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    Oh cry me a river. These guys go out and have dinners together, they train together in the offseasons, they talk to each other during batting practice and between pitching changes. They have the same agents and have endorsement deals with the same companies. This is the landscape of sports today, high priced athletes that hang out with each other in various fashions all the time. Arguably, one of the worst things that happened to the NBA was the Dream Teams because it got the best players spending time together and getting to know each other and figuring out how to play with each other. IIRC, LeBron going to South Beach with Bosh to join Wade was hatched while they were on an Olympic team together. NFL players after a game are taking their jerseys off and signing them and trading them with their opponents. Fans like to hold on to this thing that doesn't exist anymore, that these guys are sworn enemies and hate each other because...well, that's the way it was in the good old days. But it's not like that anymore. My point is that these guys are having these conversations all the time in private. So when Judge says something like that, the hand wringing and wrist slapping that ensues is an overreaction. Manny's probably going to end up there if the dollars add up first and foremost, I don't think a comment from Judge in an ST game is going to sway him.
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    This is classic Buck. Saying stuff that has nothing to do with anything, and meaning absolutely nothing. I love this stuff and I love the different ways we can assign meaning. Its almost as fun as pretending who will react how? BUCK "I don't think I've ever had four pitchers with as much in common as these four guys do." WEBBRICK - "This is Buck saying it's the worst starters 1-4 in his entire history..." Frobby - "This is Buck saying these guys have the makeup and the potential to be special..." Corn - "These guys all wore grey T-shirts this morning..." "There really seems to be a nice unit forming there" Atomic - "This crap is what DD calls going for it?" Tony-OH - "Yeah, it's a nice unit, but it's still only 80% of a MLB rotation." Corn - "You know what was nice? Having 4 20 Game winners! THAT was nice!" "and they are real curious about who the fifth one is going to be, which is good to see?" bobmc - "Well some of those 4 have to be here for two more years...." Frobby - "If we analyze the 23 previous springs, and all of the moves made during PA time in ownership, the 5th starter is most likely to come from within. I hope it doesn't but I think it will." Corn - "Tillman is gonna be 4 and 5. We're gonna lose 95 games either way."
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    For me Trumbo is the biggest reason that I wish Trumbo was not on this team.
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    Let’s keep politics out of here. Everyone.
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    UMBC just called and said, "This is why you play the games."
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    If Buck didn’t tell him to walk more, maybe he’d have swung at the pitch. 😉
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    "Playing baseball is fun. If I could play, I'd never retire. But managing is work. It's constant decisions of whose feelings you want to hurt all the time." "You must remember that anyone under 30 - especially a ballplayer - is an adolescent. I never got close to being an adult until I was 32. Even though I was married and had a son at 20, I was a kid at 32, living at home with my parents. Sure, I was a manager then. That doesn't mean you're grown up." “I gave Mike Cuellar more chances than my first wife." "You can't help loving (players), yet you can't afford to. You're the person who decides all the worst things in their life." - Earl Weaver
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    If you are looking for Opening Day tickets without a season ticket package, I noticed that they are available on the Orioles site right now...I just searched for groups of 2 and 4, and found tickets in Section 330 behind home plate.
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    Observations from today. 1. Bundy did not have a good fastball. He sat 89-90, topping out at 91. Didn’t locate it well, either. HR came on a 3-0 count, two doubles came on 2-0 counts. His breaking stuff was very good, and if I’m not mistaken, 5 of his 6 strikeouts came on offspeed pitches. He threw about 93 pitches in 5.2 innings, and Buck removed him after he struck out a batter on a 91 mph heater. The last run he allowed was kind of cheap, and only scored due to a passed ball by Joseph and then a single allowed by Luis Gonzalez in relief. All in all, not a disastrous outing by Bundy but the fastball was very lackluster. 2. Mullins had a beautiful bunt single followed by a stolen base, and later a solid single to RF followed by another stolen base, this one not drawing a throw. He made a really good impression in the two games I attended. 3. Rasmus pulled a single to RF on a 100 mph fastball from Syndergaard. The dude has some bat speed. 4. The O’s botched a rundown between 1st and 2nd when Schoop took too long to throw back to Davis and then Davis missed the tag of the runner running past him. 5. Schoop hit a single that shorthopped the LF wall and ricocheted directly back to the LF. Most days, that’s a double. 6. In the 9th, with the O’s trailing 5-4, Hays roped a double in the alley on a really nice looking stroke, then advanced to 3B on a grounder to the right side. The O’s brought Santander in to pinch hit, but he struck out on three pitches. The 2nd pitch was well out out the strike zone and the third pitch bounced at his feet. It was a terrible at bat in that situation. 7. Brach wasn’t super sharp but did throw a couple of 93 mph heaters, so his velocity seems to be ramping up. 8. Valencia hit a long homer against a minor league pitcher, that hit the batter’s eye on the fly. Probably a 410-420 foot shot. Overall, the O’s couldn’t do much with Syndergaard, who pitched 7 full innings and allowed 7 hits. He was throwing 97-98 for much of the game but got a couple of strikeouts by taking a little off and getting swings and misses on 94 mph pitches.
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    What else don't you like? Puppies? Ice cream? Sunshine? America? Sheesh, change your name from atomic to fussybritches.
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    Saying that Bundy had a stronger second half is a bit of a misconception in my view. He started the year with 10 quality starts in his first 11 outings, throwing to a 2.89 ERA in 71.2 IP. Buck pushed him pretty hard in that stretch. Then he hit a rough patch, 7.18 over 36.1 innings in 7 starts before the all star break. After the all star break the O’s treated him with kid gloves and he pitched decently (4.09 ERA in 61.2 innings over 10 starts), but not as well as in those first 11 games. I think stamina was an issue as the season went along. I’m not sure whether that’s just the big increase in workload from the year before, or whether it’s going to be a chronic thing. Bundy works hard on the mound, he’s sweating like a pig out there. He may not be cut out to throw a ton of innings.
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    Mountcastle broke his 5th Metacarpal. Markakis and Reyes broke their Hamate bone. Very different injuries.
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    I don’t spend much time in Baltimore except at games, but I’ve never felt remotely unsafe in the vicinity of the stadium. That’s what’s relevant here, not the crime that may take place in other areas of the city.
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    Russian roulette? I’m sorry, but come freakin on. Go to the game, enjoy your life. A lot of great things happen in cities, even scary ones. There is an incredibly remote chance you get shot, so go out and enjoy it. Not to pick on you specifically (quoting you was a bit of a target of opportunity), and I know I’ll get some backlash, but a lot of the recent posts in this thread are ridiculous. This isn’t Mosul.
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    8, Valencia hit Seth Lugo. He is a 28 year old right handed major leaguer who had 101 innings in the majors last year and 165 inning over the last two years.
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    I'm not a fan of Mike Lupica but he did an interview with Showalter that covers a lot of ground and how he perceives the team. https://www.mlb.com/news/buck-showalter-has-faith-in-orioles-chances/c-268794696
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    DJ Stewart in left, Mullins in center, Hays in right, Mancini at first, and Santander DH'ing sound even better.
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    Here’s a few thoughts on today’s game: 1. Wright was Wright. First inning, there was a botched 3-1 play scored as a hit, but it should have been an out. I couldn’t tell whether Mancini’s throw wasn’t accurate or Wright just dropped it, but he was there before the runner. The runner ended up on 2B but then got doubled up when the next hitter took off on a line drive caught by Jones. Another runner got caught misreading a liner to Jones in the third inning and was doubled up. Later that inning, a runner scored on a single to RF when Gentry’s throw was offline to the RF foul side, but Sisco caught the runner rounding first. So, Wright only got one out that inning, but the fielders/baserunners bailed him out twice. In the fifth, after allowing a single and a walk, Wright balked the runners over and then allowed a two-run triple. Typical Wright, he was rattled. The next guy hit a grounder to Sardiñas, who was playing in, but his throw home was head-high and Sisco didn’t get the tag low enough and the runner slid under it for the fourth run. Overall, not a sharp outing by Wright. He topped out at 93, I think. Joely Rodriguez came in with two out and his first pitch was clocked at 100 mph. He got one out to end the inning and that was all we saw of him. Mesa threw two innings and was sitting 90-91; I saw him hit 92 once. He threw mostly breaking stuff and it looked decent; he got one batter to look foolish striking out on an 82-mph pitch that was either a slider or a change. Mesa also botched a comebacker and allowed a stolen base that didn’t even draw a throw (Sisco bobbled it, but it didn’t matter as the runner was practically standing on 2B). O’Day pitched the 8th and struck out the side very easily. I think he faced three minor leaguers and they all looked helpless. Scott closed it out and didn’t have his good fastball or great command. He sat 94, topping out at 95, with his slider in the 85-86 range. He broke off about 2 good sliders but missed badly with several, including one that didn’t break and nearly beaned a guy. A run scored on a grounder to Adrian Marin at SS, who bobbled the transfer and had to settle for an out at first instead of trying to nail the runner at the plate. I’ll put some comments on the hitters in a separate post. I should add, my seats were beyond 3B in the upper section, but I spent 1.5 innings visiting with Bruce (vatech1994) who was sitting 5 rows behind home plate. He may have some comments on the pitchers from that vantage point that I couldn’t give from where I sat most of the time. Awesome seats for Bruce!
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    Pedro Florimon had his contract selected by the Phillies. I see a Flaherty in our future.
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    I think we've officially strayed off topic far enough.
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    His defense look like a man.
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    Mark Trumbo will be out 3-4 weeks with a grade 2 strain in his quad, as revealed in today’s MRI #Orioles
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    I don't see any reason he can't stay a starter. He has four pitches, five if you count his slider and cutter as two pitches, holds his stuff to 100 pitches, and is a guy who thrives on 4 or 5 days rest. Last year was the most innings he's ever thrown in a season, prior to that it was less than a 100. This season should be the first season where he shouldn't have any innings limits.
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    I took a stab at it. Delmarva Frederick Bowie Norfolk SP DL Hall Alex Wells Hunter Harvey David Hess SP Brenan Hanifee Zac Lowther Keegan Akin Yefri Ramirez SP Michael Baumann Matthias Dietz Cody Sedlock Alec Asher SP Cameron Bishop Jhon Peluffo Christian Alvarado Tanner Scott SP Gray Fenter Lucas Humpal Luis Lugo Jayson Aquino SP Nick Vespi Ofelky Peralta John Means Michael Kelly RP Brandon Bonilla Tyler Erwin Reid Love Lucas Long RP Reed Hayes Steven Klimek Luis Gonzalez Jimmy Yacabonis RP Cameron Ming Scott Burke Brian Gonzalez David Holmberg RP Zach Muckenhirn Jimmy Murphy Jesus Liranzo Ryan Meisinger RP Max MacNabb James Teague Andrew Faulkner Donnie Hart RP Max Knutson Tanner Chleborad Branden Kline Jeff Ferrell RP Zach Matson Francisco Jimenez Paul Fry Elvis Araujo RP Matt Trowbridge Mike Burke Jay Flaa Hunter Cervenka 1B Seamus Curran Ryan Ripken Alex Murphy Garabez Rosa 2B Alexis Torres Preston Palmeiro Adrian Marin Luis Sardinas SS Adam Hall Mason McCoy Chris Clare Engelb Vielma 3B Trevor Craport Collin Woody Jomar Reyes Drew Dosch C Jean Carillo Stuart Levy Andrew Susac Austin Wynns C Luke Ringhofer Daniel Fajardo Martin Cervenka Aubrey Perez UTIL Willy Yahn Alejandro Juvier Erick Salcedo Ruben Tejada UTIL Kirvin Moesquit Milton Ramos Ricardo Andujar Anderson Feliz RF Gerrion Grim Jake Ring Ademar Rifaela Austin Hays CF Lamar Sparks Ryan McKenna Joey Rickard Cedric Mullins LF TJ Nicting Cole Billingsley Josh Hart DJ Stewart OF Will Robertson Randolph Gassaway Mike Yastrzemski Jaycob Brugman DH Ben Breazeale Armando Ariaza Joe Maloney Aderlin Rodriguez I'm sure I probably missed someone, and I added an additional utility player (I know the active rosters need to be 25 people).
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    Check OH, new Cobb thread Check Rotoworld, nothing Check OH, new Cobb thread Check MLB trade rumors, nothing Check OH, new Cobb thread Check Twitter, nothing. Repeat. 😁
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    o OK ........ besides myself, who has gone to google and typed in the words "Alex Cobb" about 397 times over the past 72 hours since Lance Lynn and Jake Arrieta signed with other teams ??? o
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    Not good, but in my attempt to be an optimist, here’s a small silver lining. Jomar Reyes should get a couple months at 3B in AA, which is where I’d prefer him. Also since it’s his throwing arm, he should be able to get reps in the outfield and taking GBs, if they want to give up on the ill-fitting 3B experiment, this will be a good opportunity to get his glove reps at other positions.
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    Several years ago, Giancarlo Stanton was upset with the Marlins ( after the Reyes/Buerhle ro Toronto trade perhaps) Bryce Harper tweeted that Stanton should come play for the Nationals. To which Stanton replied that his last name was an anagram for Not Nats.
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    Your Mancini team would play .250 ball against team Machado.
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    I didn't find much fuel for Yankee-hating here. But I don't really need any --- my tank is pretty full, as usual.
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    True, but you have to admit it was a fantastic re-hijacking of the thread!
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    Shakeup could be in Orioles’ future Nick Cafardo - Boston Globe Olney
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    Here's a guy who could be that type of guy in the 2018 draft. Played his HS ball in Virginia, he's raised some eyebrows this spring as a starter, but he's probably a reliever as a pro. http://www.wakeforestsports.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/griffin_roberts_986778.html Look at this FB/SL combo Edit: Griffin Roberts looks like a 2nd round type, with a supplemental 1st to 3rd round range if I had to guess.
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    I like his politics. Not sure about his management style but can he be worse?
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    There is a decent chance that elite pitcher would have been Jordan Zimmerman.
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    I think somehow this thread has conflated two different guys -- Santander and Almanzar -- into one hybrid called Salmanzar.
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    Wrong question. It should be, "The April Gauntlet: Do the Yanks, Twins, Sox, Astros, and Indians Survive the Os?" The Orioles are going to be better than everyone on this site thinks. They are going to score runs, even against these teams, and I think the pitching will be MUCH better than last year.
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    I will get hammered every time he pitches
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    I have no opinion on whether it made it to Peter's desk, whether Peter is a working member of the ownership group or if he even goes to an office in the warehouse. I do actually know that the press did not report that it was on his desk for months. Only a stoking poster here did.
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    And the Orioles...............are in the "WYNNS" column!
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    I have been blabbering to Weams about Santander since I first saw him in Bowie last year. Guy is going to be great.
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