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    https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/tht-annual-2018/the-state-of-scouting/ by Eric Longenhagen This article raised my curiosity about the O's scouting organization and personnel. I reviewed the 2018 Orioles Media where all of their scouts are pictured with their titles and assignments. I had thought that the personnel and the characteristics of the scouting organization were set by the Scouting Directors -- in the O's case, on the professional side, Patrick Di Gregory and on the amateur side Gary Rajsich. I'm now uncertain about that assumption given Steve Melewski's response to my inquiry regarding the recent hiring of professional scouts Rich Amaral and Doug Witt. Rich Amaral was hired after the June draft but before the non-waiver trade deadline and will be used in a hybrid role, with focus on amateur and professional special assignments, and will serve as basestealing instructor. Doug Witt also will be used in multiple roles, with an emphasis on pro scouting. Steve "guessed" that Amaral and Witt were hired by Dan Duquette. The 2018 Orioles Media Guide lists the following personnel as scouting related: Professional Administration Patrick Di Gregory - Director, Professional Scouting & Special Projects Bill Wilkes - Coordinator, Advance Scouting Ben Sussman-Hyde - Video Coaching/Advance Scouting Assistant Major League Scouts Dave Engle Jim Howard John Stockstill Professional Scouts Dave Machemer Justin Prinstein Ron Schueler International Scouts Joel Bradley - Latin America Calvin Maduro - Latin America Ji-Young Koo - Pacific Rim That's 6 scouts on the professional side plus the 2 recent hires and 3 on the international side. Amateur Administration Director, Scouting - Gary Rajsich Special Assistant to the EVP, Scouting - Danny Hass Special Assistant to the EVP, Scouting - Matt Hass Director, Pacific Rim Operations - Mike Snyder Assistant Director, Scouting - Brad Ciolek Scouting Administrator - Hendrik Herz Amateur scouting is apparently organized geographically. Area Supervisors David Blume - West Coast Jim Richardson - Lower Midwest Ernie Jacobs - Upper Midwest Kirk Frederiksson - East Coast Special Assignments Wayne Britton Area Scouts (see if you can guess which 2 are probably already gone) Dean Albany - Mid-Atlantic & Cross Checker Kelvin Colon - South Florida, Central Florida, Puerto Rico Adrian Dorsey - Kentucky, Ohio, Tennesee, West Virginia Thom Dreier - Southern Texas Dana Duquette - New England, New Jersey, New York Dan Durst - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin John Gillette - Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming Ken Guthrie - North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas David Jennings - Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Northwest Florida Arthur McConnehead - Georgia, Northern Florida, Central Florida Rich Morales - North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia Mark Ralston - Southern California Nathan Showalter - Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia Scott Thomas - Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, The Dakotas Brandon Verley - Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Western Canada Scott Walter - Central California, Hawaii Apparently no area scout coverage for Northern California, Northern Texas, Alaska, and Eastern Canada. That's 21 amateur scouts. Checked the media guides for the AL East's # of scouts: NYY - Professional = 18; International = 24 Amateur = 25 BOS - Professional = 13; International = 28 Amateur = 32 TOR - Professional = ??; International = ?? Amateur = ?? TBR - Professional = ??; International = ?? Amateur = ??
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    That's nice and everything but what's his time to the plate?
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    Your sweeping statements about about police are absurd and I'm embarrassed for you. The people who are out of control in Baltimore and Chicago are the drug dealers and gangs, but yeah, say it's all the cops. Do us all a favor and next time you need us, don't call us. Take your chances and feel safe with the good citizens of Baltimore to help you out in times of need.
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    So many people want to bash Cal Ripken, Jr. for his broadcasting transgressions in the 2012 playoffs. But people—that was Carl Ripken, Jr. who said all that nonsense about Brooks and A-Rod.
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    You, along with a few others are missing the point. Regardless of how you feel about the riots, and we won't get into politics here, what can't be denied is how the reputation of the city was hurt by them. Whether you or others feels less safe, the reputation of the city is that it's an unsafe place. How many other major sports teams had games cancelled, moved, or played with no fans due to security concerns near there stadium due to rioting or as you called it, civil unrest? Now, more and more people are limiting their Baltimore City time because of being harassed by homeless, squeegee kids, or mobs of teenagers who have randomly attacked strangers. By the very nature of your statement, I agree with you that violence against normal law abiding citizens is the exception rather than the rule. The problem is the perception and reputation of the city is hurting. I wish it wasn't so because as I've said multiple times, I consider Baltimore my city. I love my city and want it to be a safe, prosperous place for not only visitors, but for all Baltimoreans and surrounding Baltimore area suburbanites to visit often. But it's going to take a change in city leadership to really make a difference.
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    I'm going to lock this thread now. If anything happens with the Mesa brothers or Gaston, start a new thread please.
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    I think you’re being harsh on Adam, personally. He’ll get a four year deal somewhere.
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    Villar actually had a 2.7 WAR in 2018. The 1.3 was just from his time with the Os. A very nice 2018 season for the 27-year old.
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    First off, I didn't say "it's all the cops" nor did I make "sweeping statements" about anyone. I provided links to the things I was referring to. You're creating strawmen in an emotional tirade and attacking them. Nice that you would reinforce my feelings about it all by saying "don't call us next time you need us" in the midst of your rage as if you would choose not to help someone based on a difference of opinion or viewpoint with that person. All of that sounds far more embarrassing for you if you really believe that and all over a bunch of things I never even said. Sounds exactly why I don't trust the police as much as I should. Anyway, since someone eluded to a thread being locked for talking about Baltimore City (which I was not aware of), so I will cease discussion on the topic now. I blame the Mesas for taking their time signing with someone.
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    Last year ave. MLB OPS for SS.733, Not far off from Beckham's career .728. Last year he played out of position and recovered from abdominal surgery, but the second half still managed .250 .313 .441 .754
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    Buck. Colby walked out halfway thru dinner.
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    Surprise Saguaros @ Glendale Desert Dogs Went to the game at the Desert Dogs' home field, Camelback Ranch. Sat behind a long-time pro-scout (currently with the Dodgers) -- so that I could view his speed gun readings. Maybe, I should set up a GoFundMe account to subsidize the purchase of all of the scouting paraphernalia -- speed gun, millisecond timer, player handbook, scout's ID badge, etc. Fielding was much crisper than I viewed on Tuesday, but the pace of play was tedious as many of the pitchers were uncertain of the location of home plate. Speaking of pace of play, the AFL is a testing ground for many rule changes. I believe the current rules being employed are already enforced in the minor leagues. A timer is displayed on the scoreboard for the inning break time limit of 2:05. The batter is to be in the batters box by 1:45. The batter is not permitted to leave the batters box between pitches -- I saw a first (for me) today; a strike was called on the batter for stepping out the batters box. The pitcher can take no longer than 15 seconds from the time the ball is returned to him to begin his motion to the plate or start his stretch setup. Mound visits are limited to 6 in 9 innings and I saw another first today as Glendale exhausted their quota. I missed another first as I left after 9 innings and the AFL employs starting extra innings with a runner at 2B. Unfortunately, Vlad Jr. did not play. However, a few of the O's farmhands did and a couple of them looked good. Lefty Chris Lee is again looking like a prospect. With the bases empty he threw from a decent windup and he picked a runner off 1st by quickly stepping off the rubber and sidearming an accurate throw to first base. He throws with a 3/4 slot and from the extreme 1B side of the rubber. He consistently hit 95mph with an occasional 96mph. I saw a couple of sharp sliders and an especially good one breaking down and away to a LH hitter to record 1 of his 2 K's. Though he only threw half of pitches for strikes, he tossed mostly 1st pitch strikes , was squeezed a bit and walked 3. The only semi-hard hit ball was a liner to the 2B who leaped, caught it and then dropped it over his back shoulder. He forced 3 pop fly outs, 2 punchouts and the pickoff. I was surprisingly impressed with Lee. Ryan McKenna led off and played center. Just a few unchallenging plays in the field and he showed a good arm and excellent speed on the bases. Calm at the plate and he didn't looked overmatched, even on his 2 strikeouts -- one swinging at a high/outside strike and another looking at a closely called breaking pitch. Patient and fouling off pitches, he reached the 3-2 count in 3 at bats and his 2 hits were sharply struck. He alertly scored from second as his teammate reached safely at 1B on a close play. Liked what I saw from McKenna. Saw Jay Flaa (pronounced flaw?) for the first time. Not charged with a run but allowed inherited runners to score. Saved from further damage by good fielding plays behind him. Faced 10 batters - 3 hits, 4 walks and all batted balls (including the outs) were struck sharply. 92mph on the fastball. Threw only 1/3 of his pitches for strikes. Tyler Erwin made his second appearance after a one day rest. Was unbelievably wild. In working one full inning, he threw less than half of his 38 pitches for strikes to 8 batters, missing badly a lot. Though only charged with one run, he allowed inherited runners to score. No pitches were hit fair during his appearance. He walked 3, hit 2 and struck out 3. Ugly -- other than that, he showed the same as when I first saw him on Tuesday.
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    If you go to Angel Hernandez's house on October 31 (or any other time) and ask him "Trick or treat?" he may get confused and make the wrong call.
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    I hope the infatuation with rule V picks is over.
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    I admire the optimism, but I'll believe it when I see it. I'd be super impressed if they'd $#*!can Brady, that'd be a good starting point. But as long as Brady can fail upwards in this dumpster fire of an organization, I'm not getting my hopes up.
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    I wonder if we’ll start seeing some activity this week. Looking back at our last GM search, Jerry Dipoto interviewed on October 18 and Tony LaCava on October 19.
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    Well, whenever they have a plan for the year, SS will be on a long list.
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    It seems that this thread has been hijacked several times and has basically become a "Rant" thread.
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    Adam Jones. Player - Manager, Three years 12 Million.
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    Buck is a guy who commands a room. He never struck me as a guy who wanted to sit down and be told something by some young guy/gal about baseball. I'm sure Buck thinks he was open to some analytics, but it;'s clear from players, to front office people, to agents of players that they would disagree about his openness to receiving and using this information. Lost in all of this was that Duquette wanted to apparently fire McDowell after last season but Buck being Buck, apparently said no. I personally think Buck is one of the last old school managers who likes to surround himself with old school coaches. They like hunches, trust their eyes, and like their guys, even to the point of being detrimental to the on field product. This whole battles also shows that Duqette never had full control over baseball operations. If he couldn't get his on field coaching staff to accept the information he wanted them to, he should have replaced them. I don't think he ever had the power to do so and was hamstrung. He was also hamstrung by the amount of money he could put into scouting and analytics as Ownership would blow $3 million of a Chris Tillman or Colby Rasmus vs putting that into those important areas. Hopefully the Angelos brothers will hire a good baseball person to run baseball operations and give him the budget to make this organization first rate once again.
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    Sign Dixon Machado and see if anyone notices the difference!
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    No, this is a different topic. Read the post.
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