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    There wasn't a lot of action tonight. I left after the seventh inning. There were, I think two hits on each side at that point. I'll comment on a few players: Zak Lowther threw a lot of fastballs. Stadium gun wasn't working, so I have no idea how hard he was throwing. But standing behind home plate his fastball seemed to really explode on batters for a "soft tosser". Probably 75 percent fastball, 25 percent curve ball mix if I had to guess. He might have mixed a few changes in there but none that I noticed. He didn't have his best command. Walked the bases loaded in the second, but got out of it unscathed and settled in after that. I really liked his curve ball. Hard down and in breaker to righties. Got a lot of whiffs. It's a better pitch than I expected to see based on the scouting reports. Hays didn't look great. Came out super aggressive in his first at bat swinging at a 1-0 pitch around his eyes before rolling over on an outside breaking pitch. The next two at bats he seemed hesitant to swing and watched a few hittable pitches go by getting himself into some bad counts. Almost as if he told himself that he needed to compensate for his first at bat. I guess that's good? Rylan Bannon had a few chances at third and looked solid. There was one hard hit ball that he bobbled but pounced on it and got rid of the ball so quick that he still got the runner out by a step. He has enough arm for third and a really quick sidearm release. He got up the line on a grounder better than I expected, or maybe he was just hustling really hard. Didn't look like a 45 runner to me. I'd call it 50-55, but that's just my eye balls telling me that. Didn't bring a stop watch. He hit one that died out at the warning track in left center (probably would have been a HR if they were using the MLB balls). McKenna was in right and looked like a natural tracking down a ball that was hit directly over his head. Also made a nice throw into the infield. That's all I got. I'll post a few videos in a bit.
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    30+ homer pace. Yep, let's DFA this guy. 🙄
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    Appreciate like the 8 people that bought tickets. Honestly though, the lack of people purchasing and attending these night is pretty disappointing. We picked great nights, mostly with giveaways and the Orioles gave us a great deal yet there were what, two people who post here besides me here tonight? I'm actually embarrassed at this point to even try and get these deals in the future. If no one is going come, I'm not going to waste the Orioles time. If you live in the Baltimore area, this note is for you. We have 100s of people on here daily and you never want to come out during these nights? It's just disappointing. $20 tickets, meet other Hangouters, box seats. I guess I just don't get it! We used to have a pretty good turn out, even when the team was bad, but now, SteveA and O's is Legend are about the only regulars (Always good to see them both). At the end of the day, if no one wants to come out to these nights I won't bother the Orioles in the future.
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    This was a twitter question. His was: What 5 albums have you listened to most in your life? 1. Rush - Signals 2. Genesis - Trick of the Tail 3. Yes - Yessongs 4. Yes - Close To The Edge 5. Tangerine Dream - Encore Mine are: Who's Next- Who Quadrophenia- Who London Calling- Clash Boy- U2 Operators Manual - Buzzcocks I know I have six. Selling England by the Pound- Genesis
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    My first ever post. Just sending out an FYI! If anyone wants to watch Adley Rutschman, Oregon State plays Cincinnati at 10PM on ESPNU.
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    As for Trumbo, I will be VERY disappointed if he suits up again for the Orioles. I hope he recovers from his injury, but we can just release him after that. I don't see where he fits here anymore.
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    I updated the second post in this thread. Should be a complete list of active international signings. Does not include players signed by other clubs first.
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    There are some misreads, but for the most part it's about 1 mph fast. @ChuckS
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    Jon Miller told a story about being on a west coast trip with Chuck Thompson. Chuck said he only ever gets to see stadiums and hotels, so Jon took him to see the redwoods in Muir Woods on an off Day. They get there, Chuck looks up and says "Holy Guacamole!"
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    I think @Enjoy Terror has a list on the DSL thread in the minors forum.
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    So did we. Probably should have had him higher though. I was more bullish on him but wasn't sold until I saw the numbers on the changeup this year. I really wish i had access to the minor league trackman data. that's the holy grail for me when it comes to truly evaluating prospects.
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    Fun one! 🦄Dwight Smith Jr.: SALAMI! First of his career with his Dad cheering in the stands. Love it. Renato Nunez: Good lord is he hot right now. His 14th(!) home run plus an RBI single. Trey Mancini: Nearly identical line to Nunez as he put up a 2run bomb and added a single. Trey! Pedro Severino: A solid 2-4 night with a double as he continues to be a surprisingly good offensive player. 🦄Richard Bleier: Save! 1.2 IP of solid pitching. He's coming around, hopefully, right when we need him. Mychal Givens: A good scoreless inning. Gotta start somewhere. Paul Fry: Solid as usual man. Scoreless inning and a third. Andrew Cashner: After throwing 46 pitches in the first inning, he somehow lasted long enough to earn the win. That's impressive in its own weird way. DJ Stewart: Nice catch in RF after he initially overran the ball, and a nice AB to earn a walk.
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    There were nothing wrong with his relay throws on those plays. That catch yesterday was awkward but at least he had the speed to get to the ball and then readjust back. I'm not sure Mancini or DSJ would have gotten there for example. Not without having to lay out. His jumps look good and he's got above average sprint speed. Solid average for a corner OF. The standards for defense are too high on this board. I've often seen the attitude of, unless you are plus out there you are a DH. I don't think some of you understand what average defense looks like. I wouldn't be surprised if DJ puts up some positive DWAR #'s in the corners. Especially in LF where I think his arm plays best.
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    Matt Wieters was taken 5th in the 2007 draft, and has had the 6th-most valuable career out of that year/round. I wish people would stop acting like Matt Wieters was a disaster. If he'd just hit .225 at Bowie he'd be this scrappy, lovable ex-Oriole.
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    I've seen enough. Another AAAA type. No different than Yefrey Ramirez. Has a good arm, spotty command, underwhelming secondary offerings. That velocity though!
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    No stadium gun tonight. Hays swung at a pitch over his head in a 1-0 count and then rolled over on an outside breaking ball that he had to reach for on the next pitch. Channeling his inner Dariel Alvarez. He had one walk in his first 35 at bats in Frederick. That kind of plate discipline does not play at the major league level.
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    So I’m directly behind home plate in the first row. Don’t know how I managed these seats walking up on a Sat. Night but I’ll try to take a few videos.
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    Wasn't pitching when he was out there...
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    I want him promoted when he's ready to be promoted. I don't want him spending four years at AAA because "the major league team isn't ready".
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    Panik is a TERRIBLE baseball name.
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    Bordick: "I think as Villar goes, so will go the Orioles". Hope we don't trade him!
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    I was the youngest in my class and graduated at 17 Years and 5 months of age. (January Birthday). There were twin girls in my class that had a birthday the day before mine only they were a year and a day older.
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    I haven't seen any of the DSL dudes and probably won't unless they make it stateside. Pretty much what COC and Art said.
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    I'm guessing it is a combination of the size, age, and position. Sixteen and 6'4" in center are eye catching numbers.
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    I'm interested in the 16 year old 6'4" CF batting 2nd. Stiven Acevedo.
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    I haven't seen a single person on this board advocate trading Mancini just to get younger. If we can get a nice package back then a trade makes sense. But we shouldn't be trading him from a position of unnecessary desperation which is what happened with the Gausman deal last year. If the package coming back is similar to what we got for Gausman, then I am against trading Mancini. I think there will be some good offers if he's still at .850 + OPS in July.
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    I'm not saying you should die on a hill. And I'm not saying Mancini is THE GUY to build around. But you think Mancini is Trumbo at 27, we'll just have to agree to disagree and move on. If you look at what Trumbo did in his age 27 season vs what Mancini is doing this year, you'll see that it's not a valid comp.
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    You still are quoting from MLB pipeline around here?
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    I’ll take my edit out of my other post. I’m speculating that your perspective is that we would trade Mancini out of deference to those two and their contracts, who you feel don’t deserve roster spots. I see Mancini’s value in a vacuum. With or without Davis/Trumbo, I’d like to see Mancini traded.
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    Since his 3-for-4 debut he's slumped badly, going 0-for-7 with five strikeouts. OPS down almost .900 points. Time to start platooning? Or does he just need more time in AAA? Did we miss our chance by not trading him at his peak on the 28th?
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    For anyone who wants to watch a local team the NCAA has free online coverage of the DIII college World Series. I watched Hopkins come back down 2 in the 10th last night, the announcers were good as was the video. Hopkins plays at 8:40 tonight.
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    We are leaning starting her early, she's pretty advanced with counting, writing, sight words, etc. She'll be more than ready academically. But we're going to see how see does socially in preschool this year (she hasn't been in a school environment yet).
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    The idea that we might trade away Mancini before dropping Davis or Trumbo I find troubling.
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    It could be that Elias and company have been talking numbers with some players and doesn't want to lose a bargaining chip right now. "Hey Adley, we love you, but two others will sign for $500,000 under slot to help better the team. Should we pencil you in $750,000 under slot?"
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    I agree. I hope we are correct. Then again, I don't see what trying to hide what you're going to do with 1:1 does. Maybe if you're afraid to disclose something industry specific, something about how you evaluate talent...but if there's a consensus #1 and you say you're going to take him...I dunno. But Elias is smarter than us. (Except CoC).
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    I think you're misinterpreting the stats. Givens is not 13-for-28 as a closer in his career. He's only been the closer since last Aug. 1. He went 8-for-9 in save opportunities last year, which is quite good. This year, he's 4-for-7 (which, yes, is terrible). So all told, he's 12-for-16 since becoming the ninth inning guy. The other "blown saves" you mention from past years were not ninth inning closing situations. They happened earlier in games -- sometimes as early as the sixth inning. Those weren't true save opportunities, because Givens never would've been given a chance to finish the game and get the save.
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    I'm fine with Rutschman. But part of me wants Witt, just so I can keep remembering his dad's first few years in the majors when he was the love child of Nook LaLoosh and Steve Dalkowski. In Sr.'s first 300 MLB innings he walked 280 and hit 29 batters.
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    This is the dumbest argument of all time. There is zero reason not to extend the netting down the lines. If you're worried about player interaction you could even make the net adjustable so it could be lowered between innings or before games. That would more expensive but a drop in the bucket to what MLB is raking in. Your eyes adjust to looking through the screen in like 10 seconds. This should have happened 20 years ago.
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    Ok, so got 19 days to figure this out. I'm interested to see of Trumbo can make it through his rehab assignment. His injury was much more serious than what was initially report last season.
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    I am not, repeat not, a military expert or veteran. But I believe that throwing a hand grenade through a pane glass window from 100 feet would rate as a very strong arm. 😉
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    I was at a game five years ago, Memorial Day. Random guy sitting next to me notices that recently-recalled Caleb Joseph is 2-for-29. He goes on for what seems like an hour about how he can see a GM putting up with, like, 1-for-7 or maybe 1-for-9. Everybody has to adjust. But Duquette should be looking for a new job if you let a slump get to 2-for-20, much less 2-for-29. I now realize that I've met wildcard.
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    Nasty ish! Like tonight's game... only in a GOOD way.
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    He has two options left. And of course the O's can send him to the minors to start the season without even using an option. Right now I see Givens, Bleier, Fry, Castro in the pen. Araujo for 17 days after which I like Kline. I would like to see the O's carry two guys that can give them 4 innings in relief per outing. Yacabonis is one. Gilmartin who is on a minor league contract is the next best guy for that 4 inning slot. He did that very well at the end of the season. I am just saying that the pen may be tough to crack out of ST and Lucas will be super easy to send down because he is on a minor league contract.
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