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    He couldn't get out of his lease?
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    Reach out and touch faith. Orioles own personal Jesus. Picked up the receiver. Now I'm a believer. Seriously see nothing wrong with this move
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    If Buck was still here I would think Jones would already be back. With Elias and Hyde, they have no ties to the former Orioles and don't want regressing veterans blocking the playing time of the young players, so I really don't see a reunion with the O's unless he is still unsigned late into Spring Training.
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    So, people want a player who had declining outfield skills, little bat control (has he EVER laid off a 58 foot pitch?), and who you can't trade (remember how well that worked last season?) Adam brought a "feel good" vibe to the team. Congrats. He put his time into Baltimore, but that's it. Last season, he was the big fish in a small pond. He had a place on the team the last few seasons, because there weren't options. Now, the Orioles do have options. Hays, Diaz, Yaz, a free agent they can trade or release when needed. He had his "goodbye tour" last season. Let him finish in Baltimore on that note.
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    "Buck" and "Britton". Those two names will literally be linked in perpetuity.
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    Is this Jesus a switch-hitter? 🤨
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    I like all of our catching options better than a 33 year old Caleb.
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    Looks like a weak hitting replacement for Caleb. And Sucre translates to sugar in English.
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    "Terry Crowley's lucky he's in [expletive] baseball, for crissakes, He was released by the Cincinatti Reds. He was released by the [expletive] ... " Interesting note. I didn't realize the clip of Earl mock-teasing Crowley (among other things) was from '82. A cassette had already made its way to NC and a rock club by '84, the first time I ever heard it. Things had a way of "going viral" even then. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bal-sp.maese23may23-column.html
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    Just nothing happening in baseball right now. Regarding De Jong, whatever you think about his worthiness compared to current 40 man players, I think it’s safe to say better players will hit waivers between now and opening day. Tons of solid free agents still out there.
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    I don't doubt Adam's leadership over the course of his career, specifically the 2012-2016 period. However, and I realize I'm probably being overly salty, but last season kind of killed any good will I had for most anybody on the team. What did his leadership amount to last season? What did it solve and what did it improve? I know I can't lay everything at the feet of Adam Jones because the problems were sure deeper than him. But, if he was the clubhouse leader that we and many others claim that he was, he has to take some of the blame for what happened here last season, and if we're cleaning house and trying to block it from our memory, then I don't see how bringing him back makes any sense. It's going to hurt when he does go somewhere else, I fully acknowledge and admit it. But, the ship has sailed, and we shouldn't look back.
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    What a fine tribute by Frank to Brooks and Earl--and the first interview of any significant length I've seen with one of my childhood heroes, Dave McNally. Thanks so much for posting this.
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    How are you defining huge contracts? Rodriguez won, Ramirez won. The 2018 Red Sox had at least two guys on 100M+ contracts. Same with the 2016 Cubs and 2014 Giants.
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    Classic Frank interview:
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    OOOOMG SO RECKLESS!! https://deadspin.com/everyones-mad-at-bill-james-for-being-an-old-dummy-1830316456 Hey, Bill. Everyone's pretty replaceable, if you think about it. You're not wrong. But Tony Clark's butthurt pearl clutching is great.
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    https://curlyw.mlblogs.com/washington-nationals-announce-new-backpack-policy-b520449473c1 Exceptions will be made for purses, family bags and medical related stuff. Great idea Washington. It's not like most of your fans are coming from work and have a backpack for work related reasons, or families who are going to a game after sight seeing all day.
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    Buck was very impressive in his first year and good evaluator of talent! He's a rising star.
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    The problem is, if Adam Jones is going to sign a low end deal, why would it be on a team that's going to lose and lose a lot. I think Adam deserves to be on a team that has a chance to win at this stage in his career.
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    I wonder if that means Justin Lord is going with Britton to AA Bowie.
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    It’s simply my opinion not saying it’s right or wrong but it’s been my experience as a lifelong fan of sports that players that speak out publicly about the team and the moves or lack of moves the team makes along with asking for meetings with front office and ownership that it’s had more harm than good. It just stirs up unnecessary attention. Believe me when I posted about AJ I had no idea it was even Robinson’s birthday but still not sure what that’s got to do with it. I’ll say it again I would more than welcome Jonesy back as long as he was on board with Elias and the new regime and is not going to be demanding meetings when things don’t go the way Adam Jones wants them to go.
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    Why would they call him up in Sept. If they wait that long they might as well wait until April 20th and have him for a 7th season.
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    So, let me see if I've got this straight - you disapprove that Adam Jones has an opinion, that he vocalizes that opinion, that he vocalizes that opinion to upper management, and you'd prefer it if he would just shut up and you could pay him as little as possible... And you chose to post that on Jackie Robinson's birthday? Got it.
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    Actually, three at least. Player development is definitely being rebuilt. Domestic scouting too. This is a complete, down to the foundation, rebuild.
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    I think this gets a little overblown to ask about every single guy. Buck is young, so he probably is on board. But remember that analytics is just more/better information to help people coach better. As manager, he would be in charge of making sure his coaches can translate the information to the players in ways that make practical sense.
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    Here's what this "real battle" looks like in my mind:
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    And probably will be all season long.
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    Hays is a strong 60 which is good not great for RF, great anywhere else in the OF. Diaz is a touch less, probably a 55 which is solid in RF and good elsewhere.
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    Saw the film on DVD tonight. Very well done. It had some former teammate interviews (Palmer, Singleton, Davey Johnson, Boog, Dempsey) and lots of folks from his upbringing, later union colleagues and all of his family. I came away with a good picture of a fascinating and sadly short life. In addition to the expected Orioles glory days (and focus on his famous glove work and hitting woes), there was an interesting bit of coverage about his early basketball talent and how he was heavily recruited to play hoops at UConn, but a twist of fate intervened. The best line was how a scout told another scout that Belanger was at age 16 (in his first year at the position), was better than an AL shortstop whose name I didn't catch. How it depicted his final years was done with great care and was highly poignant. Highly recommended to any O's fan or baseball fan in general.
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    Diaz and Hays both could use time in Norfolk.
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    Was any Orioles veteran enthused about anything after about May 1? He didn’t complain about the move, and I thought he handled it well. I’d just prefer to give at bats to Mullins, Stewart, and other young guys, even if Jones would outhit them.
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    I've successfully erased most of the 2018 season from memory, I don't remember.
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    Maybe, just maybe, Law is giving his honest opinion on guys and not just taking points off for being Orioles prospects?
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    I would use Carlos Gonzalez's contract last year with the Rockies as a measuring stick for what Adam could rightly expect from the Os in '19, if it came down to that: an incentive-laden ($3M) one-year deal for $5MM. This was often reported as an $8MM deal primarily because the incentives were reachable, but only $5MM was guaranteed.
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    Let him find another team. It's time for the O's to move forward. Having Jones on the team does nothing to move forward. There is supposed to be a rebuild going on and Jones would just delay it. It's bad enough that the O's are still stuck with Davis and Trumbo. This year should be about finding players that can help the O's in the future. Jones is not one of them and it would be stupid to sign him just so he can have a proper good-bye.
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    Lynn was fine. But he was signed as the biggest free agent star Baltimore would see from 1975-1995, part of the Lacy/Wiggins/etc package that was supposed to keep the late 80s Orioles in contention. But we know how that went... he was in his mid-30s, missed a third of the season every year, and should have been playing left after he'd lost a couple steps. This is why Elias is doing what he needs to do. We need a self-sustaining farm system a lot more than we need 76 wins as quick as possible.
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    Yeah. He definitely produced. Starting in 2012, Davis' WAR was 1.7, 6.5, 1.7, 5.3, 3.3. By comparison (not that we can) Koji's WAR in those years was: 1.4, 3.6, 1.8, 1.3, .7. Tommy Hunter even put up 1.9 in 2013. That stupid contract though. It ruins everything.
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    The trade was actually good, borderline great, compared to how Texas used him and how valuable Hunter and Davis were for us. The funny/sad part about it is, Davis was an amazing pick up in that trade. A cornerstone guy for our years of winning that had underwhelmed in Texas. Ultimate buy low. Sadly the contract is going to overshadow everything else.
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    I must have been too young, because for the longest time I did not remember Kevin Brown pitching a season for the Orioles, and for whatever reason, when I did I always thought he wasn't very good. Oh man was I wrong. One season, 4.3 WAR, and the best pitcher on the '95 Orioles not named Mussina. Talk about a talented rotation, too. Moose, Brown, Scott Erickson, Jamie Moyer, and Ben McDonald. That should have been a recipe to print playoff tickets even in a strike shortened season. There's a very big argument to be made, in my mind, that the '95 Orioles were the biggest underachiever of any team in franchise history.
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    I remember in 1976 he hit .270 and everyone was going on and on about what a great hitting season he was having. He finished with a .661 OPS and a 6.5 WAR season. Like I said if he had a career .650 OPS he would be a first year eligibility Hall of Famer. We didn't make the playoffs in 1976. Reggie held out the first month. Doug Decinces had a .641 OPS and Paul Blair hit .197. And Cuellar and Grimsley pitched pretty poorly.
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    Really hoping they take Rutschman at 1-1. I think there could still be a good HS shortstops available at our comp pick.
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    I'm all about Rutschman. If they take Witt, I think brother @Frobbyand I are going to go berserk.
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    I mean he has more middle names than home runs last season... Gavin Glenn Christopher Joseph Cecchini
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    Hey Patrick This is jmi1960 from the sun board...maybe we'll run into you at the yard this season. Hope you are doing well. Back on topic...I was 16 the year Reggie played for us and like a lot of oriole fans I often wonder what could have been if we would have signed him as a free agent.
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