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    Two Orioles. 7. Adley Rutschman 35. DL Hall https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/27161120/keith-law-midseason-top-50-prospects-update
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    A US flag is never inappropriate on the Hangout nor is it politics. If you are offended by it, then I suggest you go somewhere else. That's all that will be said here about this.
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    Make it out to the Yard this Saturday 7pm vs the Rays with other OH members Tony and the OH have set up tickets in section 8 for $20, the normal ticket price for this section being that is an Elite game is $73! Plus first 30,000 fans 15 & over get this sweet O's Hawaiian shirt, can't find a better deal all season OH ticket link use promo code: hangout
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    I thought Cedric Mullins could hit .270 to .280 and hold down CF full time. I thought Cashner would be terrible like last year. He is good enough that he'll be traded by July 31st. Very pleasant surprise.
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    It sounds like a rule from the 1870's that they killed off. I like it. Doesn't do any harm and I want to see a guy take off for first while a teammate is already there.
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    In a year of suck, the orioles actually have two starting pitchers who are pitching very well. The reason for their success? The gutsiest pitch in all of baseball..... the changeup. I remember reading an article towards the beginning of the year where John Means said it was Doug Brocail who worked with him during spring training to futher develop his changeup. Now, Cashner has stepped it up and has become a dependable starter on the back of a very effective change up. I wonder if this will be the orioles thing for the next few years? A successful rotation built on the development of an effective change up
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    I work downtown just north of the break, and I can tell you getting in and around the city has been a nightmare. If you're going to any games for the immediate future, give yourself as much extra time as possible.
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    o Nobody does the colors and fonts like OFFNY ........ nobody. o
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    So my phone died in the 4th. My summary ... Wells and Lowther each looked good in their respective innings. Lowther threw harder, touching 94 on the stadium gun. Neither pitcher gave up any hard hit balls. There were some balls tagged off of other pitchers. McCoy's double in the first was really tagged, and he made a couple of plays at short. Bannon had a nice line drive to the left center gap and legged it into a double. All in all I thought the Bowie contingent represented themselves well. Personally I'm more excited by the pitchers than the middle infielders ...
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    Gunnar will be making his pro debut tomorrow per Steve Melewski on twitter.
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    Just remember some streets are closed . Also Light Rail going south is stopping at North Avenue and you have to take a bus to Camden Yards. Also near the stadium it smelled pretty bad the last two days. Worse on Saturday is two games at different times. So you will people coming and going to the game. Crews were dealing with a new underground water leak near a giant hole in the road in downtown Baltimore on Thursday as they readied for an expected surge of rainwater threatening to set back repairs. CSX crews noticed water dripping overnight in a tunnel that runs beneath Howard Street, alongside the collapsed road, and discovered a broken main about two blocks north of the sinkhole, near Howard and Baltimore streets. While work is ongoing, several blocks of Howard and Pratt streets remain closed, and all traffic on northbound Interstate 395 is being diverted into Conway Street. Light Rail service is suspended between Camden Station and North Avenue, with a free shuttle service running between the stations, the Maryland Transit Administration said. City officials said there is still no estimate for when the work will be completed, with crews waiting until Thursday’s rain passes before tackling repairs to a 36-inch stormwater drain that was also damaged Monday. “We’re very well aware that over the next couple of weekends that there are some very high-profile events in Baltimore,” Raymond said. “We desperately want to provide whatever relief we can to traffic, but safety is going to be of paramount importance. We’re not going to rush into areas where repairs are dangerous or wouldn’t be able to be done fully.” https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/baltimore-city/bs-md-sinkhole-update-20190711-ytsdvf6zlnhynfzj3e6ijyixqu-story.html
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    Ah. Wjciechowski. Got it.
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    That is a safe position to take on most Orioles pitchers.
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    He's played so badly I have to wonder if he's hurt, or has some seriously messed up stuff going on in his head. Last year he had a .671 in Baltimore, career minor league OPS prior to this year was pushing .800. This year his overall OPS is around .500, mostly in AAA with super bounce balls. After accounting for the balls his AAA OPS is down well over .200 points year-to-year.
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    I’m not going to tell you what the “F” in my avatar stands for! 😎
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    I think his rehab must be about done. He played 2 games in the GCL and then 4 in Bowie up through Sunday. Hit great for Bowie, 4 for 13 with a double, homer, 3 walks and an HBP, 5 runs scored, 6 RBI. I’d say he’s ready to return.
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    I updated the thread title with this new information.
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    Questions Selected: 1.) How do you view the O's first draft under Elias? 2.) Was the selection of so many hitters over pitchers a philosophy, or was it just a matter of BPA? 3.) What metrics were you guys focused on and how did that lead to the selection of any particular players? 4.) Give us one guy from the later rounds that you think is a steal? 5.) How much of the decision-making process is driven by Sig’s draft model and what are some of the input criteria to said model? 6.) Do you think it is getting harder for Elias to get the players who meet his criteria, given that there are two other GM’s who worked with him in Houston and may have similar criteria, and that the Astros’ draft philosophy has been pretty well publicized at this point? 7.) In this draft, we selected a handful of DII and DIII players. As a scout under Elias regime, how do you evaluate the players in relation to DI and/or HS guys? 8.) What information was discussed between picks if he was in the war room with Elias in the past. Especially if the player at the top of their board was picked by one of the two teams before them 9.) When he is evaluating or scouting a prospect, what are some things about a prospect’s “makeup” that would be an immediate red flag, resulting in removal from consideration? a. Which of these traits did Mr. Elias emphasize that he scout for? 10.) What hit rate did Elias feel was acceptable for high draft choices making it to the majors?
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    I don't think he's signaled that at all. He's signaled that he wants to ease Rutschman into his first taste of pro ball since he's already caught a lot of innings this year. If you say full-time catcher "the rest of this year." I would agree. But, Rutschman's greatest value comes as a catcher and that's where he'll spend most of his time after this season.
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    I think the best value we may have gotten for Schoop will be what we get in return for Villar. Either way, Elias wasn't going to offer Schoop arbitration if he was still on the team so the alternative was losing Schoop this offseason for nothing. Saying that, I agree that Ortiz has not looked like a contributor though i'd like to see him in a relief role and see how it looks before counting him out. Also, Carmona would be better off playing everyday in a place like Bluefield. I haven't heard a lot of great things about him, but he's still young and his still physically pretty weak overall. This is where not having that Appy league team hurts development. Just not enough PAs to go around.
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    Hypothetically, I could imagine trading him. Practically, I cannot see a scenario where another team would offer a deal I'd take. His price would be very high. He's a cheap, relatively young, starting pitcher who looks like he could stick as a 3 or 4 for years. That's hard to put a realistic price on.
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    I couldn't remember what happened first. I also don't really remember how bad the shoulder injury was, though I do remember we were all pissed about and thinking that this could only happen to the Orioles. I'll leave the COLOR fonts to @OFFNY
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    You are very droll, but I can’t believe people didn’t realize that post was tongue-in-cheek. As to whether Means will have a Bergesen career arc, who knows? Hopefully he won’t break his leg and won’t do any pitching for MASN commercials in the middle of the winter.
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    Getting old sucks, because I know there are at least a few of you that are reading my post above and wondering who the heck Jeff Ballard is......
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    Sounds like my prediction that he won't actually play in the GCL may come to pass.
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    I've been saying this since 2017, but watch him swing the bat, guys with his bat speed, natural loft, and hands rarely fail. It's a special bat, even if it's not special production right now (it's not). Age is really important for hitters, and he's 22. He is going to hit (and more power is coming) and this idea that he can't play defense is based on his weird infield arm action that is weak and inaccurate. He moves well, he's got good hands. He's going to be fine in LF or at 1B. I think Mancini if he continues to play like he is this year (if this is normal rather than a peak year), is the median outcome for Mountcastle. I'd be pretty surprised if Mountcastle doesn't match Mancini's 111 wRC+ from ages 24 to 27. The Mountcastle/Mancini debate is pretty simple IMO, they have roughly the same trade value if you believe in 2019 Mancini, which I think some teams will (he's improved and hasn't been as lucky as in his rookie season) then you want Mancini if you are competing and Mountcastle if you are rebuilding.
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    I find the disdain for Mountcastle by people who’ve never seen him play very confusing. Also, he was a great pick where he was drafted, no team consistently gets top 100 prospects at that point in the draft.
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    Having done it for half a season, I'm not sure what a wow offer would even be. While you can always listen I cant imagine there will be any offer coming that I'd be happy with. So at this point, no.
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    Mancini. I believe last year was an aberration and he was injured. He has shown himself to be a professional hitter who can make adjustments and not slump for extended periods. Yes, he is a defensive liability, no doubt about it. However from everything I've read/heard he is not as much of a liability as Mountcastle. Mountcastle has not hit at the ML level yet and it appears that the organization is scrambling to find him a position. Will he be as adequate in LF as Mancini? Hard to say. Who's a better first baseman? Hard to say, too. Mountcastle doesn't walk. Mancini isn't an OBP machine but he's not completely batting average dependent. Mountcastle may hit for more power.
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    I will say this, during the draft I asked my contact what he thought about the Orioles draft? His response was "Gunnar!" Sounds like he's really high this draft pick.
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    Thankfully for everyone else I have some Polkadot Stingray to listen to.
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    Well there's no game tonight. Preach it like you feel it. You start typing, I'm going to go get my tinfoil hat.
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    Ownership wants to be involved in decisions over $20 million or so it seems, I'm OK with that. If the rumors I heard were true about Peter's wife pushing to re-sign him, then there is no way he is gone at this point. With everything else Elias has been allowed to do that were in direct defiance of decrees from Peter, I'll take how this is operating right now 100% of the time.
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    It's a slurve really by movement IMO, but he calls it a slider. The telegraphing part, I haven't noticed that, but I'll check it out.
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    Cool topic @OFFNY. The All Star Game was an event... a "Must See," before the introduction of inter-league play. It was exciting to see the stars of the NL, as I've been an O's fan my whole life (born in '65). Watching Eddie Murray or Cal Ripken face great NL pitchers was something to behold. There was truly a 'bragger's right's' thing in play between the leagues. While I always thought inter-league play was and is a cool idea, I didn't fully realize what would be lost once it was implemented.
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    Seriously why can't anyone spell "Sisco" correctly? Does 90% of the OH work in the IT profession?
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    Pitching now in the AAA all star game on MLB Network
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    A strike certainly won't help things. I don't see how PED's has any barring on the entertainment value of the game. Baseball's problem is generational. Other entertainment (mainly video games) have carved out some of baseballs space. BTW it's not just baseball. My 18 year old son spends time watching other people play video games, when I ask why, he says for the same reasons I watch baseball. To see the best in the world play a game that I play, but at a whole different level. To watch the best in the world compete. Baseball needs to find a way to adapt to shorter attention spans, and I'm not sure it can be done.
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    I think the team next year needs to show signs of growth, 65-70 wins. Bad performance shouldn’t be acceptable after this year, for no other reason than to set the tone. Hopefully Davis will be gone.
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