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    The question now is Brady still receiving a paycheck or did the Orioles fix the glitch?
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    "When you play the Orioles game of thrones, you win or you are removed from the team website.”
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    Could be a good result for the Orioles. It looks like they used the Bortz formula but applied it to the actual revenues from 2012-16, as opposed to the conservative projected revenues that were used in the 2012 arbitration. If so, setting the precedent that the Bortz formula is to be used will be very beneficial for the Orioles in the subsequent reset periods.
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    I know, I’d be done as a baseball fan. I can’t see MLB letting Camden Yards stay empty.
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    I heard that today. He said that he heard through a good source that they offered 3 billion to buy and move the Orioles to Las Vegas. He seemed to indicate that it was something MLB supported. I am not sure if that has to do with their disdain for the Angelo's family because of this on going dispute and they want to get ownership away from anyone in the Angelo's family. I have a hard time believing they would favor moving the Orioles over Tampa Bay are Oakland who don't have newer stadium's. Are those markets more valuable to MLB then Baltimore? If they really feel fans here can be lumped into the Washington market they are wrong. Sure as baseball would become a memory here in Baltimore younger fans in the area will gravitate to the Nationals if they are the only thing on TV but to me they will always be separate markets. I am not going to over react to this but as much as I love baseball this would finish me as a baseball fan.
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    @Going Underground @Obandomentioned this in another thread and it absolutely deserves its own thread, IMO. Folks, Brady Anderson is no longer listed on the Orioles website as an executive or... anything else. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/team/front-office Nor is he found in the coaching section.
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    From Section 66 @ OPACY (with BB-8 in hand): O HECK YEAH!!!
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    Bundy pitching like he's had a few sessions with Yoda.
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    No, I like the idea of having seperate conversations rather than one long thread that you may miss new information or news.
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    😬 🦄Yefry Ramirez: The sole reliever used after Strailey's early exit. He saves the bullpen by going 4.2 IP with 5 Ks. So much for my idea about optioning Yefry for Williams. It seems the team will need more than one long reliever for the foreseeable future. Dwight Smith Jr.: On a night where the O's only got 5 hits, he notched 2 of them, a bloop and an infield single, bringing his average up to .299 in the process. Errors: 0 - much tighter defense than recent games. Stevie Wilkerson: Actually had a really nice throw to the plate from CF and just barely missed getting the outfield assist. That's, uh... that's it!
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    Obando was the one who caught the Brady no longer listed thing. Scouts being listed and an Executive being listed is two different things. I spoke to someone i know with the sun and perhaps they will followup up on any changes taking place.
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    Awesome, thanks as always Tony. Look forward to seeing everyone as usual and meeting new people. I'll look to make it out to some of the Saturday games. Out of town May 10th and June 25th. Will try to make it to the May 31st game.
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    Are you seriously posting this right now? It has been made blatantly clear since last July that we are rebuilding, and you are questioning the direction of the organization? We are a little more than 1 month into the season, and you are already frustrated with Mike Elias and questioning his decisions? I’m sorry, but it’s posts like this that frustrate the hell out of me. The front office has a long-term plan to rebuild every aspect of the baseball operation, and it’s going to take some time. We are going to be losing a lot the next 2-3 years, but a foundation is going to be built that will allow the Orioles to be competitive for a long-time, and they will spend the money on free agents when the time is right. Right now, the resources are being allocated to scouting, player development, analytics, and technology, which is where they should be after years of neglect by ownership. If you can’t accept what the plan is and be patient with it, I don’t know what to tell you. Believe me, I would much rather watch a winning Orioles team right now, but this was to be expected, and the FO has been very transparent about what the plan is, so to question it right now after 1 month of the season just boggles my mind. Keep an eye on what’s going on in the minor leagues, and focus on the upcoming draft, international signing period and trade deadline. That’s when things are going to start getting really interesting and we’ll start to see the early fruit of Mike Elias’ vision & labor.
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    I was at the Delmarva game in Asheville last night. Took my 8 year old granddaughter and 5 year old grandson to their first baseball game. The boy bailed after 2.5 innings, but the girl wants to go to the game with me tonight. She also wants to learn how to hit Grayson did not look sharp at all I think the stadium gun is slow. Didn't see anything above the low 90's last night and only a few times when I saw Bundy's debut way back when.
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    I know you were joking, but I thought I’d look into this anyway. It took Davis 4,694 plate appearances to reach 1,500 strikeouts. It took Straburg 5,169 plate appearances by opposing batters to reach 1,500 K’s. So no, not as fast as Davis!
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    Do you get the feeling this team is in deep doo-doo? I'd really hate to see them leave Baltimore.
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    Maxx Williams signed with the Cardinals. We just need his contract to be worth enough and him and Urban to stay healthy and we are looking at 3rd, 4th, and 5th round comp picks.
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    Hangout Nights are back in 2019. What better way to watch a game then surrounded by other rabid Orioles fans in discounted great seats. If you buy tickets, the closer you are to the left side (while facing the field) of Section 8 near rows 11-13 the better, that's where the Hangout staff will be. Our seats are in Lower Box (Section 8): Prices this year are $20 and all dates, regardless of the type (Huge discounts on some games). (Note: Tickets will say the regular price until you click on the actual seats available then will come up as $20. Note: There are only a limited amount this year so order early. *There is an additional 10% service charge per ticket. Our dates this year are as follows: May 10, Fri 7:00 vs LAA May 31, Fri 7:00 vs SF (T-shirt Night) Jun 25, Tue 7:00 vs SD (Machado home coming game/Orioles Bird Nutcracker) Jul 13, Sat 7:00 vs TB (Birdland Hawaiian Shirt game) Aug 3, Sat 7:00 vs Tor Sep 21, Sat vs Sea (Orioles Sherpa Blanket) FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW TO PURCHASE TICKETS 1. Goto Orioles Hangout Offer 2. Select a game 3. Select a quantity of tickets 4. Create a Baltimore Orioles ticket account 5. Purchase and print your tickets Tickets posted for re-sale are subject to cancellation. Offer is NOT valid at the Box Office. For any questions or accessible seating, please call 888.848.BIRD (2473) and ask for the Ticket Services team.
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    Brady has been voted off the island. Also I thought his contract was up sometime in Q1 this year.
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    5-6-3 ends it! O's WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bundy done. Armstrong in. Good pitcher name! Arm Strong.
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    Very good it is to get two outs on one pitch.
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    They eat a lot of insects in Mexico.
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    I’m at the game, along with 5000 other people
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    Darth Bader,the no comment guy? Ask what happened to the COO?
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    You said wait for it! 😛
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    Maybe that person could be you?
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    I hear what you are saying, but do you think I don't know this? Do you feel at any point I've given you or anyone else any other feeling then i know what's going on? Here's the deal, all I'm saying is we KNOW WHAT RICKARD is, so why not give Williams a chance. He's most likely not better, but maybe he's will be. Why not? No one thinks this is going to improve this team significantly, nor should they, that's not the point. This is about evaluating as many guys as possible and when you have a guy that's not part of the future, and is not performing well now, you try another piece. This whole rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic thing is really, really ridiculous because you KNOW I'm not saying that. Look, every move is going to be like this this year. You may want to come back in two to three years when the moves might matter.
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    http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/05/03/orioles-prospect-hot-sheet-april/ Article is up, feel free to promote any strong April performances I may have snubbed, there were a lot to choose from. Mason McCoy, Zach Pop, Ryan Mountcastle, Gray Fenter, Tyler Joyner are among the guys who didn't quite make it.
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    Because they you don't throw good building materials on a fire, you wait until you have enough building materials and you let the fire burn out, then you build.
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    Well either way, he's been bounced from his VP title. That much we can be pretty confident about.
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    Now don't go all @atomic on us you "Cali-loving" flake! 😍
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    They may be like this one here - lingering on the "Ray's Realm", offering ideas on how to rebuild????
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    In Baltimore? I seriously doubt it. I’m not going to get greedy here. I just want Hays to have a healthy year from here on out and hit like he’s capable of when he’s healthy. I’m pretty sure he was slated for Norfolk before his injury, but now it won’t surprise me if they start him at Bowie. We’ll see. I think if he sees Baltimore this year, it won’t be until sometime after the all star break.
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    They’ve been brilliant. My favorite series of trades is: 1. Trade Delmon Young and parts for Matt Garza and parts. Garza gives Tampa 592 innings at a 3.86 ERA over the next 3 years. 2. Trade Garza and parts for Chris Archer and parts. 3. Sign Archer to a very favorable extension. Get 1,069 innings of a 3.69 ERA from Archer over 6.5 years. 4. Trade Archer for Tyler Glasnow and Austin Meadows. Both are looking like studs. Seems like they always get good value from their trades.
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    They both have been in OPACY. Signing autographs.
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    rWAR weights ERA heavily and doesn’t look at FIP, whereas fWAR weights the FIP factors very heavily. Gausman’s fWAR was 0.4 going into yesterday, compared to -0.1 rWAR. As to why his ERA is out of line, it’s probably sequencing. He’s allowed 10 runs on his 5 homers, for example.
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    Free is almost too much. I agree with your original premise. The Orioles have been beyond pathetic in marketing their club. Other than a couple cheesy radio and TV spots what do you have? Even during the "glory days" (at least for me) from 2012-2016 I seldom saw any type of meaningful community involvement. Where were the promotional teams, rallies, billboards, endorsements? The Nats have them beat in that regard hands down.
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    Orioles are a business. They will draw more then tonight for the giveaway,so more profit with higher ticket prices. That is why they charge more for Yankee and Red Sox games.To make more on the Yankee and Red Sox fans.That being said ,the Orioles ticket prices are not that bad.
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    He is a double shy of the cycle in Norfolk.
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    And yet it seems like some players don’t experience much of a hiccup going from the minors to the majors, while some do. That’s always been a mystery to me. But put it this way, I might agree that the bottom 30% of major league pitchers are indistinguishable from AAA pitchers, but that still leaves the other 70%, and they get more than 70% of the work.
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    Here is the aforementioned MLB park center field camera rankings.
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    They couldn't put up with paying O'Day for one more year? That would have been a small sacrifice in order to get our hands on one of Atlanta's young arms. The Gausman trade was short sighted and a complete waste of a resource.
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    We traded Gausman to Atlanta (a team overflowing with young pitching) and couldn't get one of those guys.
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    I went C+/C. To me that means they did a respectable job, but didn’t wow me. Of course, it’s going to be several years before we really know what this crop of young players yields. If a few of these guys develop well, the return potentially could turn out to be pretty good. But there’s not a lot of obvious high probability cornerstones here.
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