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    You know I am going to be in favor of anyone named Socrates.
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    I loved “This Week In Baseball” as a kid, even though they very rarely showed any Texas Rangers highlights(the Rangers were my team for years.) I found this music online and have shared it ever since on Opening Day on the various Oriole blogs. Mell Allen is the guy who should be announcing Oriole games. What a great voice! Hope this bring back memories! Go Orioles!
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    There’s a beautiful poetry to the opening day of the baseball season that is one of the Reasons I hated opening a week early in the middle of the night. Baseball symbolizes so many things, so many parts of the mythology of America, not necessarily that it was ever really true, maybe not any of it was true, but we imagine that it was true. Like a Norman Rockwell painting that brings back Memories that never happened, So too does the opening day of baseball bring to mind the carefree memories of our childhood, where it was never too hot, there was always a swimming hole nearby, and there were no mosquitoes. I remember being confused that my father still got up in the morning and went to work, because “it’s summer.” I didn’t understand then that the freedom only applied to us children. My father never ran around the backyard barefoot. He mowed the lawn, and snuck a nap on Saturday afternoon. But he did take me to Rangers games, and I remember him getting a beer and winking at me as he did so, knowing that I would keep it secret from mom, and I remember his delight when we both stood up to participate in a wave. One of my dearest memories is a game the Rangers lost 9 to 8, to the White Sox, I think. They scored seven runs in the eighth inning, and everybody knew they would come back to tie and then to win, and they didn’t. they went 1 2 3 in the ninth, but that was OK. I was with Papa...and I can see him now, again in the stands pounding his feet with the crowd, grinning at me all the while. And opening day means it’s all back. Nobody has to go to work. Gas is cheap and taxes are low. And it’s summer. Not in New York or Boston or Minnesota, or even on the Calendar. It’s barely a week into Spring. But it’s summer, and there are no mosquitoes, and Papa and I are cheering the hapless Rangers, and I won’t tell Mom about the beer. and it’s opening day.
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    Interesting article on the O’s from Jonathan Mayo, featuring several quotes from Kent Qualls. A few tidbits: - O’s will be teaching shift defenses even at the lowest level of the minors; previously did this only at AA and AAA. - Says O’s probably signed more Dominican talent since Koby Pérez was brought over than we did all of last year. - Dean Kremer will probably stay in extended spring training due to his oblique injury. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/orioles-prospects-at-spring-training?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
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    https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/orioles-yankees-2019-opening-day-preview Projected lineup 1) Cedric Mullins, CF 2) Jonathan Villar, 2B 3) Trey Mancini, LF 4) Chris Davis, 1B 5) Renato Núñez, DH 6) Rio Ruiz, 3B 7) Dwight Smith Jr., RF 😎 Jesús Sucre, C 9) Richie Martin, SS
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    4-15, 5.29 starting the opener in NYC. Four years removed from his last sub-4.50 FIP. Didn't even need to go to game two for that conclusion.
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    You are thinking small, he's got two arms.
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    Hey folks! for everybody who has T-Mobile, the T-Mobile gift this week is a free subscription to MLB at bat. I don’t know when they’re going to post it, but I’ve been able to take advantage of it for two years, and it is a truly wonderful thing. Just sharing as a public service announcement. Go Orioles!
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    The bottom line is that it's up to the owners to run their teams as they fit. They're in charge, not the players. That's just the way it works in the land capitalism. At least the players have an association to somewhat look out for their interests. That majority of us who work for privately owned companies don't have that luxury. In the "real" world private owners can do just about anything they want. They can fire you on a dime (i.e., no guaranteed contracts), choose to pay/not pay bonuses, etc. with no recourse. So no I don't side with the owners, but I also don't sympathize with the players either. And if they players think that a strike will help their cause they're sadly mistaken. Baseball is already dangerously close to becoming a niche sport (like hockey). All that said I feel like people should be more focused on the disparity between minor league and major league salaries than the average major league salary dropping. That's where the Player's Association should be focusing it's efforts.
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    If by singing his praises, you mean saying he’s a marginal upgrade to Rickard, then yes.
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    Maybe you don’t understand the meaning of the word “surprise.”
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    Not sure how many O’s fans have Pac12 network but here’s a pretty cool video on Rutschman. I’ve lived in Oregon for 15 years now and he’s a local kid so I’d love to see my hometown team select him #1. A friend of mine is friends with his family so my little ball players and I got to chat with him a bit after the loss to Cal last night. A very grounded kid from a great family. No matter where he goes that team is getting a great kid. https://pac-12.com/videos/honoring-his-roots-how-adley-rutschman-sets-bar-high-oregon-state-baseball
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    Hopefully there’s at least one pleasant surprise player on the O’s in 2019. Who’ve you got? I think I’ll go with Rio Ruiz. He won’t make anyone forget Manny, but I say he’ll play solid D and put up a .750ish OPS.
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    If Hyde plays Mancini in LF, he has not been paying attention...
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    So as many of you know, I started attending a lot of minor league games in the last few seasons, mainly in part due to crippling depression from a work accident that led to retirement (ok, maybe you didn't quite know that part.) Growing up, my parents would usually take me to a Frederick Keys game or Hagerstown Suns game instead of the Orioles, despite the large travel distance. These games were always fun and memorable. As an adult now, these games are still very fun and memorable, but on a whole new level. I never really talked to the players as a kid, instead being in "awe" of them. Here they were, future major league players, each and every one of them! Atleast, to a 7 year old. As an adult, I realize that maybe 2 players on the team will make it to the majors. Maybe. But now I actually talk to players. My friendship with Wynns being well documented. My wifes love of Mullins also getting some time, but he does come over and talk with her too. Being fond of Stevie "High Socks" (among other things...) Wilkerson and chatting with him. But then there are players you all probably don't remember, or care about. Conor Bierfeldt, the powerful outfielder who spent 4 years in the Orioles system and clubbed a lot of home runs in Frederick before being released, phased out by the new crop. Also a great friend of Wynns. Wynston Sawyer, the power hitting 3rd catcher of the Keys when Sisco and Wynns were there, and when Wynns and Jonah Heim were there. Signed with the Dodgers org, then over to Minnesota. Unknown where he will play. Jay Gonzalez, a speedster outfielder for the Keys who was selected by the Diamondbacks in the Triple A Rule 5 pick 2 seasons ago and who might of been released recently. Not just random names, but names I choose for a reason. When Conor was released, he was one of my favorite Keys and my wife loved his weird socks design. He signed with the New Britan Bees of the Atlantic League and mashed his first season. The wife and I went to York, PA for a Revolution game when they played the Bees and stood near the outfield when the players came out. I called out to Conor and he came over, kind of amazed someone recognized him. Got him to sign a card and chat with him. He then went out and had a good game, including throwing out the tying run at the plate to end the game. Got a pic with him after the game too and some good parting words. He remembered me from chatting with him a few times in Frederick and being the only one to recognize him when he got promoted to Bowie, including being the only person to say his name instead of his number when he walked by. When Sawyer was in Frederick with Wynns, I was a big fan, including sprinting out of the stadium for a home run he hit to dead center (only took me 4 innings to get my heart rate back to normal and my breathing to go from "I'm gonna die" to "I only might die.") Even made him and Wynns shirts when I was doing that as a side job. But I talked with Sawyer a bit. Kept up with him a bit on Twitter too and recently got 2 cards signed by him, including one from the "Nickelodeon" Night promo. I posted them on Twitter and he responded very positively. I also sent Jay Gonzalez a letter and some cards during this Spring Training, talking about the amazing 2017 A+ playoff game in Frederick when he scored the winning run in what was one of the greatest and most unpredictable games I have ever seen in person. I ran down the stairs as he was rounding third and probably yelled "SLIDE" as loud as his teammates. My wife thought I was running down to the field. He replied back with the signed cards and a very awesome reply on an index card about how much he loves the game and how happy he is to play it, along with how getting a letter like that meant the world to him and helps keep the spark alive. I'm not saying any of this to brag. I am saying this because, no matter how pointless it may seem to root for a player in the minors, you never know how just much showing you are a fan can mean to the player that is overlooked, under appreciated, and who might only get to the level they are at. We know about the Machados, the Gausmans, the Weiters, the Ripkens, ect that the Orioles draft. Don't forget the Jeff Kemps, the Tad Golds, the Glynn Davis (not of that trade fame), the Tucker Nathans (who hit 3 home runs in a Baysox game and missed a 4th by 2 feet to the right of the foul pole.) These are the players that really do play because they enjoy the game. It's ok to let them know you enjoy watching them, too.
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    That should change everything.
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    If you don't turn on the game until the fourth inning you probably won't see him.
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    We havent lost opening day since 2010.
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    Bullpen start in game 2. Going to be a long season.
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    Well I do know that college athletes make a lot less than $4.36m on average. With all that money saved you think I could go watch Penn State for less than $100 bucks a pop. You don't need to feel sorry for anyone, but you should realize that revenue going up and wages going down isnt very fair.
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    This is the pleasant surprise prediction thread, not the crap on other people’s choices thread.
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    People always support the talentless billionaire owners over the extremely talented millionaire players. Weird.
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    I’m not particularly high on Brito personally, but I’ve been thinking about it and honestly from the Orioles perspective, he makes some sense. He’s probably not better than Rickard or Smith Jr or Goodwin but he has a higher ceiling than those guys. As much as it’s not always fun to watch (because a lot of them don’t work out) high variance players probably make the most sense from a building talent perspective.
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    It'd be cool if Dwight Smith Jr turned out to be a player.
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    Wouldn't call her a prospect anymore, though
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    Ruiz is a good one. I want to see more of him! The success of both Rule 5’s definitely and Dwight Smith Jr looks good so far.
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    If you had the context of seeing Scott come up through the O's system and the vast and steady improvements he's made, you'd understand why I feel comfortable with projecting him as a leverage arm. He's a guy who used to walk everyone against hitters who swung at junk. He used to throw 30% noncompetitive pitches, his slider was a 40 at best, it's an easy 60 now, maybe more. He's 24 and had the best xFIP on the team (24th in baseball), the 15th best K rate in all of baseball.
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    Submit your answers and you will be graded on October 1. Each question is worth 1 point unless otherwise noted. I will buy a beer (or other reasonably priced beverage of choice for non-beer-drinkers) for the winner if we are ever in the same physical location and beer is sold there. Answers must be submitted by 1:04 PM EDT on Thursday, March 28 to be eligible for the exciting prize. 1) Chris Davis will get: A. 300 or more at bats B. Fewer than 300 at bats 2) Trey Mancini will start more games at what position: A. Left Field B. First Base C. DH 3) (One point for each correct answer): Name up to 3 players currently on the 40 man roster who will be the property of another major league team on the last day of the season 4) (Tough one, this is worth 3 points): Name a player who is not currently in the Orioles organization who will be in the Orioles organization on the last day of the season. 5) True/False: Austin Hays will play for the Orioles before September 1 6) True/False: Anthony Santander will play for the Orioles before September 1 7) True/False: DJ Stewart will play for the Orioles before September 1 8 ) True/False: Yusmiel Diaz will play for the Orioles before September 1 9) True/False: Ryan Mountcastle will play for the Orioles before September 1 10) True/False: Ryan McKenna will play for the Orioles before September 1 11) True/False: Chance Sisco will play for the Orioles before September 1 12) What Oriole pitcher not named Cobb/Cashner/Bundy/Wright/Hess will start the most games this year? 13) Who will start more games at 3rd base: A. Renato Nunez B. Ryan Ruiz C. Other 14) Who will lead the Orioles in saves? 15) Who will lead the Orioles in home runs? 16) Who will pitch the most major league innings before September 1 (if you answer A-D and that player does pitch in the majors before Sept 1, you get a point; if you answer E you get a point only if all 4 fail to do so). A. Dillon Tate B. Dean Kremer C. Keegan Akin D. Hunter Harvey E. None of the above will pitch in the majors before September 1 17) Will Mark Trumbo be traded to another team during the season? 18) Will Chris Davis be traded to another team during the season? 19) Will Alex Cobb be traded to another team during the season? 20) Will Dylan Bundy be traded to another team during the season? 21) Will Mychal Givens be traded to another team during the season? 22) Will the Orioles get the #1 draft pick in 2020? 23) Will Brandon Hyde be ejected from a game in 2019? 24) Will Chris Davis OPS be: A. < .600 B. .600 - .699 C. .700 - .799 D. >= .800 25) Who will lead the Orioles in home runs? 26) Name a player who will represent the Orioles in the 2019 All Star Game 27) Who will start the most games at Catcher for the Orioles in 2019? 28) How many stolen base attempts (SB+CS) will the Orioles have in 2019 (reference: 103 last year)? A. Less than 60 B. 60-89 C. 90-119 D. 120-149 E. 150 or more 29) What pitcher will start the most games for the Orioles in 2019? 30) Will the Orioles use an "opener" at least 5 times in 2019? [Definition of an opener for the purpose of this question: someone who has not had at least 10 5+ inning starts in 2018 & 2019 starts a game, and is taken out after less than 3 innings without having gotten injured or giving up 4+ runs -- that would have to happen 5 times for the answer to this question to be "Yes"] 31) Last year's attendance was 1,564,592. This year's will be: A. Less than 1 million B. Greater than or equal to 1 million but less than 1.3 million C. Greater than or equal to 1.3 million but less than 1.6 million D. Greater than or equal to 1.6 million but less than 1.9 million E. Greater than or equal to 1.9 million 32) True/False: The Orioles will sign an international prospect for at least $500,000 bonus in the current signing period which lasts until June. 33) True/False: The Orioles will sign an international prospect for at least $500,000 between the start of the next signing period (start of July) and the end of the regular season 34) Name the winner of the 2019 Brooks Robinson Award for Minor League position player of the year. 35) Name the winner of the 2019 Jim Palmer Award for Minoe League pitcher of the year. 36) True/False: the Bowie Bay Sox will make the playoffs. 37) True/False: The Norfolk Tides will make the playoffs 38) The most games over .500 the Orioles will be at any point this year will be: A. 10 or more B. 6-9 C. 2-5 D. 1 E. The Orioles will never have a .500+ record this year 39) Name an Oriole not named Chris Davis who will put a ball on Eutaw Street this year. (You are allowed to answer "None" and that will only be correct if no one other than Davis does it). 40) Will Richie Martin start more games at SS for the Orioles than any other player? 41) Will Jonathan Villar start more games at 2B for the Orioles than any other player? 42) Will Cedric Mullins start more games in CF for the Orioles than any other player? 43) How many games will Joey Rickard start in the outfield? A. 0-50 B. 51-100 C. 101-150 D. 151+ 44) How many different positions will Drew Jackson start a game at this year? [DH does not count] A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 E. 4 or more 45) How many days before September 1 will Pedro Araujo be on the major league roster? A. Under 17 (so he does not complete his rule 5 eligibility) B. 17-30 C. 31-80 D. 81-100 E. 100+ 46) Name an Oriole who will be DFA'd after the season has begun. 47) Will the Orioles #1 choice in the 2019 draft be: A. A college pitcher B. A college position player C. A high school pitcher D. A high school position player 48) Will the Orioles sign their #1 draft pick? 49) Will Richie Martin fulfill his Rule 5 requirement before the end of the season and still be on the roster? 50) Will Drew Jackson fulfill his Rule 5 requirement before the end of the season and still be on the roster? 51) How many more deals will the Orioles make tradinga way international signing bonus slots between now and the end of the current signing period? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 or more 52) How many deals will the Orioles make after the next signing bonus period starts, trading away slots from THAT period, before the end of the season? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 or more 53) Between now and the end of the season, will the Orioles extend the contract or sign a multi-year contract with any player on their 40 man roster? 54) What is the highest level of minor league baseball will Grayson Rodriguez reach during the minor league season? A. Low A B. A C. AA D. AAA 55) What is the highest level of baseball DL Hall will reach during the season? A. A B. AA C. AAA D. September MLB callup E. Pre-September MLB 56) Who will lead the Orioles in wins? 57) Who will lead the Orioles in steals? 58) Who will lead the Orioles in batting average among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? 59) Who will lead the Orioles in onbase percentage among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? 60) Who will lead Orioles in slugging percentage among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? 61) Who will lead Orioles in OPS among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? 62) Who will lead Orioles in ERA among pitchers who meet MLB ERA title qualification minimums? 63) Who will lead Orioles in WHIP among pitchers who meet MLB ERA title qualification minimums? 64) The Orioles play 20 different opponents in 2019. Last year won the season series from 2 opponents (Mets and Braves) and lost the season series to 17 opponents. How many opponents will the Orioles win the season series against this year? A. 0-2 B. 3-5 C. 6-8 D. 9+ -- The next 5 questions will not be able to be graded the day after the season ends so if the competition for the prize is close a winner might not be known until early November 65) Will an Oriole receive any MVP votes (I believe voters put 10 names on their ballot)? 66) Will an Oriole receive any Cy Young votes (I think this is also 10)? 67) Name the Oriole who receives the most Rookie of the Year votes. ("None" is an acceptable answer and is only correct if no Oriole gets a single vote in the Rookie of the Year balloting). 68) Will Brandon Hyde receive any Manager of the Year votes? 69) Will an Oriole win a Gold Glove in 2019? 70) Will the Orioles finish in last place in the AL East? 71) What is the most games out of last place (i.e. ahead of the last place team in the standings) the Orioles will be on any date this season? A. 20+ B. 10 to19.5 C. 6 to 9.5 D. 2 to 5.5 E. 0.5 to 1.5 F. The Orioles will never be ahead of a team in the AL East? Note: the weather forecast looks good for New York on Thursday so the likelihood of a rainout is slim. 72) How many guys on the 40 man roster will be dealt in the month of July? A. 0 B. 1-2 C. 3-4 D. 5-6 E. 7+ 73) Will the Orioles be no-hit in a game in 2019? 74) Will the Orioles allow 18+ runs in a game in 2019? 75) Will Chris Davis be released during the season? 76) How many home runs will Chris Davis hit for the Orioles? A. 0-10 B. 11-20 C. 21-30 D. 31-40 E. 41+ 77) Will anyone the Orioles draft in June play for the team before the end of the season (including September)? 78) Will the Orioles have a winning month in 2019? [Consider March games to be part of April record] 79) How far out of first place will the Orioles finish in 2019? A. 0-10 games B. 10.5-20 games C. 20.5-30 games D. 30.5 - 40 games E. 40.5 - 50 games F. 50.5 or more 80) Will Ryan Ripken or Preston Palmeiro get a plate appearance for the Orioles in 2019 (includes September)? 81) Who will lead the Orioles in outfield assists? 82) Will Jimmy Yacabonis start a game for the Orioles and go at least 4 innings (the second part is to preclude an "opener" type situation)? 83) Will John Means start a game for the Orioles and go at least 4 innings? 84) Will Evan Phillips pitch for the Orioles before September 1? 85) Will Trey Mancini's OPS be closer to his 2017 number (.826) or .2018 number (.715)? 86) What hitter (not named Villar) acquired in last year's selloff will have at least 100 ABs and the highest OPS in the majors. Choices are Bannon, Diaz, Carmona, Cumberland, Encarnacion, NONE (an answer of NONE gets you a poitn if none of them gets 100 ABs). 87) What pitcher acquired in last year's selloff will have at least 20 innings and the lowest ERA in the majors? Choices are Kremer, Pop, Ortiz, Phillips, Zimmerman, Tate, Carroll, Rogers, NONE. (An answer of NONE getes you a point if none of them gets 20 innings). 88) The Orioles are scheduled to play the Yankees 19 times. How many saves will Zach Britton get against us? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 E. 4+ 89) The Orioles play the Padres 4 times. How many home runs will Manny Machado get against the Orioles? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 E. 4+ 90) The Orioles play the Diamondbacks 3 times, in Arizona. Will Adam Jones hit a hom run against the Orioles? 91) (For five points). Make an "outlandish" prediction for 2019. Possibilities include: -- Orioles have a winning record -- an specific Oriole gets at least 400 ABs and is at least .200 points higher or .200 points lower than his PECOTA projection (please include the PECOTA projection) -- a specific pitcher gets at least 80 innigns and his ERA is at least 2.00 points higher or 2.00 points lower than his PECOTA projection (please include the PECOTA projection) -- a manager, coach, GM, or Sig is fired during the season -- an specific Oriole pitcher wins 15+ games -- a specific Oriole puts up at least 5.0 WAR -- someone not in Tony's top 10 prospects list and who has never played in the majors is on the major league roster for at least 100 games -- a specific Oriole leads the AL in wins, saves, ERA, WHIP, strikeouts by a pitcher, batting average, home runs, RBIs, doubles, triples, onbase%, slugging%, OPS -- a specific Oriole hits for the cycle -- a specific Oriole pitches a no hitter -- a specific Oriole hits 4 home runs in a game (or ties/beats any other major league category record for a game such as RBIs, doubles, triples, runs, strikeouts by a pitcher -- a specific established major league player who has been to multiple all star games becomes an Oriole -- a specific Oriole wins one of the major awards (MVP, Cy, RoY, MgrOY, Comeback Player, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger) There are a total of 100 points possible.
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    I love optimists. 😎 If you think the posts are negative now, I would certainly watch out for the game threads.
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    I don't want to give the cliche response to this.....but yea. He brings some athleticism and versatility to the table, but he's going to really struggle against Major League pitching unless he's made major improvements from where he was at Double A a season ago. His swing looked really long in the few Spring Training games I saw him hit in.
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    You mean Jerry Hairston and Brian Roberts? I don't know. They combined for 30 years in the majors. Ruiz and Nunez would probably be happy with half of either of their careers.
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    Ah, so increasing Chris Davis’ salary wasn’t worth it, but increasing all the other players salaries is. Got it. You get to pick and choose what’s appropriate to stick to Angelos.
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    I was about to make the same comment. Look no further than Adam Jones and Nick Markakis. Just a few years ago they would have signed multi year contracts. Now teams recognize that paying over 30 players on the downside of their careers doesn’t payoff normally.
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    Xu never got things going here in the States, finally making it to Aberdeen last year and still hitting horribly. Snelten was an attempted project, who couldn't get thru the Spring. Expect more cuts as the MiLB gets ready to open next Thursday.
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    Then you really must have liked Aristotle Lazarou! https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=lazaro001ari
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    No. Nunez has a sore arm ,so he might DH a little also till healthy.
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    Reread Sid’s recent interview. I think they see the organization they inherited as a complete mess from top to bottom. I do think they have written off this years major league team and do not see next years team being competitive. I think they are going to develop the players and coaching using analytics primarily in the minors for the foreseeable future. I now think it’s likely that the real prospects will spend almost if not the entire year on the farm. The Orioles have spent almost the entire Angelos era trying to take short cuts and avoid really building a competitive organization. They have hired the people who are going to build that organization. That’s going to take several years. If you really believe otherwise, then you need to put the bong down. But maybe I’m wrong. If they promote Diaz soon after the service time date, then I’ll eat some crow. I’m not rooting for these things to happen, by the way, I just believe it is the reality of how messed up the organization was.
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    No, but you stated directly that a prospect playing well this year would be a waste. Implicit is the assumption that the only valid yardstick is what happens three years from now. A lot of personnel decisions will be made in the next three years, many of them can only be made against ML competition. Not a waste at all. The only thing we can say with certainty about Elias is that he's not going to be very active in the FA market over the next couple of years. That's very different than saying "...Elias has probably written off the next two years, so nothing that happens at the major league level this year other than a player improving trade value is beneficial." We don't know how many years it's going to take to dig out of the hole and neither does Mike Elias at this point. I think it's safe to say that he's smart enough to know that the less time he takes, the better.
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    Would not be surpirsed. Trumbo has to be thinking will he be able to walk in 20 years without major pain with the injuries he has endured.
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    The only good team in the AL Central is the Indians. Maybe the Twins could be decent, I don't know enough about their 2019 squad. If the Indians took a step back and the Royals beat up on the Tigers and White Sox. No, I can't talk myself into this. Royals farm system doesn't have the prospects to pull off a 37 game improvement.
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    New drinking game, have a drink every time a poster mentions “service time” on OH. I advise using beer 🍺 to avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER.
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    Money that could be better spent on improving the team's scouting capacity, analytics capacity, international infrastructure, and possibly signings of international talent. Plus probably a lot of stuff I don't know about (or have read about and have forgotten). And putting money away for the time when spending a few million more on extending or acquiring player might really help the team. You might say, "Hey, don't worry, the new de facto owners are committed to plowing and are plowing plenty of resources into those areas, and a couple million for a veteran catcher to work with our young pitchers won't affect that." But I don't believe that for a second.
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    If I’d read that before I voted, I would have waited! I picked 51-55, because that’s incredibly awful without being quite as awful as last year. Honestly, based on the talent currently on our major league roster, we could be worse than in 2018, but I’m assuming that a fresh attitude and some analytic voodoo probably buy us a few more wins than last year. Not a lot more, unfortunately.
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