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    o HOUSTON ASTROS )l..lll.lllllllllllllllll - 4 GAMES NEW YORK YANKEES ll.lllll.llll..l. - 3 GAMES o
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    The Orioles have three guys in the IF who can play SS right now. If this guy can play the other positions reasonably well, slide either Machado or Schoop over to SS. Typically, you do want the UIF to be able to play SS, but most teams don’t have multiple starters who can play there.
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    Great win for the people of that city, they really needed it. Sports can be a wonderful distraction.
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    Very interesting because the plan worked. Did anyone notice what was mentioned during the broadcast about the analytics department relaying information to the coaching staff? The Astros organization has done a great job of putting people in positions to assist in the on-the-field product. And it’s no small thing that the coaching staff is open-minded enough to implement the information they receive.
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    I believe you, the only problem is sometimes "want to" is not enough. I get the vibe Trumbo works hard on his swing all the time, didn't help him last season. If I had my way, I'd clean house (at least Buck and coaching staff, but probably DD as well), trade Manny, Brach, and O'Day. Sign Chatwood (he's young, could be a factor in 2019 and beyond). Do a quick rebuild, punt 2018, hopefully trade Britton and Trumbo at the deadline if they rebound. Jones comes off the books at the end of the season. Let Hays, Santander, and DJ Stewart get plenty of reps in the OF. Let Gabriel Ynoa, Lucas Long, David Hess, Miguel Castro (if you want to try it) Mike Wright, etc fight for the #4 and #5 spots in the rotation. The runner-up can be the long man in the bullpen. Give Tanner Scott some reps in the bullpen. Let Drew Dosch keep 3B warm and Steve Wilkerson take the utility role. So then going into 2019 you have this line-up (not counting anything you get an all the trades I mentioned). C: SIsco, Joseph 1B: Davis 2B: Schoop SS: Beckham 3B: Open or Dosch LF: Stewart CF: Mullins RF: Hays 4th OF: Santander 5th OF: Open or Rickard DH: Mancini Utility IF: Open or Wilkerson SP1: Bundy SP2: Gausman SP3: Chatwood SP4: Harvey SP5: The best of Ynoa, Long, Hess, Means, and Akin Closer: Mychal Givens Set-up: Tanner Scott 7th Inning: Miguel Castro Long Man: Runner up for the #5 starter LOOGY: Open Middle reliever: Open or Yacabonis Middle reliever: Open The opening big opening there is 3B and that's not considering any prospects/young players received in other deals. Ryan Mountcastle will probably be ready or trade bait to fill holes. If the Orioles do the trade I opened this thread with (Dietz + Peralta + Rickard for Prado and Straily) then Prado would play 3B and Straily would be the SP5. That's a team that's really young and could be competitive with a few free agent additions to supplant any of the prospects who don't look like they will be MLB pieces (they'll have the money for it since so many of the plays are cheap), they'll also have money to extend Schoop + whoever else seems like a long term piece.
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    Ken does things to my gut as well.
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    I think the yearly influx of new ideas via a change in pitching coaches gives all the young pitchers a big advantage over teams that keep the same coaches for two, three or sometimes four years in a row. Don't want them getting too comfortable.
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    Guess I will be using this one now. http://www.spotrac.com/mlb/contracts/
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    More time for quiet walks on the beach, reading a good book and volunteering your time to good causes....but PECOTA was finally right for the O's!
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    Ah yes, and thus begins the glut of posters who don't understand how minor league depth works. Never ceases to be bizarre no matter how many times I see it.
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    I would strongly consider trading Trey Mancini. He will be cost-controlled for several seasons, and he established himself as a good major league hitter this season, which should boost his value. But defensively he is limited to LF/1B/DH, and the one thing the Orioles have an abundance of in their farm system is good hitting prospects who are likely to end up at DH or corner outfield.
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    thats how it works right, discount their guys, and over pay for ours in return!
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    I don’t actually hate the players. What I really hate is their spoiled fans who have no idea what fans in other cities experience and think it’s their birthright to win titles on a regular basis. And I hate the fact that the Yankees have such huge economic advantages. And I hate the media attention their players get.
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    Wow, first time that phrase has been used on OH in quite a while.
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    Viewed by many evaluators as one of the Draft's premier left-handed pitchers, Hall became the first high school hurler to be taken in the first round by Baltimore since Hunter Harvey in 2013. He signed for $3 million, the largest bonus given by the organization since Kevin Gausman signed for $4,320,000 in '12 (No. 4 overall pick). The immediate results weren't there for Hall, Baltimore's No. 4 prospect, during his professional debut in the Rookie Gulf Coast League, as he posted a 6.97 ERA in 10 1/3 innings while making five starts. But the 19-year-old southpaw still impressed club officials with his combination of stuff, feel and potential, a trend that continued this fall during the Orioles' instructional league in Sarasota, Fla. "It's a plus fastball and plus breaking ball with DL, but it's free and easy -- there's not a lot of effort. It's nice to see the rhythm and ease to his delivery," Orioles Director of Player Development Brian Graham said. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/258825068/dl-adam-hall-at-orioles-instructional-league/?topicid=151437456
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    For Mountcastle, I think this is just a chance to get some more exposure to high-level pitching and reps at 3B, to give him a head start on having a good season in AA next year. I’m not too worried about results.
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    It's the American Way. Sometimes it works only if you're willing to leave the country, I guess.
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    Since the Orioles don't seem to like to negoiate extensions, but rather wait for their players to hit free agency before trying to resign them, why not trade Manny and then try and resign him. He'll come back if the money is right.
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    They stayed in contention because the league was terrible. That said, I think this report is meaningless.
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    For the November issue, Reader's Digest asked their readers to nominate their nicest place in America. This was not a best stadiums article, so it was surprising to see Oriole Park on the list. Oriole Park finished in the top 10. Very nice article that discusses how Oriole Park is a fan friendly place to watch a ballgame. Readers Digest 10 Nicest Places in America
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    As long as the project takes place in Norfolk, I'm cool with it.
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    Since we have been told that they are not trading Manny or Zach in this offseason, here goes my hot stove plan to win the AL East in 2018. 1. Sign Lance Lynn and Jaime Garcia. Re-sign Tillman. Lynn will not be cheap, but he is not at the top of the market. He gets a good bit of weak contact and ground balls, and he is coming into his second year after TJ. Has been a 200 inning guy twice before TJ. Garcia is a guy that should give us 150 plus innings and also gets a good bit of ground balls. 2. Sign Jon Jay and re-sign Gentry. Have them man CF until we move Hays there to stay. Jay can still get a lot of AB's as a 4th OF. 3. Move Adam to RF, sell it to him however you have to. It's time. 4. Work a trade centered around Brach and Trumbo to Colorado for Ian Desmond. They need back end of the pen help and they cannot count on Mark Reynolds again at 1B. Plus they have a surplus in the OF and supposedly signed Desmond to play 1B. Money seems to work out. Desmond plays LF and can back up some in INF. This moves Mancini to DH with some time in corner OF spots and giving CD a break at 1B once a week or so. Obviously Adam needs to be on board with the move to RF, but I think he may be ready if it is brought to him with a plan to bring in Jay until Hays is ready. This would get us more athleticism in the OF and better defense. More athleticism in the lineup with more OBP. It would also boost the rotation significantly. By reallocating the payroll from Brach and Trumbo, we would be much improved. Ok, tear it up.
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    If I was New York, I'd take advantage of that hole in LF.
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    I'm higher on Stewart than most but I don't think he can handle right field in Oakland.
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    I agree with Il BuonO, you don't need to be able to play SS to be the O's utility IF, Manny or Schoop can handle it just as well (or better in Manny's case) than a guy like Flaherty in a pinch. My concerns with Wilkerson are not fielding related. I like his swing and I think he'll be able to hit for a decent average but my concern is that without much power, pitchers won't respect him and therefore his walk rate will vanish. This is what happened to Joey Rickard at the MLB level. I do like Wilkerson's swing better than Rickard's, but Wilkerson doesn't have the plate discipline that Rickard has. That being said, Flaherty hasn't been any good since 2014, so I think Wilkerson could provide that level of production. If the Orioles are trying to compete in 2018 they should bring in someone better though. Eric Sogard would be my target, walked more than he struck out in 2017, really good defense at 2B, solid at 3B, can play SS or OF as well. He can actually help with the bat and is good enough to let the regulars get some days off so they don't fade at the end of the year.
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    People forget how good that 2014 team was. Even with the injuries/suspension. KC beat us in 4 one run ball games. They got every bounce/break that postseason. Would Ed Rod have changed anything about our 2015-2017 seasons? We still miss the playoffs twice and make the WC game once.
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    Pitchers are horrible hitters. Some changes are for the better.
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    KC certainly would not. They're not going to gamble away a very good mlb pitcher on a kid who hasn't been healthy for a decent stretch in years. If you want Duffy you're likely looking at Mountcastle or Hayes as your main piece, and then adding 2 of Hall,Scott,Mullins,Reyes,Sedlock.
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    Under this scenario, we would only play Bos, NYY, and Tor three times each during the season, if I understand it correctly. Not a big fan of that.
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    You know what I hate most of all? Dodgers-Yankees is exactly what ESPN wants. It validates their bias for the last 20 years. If the Orioles aren't going to be involved, I want Twins-Brewers or Rockies-Astros every year just to piss off ESPN and MLB.
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    Roch reports that EdRod had surgery on his perpetually gimpy knee yesterday. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/10/jones-on-young-outfielders-e-rod-surgery-and-reimold-news.html
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    Lobaton made Wieters look like Johnny Bench. Still wondering whether Castillo’s pitch calling was a big liability.
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    This is a stock photo of what i have. Can't figure out how to post pics from my phone to here.
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    You've said several times that the offense was sufficient, yet we were outscored by every single team that made the playoffs, including the national league teams. We scored 3 runs or less 76 times, including 19 in September and one in October - that's 20 times in our last 28 games. Without significant offensive improvement, this team will not compete for a playoff spot.
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    There are definetly players who defy FIP or xFIP due to specific abilities. Those players can usually be identified over large sample sizes. There are a ton of recent studies, most saying how FIP and xFIP aren't perfect and need to be improved, but still that they function as a better predictor of future performance than ERA alone in the population of MLB pitchers. Infield fly balls are being added to recent metrics, since this seems to be a skill pitchers have to induce them and they are pretty much as good as a strikeout. Here is an article about the predictive values ERA, FIP, xFIP among other things. The author uses individual pitcher's performances on even numbered days as compared to the same pitcher's performances on odd numbered days in the same season. He did this for each pitcher season between 2003-2008. He ran these numbers with ERA, FIP, and xFIP at different IP cut offs. A perfect predictive metric would have the same number on even and odd days since a pitcher's true talent isn't effected by even or odd days of course. He used "root mean square error" to test the differences, the smaller the RMSE, the smaller the difference between the samples and therefore the better that metric is at indicating true ability (the predictor of future performance). These are the results, as you can see FIP is lower than ERA at every sample size level and xFIP is lower than FIP at every level. IP NUM ERA FIP xFIP tRA 10 595 3.21 2.73 2.49 2.61 20 595 2.41 2.03 1.87 1.99 30 475 1.89 1.61 1.51 1.57 40 158 1.83 1.46 1.28 1.36 50 117 1.75 1.41 1.35 1.42 60 105 1.18 1.06 1.02 1.03 70 134 1.47 1.28 1.18 1.25 80 160 1.20 1.01 0.94 1.03 90 153 1.07 0.98 0.91 0.95 100 59 1.20 0.85 0.87 0.86 110 23 1.05 0.82 0.76 0.74
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    Not only did Davis have a terrible year, but most of the season he was hitting in the big RBI spots in front of Mancini. It's not like Davis had a bad year in the 7 hole. He was a black hole in he middle of the lineup.
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    Ex-O's played significant roles in last night's 9-8 nail-biter NLDS finale in DC. To cap it off, Brian Duensing held the Nats off just enough (in 2/3 inning) to "earn" the W, while striking out late game "goat" Matt Wiety, whose PB and wild throw to first allowed the eventual winning run to score. Also playing a significant role was former O's MILB'er Jayson Werth, who botched a liner in the lights to allow a run to score. Pedro Strop allowed an earned run but got the H in one inning of work. Matt (no shaming here) Albers unbelievably had a clean inning (how does he do it?) of work to cap off the ex-O's commentary. Duensing > Bleier? (who cares?) I found myself not hating the Nats and wishing for a CHI L but ultimately feeling neutral when it all ended. Finding Joe Maddon insufferable lately, wishing Tito was there vice Girardi and, like Frobby, having no more "dogs in the fight" makes the baseball season over for me. A Yankee L will be nice, but at this point, who cares? It's difficult to get excited for another Oriole season this time around. I don't watch the NBA (at all) or NHL, NFL, NCAAF or B much any more. Will MLB be next? SMH Tom Boswell's apt piece on game was a good read: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/an-unforgettable-night-at-once-ugly-and-beautiful-ends-the-nationals-season/2017/10/13/ac2bec40-af85-11e7-a908-a3470754bbb9_story.html?tid=a_inl&utm_term=.a9a358672382
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    Hey look it's something I never said! Hmm I don't know, maybe because they allowed more baserunners in those games? Could be a lot of factors. If the Cubs are so easy to run against and do so poorly in these games why did it only happen 33 times? Obviously less stolen bases are better than more stolen bases. No one is arguing otherwise. What I think is that Buck places too much emphasis on that aspect of the game.
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    I'm gonna be honest...I can't imagine a scenario where Tillman gets 2 years or Gallardo is even offered a major league deal. This whole list is wrong. I'd venture to bet Tillman and Ubaldo don't even get major league offers and Hellickson and Miley don't get more than one year.
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    I disagree. I read somewhere that the three guys they got would all make the Tigers' top 10. A rebuilding team that already has an albatross of a contract doesn't need Verlander.
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