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    But I'm pretty proud of these guys so far. They battle. They have pitched reasonably well as starters.The pen has had some good moments..and we see some potential talent on the mound. I liked what I saw in Means yesterday, and Mancini continues to rake. I like the team speed and theres been some fine defensive plays. I still don't see this team ending up with an even respectable record...thats just my view. But its nice to watch those guys play hard and compete. Much to my pleasant surprise, I'm suddenly interested in this club and they are worth watching every day. Even Chris Davis came up big in the Red Sox series. Good to see. I'll take a split in Boston every time. Go O's!
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    It's a split in Boston and the O's have yet to lose a road series! Dan Straily: Great success. 5 strong innings of mostly weak contact, only 2 hits and 1 walk allowed, and got the win. This is the kind of stabilizing performance we hoped to see from Dan. In fact, maybe we can cautiously say the rotation is beginning to come around. Chris Davis: I will refrain from Bordick-isms, but it was nice to see the big man go deep. He sure relished that trip around the bases 😂. He's now nipping at Mullins' heels with a .086. Oh, and he broke another bat on his knee after a strikeout, which must be a very satisfying thing to be able to do and I'm jealous. Dwight Smith Jr.: Bounced into 2 double plays before going Super Sayan and deciding to drive in 4 runs with his second 2-run Pesky Pole Squeaker and a 2-run opposite field double in the 9th. Good for an even .800 OPS on the year. Gotta love this guy! Pull that lawnmower cord, young man. Renato Nunez: Speaking of finding good players on waivers, Renato continues to show that, yes, he's a Major League hitter, thank you very much. Slammed an RBI single off the monster and picked up 2 more hits, including a 2B. 3-5 on the day and his average is closing in on .300. That'll work! Trey Mancini: Ho hum, another two hit game with a double from the All Star RF. OPS hanging out at 1.101. 🤷‍♂️ Jonathan Villar: RBI single, SB, 2 BB, 2 R. Good fantasy line! Jimmy Yacabonis: He's getting a lot more trust to pitch in big spots this year and he's not disappointing. He's an expert gap-filler in all these 5 inning starts and he came up big again today, notching another scoreless outing over 1.1 IP. Paul Fry: Couple of really big outs. Can't say enough about Paul Fry, man. He and Jimmy are a steady duo out there. Phillips and Castro: 2 scoreless innings to end the game, and nice to see Castro have back-to-back scoreless outings. Perhaps he's coming around a little. The Red Sox: Consider the following: The Sox got beat at home on Patriot's Day by $500,000 Dan Straily who throws 90mph, the .086-hitting Chris Davis, two waiver claim guys who drove in 5 runs combined, and a bullpen consisting of Some Guys. All while inexplicably playing their catcher at 2B and Pearce in LF (who has actually played 2B) and generally looking goofy out there. And they're a game behind the O's. Yikes! Brandon Hyde: Attaboy Skip! Get your money's worth babayyyy!!! Mini 🌈s: So Ruiz is basically good for a walk per game, which is pretty cool. Sucre had a nice hit to go with a walk of his own. And Martin picked up two walks himself, which, whatcha doin Red Sox? Two double plays were turned, one started by Martin, the other by Villar. NO HOME RUNS ALLOWED
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    That was a nice hit and base running by Davis tonight.
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    How can you change the standings when there's a sign that says Please Don't Touch Bats?
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    Honestly, this is the kind of early season cherry picking that wildcard seems to do every year that just drives me nuts. The guy has a 5.31 ERA this year. He had a 5.28 ERA last year. His last two outings were 5.1 innings 3 ER and 5.0 innings 3 ER (that’s 5.23 ERA combined). So he groups those with the one good outing Cashner has had all year, ignores the bad one immediately before that, calculates a 3.31 ERA for those three outings and then says there’s “no reason to think that won’t continue.” In reality, there’s probably less than a 1% chance that will continue. Please don’t take this personally, wildcard. I think you’re an excellent poster, and the board wouldn’t be nearly as good without you. But the cherry picking of minuscule samples to try to reach some insanely optimistic conclusion detracts from that.
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    Stumbled on this today and it is pure gold. Maybe it belongs in the O’s history section eventually but hopefully folks will see it here and give it a read. Classic examples of how Jim Palmer remembers every pitch he ever threw. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/8883/prospectus-qa-jim-palmer/
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    The 20th game of the season was a pretty good extra-innings affair. It's the SLR Zone! Beat the Rays: Hey, that's hard to do! The Rays look like a juggernaut of analytics, wacky on-field strategy, ridiculous pitching, pristine defense, and excellent hitting. But for one night, we got 'em! Andrew Cashner: Don't look now, but he's the Orioles' most consistent starting pitcher. He looked good tonight, touching 96 mph with good location which resulted in 6 Ks over 5. Just the 2 ER to bring his era below 5.00. He's getting some run support this year, which is probably nice for him. 🦄Joey Rickard: Have a game Joey! He got on base 5 times on the night, going 4-5 with a double, 1 BB, and 2 RBI. Stole a base. Dove headfirst into 1B to beat the pitcher. Uniform was dirty as hell. He needed a good game and had one. .591 WPA to lead anyone who played in this game. His clutch RBI double in the 11th would seal the deal. He gets the first-ever SLR unicorn for his performance. It's like the game ball. But a unicorn. Pedro Severino: A moonshot! Good lord. If you haven't seen it, go find the highlight. Trey Mancini: Just another 3-hit, 1-walk night. With a double. It's almost boring how good he is. The OPS remains above the 1.000 line. Jimmy Yacabonis: He weaseled his way out of some deep fly balls and got subjected to a Brocail pep talk on the bench, but all told he put up another scoreless outing. Chris Davis: Arguably won them the game. A pinch-hit single and proceeded to hustle 1st to 3rd on Ruiz's single. He looked like he might keel over in the process, but he got there. He would be the winning run on Rickard's RBI double. Davis is now hitting above .100. Cedric Mullins: Despite another tough night at the plate, he made a huge diving catch in the 11th inning for the 2nd out, which looked to be a sure hit almost all the way. Closing speed! John Means: How huge has this guy been? Fastball touched 94 and the changeup is anywhere from 75-81. 2 scoreless in extra innings to shut down the Rays. 4 Ks! Rio Ruiz: I'm gonna give one to Rio just because I like his game. 2-6 including the clutch hit 2-out hit that got Davis to 3rd in the 11th. Overall this season he's been hanging in there with a .224/.333/.362, which is a nice improvement on his 2017 numbers, which was the last time he got significant AB (150) in the ML. His 14.5 BB% leads the team. Richie Martin: First ML RBI! A solid single to CF. He went to 2nd on the throw, but got hung up thinking about going to 3rd. Hey that's ok Richie. Stay aggressive babe! Mini 🌈s: Smith double and RBI sac fly, RBI single for Nunez. Hey those would normally be their own bullet points, but that's how good the O's were in this one. Road record: 7-6 Back to Baltimore!
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    I watched his 2nd start and although the results weren't nearly as good as his first outing, I'm not sure if there is another player in the system who is raising his prospect stock as much as Baumann. Baumann lived in the low 90s last year, couldn't command his fastball well, had trouble staying behind the ball. The slider was good at times, but the curveball and changeup weren't good and weren't thrown as competitive pitches with any frequency. Yesterday, Baumann lived 94-96 with ride up in the zone, but also was able to spot it in the lower corners (got squeezed on a few there IMO). He was staying behind the ball, more like his Aberdeen debut, but with better velocity and command. The slider was good and the curveball was much improved, he was throwing it harder and it had sharp late break. He didn't command the curveball well, but it looks like a potential weapon against LHB, especially since the changeup is more of a show me pitch than an out-generator. He also threw some hard (88-89) cutterish pitches. It looks like a distinct pitch separate from his mid 80s slider. The stuff was very good, by far the best I've seen from him (and I saw him live 2x last year + a couple video looks in 2017, 2018 and in college).
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    The O's are 6-9 (nice). Chris Davis: HE DID IT. No squibbers or dying quails to be found here, either. He went 3-4 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI. All balls struck were in the high 90-mph range off the bat. Great day for Chris and I'm happy for him. Andrew Cashner: Another solid outing good enough to get him the win. In the meaningless stat department, his 3 wins lead the majors. He's finally getting a little run support this year, too. Any decent start is a good one for this pitching staff and his ERA drops to 5.31. Rio Ruiz: A nice game for Reezy, who has a 2-run single that seemed to confuse the bejesus out of Boegarts. He also walked again, and has 7 on the year in only 41 AB, good for a .327 OBP despite the .220 average. Keep running him out there. Rentao Nunez: Nunie notched 2 RBI himself and collected 2 hits. He looks like a capable ML DH to me, and I think it's cool that we have him. Dwight Smith Jr: Feel like I could write this guy's name each game because he usually does something good. This time it was 3 walks. I just think 3 walks is cool. Mychal Givens: Yes. That's what we're talking about. 4 Ks over 5 outs and no nonsense. He shut them the heck down to secure the win. Attaboy Mike. Errors: 0 Hits: 13 Red Sox: In 4th place behind the O's. Mini 🌈s: Nice DP from Yac to get out of a tough spot, Scott's scoreless 0.2 IP, Mullins a hit and walk, Mancini 2-5 with a walk, Severino threw out his 3rd would-be base stealer. Let's see what's in store this afternoon.
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    Featured on MLB.com as Orioles "closer of the future". https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-s-best-prospect-relievers Zach Pop, RHP, Orioles' No. 20 (Double-A Bowie) One of the five prospects acquired from the Dodgers in last summer’s Manny Machado trade, Pop stands out for his plus-plus sinker that he throws in the mid-90s from a lower arm slot. It enables him to induce grounders at an elite rate, as his 65.8 percent ground-ball rate in 2018 was the sixth-best mark among Minor League hurlers (60 IP min.). He pairs his heater with a power slider, and together they make him lethal on right-handed hitters. Through 4 appearances at Bowie, 6.1 IP, 2H, 0 BB, 7K, 0 runs allowed. So far so good.
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    Both were never highly rated prospects in their respective systems, but worked their way up the ladder, made it to the majors, and in the case of Kuechel, has had a ton of success despite lacking dominant stuff. Both are lefties that have good control/command and great changeups, and so far from what I’ve seen from Means, he’s not scared out on the mound. He has some moxie and poise, just like Kuechel. I love how he stood up to Yandy Diaz after he threw up and in on him, Yandy shot him a dirty look, and Means said “What are you looking at?” to him with a serious face. Then Means proceeded to strike him out on the next pitch. It was a thing of beauty! Kuechel ended up becoming a major part of the Astros’ success during their rebuild, and the Orioles are in the early stages of their rebuild right now. Maybe I’m just excited after watching Means close out this game against the Rays, but in general, I’ve been very impressed with him so far this season. If the Orioles have any luck at all, Means will become that unexpected top of the rotation type of starter that the Astros ended up getting with Kuechel unexpectedly. I’m not suggesting Means will win 20 games and become a Cy Young winner, but I don’t see any reason why he can’t become a staple of the rotation for many years to come based on what he’s shown me so far.
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    5.2 IP, 81 pitches, 4 H, 8 K, 1 BB, 1 ER. Through nearly 17 innings, Rodriguez has an ERA or 0.52.
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    Larry Bigbie played when Rochester and then Ottawa were the Orioles' affiliates. He never played a single home game in Norfolk.
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    This is so refreshing from Hyde and why I respect him a lot. When Flores made that bad send, Hyde said, "I bet this one Jose would like to have back." In the past, Buck would have turned it around on the media and made them act like it was a dumb question, and then he would have made some excuse about being aggressive and blah, blah, blah. Hyde o the other hand did not throw his third base coach under the bus but did suggest that the Flores might have made a bad send. Guess what, it's ok to admit when you or someone on the team, including coaches makes a mistake. No one is perfect. Other than when he's had to tiptoe around the Davis situation, Hyde has been pretty straight forward from what I've seen. I like that a lot.
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    As others have pointed out, the issue is a lack of great options. Mullins at least is providing good defense in center field. However, the best option could be Mason Williams if he can keep it going in AAA. He's slashing .391/.429/.565/.994 over his last seven games. He looks decent defensively and has 67th percentile speed so should be decent enough in CF. Williams, 26, slashed .293/.331/.398/.729 in 132 PAs with Cincinnati last year but his 85.4 EV (ML avg is 87) and 7.3 launch angle suggests a below average bat overall. At the major league level, the the only real option is to move Rickard into center, but is Rickard really much of an upgrade offensively against right-handers? Since his two triples game, Mullins has slashed .042/.148/.042/.190 over eight games and 28 PAs. He's become an extreme pull hitter this year so sending him back with the focus of hitting to all fields again might be the best way to get him back on track.
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    I think he can handle either just fine. Just one play but you can see how quick his transfer and release are.
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    Tonight was interesting. Between not knowing if I was going to go to the fact that the stadium was pretty much empty (come on people!) After watching the Baysox get no-hit on their Home Opener, I figure tonight should go better. It did (the Baysox didn’t get no hit!), but they still lost despite a late rally. Seat for tonight was first base side behind the Baysox dugout, last row of the actual “seats” in the bowl. Ended up with the 3rd out ball from the top of the 8th. The two stars for the Baysox? Rylan Bannon and Austin Wynns. Both had great games with the bat and were the only two Baysox players that made solid contact. Wynns: Definitely played like a MLB player. Went 2-5 with a flair single to center with the bases loaded and 2 outs to score 2 before coming around to score to tie the game later. Had a sharp single through 3rd/short in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs to keep the rally going. Had a strike out on a check swing in the dirt and just couldn’t hold the bat back. Worked the count full on it. The other two at bats (first and second at bats) were fly balls dead center and just to the right of dead center, respectively. If he pulled the first one 15 feet to the left and the second one 25 feet to the left, both would be home runs. The center fielder had to make a running grab at the wall for the first one. Defensively, he did good blocking the pitches low. Blocked a wild pitch late that the runner advanced on and he didn’t throw, which was a smart choice. Runner was going to third on the wild pitch, which was blocked towards first. Wynns momentum was taking him away from 3rd when he got the ball. Because it was so empty tonight, I noticed something interesting that probably happens all the time, but isn’t heard due to the crowd: On a ground ball to 1st that took Brockmeyer away from the bag, Wynns yelled “COVER Z, COVER!” to Zimmerman because Zimmerman didn’t move towards first right away. Brockmeyer waved Zimmerman off (he wouldn’t have made it anyway) and raced to the bag, barely getting the runner. Bannon: As Luke pointed out, his pre-swing approach has changed. He shortened up and it is making that bat dangerous for opposing pitchers. He completely smoked a ball to left that went over the left fielders head for a double. The ball was hit on a line and was rising as it was getting out there. Also had a hit to left that he turned into a double with his hustle. Close play, but he was busting out of the box and down the line. Had an error that allowed the first run of the game. Ground ball to short, tossed to him and he sent the throw to first extremely wide and towards the outfield side. Brockmeyer is a tall guy and couldn’t get a glove on it. Ball ended up in the camera well/dugout, allowing the runner that had been on 2nd to score. Had a GREAT bunt for a base hit in the 8th, pushing it between the pitcher and 3rd. Got a single in the 9th to score McKenna and make it a 1 run game. His bat has come to life this season and he needs to keep it up. Clare: Nothing really with the bat, but was playing 3rd tonight. Had a very good backhand grab on a sharp hit in the first and made a strong throw to 1st (chest high.) Had a slightly less challenging ground ball a few innings later, but again, had a strong throw (chest high.) Glove and arm are going to be his high points. Needs to step up with the bat. McKenna: Patient tonight at the plate and worked the counts. Made the play of the game in center. Sharply hit ball to the fence. McKenna was at medium depth about. The ball was a line drive towards right center (closer to center) and McKenna caught it on a dead sprint, outstretched arm, almost over the shoulder and crashed into the fence. This is the type of play you see on StatCast that has a >90% hit/extra base hit probability. McKenna is that 10%. Nichting: Good throw from left to second to nab a hitter attempting to stretch a single. Not much at the plate. That’s it for the position players. No one else did anything good at the plate or was memorable there, or in the field. Bruce Zimmerman Started off with 3 perfect innings. Wasn’t overpowering (only 2 strike outs in 6 innings) and had 0 walks. Pitched to contact and only allowed 3 hits. Unfortunately, an error led to a run, which became earned because he allowed a LONG home run to Jake Rogers that hit the scoreboard. The radar gun wasn’t displaying anything tonight, but he was making Wynn’s glove pop. Couldn’t tell much about his breaking pitches due to seat location. Tanner Chleborad: Scattered some hits in 2 innings and allowed a run, before coming back out for the 9th. Didn’t know why they were doing that, even though the game was tied. Love Chleborad, but he isn’t a 3 inning guy and it showed. In the 9th, he allowed a single on the first pitch, then Jake Rogers crushed his second home run of the night over everything in left. Bounced back with a ground out, walk, then fly out before being removed with 2 outs. He did good keeping hitters off balance, as only 2 balls were hit hard in the first 2 innings he worked: The ball to center that McKenna got and a LONG foul ball. He got a lot of “very early” swinging fouls that ended up in the Erie dugout. A reliever to keep an eye on, especially if they limit him to 1 inning stints. Dillion Tate: Came in to close the top of the 9th, getting a fly ball to center for the 3rd out. Asked him after the game if he is a reliever or a starter and he replied “whatever they need me for, I’m there.” Nice guy, even when an autograph collector called him “Pedro” (Aruajo) before the game since he was wearing a sweatshirt and he said “sorry man, I’m not Pedro.” Hunter Harvey and Marcos Molina were charting tonight. When he came out of the clubhouse and was walking up the grassy hill to the walkway, there was a mini rush of people going to him. Harvey is usually tough to talk to, let alone get an autograph from. Not because he is a d*ck or anything, he just has that type of personality that he doesn’t like attention. But he signed today for them and was somewhat talkative with them. He also got through it without blowing out his UCL. Pretty sure only 3 people in the stadium knew that the other guy was Marcus Molina, with both me and him being 2 of them. Overall, the same issues that are plaguing Baltimore are plaguing Bowie. Most of the lineup being nothing but filler in the batting order, one guy being all glove, and a couple of players collecting 6 of the teams 8 hits and driving in all 5 runs. The starting pitcher having 1 bad inning that ruins things and the bullpen being misused which caused more runs to score, before a late rally that falls just short. I’ll be back to Bowie. Hopefully they can win atleast 1 game I attend.
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    And to add insult to injury, I'm calling out freakin Vasquez and Co. for stepping out after every frickety pitch! And oh yes Benintendi, the golden boy from Arkansas who never does anything wrong, with his little baby wasting time after hitting his ankle (armed with ankle guard) and whining his way up and down the base path!!!!!! 😩
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    I’m more than a casual fan, but not the stat driven fan like many here (just no time in a busy life) and I’m probably one of the least versed here on OH about how analytics and the modern tech advances have quickly become part of the coaching. I pick up what I can from you guys who know more and spend more time on it. I did a search and didn’t see this posted anywhere here, so if I am mistaken, my apologies. But this article in Sports Illustraed from a couple of weeks ago gives me a bit of hope regarding the development of our pitchers and hopefully correcting the ones who are already up here and struggling (like the subject here, Bundy). There’s a good bit about how The Astros were early adopters here with the super slow motion HD cameras and measuring devices, but also how The Dodgers have surpassed them. It notes what other teams are now deep into this, how other teams are playing catchup, and there’s also a bit on how Elias’ history and where he hopes to go with this in Baltimore. Lots here about the spin rate, release point, least and most effective pitches vs. specific batters, and overall body angles being coached, corrected and executed in bullpen sessions. Let’s hope this kind of thing is well underway with the Orioles. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/03/28/technology-revolution-baseball-trackman-edgertronic-rapsodo ”Houston has been recognized as such a successful early adopter that clubs playing catch-up—such as the Angels, Orioles and Braves—hired away more than 20 executives, coaches and analysts from the Astros in just the past five months. “The gap has narrowed,” said one source from a large market club, “but we know how to use it. A lot of teams have it but don’t know how to use it, like the Marlins. They just know they have it. They don’t know what that camera does. They’ve captured [the video]. But they haven’t hired the people to interpret it, apply it to the coaches, then apply it to the players.” ... Under new GM Mike Elias, who was part of Houston’s brain drain, the Orioles hold “spin axis seminars” for pitchers—something the Astros were doing four years ago. Elias was Houston’s scouting director when, in the 2016 draft, the Astros, with the 17th overall pick, selected Forrest Whitley, a high school pitcher from San Antonio. Whitley happened to pitch a high school playoff game in Round Rock, Texas, home of Houston’s Triple A team. The Astros turned on their ballpark’s pitch-tracking device, Trackman, and learned that Whitley had an abnormally high spin rate on his four-seam fastball, a characteristic of the pitch that makes it harder to hit Since he signed, Whitley has thrown virtually every pitch in games, bullpen sessions and sometimes even in flat-ground throwing sessions with the Edgertronic, Trackman or Rapsodo watching. Whitley, 21, is now the best pitching prospect in baseball, as well as the prototype of a generation fully immersed in technology. “I have friends in all these other organizations, and I tell them I do not throw a bullpen without Rapsodo and Edgertronic, and they think that’s the craziest thing in the whole world,” he says. “I’ve grown up in this organization, and that’s all I’ve known. So it’s hard to imagine getting anything done without them.”
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    2019 AFTER 16 GAMES, 600 PA, 49 WALKS 138 K's, 122 HITS, 6 WINS, 10 LOSSES 2018 AFTER 16 GAMES, 627 PAS, 53 WALKS, 177 K'S, 122 HITS, 5 WINS 11 LOSSES
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    I'd rather watch Martin hit than watch Beckham field. We sure do turn a lot of double plays. #perspective
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    Good. Vibes. ONLY. David Hess: Mr. Reliable went out and did it again, pitching into the 6th inning and only giving up 3. Did not give up a walk. You have to be pretty pleased with his work so far, especially considering the state of the pitching staff. It's also just nice to see a homegrown guy just be solid. Forget developing an ace for a second, even this level of solid pitching is welcome from an Orioles pitching prospect. Renato Núñez: Dang! That was a BOMB. Renato hits a deeeeep 2-run shot, his second of the year. Seriously, check out the highlight: https://www.mlb.com/video/renato-nunez-homers-2-on-a-fly-ball-to-left-center-field-trey-mancini-scores Dwight Smith Jr.: Pesky pole! A 2-run shot, his second. He's got a respectable .748 OPS for a guy that was dumped on waivers, especially considering he's good defensively and can swipe a base now and then. Speaking of defense, he had a nice catch against the wall: https://www.mlb.com/video/smith-jr-s-catch-at-the-wall Hanser Alberto: Need to break up a no-hitter? Hanser's the answer. Chris Davis: Hit a ball that should be a hit almost 100% of the time (.970 XBA). 🤷‍♂️ Trey Mancini: Just wanted to call out his walk and double and the continued solid play. He's now seeing 4.08 pitches per PA in the early going and sporting a .383 OBP. Another Comeback: Didn't get many hits but they did make them count and for the second game in a row managed to force a save situation in the 9th. That's pretty much the definition of a silver lining. Let me know what I missed! And remember, if you're here to be objectively critical about what they should have done better, this ain't it chief! Have a great Saturday, y'all.
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    Gameday is messed up again. Says Chris Davis got a hit.
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    o The O's have been terrible since the final 3 and-a-half weeks of the 2017 season ........ just sayin'. o
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    o This is the kind of crap which pisses people off, and numerous other posters have already told you why. For the 29th time ....... those posters (and myself) have objected to your inane and absurd thread and contention that the owners and GM of the team hold a press conference 2 weeks into the season of a rebuild. Countless people have criticized Angelos and Duquette when they were here, and they will no doubt criticize Elias in his tenure. To portray the board-at-large as "taking it personally" and/or say that they are blindly defending them is an out-and-out lie. Unfortunately, I took the bait of you painting yourself as the poor, persecuted martyr of the OH. If you want to believe that (essentially) the entire board is a bunch of apologists for the ownership/GM and that you are the only one here who has the temerity to be critical of them, go right ahead. o
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    I didn’t want to make too much orogresss this year. Looks like I don’t have much to worry about. Wow.
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    Keep that Chris O'Leary BS out of here.
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    I think people are too in love with his SEC performance. If he sit 91-93 as a starter, he won't be one, the fastball is too hittable there and I don't think he has the level of command of his other pitches to get ahead without it. I think he's a solid prospect with a good chance to be a reliever of some value and there is a chance for as much as mid-rotation upside if he can hold mid 90s, command his offspeed better, improve the changeup. Those are pretty big ifs though, so people who are assuming that he's a future rotation staple are getting ahead of themselves.
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    This year, mostly because I think DJ Stewart is MLB ready and wasting his time in AAA. By that I mean he needs to show signs of improvement by June, better contact quality mostly, I'm ok if the overall line is poor but trending up.
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    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
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    I don’t agree at all. It’s relatively close by, and I’ve heard the facility is very nice. It’s pitcher friendly; so what? It’s not like an intelligent person is incapable of understanding that a .750 OPS in Norfolk might be .810 somewhere else. I’m pretty sure Elias and Mejdal are smart enough to figure out how performance at Norfolk will translate elsewhere.
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    I’ll say this: Sucre has a good arm. There are times when he frames pitches well. But overall, I don’t see that he’s made any material difference in the quality of the pitching. Back to Swihart, I’ve never much liked him. He’s a better hitter than Sucre or Severino, but that’s not saying much. His defense always struck me as lackluster. I’d be completely ambivalent about picking him up on a waiver claim.
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    Start #2 against the Red Sox. FB: 88-91 that was hit around MLB avg (87.5 EV avg). 1 Swinging strikes in 42 pitches SL: 82-85 that didn't miss any bats in 10 pitches. (100.3 EV) CH: 83-85 that got 7 swinging strikes on 32. (84.3EV) It appears the Orioles adjusted Strailey and had him use his changeup much more than his slider, which at least through his first two starts with the Orioles is his worse pitch that misses the least amount of bats and gets hit the hardest.
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    I saw the same quotes on twitter and respectfully disagree. The ball was right down the line and I think he was watching if it was fair or foul. No problem with it...
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    Since starting with an alarming rate, His K-per has settled down as of late. He swung: the EV was 108; He gazed and dropped his bat at the plate.
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    1) Sorry, @bobmc , it's Paul !! The only reason they kept recording the last couple years was because of Paul. In fact, post-Beatles, I'd put George ahead of John. Don't get me started on how vastly overrated "Imagine" is compared to "Blackbird." The former, unfortunately with a heavy dose of wacky Yoko pseudo-philosophy, has achieved paean status amongst the uneducated. 😉 2) Mary Ann - eight days a week.
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    They obviously aren't 2 ERA and 3.30 ERA good. Hess has a 5.10 FIP, he was ranked where he was for me because I projected him as a reliever without the type of swing and miss stuff to be a high leverage type. I don't have any significant evidence he's better than that yet, although he has seemed to hold his velocity better so far. Means was ranked the way he was because he projected as swingman/long relief type. The development of the increase in changeup usage/effectiveness may warrant a bump. Means by the way has a 4.47 FIP. He has limited contact quality somewhat, so maybe he's a 4 ERA guy if you limit his times through a line-up to 2, but I think that's probably still on the optimistic side of the spectrum. Final note, I don't agree with the notion that the system is a bottom of the barrel system. I think a lot of that talk is people creating a narrative (see Keith Law's ridiculous ranking), I think it's a middle of the pack system that may have been higher on a talent perspective but been held back by less than optimal player development.
  48. 3 points
    Manny's rep is self-inflicted, no need to read more into than that. A headline which reads "Adam Jones on Manny Machado’s rep as a dirty player: Race is ‘one hundred percent’ a factor" is also a "way to get clicks."
  49. 3 points
    I just want to say congrats to Chris Davis on his 3-5 Day with 2 doubles and 4 RBI's. Way to CRUSH the ball. Couldn't be happier.
  50. 3 points
    Not necessarily, my dear Underground. Have you never heard the curious tale of Dr. Buckle and Mr. Hyde?
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