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    Peter and I have a standing Wednesday night make-your-own nachos date, but we have an agreement to not discuss the Orioles. I can say that he prefers medium spicy.
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    There are those who point to those non-trades and say Angelos was right; the O's made the playoffs. A late deadline trade to Cleveland would have brought back Jeromy Burnitz from Cleveland. Burnitz was traded instead to the Brewers. Before signing an extension in March 2001, Burnitz posted an OPS of .875 with 131 HRs and 425 RBIs in his first 4 seasons in Milwaukee. Instead, along with alienating Pat Gillick, this is what Angelos got in return... The last two months of the season, Wells, in 13 GS, was 4-4, with an ERA of 5.87, worst of the starters, comparable to, and worse than, Rocky Coppinger, and a full run higher than Rick Krivda. In the ALDS, Wells had an ERA of 4.61 in his two starts. He won game 1, thanks, in part, to 9 runs of support. In game 4, he left the game with the O's trailing 3-2, with Armando picking up the win in the 12th. In the ALCS vs. NYY, Wells got the game 2 win, with the O's giving him 4 runs of support. Wells bolted for NYY after the season. Bonilla won a WS with the Marlins in '97. The '97 Orioles, sans Wells and Bonilla, went wire-to-wire in winning their first division title since 1983.
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    Great site that features in depth scouting reports on various South Atlantic league prospects. Here is his Delmarva preview that I helped with. It has my takes on DL Hall, Lamar Sparks, Adam Hall, Michael Baumann, Zac Lowther and many others. It also conveniently links to other reports on the major players and gives a guess as to Delmarva’s depth chart. Looks a lot better than last year. http://notesfromthesally.com/2018/01/11/previewing-the-2018-delmarva-shorebirds/
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    Define “candidate.” Chelsea Manning is a candidate for the U.S. Senate.
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    So Dan is taking the fifth?
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    When 2017 Tillman makes your best list, your best list is too long.
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    If I was related to ownership I would not won't to admit it.
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    One key area of focus of the discussion (I just watched it) was definitely that there is an uncertainty about Manny Machado. They emphasized how bad his numbers were at the beginning of the season and then how good he was in the middle, only to fall off again at the end. And realistically, in terms of the end of the season, I am not going to really evaluate it because I really think the offense checked out because of the pitching. It's a flawed offense, for sure, but I think battling all season and just going through those pitching performances every day wore them down the same way it wore us down. I'm sort of with their evaluation (shredder), but only because I can't say that Machado is going to be GREAT next season. I I think for a lot of us, we feel like (baseball is never guaranteed) we know what Trout is going to do, Donaldson, Bryant, etc. We can hope against it sometimes, but we have an expectation. When it comes to Machado, I don't know. He hit a lot of hard balls at the beginning of last season. Do those fall this season instead of turning it outs? Does he put on a more consistent performance or does he have extended periods of the season where he disappears offensively? If the pitching improves, does he remain more engaged throughout the entire season? I don't know. I think watching him every night and seeing what he can be, it causes your perception to skew upwards (thus the fans putting him #2). But is perception reality? I think as everyone else has said, I can't see $300 million. Also interesting (and I missed the guy's name so someone can hopefully help me out there), the one guy they brought on seemed very negative about Machado wanting to be shortstop. The gist that I took away was he felt Machado needs to make a decision about do you want to be a big, strong, power guy or a shortstop because you can't do both. That was interesting because, of course, I don't spend much time thinking about his physiology because I am too busy trying to mentally channel him into staying at third because I love watching his defense there. Either way, fun discussion and I think at the end of the day, what the show really said about Machado is, we don't really know where he belongs on the list.
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    Given the choice between signing him and not making the playoffs and not signing him and not making the playoffs I choose not signing him.
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    The infusion of young talent in 2019 will be significantly better if they trade Manny than if they take the comp pick.
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    I will show my displeasure by not attending any games over the next 10 weeks.
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    One of the dumber things the Orioles have done in a while with a prospect. The guy will always have extreme command issues. He may get away with it for an inning or two or maybe even three, but why push him to be a starter when at best he's going to be a five inning pitcher due to pitch counts? Let him get back to being used as a true reliever (use on successive days and see how he recovers and if he can pitch effectively in that role. If he needs three or more days between to pitch effectively that will limit his roles and I just don't see him having the ability to get even moderately deep into games. Plus he doesn't have a real third pitch though he did flash the change last year.
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    The O's like to wait until AAA or the majors to try and make starters out of their relief guys.
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    I never wanted Dan Duquette to sign Miguel Gonzalez because he's not that good.
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    Say I was a NON orioles baseball fan looking in on it's organization through a non-bias lens without any previous knowledge of ownerships past discretions, blunders, provocations etc. How would one NOT think the organization plans to compete one last year in AL East with expiring contracts looming? If this was a rebuild, we would have sold both Britton and Machado last year with value exceedingly more than just a rental AND in turn, earned back someones prized farm pieces. We did NOT do that. Therefore, we MUST be in a last hoorah moment (of sorts). We have small pieces that are young and under our control, we have small pieces that are entering their prime and close to contract time (within 2 years) and we have expiring contracts on some of our prime players after this year. If again, I was someone who didn't know the Orioles past, I would say they are two good pitchers away from a serious contender in the East. They have a strong bullpen, a good enough fielding infield, and a legit #3-#5 pitching rotation. We have weaknesses at the catching position and are desperate for a starting pitcher, really two- a legit #1 and #2, or two #2's. Gausman and Bundy as a #3 and #4 in your rotation is more than sufficient. If we tried to address the catching position, I'm not sure how much you really can improve it without a mortgage. I think you ride out Caleb and hope Sisco can become your guy. I believe he will be there as a hitter, but how comfortable our pitchers will be with him behind the dish, is still to be seen. Now, as an Orioles fan, if you signed a Cobb and Vargas, how significantly does the outlook of this team change? Lets first look at what we need to improve on, here are the totals of the pitchers we want to replace, 17-39, 6.61 ERA, 86 S, 445.2 IP. Ugh. Very easy to improve upon, but if you more than compensate these numbers with consistent options I would think we would have enough to contend for a wildcard spot at very least. And, given the current status of our mixed vet and younger players team, getting two veteran starters, is by no means, counter intuitive to a minor rebuild in 2019. Before the pitchforks, I know it isn't as easy as going out and just getting these guys but if we say things like "too expensive" we lay ourselves out there for major criticism. Andrew Miller was "too expensive" to pay non closer money to, instead we gave it to O'day. Bad deal. Miller has been one of the best pitchers in baseball the last 3 years. We didn't want to "overpay" Nelson Cruz, instead we signed the worst deal in Orioles history in Chris Davis. We almost never make the right move in these type situations because we play to fill the stands, instead of field a team. So, I would say the Orioles State of Mind is very much in limbo at the moment in the eyes of the league. Their (ownership) next moves will tell the story of what this franchise actually wants, as Oriole fans we've seen it time and time again, Orioles front office history repeating itself, blunder after blunder. If we let the most valuable piece in franchise history walk into free agency without a significant return, this mismanagement deserves no sheep. I for one, will consider my fandom and weigh it heavily in the balances of being loyal and being duped year after year. It's not as if there are Cal Ripken's or Derek Jeter's in sports anymore, if there are, they're rare. We aren't being loyal to a core group anymore, its 100% a business, and our leader is Mr. Burns. We are all Homers until we decide to force change on them. I've canceled my cable with no intentions (for now) of renewing. I have no access to MASN, it'll be me and Joe Angel should I choose to follow them. I've been a lifelong fan and it pains me to accept this reality. Thanks for listening.
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    Without looking, I can promise you that Larry Bigbie is not in the Orioles Hall of Fame. It’s a low bar, but not that low.
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    This sounds like a terrible idea. Brady has no in-game coaching or managerial experience, and he’s just as capable as Buck of going around Duquette to influence Angelos. Worst of both worlds IMO.
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    Agreed. I would really like to see what DD would do if he was just given a budget and free reign. I think he's a pretty shrewd baseball guy.
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    I think it's just short of 70 innings. He also hasn't even seen A+ ball. He needs time, probably two more seasons since his game is reliant on being a step ahead of hitters, and I guarantee that at his age and experience he would not be ahead of MLB hitters right now. It took half the season for him to figure out Low A hitters (he gave up a bunch of HRs in the first half).
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    I'll be doing a YouTube video of it. Probably won't be many highlights, aside from the free promotion room again.
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    I’ve pretty much decided to skip Fanfest. I have a business trip out of town on Thursday/Friday that week and then have to fly out Sunday for a business trip overseas. I don’t think using my marital chits to go to Fanfest on Saturday is a wise investment.
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    Passan: https://sports.yahoo.com/heres-baseballs-economic-system-might-broken-224638354.html
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    Alright, hi guys, what's up on the Machado front? Nothing? OK... be back in two weeks
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    Good that your article is referenced on the player pages at baseball-reference.com. That's where I generally go to for player information.
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    You almost had me there...beams down....they would just fly. I'm putting you down here as not likely, but not impossible!
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    Kinda down on the Rays aren't you?
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    This is why I think so highly of the OH. This thread right here. We have folks who rant and we have kool aid specials too. But what this place brings more often than not are threads like this. Honest and thoughtful debate and discussion. My two cents are this: No one in Baseball is in the discussion as far as being worth as much as Trout. It's really a shame but he may be the greatest of all time and it oddly seems to be drifting by. Harper and Machado, will spend 2017 doing everything they can to position themselves for historic contracts, which they will likely both receive. Yes, it is possible that neither exceed 300MM, but barring something completely unexpected I believe those are the floors. Both players present risks at that amount or higher, but their ages going into next offseason present unusual opportunities that will reward both of them richly. Biggest weakness for each? In my opinion, for Harper, it is his health and I think it really is that simple. If you can keep him on the field, I think he performs. With Manny, I think it is harder to put a finger on it, but I will say it this way. Manny has the talent, and I believe the durability to be great. I wonder about his drive. I wonder if he wants to be the best or considered to be one of the best. At his level, that is a small thing. But the former he has not achieved though it still appears to be within reach. The latter, he has achieved. I do not see a sense of urgency to move from one to the other and to me, that is potentially his weakness.
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    First off this is a really good conversation with a lot of good points. Kudos to all involved. As Orioles fan, we watch Manny every day and we know how good a player he can be. We also know he's one of the best, if not best talent the Orioles have drafted and developed in their history. I believe that tends to have us over value where he falls in baseball among the other great players. On the plus side, Manny is one of the best defensive third baseman's of all-time in my opinion and that inflates his value over his very good, but not great offensive numbers. Since he had the last knee surgery, he's been very durable and has played in 156 or more games over the last three seasons. He's young at 25 years old next season and there's a good chance he's going to get better not worse over the next 3-5 seasons at the very least. Saying all that, if you look at things objectively, he might not be a top five 3B RIGHT NOW in the MLB. As many of you have discussed already there's a great amount of talent at the position. Now most rankings are an opinion based endeavor so that's why we see so much discrepancy on where Machado falls on the lists. I know I could build a case for him to be anywhere from 3-8 on the list, but coming off a down year it's not surprising to see him down on the lower end of that range by some people. Of course it's not a conspiracy or someone holding a grudge against him for whatever reason, it's just that the guy is coming off a year in which he put up a 3.5 rWAR that included a career worse (over a full season) 1.0 dWAR. Career wise, Machado only has a .329 OBP in 3365 PAs and his plate discipline has fallen off as he's tried to add those long home runs to his highlight films. It's well known he's not a guy that takes much coaching nor does he do a lot of extra work when things are going bad, so it's easy to see him starting to get a reputation as a guy who is satisfied with his numbers and might not fulfill his immense talent. Add in the fact that his playoffs numbers in 27 PAs (.174/.240/.348/.588) are not very good and it's not like he has a calling card of bringing his A game in big moments. Now small sample size for sure, but again, I think those things all have to be taken into consideration when talking the best in the game. Machado is a really good player and I'd love for him to spend his whole career in an Orioles uniform, but I think Machado is the guy that is more worried about making the most money he can versus wanting to leave behind a legacy. I could be wrong, but in the end, I think the Orioles need to trade him for as much as they can whether that's now or before the trade deadline (sometimes teams will overpay when they think they have a shot at a World Series).
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    Any rankings that rate Beckham higher than Gregorius at SS needs to be regarded with serious skepticism.
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    Did anybody ever claim Manny is or was going to be as good a hitter as Trout or Harper, or make as much money as those two? Let’s be clear about one thing: Trout’s on a whole different planet than either Harper or Manny. Trout (through 2016, 5.070 years of service): 811 games, 48.5 rWAR, 167 OPS+ Harper (through 2017, 5.159 years of service): 768 games, 26.1 rWAR, 140 OPS+. Machado (through 2017, 5.056 years of service): 764 games, 27.9 rWAR, 116 OPS+. Nobody is near where Trout is. Manny’s not as good a hitter as Harper, but his value is close to Harper’s, arguably higher, because of his defense. I expect Harper to make more than Manny because (1) offense pays better than defense, and (2) GM’s will dream on Harper’s 9.9 rWAR 2015 season, thinking there could be more of them if he ever stays healthy. But Manny’s going to get paid very well, thank you.
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    Jonathan Schoop had a breakout season last year, posting career highs in BA (.293), OBP (.338), SLG (.503), OPS (.841), HR (32) and RBI (105) and walks (35). He was consistent for most of the season, but like practically everyone else on the team, had a miserable September (.590 OPS) that kept his final numbers from being even more spectacular. Schoop will play all of 2018 at age 26. What do you think we see from him? Does he maintain his 2017 level? Does he take even another step forward? Or does he regress? I’m fairly optimistic. I think the main reason Schoop progressed in 2017 was he cut back on swinging at bad pitches, lowering his O-Swing% from 43% in 2016 to 37.1% in 2017. While that’s excellent improvement, he was better on that score in the first half than in the second half. There’s two ways to look at that: (1) he’s at risk of falling back into his old bad habits, or (2) there’s room for even more improvement. Overall, I think Schoop is capable of equaling or exceeding his 2017 numbers.
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    The Orioles are not the Cubs. The Orioles have two established starting pitchers since the season has ended. Manny Machado hasn't been traded or signed a contract extension. If no moves are made before fanfest, I'm picturing it will look something like this.
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    Believe me...as a psychiatrist, I can assure you...everyone has an ego...the only question is whether it is adaptive or dysfunctional.
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    Sigh. MLB network trying to get the trade price down for the the Yankees or Red Sox. Sad.
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    Was looking for something else, happily settled for this instead.
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    o He could be Peter Angelos' long-lost Amish nephew. o
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    For those who want to play GM, I am presenting the current projected opening day team payroll for the start of the next season. I'm dealing only with the "active" roster, but the O's will have pay obligations for all players on the 40 man roster. I'll try to keep this up to date through opening day (all help appreciated). To be on this list, the player must be: on the 40 man roster and under contract or under team control The players listed on this active roster are my guesses as of now. All of the latest transactions are included. Salaries are displayed as rounded to the nearest $10k, but the total is accurate to 2 decimal places. Projections for those under contract are from the Cots Baseball Prospectus Compensation Website. The arbitration salaries are those projected by Matt Swartz of MLB Trade Rumors.com. The MLB minimum salary is $545,000 in 2018. Dylan Bundy's salary is my guess. I provide this information so that we can make accurate and useful comparisons to the opening day payrolls of the Orioles in previous years, other MLB teams and the totals for Major League Baseball. As with virtually all team opening day payroll tabulations on the web, my total payroll figure does not reflect any deductions for deferred salaries or additions for set-asides for deferrals from previous years (as required by Article XVI of the CBA). So, please, let's dispense with the squabbling over the "accounting" for salary deferrals. I have noted the 2018 contract deferrals in the right-most column of the below chart. PLAYER POS 2018 SALARY DEFERRED ($ Million) ($ Million) ***Caleb Joseph C $1.25 *Chance Sisco C $0.55 ***Chris Davis 1B $23.00 $6.00 **Jonathan Schoop 2B $9.10 ***Tim Beckham SS $3.35 ***Manny Machado 3B $16.00 ***Adam Jones OF $17.33 *Trey Mancini OF $0.55 *Austin Hays OF $0.55 *Anthony Santander OF $0.55 *Joey Rickard OF $0.55 ***Mark Trumbo DH/OF $12.50 $1.50 *Steve Wilkerson UT $0.55 **Kevin Gausman SP $6.80 *Dylan Bundy SP $2.30 *Miguel Castro SP $0.55 *Gabriel Ynoa SP $0.55 *Nestor Cortes SP $0.55 **Zach Britton (60 DL) RP $12.00 ***Brad Brach RP $5.17 ***Darren O'Day RP $9.00 $1.00 *Mychal Givens RP $0.55 *Richard Bleier RP $0.55 *Mike Wright RP $0.55 *Chris Lee RP $0.55 *Jose Mesa Jr. RP $0.55 Option Buyout - J.J. Hardy $2.00 Option Buyout - Wade Miley $0.50 Total $127.93 $8.50 * Pre-Arbitration ** Arbitration ***Contract Additional Rule 5 Pick *Pedro Araujo RP $0.55
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    What is the upside and downside to letting fans and other teams know exactly what our plans are? Does it help with our trading Machado? I don't think so. Does it help with our ability to acquire free agents? Maybe if we are all in...maybe not otherwise. I just don't see why people are all upset with not knowing exactly their plans.
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    I don't think he has the bat for it. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm not high on Drury. I think he's basically a super utility guy on a good team.
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    We know the Orioles probably started with Lamb or Ray as the center piece. The Dbacks want to keep Lamb and put Manny at short, and there is no way they are trading Ray. So I think your proposal is too generous. It wouldn't include all those guys as there is too much value. Walker and Banda fit the mold of the Orioles ask. They won't give you both and I would rather have Banda. After that they have a glut of top OF prospects and very, very capable relievers I would be targetting who are close to providing value in the major leagues. The fact is, no one will give up two MLB close or ready starting pitchers. But if they will include an OF prospect that would give the Orioles more than enough to move a OF prospect to get that second pitcher. Or maybe you take a guy like Jared Miller back and see what you can get for Givens who seems to be the object of everyone's interest. Blanda, Miller, Brito and maybe a lesser prospect seems completely reasonable to me. Blanda could be in the rotation mix. Miller could step in after a Brach or Givens trade. Brito can compete with Hays and eventually Stewart for OF jobs.
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    So far as I can tell, those who have "close ties" with ownership constitute a pretty small club. John Angelos, Lou Angelos and Brady apparently aren't responding. It's hard to imagine that anyone in the Orioles organization doesn't understand the terrible position they're in, both on the playing field (so far -- it's still 2 1/2 months until opening day) and as a public relations matter. Coming off a late-season swoon and a last-place finish. Virtually nothing done to improve (other than by subtraction) a starting rotation that was dead last in the ML in ERA and WHIP, and last in the AL in innings pitched. Attendance 23rd in MLB. Continuing complete inaction, with no apparent plan -- ever -- to realize on Manny's value,, and so far failing to conclude a trade for Manny because their demands exceeded the rvalue of a one-year rental. Taking the same head-in-the-sand approach with Schoop. An unwillingness to rebuild (or even to discuss that possibility), with no announced (or apparently, unannounced) strategy other than to say that last year's last-place team plans to be competitive. Does anyone in the Warehouse need to be told that, as of the 12th of January, this team is real bad and that its fans are, let's say, not overly optimistic about what lies ahead?
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    This is not true. Here is a summary article, it links to 2 separate in-depth discussions into the cause of the home run spike. http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2017/06/29/a-second-study-confirms-that-home-runs-are-up-due-to-a-change-in-the-baseball/
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    I went to my first game at Memorial Stadium with my dad around 1961. As a 6 year old, the one player that stood out to me was 1st baseman Jim Gentile. Check this out: Cool old commercial featuring Jim Gentile
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    I don't know, I'll bet teams were lining up to deal with us when Thrift was GM.
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    Dan has officially worn out his welcome with me. Crap or get off the pot Dan!
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