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    It's amazing that some people don't like Hyde because he's being honest and will not allow his integrity be challenged. the thing i like about Hyde is that he hasn't really singled one guy out unless he was asked about that one player. His comments about a lack of talent is 100% correct. This isn't spring training anymore, these players have had 4-5 months to show what they can and can't do and unfortunately, many have shown they don't have the consistent major league ability.
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    IMHO, the state of CF is unfortunate at this time. The O's trot out players like Santander and Wilkerson, mainly because we are pretty much at a loss for better options. Santander looks solid as a corner OF starter, but doesn't seem like he has the range to play CF full-time. I don't see a guy in our system that has me feeling any level of confidence that he'll come up and become our future CF. Cedric Mullins failed miserably this season, played poorly in AAA and after a demotion to AA has regained some momentum, yet probably isn't as well thought of as he once was. Austin Hays has a .741 OPS at AAA, but with his talent, he may be the one guy I hold out hope for. Whether or not he can play a strong CF remains to be seen. I seem to recall scouting reports that noted he may be better as a COF than CF. Maybe I'm mis-remembering that. Yusniel Diaz isn't considered a CF, though he may be able to give us some innings there if needed. Ryan McKenna's prospect light has dimmed this season. He's struggling at AA (.686 OPS). Kyle Stowers, taken 71st overall in the 2019 Draft (in the Competitive Balance Round B--between rounds 2 & 3) out of Stanford, may yet develop into an option. He has played both RF (15 games) and CF (8 games) for Aberdeen. Zach Watson was our 3rd round pick this year out of LSU and is primarily a CF. He's currently in Delmarva and while his glove seems good enough for CF, his progression at the plate will be vital to whether he'll become an option some day. Am I missing someone? Thoughts?
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    Yeah, I'm just not in agreement here. First of all, there's no telling what happened, what sparked it, what was said and who escalated it. Per the usual around here, we like to think we know everything. And if we don't, we can just assume a lot of things and act like they're the truth because everyone here (including me) has an axe to grind. Second, there's no evidence of him being unpolished. I'm not sure what that's based on. He speaks well enough. Maybe not the most articulate guy in the world but he's also not teaching a 400 level course at Harvard. Rearing its ugly head? Explain? Machismo? Is it because he's a big burly guy with a deep voice? This whole thing is a tempest in a teapot. Words were said, tempers flared, it got a little outta control for like, 3 seconds. I'm not sure how Hyde's leadership is in question here when...again...none of us are privy to exactly what happened. Lastly, it'd be cool if you all put atomic on ignore. I did months ago and the experience has been as good as advertised. That way he can just talk to himself into the ether.
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    ♬ Hey now, you (used to be) an all-star, get your game off, don't play ♬
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    Guess you consider people that didn't go to college at all "deplorables." This may be your worst take ever.
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    Lew Ford won't let @LA2 post a photo on the OH.
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    I don't want to see any more talk about posters or people's intelligence. We get it. You are the smartest guy here. And not just you. Everyone else drop this tangent as well.
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    Gunnar hit his first home run today in a game that the GCL Orioles are winning 20(!)-2. He also tripled. His line is up to .270/.356/.397.
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    Say what you will about the talent on the field, but the marketing team has really taken a big step up this year. I don't know if this is because of the Angelos sons having a bigger presence or a desire to really differentiate things because the team is so awful, but I applaud them with efforts like this Camden Wine Tasting and their loyalty perks program this year. It's been great.
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    I concur. It's been refreshing to have a straight forward, candid guy at the helm. I liked Buck a lot, but he did a significant amount of that smoke blowing you mentioned. Hyde's been a great change of pace, and he's certainly been a hell of a lot better than our previous rookie managers.
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    When I lived in the DC area, I went to games at four of the five affiliates over the course of years. I went to see Delmarva at Hagerstown and Bowie at Harrisburg also. I went to two games in Prince William also. Sadly i don't get to the area much - perhaps once a year - but not this year. I could go to Columbus to see the Tides but haven't yet and missed Adley at Akron also - dang! I've been to Baltimore for two or three games most years lately and caught a ball Manny tossed over two sections in 2016 @Legend_Of_Joey! I have also been to Sarasota numerous times for spring games and also visited Dunedin, Lakeland and Bradento to see the O's while in FL. I saw the O's when they were in Ft. Lauderdale way back when and when Nats were in Viera, I saw Matt Wietie hit his first pro dinger. Photos below with weams in 2009 at OPACY and day Manny threw me one. I plan to see the O's in Balmer next year and return to Cleveland again to see them. If they come to Cincinnati, I will go there also, since I reside in OH over the summer.
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    I don’t want to insert myself into this spat, but as one of the most frequent posters here (maybe the most frequent), I just want to say that I’d never judge a poster by the frequency of their posts. There are some folks who very rarely post, but when they do, always have something valuable to say. And there are others who post multiple times a day and yet contribute very little. So, I do hope that any infrequent posters like owknows won’t think their thoughts on the Orioles aren’t welcomed.
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    If it gets Davis out of the organization faster, that would be a gain.
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    For the people who like to taste some wine before the fisticuffs in the dugout. Camden Vineyards comes to the Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball™. Enjoy a pregame wine tasting in the bullpen picnic area featuring 20 wines from 11 different countries, along with light fare. Plus, each guest will receive a Camden Vineyards outdoor wine glass. Bottles of wine and Orioles decanters will be available for purchase during the event. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/tickets/specials?partnerId=ed-14253461-1159668133#camden-vineyards
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    For some reason the thing I remember most about the Why Not season was the game that the Yankees won by calling in a fog bank to foil Phil Bradley catching a routine fly ball. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/sports/1989/06/15/yankees-put-orioles-in-a-fog-2-1/5f81e890-3e61-416a-b60f-a945c81ddd1a/ I still sometimes randomly think about that game. I think it affected me so much because it was one of the last games I watched living in Maryland. It marked the end of my youth and innocence!
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    Name them TOP L-R Otter, Quirk, Gonzalez, Cal Jr, Hulett, Ballard, Sheets MID L-R Bradley, Smith, Milacki, Billy R, Weston, Orsulak BOT L-R Harnisch, Williamson, Schmidt, Traber??, Worthington, Devo, Johnson not pictured - Big Ben McDonald ceremony video https://www.facebook.com/MASNOrioles/videos/384495265588127/
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    It's not. Please let's tighten it up everyone. Tighten it up right now, OK? Tighten this stuff up.
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    This was the argument early on, and I would have agreed that he was not blocking anyone. You can still make that argument I guess with Stewart back on the IL, but I'd rather have Ruiz in the lineup than Davis, under the admittedly small chance Ruiz could actually develop more and help the team in the future. If it were me, I'd run this lineup out as often as possible: 1B. Mancini/Nunez 2B: Villar/Alberto SS: Martin/Alberto 3B: Nunez/Alberto C - Severino/Sisco LF: Stewart once he comes back but I would bring up Mason Williams (Replace Peterson with Mason) and give him a look in the meantime CF: Wilkerson RF: Santander DH: Mancini/Nunez/Stewart
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    Numbers out of your butt would be fine.
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    Cases in point for high risk, high reward high schoolers: Eddie Murray, 3rd round 1973, Zack Britton, 3rd round 2006. In fact, our top 5 3rd round picks by WAR, and 8 of our top 10, were high schoolers. We’ve picked a high schooler 33 times in that spot, and 12 of them (36%) made the majors. We’ve picked a college guy 21 times and 8 made the majors (38%), but the top college producer was Chris Ray (3.1 rWAR, 6th on the list of O’s third rounders).
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    By recalling Ruiz within 16 days the O's did not burn Ruiz's last option. That could keep him on the 40 man roster for next season. He is good defensively and if he can be called up and sent down next season any time they want that probably has value to the team.
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    No problem. His obvious disdain for people who make life choices he looks down on simply pisses me off. I don't care whether my plumber has a college degree, but I appreciate the hell out of him when my shower starts working again. And, I pay him a pretty penny to make it happen.
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    I only voted that I go to Orioles games, though I’ve been to a few games at both Bowie and Frederick. The last one was while Matt Wieters was at Frederick, so I figured the statute of limitations had run on that one. Last year I tried to organize a Hangout trip to Bowie, but the response was kind of underwhelming.
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    o Everybody except for Class Regular-A Delmarva. I also used to see the Rookie League Bluefield Orioles when I would visit my girlfriend, who lives on the border of North Carolina and Virginia. o
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    I think Troy gets paid regardless because the Blue Jays had already released him before he retired.
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    Bowie for me and it's 100% because of proximity (live on the Howard /Baltimore County line).
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    I used to be a regular Bluefield Orioles attendee until they moved their Rookie team to GCL. Now half a dozen times a season...I go to Salem VA Red Sox when Frederick is in or to Myrtle Beach Pelicans when Frederick is in or Winston-Salem Dash when Frederick is in.
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    I'm at Frederick games several times a year. Live 10 minutes away.
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    I don't think Davis has the same character as Tulowitzky or other players who knew they could no longer earn the money they were going to be paid. Davis knows all the money is his no matter whether he's sitting at home or playing poorly on the baseball field. I don't think he cares enough anymore than he's a laughing stock across baseball. He gives whatever effort he feels like that day, and has the same approach whether he's 2-for-5 or 0-for-5 with 5 Ks. Peter Angelos made his bed with this contract and now his sons have to lie in it. This is why I think this situation is the sons first real test after hiring Elias. Are they willing to eat the money or keep running him out there and take away from evaluation time and a roster spot on a rebuilding team that he's not good for? This would be a perfect time for them to show support for Elias and his manager and even more importantly, gain support with the majority of the fanbase that just wants Davis gone off this team.
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    I'm not sure if it's in the defense of Davis, or just the kind of people that are so fragile that they see any truthful semi-negative comment as being "hurtful" thus to them, Hyde is a bully and not a good leader. Hyde has supported his players through and through, but he's not going to hurt his credibility by going out and blowing smoke up our butts when it comes to things that need to improve, like the talent on this team, particularly on the pitching side.
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    I think it's way too early to declare either Santander or Yaz success stories. We shall see.
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    Speaking of this, I noticed it’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen a post from Redskins Rick, who posted here almost daily for years. I don’t think there was any incident on the board that would have caused him to stop posting or get suspended, so I’m hoping that he hasn’t encountered some serious health problem (or worse).
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    I’ve seen Mick against our local HS and at my son’s baseball sacademy. Kid throws easy gas and a humble kid.
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    If you were, so were a lot of people, including me and Elias.
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    Little Yaz hit his 11th HR last night. Ops at .793 and has been worth 1.1 bWar so far.
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    Hyde has been fine. Who cares what Davis does at this point.
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    I have to say this about Hyde and Davis and the ugly confrontation... In no way do I think that it wasn't Davis' ineptitude and maybe nonchalance that was the (valid) reason for the whole episode. I'm not letting him off the hook at all. Hyde said in the presser that (paraphrasing) "We had words back and forth, and it got heated." In the short MASN video you can see a split second where Hyde points his finger at Davis, moves his whole body towards Davis saying something, emphasizing a point. That's when Davis erupts, and that's when Hyde goes down the tunnel. No matter whether Hyde was in the right calling him out for who knows what... Hyde let the situation get out of control. Let his emotions get the better of him. And that's in the middle of a game. That's not manager-ly, if you know what I mean. A rookie mistake even. I'd second guess that. WE will NEVER know exactly what was said or what it was about, but it clouds my view of Hyde at least 10%. Still a big supporter but a little more wary than I was Tuesday.
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    McInturff: “Shifting to the bullpen full-time, has the tools to get to the big leagues quickly if he takes to new role. FB/CB could play up in shorter outings and give upside of setup reliever. Significant injury history adds risk and could ultimately impact his longevity.” Rates fastball velocity a 70 but command at 40. https://2080baseball.com/reports/hunter-harvey-2/
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    Couldn’t care less about the Ravens (though I was a big Colts fan back in the day), root mildly for the Terps but care more about my and my parents alma maters.
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    Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Colts, and Baltimore Bullets.
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    Baseball and Curling. That's it.
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    I actually kind of like the Yacabonis/Eshelman pairing. Yacabonis throws 94-95 and ideally gets through the tougher part of the lineup. Then Eshelman gets the bottom third before then facing the rest of lineup who has to adjust to facing a junkballer. Also I think they should start using openers the way Tampa does. They need to find a way to get some better starts because they have no one to bring up and need to get through the season. Wojo usually can get through the lineup once without too much damage so I would do the following. 1) John Means 2) Dylan Bundy 3) Yacabonis/Eshelman : Hard Thrower followed by soft tosser 4) Richard Bleier/ Wojo: Lefty softosser followed by harder throwing righty 5) Yacabonis/Ty Blach: Righty followed by a lefty It would be kind of outside the box but they need to find a way to not have the pitching get lit up every night
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    Maybe Hyde reminded him he was the only thing Davis managed to hit all night.
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    Here’s my current take: 1. Based on Roch’s latest report, it seems Davis is more at fault for starting the incident than some thought. But I’m still reluctant to assign blame for the matter escalating. 2. I wouldn’t call Davis’ approach to Hyde an “attack.” For all we know, he was just going to get in Hyde’s face to make his point. When other players stepped in he retreated to the bench pretty quickly. So let’s not treat this like it’s Papelbon choking Harper. 3. Hyde took the correct approach in the post game presser and deescalated the situation. I didn’t see anything happen in the dugout that warrants a suspension . It requires a discussion man-to-man, and that’s what will happen. 4. Frankly, I think the whole incident has been a bit overblown. In sports, sometimes things get overheated. Then you calm down and move on. 5. With all that said, Davis is not a major league quality baseball player anymore. He should have been cut for quality-related reasons already. So, if there’s any long-term repercussions of this in the clubhouse (which I doubt), that’s just one more reason to jettison a player who should have been jettisoned by now anyway. And there’s no reason for me to engage in character assassination of Davis to reach that conclusion.
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    Lew Ford will siphon all the gas out of you car.
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