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    So as many of you know, I started attending a lot of minor league games in the last few seasons, mainly in part due to crippling depression from a work accident that led to retirement (ok, maybe you didn't quite know that part.) Growing up, my parents would usually take me to a Frederick Keys game or Hagerstown Suns game instead of the Orioles, despite the large travel distance. These games were always fun and memorable. As an adult now, these games are still very fun and memorable, but on a whole new level. I never really talked to the players as a kid, instead being in "awe" of them. Here they were, future major league players, each and every one of them! Atleast, to a 7 year old. As an adult, I realize that maybe 2 players on the team will make it to the majors. Maybe. But now I actually talk to players. My friendship with Wynns being well documented. My wifes love of Mullins also getting some time, but he does come over and talk with her too. Being fond of Stevie "High Socks" (among other things...) Wilkerson and chatting with him. But then there are players you all probably don't remember, or care about. Conor Bierfeldt, the powerful outfielder who spent 4 years in the Orioles system and clubbed a lot of home runs in Frederick before being released, phased out by the new crop. Also a great friend of Wynns. Wynston Sawyer, the power hitting 3rd catcher of the Keys when Sisco and Wynns were there, and when Wynns and Jonah Heim were there. Signed with the Dodgers org, then over to Minnesota. Unknown where he will play. Jay Gonzalez, a speedster outfielder for the Keys who was selected by the Diamondbacks in the Triple A Rule 5 pick 2 seasons ago and who might of been released recently. Not just random names, but names I choose for a reason. When Conor was released, he was one of my favorite Keys and my wife loved his weird socks design. He signed with the New Britan Bees of the Atlantic League and mashed his first season. The wife and I went to York, PA for a Revolution game when they played the Bees and stood near the outfield when the players came out. I called out to Conor and he came over, kind of amazed someone recognized him. Got him to sign a card and chat with him. He then went out and had a good game, including throwing out the tying run at the plate to end the game. Got a pic with him after the game too and some good parting words. He remembered me from chatting with him a few times in Frederick and being the only one to recognize him when he got promoted to Bowie, including being the only person to say his name instead of his number when he walked by. When Sawyer was in Frederick with Wynns, I was a big fan, including sprinting out of the stadium for a home run he hit to dead center (only took me 4 innings to get my heart rate back to normal and my breathing to go from "I'm gonna die" to "I only might die.") Even made him and Wynns shirts when I was doing that as a side job. But I talked with Sawyer a bit. Kept up with him a bit on Twitter too and recently got 2 cards signed by him, including one from the "Nickelodeon" Night promo. I posted them on Twitter and he responded very positively. I also sent Jay Gonzalez a letter and some cards during this Spring Training, talking about the amazing 2017 A+ playoff game in Frederick when he scored the winning run in what was one of the greatest and most unpredictable games I have ever seen in person. I ran down the stairs as he was rounding third and probably yelled "SLIDE" as loud as his teammates. My wife thought I was running down to the field. He replied back with the signed cards and a very awesome reply on an index card about how much he loves the game and how happy he is to play it, along with how getting a letter like that meant the world to him and helps keep the spark alive. I'm not saying any of this to brag. I am saying this because, no matter how pointless it may seem to root for a player in the minors, you never know how just much showing you are a fan can mean to the player that is overlooked, under appreciated, and who might only get to the level they are at. We know about the Machados, the Gausmans, the Weiters, the Ripkens, ect that the Orioles draft. Don't forget the Jeff Kemps, the Tad Golds, the Glynn Davis (not of that trade fame), the Tucker Nathans (who hit 3 home runs in a Baysox game and missed a 4th by 2 feet to the right of the foul pole.) These are the players that really do play because they enjoy the game. It's ok to let them know you enjoy watching them, too.
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    MiLB TV is back from it’s annual update hiatus, so I was able to get a brief look at David Lebron. Not a big guy, short for a pitcher and athletically built, but not thick. Moves well, arm action works, hides the ball a little bit. Less rotational than most shorter pitchers, gets down the mound well for his size. He was working low 90s in the outing I saw, missed more bats than you’d expect, had some hop to it up in the zone and a little armside when located on that side of the plate. Didn’t see a Changeup, the other pitch was a hard breaking curveball. It’s a pretty good pitch, but he was wasting it too much. Both pitches seem (no data, just my speculation based on movement qualities) like they have high spin. He has the look of a prospect, not an org type, I would throw a 40 on him stats unseen if he was a normal age for a guy at his level, but being 25+, if he makes the majors, he’ll be nearing his decline phase already, so the clock is ticking. I don’t think he starts, the velocity needs to tick up from my look to play at higher levels. He seems like the type who’ll miss a bunch of bats but get hit hard when guys do make contact. With those considerations, I’d put a 35 on him with a chance for more if the velocity shows better or the pitchability holds up to a speedy move through the system.
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    Buck's teams was the best in the AL for five years. I know people like to kick the dude, he was far from perfect, but he was a good manager.
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    From a visit to Port Charlotte where the low A/high A Orioles played the Tampa Rays minor leaguers on March 21st: Sparks, dh, Fisher ss, Zoellner 1b (had homer), Yahn 3b, Jayne lf, Denning catcher, McLeod 2b, Brown rf, and Truitt cf (another homer). Pitchers were Leonardo Rodriquez, Stauffer, and Litscher. In the other game: Grenier ss, Fregia 2b, Encarnacion 3b, Roberts rf, Alexis Torres dh, Woody 1b, Ferguson cf, Ringhofer catcher, Thorburn lf. Pitcher noted was Peluffo
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    Clay Fisher. Shortstop they drafted last season in the 12th round from UC Santa Barbara. He was recovering from Tommy John surgery.
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    1) Are you a fan of anyone? 2) If you do a search on your posts that include the word Davis you get 471 results.
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    I could be wrong here, but judging how Elias is determining who earned their way onto his big league roster, it was mostly about previous statistics and experience vs performance in the spring. Elias has even stated it's all about development at this point, and it appears he wants guys to prove it at a level before getting promoted. Chance Sisco was returned to AAA despite his great spring, a level he's not mastered so far in his career. So what does that mean? It could mean that Yusniel Diaz could start the year in Bowie vs Norfolk after struggling there last year in his limited time with the Baysox. It's not to say he won't get promoted if he does well there, just that it would not surprise me if he's returned there rather than going to AAA. Now maybe that plan will be adjusted now that Hays will most likely start the year on the IL with the thumb injury, but I think Chris Bostick ends up starting in CF in AAA with Santander in RF and Stewart in LF until Hays is ready to play CF. Santander could be at risk as well, but perhaps the big league experience will help him start at AAA. Either way, I'm really interested on seeing the assignments this year because it will tell us how/what Elias values when placing players. It will also be interesting to see how he handles in season promotions and demotions.
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    Important distinction: even if you think the players at Norfolk are better than those at Baltimore, that doesn’t negate claims that further development at AAA is the best thing for those players and the long-term of the club. One of the worst things about 1998 - 2011 was fast-tracking of prospects to the bigs simply because there was nothing better in front of them.
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    Your goofy assessments are really, really getting close to trolling. If you keeps saying the same things, over and over in every thread, that is trolling. We get it, you don't like how Elias is going about rebuilding this team. Point taken! Somebody could cure cancer and you'd probably be like, "Well, cancer really wasn't all that bad and besides, why didn't they cure it earlier?" Dude, relax. We all know the team is going to be bad this year. And yes, just because we are willing to except some bad teams over the next year or two, doesn't mean we aren't good fans. it means we are knowledgeable enough to know that Elias was part of an organization that rebuilt itself quite well, and we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as he begins his rebuild. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will a sustainable winning franchise.
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    Hard to find many reasons to actually watch this team. I understand the reasons here... but my dear lord you wanna talk about cringeworthy. This is about as abysmal a 25 man roster as is humanly possible.
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    If you get a Utility player in the 12th that’s good work, so I like the pick. I doubt he’s getting SS reps over Grenier or Hall though, so he might mix in at a bunch of positions in Delmarva or hang back in extended and start with Aberdeen. His potential future value is going to be tied to positional flexibility, like McCoy.
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    Harder to avoid tags that way. I didn't suggest that because it's not reasonable to expect that to happen IMO. There is obviously a perceived advantage to sliding head first or players wouldn't do it most of the time, so maybe it's worth the risk to them. I'm sure they know the risk. Personally, I don't agree with any restrictions at all on this. Besides, why wouldn't it be reasonable to expect more ankle injuries with more feet first slides and more injuries to players covering the base due to accidental spikings (as pictured above) since you would be sliding into the base with what is essentially a bunch of little knives facing the player. I don't see why there wouldn't be just as many injuries only in different locations. Sliding into a base in any way isn't really safe.
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    All rosters have to be set by noon on Thursday. So 11:59 am.
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    .00000000000000000000001 WAR.
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    60 days to collect insurance.
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    To San Fran for a minor league relief pitcher. The Giants seem to want anyone who has ever worn an Oriole uniform on their team. Seems like a dubious strategy to me. Yaz wasn't going to get playing time in Norfolk with Stewart, Hays [before he got hurt], and Santander down there, possibly Diaz too. And at his age, after doing OK in AAA last year, going down to Bowie didn't make sense (plus he would have to battle Diaz and McKenna for PT there). Trading him is probably best for him.
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    I'm OK now that you are back.
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    Mullins - CF Smith - RF Villar - 2B Mancini - LF Ruiz - 3B Davis - 1B Nunez - DH Severino - C Martin - SS Hyde previously said he would put his best hitters at the top of the lineup. "Best" is certainly subjective when it comes to this team, but this sort of jives with that. Mullins, when he has a good game, is a good leadoff guy. Smith can use all fields. Villar is a solid veteran hitter. Mancini likewise. Davis 6th is certainly nice to see instead of 4th or 5th. And your two least accomplished ML hitters at the bottom. And now Corn will come tell me why I'm wrong. But I think we see this lineup on Thursday in NY.
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    Beckham just needed a fresh start, too. And when that fresh start was over, he returned to being bad.
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    Lol. Meanwhile, wildcard has him as the early favorite to win AL MVP.
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    Signed with the Diamondbacks last month and is in minor league camp now. Smith with 3-3 today with 2 home runs and a single. Based on the the way Elias and Hyde are doing things, he will be sent to the minors after the game.
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    The rare Billy Ripken with hair photo!!
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    I don’t agree at all. Obviously AAA is loaded with older guys who have played in the majors, either for a long period of time or short stints. Perhaps development is not such a big thing with those guys. But for a lot of younger players, facing those players poses challenges that are different from facing the players their own age who have talent but not experience. I think there’s often a lot to be gained from playing in AAA that you don’t get from AA ball. I may be in the minority here but generally I like to see some AAA success before sending players to the majors.
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    I'm hardly one of the negativists, but I have noticed that if you take anything any front office says about player injuries and double the amount of time, you'll be right more often than not. Still it's better news than it could be.
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    The analytics guys pick players who don't slide head first to get an advantage. Then wait for the inevitable undervaluing of head-first sliders and pick them up at a bargain, even when you consider the injury risk.
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    Did you see than Fangraphs started including framing in their value calculations? Ryan Doumit is now listed as 6.2 wins below average on defense in 2008, 5.5 of that in framing. The spread in per-game results between Doumit and Jose Molina that year, just in framing, is greater than the value difference between 1927 Babe Ruth and 2018 Chris Davis. My guess is that's not 100% correct.
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    I have to say I was okay knowing that the O's would be bad this year. I was however excited to watch the young guys battle with the hopes that we can at least have a little excitement about the future. Watching this group though really doesn't interest me in the least. I will start paying attention again when they actually have a player on the team that may be here 3 years from now.
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    Davis batting 6th. Only need to drop him four more spots now.
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    Nice work on finding all this info and all, but I just don't see it playing out exactly like this. Especially if there are injuries at the ML level that force moves. It COULD play out like this, but it's awfully hard as a GM to just plan out your moves like this. I still maintain that Elias has development in mind more than service time. A full reset for the prospects that were definitely rushed. A more thorough evaluation and instruction in the minors using their proprietary analytics, and then reassess.
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    And we've had three straight WALKOFF wins on OD. Can't happen this year as we open on the road, maybe next week in the he opener.
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    They aren't the same person?
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    It is, but it is just going to Virginia.
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    It’s impossible to look at all the cuts and think they are taking the best 25. Which is fine, it’s not about this year. I think the philosophy is pretty obvious at this point. If your young and possibly good enough to contribute to the next winning O’s team we are starting you in the minors unless there isn’t another 40 man option at the position. I honestly don’t think this means they are high on Mullins or Fry or Means or Wright or Yacabonis or Hess, but kind of the opposite. If they (or anyone else) are good and have trade value then that’s just an added bonus.
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    You can be on board with the plan and yet not be particularly interested in watching this year’s team play, since the plan doesn’t include this year’s team being good.
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    I have a long history with framing. I think I was the first person here to post about it, referencing Mike Fast's work. Later I had serious issues with latter generation quantifiers that I thought were greatly exaggerating the impact. It is pretty clear it's a thing but I think of it as more of a complementary skill.
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    You don't want to watch Severino expertly receive the ball for nine innings a night?
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    I liked the walks in the spring and how he made some adjustments to some breaking balls at times. After he clubbed those 4 homers he never collected an extra base hit though, so I'm not sold on the early power display. Let's see how he does in AAA. If the walks go up and the Ks come down, I'll have a better feel.
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    This isn't true. I've snatched up Opening Day seats from the team most years even through the recent winning stretch. They always have seats come available that they were holding back for potential new season ticket sales. Always. This year they have more than other years of course (I grabbed section 10, 12 rows off the field from the O's website), but it has been a very very long time since there were no seats made available to the general public for opening day.
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    Yes. There is. There is a very specific reason why the Orioles should have the worst team. But of course you know this.
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    Better watch out, you already have Roch wanting to meet you behind the school!
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    I'm expecting Mancini to see time in left field.
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    I think that applies to DJ Stewart as well.
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    Trading for him or claiming him on waivers would mean assuming his $5m contract. Don't see that happening when we aren't trying to win.
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    Because it's Jeff Loria? Wait, I mean.......Jeter. Yea it's a totally new guy in charge now. It's much less about the bottom line now.
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    Maybe we can get some calls like Duke did yesterday to help us out...........😀
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    Who, if not Alberto, is DFA for Sucre? I should mention that, for those who like Spring stats and bemoan how Sisco was sent down, that Severino also had a pretty good Spring. He slashed .429/.500/.619 with four doubles. https://www.mlb.com/player/pedro-severino-600474?stats=career-s-hitting-mlb&year=2019
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