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    You know I am going to be in favor of anyone named Socrates.
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    I loved “This Week In Baseball” as a kid, even though they very rarely showed any Texas Rangers highlights(the Rangers were my team for years.) I found this music online and have shared it ever since on Opening Day on the various Oriole blogs. Mell Allen is the guy who should be announcing Oriole games. What a great voice! Hope this bring back memories! Go Orioles!
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    There’s a beautiful poetry to the opening day of the baseball season that is one of the Reasons I hated opening a week early in the middle of the night. Baseball symbolizes so many things, so many parts of the mythology of America, not necessarily that it was ever really true, maybe not any of it was true, but we imagine that it was true. Like a Norman Rockwell painting that brings back Memories that never happened, So too does the opening day of baseball bring to mind the carefree memories of our childhood, where it was never too hot, there was always a swimming hole nearby, and there were no mosquitoes. I remember being confused that my father still got up in the morning and went to work, because “it’s summer.” I didn’t understand then that the freedom only applied to us children. My father never ran around the backyard barefoot. He mowed the lawn, and snuck a nap on Saturday afternoon. But he did take me to Rangers games, and I remember him getting a beer and winking at me as he did so, knowing that I would keep it secret from mom, and I remember his delight when we both stood up to participate in a wave. One of my dearest memories is a game the Rangers lost 9 to 8, to the White Sox, I think. They scored seven runs in the eighth inning, and everybody knew they would come back to tie and then to win, and they didn’t. they went 1 2 3 in the ninth, but that was OK. I was with Papa...and I can see him now, again in the stands pounding his feet with the crowd, grinning at me all the while. And opening day means it’s all back. Nobody has to go to work. Gas is cheap and taxes are low. And it’s summer. Not in New York or Boston or Minnesota, or even on the Calendar. It’s barely a week into Spring. But it’s summer, and there are no mosquitoes, and Papa and I are cheering the hapless Rangers, and I won’t tell Mom about the beer. and it’s opening day.
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    Interesting article on the O’s from Jonathan Mayo, featuring several quotes from Kent Qualls. A few tidbits: - O’s will be teaching shift defenses even at the lowest level of the minors; previously did this only at AA and AAA. - Says O’s probably signed more Dominican talent since Koby Pérez was brought over than we did all of last year. - Dean Kremer will probably stay in extended spring training due to his oblique injury. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/orioles-prospects-at-spring-training?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
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    https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/orioles-yankees-2019-opening-day-preview Projected lineup 1) Cedric Mullins, CF 2) Jonathan Villar, 2B 3) Trey Mancini, LF 4) Chris Davis, 1B 5) Renato Núñez, DH 6) Rio Ruiz, 3B 7) Dwight Smith Jr., RF 😎 Jesús Sucre, C 9) Richie Martin, SS
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    4-15, 5.29 starting the opener in NYC. Four years removed from his last sub-4.50 FIP. Didn't even need to go to game two for that conclusion.
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    You are thinking small, he's got two arms.
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    Hey folks! for everybody who has T-Mobile, the T-Mobile gift this week is a free subscription to MLB at bat. I don’t know when they’re going to post it, but I’ve been able to take advantage of it for two years, and it is a truly wonderful thing. Just sharing as a public service announcement. Go Orioles!
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    The bottom line is that it's up to the owners to run their teams as they fit. They're in charge, not the players. That's just the way it works in the land capitalism. At least the players have an association to somewhat look out for their interests. That majority of us who work for privately owned companies don't have that luxury. In the "real" world private owners can do just about anything they want. They can fire you on a dime (i.e., no guaranteed contracts), choose to pay/not pay bonuses, etc. with no recourse. So no I don't side with the owners, but I also don't sympathize with the players either. And if they players think that a strike will help their cause they're sadly mistaken. Baseball is already dangerously close to becoming a niche sport (like hockey). All that said I feel like people should be more focused on the disparity between minor league and major league salaries than the average major league salary dropping. That's where the Player's Association should be focusing it's efforts.
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    If by singing his praises, you mean saying he’s a marginal upgrade to Rickard, then yes.
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    Maybe you don’t understand the meaning of the word “surprise.”
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    Not sure how many O’s fans have Pac12 network but here’s a pretty cool video on Rutschman. I’ve lived in Oregon for 15 years now and he’s a local kid so I’d love to see my hometown team select him #1. A friend of mine is friends with his family so my little ball players and I got to chat with him a bit after the loss to Cal last night. A very grounded kid from a great family. No matter where he goes that team is getting a great kid. https://pac-12.com/videos/honoring-his-roots-how-adley-rutschman-sets-bar-high-oregon-state-baseball
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    Hopefully there’s at least one pleasant surprise player on the O’s in 2019. Who’ve you got? I think I’ll go with Rio Ruiz. He won’t make anyone forget Manny, but I say he’ll play solid D and put up a .750ish OPS.
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    If Hyde plays Mancini in LF, he has not been paying attention...
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    So as many of you know, I started attending a lot of minor league games in the last few seasons, mainly in part due to crippling depression from a work accident that led to retirement (ok, maybe you didn't quite know that part.) Growing up, my parents would usually take me to a Frederick Keys game or Hagerstown Suns game instead of the Orioles, despite the large travel distance. These games were always fun and memorable. As an adult now, these games are still very fun and memorable, but on a whole new level. I never really talked to the players as a kid, instead being in "awe" of them. Here they were, future major league players, each and every one of them! Atleast, to a 7 year old. As an adult, I realize that maybe 2 players on the team will make it to the majors. Maybe. But now I actually talk to players. My friendship with Wynns being well documented. My wifes love of Mullins also getting some time, but he does come over and talk with her too. Being fond of Stevie "High Socks" (among other things...) Wilkerson and chatting with him. But then there are players you all probably don't remember, or care about. Conor Bierfeldt, the powerful outfielder who spent 4 years in the Orioles system and clubbed a lot of home runs in Frederick before being released, phased out by the new crop. Also a great friend of Wynns. Wynston Sawyer, the power hitting 3rd catcher of the Keys when Sisco and Wynns were there, and when Wynns and Jonah Heim were there. Signed with the Dodgers org, then over to Minnesota. Unknown where he will play. Jay Gonzalez, a speedster outfielder for the Keys who was selected by the Diamondbacks in the Triple A Rule 5 pick 2 seasons ago and who might of been released recently. Not just random names, but names I choose for a reason. When Conor was released, he was one of my favorite Keys and my wife loved his weird socks design. He signed with the New Britan Bees of the Atlantic League and mashed his first season. The wife and I went to York, PA for a Revolution game when they played the Bees and stood near the outfield when the players came out. I called out to Conor and he came over, kind of amazed someone recognized him. Got him to sign a card and chat with him. He then went out and had a good game, including throwing out the tying run at the plate to end the game. Got a pic with him after the game too and some good parting words. He remembered me from chatting with him a few times in Frederick and being the only one to recognize him when he got promoted to Bowie, including being the only person to say his name instead of his number when he walked by. When Sawyer was in Frederick with Wynns, I was a big fan, including sprinting out of the stadium for a home run he hit to dead center (only took me 4 innings to get my heart rate back to normal and my breathing to go from "I'm gonna die" to "I only might die.") Even made him and Wynns shirts when I was doing that as a side job. But I talked with Sawyer a bit. Kept up with him a bit on Twitter too and recently got 2 cards signed by him, including one from the "Nickelodeon" Night promo. I posted them on Twitter and he responded very positively. I also sent Jay Gonzalez a letter and some cards during this Spring Training, talking about the amazing 2017 A+ playoff game in Frederick when he scored the winning run in what was one of the greatest and most unpredictable games I have ever seen in person. I ran down the stairs as he was rounding third and probably yelled "SLIDE" as loud as his teammates. My wife thought I was running down to the field. He replied back with the signed cards and a very awesome reply on an index card about how much he loves the game and how happy he is to play it, along with how getting a letter like that meant the world to him and helps keep the spark alive. I'm not saying any of this to brag. I am saying this because, no matter how pointless it may seem to root for a player in the minors, you never know how just much showing you are a fan can mean to the player that is overlooked, under appreciated, and who might only get to the level they are at. We know about the Machados, the Gausmans, the Weiters, the Ripkens, ect that the Orioles draft. Don't forget the Jeff Kemps, the Tad Golds, the Glynn Davis (not of that trade fame), the Tucker Nathans (who hit 3 home runs in a Baysox game and missed a 4th by 2 feet to the right of the foul pole.) These are the players that really do play because they enjoy the game. It's ok to let them know you enjoy watching them, too.
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    That should change everything.
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    If you don't turn on the game until the fourth inning you probably won't see him.
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    We havent lost opening day since 2010.
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    Bullpen start in game 2. Going to be a long season.
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    Well I do know that college athletes make a lot less than $4.36m on average. With all that money saved you think I could go watch Penn State for less than $100 bucks a pop. You don't need to feel sorry for anyone, but you should realize that revenue going up and wages going down isnt very fair.
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    This is the pleasant surprise prediction thread, not the crap on other people’s choices thread.
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    People always support the talentless billionaire owners over the extremely talented millionaire players. Weird.
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    I’m not particularly high on Brito personally, but I’ve been thinking about it and honestly from the Orioles perspective, he makes some sense. He’s probably not better than Rickard or Smith Jr or Goodwin but he has a higher ceiling than those guys. As much as it’s not always fun to watch (because a lot of them don’t work out) high variance players probably make the most sense from a building talent perspective.
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    It'd be cool if Dwight Smith Jr turned out to be a player.
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    Wouldn't call her a prospect anymore, though
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    Ruiz is a good one. I want to see more of him! The success of both Rule 5’s definitely and Dwight Smith Jr looks good so far.
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    If you had the context of seeing Scott come up through the O's system and the vast and steady improvements he's made, you'd understand why I feel comfortable with projecting him as a leverage arm. He's a guy who used to walk everyone against hitters who swung at junk. He used to throw 30% noncompetitive pitches, his slider was a 40 at best, it's an easy 60 now, maybe more. He's 24 and had the best xFIP on the team (24th in baseball), the 15th best K rate in all of baseball.
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    This is where we will track significant activity throughout spring training. This will be updated with cuts and additional players acquired throughout the spring. Starters Dylan Bundy (2/1) Coming off a down 2018 season, Bundy looks to rebound. (2/28) Allowed a run while spreading out four hits over two IP in his debut. Sat 90-92, but his fastball was barreled often. (3/4) Allowed three runs, on five hits including two home runs in three innings of work. Did strike out three. Has a 7.20 ERA in his two starts. (3/9) Another awful start with a fastball that sat 89-91. allowed six runs on six hits and a walk in just 1.2 IP. His 13.50 ERA is pretty ugly but the stuff may be the bigger concern. (3/14) Still sitting 89-91 but was pretty effective for four innings. Allowed three runs in the 5th as he ran out of steam around 60 pitches. (10.80) (3/20) Allowed just one run over five innings of work. (7.94) Alex Cobb (2/1) Got off to a slow start, but a strong second half could make him a a viable trade chip at the trading deadline (3/1) Lifted after 23 pitches after getting just two outs. Allowed four runs on three hits and a walk. (3/5) Pitched three solid innings, allowing one run on two hits and walk with one K. (3/13) Named the opening day starter by Brandon Hyde despite his 12.27 ERA and 1.909 WHIP this spring. (3/25) Will start year on IL with groin strain but is expected to pitch in the home opener on April 4th. Andrew Cashner (2/1) Probably a 5th starter/swingman on most teams, Cashner will most likely settle in as the O's 3rd starter. (3/3) Allowed four runs on six hits and home run in his three innings of work in his debut. (3/8) Cruised through his 1st inning and two out in the 2nd when a 11-pitch walk, another walk and double sent him packing after just 1 2/3 IP. He pitched some more in the bullpen after a quick rest. (3/13) Went 3 2/3 IP, allowing 3 ER on 5 hits and 2 walks and four Ks. (8.64 ERA) David Hess (2/1) Unless he implodes or has an injury, you have to expect he will be in the rotation right now (2/7) If Karns is healthy and pitches well, it puts Hess back into the 5th starter's competition and will now need to outpitch the other candidates this spring (2/28) Came in after Bundy and allowed one run on three hits and two walks. Two of the hits allowed though were a sun-aided single and an infield single that Villar Non-chalanted into a single. Sat 92-94 but touched 95. Slider was a go to offspeed. (3/4) Very sharp in three hitless innings, striking out three. Now has a 2.57 ERA. (3/21) Very pitch efficient in five solid innings of work, allowing just two solo homers. Seems to have the 4th starter's job locked down at this point despite the couple of bad starts that inflated his ERA. (7.50 ERA) Mike Wright (2/1) It will be really interesting to see how much of a chance Wright gets after another sub-par season and really poor analytics that suggest he won’t improve. (2/23) Pitched two shutout innings in his spring debut. The Orioles announced they will develop him as a starter this spring. (2/26) Tossed two more shutout innings in a start. (3/3) Working against the Red Sox starters for the most part, tossed three shutout innings to keep his spring perfect. (3/7) Tossed another three shutouts innings and is yet to give up a run in ten IP this spring. Don't let the scoreless frames fool you, it took him 54 pitches to get through those three innings, still can't command his fastball glove side, and got away with some hanging cutters. (3/12) Allowed two runs on six hits and a walk but couldn't complete three innings due to pitch count. (1.42) Relievers Mychal Givens (R) (2/1) Should be the closer this year (3/5) Another awful outing saw him allow five runs on four hits, including two home runs, and a HBP. Has a 40.50 ERA on two outings. Says he's healthy and working on things. (3/9) Finally had a nice clean inning. Was working in the 94-95 MPH range. (3/12) Gave up three, lost the game, had no command but velocity was still up. Richard Bleier (L) (2/1) Missed most of last year with an injury, but may be the only other reliever pretty much guaranteed a spot in the bullpen. (3/3) Still hasn't pitched a game this spring. It's looking more and more like he will start the year on the DL. (3/9) Finally made his debut. The results were not good, but he threw the ball pretty well overall. (3/13) Tossed a shutout inning of work Miguel Castro (R) (2/1) His command took a big step back last season, but has the stuff and experience to be an innings eater in the pen. (2/28) Pitched a perfect inning of relief with a K. (3/4) Struck out two in a hitless inning of relief. Has yet to allow a base runner in his three IP. Paul Fry (L) (2/1) Ate some important innings at times last year, but doesn’t dominate lefties (3/3) Tossed a perfect inning of relief showing off a very good slider that got two strikeouts. Has yet to allow a run in three appearances. (3/6) Pitched another scoreless inning but gave up two line drive base hits, one to a lefty. (0.00) (3/14) Pitched another scoreless inning, walking one. (0.00) Pedro Araujo (R) (2/1) If healthy. has to be kept on the big league roster for part of April in order for the Orioles to be able to keep him helps him make the team out of spring training. (2/28) Made his debut, managed to only get one out before being lifted after allowing a run on two hits and walk. (3/3) Struck out two in a hitless innings of work against Tigers minor leaguers. Sat 90-91 MPH with an 87 MPH splitter. (3/14) Gave up a solo homer in his one inning of work. (10.80) (3/20) Pitched a shutout inning and a third, striking out two. At this point you have to assume he's going to make the roster at least for the 17 days the orioles need to fulfill his rule 5 requirement. (6.14) Nate Karns (2/7) Signed for 800K plus incentives, if healthy and can stay healthy, he's got an excellent chance to up at the 4th starter. (2/25) Struggled in his debut and came up one out short of making his two innings. Allowed four runs, three earned on four hits and two walks. Did strike out two. Hit 93 MPH. (3/2) Missed his start due to a sore arm which he claims is fatigue. Had a side session on Saturday and claims to feel better. After missing all of last season and good part of 2017, it;s worth monitoring closely. (3/5) Tossed a hitless inning with a strike out. Reportedly didn't "have his best fastball". Will need to start adding innings if he wants to be ready to start the season on Baltimore. (3/8) Was 92-93 with decent arm side run in his one inning of work. Walked one and struck out one. With one inning stints, it appears the Orioles are looking at him as a reliever for now. (3/21) Pitching in one inning stints, he looks like he's locked in a bullpen spot. (3.86) Jimmy Yacabonis (R) (2/1) Used as a starter at times, he’s better suited to a multiple innings reliever and could be valuable part of the bullpen. (2/24) Looked good allowing just one hit over two innings of work while striking out three. (2/28) Slinging a 94-98 MPH fastball with some sink and good arm side run. The slider and change really move as well, but command of them remains an issue. Struck out two, walked one over two hitless innings. If the Orioles keep adding innings to him, he could become the darkhorse to make the rotation. (3/9) Did a good job getting through two and 2/3 innings without his best fastball (90-92, touch 93) today. Looks like hitters were really struggling to pick up his fastball. Allowed a solo home run in his 3rd inning of work, his first earned run allowed this season. Got a ton of groundballs. (3/14) Back to 92-93 with good movement, but his command was not there. Allowed three hits and a walk while giving up a run. Only pitched an inning so it's clear he's being looked at as a reliever at this point. (2.35) (3/20) Struggled badly allowing four runs (3 ER) on two hits and two walks in just 2/3 of an inning. (5.40) John Means (2/1) Has to be in the conversation for the 5th starter job. Showed flashes last year in AAA of being ready. (2/26) Only got one out in his debut, allowing three runs on two hits and a walk. (3/1) Tossed two hitless innings in a start against the Yankees major league squad, allowing just a walk with two strikeouts. Worked 91-94 MPH. (3/6) Tossed three shutout innings, allowing a hit, two walks while striking out five. Worked fast, but had a lot of deep counts but pitched well mostly against Tampa starters. Is yet to allow a run in his two spring starts and has allowed only one hit. (3/13) Allowed three runs, but only one earned in two innings of work with three K. (4.91) Catchers Pedro Severino (3/22) Former top Washington Nationals prospect was acquired on waivers. With no options you have to imagine he will make the team. Was having a nice spring for the nationals when he was cut. Good defensive catcher who has never hit much. (NR) Jesus Sucre (2/1) The Rays backup catcher last season is coming off an awful offensive season but is solid defensively. Has as good a chance as any catcher in camp to make the team. (2/13) Apparently has Visa problems and has not reported to camp. For a guy who is in the running for a major league job, that's not a good start. (3/3) He solved his VISA issues and has reportedly joined the team. (3/8) Made his debut and with Wynns oblique injury, may just need to stay healthy to make the club. (3/13) Still has yet to pick up a hit this spring. 0-for-5. (3/20) Went 1-for-2 and has been going down to minor league camp to get PAs. Hyde made comments that indicate Sucre will make the team. He's been very impressive defensively. (.250/.583) Austin Wynns (2/1) Comes into the season as the only catcher in camp with a spot on the opening day roster minus a complete meltdown this spring. (3/8) Strained his oblique and is out indefinitely. Batting .125/.510 this spring but was very good defensively. (3/21) Reportedly starting to throw and takes some swings, but is most likely heading to the injured list to start the year. (3/25) Will start year on IL with oblique strain. First Base Chris Davis (2/1) Although he could end up at DH or maybe even given a look in right field, it’s all about whether his bat can rebound for a historically bad season. (2/24) Struck out twice in two at bats in his debut. (2/26) Homered and drove in two Grounded out . Struck out. (2/28) 0-for-2 with two more K's. Did walk on a 3-2 curveball that missed off the plate and in the dirt. (3/3) Another 0-for-3 with 2K and weak groundball to 2B. Batting .083 and if it's possible, looks worse than last year. (3/5) Is day to day with a reported hip condition. (3/9) Hyde claimed the MRI came back negative and Davis will resume baseball activities. He could be back in a game mid-next week. (3/12) 1-for-2 with a K. (.143/.607) (3/14) Went 1-for-2 with a K and Bb. (.188/.681) (3/21) Went 0-for-3 with 3 Ks. Has struck out 15 times in 33 PAs this spring. (.148/.562) Second Base Jonathan Villar (2/1) Although he could play SS, it appears with the Rule 5 draftees the Orioles are hoping to play him at second base every day. (2/28) Went 1-for-3 to pick up his first hit of the spring, but non-chalanted a ball into a hit that cost the team a run. (3/3) Came out of the game in the 4th with some swelling in his right pinky finger that hurt during a head first slide. (3/5) Made a start at SS. Went 0-for-3. (.133/.435) Struggling this spring so far. (3/13) 0-for-2 with a walk and continues to have an awful spring. (.160/.500) (3/21) Starting to heat up a bit and has his slash line up to .235/.395/.382/.778. Shortstop Richie Martin (2/1) The #1 pick in the Rule five draft, Martin is the odds on favorite to make the team, but will also compete for the starting shortstop job due to his defensive skills. (2/23) Started at SS in the Orioles spring opener 0-for-2. (2/27) Went 2-for-2 with a 2B. Stole a base. Drove in two and scored three runs. Batting .429 with a 1.071 OPS. (3/1) Continues his hot spring going 2-for-3 with a double and a stolen base. (3/2) Went 1-for-3, but more importantly made a diving play combined with a strong throw to steal a hit at SS. (3/6) Keeps on hitting, 2-for-3 with an oppo triple. Looks like he is solidifying his role as the everyday SS. (.450/1.150) (3/13) Cooled off a bit at the plate, but playing really good defense. (.310/.803) (3/21) Has slumped badly at the plate but continues to play solid defense at SS. (.244/.311/.366/.677) With Escobar's release, you have to imagine he'll be the starting SS on opening day. (3/24) Continues to struggle mightily at the plate taking another 0-for-4. (.208/.582) His struggles could give Alberto and Jackson more playing time at SS even though Martin's glove is clearly the best of the three. Third Base Rio Ruiz (2/1) Claimed off waivers from Atlanta by Elias, Ruiz will get a fresh start after struggling in Atlanta. (2/24) In his first start of the spring, hit a long three-run homer and walked. (2/26) Went 1-for-3 and is batting .600 this spring so far. (2/27) Started at 1B, went 0-for-2 with a walk. Batting .426 with a 1.357 OPS. (3/2) An 0-for-4 drops his spring average to .214. (3/4) Playing 3B, went 1-for-2 with 2B and BB. (.250/.850) (3/6) Started at 1B, went 2-for-3 with a double. (.316/.970) (3/9) Started at DH for some reason while Escobar started at 3B. Hyde is giving a lot of chance to 3B but Ruiz seems to not be getting much time there. Keep hitting. Homered and walked.( (3/13) (1B) 2-for-3. (.345/1.099) (3/21) Playing primarily 3B now that the season is getting closer and has shown well offensively (.273/.865) and defensively. Renato Nunez (2/1) The starting third baseman for most of last season, Nunez showed enough to be the odds on favorite to win the job this year. (2/27) Went 2-for-3 and is batting .286 but only a .536 OPS. (3/4) Starting at 1B, hit a grand slam home run in a 1-for-3 effort. (.250/.673) (3/6) Started at 3B. Went 0-for-3 with 2 Ks. (.211/.568) (3/8) Starting at 1B, which might be his best position, went 1-for-1 with a long home run to left on a changeup. (.250/.854 2 HR) (3/9) Tough game. Went 0-for-3 with 2 Ks and made a throwing error. (3/13) (3B) Continues to struggles of late with an 0-for-4 and 2Ks. (.185/.641 with a 0-9, BB-K ratio) (3/21) Hasn't played since Saturday and reportedly out with a sore arm. (.226/.265/.452/.716) Out of options but it appears the Orioles are very comfortable with Ruiz starting the year as the starting 3B. (3/24) Played in the field at 1B and hit his 4th home run of the spring. Utility Drew Jackson (2/1) The other Rule five draft pick Jackson will compete with Martin for the shortstop position but also will be in the utility job competition. (2/23) Replaced Martin in the opener at SS, went 1-for-2 but made an error. (2/24) Went 1-for-1 with a walk, but was unable to make a play over the middle that could have ended an inning. (2/26) Played center field. Two strong throws. Error. (2/27) Back to SS, went 0-for-2 with a K. Batting .250 with a .583 OPS. (3/2) Started at 2B and then moved to CF, went 3-for-4 and scored two runs. Starting to look like the top utility candidate. (3/5) Started in CF, went 0-for-3. (.316/.732) (3/6) Played 2B, went 1-for-1. Looking the Orioles are focusing on him being a utility guy. (.350/.791) (3/8) Gotta imagine at this point he has played himself onto this team as a utility player. Went 3-for-3 starting at DH. (.417/.902) (3/13) Started in CF. Went 1-for-3 with 2 Ks and an RBI. (.375/.806) (3/21) (CF) Went 1-for-3 with a walk. Has played solidly defensively in CF and 2B. (.326/.786) Hanser Alberto – (2/1) Has yet to take his AAA hitting success to his limited chances in the majors but can play all three infield positions (2/19) DFA'd for Josh Osich. The Orioles will hope he makes it through waivers and bring him back to camp as a non-roster invitee. (2/21) Claimed by San Francisco. (3/1) Claimed by Orioles again from San Francisco. (3/3) Will make his Baltimore spring tomorrow on Monday. (3/6) Started at 2B again went 0-for-3. (.182/.468) (3/8) Started at 3B, went 1-for-3. (.214/.580) (3/13) Started at SS. 1-for-3, 2 Ks. (.200/.511) (3/21) (SS) Went 1-for-3 while playing SS once again. Has played equally between 2B/SS/3B. (.250/.559) Leftfield/Rightfield Trey Mancini (2/1) Orioles still list him as an outfielder but he could end up at first base with Davis going to DH. For now, we’ll list him here but he will see first base and maybe DH time. (2/24) Went 2-for-2 with a stolen base while playing left field. (3/2) Only had five PAs before starting today but left the game early with a trainer. Supposedly came out for s "sore" pinky finger, but only has 6 PAs all spring, significantly lower than any other assumed starter. (3/4) Day to day with a pinky finger injury. Says he should be able to play "in a few days". Mancini hurt the finger diving into second base on Feb. 24 which explains his lack of PAs this spring. (3/6) Back in action. DH'd but went 0-for-2 with 2Ks and looked rusty while being late on some fastballs. (3/9) Went 0-for-2 in a start in LF with a K and a BB (3/13) Started at 1B. 0-for-3 with 1K. Continues to struggle this spring badly (.133/.411) (3/21) (1B) Starting to heat up at the end of the spring. Went 2-for-3, with a HR. (.267/.838) Joey Rickard (2/1) Put up his best offensive numbers last season and is one of the best defensive outfielders in camp. Has a good chance of not just making the team but starting against lefties. (2/23) Started in RF in the Orioles opener going 0-for-2 against a right-handed starter. (2/28) Hitting line drives all over the field, going 2-for-3 with a triple. Batting .500 with a 1.475 OPS this spring. (3/5) Started in RF, went 1-for-3. (.333/.956) (3/13) Went for 1-for-2 with 2 RBI. (.367/.957) (3/21) Starting to look like he might be the starting RFer to start the year. 2-for-4 today keeps his great spring going (.395/.1.031). Dwight Smith Jr. (3/8) Claimed off waivers from the Blue Jays and will try to compete for an extra outfielders job. (3/13) Went 2-for-2 while coming in to DH. (3/21) Went 0-for-4 but made a nice throw from LF to get a runner at 2B. Has hit well since coming into the Orioles camp. (.233/.714) (3/22) Most likely has won a spot on the team with the release of Eric young Jr. Centerfield Cedric Mullins (2/1) Switch-hitting center fielder should be the everyday starter but could sit some against lefties giving way to Rickard. (2/23) Started in CF in the opener going 2-for-2 with walk and stolen base. Can't get much better for a debut. (3/2) 0-for-4 sinks his spring average to .133. Moved to RF late in the game for Drew Jackson to play CF. (3/4) Broke out of significant 0fer slump with a double. Stole third base. (.158/.501) (3/6) Hit his first homer of the spring in a 1-for-4 effort. (.174/.674) (3/8) Went 0-for-1, but drew a walk, stole a base and made a nice jumping catch at the wall. (3/14) Started in LF while Hays started in CF. Homered in his first at bat, but his runners are starting to run at ease on his arm. Made one of the worse throws you will see from LF allowing a run to score easily on a play most 3rd base coaches would not have sent the runner on. (.152/.657) (3/20) Went 3-for-4 with his 3rd HR of the spring and starting to heat up. (.182/.720) Cuts/Moves Donnie Hart (L) (2/1) Hart gets a second life due to his above average spin rate on his slider and is out of options, but he may need an injury to make the team. (2/26) Tossed a shut out inning with two Ks. (3/1) DFA'd after Hanser Alberto (3/6) Claimed by Dodgers. First Round of cuts 3/3 Hunter Harvey (2/1) Sounds like a broken record, but just needs to stay healthy and go back to AA and perform well. Could be interesting to see if the new regime converts him to a reliever. (2/25) Threw in the mid to upper 90's including a strikeout on a 98 MPH fastball, but allowed a long two-run homer to Byron Buxton. (3/1) Struck out two, allowing a walk in one inning of work. (3/3) Optioned to Norfolk though it doesn't necessarily mean he will pitch there. (NR) Ryan Mckenna (2/1) Getting a chance to show the new staff his ability this spring but should be heading back to Bowie to start 2019. (3/2) Came in for Mullins but played RF as Yaz played CF. Got on base twice getting HBP and drawing a walk, but still looking for his first spring hit. (3/3) Not a surprising cut. Will start the season at Bowie most likely. (NR) Mike Yastrzemski (2/1) Can play all three outfield positions, but is more of a left fielder. Probably heading back to AAA to provide depth. (3/2) Getting some decent playing time in CF, but 0-for-9 on the spring so far. (3/3) Not a surprising first cut. Will battle for playing time at Norfolk. (3/21) Traded to San Francisco for RHP Tyler Herb (NR) Zach Vincej (2/1) Has the ability to play shortstop and has hit a bit in AAA. (2/27) Played 2B today and went 0-for-1. Only 4 at bats so far. (3/3) Got the least amount of looks of the utility candidates. Will battle for Norfolk playing time. (NR) Cael Brockmeyer (2/13) Career minor leaguer signed in January brought into camp due to Sucre's Visa problems (2/27) Went 0-for-1 and allowed a stolen base after coming in for Perez late. Has also played some 1B, but only two ABs. (3/3) Was always here to just catch the pitchers. Will try and get playing time at Bowie or Norfolk (NR) Zach Pop (R) (2/1) Hard throwing right-handed who will probably end up back in AA or AAA to start season but who could see time in Baltimore in 2019 (2/23) Pitched a shutout inning in his debut, but the big news was his lack of velocity (86-87). Pop explained that he was easing his way in but Hyde said the team with go slow with him until they are sure he's ready to pitch again. (3/3) Never pitched again after his velocity was off about 10 MPH in his only appearance. Hopefully he will get a going in minor league camp. (NR) Chris Lee (L) (2/1) Flashes potential but doesn’t miss many bats and has struggled in most chances above AA. (3/3) Got into two games and allowed a run on four hits and three walks in just 2.1 IP. Will compete for a spot with Norfolk. (NR) Dean Kremer (2/1) As a non-roster guy with less than half a season above A-ball, he’s here to get a look by the big league staff. (2/14) Kremer has a left oblique strain that could put him behind by at least two more weeks. He suffered the injury in an off season throwing incident. (3/3) Hyde said Kremer is eager to pitch and will pitch soon. Never pitched in a game and will get ready for his his minor league season in minor league camp. Josh Osich (L) (2/19) Left-handed reliever acquired off waivers from the Giants will get chance to impress his new team. (3/4) Tossed a hitless inning of relief in his spring debut. (3/9) DFA's to make room for outfielder Dwight Smith Jr. 2nd Round Cuts (NR) Ryan Mountcastle (2/1) One of the Orioles top prospects, it will be more interesting to see where Mountcastle plays with the new regime. He’ll be at AAA to start the year. (2/23) - Made his spring training debut playing 1B. He said he's focusing on playing 3B this year, but his first action comes at 1B. (2/26) - Continues to play first base only. Collected his first hit. (2/27) - Made his 3B debut this spring. Went 0-for-2 after coming in for Nunez. (3/2) - Went 2-for-3 after coming in as a DH. Batting .188 on spring after a slow start. (3/4) Made a nice pick at first base on a ball in the dirt. Went 1-for-2 and is hitting .263 now after a slow start this spring. (3/9) (1B) Stays red hot going 3-for-4 with a long 3-run homer to CF. Has played a solid 1B after making an error in his only chance at 3B the day before. (3/10) Held his own this spring slashing .273/.351/.394/.745 while playing a solid 1B. Will most likely play 1B and maybe some 3B at Norfolk. Dillion Tate (2/1) Another pitcher that may need a move to the bullpen, but for now he’ll get a look and probably end up back in AA again. (3/4) Allowed a solo home run and another long loud out to CF off fastballs. (6.75 ERA in 4 IP) (3/9) Rays minor leaguers tee'd off mainly on his straight fastball for five runs, though only one was earned as the Orioles defense made a comedy of errors being him defensively. (7.71) (3/10) Optioned to Bowie where it will be interesting to see if he's developed as a starter or reliever. Luis Ortiz (2/1) The Orioles may want to see him get more experience in AAA, but a great spring could springboard him into the 5th starter’s job (2/13) Ortiz told MASN he lost 25 pounds this off season. (3/1) Allowed four runs on five hits over two innings of work. Now has a 13.50 ERA this spring. (3/6) Only pitched and inning, allowed two runs on two hits and a walk and almost gave up a home run. Probably heading to minor league camp soon, but the question is whether the Orioles will now try to develop him as a reliever. (3/10) Struggled all spring and just didn't look good at all. Optioned to Norfolk where he'll most likely go into the rotation. (NR) Sean Gilmartin (L) (2/1) Pitched really well and was a bit surprising he was DFA’d off the reoster before being resigned. Actually could make the team with a good spring. (2/24) Got only one out before being removed after allowing three runs on three walks and a hit. (3/8) Still struggling to command the ball this spring. Walked one, hit a batter and allowed an unearned run. (9.00) (3/10) Really never had much command all spring. Will pitch out of Norfolk's pen. (NR) Yusniel Diaz (2/1) One of the Orioles top prospects, Diaz will start 2019 in AA or AAA. (2/23) Started at DH (nursing a sore right arm) and went 1-for-3 with a long home run. (2/26) Four for Ten on the spring. OPS 1.100. (2/28) Continues to rake, going 3-for-4 with two doubles. Batting .500 with 1.357 OPS in 14 ABs. (3/4) Made a nice running catch playing CF. Struck out in his only AB, but batting (.429/1.096). Elias tipped his hand though about Diaz saying "he hasn't graduated AA yet" so despite this great spring, he's most likely heading back to minors to start year. (3/6) (RF) Went 1-for-4 with a three-run double. (.385/1.000) (3/10) Was sent back to minor league camp but had a fantastic camp. Opened eye and will be back at some point in 2019. DJ Stewart (2/1) Odds on favorite right now to make the team and could end up the regular left or right fielder with a good spring. Doesn’t really have the arm to play RF, but could end up there. (2/27) Got his first hit of the spring with a double after coming in for Santander in RF. Batting .125. (3/1) Smacked two doubles in three at bats in a start in RF. (3/2) Came in when Mancini left early and played LF. Went 2-for-3 with his 4th 2B of spring. Batting .333 with .933 OPS. (3/8) Slumping of late, went 0-for-2. (.200/.646) (3/10) Did not have a great camp but a little surprising he was cut so early. With a new regime, he'll need to go back to AAA and put up some numbers in order to get back into the mix at some point on 2019. (NR) Martin Cervenka (2/1) Really nice season at Bowie last season earned him a look this spring. (2/27) Walked in his only PA today. Has only two PAs this spring. (3/4) Got only his third PA of the spring and hit a three-run homer in the top of the 9th against major leaguer Tyler Duffy. (3/9) Tough day behind the plate where he committed two throwing errors and a catcher's interference. Did hit a nice long home run in his last at bat. (.400) (3/10) Showed ok with the bat but struggled defensively a bit. Will try to compete for a spot at Norfolk but could be back in Bowie. (NR) Bo Schultz (R) (2/1) A 33-year old former major leaguers who is looking for a comeback with the Orioles (2/27) Pounded. Got the win with a three run Blown Save. (3/6) Pounded again for three runs while getting just one out. Have to imagine he's heading to minor league camp soon. (21.34) (3/10) Was hammered all spring and will now have to fight for a spot at Norfolk or face getting released. (3/20) Released from minor league camp. Looks like the end of the line for the 33-year old. 3rd Round of Cuts Yefry Ramirez (2/1) Showed flashes last year and probably is better off as a reliever at the big level, but should get a chance to compete for a rotation spot. (2/23) Started the first game of the spring, allowing one run over two innings of work. (3/2) Allowed two hits, including a Bogarts solo home runs in his three innings of work. (3/13) Only went two and 1/3 innings allowing a run. (5.11) (3/17) Was optioned to Norfolk where he will most likely work out of the rotation. (5.11 with a 13:2 K:BB) (NR) Gabriel Ynoa (2/1) Coming back after missing all of 2019, Ynoa may be better suited to a relief role but may end up a starter in AAA (3/3) Tossed two hitless innings showing a good changeup and slider combination. Has a 2.25 ERA this spring. (3/8) Tossed an impressive four shutout innings allowing just one hit and striking out three. He's been very impressive this spring. Throwing 92-94 with a good arm side run. Mixing in a solid change and an improved slider. Really should be in the conversation for the 5th spot or long reliever role now. It's worth noting that his velocity dropped to 91-92 in the 4th inning. (3/17) Allowed only one run over eight IP (1.13) and showed good stuff. The question is whether he can hold that stuff long enough to be a starter. Should work out of the Norfolk rotation unless the Orioles convert him to relief. Cody Carroll (R) (2/1) Really struggled in his major league debut last season, but a clean slate and a lack of experienced relievers gives him a chance to make the big league team. (2/24) Allowed two hits be stranded them both in a scoreless inning of work. Velocity was only 92-94. (2/28) Struck out the side, but allowed two hits including a two-run homer in one inning of work. (3/3) Came on and got three loud flyball outs on fastballs against Tigers minor leaguers. Sat 93-94 with little movement but flashed a good slider. (3/9) Another perfect inning. commanding the fastball much better this spring than he did in his Baltimore time last year. (3/13) Pitched a scoreless inning in the 9th against minor leaguers. (3.00) (3/17) Put up a 2.57 ERA but his velocity was down a bit this spring. Will head to Norfolk and by relief depth. Branden Kline (R) (2/1) A good spring could certainly springboard him past AAA and onto the big league team. (2/24) Made his spring debut by striking the side in his only inning of work. Showed a 94-96 MPH fastball and plus slider. After the game manager Brandon Hyde had one word to describe his outing, "Wow!" (2/27) Second scoreless inning only two strikeouts this time. (3/3) Allowed a run on two hits with one strike out in two-thirds of an inning. (3/14) Allowed a run on two hits in an inning to take loss. Sat 95-98 with the fastball, but struggled to control his slider. (5.79) (3/17) Struck out 8 in his 4.2 IP, but his fastball was hit a bit despite sitting 96-98 MPH. Will had to Norfolk and be relief depth. Steve Wilkerson (2/1) – Was a favorite of the previous regime, he has a tentative hold on his 40-man roster spot and will need a great spring and some injuries/poor performance to make the team. (2/23) Started the Orioles spring opener at first base and went 0-for-2. (2/26) Started in LF and went 1-for-2. Has played 1B, 2B, and LF this spring so far. (3/1) Started at 2B, went 0-for-3 with two K. Batting just .167 with .381 OPS. (3/3) Started in RF, then moved to 2B for a bit. Went 1-for-2 with a stolen base. Batting .214. (3/5) Started at 2B. Went 0-for-2. Getting a lot of looks but is struggling this spring. (.167/.294) (3/13) Filled in at SS. Went 1-for-1. (.200/.535) (3/17) Showed his versatility playing just about every position but slashed just .222/.250/.333/.583 with 15 Ks in 40 PAs. His 40-man spot could be in jeopardy if the Orioles need a spot. (3/21) DFA'd when Pedro Severino was added to 40-man. (NR) Christopher Bostick (2/1) Played a lot of outfield last season, but has the ability to play second base and third base. Could see more time in the outfield though listed as an infielder. (2/27) Went 0-for-2 while coming in to play LF. Has also played 3B this spring. Batting .143 in 7 at bats. (2/28) Filled in at 3B and made an error. (3/2) Filled in at 2B and went 0-for-2 and is batting .077 on the spring. Has a below average arm that limits his effectiveness in the field. (3/3) Went 0-for-3 with a K while filling in at 2B. Batting .063 this spring. Could be among the next cuts. (3/8) Getting a lot of playing time at 2B, but his well below average arm is a detriment even at 2B. Hasn't hit and doesn't look like he has much strength at the plate. Have to imagine he's on the cut list soon. (.174/.435) (3/14) Went 1-for-3 playing 3B. (.179/.457) (3/17) Was given a lot of chances, but failed to impress offensively .233/.258/.300/.558 or really defensively where a below average arm hurts his defensive value. Anthony Santander (2/1) Former rule 5 pick had a down year last season and will need a good year to re-shine his star. Has flashed a good hit tool and raw power. (2/23) Played RF and went 1-for-2 with a double in the Orioles opener. (2/27) Started in RF and went 1-for-3. Batting .333 with a .778 OPS. (3/3) Break out game going 3-for-3 with a walk and an opposite field long home run as the DH. Batting .462 with a 1.428 OPS now this spring and could seriously be making a bid to start the year in Baltimore. (3/4) Another nice opposite field double from the left side of the plate. Really locked in right now. (3/6) Started in LF. Went 1-for-3 with his 2nd homer of the spring, a long home run down the right field line on an 0-2 pitch. (.444/1.500) (3/8) Extra base hitting machine, hit his 5th double in his only PA playing LF. He's hitting his way onto this team. (.476/.15.22) (3/13) (LF) Went 0-for-3. Playing a lot of LF (.393/1.254) (3/17) Impressed with the bat from both sides of the plate (.333/.389/.697/1.086) but Elias clearly wants to see guys put up numbers in the minors first. Should start the year in Norfolk's outfield. Austin Hays (2/1) One of the Orioles top prospects, he’ll get a look in the spring but is most likely heading to AA or AAA to start the year. (2/24) Made his spring debut and went 1-for-2 with an opposite field single. Interestingly, he started in center field. (2/28) Went 1-for-4 with a triple whiles starting in CF once again. Batting .333 with a .889 OPS. (3/5) Went 1-for-3 in a start in LF. Just keeps on hitting. (.353/.1215) (3/9) (CF) Went 2-for-4 with a double and long home run to center field (probably close to 430-440 ft). He's making it hard for the Orioles to send him back down to the minors. (3/12) (RF) Still on fire. A home run and a booming double . 4 RBI. (.355/1.246) (3/14) Interestingly, started in Cf with Miullins moving over to LF. Looking more and more like it will be hard to keep him off the team. (.364/1.279) (3/17) One of the highlights this spring (.351/.385/.892/1.277 with 5 HR), Hays was a bit of a surprise cut. It's clear Elias wants to see guys prove they are ready in the minors. Based off Elias' comments, expect him play a lot of CF in Norfolk. (NR) Gregory Infante (R) (2/1) Two year removed from a decent season as a reliever for the White sox, the 31-year old right-hander will get a chance this spring (2/14) Reportedly has an illness that has kept him from leave Venezuela. Whatever slim chances he had of making the team will not be helped by being delayed into camp. (3/17) Never made it to camp due to an undisclosed illness. Not officially cut yet, but he's not making the team. 3/20 (NR) Alcides Escobar (2/16) Coming off an absolute brutal season last year, signed to a minor league contract in order to provide some veteran depth to the SS battle. (2/26) Batting .677. (2/28) Went 1-for-3 with two RBIs while starting at SS. Getting a lot of playing time early on. (3/3) Playing shortstop he's made several poor throws and looks to have well below average arm strength at this point in his career unless something is wrong. I can't see how he can play an effective major league SS with that arm. (3/5) Started at 3B and the team may be looking at his versatility. Went 1-for-2 with a walk. (.308/.823) (3/9) Started at 3B again and went 1-for-4. At this point he's trying to make the team as a utility guy, but will not beat out Jackson for that role. (.300) (3/13) 0-for-3 with two Ks. (.269/.691) Started at 3B. (3/20) Released. Too many younger and better candidates and was really only an insurance policy unless no one looked ready to play SS. His arm strength looks gone. (NR) Jack Reinheimer (2/1) Passed through waivers three times this offseason. Reinheimer’s ability to play shortstop could make him a solid utility candidate. (2/7) DFA'd to make room for Nate Karns and remains in limbo (2/14) Passed through waivers, assigned to Norfolk and invited back to camp where he will compete for a utility job. (2/26) Three for four with a double in two games. (2/27) Played 2B, went 1-for-3 with a stolen base. Batting .571 with a 1.271 OPS. (3/2) Went 0-for-2 coming in at SS. Batting .400 now this spring. (3/5) Came in at SS and hit his first homer of the spring in is only PA. (.417/1.167) (3/6) Played SS in relief of Martin, collected a nice opp line drive RBI single. Has really played well this spring. (.462/1.231) (3/9) Made two errors but also a diving play up the middle at SS. Collected another hit. (3/14) Came in and played 2B. Collected a hit in his only PA. Stole 3rd in a head up play. May be playing his way onto team. (.455/1.135) (3/21) Reassigned to minor league camp. Hit well (.393/.414/.571/.985) and played a solid SS and 2B. Could be back this summer. (NR) Josh Lucas (R) (2/1) A depth reliever with major league experience would really need to be dynamic to earn a spot. (2/26) Tossed a shut out inning with two Ks. (3/5) Wasn't able to get through his inning of work, allowing three runs on three hits before getting pulled. (3/8) Sitting 89-91 with sink along with a 81-82 MPH hard curve. Pitched a scoreless inning but stuff is below MLB average. (3/21) Sent to minor league camp. (5.06) (NR) Eric Young Jr. (2/9) Signed to a minor league contract with a spring training invite. Will have an opportunity to win a backup outfield job and provide veteran presence. (2/23) Started in LF in the Orioles debut going 0-for-2. (3/1) Continues to hit, going 2-for-2 with a walk. Batting .444 with a 1.389 OPS so far this spring. (3/3) Day to day with a pinky finger injury. (.500/1.515) (3/4) Started in LF and went 0-for-2. (3/14) (RF) Went 1-for-1 with 2 BB. (.280/.878) (3/20) Went 2-for-3 and continues to have a nice spring. (.323/.914) (3/22) Slashed .323/.462/.452/.913 this spring, but with the acquisition of a younger similar player in Dwight Smith Jr., the Orioles decided they would allow him to look for other potential big league opportunities. Could be resigned to a minor league contract at some point but PAs in AAA will most likely be taken up by prospects like Hays, Diaz and Santander. Tanner Scott (L) (2/1) Showed flashes of being a dominant reliever at times but can still be a box of chocolates because of his inconsistent command. (2/24) Couldn't make it through his first inning of the spring, allowing four runs on four hits while only getting one out. (3/6) Tossed a hitless inning, but barreled up a bit. (10.80 ERA). (3/9) Needed to probably pitch his way off the team this spring is doing just that. No command this spring continues as he allows three runs on two hits and a walk with 1 K before being removed after 2/3 IP. (15.75) (3/13) Tossed a scoreless inning but walked two and allowed a hit. (12.60) (3/20) Gave up a run on a walk and wild pitch in an inning of work. (10.29) (3/24) One of the few pitchers that pitched his way off the team. Optioned to AAA after posting a 9.00 and a 5K - 6 BB ratio in 8 IP. Josh Rogers (2/1) Has as much chance as any other candidate to win the 5th starter's job. (2/26) Gave up two hits and no runs in three innings pitched. One walk. (3/1) Tossed two hitless innings. Has yet to be scored upon this spring. (3/5) Wasn't as sharp, allowing a run on two hits (1 HR) and two walks in two innings of work. (3/21) Pitched only one inning (87-90 MPH) late in the game so it would appear he out of the running for a rotation spot. Started his second inning but looked uncomfortable and after the leadoff hitter walked, Hyde took him out. (4.20). (3/24) Pitched two innings and gave up a run to finish off a 4.24 ERA spring. Will be starter depth at Norfolk. Chance Sisco (2/1) Coming off an awful season that saw him struggle both offensively and defensively. Still has a chance to make the team and earn playing time with a good spring. (2/23) Got the opening spring start and homered. (2/27) As the DH, went 3-for-3 with two home runs while driving in five. He's batting .667 with three home runs and a 2.881 OPs. That's a good start to the spring. (3/1) Hit his 4th home run of the spring as he continues to hit like spring training wonder Jake Fox. (3/6) Went 0-for-2 with HBP and struck out looking on a breaking ball. Threw out a runner trying to steal with a 2.09-2.11 pop time which is what he basically averaged last year. (3/8) Looking solid defensively so far this spring, calling a good game and being more vocal on the field and with his pitchers. Went 1-for-2 with a walk and a K. (.429/1.886) (3/14) 0-for-3 but still batting .333/1.422 after starting off the year on fire. (3/21) Went 0-for-2 with 2 Ks and a walk. Continues to get on base and although he's slumping a bit since his hot start, probably going to start the season in Baltimore. (.300/.1.175) (3/24) A good spring wasn't enough to make the team as Elias clearly wants guys to prove it in the minors before getting a major league job. (.323/.500/.710/1.210 with 10-9 BB-K ratio). The fact that Pedro Severino was acaquired and has no options probably cost him a job. (NR) Carlos Perez (2/1) Spent time with Texas and Atlanta last season but has yet to translate good AAA numbers to the major league level. (2/24) Went 1-for-2 with a two-run double in his debut. (2/27) Went 0-for-3 in a start. (3/5) Hit his first homer of the spring in a 1-for-2 effort. Threw out the only runner that attempted to steal. Batting .250/.917. (3/13) Batting .294/.884 this spring. Caught the only base stealer. (3/20) Has hit pretty well (.300/.300/.700/1.000) but his defense has been shaky at best. Looks like he's heading to AAA. (3/24) Hit well but his defense was shaky at best. Should be AAA depth. (.333/.333/.714/1.048) (NR) Andrew Susac (2/1) Known more for his defense, he did not show well in his limited opportunity last season. (2/28) Went 0-for-1 and has received only 3 PAs so far this spring. (3/5) Went 2-for-2 with a double. Batting .333/1.233. (3/14) Went 0-for-2 with a K. Made several nice blocks behind the plate. (.267/.954) (3/21) Is picking up just some replacement PAs and definitely seems like the last choice of the five remaining catchers to make the team despite a solid offensive spring. (.278/.435/.556/.990) (3/24) Had a decent spring, but never really stood out. The acquisition of Severino really ended any hopes of making the club. Will fight for a spot in AAA, but could be released or sent to AA. (NR) Jace Peterson (2/1) The Orioles utility guy last season has an uphill battle to break camp with the Orioles. Will provide AAA depth. (2/28) Started at 3B and went 1-for-3 and stole a base. (3/2) Started at 1B and went 2-for-2 with a walk. Batting .364 this spring. (3/5) Started at 1B again, went 1-for-3. (.375/.819) (3/14) Smacked a three run homer while starting at 2B. (.320/.892) (3/21) (2B) Went 0-for-3 with a walk. Having a nice spring. (.306/.808) (3/24) Had a nice spring, but with the Orioles needing to carry Martin and Jackson, his odds of making the team were low. Will be utility depth in AAA. Mark Trumbo (2/1) May not be ready and could start the season on the disabled list. Will probably see more time at DH than right field but we’ll list him here. (3/3) Taking BP, but has yet to play in a game. (3/8) Stated he's targeting next week to get into a game. (3/13) Made his debut playing DH. Went 0-for-2. (3/20) Went 1-for-2 but has only 10 PAs this spring. The Orioles could be trying to get him to start the year on the DL. (.200/.473) (3/24) Trumbo will start the year on the injured list. Says he may not be a ready for a moth of more. The Orioles will probably try to stash him on the IL as long as they can and then send him out for a long rehab. Evan Phillips (R) (2/1) Was downright awful in his major league taste last season and has an uphill battle to make the team. (2/27) CLean inning with two Ks. (3/2) Tossed two shutout innings against mostly minor leaguers at the end of the game. (3/5) Tossed a shutout inning, allowing a hit and striking out one. (3/9) Tossed another shutout inning and is yet to allow a run this spring. (3/13) Tossed a scoreless inning. Allowed one hit and one K. (0.00) (3/24) Didn't give up a run in 8 IP, but will start the year in Norfolk.
  32. 1 point
    That’s happening, but we have to wait a few years for Elias to rebuild the franchise.
  33. 1 point
    Bundy is starting game three, so he can still give up one (or more) home runs in the first inning.
  34. 1 point
    I don't always agree with you, but you don't post uninformed drivel. Although, you do like flogging the occasional dead horse. Was that another Roberts PED reference? :-)
  35. 1 point
    Of course it won't effect ticket or beer prices. What effects those is that MLB teams draw 30,000 fans a game at $50 a head, and then each spend $10 on a beer. Teams will charge what people will pay, and then pay salaries based on the difference between other costs and revenues. If it worked the way you're saying the Yanks would have a $400M payroll, and just set tickets to $300 a head to make a profit. It doesn't work that way - they charge what people will pay, and set payroll so they aren't losing money. Do you think ticket and beer prices are going down as payroll has become a smaller and smaller percentage of revenues? Of course not. Owners are pocketing the profits and prices are as expensive as ever.
  36. 1 point
    I remember just waiting for the Orioles to be mentioned, then getting excited when I saw their highlights.
  37. 1 point
    I'm outside of my lane here, but I think owners have been happy making money with an outside chance of catching lightning in a bottle. Now they're happy making money with dreams of building a powerhouse from scratch.
  38. 1 point
    For Peter certainly, for his sons, not so much.
  39. 1 point
  40. 1 point
    I hate this stupid argument. This doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Do you think that giving Ryan Flaherty $10M will not affect ticket or beer prices? Why do I have to feel sorry for any millionaire because he won’t make a little more so a billionaire doesn’t take it out on me?
  41. 1 point
    o When I was at Durham Bulls Stadium in 2008, Tyke Redman and Kam Mickolio were the only ones who took the time to give me their autograph ........ Mickolio, in particular, went out of his way to do so. Little things like that go a long way with me, and I'm not an autograph person (for example, I never ask Major Leaguers for autographs at games and/or anywhere else that I happen to see them.) o
  42. 1 point
    Nobody, really. Here’s a list of everyone who posted an OPS of .800 or higher at Norfolk since 2010, age 25 or younger and at least 100 PA: Josh Bell, .810 in 344 PA at age 23 (2010) LJ Hoes, .808 in 430 PA at age 23 (2013) Renato Nunez, .804 in 227 PA at age 24 (2018) Thats it, that’s all.
  43. 1 point
    You're breaking my heart. Average player makes 4.36m per year down from 4.45m two years ago. How tragic.
  44. 1 point
    Right, I thought I had read that the team is going to cycle players in that role.
  45. 1 point
    1. Smith 2. Someone not now in the organization.
  46. 1 point
    Haha. That's one of the reasons it would be a pleasant surprise. IIRC, Fred Lynn hit about .280 in AAA and then hit about .330 in his rookie year. Some players actually do better than you would expect.
  47. 1 point
    He will clear waivers Wednesday at 12. I think he’d be a good pickup but he’d be good for a lot of teams and doubtful he’ll come here. He’s heading for Minnesota or San Diego
  48. 1 point
    If you get a Utility player in the 12th that’s good work, so I like the pick. I doubt he’s getting SS reps over Grenier or Hall though, so he might mix in at a bunch of positions in Delmarva or hang back in extended and start with Aberdeen. His potential future value is going to be tied to positional flexibility, like McCoy.
  49. 1 point
    I know most of the OH have written Davis off, but I am looking at any signs of life from his bat. And ST has showed some: 37 AB, 3 HR, 7 RBI, 7 BB, 19 SO 189/318/432/751 Over 550 AB that is 44 HR, 104 RBI, 104 BB, 282 SO Yes, yes, yes Its only ST, Its SSS. The batting avg and SO are terrible. But there are some signs of life there.
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