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    Trusting that our new 'GM' Mike Elias is working towards a well-devised plan is not the same as wearing orange-colored glasses. Whether it's posters here or Twitter, or elsewhere, some feel the lack of trade progress and/or lack of signing free agents this past offseason is a sign that Elias has been ineffective (or worse). I believe it was a good call bringing in Elias, as did most industry writers, bloggers, fans, etc. That hasn't changed for me... not one bit. Elias was hired in November and needed to overhaul many aspects of this poorly-run organization. He was, and still is, understaffed, but is quite prudently taking his time bringing in the right people to fill these positions. Hiring Sig Mejdal was a home run, and the early returns on Koby Perez look very promising. Elias is wearing multiple hats, so to speak, as he felt the need to be the de facto Director of Scouting for this season, rather than rush to hire someone he didn't really want to. There is a long way to go to get where Elias and Sig want to be, from filling the aforementioned hires (both off-field and on), to improving our scouting and development departments, to improving our efforts to establish a strong International presence, and to further implement always-evolving analytics. Elias wasn't given a whole lot to work with, but with his background of success in St. Louis and Houston, I believe he's doing all he can to have this franchise trending up. I trust that Elias' plan is coming along, slowly, but I'm going to give him the time he needs to enact it. The moment I believe his plan appears flawed or he makes a series of poor decisions, I'll be the first to speak up about it... as I always have. I think that's fair. Does anyone else feel as I do?
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    Now that the trade deadline has passed, Elias can start focusing on who will be part of the 2020 MLB team. The 40 Man Roster will be entirely rearranged by the time the 2020 season is under way. Based on the current 40 man roster, I have put together what is my best guess to what Elias is thinking on each player on the 40 man roster and what will be done with them moving forward. I've tried to categorize the players based on their situation. Elias will still be trying to add talent via the waiver wire, off season free agency, and trades, but below is our current inventory and what needs to be done with them. Assets/ Roster Spots in 2020 – This is the group of players who have shown that they will be with us in 2020 or a trade asset in the offseason Mychal Givens – Hopefully he finishes strong and we can trade him in the winter. His price tag won’t be terrible after arbitration either. Paul Fry – Two solid seasons in a row for the lefty. He’s been our most consistent BP arm the last two years at this point. Shawn Armstrong – Has shown some great flashes since coming over from Seattle. Good pick up and will be part of the back of the bullpen next year. Could make a good opener too in my opinion. Dylan Bundy – Might be able to swing him in the offseason, but the return might not be great. Most likely back next year. I still think he should be tried in the bullpen. Pedro Severino – Getting the bulk of the catching innings. Even if he isn’t the starter for long, he could stay as a back up in the future or be traded. Hanser Alberto – Hit tool and versatility. Probably not a long term piece but fits nicely with our current roster. Renato Nunez – Needs to start taking some walks as pitchers are going to fear his real power. Is a DH in my opinion; hurts the team at 3B. Trey Mancini – Like Nunez, take the walk and his OPS could get up to .900. IF he ends 2019 hot, he will be traded this offseason. John Means – Not sure about the arm health, but he’s done enough to earn a rotation spot next season. Still determined to see if his success is long term. Still in need of more evaluation time – These guys have shown flashes or tools worthy of innings, but for one reason or another have to show something in the next two months before they assured a spot on next years roster Gabriel Ynoa – Has done well in long relief role. Probably not a starter at this point. Could find a spot on the team next year if he shows well in a long relief role. Asher Wojciechowski – Too early to tell, but he could very well return as one of our top 3 starters next year if he keeps this up. Miguel Castro – Not enough K’s or sustained success to ensure a roster spot next year. But his velocity and age may give him one more year to figure it out. Richard Bleier – Been great in the 2nd half so far. Lets hope he can reestablish himself and return to his 17-18 numbers. Could be a trade chip if that happens. Stevie Wilkerson – Versatile, some pop, poor man’s Flaherty. But too many K’s and young OF’ers coming up may push him out. Chance Sisco – Might not be a catcher. Struggling with the bat lately. What to do? Might be a change of scenery guy. I’d look to trade. Anthony Santander – Has been great, and I hope he’s a real option. I want to see it sustained for the rest of the season. Got Stewart, Diaz, and Hays all waiting… Richie Martin – Love the D after watching Beckham and Machado try to play SS the last two years. .716 OPS in the 2nd half. Don’t know if his bat will ever play in mlb. Not a lot of competition for SS next year though. Rio Ruiz – I think his demotion is temporary. However, time is running out for him. He has shown flashes and he looks like an athlete, but his production just isn’t there. Time to move on – These are all guys that will not be on the 40 man by the start of next season (maybe) David Hess – straight fastball Tom Eshelman – slow fastball Aaron Brooks – Going to be 30 next year and he’s never really found it. Jimmy Yacabonis – Has never put up the numbers. Going to be 28 next year. Been given chances. Jonathan Villar – Too expensive. May be able to trade in offseason before/after arbitration Jace Peterson – Time to give roster spots to younger guys. Chris Davis – Time to move on, but not sure if we will yet because of contract Dwight Smith Jr – hit tool only prospect hasn’t been hitting. Liability in the OF. Chandler Shepherd – Astronomical ERA in AAA. Time to evaluate – These are guys that still need to be evaluated and because of age or lack of options need to be evaluated now to determine if they are worthy of keeping around or being given a shot next year. Hopefully during September Call Ups we can spread innings and starts around a bit to see all these guys. Branden Kline – Has been given a few shots this year and has struggled. With his age, he needs to show it now or it might not happen next year. Evan Phillips – Another guy who has been given some shots and has faltered, but has been solid in AAA. Now or never for him as well. Dillon Tate – Former top prospect in the bullpen now. Age 24, should be given a few innings now to determine if he can handle an MLB spot next year. Could start year at AAA while keeping 40 man spot. Tayler Scott – Waiver pick up. South African. Big body, Big K numbers in minors. 27, give him a shot. Tanner Scott – Does he still bring 100 mph heat? Might be an opener candidate. We’ve been waiting on this guy for a couple seasons now. Austin Hays – Former top 100 MLB prospect is 24. If healthy, needs to start getting a shot. DJ Stewart – Hopefully OBP numbers can translate to MLB success. Seems like the oddman out, but needs to be given a shot as he has put up numbers and been patient. Jose Rondon – Just picked him up. Figure out what you have and see if he is worth holding onto heading into the offseason. Stash away – Would like to keep these are guys, but they need to be removed from the 40 man roster even at the risk of losing them on waivers. Might be able to make a trade if they are claimed. Luis Ortiz – I’d try to pass through waivers at this point and stash him. Only 23 but I don’t think he deserves a 40 man spot at this point. Cody Carroll – Is he healthy for next season? Can he be put on the 60 Day DL in order to give up his 40 Man Spot? Austin Wynns – I don’t think he needs to take a 40 man spot at this point. Approaching age 30. Could probably pass through waivers. Cedric Mullins – I’d see if I can pass him through waivers as well. Might never be a MLB player, but he’d probably fit well at AAA next year.
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    I don't trust anyone.
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    As far as I can tell, we have gotten the following that are on the 40 man from either a waiver claim or trade following a DFA. 1/3 of the roster. No reason to ignore a way to get people into the system. Shawn Armstrong Richard Bleier Miguel Castro Paul Fry Chandler Shepherd Tayler Scott Hanser Alberto Renato Nunez Jace Peterson Jose Rondon Rio Ruiz Pedro Severino Dwight Smith Jr.
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    Just projecting..... Ages as of July 1st 2020. O's need to add 2-4 starters this off season. AAA types for under 1M each. Starters (8) 1. Means (27) 2. Bundy (27) Starter because they need him. Could be converted to a reliever after Bowie starters arrives. 3. Cobb (32) If healthy 4. Wojo (31) Jury still out 5. 6. Kremer (24) 7. Akin (25) 8 . Sedlock (25) Relievers (13) 9. Fry (27) 10. Armstrong (29) 11. Castro (25) 2017-18 ERA under 4.00 and improving in the 2nd half. 12. Givens (30) 13. Tanner Scott (25) Has 1 option left. Can't give up on an arm like this until he is out of option and still has no command. 14. Kline (28) Has 2 option left. Same comment as Tanner. 15. Hess (26) Need to be tried as reliever. Has a 3.07 ERA as a reliever at AAA. Has one option left. 16. Harvey (25) 17. Tate (26) Has 2 options left. Has 1.67 ERA as reliever at Bowie. 18. 19. Ortiz (24) Has 2 option left. Strong arm. Needs to pitch to improve. 20. Carroll - (27) Depending on health. If he was healthy he is just the kind of pitcher the O's would be trying to add. Has 1 option left. Has a 2.73 ERA in the minors with over a strikeout per inning. 21. Alvarado (25) 2.70 ERA at AA. Catchers (2)) 22. Severino (26) 23. Sisco (24) Infielders/DH (8) 24.Davis (34) 25. Mancini (28) 26. Villar (29) He is making the decision on whether to offer him arbitration harder with his improved 2nd half play. 27. Nunez (26) 28. Alberto (27) 29. Martin (25) 30. Ruiz (26) 31. Wilkerson (28) Outfielders (9) 32. Mountcastle (23) 33. Santander (25) 34. Hays (24) AAA 35. Diaz (23) AAA 36. Stewart (26) 37. 38. Smith (26) - Will get another chance to prove himself in Sept. Has an option left. - AAA 39. Mullins (25) AAA 40. Williams (28) - Should get a chance in Sept. Peterson Ynoa (27) Jury still out Bleier (33) 2016-2018 ERA under 2.00. Bad 2019. Left see how his next 2 month go. McKenna (23) AA
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    o MODERATORS: ) It would be much appreciated if I could borrow the Orioles Talk section for an hour or 2 before transferring this thread to the Hangout section. It's a unique story, so I wanted it to get some air time here before sending to its appropriate place (the Hangout Club.) I was at my gym in Carmel, NY tonight when a man in a Yankee hat approached me. Clad in my usual attire (Orioles gear), he smiled and told me that he had a story for me. He said that 25 years ago, his brother was a Bat Boy for the Yankees ........ but he was a Bat Boy for the visiting team (I didn't even know that they had more than one for each team.) Anyway, he told me that because his brother had had so much interaction with visiting teams, they often gave him goodies/souvenirs. He told me that he had an Oriole jersey that had been hanging in his closet for almost a quarter of a century, and he thought of it when he saw me coming to the gym a lot (and also when he saw all of the Orioles and Colts magnets and stickers all over my car.) He handed me the jersey, and I thanked him. ) Thanks for listening, and I apologize to all in advance if borrowing the Orioles Talk section for an hour or 2 is an inconvenience. o
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    I couldn't have said it better myself. It will take time to rewire the dysfunction that this organization was.
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    We're talking about 18 PA so far at Aberdeen. That isn't enough to tell us anything useful yet in terms of BABIP or whatever. Fangraphs says you need a hitter to have around 800!! balls in play before it starts to normalize. When I saw his debut on Saturday he went 0 for 5 with I think 1 K, some groundouts, and a fly to shallow left? Might be forgetting another. That one day makes up a significant portion of his Minor League career so far...........let's give him 2 or 3 weeks before we worry about trends like this.
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    Just an interesting fact, he’s seen 81 pitches in Aberdeen (GCL pitch numbers are incorrect). He’s swung and missed just twice. He saw 30 pitches in 4 PAs last night without a whiff, he picks up spin and has the quickness and bat control to foul off quality pitches.
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    I’ll dive deeper. Here are some other names, Luis Gohara LH SP ATL Has options, currently recovering from shoulder surgery, turned 23 yesterday, made his debut in 2017 at age 20. Former top prospect. Pre-2018 BA has him as the #28 prospect. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=gohara000lui There have been moves made by teams to take advantage of teams with a 40 man crunch. We have not participated so far. The Yanks gave away Harvey a reliever. The Rays gave away McCarthy to the Giants. The Brewers dumped Marcus Diplan, who was a AA SP prospect. The Cubs have De La Cruz in DFA limbo now, who’d be around a top 30 prospect for us. Theoretically we have an upcoming 40 man roster crunch. But really... we’re not exactly over flowing with talent. We have some guys that we have to add, and we should. But at the end of the season we could DFA/Non tender, Davis, Villar, Castro, Peterson, Wynns, Shepherd, Tay Scott, Brooks, Eshelman with ease. Then we have guys who are/were “prospects” but haven’t really done anything, Martin, Hess, Carroll, Phillips, Rogers. The idea of us having a 40 man roster crunch is classic fanbase overvaluing players. I’m not saying all of these guys should go, or that they have none of them could be a productive player for us.
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    Hit a dinger tonight! Delmarva this guy now.
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    o A scrappy young bunch of Baby Birds continuing to hold their own against the rest of the league ........ at least that is what I would like to see. o
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    There are a lot of bad players on the 40 man roster. There are less good players that need to be added
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    The third catcher doesn't need to be on the 40 man. Guys like Sucre and Carlos Perez, not to mention Wynn's, can be signed to minor league deals.
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    He has a 3 year window in my book beyond this season, which I view as getting all your ducks in order first with hiring all the right people.
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    Having a plan and sticking to it gets you in and out of Vegas a lot better than having no plan. We don’t need to be decorating the master bedroom before we get the foundation poured.
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    I think 1-1 is a pipe dream. Although the Tigers just took 2 of 3 from the Angels, prior to that they had a 12-51 (.190 winning percentage) run. Plus they just trade Castellanos and Shane Greene. I don't see how we can pick up (lose?) any ground on them at this point. I hope we finish strong and in a tie for the second worst record with Kansas City and pick at 1-2. Specifically looking for Stewart to come up and succeed, Santander to maintain his recent run of success and to see Mountcastle and Hays come up in September and have a little MLB success. Even if we end up with the third pick I wouldn't be upset as long as it was accompanied by quality production from players that could be part of our future. If we end up with the third pick because Chris Davis hits 7 home runs to win meaningless games in September I would be a little annoyed.
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    My guess is, the team will be busier in the winter than they were at the trade deadline. I don't expect the 40 man to look like that.
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    Diaz just got hurt, likely hamstring (again), so that one's not looking good. Between him and Hays it's like, can one of y'all just bust down the door already. Sheesh.
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    I’d like to see the Bowie rotation finish out as strongly as they’ve been performing to date. The Norfolk rotation has been a disaster and I’d like to see some actual prospects in Norfolk’s rotation next year, graduated from Bowie with honors. For me, they will represent some light at the end of the tunnel. I’d like to see DL Hall and Grayson Rodriguez finishing strong, too.
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    Except they have Lowther ranked at #9 with a 45 FV and his fastball sits at 88-90. I don't understand how Fangraphs can have them ranked so far apart unless they are leaning heavily on Lowther's status as a second round pick.
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    Kline, Tate, Castro, Alvarado. Run of the mill, RH relievers. They pop up all over the place. We know the first 3 throw hard with no fastball command. There are more of those on the way. There always are.
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    One thing is for sure. No room if you just choose 40 guys to put on it.
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    I would love to see Givens, Castro and Bleier all rebuild their value for Winter trades. I think some of Hyde’s handling of the pen has been rough at times in regards to these guys. I want to see Bundy have a solid finish for the same off season movement. I want to see Santander and Severino keep progressing in all phases. Same with Richie Martin. They are the only three position players, currently on the 25 man, likely to be here when we are good again. I want to see Nunez keep raking. He has really matured as a hitter, not trying to pull everything. I want to see him find a position, but I’m not optimistic. I want to see Rio Ruiz improve his conditioning and strength. I want to see him trust his hands and stop trying to pull everything. He gets long and it kills him. He has a real chance to hit, and there much more power there, but he has work to do. I want to see Hays stay in AAA until a September call up. I want him to find stability and again become the guy he should be. I was glad to see Mancini stay, but he needs to be at 1B. I love watching Trey hit. DFA Chris Davis, I know it won’t happen anytime soon, but it is severely clogging things up. He’s awful. Eat the mistake and move forward. I want to see less of Dwight Smith Jr. and more of DJ Stewart. Although I do not think Stewart is well thought of internally. I don’t particularly think he’s a long term answer either, but I want to see if he can make some adjustments and be productive. He took some really bad swings in his short time in Baltimore, and I want to see if he was just pressing and makes adjustments.
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    Alas, I could not complete 162. I'm simply too busy at the moment. So rather than combine a bunch of games (which takes a long time), I'm going to call it here after 102 games. It's been fun! I still plan on trying to find the positives in each game and I maintain that I'm having much more fun watching this year's team than the one from 2018. No expectations, baby! Thanks to all for reading and adding your own silver linings! Long live the 🦄. EDIT: Might still do a thread here or there or start one big one, but the dailies are too much. A good exercise though! Forced positivity lol.
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    I would DFA Hess, Ortiz, Wilkerson, and Rondon and not lose a wink of sleep. Losing Ruiz or Carroll wouldn't trouble me much either. And I doubt Alvarado gets added.
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    July 2019 There were so many outstanding pitching performances in July, I’m limiting the candidates to those with an ERA under 2.00 for the month. In ERA order: Adam Stauffer, 18.0 IP, 0.00 ERA, 0.83 WHIP, 12.5 K/9 Leonardo Rodriguez, 34.0 IP, 1.06 ERA, 0.62 WHIP, 11.4 K/9 Christian Alvarado, 16.2 IP, 1.08 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, 9.7 K/9 Michael Baumann, 32.2 IP, 1.38 ERA, 0.67 WHIP, 8.5 K/9 Dallas Litscher, 30.2 IP, 1.47 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 10.6 K/9 DL Hall, 20.1 IP, 1.77 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, 12.4 K/9 Ryan Conroy, 33.2 IP, 1.87 ERA, 0.77 WHIP, 7.5 K/9 Trust me, I’m leaving off 8-9 others who had a very good month. While it’s a close call, my choice for pitcher of the month is Michael Baumann, who pitched at a higher level of the minors than almost all the others, and who authored a 9 inning complete game no hitter during the month. The no hitter puts him over the top in my book. Still, it’s great to see so many others having and outstanding month. I’ll do a separate post for the hitters later, but if suffices to say that the competition won’t be as robust as for the pitchers.
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    Interesting look at perhaps the worst regular season day in Orioles history: August 21, 2007 Page one: .
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    He held firm but we could have “bought” and took advantage of teams with a 40 man crunch. The Yankees traded Joe Harvey for an A ball flier. I’ll admit, the type of flier you like though. Former $ 1 million int’l signed in a ball. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/rockies-acquire-joe-harvey.html The Brewers traded away a SP prospect in March Duplan. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/twins-acquire-marcos-diplan-from-brewers.html The Rays traded away OF Joe McCarthy to SF from TB’s deep system for a guy that isn’t wasn’t even top 30 in SF’s terrible system. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/giants-acquire-joe-mccarthy-from-rays.html Elias says we will use all of our int’l slots but 98% of the int’l signings happen on J2. See T Shirt. So we’re sitting on int’l slots. IMO we could’ve paid Villar’s salary and gotten some int’l slots for that. Maybe some of those buy us a player from above? Sometimes you have to acquire assets. Not just sell. Overall, it just goes along that Elias isn’t really making too many moves. People are going to be split if that’s good or bad. He didn’t work the waiver wire as much as he could have with the top AL position all offseason. He didn’t acquire SP depth in the offseason. He only recently made small moves to get Brooks, Wojo, and Eshelman, just to fill slots. Dwight Smith was a just to fill a need for a stop gap OF on OD. We haven’t really promoted guys in the minors. Also, I don’t think Elias got nearly the guys he wanted in terms of coaches, scouts, FO types, because he got on the job so late. We all have to #trusttheprocess and #analytics, but you can still question...
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    Some brief notes on some Aberdeen relievers. Malachi Emond - throws a fastball that's either a cutter or has significant natural cut, 88-90mph, nifty little late breaking splitter and a below average slider. Long arm action, never going to sniff average command. I'd be curious if he could develop a 4S fastball that was a bit harder, but most likely an org guy. Shelton Perkins - 89-90 fastball with a wicked slider, plus pitch. Some deception in the delivery but I can't see that velocity working on a fairly straight fastball. Also throws a changeup, but it isn't good. Will need to add velocity or develop enough command of the slider that he can pitch off it if he's going to be more than an org guy. Kade Strowd - 90-93mph fastball, commands it well, more of a starter look, has a fringy slider and change. Command should make him interesting in the lower minors at least. Will need to develop the secondaries, not ready to call him more than an org guy yet.
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    You sure he was wearing a Yankees hat? ☺️ Seriously though, it's stories like these that prevent me from truly hating fans of any sports team. That's just a cool human gesture. Also, if the jersey doesn't fit I don't think shipping to Southern Maryland costs that much!
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    Well...it probably doesn’t hurt...but still as recently as 2015, the Royals had a 113 million payroll and the Mets had a 101 million payroll and they were both in the World Series ...the Dodgers and Yankees spent more in payroll than both of these combined that year and did not make it.
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    Lol, some of these guys may not last the week.
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    Yep. Plan one. Get rid of everyone making over 600k annually. Plan Two. Drafts and signing internationally for another year. Plan Three. Try to be competitive as soon as 2021 and add pieces as needed if successful. Plan Four. Hope the money holds out.
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    Grabbed two sets of 6 in Section 3 myself. Did the same when they did the halfway to Black Friday sale. Really like what I assume the brothers are doing, or allowing to be done to encourage fans to come out. Between these offers and the "Kids cheer free" program, they've really shown a different side towards fans than I ever remember being done under their father. Of course, when you're in a rebuild you kinda have to extend an olive branch or two.
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    I'd add De La Cruz and drop Shephard in a heart beat. I think he is similar to Tate didn't work as starter but could be nice bullpen guy coming in throwing mid to upper 90s. He has more upside then quite a few guys on the 40 man right now.
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    The Orioles have to give DJ Stewart a real shot. It's really strange to me that they haven't, especially with Smith Jr. hurt now.
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    Switching all of the minors would costaround $35,000 per full-season club and $17,500 per short-season club. So moving just full season teams to MLB balls could cost an estimated $4.2 million.Apr 3, 2019
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    There's now a French's Mustard ice cream! https://gothamist.com/2019/07/31/free_mustard_ice_cream.php?utm_source=WNYC+%2B+Gothamist&utm_campaign=8f956f1d79-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65dbec786b-8f956f1d79-85719789&mc_cid=8f956f1d79&mc_eid=7d93764f04
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    I get to watch the game with you all live tonight. We have a VERY special visitor coming to tour the plant where I work today. Us 2nd shifters have the option of coming in early to see him (8am... ugh!) and then taking the night off. I'm taking it.
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    I will be there for some games definitely.
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    I'd give him a B. He traded Cashner in mid July which now looks like a good move. I have to think he wanted to trade more players for prospects but he obvious did not get offered the players he like in return. Instead of giving players away to say he did something he held tight. Sounds like a good approach to me.
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    The issue is likely tied to two points. 1. A TON of people were traded to include a lot of arms. That likely minimized the returns for Givens, but makes Elias look pretty good in terms of dealing Cashner early. 2. Elias obviously didn't get a return he likes. In baseball like Poker, sometimes you need to have all the cards in order to bluff. Standing pat now may make bluffing later much easier.
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    I agree that Rondon backups on SS if Villar is traded. But next season he could be the starting SS if Elias decides he wants Martin to develop at AAA. He has range at SS.
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    He really doesn't. Jace is a DFA candidate. Alberto and/or Villar will be traded. DSJ is on the IL. Shepherd is going down as soon as the game is over today and also a DFA candidate. Plenty of room to check out a waiver claim.
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