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    Did I say he was a hot commodity? Did I say I'd want him still as the GM instead of Elias? Absolutely not. But you haters who blame him for everything and don't give him credit for the run of contention are just sad. Regardless, let's not derail the thread about prospects. The system is not barren of talent. Can things be done better, absolutely, and I look forward to seeing what Elias and company install and how the system moves forward.
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    Regardless of the fairly accurate commentary on how some things were done poorly by the org, the ranking is purely ridiculous. The Mets are middle of the pack by these rankings. The Mets. I’d wager a large sum that there is more future value in the O’s system currently than the Mets system.
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    People are foolish and uneducated if they feel Duquette did not have a lot to do with the Orioles becoming winners and a solid contender for many years before the implosion. If the Orioles don't run into the white-hot Royals, I think they win the World Series in 2014 and he'd be a hero.
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    Given the 2019 Orioles' prospects for success they may well go fanless so it would be a moot point, right?
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    Isn't the saying inevitably qualified with a statement like "it's the hardest thing that's regularly done in a major sport"? Otherwise you can come up with all kinds of much harder things, even in baseball. Is hitting a baseball harder than catching one that's clearing the RF fence by 10'? Is it harder than pole vaulting over 20'? Is it harder than long jumping 29'? Is it harder than bicycling in a goal on a soccer pitch during a game from 45 yards out? Is it harder than coming down with a hail mary catch at the end of a football game, or hitting a 65 yard field goal? Is it harder than skiing unassisted across Antarctica? Obviously if there are hundreds of people who can regularly do this, it's not the hardest thing in sports. Arguably it's the hardest thing that's accomplished a couple dozen times a game in major team sports.
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    My grandfather was a boxer in the 30’s. Always said the hardest thing to do was keep your eyes open when you were getting punched in the face.
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    I have rarely put anyone on ignore and currently have no one with that designation. I prefer to get into the fray.
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    Will Jackson ever become an average passer or better? No one knows. However, it's obvious that many folks have little hope for it. In my estimation, the young man (and he has been quite young, turning 22 in January) has a lot of ground to make up as a passer, but will be given every opportunity to work towards that end. His progress will likely require patience. At some point, the team will determine if he's progressing enough to merit sticking as our QB. If not, we'll need to look for another option. For now, Lamar has a 'shot' to be special. Some will say that's a wild reach... but I'm eager to see how he comes along and am hopeful for the best. BTW, here's an article outlining something I've been curious about for years... the younger the drafted player, the better odds of a quality career (similar to MLB)... https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/age-played-a-bigger-role-in-the-nfl-draft-its-about-time/
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    The reason the Rays are doing this is because studies have shown that people spend more money when they aren't handing physical money back and forth, psychologically it doesn't feel the same as spending "real money". Casinos know this, which is why cash is converted into chips. There are also ancillary benefits of cutting down on mistakes and petty theft and increased efficiency/speed, but this is the main reason. I am against it, even though I rarely cash at the ballpark because there are people who attend games that don't carry cards or who are simply unbanked.
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    I don't really carry cash all that often but taking away ones availability to pay in cash at all is going too far. Some people, a lot of older people, still deal in cash only and in addition when I go out I like to take a set amount of cash so I know what I'm spending. When I'm out of cash I'm done spending. Factor in issues with outages and I think they are going too far. Not a fan.
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    If you say things that are baseless without backing it up, expect to be called out on it. And if you respond with "No, YOU go look it up for me!" expect to be taken even less seriously.
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    So why didn’t they win before he arrived if all the pieces were in place?
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    After a winning cycle, no Int spending and one man’s opinion. Twisting things to make a narrative.
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    You can chop off your hand to avoid the cost of manicures. I’m not sure where common sense factors in.
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    The only time I hustle is when compelled by the voice of Van McCoy.
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    Frobby, I just want to say that I am disappointed and very fearful that 2018 has done irreversible damage. Hockey??? Now, I am all for friendly and philosophical debate. For fun. Were just talking here. Ted Williams says hitting a baseball is the hardest thing in sports. He's in the HOF, he was in WWII, He worked for Sears&Roebuck. But ok, FrobbyORR, Hockey. Your so smart Frobby, I think if you want to get into a statistical analysis here you disprove your own point. To wit: Your baseline winner is hockey because fewer than 10% of all shots on goal result in a score. I am not really a hockey fan so I will simply take your word for the statement as fact. IF we assume then that 10% of all shots on goal result in a score...then we should also accept as fact that 25% of at bats result in the batter hitting and reaching safely. If these two statements are true you have proven Ted Williams correct that the hardest thing to do in sports is to hit a baseball. I don't want to do a magic trick, but lets remember that 25% of at bats result in hits. The problem is you refer to at bats. Hitting a baseball is so difficult it requires multiple chances per statistical "chance". If we assume that the average hitter sees 4 pitches an at bat, and the said at bats then result in the same number of hits, well then it is safe to say that the result on average success rate of an at bat (25%) is inflated and the actual success rate of hitters is now 6.25%. 6.25% is a lower success rate than 10%. Now I know, you actually said fewer than 10%. I didn't look it up. I am scientifically reasoning that if it was fewer than 6.25%, you would have said: "Fewer than 7% of all shots on goal score. I did the same thing saying at least 4 pitches. But in fairness my very careful calculation uses exactly 4 pitches seen for all at bats that result in hits 25% of the time. Of course Hockey does not present a gift of shots...you have to create them and take them. And of course, baseball allows an opponent to stand 60ft 6 inches away. I think however, that you have sold the game of baseball short. It is the hardest thing to do in sports competition. I am obviously ruling out track and field, and the like. Otherwise, I would say running the Mile and a half at Churchill Downs is the most difficult thing. Hockey....Hockey!!! Frobby said Hockey! But seriously...you may be right. I may be crazy.
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    Quick little article about The Mosquito and his versatility and speed. https://therunnersports.com/orioles-kirvin-moesquit-is-off-radar-player-to-watch/
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    Thanks bud appreciate your comments. I didn't really push it too much because I was planning on doing a piece that details the "battles" a bit more. This was more of my first take at the current spring training roster that I'll update throughout spring training in the Spring training tracker at the top of the forum. I think there are a ton of jobs open overall and I plan to take a more detailed look and give some odds on guys making the team and or starting. I'm also taping a show Wednesday night that will go into these battles as well. We should have it ready to be webcasted by next week.
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    o The 2009 Orioles broke the Major League record of the 1890 Pittsburgh Alleghenys for the most wins by a starting pitcher making his career Major League debut. Brad Bergesen, Jason Berken, Brian Matusz, David Hernandez, and Koji Uehara all won their first games ever pitched in the Majors that season. The previous record was 4, set by the 1890 Alleghenys. o
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    We’ve signed C Jesus Sucre aka Sweet Baby Jesus to a minor league deal. He has a ST invite and opt out on 3/22. btw that’s not his nickname, just my fantasy
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    I read this as an either or situation (i.e., they have no intention of signing both). You wonder how a team like the White Sox can compete with the Padres. If I'm going to play for a mediocre team I'd much rather do it in one of the most beautiful (warm) cities in the US as opposed to freezing my nuts off in Chicago.
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