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    Good. Vibes. ONLY. David Hess: Mr. Reliable went out and did it again, pitching into the 6th inning and only giving up 3. Did not give up a walk. You have to be pretty pleased with his work so far, especially considering the state of the pitching staff. It's also just nice to see a homegrown guy just be solid. Forget developing an ace for a second, even this level of solid pitching is welcome from an Orioles pitching prospect. Renato Núñez: Dang! That was a BOMB. Renato hits a deeeeep 2-run shot, his second of the year. Seriously, check out the highlight: https://www.mlb.com/video/renato-nunez-homers-2-on-a-fly-ball-to-left-center-field-trey-mancini-scores Dwight Smith Jr.: Pesky pole! A 2-run shot, his second. He's got a respectable .748 OPS for a guy that was dumped on waivers, especially considering he's good defensively and can swipe a base now and then. Speaking of defense, he had a nice catch against the wall: https://www.mlb.com/video/smith-jr-s-catch-at-the-wall Hanser Alberto: Need to break up a no-hitter? Hanser's the answer. Chris Davis: Hit a ball that should be a hit almost 100% of the time (.970 XBA). 🤷‍♂️ Trey Mancini: Just wanted to call out his walk and double and the continued solid play. He's now seeing 4.08 pitches per PA in the early going and sporting a .383 OBP. Another Comeback: Didn't get many hits but they did make them count and for the second game in a row managed to force a save situation in the 9th. That's pretty much the definition of a silver lining. Let me know what I missed! And remember, if you're here to be objectively critical about what they should have done better, this ain't it chief! Have a great Saturday, y'all.
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    Gameday is messed up again. Says Chris Davis got a hit.
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    o The O's have been terrible since the final 3 and-a-half weeks of the 2017 season ........ just sayin'. o
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    o This is the kind of crap which pisses people off, and numerous other posters have already told you why. For the 29th time ....... those posters (and myself) have objected to your inane and absurd thread and contention that the owners and GM of the team hold a press conference 2 weeks into the season of a rebuild. Countless people have criticized Angelos and Duquette when they were here, and they will no doubt criticize Elias in his tenure. To portray the board-at-large as "taking it personally" and/or say that they are blindly defending them is an out-and-out lie. Unfortunately, I took the bait of you painting yourself as the poor, persecuted martyr of the OH. If you want to believe that (essentially) the entire board is a bunch of apologists for the ownership/GM and that you are the only one here who has the temerity to be critical of them, go right ahead. o
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    I just want to say congrats to Chris Davis on his 3-5 Day with 2 doubles and 4 RBI's. Way to CRUSH the ball. Couldn't be happier.
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    atomic, I am going to be honest with you. I have no problem with you expressing your views on the the team, and I think your assessment of the current team is largely correct. I don’t agree with your assessment of management’s strategy or motives, but I don’t have any problem with you expressing them. Yes you are in the minority here, on the topic of management’s strategy, but that’s fine. The problem is the way you frame your posts. Referring to your IQ, deriding the intelligence of those who disagree with you, acting like you’re the only person here who thinks the current team is going to be awful, and like you’re the only “realist.” And generally, doing it in a self-aggrandizing manner. Those are the reasons you draw such negative responses to your posts. I try not to be someone who “piles on” against you, but quite honestly, you make it hard.
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    Not necessarily, my dear Underground. Have you never heard the curious tale of Dr. Buckle and Mr. Hyde?
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    o Having a different opinion is not the same as intentionally being obtuse (such as when you continually say "The Ravens do it" in regard to owners holding press conferences, when several other posters have pointed out to you that the Ravens don't do anything different than all NFL teams do, which is hold press conferences after the season is over. Every NFL team is required to hold open its locker room for player interviews the day after the season ends, and hold a news conference during the week following the end of its season with its head coach, and/or owner, and/or club president, and/or general manager. Your continued insistence that the ownership of the Orioles hold an impromptu press conference NOW, only 2 weeks into the 26-week season of a rebuilding team, is not like what the Ravens' owner does at season's end (which is required of all NFL teams.) You're not a victim. Nobody is bullying you. They are simply holding you responsible for some of the ridiculous things that you say/assert. Not all opinions are equally valid, in spite of what JTrea often claimed when he was here. I can have an opinion that Dwight Smith Jr will still 80 bases this season ........ it is not necessarily as valid as somebody else who asserts that he will probably not steal more than 15 or 25. You are welcome to say/claim whatever you want in regard to the Orioles, any time you want, as am I and everybody else that posts here. And others are welcome to say whatever they want in regard to any and all of our assertions/claims. o
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    Really happy that he busted out against the Sox! Here's hoping that this is the jolt of confidence he needs to play some good ball from here on out. If he could get to a .750+ OPS I'd be happy.
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    That's a shame. That used to be a good song. Now it just grates on my nerves.
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    I think one mistake Elias made in his housecleaning was to relieve our former Scouting Director Gary Rajsich from his employment with the Orioles. IMO, after DD dealt away or lost (through free agent signings) multiple high draft picks, Rajsich appears to have really hit his stride these last few drafts. IMO, it would have been very interesting to see Rajsich try to incorporate the Elias way of scouting and working the draft and perhaps at times be a counterpoint to that way. I know I can't/won't name everyone here, but Trey Mancini (8th round) is off to a thunderous start this season. Folks can moan all they want about late round finds by other organizations, but we hit a huge home run with Mancini. In CF these days, we have 13th round pick Mullins and there is David Hess showing solid MLB SP stuff in our rotation less than five years after being drafted. We entered this season with DL Hall and Ryan Mountcastle on most Top 100 lists. DJ Stewart may be unlikely to be a solid contributor as a major league, but he should play in the Show this season as should a healthy Austin Hays (who set the world on fire in Spring Training and was on most Top 50 lists entering last season). Adam Hall was a NY Penn Top 20 prospect last season after a torrid finish and he has not missed a beat early in his first taste of full season ball. Ryan McKenna was a Carolina League Top 20 guy last year and had a big Arizona Fall League performance. On the pitching side, Akin, Lowther, GrayRod and Knight are off to very strong starts this season. It is going to be an interesting year to see if Hunter Harvey and Cody Sedlock can stay healthy and find the forms that made them high draft picks. And there are nuggets of the Drew Rom variety. Obviously, the system was not highly rated entering the year, but that could be partially blamed on the lack of international prospects in the organization. I think time will have a very positive effect on the evaluation of Rajsich's time with Bmore - particularly these past few drafts. Despite likely heavy graduations from our system this year, I am becoming more optimistic that our system should take a big step forward next year with at least some participation with the July 2019 international prospect haul to go with our top pick and overall 2019 draft and several steps forward from our existing prospect base.
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    This inning is going rather well!
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    You can’t stop Chris Davis you can only hope to contain him.
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    I checked, I had that date...sadly it was 2020.
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    Whoever had 4/13 in the pool, today's your day.
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    First off, this is a sadly cynical post. Second, in terms of assets they is no bigger sunk cost right now than Davis. Figuring out how to get some value is actually an effective use of time. And third, I doubt they are doing this at the expense of their overall plan. The fact is, figuring out what happened to Davis, despite there not being huge changes in a lot of his metrics is probably one of the best things to do to advance the understanding of advanced sabermetrics. In science you get theories that hopefully match the data, but when the data present an anomaly (as Davis is) you have to further your understanding to account.
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    Yes, dear Interloper: You are getting closer to what the real story beneath all this is. Davis's seemingly preposterous contract bought his willingness to serve as both the scapegoat and showcase for a historic turning point in baseball statistics. Hits, it has been decided by an analytics cabal, are as trivial as RBI's, ERA, Saves, and W/L record in the evaluation of performance. Within five to six years, we will all be talking pure exit velo, launch angle, expected BA, etc., and no longer clearly remember what a hit actually was or, at the least, why it seemed to matter so much. There will come a time--and I warn the entire Hangout that it's coming sooner than most of us realize--when we will all turn our lonely eyes to Chris Davis' post-Crush period in reverential recognition of when it all began: irreversible, unbreakable, and liberating to hitters everywhere, who, after all, will no longer have to risk injury while running and sliding or boredom while standing on an utterly uncommunicative sack. The fans at OPACY are already way ahead of us! Witness what they applaud--Have they not kenned the secret meaning of Davis' newly-bearded grins after every snared line drive and deep flyout? Why do we persist in our idiotic obsession with uni-dimensional counting stats, with scores and standings? Chris is baseball's Christ--he has more than earned his pay.
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    The problem is he pulled him and didn't put in Zack Britton.Oh wait,wrong manager.
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    Maybe we should keep the young cheap talent. Just a thought.
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    I thought it might be interesting to have a thread tracking double digit strikeout games for the O’s MiL pitchers this year. Already we have: 4/5 Rodriguez 5.0 IP, 10 K’s. 4/9 Peralta 3.2 IP, 10 K’s. 4/10 Baumann 5.0 IP, 10 K’s. 4/12 Rodriguez 6.0 IP, 10 K’s. 4/12 Akin 6.0 IP, 10 K’s. One hallmark of the Astros’ MiL system was that all four full season affiliates led their leagues in strikeouts last year. It will be interesting to see how ours do under the stewardship of Chris Holt (MiL pitching coordinator brought over from the Astros). So far Delmarva leads the Sally League at 12.2 K/9, but the other three affiliates are in the bottom half of their leagues. By the way, K rates are very high throughout the minors right now.
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    I know there’s a Hall/Grenier thread already, but last year I made him share a thread with Carmona and this guy deserves his own thread! After two oh-fers to begin the year, Hall has gone 6 for 15 with a double, triple, four walks and three stolen bases. .261/.370/.435 overall so far. I think he’s one of the most exciting prospects in the organization.
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    He's been a pleasant surprise so far, but let's not get carried away. As suggested by other posts here, there's reason to think he's playing a bit over his head right now. That said, maybe he's coming into his own. Overall, I'm glad we picked him up and are giving him a chance to show what he can do.
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    Just wait it will come sooner or later. Harvey is one player I wouldn’t worry about playing service clock games with. If he is ever ready for the show just call him up. Who knows how any more pitches are left in that arm.
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    Took me 2 looks to get this.... Hope so. 😀
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    That means we need to trade him.
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    I love these 2 catchers we have. Both have so much fire for the game.
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    FWIW I think the advanced analytics would say his approach to date was largely the right one (or at least far better than what his results would indicate thus far). Big knock would be that his K-rate was way too high (at 42.1% coming into today - like all numbers I will cite). BB-rate is higher than his career average and tied with 2016 for highest of his career. On batted balls, his LD% is better than his career numbers (29.4% vs. 22.8%) and his FB% is on par with career (41.2% vs. 41.4%). Obviously, GB% is better as a corollary to those. Needless to say an improvement to last year as well. The best thing to point to from an analytics perspective is his hard contact rate. This season (coming into today, career and 2016 in parenthesis): Soft contact - 5.9% (12.0% Career; 13.1% 2016) Med contact - 47.1% (50.6%; 50.7%) Hard contact - 47.1% (37.4%; 36.2%) He should be having better results so far on the year based on that.
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    I guess they should have sent the runner.
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    Mullins needs to steal.
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    So the answer to the trivia question is “Rick Porcello” and say it with a slightly derisive laugh.
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    None of us remember this happening, including you.
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    I’m going to need to see a lot more of Smith before judging him to be a keeper. He’s a career .747 OPS hitter in the minors, .755 in AAA. I’m sure he had 14-game stretches in the minors where he hit pretty well. We shouldn’t make too much of a good first two weeks of the season. And honestly, he hasn’t been that good — .278/.304/.444, -0.1 rWAR. His offensive numbers are better than a lot of his teammates, but that’s not saying a lot, and two weeks is a very small sample.
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    Also a great night for some of our prospects. Akin was good. Grayrod's start to the season pretty much could not have gone any better. Hunter Harvey's arm is still intact. Dj Stewart was 3-3 with a long HR through the wind and a BB. Diaz went 2-5 and is OPSing .844. Adam Hall, the sleeper in our system, went 3-4 and is now batting .321. Elias will fill this system out with some high end talent but the previous administration left some intriguing pieces. For the big league team Dwight Smith Jr, Renato, and Hess are all relatively young and holding their own. Getting in on the ground floor of this rebuild is extremely exciting to me.
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    Why do people act as though the leadoff experiment lasted half a season or something? It lasted 5 games! And really it was just an attempt to get Davis to focus on getting on base, something he’d been good at for most of his career until his OBP fell to a still non-embarrassing .309 in 2017. For context, among Orioles’ qualifiers: 2015: .361 1st 2016: .332 3rd 2017: .309 7th I think it was just an attempt to jump start his focus on OBP in 2018. Obviously it failed, but it’s not as if they stick with that experiment a long time.
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    I don't know. I think we should hold on to him. Future OF -- Smith Jr. / Hays / Diaz ....
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    He's slashing .375/ .500/ .500 with 3 Runs, 2 2B, 4 BB, 6 K, 3 SB and 2 RBI over those games
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    I watched parts of it, it looks like he got the memo after nibbling his way to an early exit last time out. Fastball command was good and he pounded the zone. The Slider and Change were just average pitches but guys were behind in the count and defensive most of the night and were constantly geared for fastball. That helped the other pitches play up.
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    Who have not yet proven themselves.
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    I started back on 2nd shift this week (FINALLY!) I usually fill 1/3 of a long game thread. 😛
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    Years ago, a friend of ours who lived at the lake we used to fish said "You [Smiths] come on down! We need the rain!' 😛
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    o There is nothing weird about the same people who have been highly critical of Angelos calling you on your ridiculous request that the Orioles' ownership stage a press conference 2 weeks into this rebuilding season. Also, in terms of "taking things personally", it is you who just made a theatrical post about "all the women have been chased away with their group think and insulting everyone with a different opinion, and then finding refuge in Facebook." You also are the same person made the absurd claim that down-voting was "trolling and inflammatory" ........ so the only one taking any of this personally is you. As I stated in my last post, you are not a victim, although you obviously fancy yourself as one. o
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    Wait. I haven’t gotten a beer yet. That went fast.
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