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    Trey Mancini--- 3 17 year old DSL prospects Michael Givens--- 1 17 year old DSL prospect Jonathan Villar--- 2 17 year old DSL prospects Renato Nunez--- 1.5 17 year old DSL prospects John Means--- 3.14159265359 17 year old DSL prospects Dylan Bundy--- .5 17 year old DSL Prospects Paul Fry--- .015 17 year old DSL Prospects Hanser Alberto--- 2 17 year old DSL prospects
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    There are 350 some 19 year old pitchers in affiliated ball. Grayson has thrown the 8th most innings of that group.
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    Villar plays balls-out on every play. Yes, that leads to some mistakes due to his aggressiveness. He plays with much more passion than the previous Oriole players the past few years, so I'll take it.
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    Ballpark number 21 was special, one that I'll never forget. I went in not expecting much, but the staff, the food, the weather, and the fans made this day feel special to me. My son's first O's game. A huge thanks to the Angles, you made my day.
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    Not on your short list, Severino has an OPS+ of 117.
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    With offensive hard to come by in the Eastern League (AA) and abundant in the International League (AAA) since the introduction of the MLB there, I thought I'd run down the Orioles starting pitching prospects' ERA-. ERA- is just ERA compared to league average ERA, it can also include park factors, but for this it's just compared to league average. For pitchers who have pitched at multiple levels, I used a weighted average. Lower is better, 100 is league average. All starting pitchers (majority of outings starts) with >50 IP. Josh Rogers (24yo-AAA) - 171 ERA- Tyler Herb (27yo-AA/AAA) - 163 ERA- Hunter Harvey (24yo-AA/AAA) - 143 ERA- Cameron Bishop (23yo-A+) - 133 ERA- Luis Ortiz (23yo-AAA) - 128 ERA- Luis Ysla (27yo-AAA) - 126 ERA- Marcos Molina (24yo-AA) - 122 ERA- Brenan Hanifee (21yo-A+) - 116 ERA- Blaine Knight (23yo-A/A+) - 114 ERA- David Lebron (25yo-A+) - 96 ERA- Hector Guance (23yo-A) - 95 ERA- DL Hall (20yo-A+) - 95 ERA- Ofelky Peralta (22yo-A/A+) - 94 ERA- Keegan Akin (24yo-AAA) - 94 ERA- Nick Vespi (23yo-A) - 90 ERA- Mike Baumann (23yo-A+/AA) - 76 ERA- Dean Kremer (23yo-A+/AA) - 75 ERA- Ryan Wilson (22yo-A) - 73 ERA- Grayson Rodriguez (19yo-A) - 73 ERA- Bruce Zimmermann (24yo-AA) - 72 ERA- Zac Lowther (23yo-AA) - 72 ERA- Ryan Conroy (22yo-A-/A/A+) - 66 ERA- Drew Rom (19yo-A) - 63 ERA- Alex Wells (22yo-AA) - 61 ERA- Jose Gomez (22yo-DSL) - 58 ERA- Cody Sedlock (24yo-A+/AA) - 56 ERA- Gray Fenter (23yo-A) - 54 ERA- Disclaimer: ERA, even taking league context into consideration is far from a perfect measure of performance over a partial season. It doesn't always accurately reflect performance. And performance doesn't always accurately reflect talent. So this is just a tool, not a ranking.
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    See @Can_of_corn, I wasn't at the game, so no pressure for him!
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    2-4 today and threw out 2 of 2 baserunners.
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    No, not really. "The book" (like the one Buck followed) says you only use your closer in a tie game at home. Because on the road you might score and have a lead and "need" the closer later. So Hyde went against the traditional play. But he did it with a guy who threw 30 pitches yesterday and has a record of not being great in the 2nd of back to back days.
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    o Mark Gubicza (Angels Announcer): llllll "Jim Palmer is my all-time favorite guy." o
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    Adley is stealing strikes for him, about the only thing you can see well from the Aberdeen camera angle, but yeah, the dude frames.
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    Two words: juiced ball. Christian fricking Walker has 19 homeruns. Not to totally dismiss what these guys are doing, but you have to take into consideration how wonky this season is shaping up.
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    I don’t think it was Markakis who came up with that. I probably heard that 30-40 years ago. And Nick would have been better off staying who he was before he reached 1500 at bats.
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    Broxton was claimed off waivers by the Mariners. Good luck to him there.
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    I think that’s a pretty good criterion for judging success of a player. Amazingly, Jonathan Schoop didn’t meet it. Mark Trumbo did. It would be interesting to gather some data on how many players do.
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    These are just guesses of things I'd be happy with. Trey Mancini--- A poor man's Machado package? I'm struggling to pinpoint his value. One backend top 100 prospect and two other solid prospects too. Michael Givens--- Using the Ryan Pressly trade from last year, I'd expect two team top 30 prospects but none that are close mlb top 100. Jonathan Villar--- International signing slots, cash, or International signing, etc. Renato Nunez--- Don't think they trade him. Only 25 and they don't have any third base prospects so he's the guy at the hot corner for the foreseeable future. John Means--- They'd really have to overpay for me. I don't think he's as good as his first half but he reminds of Wei Yin Chen and is under control for 5 more seasons. That's a lot of value. Dylan Bundy--- Not a Bundy fan so a couple of a team's top 30 prospects, I guess. Hope he's traded. Paul Fry--- International signing slots, cash, or International signing, etc. Hanser Alberto--- International signing slots, cash, or International signing, etc.
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    KC got nothing for Diekman. I expect we'll get a couple 18 y.o. lottery tickets for Givens. I'll be surprised if anyone else gets traded.
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    That's a heck of an outlier, punctuated by the idea that more home runs are hit in hotter weather. But it may not really be an outlier. It could be that the team hadn't settled in on which dumpster dives and AAAA players were going to stick. This is a better team than it was at the start of the season, I have little doubt of it.
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    You're basically talking about the month of April. Notice July is the lowest of the year Month G HR AVG MAR 3 4 1.33 APR 27 69 2.56 MAY 27 45 1.67 JUN 26 47 1.81 JUL 21 32 1.52 104 197 1.89 Looking at the game logs, there were 4 games with 0 HRs surrendered, and 5 games with only 1 HR. The longest 2+ HRs was in 8 straight games until O's pitching was kryptonite for BOS batters (4G, 3 HRs).
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    32 full season 19 year old pitchers, Grayson has thrown the 8th most innings of that group. Just because high school pitchers throw that much, does that mean it's a good thing? Who knows more about pitcher development and health, dads and high school/travel coaches or MLB organizations? I'd need objective data-based proof to believe random high school pitchers are being handled better than a top MLB prospect.
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    Every pitch feels like it matters in playoff baseball. Excruciating as a fan.
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    Well Don Stanhouse was an [expletive deleted]! He had us in trouble, had the [expletive deleted] bases loaded, [expletive deleted] almost every [expletive deleted] time he went out there. He like ta ruin my health smokin' cigarettes and thank god we got Timmy Stoddard comin' in out da bullpen right now stickin' the bats up their [expletive deleted]s. And that's what it takes.
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    We've accomplished something we couldn't last year: win a season series against an American League opponent. We are 4-1 vs the Angels with 1 game left. We lost the season series to every AL team last year, only beating Atlanta (2-1) and the Mets (3-1).
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    I'm trying to figure out this move myself. Why not just keep Syndergaard? He's younger, under control longer with arbitration years, and he's the better pitcher. The Cano trade was bad enough, but this move will be even worse if it happens.
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    He was just overpowering Hudson Valley. Worked quick, attacked the plate (wasn't missing by a lot when he did miss), and generated a lot of "right at the fielder" contact when they DID hit the ball. Didn't throw any type of breaking ball much, just attacked with the fastball.
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    Honestly the starting pitching has been a pleasant surprise this season. 2019 Starters: 5.34 ERA, 26th in MLB 2018 Starters: 5.48 ERA, 30th in MLB 2017 Starters: 5.70 ERA, 30th in MLB Oh, and the O’s pitchers have a 4.90 ERA overall this month. That’s better than 10 other MLB teams.
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    It's almost like he's saying that there's a correlation between having overflowing resources that you can dedicate to being consistently really good and winning the World Series. Someone should study that.
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    Mancini .280/.339/.534 Santander .304/.344/.509 Nunez .256/.326/.521 That is really a pretty nice 2/3/4. Mancini and Núñez have been doing it pretty much all year. Santander has kind of come out of nowhere, though he looked like he had the potential for this if things went right when we chose him in the Rule 5 draft. If this turned out to be about the norm for those three, that would be a decent offensive core to build around. Santander has shown himself to be a decent defender, too.
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    He didn't want to overwork Stevie Wilkerson.
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    Givens getting ahead so far. What a novelty.
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    A clear sign I am old: I hear "luncheon" and get excited.
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    He's always been a proponent of long toss.
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    How about the idea that Hyde is DHing a right handed catcher against a right hander over Davis?
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    Diekmann is 32, Givens is 29. Not a huge difference but significant because 29 is still a prime year and 32 is declining. Plus, Givens became a pitcher late so there’s much less mileage on his arm. Roll Tide’s estimates are wildly hopeful, but Givens will bring a bit more than Diekman did.
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    He took a bad angle and then dove. If he keeps between the base and the runner he gets him either way
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    I was really surprised that no other team has done that in all these years.
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    Great stuff! Thank you.
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    Bullpen 49 ER, 94.1 IP, 4.68 ERA Prior to 6/28 216 ER, 322 IP, 6.04 ERA Bullpen ERA 1.36 lower over the last 23 games Overall 105 ER, 209.1 IP, 4.51 ERA Prior 456 ER, 705.2 IP, 5.82 ERA ERA 1.31 lower
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    o This is mildly reminiscent from years back, when somebody asserted that Matt Wieters was highly overrated, and an average at best catcher ........ and then proposed that we trade him for a top-of-the-rotation starter. o
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    As of today the Orioles need to go at least 5-54 (.085) to finish ahead of the 1916 A's and avoid the worst record since 1900. They need to go 7-52 (.119) to finish ahead of the '62 Mets to avoid the worst record since WWII. And they need to go at least 10-49 (.169) to pass the '03 Tigers and not have the worst record this millennium. They are currently on pace to finish 32 games better than the 1899 Cleveland Spiders. And they didn't fold after starting the season 0-11, so they're somewhat better than the 1872 Washington Nationals.
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    It is dependent upon what type of players you have at a specific time. The Mets for instance tried to win this year and dealt some young talent and it failed, is it a good thing they tried? We will see what they do at the deadline but they still have a solid core of young talent to work with. I disagree about the White Sox. They were going nowhere and if anything should have blown it up sooner. The Mariners have not been to the playoffs since 2001. It is not possible for all teams to win at the same time so no strategy will ever work for all.
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    Perhaps no need to worry. Went 5 innings last night 2 BB, 2 H, 0 R and 10 Ks. According to this fellow, he touched 97.
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    I usually love his stuff, but I disagree with him here. One of his points is that the 20 teams that have never lost 200 games over 2 seasons in the last 50 years have won 33 of the last 50 World Series. Yeah, Tom, DUH. Teams like the Yankees don’t have to go into full rebuild mode. Talk about a poor use of statistics.
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    Goes both ways. Arrieta comes to mind.
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