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    I will be most interested to see a few things. It is an interesting hire to be sure. I am fairly certain that he has no pro experience either as a player or a coach but he was doing some associate scouting for someone... I don't remember who. I am anxious to see if he implements his philosophy completely and if so, how that translates to the pros. Please don't jump on me for these questions. They are legit questions and I know his teams very well. 1. They play in a conference that has only two other D1 teams and those other two teams are up and down. Most of their conference games are against D2 and D3 teams. They hit average pitching very well but they strike out a lot even against average pitching. Will they hit good pitching consistently enough to off set the high K's? 2. He recruits really well and has built up a good network to feed his program. His program routinely gets many transfers from fairly big D1 schools like Maryland, East Carolina, etc... So his teams are much more talented than his opponents. How will it play out when the talent level is more even? 3. Harford has a smallish field and the ball carries very well there. We have played them on larger fields and have beaten them fairly often. (Although, not in the last two years). Do the HR turn into fly outs? I am rooting for Tom because I like him as a person. Because he is a fellow JuCo guy who has done well for himself and most of all because I want the Orioles to succeed. I am just a little skeptical at the boards reaction because there have been a lot of complaining about high K rates. I think that we are still in the honeymoon period where everything they do is great. I expect that if DD had hired a JuCo guy with no pro experience on a team with high strikeout rates that it would not have been as well received. If things go south, please be gentle.
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    Crap! Now @OFFNY is gonna pipe in that he was watching the game in Westchester, NY at his nana's on her 6 inch tv in the loft wearing his orange face and cussed so loud she grounded him! As a result, he lost all respect for Coney and Cal P but still loves Cal Rip.
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    Besides the TTP thing I explained in the post before, I do believe his KC academy was a first. Thrift said about the academy, ""The idea was to apply the modern methods of analysis and teaching, which football was using so well." From a Times piece about Thrift, "He advocated advanced video teaching tools and the use of enhanced measurements in analyzing performance, including the timing of a pitcher's motion to aid runners in taking their leads. In 1994, The Sporting News named Thrift as one of the five best teachers in baseball."
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    Great wrap-up. I read his book and was impressed with the amount of stuff he was involved in and started. I remember one his innovation was timing runners from the lead at first to his slider into second base. Then, all you had to do was add the pitchers typical TTP, and the catcher's typical pop time and you had a good representation of the chance for success in stealing a base against that combo.
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    o Robinson has statues of himself in 3 different cities (Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Cleveland.) That's quite a distinction. Who can Claim Frank Robinson? The Legend Has Statues in 3 Different Cities (By Merritt Rohlfing) https://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2019/1/18/18187524/frank-robinson-hall-of-fame-orioles-reds-indians ooooooooooo oooooooooo o
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    I am bored... I went over to Walmart to pick up some stuff for the house today and every so often I'll buy a pack of baseball cards. I collected a ton as a kid as I am sure many of you did. It's still fun to open them up and see if you get anyone good, maybe a player I really like or one of those cool autograph cards. I bought two jumbo packs today, one 2018 Topps Series 1 (first card on top, Jonathan Schoop) and a Topps 2018 update pack. In the update pack, I got a Will Clark card, part of some subset they call "Storybook Endings." It features him as a Cardinal, and on the back it talks about how, in 2000, he hit .345 for the Cardinals and averaged nearly an RBI a game for 51 games, and got a hit in every postseason game. I remembered when he went there and was absolutely on fire. I read that and I was like, "f'ing Will Clark, how come he couldn't do that while he was an Oriole?" Then went to go look at how bad he was while he was here. And not bad at all, actually pretty damn good. In 1999 he hit .303/.395/.482 for a .877 OPS (only 77 games) and in 2000 he hit .301/.413/.473 for an .886 OPS before we traded him. So why do I remember Will Clark being a disaster as an Oriole?
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    Every time I keep seeing this thread bumped I keep thinking there's some news.
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    I'm me. But I'm not @Can of Corn
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    No argument there. We ALL should be disgusted. You should be able to at least make it to a WS by accident once in 40 years.
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    Syd, was a baseball guy his whole life. He is from my home state of Virginia and he graduated from my Alma Mater, Randolph Macon College. His tenure in Baltimore was not what Oriole fans wanted and of course, he is seen largely as a bumpkin who couldn't spend "confederate money". But Thrift spent over 50 years in Baseball and should not be thought of only by the 3+ years he spent in Baltimore at the end of his career. Thrift spent time with the Yankees, A's, Cub's, Royals and Pirates before Baltimore and had a much better impact on those stops. Some highlights... Syd founded and ran the Kansas City Royals Baseball Academy in 1970 which produced 14 Major League Players. He was instrumental in turning around the Pittsburgh Pirates after their drug scandal in the early 80's. Changing the culture and the roster for the Pirates setting them on the course of success when he was fired in 88. The players he acquired and developed however were the core of NL Eastern Division winning teams from 1990-1992. Ricky Henderson, Frank White, Bobby Bonilla and Al Oliver were players he discovered or acquired for his teams. In 1990 he co-authored a book titled: The Game According to Syd: The Theories and Teachings of Baseballs Leading Innovator. That title, seems comical in terms of how Orioles fans saw and still see the experience of Syd Thrift. He was likable, old school, hard headed, arrogant and down right funny. Make no mistake, his role in building teams and evaluating talent propelled the A's, Royals and Pirates to tremendous success. His time with the Yankees was short as he quit over a dispute with Steinbrenner and of course, his time in Baltimore if had been the beginning of his career, would have ended it. But he was and is considered by many to have been an innovator and a top notch judge of talent. He is revered in Middlesex, VA and at Randolph Macon College and justifiably so. In OPACY...not so much, and that's ok too. Thanks for asking.
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    Chris Davis will draw attention in Baseball and here at the OH for as long as he is on the team. He is a link to past success as well as a link to past failures. The size of his contract and the dearth of competitive talent will give the Orioles and Mike Elias a tremendous amount of leeway to allow Davis to improve. But his decline is not a month long slump or even a half season slump. There is no reason for an of us to hope for anything other than success for Chris Davis. His contract is a sunk cost and almost certainly never going to turn around as far as value for the Orioles. But dumping him without the new regime taking every possible chance with him would not be prudent. The Orioles are going to lose give or take 100 games this year whether Davis Crushes home runs or the Orioles overall batting average. That said, 2019 will require improvement for him to stay on the team. At some point as the rebuild train rolls, there will have to be a reckoning regarding the value Davis being in the lineup. While it is difficult to say that he is blocking anyone today, that will change. The new manager knows that, the new GM knows that, the managing partners know that and we here know that. There is no benefit to rooting for Davis to continue his slide, and while the benefits of him rising to replacement level are small, improving to that level or higher would certainly justify his place on the roster or even in the lineup. I choose to pull for Davis to improve, even though I doubt the likelihood of that occurring. I do agree that the situation will be scrutinized daily regardless of how it plays out and that is natural. But I think answer becomes pretty clear in 2019 even if the timing does not. IF Davis improves, as long as the team itself is not competitive or until there is someone being blocked, he plays...but eventually, if the new regime is successful in improving the O's, then Davis will have to contribute or go away. None of that changes his sunk cost. IF Davis continues at his 2018 level...or worse, well then he no longer deserves a spot in the lineup and eventually he will sit...and then eventually he will be released. There should be no rush to force that decision until Davis either blocks a better alternative or becomes a problem in the clubhouse. As long as those two things are not an issue, the timing of a decision on Davis will be delayed. But the clock is ticking... There are lots of things more important to focus on for the Orioles in 2019. Davis is simply an easy mark.
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    Actual ManNY news https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/ny-sports-manny-machado-yankees-free-agency-20190128-story.html
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    Can "wit" be considered a "tool"? Oops - my bad!
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    I saw some article with photos on all the things Robert Downey Jr does to make himself look taller. Wear 4 inch lifts, stand next to next shortest person, lean forward in groups, stand on tippy toes etc. It seemed so exhausting but I guess 70 million dollars makes up for it. Anyway don't really enjoy his acting. Seems like he plays the same drug addict/alcoholic in every movie.
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    Something I just thought of and not looking forward to is hearing "Fenway South" more often and a sea of red and blue out cheering the home crowd, ugh. I am looking forward to the Orioles coming out to SD this year though. I'll be going see them with all my gear no matter how bad they are.
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    This article was written by Frank Vaccaro "The most electrifying defensive shortstop of his generation, Mark Belanger set the standard by anchoring a great Baltimore Orioles infield for most of 14 seasons. During this stretch, Baltimore won 90 or more games 11 times with six postseason appearances capped by the 1970 world championship. Belanger and Ozzie Smith are the only shortstops to retire with fielding averages over .975 while averaging more than five fielding chances per game. Belanger used two tiny black gloves per season and broke them in with spit and coffee. He got upset if anybody touched them. Watching him have a catch with a teammate on the sidelines was striking. He never seemed to actually catch a ball; rather he redirected them into his throwing hand. Sports Illustrated once wrote: “Belanger would glide effortlessly after a grounder and welcome it into loving arms; scooping the ball up with a single easy motion, and bringing it to his chest for a moment’s caress before making his throw.” https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/bbcae277 "What makes Belanger such a distinctive player in baseball history is that he was equal parts incredible and terrible. For a career to last 18 seasons, there has to be value. For Belanger, it was his glove. Belanger picked up eight American League Gold Glove awards in the ten-season span between 1969 and 1978. Belanger’s SABR Bio opens by describing him as "the most electrifying shortstop of his generation." But boy was he a terrible hitter. In 6,601 career plate appearances, Belanger posted a career slash line of .223/.300/.280. His career OPS was not that much higher than Hank Aaron’s career slugging percentage. His play at the plate amounted to a career OPS+ of 68. Let’s put his singular combination of incredible and terrible into context. Mark Belanger is the only player in baseball history to have accumulated more than 40 Wins Above Replacement (rWAR) while posting an OPS+ under 70, according to Baseball Reference’s Play Index. Even more strikingly, he’s also the only player in baseball history to have more than 40 rWAR in a career while also posting an OPS+ under 80. We have to up the limit to 85 to find company for Belanger. The company is limited, revealing, and has all the components of a great Play Index search. We have the Hall of Famer in Luis Aparicio; there’s the more easily remembered, more contemporary defensive wizard Omar Vizquel; and filling the role of deadballer with a funny name is Rabbit Maranville, who is also a Hall of Famer. " https://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2015/11/10/9699244/mark-belanger-extraordinary-defense-terrible-offense
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    He was a constant tinkerer...and while it is difficult to point to say, specific innovations, there were some things that had not been done, and yes the Academy in Kansas City was one. Here is something from an old article in the Wash Post: In 1990, Mr. Thrift wrote a book, "The Game According to Syd: The Theories and Teachings of Baseball's Leading Innovator," in which he expounded on his baseball philosophy, which included a belief in the psychological effects of color. He initiated a change in the color of the underside of baseball cap visors from green to gray, which he believed was more soothing. Here is something Thrift said about himself in the same article talking about his ability to recognize talent. "Scoutin's like bird-huntin'," he once said in his typical homespun way. "Some guys see the birds, maybe, couple a hundred feet away. Some guys don't see 'em till they're right on top of 'em. Some don't see 'em till they're flyin' away." Finally, Thrift did things others had not done yet like test everyones eyesight and he was one of if not the first to computerize operations and he was one of the first to advocate some of the stretching and athletic training that was at the time not used in baseball, but was more prevalent in the NFL.
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    They already flipped their flippable players last year so that cards essentially been played. I don't see how signing fourth tier relievers with the idea of flipping them at the deadline for a player who MIGHT offer "organizational depth" is going to speed up the rebuild process. Add depth through the international market, draft well, and coach up the prospects with upside. That's how this team is going to improve. That said, I do expect Givens to be traded and probably Cobb too if he can rebuild his value. I also expect them to think long and hard about whether or not moving Bundy makes sense too.
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    I'm know as various things in various places but it has only been the one name here.
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    Other evaluators have a future 40 on the hit. The other 4 tools are pretty well agreed on to be plus.
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    Glenn yes. Anyhow to answer your question Moose, I think it’s already been said but I would combine the fact that Raffy was more productive, still a fan favorite that got away, & Clark being frequently injured with the fact the team was so mediocre. I didn’t realize Clark had been that productive for us either. He wasn’t a terrible player for us by any means but probably not the best signing for a team that should have been rebuilding. It’s so weird knowing our new manager looked up to Clark as a kid.
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    You mean if they're delusional enough to think that the inevitable declines due to age won't effect them.
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    No. Maybe two or three positions in the infield can combine to do that. I will gladly eat crow about all the bad stuff I've been saying about Davis these past couple days if he could provide 3.5 wins. Hell, even 2.5. But that was the thing about Will Clark, he never really put up massive power numbers, especially by that point of his career. I didn't expect him to fully replace Raffy.
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    "Hurtle." Brilliant in so many ways when used like this... If Davis gets out of the gate (first two weeks) around .250/.320/.450, has some reason to feel confident, his year might be better than last..
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    Like a complete 180 is not even enough to talk about the difference!
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    Yeah - you used to be young and played a decent SS. Now you're Brandon Fahey!
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    I resemble that remark! Shack is still on FB and just had another birthday. We hear Rob is still selling - but now realty not jewels (or if not @Can of Corn will modify). How about Icteris Galbula? I always liked Ty and Mashed Potatoes, Corey, the inner city school teacher! Good men! What about the guy who liked the band guy's (DREKTUNES) wife and was always broke asking for a loan? Ahh yes! Good times! Southern Bird - whew! Booze! Mike Chance is still around because of his music thread and I see him on FB and Gram. @scOtt can you help out a brother?
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    Well obviously we have Rodriguez over Mountcastle and Diaz and Kremer over Diaz so I can understand why they aren't top 100 guys for some. Law has some of the same issues I have with Mountcastle overall, and it mostly resolves around defense. Mountcastle has impact level ability with his bat if he can get stronger and learns to drive the ball a bit more to the opposite fields. I like Diaz, but not as enthralled with him as some. If the Orioles can get a bit more power out of him with some swing adjustments then I'd start liking him more, but I have to see more gametime power before getting too excited. He has solid average tools across the boards but no real plus-plus tool that makes me think he'll end up a star. I don't follow all prospects close enough to give an accurate assessment of how many Orioles prospects currently belong in a top 100 overall, but I do know that if I could only have one prospect in the entire system, DL Hall is the guy I'd want currently.
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    Scott Boras is the worst thing about major league baseball. The game would be so much better off without him.
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    The same thought occurred to me, but I was bashful about posting it. Maybe he's enjoying being by the pool (with the Batphone nearby) and sipping boat drinks well into spring. By his own admission, he's surely not Johnny Hustle in games, so perhaps there's no reason why he's that motivated to be particularly active till he feels he needs to be.
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    I agree with this 100%. Not to mention, we have an entirely new coaching staff. What if someone spots something in his swing or mechanics in Spring Training that the previous regime missed? Ya never know.
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    Maybe he's just like all the oldtimers who didn't see the point of six weeks of spring training so they'd just hold out for more money until early March, then mosey on down to Hot Springs and try to work off that extra 25 pounds.
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    Why a catcher and why an SP? Any of them would all be non roster invites anyway.
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    Jon Andreoli? Haha. Now that Elias is starting to make moves me probably need a general thread about all these DFAd players. I’d like to see an OF get claimed that can play all three OF positions if need be.
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    As long as we don't drop our fan cards and keep it journalistic, we'll be fine. But it is infectious, dang it!
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    What we are due for is to have a top 40 prospect who actually lives up to his billing as a major league pitcher while wearing an Orioles uniform.
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    Well written analysis by Fangraphs here. Obviously I have some differences of opinion on some guys, but they clearly did a thorough job (outside of the Hunter options thing) or evaluating these guys. Glad to see someone else has Hall as our number one prospect. I was starting to get a little bit lonely! Haha. I'm not a big fan of the FV chart as I think it confuses people off the scouting chart of what a 50 (average everyday major leaguer/#3/#4 starter) level prospect typically is by role. Saying that, I think they undervalue some guys particularly Grayson Rodriguez and Dean Kremer, but I understand their analysis. Interesting that they heard about Hall being redlighted early on and then disregarding that later. Never heard that before so that was interesting. Great work though by Eric and Kiley.
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    This season is going to be vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastly more interesting to witness than 2018. Game results won't change much, but... think of all the story lines we'll be able to follow other than the utter lost/pointless/bad veterans/lame duck manager & GM thing that happened last year. Entirely new coaching staff to get to know throughout the year How does Hyde do in his first year through the grind of the season Does Davis improve at all Analytics and development and scouting hires throughout the season are likely Do we see evidence of data helping anyone Technology purchases/upgrades throughout the minor leagues Continuing to see how Elias/Sig operate Trades likely #1 pick in the draft Young hungry kids with speed and defensive capabilities
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    Sounds like a good hire. This organization is way ahead of where it was a year ago.
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    Out of 54 no. 5 overall picks, Wieters ranks 9th in career rWAR. I’d say he was worthy of his pick. If he’d been picked 4th, as Jammer7 erroneously thought, he’d be the 11th ranked no. 4 pick.
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    One step away from them only allowing bets in bitcoin at the Jai alai.
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    And in the spirit of Honus Wagner staring out the window and waiting for spring, Oregon State's opener is February 15th. https://osubeavers.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=355 He'll be playing for real while the pros are stretching and playing catch.
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    If you want my opinion... he just got lazy (and lost his eye at the plate.) His defense, which was pretty damn good, went to crap. He couldn't catch up to FBs (or curves or sliders et al.) It was rumored last offseason Coolbaugh was working with him and then Scott said he really wasn't. I think CD really just stopped putting in the time and effort. IMO...
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    The names I've forgot about are legendary. Miss the "old board."
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    40.9 rWAR. That includes his offense. He was an excellent player.
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    Exactly...Add Dal Maxvill of the Cardinals and Ray Oyler of the Tigers and Eddie Brinkman of Washington etc to the list of no hit, good field shortstops of that time ...the only true power shortstop of the 1960s was Ernie Banks who was shifted from short to first in early 1960s and Rico Petrocelli and Jim Fregosi... it wasn’t until Cal came along and spawned ARod that the bat requirements for the position changed. But I watched Belanger for years with Brooks and he played the position better than any Oriole shortstop, better than Aparicio, better than Cal, better than Bordick or Hardy...he was a defensive wizard.
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    Thanks again Tony and the OH Crew! Had an awesome time meeting new people and seeing a few familiar faces again. Me: anyone have any nametags? Dip: I have them, but now you're in charge of name tag duty, Dip hands me a stack of nametags Me: darn it, I should have gone to Orioles anonymous hang out night, I wouldn't be in this dilemma now 5 minutes later Tony "can I get a bunch of nametags?" Me "reach into my pocket only to find 2 nametags" let's just say I should have enough for everyone at pickles and sliders at this time, even Cole Hamels dude could have gotten a nametag Tony: "you sure you only have 2 name tags left?" Me: "there aren't any more left surprisingly" Tony "really, could you check again?" Me: stop drinking my beers, reach into my pocket and a pile of nametags magically appear The life and times of buzzed name tag man, it ain't easy haha.
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