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    Yeah, he works for MASN, so he's not going to be too critical. But he did say a few things about the previous regime. Nothing earth shattering that we hadn't already guessed, but from a guy who rarely has had much negative to say, interesting. At least to me... 1) When talking about how much Elias and Hyde were on the same wavelength. he said that it was not that way at all with Buck and Duquette. They were often at odds and it made his (Melewski's) job very difficult. 2) Younger players love playing for Hyde and they did not enjoy playing for Buck at all. He says a lot of them were intimidated by Buck and didn't feel he would give them a fair shake. But with Hyde's background in player development, he said form the start of spring training "young players were coming up to me and emphasizing how much they liked playing for Hyde". 3) He was extremely critical of Buck's handling of Hays in his first callup, how little he played him. Of course he prefaced it with the standard compliment about "Buck had winning seasons here and has forgotten more about baseball than I know...." but then he ripped into Buck saying that Hays should have played more even though we hadn't quite been mathematically eliminated yet. He pointed out that Hays was one of the finalists for national Minor League Player of the Year and was getting mentioned along with Vlad Jr and Acuna, and you don't call a guy like that up and sit him on the bench. Obviously MASN folks are now allowed to be critical of the previous regime and probably sitll have to tiptoe around criticism of the current regime. But I hadn't heard anything this critical from Melewski in the past and I found it intersting.
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    Davis Cites Message Board As Retirement Reason The Athletic August 13th, 2019 9:40 AM Ken Rosenthal NEW YORK, NY - First baseman, Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles has announced his retirement this morning. Davis, the much maligned slugger of the Orioles signed a seven year, $161 million dollar contract as a free agent to stay with the Orioles before the 2016 season. Davis lead the league in home runs in 2013 and 2015 but since signing the deal his skills have eroded and has been a point of contention for Orioles fans. When reached early this morning for comment, Davis was clearly emotional about the decision he made after the Orioles were swept in a doubleheader yesterday by the division leading New York Yankees. "I know my performance hasn't been great, I know that I've been struggling. But what really pushed me into this decision was that I was up late on my laptop and looking at OriolesHangout.com and there was this post made by this guy, Ace King. And he was asking me to retire. And at that moment, I just knew what I had to do. It all of a sudden became very clear to me. He was right, I just needed to retire. So that's what really factored into my decision last night." Davis' retirement is effective immediately, General Manager Mike Elias confirmed. Trey Mancini will be taking over first base duties for the rest of the season and the Orioles will look to make a roster move later on today.
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    Since you whined last time I won't neg rep you but once again, they have a place for rants and it isn't Orioles Talk.
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    With just a month left for most of the minor league teams it’s now starts to get serious for us as we do our evaluations for the top 30 Prospects list. Things can change over the last month of the season, but there are plenty of newcomers under consideration and some who have put themselves in position to be dropped from the list. So here are the players that are “on the radar” for inclusion in the Top 30 after not being on the list last year and some of the guys at risk for falling off. Note, some of these guys will definitely be on the list while others we are still evaluating. There also still could be some surprises who take off over the last month so this list isn’t exhaustive. On the radar to be added: Adley Rutschman – 😄 Pretty obvious here as the #1 overall draft pick in this year’s draft. He hasn’t exactly lit up the minors in the early going, but that doesn’t diminish his great potential. Gunnar Henderson – SS: The 2nd round pick has all the tools to be a top prospect. He’s definitely on the list but the question will how high? Kyle Stowers – OF: The competitive balance 2nd round selection has tools and will probably be on the list, but we’ll have to see how he makes adjustments over the last month to see how high. Zach Watson – CF: The Orioles 3rd round pick was the first draft pick to make it to Low-A where he’s held his own. Darrell Hernaiz – SS: 5th round high school shortstop has some tools to work off of, especially defensively. Toby Welk – 3B: Maybe the surprise of the draft, this 21st rounder has impressed with his body type, athleticism, and knack for barreling baseballs. Bruce Zimmerman – LHP: Will need to prove it pitching with the juiced up major league balls in AAA, but the sum of his skills adds up over his raw pitching tools. Mason McCoy – SS: Has done nothing but hit this season at High-A and Bowie. Probably the best middle infield prospects in upper minors. Cody Sedlock – RHP: He’s thrown the ball better this year, and a move to the pen could improve his stuff. Jaylen Ferguson – OF: Finally realizing some of his tools. Could be an interesting guy after talking with scouts. Gray Fenter – RHP: Old for his competition, but former bonus baby might get a jump in stuff with a move to the pen where his fastball-curveball mix could play up. Ryan Wilson – LHP: The numbers he’s put up as a 22-year old in the Sally League will get him a consideration. Dallas Litscher – RHP: A plus curveball has been a big part of his success this year. A little old of his leagues. Adam Stauffer – RHP: The 6-foot-7 righty is having a lot of success this season without improved stuff. Ruben Garcia – RHP: Hard throwing righty will get some considerations. Leonardo Rodriguez – RHP: Might have shown enough to get into the backend of the list. On the radar to be dropped Luis Ortiz - RHP: Has not progressed at all. Zach Pop – RHP: Hate to drop a guy due to injury but can a middle reliever with back end bullpen upside keep him on the list with missing a year? Dillon Tate – RHP: Made his major league debut after pitching better in a relief role, but will have to see if his upside keeps him on Rylan Bannon – 3b/2B: A meh year has diminished his star a bit. Jean Carlos Encarnancion – 3B: Upside toolsy guy who made limited strides this year. Cadyn Grenier – SS: Outside of draft status, would anyone really notice him? Stick has not progressed. DJ Stewart – OF: If he can actually stay healthy may get bumped over eligibility Jean Carmona – 2B: New regime don’t seem as excited about him as the old regime who got him in the trad for Schoop. Cody Carroll – RHP: Was on the bubble to make the list last year and then lost his year this year due to a back injury Brett Cumberland – 😄 Was actually demoted to Frederick this year which is never a good sign. John Means – LHP: Promoted off the list. No longer eligible. Cameron Bishop – LHP: Barely made the list last year and has not had a good year in Frederick Matthias Dietz – RHP: Whoops, mea culpa.
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    Yep, so many posters are failing to adjust for league context. 16th in OPS in the International League is .964, but my guess is that if he posts an .850 OPS with Norfolk next year (good for 54th in the league this year), everyone will say he has taken a huge step forward. Likewise, I expect everyone to be wildly disappointed with our vaunted AA pitchers as they have ERAs in the high 3s and 4s (at least!) in Norfolk next year.
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    Gunnar is 3-3 thus far today, a home run short of the cycle. His line through three at-bats is .286/.370/.443.
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    This sentiment is shared by numerous members of this thread, and it perplexes me. The uniforms and colors are just laundry. If the existing franchise relocates, the history relocates. All the things I grew up watching relocate. To me, it'd be the end of having a favorite professional baseball team. Even if another one moved to Baltimore.
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    Thanks for the kind words, I apologize for extended absence without warning. I came to work one day, and they retired me out and showed me the down with a nice retirement check, 2 months additional paid and my paid vacation time. So Ive been traveling and spending time with my family.
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    Not to pile on like @Can_of_corn but if some good hitters said, "Way to go, hoss!" or "Good job!" after a hit or perhaps tapped their behind as pros do, would that be the kind of compliment they would need? 😇
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    I have been a loyal Oriole fan for 60 years. I was a batboy for the Orioles and many of my friends even today, are legends like Brooks, Palmer, Cal and many more. I've been blessed in my career just for having been part of the Oriole great years.I am grateful for all they have done for me. But if they move, I will never have anything to do with them again. And coming from me, thats saying a lot.
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    Here's the excellent catch in CF to save two runs from scoring.
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    Here it is to straightaway CF! 427 feet with 106 EV
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    The Ironbirds' first no-hitter in team history and caught by Adley Rutschman. Hopefully the first of many exciting games in his career! Toby Welk 4 for 5, a single short of a cycle.
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    Why do fans throw home run balls back onto the field. It's the dumbest fan tradition this side of the wave. If I ever catch a baseball during a game I'm keeping it.
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    Go ahead. But why offend her? Just to be nasty?
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    Slight correction. A tax on investment income only over a certain amount per year. I forget the exact number since I have not lived there for quite a number of years. But it is pretty generous, before a person incurs any state income tax.
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    This is John Angelos’ Wife. Imagine. A wealthy couple who can afford multiple homes. She is a singer and songwriter. Look at the Friday night concerts. Coincidence? Of course not. I hear they have a winter cabin in the Catskill Mountains. Maybe the Orioles will move there instead.
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    I almost never agree when a long-established stat is called “meaningless.” It’s like calling an old-style toaster “useless” because they now have multi-function toaster ovens. But if what you want is toast, the old toaster still serves its function quite well.
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    You wanted "anyone" called up. Shepherd has never thrown a pitch in the majors. What are you complaining about exactly? Deck chair replacing deck chair? How would that be different in this case if it was anyone else? We're calling up a guy who has never thrown a pitch and that's your response? You don't really know what you want, do you?
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    I've posted at length on both topics below. I'll try to be real brief. 1. If the Angeloses were exploring, or have decided on, a sale of the team, that wouldn't surprise me. Here are a few possible reasons. After considering the estate (or gift) tax burden of a transfer from Peter to them upon his death or otherwise, their discussions with Elias about what it might cost in a few years to bring the team into contention, and revenue projections, the Angelos Boys may not see future ownership of the Orioles as financially rewarding. The Boys (now around 50) might prefer to be multimillionaires who can do pretty much whatever they want instead of owners of a cash-strapped MLB franchise. They may be skeptical about the Orioles' ability to win anything under the current MLB and divisional setup. They may lack confidence that the value of the franchise will continue to increase. Some team owners and/or the Commissioner might have told the Boys that they might not get the required approval of the other owners to inherit ownership of the team. All speculation on my part, but all reasonable possibilities. Any sale almost certainly would be after Peter's death, so that the Angelos Boys will get the benefit of the step-up in basis and save hundreds of millions of dollars in income (not estate) taxes. 2. The Orioles aren't moving anytime soon, for at least two reasons. The first is that no team will be permitted to move -- barring, I suppose, some bizarre event - until after the Tampa Bay and Oakland situations have been resolved, including those franchises' decisions whether to relocate, and after MLB expands to two cities that haven't yet been selected. The TB/Oakland part of the process has taken much longer than anyone anticipated. I sure don't how long both pieces will take, but it's unlikely to be less than another four or five years. MLB owners, whose approval is required for a franchise relocation, consider pretty closely whether the proposed relocation will add health, stability and dollars to MLB. And MLB wants to avoid having a franchise fail in any city unless it can attribute that failure to a crummy or inadequate ballpark. That is why the places in the front of the line have been reserved for TB and Oakland, and also why any attempt by the Orioles to obtain approval to move from Baltimore is likely to face significant opposition. I don't know too much about Nashville. It's been mentioned as a possible relocation or expansion site for years, but as far as I can recall has never been among the top candidates. From what little I know about it, it lacks both a significant baseball history or tradition and a strong minor league fanbase.
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    Maybe we should look at this another way. Most pro position players were shortstops at some point. So almost every second or third baseman in the Hall is a failed shortstop. Every LF/RFer is a failed center fielder. Every first baseman is a guy who couldn't handle every other position. Harold Baines and Edgar and Paul Molitor and David Ortiz eventually failed at every position. Almost nobody has the chops to max out the positional adjustment.
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    Cashner is doing great things for the Sox.
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    I don't think that has to happen. That's just what some teams have done, and I think that's wrong. The St. Louis Browns have no history in Baltimore. There's no George Sisler statue here, and not one in 1000 Oriole fans could tell you who Harlond Clift or Kenny Williams were. If the Orioles moved to Nashville they certainly should have another name. Orioles belongs to Baltimore and has for well over a century. If they allowed some Nashville team to be called the Orioles I think I'd be done with MLB for good. The community gets the history, no matter what some company like Major League Baseball or one of its franchises thinks. No matter what anybody says Andre Dawson and Rusty Staub have absolutely no connection to the Nats, and Wilbert Robinson never managed the LA Dodgers. Connie Mack isn't part of Oakland or Kansas City. And Frank Howard and Walter Johnson have nothing to do with Minneapolis or Texas. The place and the time and the people who remember things own it, not MLB or Peter Angelos or Bob Short or anybody else. If the O's move to Nashville the people of Baltimore and Maryland own the Orioles' history. Nobody else.
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    Look at teams that leave cities. It’s about stadiums. I never recall a team leaving a city with a quality stadium in place. Chargers, Rams and Raiders recently in the NFl. The Athletics and Rays have stadium issues. OPACY is getting a little older but is holding up well.
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    The Chris Davis Situation is not just bad for the Orioles, it's bad for all of baseball. It makes a farce of everything and it's a boring one.
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    There is not a single board member on OH, that would walk away from that kind of money, I don't care what they claim.
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    Glad you're well and enjoying retirement. There's something to be said about logging off the interweb and just enjoying life. One of these days I'm going to toss my phone and laptop into the ocean and never look back.
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    I'm a bit more optimistic than you, but even if the rest of the guys outside of Hall and Rodriguez become No.4 starters at best, I still think it puts the staff in an okay position. While I don't think Means will be the guy we saw in the first half over his career, I do think he's got a shot to settle in as a sold mid-rotation option and if two guys (Kremer, Baumann, etc) can establish themselves as solid No.4 types, that's an okay back-end of the rotation. Of course, the problem is that puts a lot of pressure on Hall and Rodriguez to both be No.2 type starters and the likelihood of both doing so becomes slim. As for the position players, I tend to agree. Rutschman is the only one that seems to have much of a chance to become a star. I am bullish enough of Diaz, Hays and Mountcastle to believe they each have a good chance to become viable big league options, but all three are flawed. This system does really need another top end arm and a couple top end bats to get really, truly excited. But, at least there's progress.
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    Sixteenth in the league in OPS despite being two years younger than average (only one younger player ahead of him). He's had a quiet year but it's been pretty good.
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    The Orioles have scored 523 runs. If they'd allowed 450 they'd be roughly a 92-win team. The Rays have the best pitching in the AL and they've given up 463. So if you exchanged the O's worst-in-baseball pitching for the best pitching in the league, yes, they'd be a competitive team. With average pitching they'd be about a 72-win team. Or another way to look at this is they're about 400 runs per full season (by offense or defense or pitching or a combination thereof) short of being a contender.
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    I saw an interview with Means about how his one start last September made him realize what he had to work on the pitch in the MLB. Even if Akin comes up here and gets rocked 2-3 times, it’s not the end of the world.
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    Funny I seem to remember young players like Machado, Schoop, Joseph, Mancini, Givens, Flaherty, Rickard, etc... all coming up and playing immediately. Who was blocked? Christian Walker? Steve Clevinger? Chris Parmalee? 😂 Sorry about poor Austin Hays. Buck has done so much damage to him that he has a .763 OPS in AAA. Tough night for Melewski. I give him a break. He’s really good. Sounds like he was just searching for something to say about Hyde positive after we trotted out those pitchers.
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    What if you only had to put up with the boos for another three and a half years then you would get another +/- $100 million and people would forget you 15 minutes later and you still had half your life ahead of you? Would that be worth it?
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    Much of whatever success I had in life started in Miami, my home town, but more specifically it really started for me in during spring training for the Baltimore Orioles. As some might know on this page, I was the Orioles bat boy in Miami in the early 70’s. I’m going to tell you a story now that, to me, shows that dreams really do come true if you are lucky like I was. On the first day as an Oriole bat boy(I was about 14 or 15 years old), I had NO clue at what I was doing. I knew nothing about a major league clubhouse, how to wash sanitary socks, or clean the grimy uniforms and take care of the gear and bats.The players and coaches mocked me. Brooks Robinson himself used to ask me to get “some left handed bats”..and I scurried around the clubhouse looking for something that didnt exist. I had no idea or concept of baseball equipment or the job I was supposed to do. One kid who DID, was a younger kid than I was. He was probably 12 or 13. His name was Rudy Arias Jr. Rudy Sr. was a pitcher for the White Sox in the late 50’s and even pitched in the World Series, but junior was, to me, at the time, a colleague and fellow clubhouse boy. He knew I was over my head, that I was really just there to hang with the players….which was not cool . But he put up with me. Rudy and I and one or two other kids worked hard in the clubhouse, but deep down, those guys knew I didnt work as hard as they did. They would come in at about 8 am and not leave till will after 11 pm. Me? I was a clubhouse comedian. I entertained the Oriole players, Brooks and Frank and Boog and Palmer…and of course, Earl Weaver was my boss, who knew I was the worst bat boy ever..but he sortve liked that I entertained the troops…so he put up with me. Rudy Jr. was all business. Even as a kid, he was organized and had a great work ethic and he helped the players get what they needed. Me? Not so much. I was just this goofy kid with a dream to somehow find a way in baseball, or broadcasting, though I had no clue what. Rudy was a real athlete. He was a catcher and he was an outstanding defensive player with skills. I took his hat one day….by accident. And I never got to return it to its rightful owner. As clubhouse kids we cherished our hats, and I had his. Under the bill it said in black ink…Rudy Arias. Years passed. I was fortunate enough to make my way in broadcasting, starting in Miami, and then moving to LA were I have been for 42 years next week. I lost track of Rudy. I didnt realize that, like his major league dad, Rudy also had a brief career. He played with Seattle, until he was hit in the face by a ball…which effectively ended his career. I somehow never followed Rudy’s major league career..but I knew I had his batboy hat. I would cover the Orioles for many years, both in Miami and as a sportscaster in LA. One day on the field in Anaheim, a familiar face walked up to me. He was wearing an Orioles uniform. “Hey Roy”, he said. ‘Its me. Rudy Arias. We used to be batboys together as kids”. This hit me emotionally. I had no idea that Rudy was now the assistant batting coach and bullpen catcher for the Orioles! In a way, both of our dreams came true. He ended up as a bullpen catcher for some 16 years with the Orioles, and before that, he landed a job with the Yankees, and when they won the World Series in 95’…Rudy Arias, the kid I knew about 45 years before..got a World Series ring! I knew that the Orioles were coming back to Anaheim and Rudy was still a respected member of their coaching staff. I went to get the hat. Rudy’s hat. I went onto the field, saw Rudy and motioned him over. “I’ve waited almost 50 years to give you something that was yours”, I said. “Its your hat, you wore when you were batboy.” Rudy and I got emotional in that moment. Here we were, adults now, with long, exciting and productive careers. I though Rudy was going to lose it. Me too. I swallowed hard and gave him the hat. Rudy Arias saw his dream come true. Today he is 62 years old. He’s been married for 37 years. He has two grown kids. He was recently voted into Miami High School’s Hall of Fame and is currently coaching at his college alma mater…Miami Dade South. I’m so happy for this guy. And I’m happy too that I gave him his hat back. Its funny about life, isn’t it? You never know the paths you will take. I am grateful for all that has happened to me, in part because I was that batboy way back on 1970. And I’m so happy for Rudy Arias, who worked his way to success in baseball. And I’m proud to say Rudy became a U.S. citizen in 2012. Life has had its twists and turns for both of us….but baseball brought us together..and Rudy got his hat back.
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    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/08/reds-release-david-hernandez.html Wish he had been a lifelong Oriole
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    Alberto is 3rd in the AL in Batting Avg. And only 2 points behind second. But you know, now days Batting Avg is an old fashioned stat anymore that is meaningless... 1. LeMahieu • NYY .338 2. Brantley • HOU .323 3. Alberto • BAL .321
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    The Orioles were 26th in revenue last year behind the Pirates and just ahead of the Royals. There's absolutely zero chance they're going to make any splurge signings especially while Davis is still under contract. Plus I believe the Angelos family lost their ass when they went "all-in" from 2013-2017 which is why they've been so cheap the last couple years. They're trying to make up for the loss in operating income from the Buck-Duquette era.
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    I think it's because people picture Chris Davis playing SS and say Martin is obviously better. It's the old defensive adjustment issue in WAR again. Not exactly easily intuitive. Davis' OPS is .031 higher than Martin's. Maybe if Martin played 1B he'd be more valuable than Davis. It's hard to say. I'm pretty certain that if Davis played SS, he'd be less valuable than Martin, lol.
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    I feel the same way about Blaine Knight...who we went over slot for last year.
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    And OPACY will be a jewel for as far as the eye can see. Some stadiums last 30 years. This one will last 100 or more. It doesn't have the same history, but absent that it's on the level of Fenway and Wrigley in terms of iconic baseball stadiums.
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    He is athletic, solid seeker game, very good at catching the snitch. Competes well against higher end competition such as Draco Malfoy. Trained with Viktor Krum in the offseason... Plays well with Ron Weasley as keeper.
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    Either let him sit or let him go. Playing him is the worst option.
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    I would like to see an outfield of Mountcastle (LF) - Hays (CF) - Santander (RF) - Stewart (4th OF'er) with Mancini at 1B for the rest of the season. No reason for any of them to be in Norfolk at this point. At least two of the three guys on the grass would be real outfielders. Mancini would be playing his best position and if he's here next year, that's where he should be playing. Play Nunez at 3B for the rest of the year and make a decision on the guy's defense. If you're going to roster Davis for the rest of the year, let him have a few at bats against righties at DH. If this year is about development and evaluation, let's develop and evaluate.
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    Señor Anthony Santander, Agua Blanca, es un jugador de béisbol dominante.
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    There are 350 some 19 year old pitchers in affiliated ball. Grayson has thrown the 8th most innings of that group.
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