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    Adam is the consolation prize for the team that doesn’t get Bryce Harper. No one wants Adam if they can have Bryce. You’ll see Adam picked up within days of Harper signing.
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    Lol. And you were a world class athlete playing professional sports? You are so ridiculous man. You never fail to outdo yourself.
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    Non-top prospects in other systems, some of the GCL/DSL Orioles with no video available, how to interpret sarcasm in text form.
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    You're pulse was 2 bpm off from a PEDed up Lance Armstrong? I call total BS
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    Aren't you just the humble one.
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    Player declines have accelerated in recent years, perhaps because of the league cracking down on steroid users. I think mainly it has to do with the importance of range and defense. Jones can't cover center field anymore, which negates much of his value. He also never learned how to get on base, and in fact used to lead the league in infield hits. As his speed declines, his BA and OBP will as well. He can't draw walks, so he becomes replacement level.
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    Good point. But we do know what the service time rules are in the present. Keeping him in the minors for just a matter of weeks can give the organization an extra year of team control.
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    LeBron James is the perfect example: https://www.totalprosports.com/2018/05/08/lebron-says-hes-learned-how-to-rest-while-playing/ During the regular season, LeBron’s average speed was 3.85 mph. Anybody who’s ever seen him explode to the basket or pull off a chase-down block knows he is anything but slow. However, that average speed is one of the slowest in the NBA. LeBron’s 3.85 mph average is in the bottom 10 in the league among players who averaged at least 20 minutes per game. And in the playoffs LeBron’s average speed is even lower, clocking in at 3.69 mph. How does LeBron keep his average speed so slow while finding a way to average 34.3 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 9.0 assists per game? By walking as much as possible. During the regular season, LeBron spent 74.4% of his time on the court walking, which is in the top 10 in the league. During the playoffs he’s walking 78.7% of the time.
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    I want all the guys whose 92% is equal to all the other guys 150%.
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    Saw a report of the breakdown: 2019 $20mm signing bonus, $10mm salary 2020-2028 $26mm annual salary 2029-2031 $22mm annual salary No opt-outs No deferred payments Full no trade clause
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    Well, Nats fans can console themselves rooting for that comp pick next draft as compensation for him leaving. BWAHAHA
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    I think he most certainly makes the out of the field hot take for attention. Like picking Tatis over Vlad. Or when he proclaimed that Bundy wasn't one of the O's top 10 prospects.
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    12/22/17 C Wilkin Grullon (18, DO) 12/28/17 RHP Miguel Tejada (17, DO) 1/5/18 LHP Edinson Lopez (19, DO) That's about all I came up with for last season.
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    AJ was always going to fall off a cliff. Once his hands stopped being able to bail out his bad plate discipline there wasn't any value left.
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    I’m 61 and still waiting for my prime to arrive.
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    Dang, the NBA has a drug policy?
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    The entire team sucked last year, so I wouldn't look at his 2018 WAR as his new norm. Im not ready to write Jones off, as a COF. He did have a 2.6 WAR in 2017. I think he signs a 1 year deal with option, to play somewhere and prove he can still play.
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    I have a draft musings thread in the draft forum, I suggest checking it out, I’ll be adding more to it tonight I think. We can keep this going until I put out my draft preference list. I went 50 deep last year, this year I’m definitely going 100 at least. I have a spreadsheet with like 400 follow names with velocities and scouting notes on like 100+ already.
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    It's a mirage. It's always a mirage with him.
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    Just having a little fun with the hustle vs talent debate that's been going on in this thread.
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    Gio's peripherals are pretty bad. He usually gives up a lot of baserunners - particularly in a weak NL East. K rate has been declining. It would be interesting to see if our FO believes something is there, but on the surface I expect our FO would avoid a pitcher with these credentials.
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    It always annoys me when I hear about someone giving 150%, which is impossible. The scale only goes to 100. And nobody really does even that all the time.
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    He’s in a much different position than Villar. Anyway, I didn’t see the play in question, but it’s pretty normal not to run full speed to home if you can see that they’re not going to be able to throw you out. And Villar might not have anticipated that Diaz would try for 3B, which is an ill-advised thing to do with two outs unless you’re sure you can make it.
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    Best tweet I've seen yet regarding the Harper signing. https://twitter.com/DanMullen_ESPN/status/1101227970734231554?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1101227970734231554&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.espn.com%2F
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    Just got done listening to this whole album. This album is really a power pop masterpiece.
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    This is what I heard from a friend of mine, he did the stucco work on the big money pitcher Kevin Brown's house and he stiffed him for about $20,000 dollars. He said he always walked around the job with a look on his face (I can't say it in his words) , I guess an unfriendly douche will have to do.
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    In fairness, it did seem like you were assigning blame. I think the owners are just getting smarter. It's time for a new deal, and that could get contentious, but the system is working more efficiently now than it was before. That's not a bad thing.
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    Agreed. Was hoping the new regime would at least give him a look as a starter. Guess it is not to be.
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    It's been two years. Two. I think part of the issue is that players and agents haven't adapted to the changes that are taking place. That doesn't prove the system is "broken".
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    He has better foot speed than Tim Beckham, Adam Jones, and Trey Mancini according to Statcast. I like a Ruiz/Nunez platoon. We can start the season with 14 position players.
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    I figured it out! Sisco got married this past off season... He was just worried if the team was going to get him some candlesticks, or place settings.
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    Also hope that the players can shut TF up now about a "broken system."
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    Figures Harper signs when the Orioles game is on MLB network!
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    MLB has Chapman listed as CL. http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/team/depth_chart/?c_id=nyy
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    I watched his BP the other day and it wasn't even good. He looked like a AAA guy with a little strength pop.
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    Phillies announcers on Villar in the first inning, "He's still fighting for a starting position which is surprising given the Orioles depth chart." Do they even do any research? I hate lazy announcers. Even for a spring training game, do a little pregame work.
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    Hyde told the team to be ultra aggressive and everyone has a the green light to steal. Basically he wants to see how guys handle situations and then wants to coach them up afterwards.
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    Future outfield of Hays Mullins Diaz sure does sound nice. Sounds all 3 of those guys could play a decent center field. Lot of work left to do in this rebuild but at least the out field has reason for optimism.
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    Both roles are very important. Some guys just cant handle the pressure of the "closer" tag/role.
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    I don't think Harper is holding up Jones.
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    And that doesn't change the fact that I am hoping he does.
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    Lets not forget being the most popular player on the team but blowing off fan fest 2 different years.
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    Just a thought, but I honestly think Vlad Jr. could wind up generating more WAR than our top 3 hitters combined. I do think Toronto has more talent in both their lineup and starting rotation than we do.
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    Guy couldn't even stick with the O's.
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    Well, they've got some good players coming. They have a solid farm.
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    MLB isn't like the NBA where the #1 pick or even a top 3 people is needed to get an exponentially greater shot at a superstar. Getting a top, or THE top pick in the draft will be a byproduct of other strategic decisions: Trading anything worth any current value for future value Not signing 3+ year contracts for players with marginally greater current value Allocating financial resources toward scouting, development, and (hopefully) international prospects Getting the top pick isn't the strategy, but rather a likely outcome of the strategy.
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    I just don't understand why these guys feel the need to bash their old teams. He was revered by the fans here, warts and all.
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    I would love to have a clubhouse full of guys who bat .300/.350/.500 with Gold Glove defense
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