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    New article up, recapping the draft, check it out. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/06/12/2018-orioles-draft-recap/
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    On the day he was named a Carolina League all star, Wells had his best outing so far this season — 8 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 9 K’s. He only needed 85 pitches to complete 8 innings, throwing 65 strikes. Now that’s the Alex Wells we saw last year. ERA to 3.51.
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    I don't know how historic is this epic fail of the 2018 Orioles, but it's shocking the extent of the collapse, up and down the roster. (I'd love to see the all-time Pecota over- and underachievers.) For now, I ran a simple spreadsheet to show percentage of decline (23 players) or improvement (7 players) over career averages, using ERA and OPS. The following chart is the result. Player 2018 career difference Tillman 10.46 4.57 -129% Cobb 6.19 3.68 -68% Susac 269 657 -59% Rasmus 317 747 -58% O'Day 3.77 2.56 -47% Davis 464 802 -42% Brach 4.24 3.07 -38% Givens 3.98 2.93 -36% Beckham 509 734 -31% Cashner 4.98 3.89 -28% Schoop 609 740 -18% Joseph 527 629 -16% Mancini 669 791 -15% Peterson 550 643 -14% Gentry 575 665 -14% Sisco 670 751 -11% Gausman 4.58 4.22 -9% Wright 6.46 5.97 -8% Trumbo 721 761 -5% Santander 547 565 -3% Alvarez 736 759 -3% Bleier 2.03 1.99 -2% Jones 763 778 -2% Bundy 4.04 4.11 2% Rickard 682 661 3% Scott 4.96 5.5 10% Valencia 832 748 11% Machado 975 817 19% Castro 2.84 3.95 28% Hart 1.59 2.66 40% The 23 players doing worse than their career numbers did so at a collective -656%, averaging -29% with their 2018 production. The 7 players doing better than their career numbers did so at a collective +114%, averaging +16% for this season. I'm no statistician, but how improbable is it that so much decline can be so widespread on one team? Maybe the "bad morale" theory makes the most sense, after all.
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    Trade Schoop, Machado, Jones, O’Day, Britton, Givens, and Brach Release Davis, Gentry, Beckham, and Tillman Fire everyone in management, including on the field.
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    Did anyone catch the Grayson Rodriguez interview during the game last night? What a nice, polite young man. He must have said “yes, sir” to Gary Thorne about ten times. He said he likes to throw hard and live down in the zone, and his big goal for this year is to work on command of all three of his secondary pitches. I’ll be rooting hard for this kid to succeed! Here’s a link to the video, and a story. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/baltimore-orioles-sign-1st-round-draft-pick/c-280511724
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    Sure, we all care. We're all on this board, posting every day. And have been doing it for years. I know I said I want that #1 pick but I was still hoping they'd figure out a way to win that game last night. I get to work from home now, you know where I'll be at 3pm tomorrow. I look at it a few ways: The more I watch and pay attention, the more informed I can be to bash and rip this team to shreds for constantly wetting the bed. On the flip side, on the off chance that they do get it together and figure out a way to win a World Series sometime in my life, I will have endured more crap than most sports fans should have to. Of course, I am a Redskins fan as well so I am screwed in the spring, summer and fall. But I just watched the Capitals win a Stanley Cup. And while I watched and cheered them on because I am a DMV native, I don't feel right in partaking in the celebration as much as the diehards who have had their hearts shattered for years and years. But I got to see their joy. The Skins board I post on, there's a Caps contingent there, they were so elated. It was great. I don't take much seriously, but I do take sports fan-ship seriously because I think it CAN paint an accurate picture of what a person is about. If you're going to stick with something as dumb as the Baltimore Orioles through thick and thin, you're probably a pretty good person. You're probably a good husband, father, son, brother (vice versa if there are any females on the board, pretty sure this place is a sausage fest though). So I'm happy we're all here to share this misery together. Wouldn't want it any other way. One thing that I was reminded of when I was watching the Caps win the Cup...I have a Yankees fan friend who's a good dude. He's from the NoVa and his ties to the Yanks are that his dad is from Jersey and that's how he was raised. Fine. So one day he was getting on me about how terrible the Orioles are, how great the Yankees are, the Baby Bombers, how they'll be great for the next 5-10 years, etc. And I told him "Yeah, you're exactly right. But you'll never know my pain and suffering as a baseball fan. You'll never have endured anything like I have because on average the Yankees win a title once every 4 years. You'll never know what it's like to have a jerk like Angelos own your team, who sabotages it every which way and has basically sunk this team into the toilet. You'll never know what it's like to endure 14 straight years of losing baseball and still stick with your team each year and obsess about them because anytime you guys want, you just spend more money. You'll never know what it's like to be grateful for a Division Title because I've waited since I was a senior in high school for it. So if and when the Orioles break through and win a World Series, the joy I feel will be ten times the amount you've felt when the Yankees won because it actually means something." He had no idea what to say. As I watched the Caps fans (the diehards, not the Johnny come latelys) celebrate last week, I thought of that and thought how good it'd feel if the Orioles ever get there.
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    The BABIP will come down, but maybe not until he reaches higher levels of competition. Better defense will bring it down, but I'm not sure if it's lucky. He's hitting almost 30% line drives, not popping the ball up, and he runs an insane home to first time. He has 16 infield hits on the season, I'm not sure how that compares around the minors, but it's more than any major league player.
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    The biggest Orioles killers over my lifetime have been the Orioles themselves.
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    I actually didn't notice that the Orioles had a day game today.I thought it was tonight. I didn't check. I didn't know. Thats NOT why I feel ashamed. As an Oriole fan for 57 years, I absolutely didn't feel like Im missed anything. I didn't care. THAT is a deeply hard for me to say...I barely looked at the box score. If I feel like that, imagine the casual fans..and the young kids who don't or can't watch this disaster. It may be years before this team is even competitive..maybe not. But I've never NOT cared in June and that includes 1988. Sorry. I almost feel ashamed.
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    Looks to be the first to post the bonus for Neustrom.
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    The Orioles should behave like Costanza. Whatever their original inclination is to any situation, they should do the opposite.
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    O's should be willing to eat money on any trade. Get the best return possible.
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    Ryan McKenna may not have made their top 131 but he's out hitting just about everyone on the list. Seems an easy call for me, but he was completely off the radar before the season started. Oh well, I rather him keep putting up an OBP over. 450 than be on some national prospect list.
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    I used to get so wrapped up in these OH threads. I remember the one time I was sitting on the pooper with my laptop following along as the clock struck midnite and we were trying to figure out if we signed Wieters, then the servers crashed and I couldn't log on, it was worse than the finale of the Soprano's. Of course the whole Teixeira fiasco, about him getting a WOW offer and being spotted at M&T Bank Stadium during a Ravens game, that was a big thing. Now I just sit back and laugh and roll my eyes. Whatever, Orioles.
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    Pretty sure they're already doomed.
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    Ryan McKenna, Preston Palmeiro, Alex Wells, and Cristian Alvarado are your All Stars for the Keys!
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    I think we had a thread like this in the past, but I can't find it and IIRC it was more along the lines of the Franchise Four. Not a great topic of debate as we'd be really pining back and forth between Cal, Brooks, Palmer, Frank, Eddie and Earl. Can't go wrong with any of them. But this isn't about the all time Orioles Mount Rushmore. You can make any Orioles Mount Rushmore you want, good or bad, serious or silly (I prefer silly). Examples: Orioles Mount Rushmore for Worst Relievers: Mike DeJean, Steve Kline, Mike Wright, Kevin Gregg Orioles Mount Rushmore for Best First Basemen: Jim Gentile, Boog, Eddie, Raffy Orioles Mount Rushmore for Biggest Draft Pick Bust: Chris Smith, Billy Rowell, Wade Townsend, Mike Paradis Orioles Mount Rushmore for Best LHP: Cuellar, McNally, McGregor...Bedard? On an off day, let's forget about the misery that's the 2018 season and have some fun debates.
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    I certainly understand how you feel Roy. I've been a die-hard Orioles fan for 53 years. I'll always love them - even during times like this - but this is as painful as it gets. I can't watch very many games live due to my schedule but I still DVR every game. But I admit I haven't been watching many games in their entirety. I usually skip through and fast forward so that I can get through a game in a half hour to an hour so I only feel pain for that amount of time instead of feeling pain for three hours. And I'm ashamed to admit this as well but I'm finding myself pulling for us to lose in order to get the top draft pick, knowing the quickest way to turn things around is to unload all our tradeable talent for prospects and having the worst record in baseball for a couple of years to get top draft picks to combine with those new prospects.
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    I thought Ramirez looked pretty good. But he serves as just another reminder that we get access to international talent only after another team has decided not to retain it. That's a tough way to build a winning team.
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    I am impressed that we even had 26 runners on base to strand.
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    They did a bad job of replacing him, but I'm still fine with it. Paying market value for below average players is not very efficient use of resources. He's been good so far this year, but the 3 before that were 1.4, 1.2, and 0.7 fWAR.
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    They moved up his timetable because he was so ready. They knew they were playing the Red Sox. They have to bring him in if the situation calls for it (it did - twice).
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    Maybe Manny has a case of the Mondays.
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