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    The Party's over. That huge whooshing sound was not the sound of mighty Chris swinging. Rather, by watching that pitch... It was the soul of the Baltimore fan base leaving the body populace.
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    Sorry my search isn't working but you can move this! Just wanted to share it
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    So many heroes in this game: -- obviously, first and foremost, Manny. Capping a 3 homer game with a walkoff grand slam, his 3rd slam in a little more than a week! -- Trumbo and Caleb's homers kept us close enough to come back. -- I'll even give Hellickson credit for retiring 9 in a row after the HR in the 2nd. He threw a lot of fat pitches tonight, and basically sucked, but at least he had that stretch when he kept it from being an impossible deficit -- fantastic shutout work from the bulllpen, especially Castro -- Caleb throwing out back to back base stealers -- Anthony Santander: a kid with a few dozen ABs above A ball, thrust into a starting role in his first major league game, makes a nice catch early, and then after an 0 for 3 start he faces a 32 year old fellow Venezuelan who has been a World Series winner and postseason hero, and gets a really nice hit for his first major league hit to start the Orioles' best 9th inning rally of 2017. What a memorable major league debut game! -- Seth Smith coming in cold as a pinch hitter and getting on base -- Tim Beckham with two key hits
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    o 9 OUTS: ) 7 Strikeouts, 1 Groundout, 1 Popout HUNTER LUKE HARVEY )))))) (vs. Advanced-Rookie League Brooklyn, 8/16) IP:llll 3 H:lllll 1 )) (1 Single) R:lllll 0 BB:lll0 SO:lll7 Pitches: )l (Unavailable) 2017 ERA: )l 0.00 )l(Advanced-Rookie League Aberdeen) 2017 WHIP: )l 0.800 )l(Advanced-Rookie League Aberdeen) ) 5.00 IP (4 H/BB) 2017 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )l .063 )l(Advanced-Rookie League Aberdeen) ) (1 for 16) PITCHES BY INNING ******************* (Unavailable) o
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    I will be 105.7 The Fan, Wednesday after the game from 8-9 with Jerry Coleman. We will be discussing the Orioles, minor league prospects, and will be taking questions. Hopefully you can call in!
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    They say you should never think of contracts after someone does something really bad or really good. I get that. Its a long season and there are so many factors and hundreds of million dollars may be at stake. Business dealing takes a sober mind, a pragmatic mind, and objectivity. Manny Machado just had the game of his life and thrilled the home town crowd with a Grand Slam walkout home run, one of three on the night. Find a way to sign this player and do it this off season. Sure, he's got bad knees which will become arthritic at some point. Sometimes he sulks, and sometimes he doesn't run hard. But sign him. This is a player of historic talent. He makes plays in the field that even Brooks couldn't make. He hits home runs and will hit hundreds more for someone at some point. It might as well be the Orioles. It might take $300 million to sign Machado, maybe more. Oriole officials want to know how willing he is to sign and what the price will be. I say, make your very best offer now and sign him to a 7 year deal. Or more. If we lose Machado, we will rebuild and the fan base will lose interest. Attendance is already suffering. If the money is there,make the deal. Sign Manny Machado. DO IT.
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    Peter Angelos doesn't understand who is a great player you must retain at all costs, and who isn't. Nor does he understand when is the right time to make these decisions.
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    Couldn't stand it, just bagged two tickets in Sec 12 and will see my first game in the Duquette Era tomorrow with my son. He is very excited at the possibility of seeing some of these guys. And I am really pumped! Win tonight first....Imagine!!
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    As a Hypno/Psychotherapist, this may be a case where Chris is unsettled by outside noise and pressure. Hypnosis can help reduce these issues which might be affecting his concentration and confidence. Confidence could be linked to the inability to pull the trigger on pitches over the middle part of the plate. Alternatively, he could be trained in self hypnosis where he can find a safe place and maybe help him to relax. Another issue might be just accumulated stress from playing everyday, he may not be as good at processing the associated emotional strain as other players and may need to release this stress on a regular basis. Otherwise, just make him cluck like a chicken when he k's - aversion therapy ....
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    The winners have been drawn! Please read the top of the original post HERE: Thank you to everyone who participated!!!
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    Stan "The Fan" Charles says Boog Powell's genuine effort to connect with Orioles fans young and old makes him Camden Yards' Most Valuable Person of the last 25 years. https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/08/15/boog-powell-is-the-real-mvp-of-camden-yards
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    Here's a little perspective on our players' accomplishments in the Eastern League. Of the top 100 hitters in the EL who have at least 124 PA (one per team game played): 1. Austin Hays is tops in OPS at 1.000 and is the 8th youngest. 2. Cedric Mullins is 21st in OPS and is 18th youngest. 3. DJ Stewart is 30th in OPS and is 40th youngest. 4. Aderlin Rodrigeez is 35th in OPS and is 80th youngest. 5. Austin Wynns is 36th in OPS and is 87th youngest. 6. Garabez Rosa is 38th in OPS and is 89th youngest. Purely on performance vs. age, I think you could make a really good case for Hays as one of the top two prospects in the Eastern League. The other, Rafael Devers, was 4th in OPS and 2nd youngest in the league before his promotion. You can make a case for Mullins as a top 20 prospect. I think Stewart would still be outside the top 20 EL prospects. Wynns also is pretty legit as a catcher.
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    "Reaching the majors" is about the lowest possible bar. Still only 27%. 73% are complete failures, by that ( ridiculous flawed) study. To even throw a **single pitch** out of the minors. (I'm going to take a wild guess that if we look at "high schoolers" vs college products there would be a major slashing of that number, for starters), I don't care how "young for his level" he is. He is 18 years old. What do you think would happen if we upped the bar to say 3 wins only? Slash that tiny number we are left with again. Slash it some more and keep slashing it til it gets down to almost nothing as the hurdles pop up over and over again. We are back to my less than 1% number. In 3....4....maybe 5 years, which also matters when discussing "value". Money or "value" now is worth more than money later. No different in any sport, someone that can help now, for what you need, is going to have more "value" so you can't true apples to apples comparison just by going on the off chance he does actually produce wins for a ML team. in 2020. But I digress..... So even if we take that 27% at face value, his odds of not only "reaching the majors" AND "delivering value over a sustained period of time in his first 1? 2? 3? years in MLB that outpaces Beckham (if he even has a pulse for 3 years) is infinitesimal. Beckham has already cleared hurdles that that kid might not ever get to. Beckham could play barely above replacement level for the rest of the year and could easily scratch out 2 wins before that kid even got off the bus to his next stop, if we completely ignore what Beckham was doing while in Tampa, producing. Those are just the facts. And we still have the added value years The rate of success for prospects traded in deals is flat out abysmal, Which matches very nicely with some random 18 year old or most other "prospects" in general. Chris Cotillo went over the numbers and tweeted this out right before the deadline. And these are guys who were probably a lot more "known" in general that some kid with such a short track record. Guess how many superstars in high school fell flat on their face when they moved up to the next level? Who dominated at every level before that? It is a long list of complete failure. Do we know now for sure? Of course not. But the early returns for Beckham, and his overall career trajectory since he has been playing make me think that this won't even be close by the time it is all said and done. I mean he is almost at 3 wins THIS season alone (which coincidentally is his overall pace looking at games played) for a full season. . Is there any conceivable reason that he is going to just fall off the face of the earth smack in the middle of his prime, as one of the most talented players on the entire planet after figuring something out? I mean come on. You take the 18 year old, I'll take the former #1 overall pick who is in the middle of a "breakout" season just around the time it takes for some players to really get it, smack in the middle of his athletic prime. And there are no odds on this earth you could give me to make it fair.
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    I am attempting to counter the jinx by adding him to my fantasy team. I will gladly take the hit and I hope he gets shelled tonight. I will be at the game rooting against him.
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    We know Davis will see at least three pitches an at bat.
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    We aren't run particularly well.
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    I like your optimism and if I were Buck or one of the players, I'd run with that and not look back. But as a fan, they've broken my cheerful outlook. They've been 34-46 since that jackrabbit start. I'll be pulling hard, but I'm not expecting anything.
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    I have 2 words for you: Move Him Up. Um, sorry, I meant HUNTER HARVEY! 3IP, 1H, 0BB, 7K. There's nothing for him to achieve here. The innings went like this. 1st: not in any particular order, but single + stolen base put a runner on 2B with less than 2 outs. No problem. 2K's sandwiched around a neat field of a come-backer where Harvey looked the runner back and made the play at 1st. 2nd: 3 Ks. 3rd: 2 Ks and a weak infield pop-up. Move him up. In the top of the 2nd Garrett Copeland singled, went to 2nd on a PB, and then promptly got himself picked off. We put up a 5-spot in the top of the 4th. We were 6 batters in before the 1st out, and that drove in a run. Scott Burke pitched 4 innings and looked good. Both he and Nick Jobst look to me to have issues with their windup/delivery. Mind you I've never pitched and never coached, but it looked to me like Burke's delivery varied a fair bit from pitch to pitch. Occasionally it looked like his pitching hand ended up near his strong-side shoulder and his delivery looked like tossing a dart. Other times it was not so pronounced. Jobst threw hard. I'll give him that. His delivery seemed very deceptive. He kept the ball in or near the glove until the very end. I don't know enough about pitching to know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it was a very noticeable thing. Jason McCoy at SS was very competent and seemed to have a good arm. Our center fielder - I believe it was T.J. Nichting - was involved in a strange play. There was a high drive to basically straightaway center. all of a sudden he was running away from the infield, adjusting his trajectory as he went, and made the over-the-head catch. Either it was a very bad play (bad route), or it was a really good play (ball lost in the poor visuals of a minor league stadium and a great recovery to make a great catch). I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, not much to say. Neither team had many base runners outside of our 4th. To summarize, 2 words: Hunter Harvey. It was a great joy to see him thoroughly dominate a start.
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    Just thinking about who will be coming and who will be going. JMO 1) Friday the O's will call up Santander and Flaherty. My guess is that Tejada and Gentry will be DFA'd to Norfolk if they pass through waivers. The O's will want Gentry back when the rosters expand Sept 1st. 2) Hardy will not join the O's until after the roster expands according the latest reports. 3) Somewhere between Sept 1st to the 4th the following players on the 40 man roster will be called up. Crichton, Hart, Wright and Yacabonis. 4) Hardy and Gentry will be called up on the 1st. It will require roster moves to get them to be added to the 40 man roster. DFA candidates are Verrett, Ynoa and Aquino who will be out for options next year and probably don't figure to make the Orioles roster. Nuno is on the restricted list. They may have to wait until the 4th to DFA him. Wilson is on the bubble IMO. If he pitches well in the next two weeks he may be called up. If he doesn't pitch well he may be DFA. Depending on who else the O's want to add. 5) Others on the O's 40 man roster have options and the O's may want to keep them. However, if the O's want to add players to help with the pennant race their spots could be in danger. Players the O's may want to add include: - A veteran starter like Miguel Gonzalez or equal. - Pedro Alvarez and/or Chris Johnson as pinch hitters. - The O's normally add a 3rd catcher. Sisco could be called up but I think he is more likely to be sent to Sarasota on the taxis squad for the rest of September. Pena may go there or be called up. - A veteran lefthanded reliever to supplement Bleier and Hart. Who the O's are willing be DFA to make room is the limiting factor in who gets called up. There will be more room to add players after the season as the free agents come off the roster including Jimenez, Miley, Tillman, Hellickson, Smith, Flaherty and Gentry. JMO. What do you think happens.
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    The winners of the OH Plus Membership drawing have been randomly selected and are available for your perusal here:
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    John Gibbons would have challenged that and then somehow challenged 3 more plays
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    Dylan Bundy had his TJ surgery in 2013, so his situation is not really the same as Harvey (who threw 189 innings after missing the previous season with TJ surgery) or Strasburg (who came back in the middle of a season, threw 45 innings between the majors and the minors, then threw 159 innings the next year before being shut down). The O's seem to be trying for some middle ground here, skipping Bundy a few times here and there but not shutting him down. It seems reasonable to me so long as he's not showing too much wear and tear when he pitches.
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    I'm not going to kick Gallardo while he's down. We all age, some better than others.
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    No, they don't. Certainly not the bereavement list. It's pretty easy to verify if someone actually died. This isn't like making up a story about your grandmother dying to get out of school. And Santander was pretty clearly injured. A guy doesn't stay on the DL for five months with a made-up injury.
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    They've been very cautious with him, if he's healthy they're killing any offseason trade possibilities & hurting our chances of sneaking into the playoffs, if he's not 100% why is he out there at all. Buck is managing as if something isn't right.
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    I think Buck's handling of his A guys has been odd. Especially considering how close it is to September. This team has little to no room for error and Buck just keeps pissing it away by trying to get another inning out of guys that have routinely proved that they can implode at any given time (Ubaldo, Tillman, etc.). Especially Tillman who has no business being in the rotation in the first place.
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    Install a moat. That would be exciting.
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    I rarely play Lottery. Someone needs to go buy a Powerball ticket for all Hangout members to split.
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    I would try to extend Schoop right now. Id love to extend Manny and build around him, Schoop, Gausman, and Bundy for years. Though I'm not sure if we'll get Manny. So get Schoop. Might help convince Manny later too.
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    Third grand slam in a week? Capping a 3 HR game with a walkoff grand slam? The stuff of legend.
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    Shouldn't that be Dick Bosman and not Dick Boswell. Shouldn't that be Dick Bosman and not Dick Boswell? I'm surprised Mussina came back, nice to see him back at the park.
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    Hurley graduated? I thought he was on last year's team! I used to get the same flack at IU for Eric Anderson. Very good college player, but folks thought he had been at IU for six years before he left.
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    That's pretty much me. I'm not going to stop watching of course, but I haven't believed in this team since June so this is no real surprise to me. They are who they are and that's about a .500 team give or take some games.
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    We know the Orioles are half in, half out of the playoffs in the Majors, but how is the farm doing? Well... Norfolk Tide: Yeah, about them...17.5 out, 2 games from being eliminated from playoff contention. They were just as bad last year but held on until near the end. Their pitching has been horrible. Bowie Baysox: Bowie is 6 games over .500 but in first place right now. They are 1 game up in their division, which is a war of attrition. It'll be a fight to the end, but if they can hold on, they can do some damage. The emergence of Wynns and Marin, the additions of Rodriguez, Hays, and Mullins, along with their pitching has helped out. The pitching has been inconsistent, which has led to issues, but the offense has been solid. Frederick Keys: Despite a slightly horrible season (or atleast, less than what was expected due to their pitching staff), the Keys are only 1 game back from being tied for the Wild Card. While "officially" in 3rd place, the team in first already won the division in the 1st half, so the playoff spot now goes to whoever is in second. They didn't lose a step when Hays and Mountcastle were promoted, as Chris Clare has actually filled in nicely. The return of Jomar Reyes helped and Glynn Davis has been decent. Rifaela continues to abuse Carolina League pitching when he hits it. So does Mercedes, though to a lot lesser degree from last year. Could sneak in and pull a surprise. Delmarva Shorebirds: 8.5 back, 9 from elimination. If they could clone Alex Wells and have him pitch every game, they might have a shot. Otherwise, they will be out soon. Not too much was expected of them and they lived up to it. Jake Ring was a nice story to start and the resurgence (or emergence) of Preston Palmeiro was a nice surprise. Wells turning the league into his over video game was a hot story, but it can't cover up the smell of Delmarva. Aberdeen Ironbirds: 4 games back in the division, but first in the Wild Card. Pitching has been a good surprise and they have been outstanding at the plate. A league leading (I believe) 7 All Stars gives fans some hope, not only for the playoffs, but for the future too. Breazeale has been on fire, Ryan Ripken has surpassed what almost everyone on this site thought when he was signed, Jaylan Fergueson has been good in his second year, and the pitching has been coming around very well. This could be a good core of players in the next few levels, even if some drop off to the just be org guys.
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    Mark Viviano's Tweet regarding the math facing the O's now. O's playoff math (per current win %'s) w 41 gm left: 34-7 for div (93 W's) 28-13 for WC #1 (87 W's) 24-17 for WC #2 (83 W's) #LongSeason
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    You make some good points. That said it is hard to watch a man look at a fastball literally right down the middle of the plate to end a game. It happens way too much. Davis also assumed he had hit a HR in his previous at bat when he didn't. No doubt the pitching is the key. Just easier said than done to fix it.
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    There's not a lot of competition, but even if there was, maybe he'd earn the spot after tonight.
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    If you post nothing but negative things all the time they eventually come true. Not so much this inning, though. Try again next inning.
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    Have a great time. Let's have some scouting reports, not just on Harvey, but anyone else who makes an impression!
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    He starts every game with poorly located 93 mph fastballs. Every single game. 🤔
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    I think it was that he is a nice person and treated our fans well!
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