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    Did I say he was a hot commodity? Did I say I'd want him still as the GM instead of Elias? Absolutely not. But you haters who blame him for everything and don't give him credit for the run of contention are just sad. Regardless, let's not derail the thread about prospects. The system is not barren of talent. Can things be done better, absolutely, and I look forward to seeing what Elias and company install and how the system moves forward.
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    Regardless of the fairly accurate commentary on how some things were done poorly by the org, the ranking is purely ridiculous. The Mets are middle of the pack by these rankings. The Mets. I’d wager a large sum that there is more future value in the O’s system currently than the Mets system.
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    The O's have sent a delegation to the Dominican Republic to "watch him and possibly make a deal," -- https://www.mlb.com/news/yolbert-sanchez-soon-eligible-to-sign/c-303499974?tid=151437456 Good to see.
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    People are foolish and uneducated if they feel Duquette did not have a lot to do with the Orioles becoming winners and a solid contender for many years before the implosion. If the Orioles don't run into the white-hot Royals, I think they win the World Series in 2014 and he'd be a hero.
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    Yeah and by that logic, the Orioles should be ranked similarly to the Mets. However, Law has the Mets in the middle of the pack and the Orioles dead last. I really don't think Law's ranking is defensible at all. Maybe he could defend 22nd or 24th, but 30th, who do the Red Sox have that you'd take over Dean Kremer, much less Hall, Diaz, Rodriguez, and Mountcastle.
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    Keith Law is just plain wrong, I have been watching baseball for 50 plus years and the orioles have some high end talent on it way, many of which I have had eyes on, its only one man opinion, don't believe it. I personally have the orioles farm system rated at 18, just another one man opinion. If you don't think that Harvey can become a very good MLB SP if he can avoid the injuries than you shouldn't even evaluate any prospect, because he has everything you look for.
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    Last thing I want to see is Elias sign this generation’s David Segui and Marty Cordova in an attempt to appear competitive. Invest those funds into player development if things really are different now in the warehouse.
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    I didn't say Mets over Orioles is ridiculous, I said the 30th ranking was ridiculous and not defensible. I used the Mets, because I firmly think the Orioles have a better system and Law had them middle of the pack. If we can have a reasonable argument of Mets vs O's, then the ranking of the O's at 30th is ridiculous.
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    I'm in NC, but I see 3 - 5 a year, since '97. Saw just one last year while my wife had a DC conference. Saw 6 in '14 (two were the ALCS). My high was 9 in '15, the year we got married. Saw 6 on our honeymoon that April.
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    I read Joel Sherman's article, but his one-year suggestion won't work for the problem he dismisses. This year, the media hype has been Harper & Machado and BTW, everyone else lumped in a different group. Unless Colorado locks up Arenado, as ManNY would say, "Oof." His rumored desire for a $300M deal takes another hit, even if he's an altar boy on the field.
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    So the Astros management and ownership failed when they won 55 and 51 games their first two years (after old management and ownership won 56 in 2011)? Do you think their fans feel that way now? “Yeah, we’ve won a World Series and had back to back 100 win seasons, but it wasn’t worth those sub-60 win seasons!” Look, there’s no one size fits all solution. I don’t think the O’s have to slavishly follow what the Astros did, and if they do, there’s no guarantee that they will have as much success as the Astros did with that approach. But I am certainly not going to judge the new GM on how many games we win this year.
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    How do you say they arguably made themselves worse when you have an entirely new GM, assistants, and on field coaching staff? We all know and accept that this is a full fledged rebuild and the team is going to be terrible. BTW, what kinds of million/year players are going to improve the team for next year? It makes zero sense to be spending money on a roster that is going to lose and lose often. Next year is about giving opportunities to players who may be part of a winning future or who can be traded for players that may be part of that future. Anything outside of that is putting a band-aid on a gushing wound. No one should care whether or not the team wins 55 games or 60 next year. I'd like to see some of the young guys step up and the team finish with less than 100 losses. If that occurs that will be a win in my book.
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    I see. And putting you on ignore is ignoring the truth? Lol, ok.
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    Given the 2019 Orioles' prospects for success they may well go fanless so it would be a moot point, right?
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    Isn't the saying inevitably qualified with a statement like "it's the hardest thing that's regularly done in a major sport"? Otherwise you can come up with all kinds of much harder things, even in baseball. Is hitting a baseball harder than catching one that's clearing the RF fence by 10'? Is it harder than pole vaulting over 20'? Is it harder than long jumping 29'? Is it harder than bicycling in a goal on a soccer pitch during a game from 45 yards out? Is it harder than coming down with a hail mary catch at the end of a football game, or hitting a 65 yard field goal? Is it harder than skiing unassisted across Antarctica? Obviously if there are hundreds of people who can regularly do this, it's not the hardest thing in sports. Arguably it's the hardest thing that's accomplished a couple dozen times a game in major team sports.
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    My grandfather was a boxer in the 30’s. Always said the hardest thing to do was keep your eyes open when you were getting punched in the face.
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    I agree that I watched more during that period then last year but I think much of the pain of last year has to do with expectations. When they signed Cobb and Cashner I thought they were going to contend. They were so bad so soon it was a shock to my system.
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    They are Rule 5 guys. It’s not a question of options. however, I want to keep both Jackson and Martin, so this fellow, if signed, should head for the minors.
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    We will just have to disagree. While I agree it's his prerogative, if you are sports guy who does your reporting and conversations on twitter, you should stick to sports. I can tell you, I automatically unfollow anyone who talks politics on their twitter account. If i follow you it's because I care about what you report about baseball. I could care less what you have to say about politics. It's one of the reasons why I have chosen to make the Hangout politics free and why I don't talk politics on here or on my twitter. This way the focus can stay on the Orioles and we can stay away from being concerned over someone's politics. I understand if others have a different opinion though.
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    My dad and I have shared a 13 game plan for as long as I can remember, which I typically make it to 9 or 10....last year I went to 4(he goes to all of them). I typically go to 2-3 more with my friends, family, & kids (last year we went to one). We always pick one way game to check out a new stadium each year and catch 2 a series when we do that. This year I told my Dad I couldn't commit to more than a couple games in the 13 game plan, we will probably go to one game with the kids, and we will pick out a new stadium to visit to see a couple games. It's pretty exciting to be under new management, but it's also extremely depressing to know the O's will not be competitive for at least 4 years.
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    I’m all about adding up-the-middle prospects who would be in just about every team’s top-20 list.
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    I'd love to see what an in shape, healthy Santander can do. This season will be big for him in my opinion.
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    Agree with all this. This system is not bad at all. More than a few projectionable Major Leaguers which is not something the team has had in a long, long time,
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    Yeah, the Orioles ranking should be a lot higher next offseason, I expect them to be in the top half and potentially even the top 10. It is possible that they will not graduate ANYBODY of substance. I expect Diaz, Hays, Mountcastle, Tate, Ortiz, Akin, Harvey and Kremer to all carry rookie eligibility into 2020 although most if not all could play for the O's in 2019. Hall, Rodriguez, Lowther, Knight and Grenier will be seen as more valuable if they continue to succeed at a higher level. Add in a #1 overall draft pick and at least 1-2 overslots that accompany the bloated draft pool value that accompanies the #1 pick. Also, they will have the largest international pool allocation, and if they spend the money, things could turn around in a hurry, at least from a prospect ranking perspective. If they end up with a half-dozen guys knocking on the door in AAA, or having held their own for a couple weeks in September 2019, that will make a huge difference in farm system rankings.
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    o Going cashless ??? Going topless would probably be the quickest way to draw more fans. o
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    Gonna be super awkward when you try to pass your Rays Card down twelve empty seats to the beer guy.
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    I thought the OP was declaring that the Rays had fired their manager two weeks before spring training!
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    20-ish in 2018, 20-ish in 2019. I am a 29 game plan holder and I trade tickets to go to the good giveaway games and go to few if any elite or prime non-giveaway games because (1) I don't relish being surrounded by Red Sox and Yankees fans and (2) I live 1,000 feet from home plate so going to weekend games is no more convenient than going to mid-week games. If the weather is good and I don't have plans I will gladly go to a game last minute. I also have no qualms about leaving early. I topped out in the low 40s in 2014.
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    I don't want the Orioles to have another 47 win season, but I honestly care more about the development of players this year than wins and losses.
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    The major league team is arguably worse than last year’s, as currently constituted. The talent on the major league team got worse at the deadline and then after the season they lost Jones. However, (1) the offseason isn’t over yet, (2) some of the younger players may improve, and (3) last year’s team underperformed and that may not happen this year. I’d certainly take the over on 47 wins.
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    I live in TX, so.... I do, however, watch almost every game during the season. Attended three games in 2014 during the playoff run.
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    I don’t find it strange at all. You seem to operate under the assumption that Elias and co. should have already been making moves to make the team competitive. 1. He signed on late. 2. He’s still assembling a FO that may not be at full strength until next off season. 3. Being measured in his responses thus far gives me more confidence, not less, that the right guy for the job was hired.
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    I'm not upset. I just think it's funny how much more traffic Orioles Talk gets over MLB. It's not like I'm getting paid for page views. I browse by all activity so I see everything, I guess a lot of folks don't.
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    Yes. The card reader will have an option to add a tip. Now this may backfire - people might pay more in a cashless situation but I'd bet they tip less when they're not actually handing over cash in front of the whole row of people.
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    Fangraphs ranked us 28th shortly after the season ended. In their review last week they said that would be revised but we’d likely still be somewhere in the 20’s. I haven’t seen any ranking that put us higher than 18th. No matter how you slice it, the system is considered below average. I do think our biggest weakness is top-end talent, whereas the depth of our system is actually a little above average. I’m more interested in where we’re ranked next offseason than where we’re ranked now. And, whether any graduates from the list are looking like significant major league contributors.
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    I don't really carry cash all that often but taking away ones availability to pay in cash at all is going too far. Some people, a lot of older people, still deal in cash only and in addition when I go out I like to take a set amount of cash so I know what I'm spending. When I'm out of cash I'm done spending. Factor in issues with outages and I think they are going too far. Not a fan.
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    What if @Frobby offered to throw his cape over a puddle that your wife was daring to cross? Could that be cause for a "Disco Inferno"?
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    When DD had more authority to operate, the teams did win. After the Blue Jays, when his hands were handcuffed, they lost. So lets jump up and down and play the blame game on DD, when it clearly might be better to point the blame to where it belongs.
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    I'm not blaming him I'm blaming ownership for allowing him to make the trade. Letting a GM who's contract was about to expire trade valuable pieces under contract for multiple years makes no sense. I'm fine with cutting salary, but they should have let Elias make those trades during the off season. There should have been no urgency to trade Gausman or Schoop before they hired a new GM. Those salaries would have still come off the books in 2019.
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    The only time I hustle is when compelled by the voice of Van McCoy.
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    It's really hard to argue with this statement and I'm not going to split hairs with his ranking. The farm system is bad and extremely thin, but it's getting better. With the new regime in place there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I still wish the team had only allowed Duquette to trade the pending free agents (i.e., Machado, Britton, Brach, etc.) and left the other pieces (O'Day, Schoop, Gausman, etc.) for Elias to deal with. That and the botched international signings are really my only criticisms since John has taken over for his father. Everything else has been positive.
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    It's a lot easier to spend on him for 1.5 years, including at least 0.5 where you are 100% sure you're going to be making a pennant run, than for 3 years, with a lot less certainty on your playoff hopes.
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    It’s not my money but I’d love to see them use what they have. That Gausman deal looks like a joke at this point and even a signing like Sanchez, as unexciting as it is, would provide some type of depth and value to the deal overall.
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    Quick little article about The Mosquito and his versatility and speed. https://therunnersports.com/orioles-kirvin-moesquit-is-off-radar-player-to-watch/
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    o The 2009 Orioles broke the Major League record of the 1890 Pittsburgh Alleghenys for the most wins by a starting pitcher making his career Major League debut. Brad Bergesen, Jason Berken, Brian Matusz, David Hernandez, and Koji Uehara all won their first games ever pitched in the Majors that season. The previous record was 4, set by the 1890 Alleghenys. o
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    Just came here to post this article. The most interesting thing for me here is that MLB's new agreement with Cuba could make tons of potential players available before this year's signing period is over and we would have to weigh that possibility with just going ahead and signing the solid but not spectacular Sanchez.
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    A few guys that were way better than I remember them: Chris Hoiles - OPS from 1992 - 1996 - .890, 1.001, .820, .830, .833 - Career .833 and 23.5 WAR. That would likely make him the best catcher in MLB today. By comparison JT Realmuto has a career OPS of .768 and his best year was last year at .825 Randy Milligan OPS of .852 and .900 in 1989 and 1990 Gregg Olson had 11.5 WAR from 1989 - 1993 with 176 saves and an ERA of 2.23
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