highlights: - Zach Britton was unhittable, and went 47 for 47 in save opportunities. We needed every one to secure our playoff spot. - Mark Trumbo led the league with 47 dingers. - Matt Wieters, who ticked off a lot of fans by accepting his QO, had a bunch of very crucial, high leverage hits, including a game winning single on Opening Day, two homers in the regular season finale, and several other key hits in between. JJ Hardy got hurt on May 1, and Manny filled in very ably at SS for 43 games. Hardy returned and played very well the rest of the year, his last productive season as an Oriole. Manny was a stud all year no matter where he played, and had a great year at the plate. - Hyun Soo Kim was an on-base machine all year, and had a really critical pinch-homer in the 9th inning of Game 158 that turned a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 lead that Britton held onto in the bottom of the 9th. That homer arguably saved our season. - Dylan Bundy was forced into the roster and pitched very credibly despite his minimal MiL experience. He had a jaw dropping relief appearance where he struck out 7 in 2.1 innings and topped out at 98.5. He was inserted into the rotation eventually and highlights included a 7 inning one hit shutout. - Trey Mancini got a late September call-up and hit a homer in his debut with his mom watching, and two more in the next three games with his family in the stands. - Chris Tillman had an outstanding year but got hurt down the stretch. Improbably, Ubaldo Jimenez, who had been banished to the bullpen, was reinserted into the rotation and the team went 5-2 in his 7 starts, posting a 2.45 ERA and finishing with a masterful 6.2 inning one-hit shutout in critical game 159 against the Blue Jays. - Kevin Gausman was masterful over the last two months, posting a 2.83 ERA in his final 12 starts. He won the playoff-clinching season finale, allowing only 2 runs in 7.2 IP. For me, it was a thrilling, roller coaster season with many team and individual highlights I’ll always remember.
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    I drove to the gym this morning and looked at my dashboard on my car and thought, man, 5000 RPM...no pitcher has $#*% on me.
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    Plus his mom doesn't like Frobby. I vote no.
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    Baseball is better than the NBA and or the NFL.
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    Way to go Luke. Way to throw some 100 MPH heat. I get so tired of the negativity around here.
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    Yeah I did too now that I'm home. Most be something in the work computer. They block everything, don't want us to have any fun.
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    That's not how baseball works. The 2018 Orioles had 21 wins against 90-win teams.
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    The move to strike the Nationals from this completely was wrong. Yeah, i get territories and all, but this came together from their partnership with the Navy because of their stadium's proximity to the Navy Yard in SE DC. I was at the game as a vendor, and let me tell you, it was one heck of an experience for the mids that were selected to be there, and the teams got a tour of the Academy and got to spend a lot of time with the mids. Not only did the Nationals agree to this game, they were also putting in money to help make improvements to the stadium. The Orioles had every right to come in and demand some share of partnership because of it being their territory. But to cut the Nats out completely, especially when their relationship with the US Navy didn't even have anything to do with the Academy to begin with, is dumb.
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    Interesting article in the Athletic about Mike Trout....and how deals of Manny and Harper affect his extension contract. I liked this quote from David Sampson President of the Marlins who signed Giancarlo Stanton...he was talking about what influence things like being with a winner, the town itself, the other variables affect the decision making... “Yeah, 99.9 percent of players don’t give one s**t about that,” Samson said. “They just don’t. We all prepare information, talk to free agents, talk to our own players, show them our minor-league system, show them our spring training facility, show them the home locker room, get them all excited and put their name on the Jumbotron and take their families out to dinner. It comes down to money. That’s it.”
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    Andy Sweater Vest has his team still percolating. They only met with Harper this past weekend.
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    Harper was offered 300 million by the Nats before the season concluded, a few months later he had a 5 hour meeting that renewed optimism in a reunion; there is absolutely no chance he was offered less in that 5 hour meeting. You don’t meet with a guy for 5 hours to offer him less than you did 3 months prior — 3 months before he needs to be signed.
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    Not even one a year? Well, you're not doing it right. Here's a tip - the next time a poster starts to get on your nerves, check to see if he's a limited posting member with a ton of posts and years of tenure. If the answer is yes, then suggest in passing that it wouldn't hurt if he'd shoot a couple of bucks Tony's way every now and then, then stand back. Works every time.
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    http://www.rotoworld.com/player/mlb/8476/tim-locastro Diamondbacks acquired INF/OF Tim Locastro from the Yankees for LHP Ronald Roman and cash considerations. Locastro began the offseason as a member of the Dodgers before getting scooped up by the Yankees in a November waiver trade. New York then designated for assignment on Monday. The versatile 26-year-old spent the majority of the 2018 season at Triple-A Oklahoma City, batting .279/.389/.409 with four homers and 18 steals in 83 games there. He'll be a depth piece at multiple positions for Arizona, including shortstop
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    Seems like the Nats might be interested in playing there in 2019. Maybe the Orioles should ask them.
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    I still think the Yankees are swirling around. Letting the market set itself, seeing other teams trip over themselves and then will swoop in last minute with a maybe slightly better offer. MFY's know that he wants to play there. They know that if all things are considered equal when it comes to dollars, they win every time when matched up against the Other Sox and Philly.
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    7/$175M is barely more than Chris Davis got(7/$161M). At a time when revenue is at an all-time high, that offer to a 26 year-old perennial All-Star at a premium position is absurd. Every team (even the Orioles) should be willing to offer Manny more than that contract. Ridiculous.
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    I made this happen by complaining yesterday!!!
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    Except Colby Rasmus. I don't know what you could flip Granderson for though. You'd probably get an organizational arm.
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    Pretty sure I did that on Route 50 this past summer. It even has some glove side run and tilt if I take my hands off the wheel.
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    I agree, I think the days of "flipping" 2 month role player rentals for prime talent are dwindling. I really don't think Elias cares about how many games they win this year. If guys struggle, he may just let it happen. It's all about them #1 picks, son!
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    As I always told my father. "That's why they call it work."
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    Competetive instincts at times are not necessarily rational..And they apply to making the most money as well as hitting a ball better than the other guy.
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    Chris Davis needs something to do.
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    I personally believe that every team should have a player who can provide some 'muscle' in a bench clearing brawl. A guy who can throw a good punch while also falling over a dugout railing. Typically, that role is left to the backup catcher - but I'm not sure Sisco or Wynns are up to the task. That being said, I highly advocate for the O's to sign Delmon Young or Paul Bako.
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    Although this zombie thread was brought back to life, my opinion hasn't changed in 6+ years, and won't 1A Brooks 1B Cal 3 Palmer 4 Mussina 5 ManNY
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    I’m still looking forward to it regardless of how bad we’re going to be..
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    Sigur Ros would be a good band for after a game with fireworks.
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    Mr. Upvote Sad Fan.
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    Caffeine is not your friend.
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    From Ed Encina's column at the time: Not a good look at all.
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    "Every boy dreams of one day wearing pinstripes". Completely unnecessary comment from - up to that point - Orioles lifer Brian Roberts.
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    You guys are getting old! (and so am I). If you like the Lumineers and Monsters and Men you should check out the Highwater Festival in Charleston, SC this spring. As for me, I've been having a bit of a musical mid-life crisis so I've really been trying to listen to new stuff lately. I made a best of 2018 playlist on Spotify. If you're interested send me a message and I'll send you a link. Off the top of my head, here here some of my favorite songs of 2018. Now back to baseball... 1) Superorganism "Everybody Wants to be Famous" 2) Boygenius "Bite the Hand" 3) Ty Segall "Lady on Fire" 4) Dirty Projectors "Break Thru" 5) Yuno "No Going Back" 6) The Kills "List of Demands" 7) Yuno "No Going Back" 😎 Parquet Courts "Wide Awake" 9) Addictions" Lucy Dacus 10) Cautious Clay "Cold War
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    You might be able to get the equivalent of Demi Orimoloye (who was traded for Granderson last Aug. 31). He’s now ranked the no. 41 prospect in the Blue Jays’ system, per prospects1500.com.
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    Mine is more armside. I can get it up to around 120.
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    Guys like him are plentiful. I’d pass.
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    Bridwell has already been DFA'd by the Angels this offseason in November, then picked up by the Yankees off waivers and quickly DFA'd again in December. He was then picked up on waivers by the Angels a second time and now DFA'd once more. The Orioles, along with most of the league, have already passed on him twice and I think his 2017 results were a bit lucky. That being said, I'd much rather see Bridwell take a shot in Baltimore than Mike Wright Jr.
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    If I had to guess, it's less about past results and more about a former MLB player with pitching coach experience who is open to using info provided by the FO/analytics dept.
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    If you want to know just how much the Rangers staff struggled, they signed Colon to anchor it, then had Lincicum and Tillman on contracts.
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    I can’t tell if Luhnow actually considered this a promotion, or was just giving the press some positive spin on a reassignment of the pitching coach. While in the special assistant job, he eventually took over as interim pitching coach at AA Corpus Christi in 2014 and remained there for 2015. That doesn’t exactly seem like a promotion from being the major league PC. But in any event, it seems unlikely Elias would have hired Brocail if he thought he’d done a bad job in Houston.
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    This was my favorite Orioles season every. They came out of no where and Memorial Stadium was electric in the middle of the summer. I was in middle school. My cousin and I used to take the bus from Loch Raven Blvd to 33rd Street for games. Amazing memories of that season: Cal homered and we beat Roger Clemens and the Red Sox on opening day Caught a ball in batting practice that I got signed by Randy Milligan that now sits on a shelf in my son's room Cal and Billy up the middle all year. It seemed like no ground ball every got by them Tettleton playing out of his mind all year. He had an autograph signing at Greeting and Readings on Taylor Avenue and was signing Fruit Loops boxes all day Devereaux making crazy catches in CF Gregg Olson struck out Dave Parker, Dave Henderson and Mark McGwire in the 9th inning of a game in April with the best curve balls I have ever seen before or since and I thought he was a god Jeff Ballard somehow won 18 games I was at the last home game that season and remember it was the "Shirt off our backs" promotion where a fan drawn at random would get the jersey of a player. I remember an overweight fan got one from Jim Taber and my cousin and I thought it was the funniest thing ever Bradley homered in the first at bat in the deciding series in Toronto The radio stations in town playing the Why Not songs on repeat Pete Harnish stepped on a nail and could not pitch in that series somehow, still think we could have won it if he had We used to stand by the player's entrance trying to get autographs before games and one day a strange looking guy walks by and into the entrance and none of us knew who he was until he got to the entrance to the stadium and turn around and called to us and took off a hat and fake mustache and large coat and waved. It was Billy Ripken. I don't know short of winning a World Series if there will ever be a season I love more than the 1989 Orioles. It wasn't about stats or launch angles or spin rate or prospects or if they were a fluke or not. For me it was as pure as a kid who loved baseball watching his team shock the world.
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    I think Wallace was generally liked by the players, the GM, the manager and the fans.
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    Because the quote above basically reads "I'm old, and I know better than these daggum youngins. Baseball today ain't like it was in my day, when men were men. The only changes that go on in this here world are loafers and lollygaggers trying ever harder to cover for laziness and stupidity which never seem in short supply nowadays."
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