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    I keep seeing comments about trading or non-tendering Dylan Bundy. And I get it. He's not the ace we thought he was. He has no fastball and a long list of prior injuries and he gives up a lot of dingers. That said, I'm ready to move past what we hoped Bundy would be and just be glad we're getting what he gives us. Consider: 4 straight years over 100 innings. If all goes well the rest of the season, he'll eclipse 150 (hopefully more) the last 3 years. Has tried really hard to adjust how he pitches in order to get the most out of his current stuff. This year he's had to rework his repertoire at age 26 (!) and, all things considered, has found some success doing so. The ball, the park, and the lack of a ML outfield has certainly not helped, but he's doing what he can. Not many young pitchers will own up to the fact that he's going to have to find a way to get by without a good fastball. Credit to him. Hopefully he'll continue at his current rate and improve upon last years numbers. His WHIP, H/9, HR/9, and ERA have all fallen. His strikeouts and walks have gone slightly the wrong direction, but nothing crazy. He'll post his highest fWAR since 2017, currently at 1.4. For all the talk of his past injuries, they seem to be.. in the past? He's been pretty durable with his 3rd full season in the rotation and starting over 20 games. He should reach 30 or more again this year. Calm, "veteran" presence. He's been through a lot. Injuries, surgery, rehab, high draft pick expectations as a "savior", the playoffs, Buck, and now a rebuild. He's only 26 yet he's carrying a wealth of experience and doing it in a no-nonsense fashion. He takes the hill, he pitches with a plan, he stays in shape, and posts up. In a rebuild, that's honestly a huge value that I think gets underappreciated. Under control until 2022. Look, you're not going to get a whole lot in a trade for Dylan Bundy. I think there's more value to having him around and plugging him into the rotation than there is for the lottery ticket type of return you'll get for him. Maybe he goes on a real nice run and you can do him a solid and get him to a contender in the next year or two if the return is above average. If so, great. But that's not likely, and until the arbitration raises get too much to swallow, there's no rush to move him. He's a homegrown draft pick who is actually starting games! Wow! For all the failed homegrown starters like Matusz, Britton, Arrieta, Loewen, Hess, etc, here's a guy who actually made it here and is not a total dumpster fire on the mound. There's no 7 ERA, there's no 3 HR/9. Yes, he'll have a clunker now and then, but maintaining a low 5 ERA this season is actually (and sure, sadly) impressive. I dunno. I like the guy, I've decided. I appreciate his effort and quiet determination out there. I 100% expect him to be a part of this team next year and I think it's a good thing that he will be.
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    I think this excellent article should be read by all as it's more than just about the interesting strides that Toby Welk has made, but the technologies and teachings that are now available to Orioles minor leaguers. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-aberdeen-toby-welk-tom-eller-hitting-20190821-cndmryznjrdc7h5knufjnbxppm-story.html
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    I think a lot of the problems would be solved if MLB goes back to a neutral baseball that doesn't turn warning track pop flies into home runs. Home runs are being incentivized and you can't blame teams/players for taking advantage. Launch angle isn't going away, but I'm curious to see how Nunez or little Yaz profiles as a hitter if you make them start hitting baseballs from 2014.
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    4th most obsolete profession: magazine writer. Beaten only by pager manufacturer, phone book distributor, and Blockbuster Video store manager.
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    Mariano Rivera, Zach Britton, Josh Hader etc... most pitchers begin as starters. Converting them to relievers is pretty common based on either injury, ineffectiveness or need, I would say. That arm action is why his arm fell apart and was also responsible for his velocity. Elbow way above shoulder level and arm is upside down instead of upright, ball facing second base or first base. His arm is all twisted up. Just horrible. Harvey doesn't get his arm not up at footstrike and ball facing second base which indicates premature pronation of the arm and limits external rotation of the arm IIRC. I think I've heard it referred to before somewhere as the Tommy John twist as it puts unnecessary stress on the elbow and the shoulder. Not nearly as bad as Zumaya, but not good either and not hard to see where his injuries came from. I would also point out that this sort of thing was something pitchers used to be taught to do.. on purpose. I'm sure it still is in some circles because again, doing this stuff increases velocity while simultaneously increasing the chances of overloading and injuring the elbow and shoulder. It's basically a deal with the devil and this, IMO, is the problem with pitching today and why we see so many injuries to pitchers. It's amazing he hasn't lost any velocity and I hope I'm wrong, but I think this might be one of those bright flames that burn hot for a short time. I'm happy he's here and will enjoy every second he's here. That's what you want to see.
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    Thorne and Palmer are the very best. And I don't care how Thorne pronounces or doesn't pronounce names, I don't care that he sometimes misjudges how hard balls are hit. Golden pipes. Could listen to Thorne read a phonebook. Palmer is a knowitall but he's got a right to be. He's great to listen to, as well. I actually like Hunter on the radio, but the always sunny disposition on TV is intolerable. I feel bad saying this because I think he's a genuine good guy, but Bordick isn't good. And I'm being nice. He tries hard though. McDonald is fantastic. Carpenter and Santangelo are absolutely atrocious. If I happen to catch a Nats game, I'd almost prefer to mute it.
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    Fortunately, whatever deficiencies we have had in drafting, we have made up for by signing top quality free agents and international talent!
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    So the Orioles are already planning to shutdown Harvey for the year. 😁
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    This should be fun. Harvey has allowed 1 run in is last 7 outings covering 9 innings and striking out 15. In his last 2 outing of one inning each he stroke out the side. Kudos to eddie83 for posting it in another thread.
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    I'm pretty sure all major league velocity readings we now get in the stadium and on broadcasts are directly from statcast, so there's no more "jacked up" radar guns. Now the stadium displays and broadcast readings are rounded up, so a 97.5 to 97.9 will read 98, but statcast had him averaging 98.2 MPH on his fastball topping out at 99.6. During the broadcast Palmer stated he sat 94-96 but that was his starter's range. Since moving to the pen he's sat 97-99 as a reliever so he was right on his velocity range in his debut. Despite the extreme velocity, he has sink on his fastball which means his spin rate is pretty low and he'll work better lower in the zone than up, which is where he got hit a bit in the minors. If I have any concerns over his stuff is the lack of horizontal movement on any of his pitches. Though he does get slightly better vertical movement (7% better than MLB on fastball, 5% better on change), his horizontal movement (movement to or from a batter) was well below average on all of his pitches (take it with a grain of salt with the curveball since he threw one) -21% on fastball, -59% on change, and -26 on curveball.) Now part of the reason for the change having poor horizontal movement is the fact that it's a splitter basically. That should mainly move down vs horizontal but a splitter should have more vertical movement than his does so it kinda sits on the middle. Now all of these numbers are from just his first appearances, but they back up what I saw this year though his command was actually better Saturday then I've seen it so that tells me the moment wasn't too big for him and he actually bared down which is good for the future if you ask me. Overall though, it's hard not to like the miss he got and obviously the arm strength is special so he's the first real prospect that has come up this year and pitched out of the pen that I feel has a real chance of being part of a winning future.
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    Steve Melewski weighs in after a convo with DSL 1 manager, Felipe Rojas Alou, Jr., son of former MLB'er and black and oranger (SF Giants) Felipe Alou: "Alou talked about outfielder Isaac Bellony, who was signed last Aug. 20 at 16 out of the Dominican Republic and was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was signed to a $220,000 bonus. In 56 games, he is batting .255/.351/.410 with 13 doubles, a triple, six homers, six steals, 36 runs and 43 RBIs. “He’s a 17-year-old switch-hitting outfielder that can play all three positions,” Alou said. “Really goes and gets the ball out there and takes good jumps. Maybe a possible five-tool guy, but he’s just starting to develop. He has over 40 RBIs in about 200 at-bats and also has some pop. Pretty interesting season for a 17-year-old kid.” Also talks about Elio Prado, Stiven Acevedo Josue Cruz, @RZNJ's boy, and others many here have crowed about. My favorite "Oriole-to-be", Elio Prado, sounds like a table setter in 2022 and beyond (or perhaps the next Ozzie Albes?) Out of Caracas, Venezuela, Elio Prado is an outfielder originally signed by Boston on July 2, 2018. On July 13, the Orioles acquired him from the Red Sox, along with infielder Noelberth Romero, for pitcher Andrew Cashner. Prado has played in 25 games with the Orioles since the trade and is batting .289/.402/.367 with seven doubles, 13 runs and 12 RBIs. “Another 17-year-old kid, right-handed hitter. Kind of a leadoff, second hitter type of guy,” Alou said. “Runs well, puts the ball in play, uses the gaps. Really mature. Very good defensive player in center and gets good jumps.” Also lots of talk on the young pitchers contained below like: From Santo Domingo, R.R., lefty Jesus Chavez was signed by the Orioles in February 2019 by the new regime. In 13 starts, he is 2-4 with a 3.27 ERA. In 63 1/3 innings, he has allowed 60 hits, 20 walks, 53 strikeouts and a .250 average against. “He’s a 17-year-old lefty. Been a starter all season. He’s a command-type of lefty and not afraid to throw in and attack with his fastball,” Alou said. “Got a good slider. Getting a feel for a changeup. Good presence out there, under control and fields his position well.” A 17-year-old from Valencia, Venezuela, Angel Vargas was signed by the Orioles in April 2019. He pitched in his first game earlier this week and impressed Alou. Over two innings, Vargas allowed four hits and one earned run with no walks and five strikeouts. “He pitched Thursday for the first time, a right-hander. It was fun to watch him attack the zone and throw 90 to 92 (mph) with some movement,” Alou said. “Good composure for his first ever pro outing. He challenged hitters and that was very encouraging.” https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/08/a-look-at-the-orioles-improving-dominican-summer-league-program.html Lots of photos on instagram at @oriolesbeisbol.
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    I didn't realize that SI was still a thing.
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    The Orioles are launching a Birdland Membership preview for non-season ticket holders with two free tickets to any September game. Just sign up and pick your games, you will get one-game access to season ticket holder benefits. I haven't seen any marketing for this yet, just stumbled on it while trying to figure out when my next game tickets were.
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    Already bought my tickets for Saturday in Hagerstown.
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    To be fair, he's only business in the front.
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    I was at both games last night and while I'm no scout it looked like his curve was thrown for a lot of strikes and seemed to be his best pitch. The last inning was some bad luck. The 1st baserunner was a groundball to short that was beat out and the 2nd was a swinging bunt. He then got a K and was taken out. Gilmartin came in and promptly let both score. I was disappointed Akin didnt start game 2 but I just saw he was listed as the starter today so I'm heading back.
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    Looks like he has been promoted to Norfolk. He is listed as tonight's starter in Syracuse. https://www.milb.com/gameday/tides-vs-mets/2019/08/16/575990#game_state=preview,lock_state=preview,game_tab=,game=575990
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    o I just saw this on the news up here in New York State. My apologies if it there was a thread started about it before. A 9 year-old boy who is a Red Sox fan (Henry Frasca) wrote a sympathetic letter to Chris Davis when Davis had just gone 0-for-54 earlier this season. "Dear Mr. Davis, from Henry Frasca, a 9-year-old kid and diehard Red Sox fan," it begins. "There are two things I want you to know. First, the way you play baseball has nothing to do with how good a person you are. Also, you are incredible. You've played in the MLB. You've done it for a long time, and everyone goes through a slump. Don't give up. We're rooting for you." Davis held onto the letter, and earlier this week, Crush reciprocated Frasca's sympathetic letter by inviting him into the Orioles' clubhouse in Fenway Park prior to the Red Sox-Orioles contest on Friday. In addition to his trip into the Orioles' clubhouse, Frasca was allowed onto the field to catch/shag shagged fly balls in the outfield, and had a catch with Davis ......... he even went to the Orioles' Pre-Game show with Gary Thorne. Young Red Sox Fan Uplifts Orioles' Chris Davis During Slump with Heartwarming Letter (By Chris Bumbaca) https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/orioles/2019/08/18/mlb-chris-davis-hosts-young-red-sox-fan-henry-frasca-inspiring-letter/2045606001/ o
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    I don’t think we have anything to worry about there. The MASN agreement states two things very clearly: 1. Rights fees for the Nats and O’s have to be equal. 2. The O’s will always own at least 67% of MASN (their ownership drops by 1% per year until it reaches 67%). No arbitrator or Judge is going to ignore that. Also, while the total dollar amount of the new arbitration award is very similar to the previous award, the methodology for getting there is slightly different and more favorable for MASN/the Orioles going forward. In the first award, the rights fees were increasing substantially every year; in the second, they were increasing much more slowly. So, that second trend line favors MASN and the O’s in the years beyond 2016 that haven’t been decided yet.
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    Seems he's moving up to Delmarva...
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    I guess by September the weather isn't so awful, but I've been to fair number of Sunday day games in the summer and sitting in 90+ degree heat in the direct sun for four-plus hours isn't pleasant. I never understood why they wouldn't make more covered seats a design priority in stadiums. Ever since the beginning of time man has wanted to destroy the sun. Stadiums should do the next best thing: obscure it.
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    Zimmermann in line to pick up his first AAA win tonight after 7 strong innings against a first place Gwinnett team. Zimmermann allowed one run on 4 hits, while striking out 5 and walking 1 over 88 pitches.
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    I find the “right justified” format of your post ironic, since the subject of your post is a critique of shifts.
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    Daza threw 4 shutout innings with 6 strikeouts yesterday.
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    weams will eat this up, and so will Tony. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/08/using-the-eye-test-vs-defensive-metrics-for-richie-martin.html Basically Sig says the advanced metrics don’t account for positioning and in the world of shifting aren’t very useful. He exempts Statcast from that critique.
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    Exactly. The fact Gossage is saying this makes me deeply want to go watch six hours of home run derby. He's long been a parody of a crazy old man, shaking his fist at anyone under 65 and their newfangled ways, and wildly over-romanticizing everything from 50 years ago. Baseball doesn't have a problem that they've changed too much - they've changed too little and let the game naturally run away to places that logically make sense but are not fun to watch. Or at least relatively no fun to watch. Baseball is best, maybe all sports are best, when there are stark differences in philosophy warring it out in different ways for supremacy. Baseball was great when you had the Brewers hitting 200 homers and the Cardinals stealing 300 bases. Today's MLB has reached a point where everyone agrees with the optimal strategies, and everyone is trying to do exactly the same thing: and it's almost all homers and strikeouts. Athleticism and defense and baserunning probably mean less today than at any point in the sport's history. And superballs have made stadium architecture, at least in the context of historical norms, obsolete. Baseball needs to incentivize a diversity of strategies, which means doing what they hate: actively taking steps to fix things instead of letting everything run its course.
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    Home runs aren’t the root problem - strikeouts are. Pitchers throw harder, so it’s harder to make contact. So, they juice the baseball to avoid having teams averaging 3 runs a game. That encourages players to swing for the fences, which leads to even more strikeouts. Until they figure out a way to reduce the average velocity of pitches and then start deadening the ball, baseball will continue trending this way. So yes, part of these guys’ complaints reeks of Grandpa yelling at a cloud. They misunderstand why the game has changed. But they’re not wrong about it being less appealing to watch.
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    Baseball is like pizza and sex...even when it's bad, it's good. There's a place for analytics and I think anyone should want to have a deeper, better understanding of whatever they do no matter what their industry is. The part I agree with the old-timers is that it really has become home run derby every night and it's getting a little tiresome. And I'm not just saying that because our favorite team happens to be on the cusp of obliterating the HR allowed record for a team. It's not a well rounded game anymore, the speed element is almost all gone. Hardly any base stealing. It's home runs and strikeouts. And while I still watch as many games as I can, it's just...getting old. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on watching baseball anytime soon. But growing up, 20 homers in a season used to mean something and a home run was something kinda special. I think I saw the other day that full time players now average 22 homers a year. In that article, Rose tries to draw a correlation between the new style of the game and attendance being down, I don't think one has to do with the other. I've said before that the home viewing experience is now surpassing anything you can get at stadiums these days. NFL attendance is down, too. That said, I'm not a huge fan of the home run derby we watch every night.
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    Mountcastle hit his 22nd home run today, and more importantly (apparently), walked for the third time in his last 4 games. .312/.342/.521.
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    How bad would a guy have to be to not get a second chance on this team?
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    Just heard Bryan Harvey (former All-Star closer and Hunter's father) on 105.7 talking about watching Hunter live last night. He was obviously excited and thought Hunter looked good, though he was concerned that the splitter was not at the level it needs to be. Bryan also said it was notably better in AA, but has regressed a bit at AAA and last night. He went on to say that he'll help tweak it to get it where it needs to be, but these balls are much slicker than what he is used to. He also mentioned bad luck with injuries as part of the equation for what has delayed Hunter's progress. Cool interview.
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    Perseverance paid off. I'm so VERY happy for Harvey. Naturally, we all hope this leads to a nice career with us.
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    His name has come up on this thread a few times, but it's worth pointing out again that 17 year old shortstop Erison Placencia has been crazy consistent this season. Batted .364 in July. Batted .366 in August. His OBP has improved as he's drawing more walks, but as Luke has pointed out, DSL has lots of walks. It's better to show some patience with young, wild pitchers, but it's not a clear indicator of great plate discipline. In his last 10 games, he's walked 11 times and struck out just 3 times. I'm more impressed with his low K-rate, though, that probably coincides with his underwhelming power. He's been a single hitter this summer. Great having all of these young guys to follow in the DSL for what seems like the first time.
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    Can we stop the nonsense that Christian kids aren't likely to use steroids. It's balderdash. I really like The Athletic and I reread it, but there's an undertone, maybe from Jordan or Connolly (or both) that because he was a straight edge Christian kid, they didn't think he was capable of such. Bullcrap.
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    I had a ton of interaction with Joe Jordan during his time here, more than any there Orioles scouting director. Maybe not everyone remember this, but when I was out in Hawaii I was basically an associate scout for the Orioles Southern Californian area guy Gil Kubski in which I sent him reports on guys that I saw who came through and played out there including Tim Lincecum. I had many conversations at minor league stadiums with Joe before and after my time in Hawaii, so I have a pretty good understanding of what really went down. I have a ton of respect for Jordan as a person and a scout and as I remember things, the Hobgood pick was a little bit about several things, not just one reason. He's 100% truthful in saying that Angelos gave him the money to spend on the 1st round picks, but he didn't just get unlimited amounts and this was before the slotting system that we have now so players could hold out for much more money if they wanted. As I remember being told (not by Jordan), is that Joe had questions about the makeup of Zack Wheeler and particularly Tyler Matzek when it came to the amount of money they were going to want. They were the two others pitchers that he was considering with that pick. At the end of the day though, it was Hobgood's makeup and personality, and the fact that he knew he could get him signed for a reasonable amount that I believe sealed the deal for Joe to take a chance on the lesser known and liked by general consensus in the scouting community of the three. I also remember Joe telling me that he didn't think all three of those high school pitchers were that far apart when it came to potential. So if you think about it, if you think they are fairly close, why not take the kid with the best makeup and price tag? Since he didn't have unlimited funds, he felt the money could be spent on other high school overslot such as 11th round Mike Ohlman and 22nd round Cameron Coffey, each of who he gave around a million to (Can't remember there exact bonus). The fact that they both failed as well made the 2009 draft a gigantic bust for Jordan and the Orioles. So I would surmise that Jordan felt he could get Hobgood, Ohlman and Coffey for the price of Matzek or Wheeler, who both came down significantly on their asking price after being drafted. Because Jordan is such a high quality person, I'm sure it does bother him that he had such high profile bust picks as Hobgood and Rowell (I have a whole other story on the Rowell situation but I save that for another time if people are interested), but at the end of the day, the man is an outstanding elevator of talent and I learned a lot from him over the years I spent having conversations about scouting.
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    I did see that and it reminds me to be less harsh, and try to remember the Golden Rule. So I love you, Chris and I will try to be less harsh and less critical,
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    Hey at least they beat the Yankees. https://www.reddit.com/r/baseball/comments/ct2mgt/analysis_who_has_drafted_the_most_war_into/
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    Wednesday's Summary is up: http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/08/22/minor-league-game-summaries-8-21-2019/
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    That wasn't the purpose of my posting this information. I figured it was interesting at both the Oriole and ML as a whole level. If the O's had ranked 15th I still would have posted it.
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    You wouldn't want to qualify that with the fact that he had a couple of seasons where he was in the MVP conversation, then another three seasons where he was an average to average+ first baseman, before he collapsed to a point where almost anyone else would have been released? But his contractual situation meant that he was given far more rope than any comparably poor player. There have been millions of players, and even thousands of MLB players as bad as or worse than Chris Davis. They just didn't have a massive contract interfering with the decision-making process. Imagine if, say, Larry Sheets had signed a seven-year contract after 1987 that led to him being on the roster through 1992 or 1993. Chris Davis was a lot better than Larry Sheets.
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    1. Increase the young talent in the system 2. Build up the infrastructure and personnel necessary to increase the young talent in the system 3. Solidify the team's international presence so as to increase the young talent in the system 4. Send out some marketing stuff highlighting that the farm system has gone from, like, 36th in the majors to 12th in less than a year 5. Get a solid eight hours of sleep a night. You need your sleep.
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    I despise the phrase "April showers brings May flowers."
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