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    Let's not forget that PECOTA is named after this guy: One of the best baseball cards ever. So maybe they whiff hard on their projections and Mancini rakes at an .850 OPS this summer.
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    Well I think Trezza would probably suck. Sanchez, on the other hand, could be pretty good.
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    o Pitcher hits the batter, the batter is out. You hit 27 batters, you've got yourself a perfect game. George Carlin, 1986 o
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    Send up your prayers. My favorite Oriole.
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    This looks to be Elias' first ML signing.
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    As an Orioles beat reporter, spin can be pretty important.
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    To the shock of everyone, the Orioles are expected to be lousy. Their projected record is 57-105. The Tigers have the next lousiest projected record at 67-95. Here is the team page. Here is the main page.
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    He will henceforth be known as Zack Britton. Please excuse the improper forum but I thought this important news about a former Oriole merited discussion on the main board!
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    Deserves its own thread, IMO.
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    Well, $800k means there are concerns built in. That's why he's so cheap. But that's fine.
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    I always assumed you lived in North Carolina.
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    Narrator: "It didn't."
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    Well, I guess atomic can sleep at night now, knowing that we’ve signed a major league free agent. Good luck to Karns, I hope his shoulder stays attached to his body.
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    There's no bubble to burst, I'm just happy to have something to talk/think about.
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    Another 40-man addition, another chance to cut Mike Wright.
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    Drafted by the Astros in 2006 in 10th round but didn't sign.
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    I was hoping for something more across the lines like Metta World Peace.
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    Fifty inch? High Definition? Look whose living in 2015.
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    Isn't this the thread where we whine about BP being totally biased against the Orioles and how they're really going to win 63 or even 67?
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    Brings back nostalgia from my baseball card collecting days!
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    He's no Ghiroli, but I think he could help our farm system.
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    I think they should have 12-man rosters. If you're not good enough to pitch and play a position and hit you shouldn't be playing the game.
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    1862. I expect an apology soon. Thanks for the tip, he has a pretty interesting Wikipedia page. They apparently didn't even call balls and strikes back in those days? Seems unfathomable now.
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