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    https://www.pitcherlist.com/baltimore-orioles/ Gifs of each pitch thrown and pitch descriptions.
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    He's not Babe Ruth or Willie Mays. This generation that's Mike Trout, he's lapped the field. But Manny is in a tight grouping in the next group down, he's essentially tied around 33-35 rWAR with Betts, Altuve, and Arenado for everyone born since 1990. Harper is a step behind them at 27. Compare to, say, players born after 1980, through 2008. Pujols was that generation's Trout at 64. Then Teixeria was next, just below Manny and Altuve and company. Then David Wright around Harper. Or 1960 and their value through 1988. Cal was the leader at 44. Then Gywnn at 33, on par with the Machado group. Then Mattingly, Hrbek, Strawbwerry around the Harper camp. Or 1940, through 1968. Santo at 52. Then Torre, Jim Fregosi, and Dick Allen making up the Machado group. 1885 - 1913. This was a quality generation. Cobb was Trout, Collins, Speaker were at 46 and 39, and HOFer Home Run Baker at the Machado level. Joe Jackson had about the same value through 25 as Harper. Or 1900, through 1928. Goslin at 37, just a tick over the Machado group. Then Gehrig, who was a bit behind Machado at same age because he wasn't a regular until 22*. Then Jim Bottomley was the only one over 25. The value Manny has provided through his age would be in the top 2, 3, 5 in most generations. But the 1990- generation has been excellent compared to a lot of others. Most don't have four guys who can match Trout, Manny, Altuve, and Arenado. * I love little nuggets like this. At 21 Lou Gehrig played the entire year for Hartford in the Eastern League. He hit .369 with 40 doubles, 13 triples, and 37 homers, slugging .720. He led Hartford in average by 69 points, in doubles by 16, in triples by one, and in homers by 32 (the rest of the team hit 17 homers combined). He was the only regular on the team to slug .400, so he led them in slugging by 324 points. The Yanks' incumbent 1b, Wally Pipp, was good, led the league in triples but had a 107 OPS+ and was 31. Headache or not, he wasn't long for a regular job with the Yanks.
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    I think you missed the point of my comment, I mean if it's spend 5M on Sanchez or invest 5M on a Venezualan academy once things settle down there, I'd go with the academy without a second thought. Opportunity cost, what would that 5M get spent on if not on Sanchez, maybe it wouldn't get spent at all, so it's hard to judge.
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    That's what I like about you. You pay attention.
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    Wildcard wants to keep them in the minors all years to preserve their service time.
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    Per Roch this morning, Mike Elias is there personally to lead the delegation.
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    In general, it is good going into these things with the idea that if you asked every single MLB team for a top 100 that you would get rather drastically different ones. So never consider any of this a consensus view, they are not. There is no such thing as consensus with this. Also, Law transitioned from a stat head to a scout amazingly well. He does a good job with his personal looks. His assessments without a personal look can be a bit off and it makes it difficult that he doesn't discern between what he has seen and what he has been told (basically no one does this when everyone should...lots of media scout writers try to sweep their dependence on team contacts under the rug and there are some issues with his DL Hall statements that certainly confused the scouts I know). I think what makes Law's rankings interesting is that he definitely does not rank based on the overall evaluation of the prospect pieces, but with the context and narrative those pieces exist in. Sometimes that desire for a narrative becomes very peculiar as he said in a recent media only interview that the Rays are unique in their heavy investment in scouting and how quickly they will take guys off normal assignments to do specialty assignments. I mean, that describes maybe half of the scouting systems in MLB right now. That, however, feeds into the Rays progressive qual/quant assessment narrative, so it is thrown out there (and, truth be told, Rays scouts like to say how different they are when they really are doing things similar to other organizations). The Orioles at 30? Law likes the way the current front office will likely do things, so, my personal opinion, the ranking is sandbagged. The system sure is in the 20s, somewhere, but at 30...it requires forgetting where they were, that the systems in place that undermined some development are gone, that personnel who sometimes actively worked against the amateur side are gone. I mean, it is a whole new thing. So get ready for some crowd pleasing rankings next year during a cold winter day.
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    I would contact the manager of season plan sales and if not satisfied work your way up. After the season they had ,you would think they would be responsive to someone who wants to upgrade. But these are the Orioles. You would think they would have done holiday packs and flex packs in the off-season. You would think they would have gotten their promotions out and single game tickets out sooner. When they get their single game tickets out towards the first of March,they will be one of the last times to do so.I would probably call the manager or if you want email. Just use the first letter of the persons first name and then the full last name @orioles.com. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/team/front-office
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    Man, sorry I went into douchebag mode @Tony-OH - no excuses, guys give one another a little guff, but I was being prideful because of things bothering me that have nothing to do with sports or Dan Duquette. I’d send this in a PM, but I was an ass for the board, the apology belongs here. My apologies.
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    In a week we will be reading stories about how good every pitcher looks as spring training. But here are three pitchers that intrigue me more then the others. And there were all at Bowie for the month of August. Dean Kremer, Branden Kline and Zach Pop. Who do you want to see and hear about?
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    Murray crushed the Dotson offering into the upper deck, almost hitting it on the roof. 3-0 Orioles. Wonder if Dotson will like that Eddie bat dropped, then had a nice slow jog around those bases.
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    I don't think he understands what the word elite means. Edit- I just checked the twitter comments, yea, he's getting killed for calling Jones elite.
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    Whether this fits with the thread, I'm not sure. It's something I observed: Houston's AAA team is almost entirely homegrown players. Look at the non-roster players hanging out in Round Rock: 14 players, 9 drafted by the Astros. Also: None of those 14 have any Major League experience. I only bring this up because it's completely unique from how the rest of the league is managing their AAA squad. Another team that is handling their AAA squad similarly to the Astros are the Royals; out of the 16 players on their roster, 12 were drafted by the Royals and only two (Adam and Cuthbert) have MLB experience. By comparison, the Orioles have Long, Yaz, and Jimenez as the only players in AAA originally signed by the O's and nearly everyone (except these three, plus Ysla, Grover, and Wotherspoon) have Major League experience. To maintain their rosters this way, the Astros and Royals are both doing the same thing: they aren't signing any MiLB free agents. The only player the Astros have acquired for Round Rock is a AAA Rule 5 catcher. The Royals have only picked up Michael Ynoa and Taylor Featherston as MiLB free agents and Chris Rabago in the AAA Rule 5 draft. They are content to continue building their AAA rosters from in-house with players they've drafted. Again, this is unusual ... you can see that most teams sign MiLB free agents to round out their squads; the Cubs have signed 15 new MiLB free agents this offseason. The Orioles have signed eight. The only players the Astro's have taken in free agency are Chirinos, Brantley, and Miley... all major pacts. The Astros were doing this last year too, I just wonder if once the farm system gets rolling if the Orioles become a team that elects to promote players internally rather than stocking Norfolk with journeymen.
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    The only thing Vinny Cerrato knows about baseball is that Jeff Samardzija used to play football at Notre Dame.
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    Nothing sexy here but the three I’m most interested in seeing us Bundy, Cobb and Cashner.
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    I rank Kieth Law as the thirtieth best mlb prospect writer, so there’s that....
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    They aren't in the bottom ten, IMHO. Depth is generally overrated in prospect analysis, but the O's system doesn't have lottery ticket depth, they have high probability MLB contributor depth. Teams that in my view have clearly worse systems than the O's, erring on the side of caution. Red Sox (worst in baseball) Yankees (some risky young upside guys, but no upper level) Rangers Marlins Cubs Brewers Giants These teams have clearly stronger systems. Rays Padres Blue Jays Reds Braves White Sox So I feel like anywhere between 7th and 23rd is defensible. Now to be clear, there are a bunch of systems after that top 6 I'd put ahead of the Orioles, but I'd say somewhere in the 12th-15th range. You can write this off as homerism or whatever, but I follow other systems pretty well and while I don't know those systems as well as the O's system (familiarity bias), I think I hedge for this.
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    Chris Hanburger, a perennial force at linebacker for the Redskins from 1965 through 1978, was elected on Saturday to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as one of the seven enshrinees of the Class of 2011. Hanburger went to nine Pro Bowls, a franchise record, and earned first-team All-NFL honors five times in his career. He was named as one of the 70 Greatest Redskins in 2002. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=6093495 http://www.redskins.com/gen/articles/Redskins_Great_Hanburger_Elected_Into_Hall_of_Fame_190746.jsp Deion Sanders, who played for the Redskins in 2000, also was elected.
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    Teams know who the O's have playing defense and take that into account when judging the pitching. Putting a better defender out there isn't going fool other teams into thinking Cashner is good.
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    Flanny on the mound. After missing some time early in the year, he's having his best season on the mound since winning his Cy Young in 1979.
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    Year of the Pig 豬 Don't mean to offend anyone if this is a faux pas... I just wanted to post some tasty pictures of my favorite animal. And the King of them all!
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    One of the reasons I was willing to give up being part of a season ticket group was that I had to take a certain number of games on weeknights. I absolutely hate fighting DC weeknight traffic to get to games. I’d rather pick out 6-8 weekend games, and do it close to game day so I can get the number of tickets I want (I was always committed to 4 before) and have some idea of how the weather’s going to be.
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    At least 4 of which are Boras creations passed on by his shill Heyman.
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    The amount of great talent in baseball right now is amazing. I think one day we'll be looking back on this period of baseball as 'the good ole days.'
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    I’d prefer he didn’t, just because I don’t want it rubbed in my face 19 times a year, and if they get him at a bargain price that helps their team significantly. But it’s not a personal thing, like Manny is a traitor or something. He can go wherever he chooses and it won’t affect my opinion of him.
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    Oops, so much for webbrick2010’s rhetorical point! But I think there’s an open question as to whether the seemingly weak market for Manny is due to (1) the fact that teams don’t think he’s as good as many O’s fans believed, (2) the baggage from his postseason antics, or (3) fundamental changes in the FA market that are much broader than just issues limited to Manny. My own view is that O’s fans didn’t really have an inflated opinion of Manny, because it’s been the national media, not Orioles fans, who have been feeding the $300/$400 mm contact number for years. And I definitely think there have been some significant market changes, too, as many FA’s have experienced the last two years. I think we’ll have to see what contracts are doled out over the next offseason or two to really know how much of this is Manny-specific.
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    "Lalala, I can't hear you, lalalala, it goes against my worn out narrative, lalala!" Over 30 career WAR, almost all before he was of the legal age to rent a car. That is the very definition of an elite caliber player. To say that he simply just is not that good is to make a damn fool of yourself.
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    With the Labrum Tear, it may never be. I saw some special pitches from him though so possibly he rehabbed it. Like Matt Albers.
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    Gotcha. Thanks Luke. Personally I'd really like Harvey to get an extended looked in the pen.
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    1. You, and others, need to get over it. 2. Be a fan of your team, don't worry about the team 3.5 hours to the north. 3. It makes you, and others, seem like you have an inferiority complex. 4. Calling them the "MFY" does not make any Yankee fan upset. It is not a sick burn. In fact, if I were a Yankee fan (I'm not), I would be like "heck YEAH they're the MFin' Yankees!!"
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    I'd like to have a camera in Frobby's office for when he reads the first article that mentions the ball coming out of someone's hand looks good. Kremer, Akin, Pop for me.
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    I'm a season ticket holder(13 game plan) and I have had the opposite experience. I was switched to a different rep last year because my previous one had been promoted. Both were and have been very responsive and very helpful. As someone else stated you should contact the season ticket manager. I was considering not renewing this year, not because of the rebuild, just because the past two years I struggled to get to all 13 games. Last year rain outs really screwed me up and i ended up not using 3 games which is a decent amount of money since I am in club section row 1 at first base. But in the end I decided to renew. I do enjoy going to the games, I just need to be a little more proactive earlier about selling or trading tickets so I don't end up wasting any.
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    That's a hard question to ask a fan because without the knowledge of opportunity cost of spending that money on Sanchez, it's easy to say just sign the guy.
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    I’m a big fan of thinking the top waiver priority spot in the AL is a big deal. We pretty much had it all last year. We’ve had it all offseason. We’ll likely have it all this current season. Given the leverage we have we should not have players on the end of of our 40 man roster that have ZERO options and must make the OD 25 man. Like Wright and Hart. I realize that it took a minute for Elias to assess the roster. Heck, he’s probably still doing that, but any incremental improvement should be considered. Cole may not be the best candidate because he to is out of options, but he does have some nice swing and miss stats. Obviously the HRs are an issue, but even with that his ERA with the Yankees(SSS) was still pretty decent. My best guesses are the we want to give Wright a chance based on the IP he can eat and some small sliver of hope that it will “click” for him with some new teaching. As for Hart, he was nasty in 2016, overworked in 2017, and had a down year in 2018 like the whole team, but he doesn’t have a high spin rate slider. Bottomline, having the top waiver spot in the AL the last 10 months should probably have produced more than Renato Nunez.
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    Cole was at one point considered to be among the most promising pitching prospects in all of baseball, and surely the strikeout rate, swinging-strike rate and chase rate could hold appeal to another team — particularly one that is thin on rotation depth and/or has multiple bullpen spots up for grabs. He’ll need to learn to keep the ball in the yard, but the level at which Cole missed bats in 2018 would be elite if he proved it to be sustainable; the 15.9 percent swinging-strike rate he logged as a Yankee would’ve ranked 12th in the game among qualified relievers last year. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/02/indians-designate-a-j-cole-for-assignment.html wouldnt Cole be a step above Wright and other pitches on our team?
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    I think it's best that its politics free on here. I have never seen where politics on a forum works out well.
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    Thank you. One reason why I love this forum so much. I come here to read and talk about baseball. If I wanted to read about politics there are thousands of other websites to choose from. Also don't follow sportswriters on twitter who feel it's their duty to also pontificate about politics.
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    I'm in NC, but I see 3 - 5 a year, since '97. Saw just one last year while my wife had a DC conference. Saw 6 in '14 (two were the ALCS). My high was 9 in '15, the year we got married. Saw 6 on our honeymoon that April.
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    I loved having Manny on the O’s, and thought he’d get 10/$300 mm this offseason. But I’m not exactly crying for the guy that he’s not happy with his offers. He should get the best long term deal he can and get an opt-out put in there.
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    The past five or six years I've had problems finding folks to go to games with me. Most of the friends I used to go to games with have either lost interest or gotten too busy with other things to go. Whenever I can talk someone into going to a game, I'll go. I've gone to a few giveaways by myself the past few years. I've been to several Hangout Nights each year, but I'd be surprised if Tony even keeps that up, they were so sparsely attended. I've averaged about 6 to 8 games a year for the last half decade or so. And I go to that many Nats games too, because I have a friend in Arlington VA and we usually pick out a bunch of Nats weekend games to go to before the season. He'll come up for one or two Oriole games at most, one vs Washington and one other. He won't even try coming up on weeknights due to the traffic. This year will probably be about the same. I enjoy going to the ballpark, and it's not like I wouldn't be watching on TV if I wasn't there, so the quality of the team isn't really a big factor in how many I go to. All the external factors -- finding someone who wants to go, weather, giveaways I'm interested in -- will affect how many games I go to much more than the quality of the team.
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    20-ish in 2018, 20-ish in 2019. I am a 29 game plan holder and I trade tickets to go to the good giveaway games and go to few if any elite or prime non-giveaway games because (1) I don't relish being surrounded by Red Sox and Yankees fans and (2) I live 1,000 feet from home plate so going to weekend games is no more convenient than going to mid-week games. If the weather is good and I don't have plans I will gladly go to a game last minute. I also have no qualms about leaving early. I topped out in the low 40s in 2014.
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    Who was the worst opening day starter in team history? In 1991 Jeff Ballard got the honor after going 2-11, 4.93 in 1990. '89 it was Dave Schmidt who had primarly been a reliever in '88 and would go on to a 5.69 ERA in '89. In '02 it was Scott Erickson, who was hurt in all of '01 and had a 7.87 ERA in '00 and would go on to a 5.55 in '02. Sir Sid in '04. Kevin Millwood in '10, but I guess they can be forgiven for not predicting he'd go 4-16, 5.10. Arrieta's 5.05 in '11 got him the opening day nod in '12, and he pitched to over a 6.00. In '55 it was Lou Kretlow, a 34-year-old journeyman with a career high in wins of eight, on his was to 0-4, 8.22 that year.
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    It is well known that he was very upset when the O's under Dan fired those scouts. Smart guy but he does strike me as the petty sort.
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    Did I say he was a hot commodity? Did I say I'd want him still as the GM instead of Elias? Absolutely not. But you haters who blame him for everything and don't give him credit for the run of contention are just sad. Regardless, let's not derail the thread about prospects. The system is not barren of talent. Can things be done better, absolutely, and I look forward to seeing what Elias and company install and how the system moves forward.
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    I don't really carry cash all that often but taking away ones availability to pay in cash at all is going too far. Some people, a lot of older people, still deal in cash only and in addition when I go out I like to take a set amount of cash so I know what I'm spending. When I'm out of cash I'm done spending. Factor in issues with outages and I think they are going too far. Not a fan.
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    We have zero can't miss prospects. I think that is what it comes down to. I don't think it would surprise anyone if none of our current prospects became a star player. I think we really got robbed in Britton and Gausman deals. There is zero reason that Gausman shouldn't have brought back a top 50 prospect. And if the team couldn't get it for him he shouldn't have been traded. The sons have been making all decisions based on money since taking over.
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