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    Hays, was interviewed on 105.7 this morning, with Bob and Vinny. He said, for a month and a half they thought it was tendinitis in his right ankle. He said, fluid had built up so much in his ankle, that it had pushed into the cyst. He said, it felt like a stress fracture. He was very humbled and said he will take nothing for granted anymore. He talked about being more disciplined at the plate. He said, he came in at 210 lbs to camp this year after playing at 200 lbs last year. He said, he had gained too much muscle mass and said he lost 8 lbs while he was hurt. He's done a lot of biking and swimming while he was hurt, because of the boot. He is in much better shape than at the beginning of the year. In my opinion, I think he has been incredibly humbled by all this and realizes the changes he needed to make. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him.
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    Yeah, Frobby has been polluting this board with that "levelheaded, responsible" crap for way too long now. Makes it hard to get a good torches and pitchforks mob started.
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    Can we trade our CF camera angle for more international slot money?
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    Look, I get why you might be sensitive here. But wilbillhiccup paid the guy several compliments in his first post. You asked why he’d call Mullins articulate. He then explained why he said it. You then called that “backpedaling.” But now you say it was an honest question. Why isn’t the answer honest? I didn’t see the Mullins interview, but I’d say most athletes are not articulate. My favorite player of the last 15 years, Nick Markakis, wasn’t articulate at all. So when a rookie gets up in front of a camera the day he’s called up, and makes a good impression, I don’t see veiled racism in calling him articulate. I just did a search for the word “articulate” on this site. Prior to Mullins, the last 10 guys described as articulate (in reverse order) were: Zach Pop, Brady Anderson, Tyler Wilson, John Angelos, Mark Trumbo, Adam Jones, John Angelos (again), John Angelos (3rd time), Mark Teixeira, and Vin Scully. Now, I will say, I had to go back as far as 2013 to come up with 10 times that adjective has been used to describe someone. It isn’t used often to describe anyone here.
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    Pre-game as they ran onto the field - very special!
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    Sedlock made a rehab start in Aberdeen tonight and went 3 innings. The second inning was his best. For the record, I sat on the first base side, near the concourse. If you haven't been to Aberdeen, that is about 30ish rows back. Close enough to notice some things, not close enough to notice others. First, velocity. His fastball sat pretty much right at 89 mph. His off speed (slider?) sat at 79 mph. Had one pitch at 72 mph that went over the batters head, but I don't think he threw it fully (see below.) Second, mechanics. Field view may have been different, but from where I was sitting, you could see him change mechanics and arm speed clearly between pitches. A fastball was thrown with more effort, while the off speed was a HUGE slowdown in windup and arm speed. Could just be working on getting back to normal, but hitters at a higher level will pick up on this and destroy him. Also committed 2 balks, which fit under here. The second one was before he threw, so he put it over the batters head. Third, control. He was all over the zone. Lots of deep counts and pitches not even close. 26 of 42 pitches were strikes, which didn't seem like it during the game. Only walked 1, with 2 strike outs. The numbers don't seem bad, but the outs were mainly players just missing. The 3rd and final inning, all 3 outs were extremely deep fly balls. Better hitters would of put them on the scoreboard. Hopefully his next start is better and his mechanics improve, because if he keeps going like this, he won't be long in this organization.
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    Oh, B.S. Being a team leader doesn’t include agreeing to be traded to another team for some future benefit to the team you used to play for.
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    If we could just get an automatic silencer mechanism every time Bordick says "Head on swivel" or "steaks" we'd win broadcast of the year!
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    This is a compilation of items (articles, lists, podcasts, etc...) that highlight the top prospects, and other intricacies, for the 2019 Draft. With it looking like we'll be picking either first or second, it's fun to look ahead, with the caveat that it's VERY early and these lists and opinions will likely change... potentially a great deal. So, don't take this too seriously. I hope you find these resources informational: Posted by Baseball America on July 6, 2018 [A top 10 HS & Top 10 College prospects review] Posted by Fangraphs on August 10, 2018 [A top 27 prospects list] Posted by Fansided, via CallToThePen.com on July 12, 2018 [An interesting read regarding, "The possible insanity of the 2019 first round"] Posted by 2080Baseball.com on June 8, 2018 [From Nick Faleris (a.k.a. @Stotle)... "Ten names to know for 2019"] Posted by Baseball America on July 2, 2018 [A podcast regarding the 2019 Draft, by JJ Cooper and Carlos Collazo] Posted by Fangraphs on February 1, 2010 ["Analyzing the MLB draft using WAR"] Posted by Baseball Prospectus on October 13, 2011 [A study on Age Effects in the MLB Draft] Posted by Justin Sims of Macalester College on May 5, 2014 [Another 'MLB Age Effects' study]
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    Watched the start, none of the runs scoring in the 3rd were his fault, he was good, the only XBH allowed was a throw the bat at it opposite field triple into the corner. He missed bats with all three pitches and the walk was on a full count where he barely missed twice. Two of the hits in the 5th were bad defensive plays including Moesquit badly misreading an easy flyball. It wasn’t his best curveball, but the changeup is really coming along, the guy is a stud. He should be a top 100 prospect, he’s improved more this season than Alex Wells has since his pro debut.
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    Maybe Jones is not ready for the changing of the guard yet?
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    Since he arrived in Baltimore, his swing has shortened some and he has impressed with his bat speed. I liked the bat immediately the first night when he hit a 2B down the left field line at 111 mph. What really impresses me is his hard work with Bobby Dickerson and how it shows in his play. At 24 years old, he’s interesting. In an interview with Roch Kubatko yesterday, he seemed humbled by his trials in the major leagues. He even called Bobby Dickerson, “Mr. Dickerson.” Respect. I love it.
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    https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/ranking-baseballs-center-field-camera-shots-2018-update/ Pretty cool article, something I think about a lot with minor league camera angles.
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    FYI, listened to MLBPipeline podcast. Jim Carlis had GrayRod as his most impressive pitching debut of the current draft class. Also noted that Orioles have done a very solid job in the draft in recent years.
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    I'm not trolling you. I asked an honest question. People of color find it very offensive and condescending when it's said we are articulate, as if it's a surprise to you. I'm just trying to give you some information moving forward so you don't say something that is really annoying to hear for a person of color. The literal definition of articulate is - having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently. I'm really just trying to give you some information to keep with you in the future. I'm not saying you said it with vicious intent, just that it's considered offensive and almost exclusively used while describing African Americans. If you think I'm trolling you, just google it. You'll find about 84,000,000 pages to support what I'm saying. I'm trying to give you good information.
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    I guess none of them post here.
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    Leaves a bad test in my mouth to DFA someone who has met and maybe exceeded expectations when so many who have not stay on the roster.
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    I don't mean to speak for OFFNY - but I think it's the equivalent of a electronic social media cheer everytime someone hit's a homerun or delivers a game winning hit. OFFNY has done it for years.
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    What if Julio Franco was actually older than he was reported as being 😳
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    Brewers board is now talking about nontendering Schoop. If he keeps this up, we could get him back cheap while taking their prospects!
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    In this thread series, I’m seeking to review our organization-- position-by-position. It’s my hope that we can generate a lot of discussion about where we stand currently, and what the future may hold. Regarding minor leaguers, I’d like to keep the focus on players that are our better prospects, as well as those that have a reasonable chance to contribute at the major league level for years to come. If I miss a player that you feel should be featured, please note it. Also, if ANYONE wants to work on the remaining series threads (SS, 3B, Outfielders, Starters) please shoot me a message. I'd be happy to get the help. Thanks. Lastly, I'll list each 'position' below and add links as they're completed.2019+ Positional Review Series: Catcher2019+ Positional Review Series: 1B/DH2019+ Positional Review Series: 2B2019+ Positional Review Series: SS2019+ Positional Review Series: 3B2019+ Positional Review Series: Outfielders2019+ Positional Review Series: Starters2019+ Positional Review Series: Relievers / @Thato'sfan created this /Anyway, let's get started on 2B. MLB: Jonathan Villar S/R 6'1-215, Age 27-098d Minors: Rylan Bannon (AA) [3B/2B] R/R, 5'10-180, Age 22-108d Cadyn Grenier (A) [SS/2B] R/R, 5'11-188, Age: 21-281d Adam Hall (A-) [SS/2B] R/R, 6'0-170, Age: 19-078d In my limited view, we're a bit weak in middle infielders, and while Villar may regain some semblance of his excellent 2016 form, it's more likely he'll wind up playing at a league-average level at 2B. There's nothing wrong with that, but I'm not sure he'll factor into our future, beyond his current contract, expiring after the 2020 season. He could potentially be a trade candidate at some point. Bannon is a decent prospect, and potentially much more than decent. After being promoted from A ball, he's playing 3B at this time for AA Bowie, but may also factor in at 2B. I know @Luke-OH really likes him. While scouts have varied opinions on his talents, he's certainly worthy of keeping tabs on. Grenier and Hall are currently playing at Delmarva and Aberdeen, respectively. Grenier is a college guy taken in the comp round of the 2018 Draft, while Hall was a Canadian high-schooler taken in the 2nd round of the 2017 Draft. Both are shortstops, but I listed them because, as with most SS's, they could easily be moved to 2B. It's very, very early in their careers, but neither of them are hitting well so far this season. They're both considered good bets to be quality defenders as middle infielders, but as with many prospects, their bats will likely determine just how far they go. Per @Luke-OH I'll mention Preston Palmeiro and Alexis Torres; two fringe prospects whose ceilings are an average ML 2B. The odds, however, are against them. Overall, I'm of the opinion that Villar will be solid for the next two years, and though we don't necessarily have a minor-leaguer ready to make an impact at the ML level anytime soon, time may reveal a quality candidate by 2021. Like with many positions, the future beyond 2020 has the crystal baseball looking cloudy. Thoughts?
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