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    Just texted a friend who is a Yankee fan, "O's take 4th in a row, but all against rebuilding teams." 🤣
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    I like him. He isn't perfect, but he's fun to watch and he plays like he cares. He makes the team better. Gotta take the rough with the smooth sometimes.
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    What a bunch of bull hockey. I just hate it when people can’t accept that there are two sides to an issue because of their own feelings. Don’t insult me by telling me I’m arguing just to argue. The manager, Jim Palmer, Rick Dempsey and lots of posters agree with our side of this argument. If you want to argue the other side, go ahead, but don’t tell me why I’m making the opposite argument. I’m doing it because that’s what I believe, for the reasons I gave.
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    Reading and hearing fans upset at Hyde from removing Hess after he just threw 40 pitches on Thursday and hasn't pitched more than 65 pitches all spring reminds me of the old adage: Baseball is like church: Many attend Few understand I expect these kind of comments in the MASN comments section or by call in show callers, but here on the Hangout? Thanks to those who tried to talk sense into those ignorant of the entire situation. I'm proud that Hyde, a new manager, had the gumption to stick to the pitch count plan in that situation. Loved Hess comments as well as he understood how difficult that was for his skipper.
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    Honestly, the complaints about pulling Hess last night are some of the worst, ill-founded criticism regarding a game related move since I've been at the Hangout - since 2002. If folks can't get understand that this season is about player development, then they can miss the boat. It will leave without them. How far up the risk ladder should the Os go in placing individual accomplishment over player health? I wouldn't even get on the first step on that ladder and it appears our FO is in sync with that.
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    Cashner studs. Villar flies. Trey Hits Hanser! Miguel Castro earns a save.
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    The early-goings have been nothing if not interesting! 3-1, just like we all drew it up. Brandon Hyde: Let's get this one out of the way. He made a tough, gutsy, development-and-health-driven call as a rookie manager. Hess was on 3 days rest, he's a guy you want to develop, and Hyde had already warned us he'd be aggressive on 3rd time through the order and keeping guys healthy. Me? I love it. Not every rookie manager would make this call on the 4th game of his career and it shows that he's committed to the long game. He explained the decision to Hess on the mound and he did a good job explaining it to the media. If you're mad, I don't know what to tell you. We signed up for modernity and development above all else - this is what it looks like! We're learning more about Hyde and it seems he's not JUST a player's manager. He will make a tough - even unpopular - call. He's confident in what he wants to do out there and I give him props on this one. David Hess: What can we say? Stellar. We thought he was "max effort" and hitting 95 in his relief appearance in game 1, but it turns out he had even more in the tank because he was hitting 96 in this one. A masterful performance. As a bonus, he took his hook in stride, lauding Hyde for watching out for his health and noting the good "team win" on his Twitter page. You gotta love this kid. Jonathan Villar: Opposite field 2-run bomb to kick things off in the 1st. Added another hit and he's officially heating up. Bordick thinks he'll have an "All Star season". We're just gonna let that slide because this is the 🌈🦄 thread. Trey Mancini: 5 - count 'em - FIVE infield hits to start the year. He's making up for all the hard-hit outs last season I suppose. Oh yeah, plus he hit his second dinger, a sac fly, and scored on a wild pitch. And can we talk about that downright smoooooth sliding catch in RF? A faster outfielder doesn't need to slide, probably, but he's no Trumbo out there. A fine start to the season from our veteran leader. Chris Davis: 🚨RBI WALK🚨 Richie Martin: Another superb play at SS. Fielded a ball that glanced off Bleier for the first out of the 9th - a huge out. Had to change direction with the ball and go to the dirt to field it, then pop up and make a strong, long throw to 1B. Really nice. Jesús Sucre: Expertly called game. This catching duo is starting to look like one of the smarter calls Elias could have made. It's a pleasure watching Sucre out there. I recall one called strike 3 on what looked to me like a great frame job. Richard Bleier: Seems to still be rounding into form a bit, but he got the job done thanks to the fine play by Martin and a K for the last out. If you're keeping track, that's 1 save for Bleier, Wright, and Fry. Pedro Araujo: Silver lining: 12 days left. Mini 🌈s: Dwight Smith hit steak continues, Ruiz got a hit, and a 6-4-3 double play was turned. Errors: 0 (so far the only error has been on the wayward Givens throw).
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    Consider the source before we get too upset over the board overall, but I agree with you. While it adds a lot of discussion, I may have to purge some stupidity in order to get some sense back to the board. Even if you believe Hess should not have been taken out and don't believe in pitch counts, an educated fan would at least admire the fact that Hyde stuck to a plan that his organization put in place. I'm sure the pitching coach and probably Elias along with Hyde came up with the pitch count for Hess tonight. You don't deviate from the plan in the 7th inning in the 1st week of the season due to an emotional response to having a no-hitter. Look around baseball. Most pitchers are not going more than 90 pitches in their first starts and considering Hess pitched 42 pitches on Thursday, you certainly aren't going to push him. The only people making a big deal out of this are people that just don't understand or agree with how baseball is played now. If this was the middle of the season, and Hess was stretched out fully, I'd have questions as well, but when you look at all of the facts of the situation, I actually feel better about Hyde as manager and he's gained respect in my eyes for making a tough "emotional" decision. Listening to Hess' comments after the game shows me how much respect Hess and the other players have for Hyde. It is clear that he's a very good leader who is willing to do what's best for this team and players long term. For a team that is going to end up in last place most likely, that's a really, really good attribute to have in a manager.
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    Hess threw 82 pitches and needed 8 more outs. I honestly expected my opinion to be in the majority here, I promise it’s possible to agree with the decision to pull without being a contrarian.
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    Cashner starts Thursday on 3 days rest after going two innings his last spring start. Opener used on Saturday. Hess starts yesterday on 3 days rest after going 2 innings in relief on Thursday. There is no flow right now to anything regarding how the pitchers are being used and that includes the pen. We have already seen an extended outing by Givens a day after he pitched. The one thing about using an opener Saturday which made sense after an off day is that now they have to do that again on Wednesday. Last night Hyde said he only had 3 pitchers he wanted to use. 4 games into the season including an off day you should not have to be dealing with that. Once Cobb is back and with the off day Friday hopefully things settle down. This isn’t going to work for much longer. Who is even available tonight? Not trying to come across the wrong way here. Love how we are playing but you can’t handle pitchers like this. It won’t work. I realize the Cobb injury set much of this in motion but there was also other ways to handle it. It’s almost as if they let one injury impact 3 different games. What do they do after this weekend is over? Does Wright start? I don’t think they can keep the opener in play unless Alberto goes and they go to a 9 man pen, 8 if Karns is viewed as a starter. In essence Karns is a 2 inning starting pitcher right now.
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    I’m doubtful that Sucre is in our long term plans and he’s probably a limited offensive player. But I’ll tell you what, I get a kick out of his body language when the pitchers pussyfoot around the strike zone or when they shake him off. He gets obviously annoyed and irritated. I like it, take charge back there!!!
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    Philly fans have taken over walgreens park as usual and it's not even a weekend game. "We got Harper!" chants after a RBI single by Harper that was preceded by a Segura bases clearing double. Nats losing and hearing it from opposing fans, it's a beautiful thing.
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    Last year, our longest winning streak was 4 games, once. We have matched that already. Last year, we won two consecutive series once. We have matched that already. Four consecutive wins with four different guys getting saves, none of whom is the guy who was supposed to be our closer before the season started. What a fun start to the season! Flirt with a no hitter, silence Yankee fans and Toronto newspapers.
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    Your plus account allows you to delete your extra post. 😛
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    The game thread is different, Tony-OH allows us to ramble and rant about the game, due to the heat of the moment.
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    I get the fandom of thinking that a no-hitter might have happened, but I'm sorry, ripping Hyde on this decision is short-sighted at best, downright dumb at worst. Like many I had forgotten that Hess was on short rest, but even if he wasn't, it was his first start of a 162 game season. Maybe Hess is a keeper in some capacity for the future, maybe he isn't. But, running him on fumes and past the breaking point in the fourth game of the season is a sure-fire way of never knowing what he could be. Not to mention, he was already showing signs of wearing down, and the Orioles were aware his velocity had been declining towards the end. The people who are complaining about this move are the same types who would have had their cake and eaten it too by being exuberant in the moment of a no-hitter potentially happening then bemoaning the Orioles for possibly destroying a young arm by running him into the ground too fast and too soon. If anything I give Hyde credit for not falling into tropes and time-honored traditions and whatever else and having the sense to see that his young pitcher had gone above and beyond what could have been expected.
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    Also shows nice conviction IMO that Hyde went ahead and made that move. Unpopular, but certainly plenty of justification for it. And he didn't deliberate with it.
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    To be honest, nobody cares what your friend posted on FB. Aside from you, none of his FB friends even care. Most of them probably have him muted.
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    No problem with it.
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    4th place? I’m already talking smack to Yankee fans. Lol
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    Really great pitch framing. It is amazing how much better he is at catching than the guys we had the last few years.
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    someone check on Hunter; might been flying higher than a kite.
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    We were definitely spoiled with Manny's arm at 3rd. I always think every 3B makes those throws.
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    Injured. He's supposed to be out of the splint in three weeks or so.
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    Enough of that! The only bread allowed in Orioles game threads is SCHMIDT'S OLD TYME Found myself in the grocery aisle, saw a label that made me smile Remember the words that my grandma said Schmidt's Old Tyme my hometown bread.
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    At least until Wynns is off the IL. I'm really liking the Sucre/Severino combo.
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    "The line" is if they aren't going to return value. Mancini will be a tricky case. He is going to have to really rake to bring back much in the way of a prospects package. He's a right-handed 1B/DH who regressed in his second season after a strong rookie campaign. Teams aren't jumping for those types of players. He's cheap and by all accounts a great guy in the locker room. I don't think you trade him for a few lottery tickets as long as he's inexpensive.
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    Anyone with a full year of service time on the books is a potential trading block is my initial starting point.
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    Because exceptional talent is rare and is more often rewarded?
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    Oh, there will be TONS of thing to criticize this team and management for. Trolling to get this fanbase upset while leading the league is not particularly interesting to me right now. I assume that is how fans of the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs and Nationals would be wanting to spoil on about our fantasy start. Maybe we are not winning "well" enough.
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    If you are going to be an irrational emotional fan that's one thing, but at least get your facts straight during your ignorant rant. I try to avoid commenting on your typically ridiculous posts, but I can't help myself when you can't even get the facts straight. This is the Hangout, the major leagues of Orioles discussion, if you can't step up to the plate feel free to step off the team.
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    AJ throwing behind "not Joe Hustle" to get a chuckle:
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    I have not seen much in Araujo to make me think he could develop into a good major league pitcher, but the guys who are paid to evaluate him seem to disagree with that assessment. I’ll let them figure it out — it’s not like they need to justify Duquette’s prior decisions, so I trust their objectivity.
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    If we’re indexing to most recent accomplishments, perhaps their pitchers should be worried about our offense? Averaging 6 runs per game during the current 3-game winning streak (including wins over the Yankees’ Paxton and Happ).
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    Some really good lower deck seats just got released. Anyone who wants to see the 3-1 and surging Orioles home opener. 😀
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    “I think the biggest thing is that he cares about us a lot,” Hess said. “It’s hard as a player and, I’m sure, harder as a manager to pull a guy for the thought process of keeping him healthy and his well-being. So I have a ton of respect for him in the short time we’ve been together. He makes decisions that are based on the longevity of a player. He’s not thinking what is good right now but is thinking ahead and wants to take care of us. Biggest thing is he cares about each individual guy in this clubhouse and us as a team, and that really shows.”
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    He played 24 seasons so he must have done something right.
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    There have been almost 300 no hitters. They don't mean anything either.
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    All the drama is at the OH tonight. A young pitcher had a great game and we won. Fire the manager!
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    So, if the team is as bad as pretty much everyone in baseball has predicted them to be, you're going to blame it on this, rather than having the worst roster in all of MLB? Quite the limb you're going out there on.
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    Coming off short rest and not on pace to finish under 110 pitches, you could just as easily say they respected him by protecting his health.
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    Two players were the difference between winning 81 games and going to the World Series? You guys are living in a fantasy world. The main reason the 2014 team was so good was that virtually our entire rotation had career seasons. The starting staff had an ERA of 3.61 — think about that! The next year’s rotation — the exact same pitchers — had a 4.53 ERA. Not a darned thing Cruz or Miller had to do with that. The 2015 team scored 8 more runs than the 2014 team, but allowed 100 more runs, and 82 of those were by the starting pitchers. I’m not saying Cruz and Miller wouldn’t have won us a few extra wins, but they weren’t the difference between an 81-win team and going to the World Series.
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