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    This is advanced OH posting. It usually takes thousands of posts and dozens of Fangraphs articles read to get to this level of cynicism. You're this site's number one prospect, basically. Granted, not everyone ends up a Can of Corn. You could be a Moose Milligan, showing those flashes of brilliance but then posting something human that isn't the most depressing thing you've ever read in your entire life. You could be a total bust like Frobby, who is still a complete person despite watching the Orioles for like 40 years. That said, I have a lot of faith that if you work at it, you'll have a long career of making Matt Riley and Omar Daal references. Even at your floor you should be able to reference the time Jack Cust fell down in at least one post per year.
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    They don't seem to get the message. The Royals are out playing the Os this year....again. 5-8 is not acceptable. We are 2.5 games behind for the #1 pick next year. Why in the heck isn't Davis playing every day, particularly against lefties? Why is Hyde pulling pitchers after giving up five or six bombs in a game? Mancini needs to take a seat after one or two ABs. While we're at it, why isn't Davis playing 3B? These guys need to get with it. Our perfect season is already slipping away, and it's only April.
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    So, not the greatest of starts to the home cooking for the Baysox. The Senators used 3 pitchers to combine for the no hitter, falling an error, a hit batter, and a couple of walks short of a perfect game. Harrisburg started off with one of their top prospects, Erick Fedde and the Baysox went downhill from there. Seats were first row behind home plate, right behind the right handed batters box. The Baysox starter, Marcos Molina, got in trouble early but didn't get help. The first pitch of the game was lined into left for a single, while the second batter hit a grounder to Cael Brockmeyer, who was playing at first instead of Preston Palmeiro. He didn't get his glove down and the ball glanced off the heel of his shoe and into right, for an error. A single loaded the bases and a sacrifice fly to right got the first run on the board. Molina calmed down and got a double play to end the inning. The other run came in the fourth. After 2 ground outs, there was a single to left where T.J. Nichting had it get by for an error, getting the runner to second. A walk put runners on first and second, when Molina threw a pitch in the dirt. Cervenka was able to get a piece of it, but the ball rolled to his left and behind him. He got to it quickly as the runners were moving and had a chance at 3rd, but he held onto the ball. In that situation, the catcher has to make the throw, as he would of had him, or, at the very worst, been a close play. But Cervenka has a strong arm and the runner wasn't that fast and didn't have a great jump. The next batter singled to center, for the second (and last) run. Molina pitched around a lot, getting deep in counts. His defense let him down. Harrisburg was making good contact, but mainly right at players. The radar gun wasn't showing on the board tonight, so not sure his speed. It didn't seem that great, but his off speed stuff had enough life to avoid the sweet spot on the bat. He had Kieboom reaching for one that hit off the end of the bat for a fly to right that was pretty good. Molina ended up going 7 innings. Brian Gonzalez picked up the last 2 innings and shut down the Senators. Only 1 hit and 1 strike out, but worked quickly, throwing 19 strikes on 33 pitches. Nothing was hard hit against him. There were only 2 real highlights on defense... Rylan Bannon played 3rd base and had 2 really good plays. There was a hard hit ball towards the line and he was able to backhand it and throw across the diamond for the out. It was the type of ball that usually gets up the line for extra bases, especially against minor leaguers. The next one was a slow chopper to 3rd that he charged, schooped, and threw out the runner. Again, another really good play, similar to the one Wilkerson made against the Braves last year in extras. On another note, the middle of the infield was Sean Miller at short and Chris Clare at 2nd. They combined for 2 double plays (Clare-Miller-Brockmeyer), with Clare giving some good feeds and Miller really making some great turns. Miller also showed some good range at short and a good arm. Clare didn't have much work at 2nd, but I remember his range from Frederick. They bounce both of them back and forth, but they are a good combo in Bowie right now and should be fun to watch. As for the batting, the weather screwed them a bit. Clare, Cervenka, and Rifaela all had very deep shots that would be home runs in another few weeks. The weather was really cold and the wind was blowing in a bit. Cervenka had a strike out looking on a pitch that was low and inside (out of the zone.) Everyone else was kept off balance by Fedde. He was on another level. The other 2 pitchers were able to mix things up a bit too, but the Baysox looked a bit more comfortable against them, making good contact but right at the Senators. The ump was all over the place though, calling a lot of pitches that were low and inside strikes on the Baysox, then calling them as balls on the Senators. Not good at all. Brockmeyer got on base by being grazed by a pitch on his elbow guard and stole second. Kieboom should of had him by a mile but spiked the ball infront of second, allowing Brockmeyer to be safe. Horrible, horrible jump and horrible speed. Super lucky he wasn't out and wasn't hurt on his awkward feet first slide. If nothing else, atleast I got to see history. First no hitter I saw in person.
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    Funny how Jones, Beckham, Schoop, Manny, Brach, Gausman, Pearce, Miller, Cruz, and Britton are all doing well. We chose to pay the old, one dimensional, players like O’day, Hardy, Trumbo, Davis. Plus tack on huge reaches/bargain hunting like Ubaldo, Gallardo, Cashner, and Cobb. Not starting this debate for the 100000000th time but no reason we should have tied up so much money into 1B and DH, when we could’ve gotten by with Christian Walker/Mancini/Pearce/Valencia/Alvarez/Seth Smith. Some combo of them. Instead we’re paying damn near 40 million a year for not a single hit from Davis and Trumbo this year.
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    Here’s how I decide whether to watch the O’s each night: Usually I’m conmuting home during the pregame show, which I try to listen to though 105.7 doesn’t come through very clearly in DC. I get home right at game time, and usually watch a few batters while getting out of my work clothes. I come to the kitchen, eat my dinner, do the dishes and catch up with my wife on what’s going on. By that time it’s close to 8 pm and I check my phone to see what the score of the game is. It’s usually about the 3rd inning by then. If it’s competitive, I go downstairs and watch. Tuesday and Wednesday, I checked my phone and it was 5-0 already. I never bothered going downstairs. Yesterday was a day game so of course I didn’t see that, but by the time I checked the score we were already losing 4-1 and two batters later it was 6-1 and I was done checking. I swore I’d watch more baseball this year, but can we at least keep things interesting for 5-6 innings?
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    Keys face off against the Red Sox on Friday night with first pitch scheduled for 7:05p.m. LHP DL Hall (0-0, 3.00 ERA) takes the mound for the Keys.
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    Learning experience. 24 year old Phillips with a 94-95 fastball with movement and a good slider put in a spot that means something. He threw the ball well. Good night for the young O's. 25 year old Hess pitched well. 26 year Fry looks good. 26 year old Smith pops a two run homer. 25 year old Nunez hit a two run homer. Its early in the season. This experience should pay off later in the season. It about more than one game. 23 year old Diaz triples for Bowie. 844 OPS. 24 year old Akin goes 6 and give up 2 runs at AAA. 25 year old Stewart hit atwo run homer at AAA. Now has a 1.077 OPS.
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    On break, out in my car. Gameday is actually AHEAD of Jim and Dave on the radio!
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    You know, during that same game I changed my underwear. Maybe I'm to blame.
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    Thanks to @cboemmeljr http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/04/12/minor-league-game-summaries-for-4-11/
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    Yea, but can the Royals give up 28 homers in a 7 game homestand?
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    I ain't worried about ****.
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    Bowie was "no hit" by Harrisburg, not Richmond.
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    For some reason, I find myself rooting against Gausman doing well. It’s like I don’t want to believe that his so-so performance here was due to poor development and coaching. It’s stupid, since all those coaches are gone, we have a completely new regime here, and generally I like the Braves. But I also don’t want to feel like we got badly ripped off in that trade, and the better Gausman does, the worse I’ll feel about that. So I appreciate it when he has a mediocre game like last night’s. Meanwhile, at least Darren O’Day is making us look good for dumping his contract. He’s still shut down with no projected return date. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/braves-darren-oday-shut-down/amp/. But the truth is, I’ve always really liked O’Day and I hope he returns and does well for the Braves.
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    Im retiring next year and promised my self to get to more games, so hope we start showing signs for improvement by then.
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    Good. We need more posts like this on the main board. The MILB app is laughably terrible this year. I’d appreciate to know when the top guys are starting.
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    ...and that doesn't even consider the magic loogie.
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    What hate? Harold Baines is an awesome guy, and I loved watching him on the O's. Eastern Shore native. What's not to like? But that doesn't change the fact that his career was about 75% as valuable as John Olerud's. Baines will be looked at in 20 years as a good dude who benefited from yet another bizarre and confused vote of an ill-conceived and obviously biased Veteran's Committee. Unfortunately that's basically how he's looked at today. Here's an exercise: lay out a convincing case that Baines deserves induction and Keith Hernandez doesn't. Baines basically didn't play the field the last 15 years of his career. Hernandez won 11 gold gloves, and that's validated by modern metrics as he's a +117 run fielder. Baines, mostly not having any fielding responsibility, led the league in slugging once. That was his only league-leading mark in anything. Hernandez led the league in runs twice, doubles, walks, batting average, and OBP. Hernandez had a 128 OPS+, Baines 121. Hernandez played on two World Series champs, Baines none. Hernandez won an MVP award, Baines never finished higher than 9th. Hernandez out-WARs Baines 60-38. Clearly, unambiguously, Hernandez was a vastly superior player. But he peaked out at 10% of the BBWAA vote and hasn't been able to convince a committee of his value. Baines peaked out at 6%, but got a committee with a number of his former managers, GMs, and peers to vote him in. And that's just one example. There are literally over 200 position players with more than 38 rWAR who are not in the Hall of Fame.
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    Orioles have the worst run differential in baseball. If they keep it up things will sort themselves out.
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    I was at work and someone posted the video of Severino getting hit on the game thread. Watching that I don’t know how anyone with the team thought it was ok to let him take 1B. Elias needs to have a talk with the coaching staff and not let this happen again.
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    I went to almost every Ironbirds home game last year and JC is definitely someone to watch who can hit for average and power. He's a leader on the field and a very athletic first basemen. In high school, he mainly played third base. When he got to college, they had him switch to catcher. After attending Florida International, the O's moved him to first base, so he's quite versatile. BTW - couldn't be a nicer guy as well, great attitude. Unfortunately, for JC, when he was drafted the O's went with Seamus Curran and Ryan Ripken to man first base at Aberdeen (in 2017), so he had to play in the GCL. Last year, he was promoted to Aberdeen and tore it up - winning the club MVP award. He was old for the league (23 yo), but that's not his fault. You can only do your best where they put you...and he did. Thankfully, the new regime realized his potential and leapfrogged him right to Frederick, where he's already hit two homers in the first five games. I expect his power to show through this year (especially playing half his games at Nymeo field). More and more people are starting to pay attention to this previously underrated gem. Just my $.02.
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    Adding to Frobby and Boh's responses: 1. Every word out of Elias' mouth has reinforced the idea that he's realigning our finances to focus more on the draft, international market and player development. If he doesn't spend, it would mean he and the Angelos brothers are flat out lying to us. 2. If there is any place to spend, it's the Rule IV draft. This is where you get the most bang for your buck. Even more than the international market and certainly more than free agency. 3. So if Elias and the Angelos' are lying, they're essentially tanking every aspect of running the organization. That makes zero sense, even for most conspiracy theorists.
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    That'd really give them some flexibility. With 1-1, they should be able to go overslot on their 2nd, Comp B, or 3rd round pick. Potential overslots at those spots include Draft eligible College Sophs - Brady McConnell, Drey Jameson, Greg Jones, Tanner Morris, Gabe Holt JUCO talent - Jackson Rutledge, Carter Stewart, Ivan Johnson, Antoine Kelly, Thomas Farr 1st round College talents who have fallen due to injury - Graeme Stinson, Kenyon Yovan High School tough signs - Jack Leiter, Joe Charles, Jerrion Ealy, Spencer Jones (inj) Any HS who falls.
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    I wasn't sure whether a new thread should be started or the old one edited to remove the reference to 2018. However, since I'm doing most of the talking about Knight on this board, I figured I might as well be the one to start a current Minors thread for him. His MiLB page and stats are here: http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=t548&player_id=667421#/career/R/pitching/2019/ALL. The OH's prospect write-up is here: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/11/06/blaine-knight-rhp-2018-9-prospect/ So far this year he's had two starts. He gave up 2 ER in 5.2 IP during his first start. Last night he gave up 0 runs in 5 IP with 6 Ks. For those not aware, this kid absolutely balled out in college. Here's a BA write-up from July last year and some quotes. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/blaine-knight-could-advance-quickly/
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    I know there’s a Hall/Grenier thread already, but last year I made him share a thread with Carmona and this guy deserves his own thread! After two oh-fers to begin the year, Hall has gone 6 for 15 with a double, triple, four walks and three stolen bases. .261/.370/.435 overall so far. I think he’s one of the most exciting prospects in the organization.
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    Chris is the only hitter in game who, like a pitcher, hits his spots. I feel so bad for him.
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    They won the next day. And Cashner pitched 4 IP of no hit ball himself that night.
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    o What do you expect from Red Sox announcers? o
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    6 IP 1H 0R 3BB 10K in his second start. He's up to 20 Ks in 11 innings so far. Wow
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    This is a guy who has rarely ever been called on to bunt in his career. He probably has practiced it as little as anyone on the team. And it's not like but tonight is necessarily easy. It is a skill that needs practice like anything else. We've heard about the extra BP he is taking. Should he take time away from that to practice bunting? To what end? He's slow. He won't make a living bunting g for a hit. Doing it won't help him actually hit better. And if you think he is a national object of ridicule now, how bad would it be if he tried to bunt for a hit and popped up to the pitcher? I don't see the upside. Unless you really believe in mojo.
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    Love getting detailed reports like this. Thanks!
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    I am an old timer on this board. But two years ago the Oriole fanatic, watch every game of the year thing stopped. But it somehow it came back this spring. I saw on Face Book a walk through the stadium and sit in the seat day. I only intended to go and walk through the dug out and stand on the field. But something happened. I ignored all the sales attempts and left and went outside and sat in my truck. I tried to text my wife I was leaving but it would not go through for the life of me. I sat in the truck for ten minutes then taking the refusal of text to work as a sign. I walked back into the Stadium and picked out a seat and got the Sunday package. The first actual season ticket package I ever bought in my life (48 years). And this season of all season. The bug is back. So beware. Gurgi is going to harass all you people some more with insane comments and cries for the Gods of Baseball to give a true Kangaroo Court. Glad to be back. Maybe I will see some of you at the games. I will be at the end of section 30 in far back seat because I am too fat to sit comfortably in normal seats. Go O's.
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    Happily for me, I’m omnivorous. It’s very rare that I don’t like a meal. Plus I only eat a bowl of soup for lunch most days, so by the time dinner arrives they could put dog food in front of me and I’d eat it!
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    Bowie. As I reported yesterday. 😉
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    Good to see Blaine Knight pitch well. And Doran Turchin’s development may be fun to watch. @Luke-OH pointed out his tools last summer. If Turchin and Nick Vespi develop into legit prospects, Tony will have to up Luke’s pay. lol
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    Akin, Lowther, Hall, Rodriguez all starting tonight.
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    Did some digging, and as expected, there are a lot of references to Chris Davis, but pitcher records are a lot harder to find. Checking the game logs, this may or may not be the longest hitless streak for a pitcher : Bob Buhl, RHP Milwaukee Braves and Chicago Cubs, from September 1, 1961 - May 8, 1963 had the following line 102 PA, 87 AB, 0 H, 36K. In 1962 alone, he was 0 for 85 PA, 70 AB. Buhl passed away in 2001, and in the obituary published in the NY Times - https://www.nytimes.com/2001/02/22/sports/bob-buhl-72-braves-pitcher-who-was-hapless-as-a-hitter.html If someone can find the record for a pitcher, let us know. https://www.newyorker.com/sports/sporting-scene/the-poetry-of-chris-davis-and-the-longest-hitless-streak-in-history
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    Agree that this is not a good team. What I still simply cannot understand is why you continue to make things up, particularly when it comes to misrepresenting the posts of other people. We have all been saying this will be a terrible team for literally MONTHS. Stop inventing different realities. This is what we are in for for at least the next 2 or 3 years..........are you planning on whining and complaining the entire time?
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    Good article on Thomas up on ESPN right now. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26491252/all-pro-thomas-rule-retiring-seattle Interesting behind-the-scenes look at what FA looked like for him. He was about to agree to a 1 year $12M contract with the Chiefs when we swooped in and gave him the big multiyear deal. So either we will look amazing or terrible for blowing away that offer, I predict.
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    That he disagrees with the world.
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    Not enough posters have OP on /ignore?
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    Game 10, April 8 So much to talk about tonight! - In the first inning, Alberto made a diving stop in the hole and started a really well executed 5-4-3 DP. - Second inning, Villar made a diving stop up the middle and threw to first for the out. - Third inning, Sucre fires a laser to 2B to nab a runner attempting to steal. - There was a Bermuda Triangle bloop that fell in front of Mancini. I didn’t see it but the game thread suggests Mancini should have been able to catch it. - A foul pop near the tarp couldn’t be caught by Davis, who seemed to have gotten there. He may have heard footsteps from Mancini. - In the same at bat, Alberto made another diving stop but his throw bounced and Davis couldn’t handle a very tough backhand shorthop. - Sucre made another strong throw on a stolen base attempt but the ball got under Villar’s glove and the runner advanced. Ruled an error on Sucre but it was Villar’s IMO. First successful steal against the Orioles this year. - Davis made a diving stab of a hard smash down the line and tossed to the pitcher for the out. - Villar made a diving stop behind 2B and made a backhanded flip to Martin for a force out. - Alberto made his third diving stop of the game and gunned to first for the out. That’s 10 notable plays in one game, and I may be forgetting one or two.
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    Ownership said enough by bringing in Mike Elias and Sig Mejdal. This team was beyond awful last year. You can't just snap your fingers and fix a disaster. It takes years. This is what the first year of a rebuild looks like. It's a good chance we'll have more of these kinds of seasons.
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    lol, I’m not taking the bait.
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    What do you really want them to say? We are in rebuilt and hopefully in three years,we will almost be respectable Of course,no guarantee. You can look at Houston as a rebuild that went right but many others did not work That we love having all those Yankee fans there today.Buying tickets and eating and drinking. Helps the bottom line.When your stadium is 60% Yankee fans it is a good thing for us.The sold out Billy Joel concert is also great for us and hopefully have more.The lower the payroll ,the better the profit. You cant handle the truth
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    Why do the owners need to say anything? Hopefully they stay in the background and let Elias an his staff do their jobs without meddling like PA did. I think it's pretty safe to say that just about every Orioles fan knew this team would be very bad for a few years, so the owners doing press conferences and whatever else trying to explain why the team is so bad is pretty pointless IMO.
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    I mean, PGA was largely silent for years and years. Elias is here to do a job, he's doing it.
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    This seems like worry for the sake of worry. You could use this logic to justify any negative prediction.
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