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  1. Tony-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    My quick take: As I said during my piece earlier this year and several times since then, when Duquette was allowed to have total control of acquisitions, the Orioles were winners. I'll withhold final judgement until he hear more about Brady's role and what overall authority they are going to give Dan. I also would like to see how many years of an extension he will get. If it's anything less than a five year deal, then they are not exactly giving him total control to rebuild since most rebuilds take at least five years. As much as admire Buck as a baseball man and manager, it was time for him to go. I'd like to see Dan get his chance to hire his manager and let the manager hire his coaches.
  2. Tony-OH

    How do we say goodbye to Buck and Adam?

    I think if the Orioles do not intend to bring Buck back they should do him the honor by announcing that before the last series so fans can get a chance to thank him. I know it would be a bit weird, but I think the fans should have an opportunity to thank a man who has worked hard, and done his best for the organization and helped bring winning back after 14 losing years regardless of the current shape of the team.
  3. Certainly a valid opinion and I appreciate the thoughts. I understand why people get spun up over the word selfish but at the end of the day, it's an accurate word to describe his decision in my opinion. The problem is that synonyms for the word selfish (egocentric, egotistic, egotistical, egomaniacal, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, self-seeking, self-serving, wrapped up in oneneself; inconsiderate, thoughtless, unthinking, uncaring, uncharitable; ean, miserly, grasping, greedy, mercenary, acquisitive, opportunistic; informallooking after number one) wouldn't have made it any better. I am interested though, if selfish was the wrong word to use, what should we use instead?
  4. Tony-OH

    Tanner Scott Prefers the Bullpen

    I think that shipped sailed awhile back. He just doesn't have the command, or really control to be a starter. Scott can have dominant stuff and the hope is that with more time he will become more consistent from outing to outing of even batter to batter sometimes. If I have one concern it's that batters seem to pick up his fastball pretty well, which means he needs to spot it better and I'm not sure he has the command for that. Regardless, he's the kind of guy who gets the next year or maybe two proving whether he can be a counted on reliever when this team has a chance to be a contender again.
  5. I agree, at the time, I wasn't heartbroken over the Cruz loss, and not sure I would have given him the 4th year either. Obviously in hindsight, it was a bad decision. A few years later though I heard how much Cruz had meant to Machado and Schoop and how he helped integrate the "Dominican" corner of the locker room with the rest. Not surprisingly, that was 2014. Now, winning is the cure for most locker rooms and losing is the bane of locker rooms so sometimes it's hard to quantify how much a guy means to a locker room.
  6. Jones made it clear why he didn't want to be traded. He wasn't worried about winning, or about his organization, or anything other than he wanted to position himself to get the most money this off season. He had the right to do that and that's the route he choose. It remains to be seen whether that will affect his standing in the eyes of baseball executives or not. I think the fact that he'll be 33-years old, his power dropped off, and he's now a right fielder will hurt his value more than his decision at the trading deadline.
  7. First, I can have any opinion I want and if people want to disagree with it that's fine. I've dealt with fans for over 20 years, I get it, I understand how they think. You are convinced I have some major issue with Jones and I don't, I'm just not afraid to call out a selfish decision when I see one, regardless of the good things Jones has done. This is the last time I will state this since you seem to have a hard time understanding, I did not say Jones has always been selfish, nor did I even say Jones is a selfish person, I'm saying he made a selfish opinion in this situation. Enjoy the site.
  8. This is a ridiculous and unfounded statement. We don't get into politics here, but let me assure you, the ownership's politics would make this accusation even less than baseless. Jones was already given a large contract, Machado had no desire to sign a long term contract, and once the rebuild started, it made no sense to keep Schoop around. As for Cruz, that was a baseball mistake, but it had nothing to do with his color.
  9. This is not how we talk to others around here. Please refrain from attacking other posters if you disagree with them.
  10. Well the Orioles did delay Mullins because Jones was still here and I'd rather DJ Stewart get time in RF to see how he does rather than Jones, but I agree, no one really lost out overall. Look, I know it seems like I'm upset over Jones staying, I'm not. I've said multiple times that the Orioles weren't going to get anything of value from a Jones trade, and I wasn't concerned when he vetoed the trade. It was only when the fans started to say that Jones didn't want to move because he didn't want to be away from his family for two months or because of his charity did I start to call BS. Now, he comes out and literally admits it was all for his own purposes but some people still won't call it what it is, and that was selfish. I literally looked up the word yet people want to try and slam me for being against Jones, which I'm not.
  11. You were doing awesome, then you went off the rails here and that's disappointing because I respect your opinion. No one has said that Adam Jones did something wrong, but by the very definition of the word selfish, and by his own words, he choose to invoke his 10/5 clause because he thought being a part-time RFer would hurt him in free agency. He wasn't thinking about the Orioles, the Phillies, the young players who would get opportunities if he left, no one but himself. That by the very definition is selfish. I'm not saying he didn't earn that right, but let's not make this out to be anything other than a longtime Orioles going out on his terms and doing what's best for himself. Although I think his decision was ill-informed and foolish, he had every right to to that contractually and I have zero issues with him doing what he thinks was best for him. I'm not saying Jones is a selfish person overall, just that this decision was selfish, in that he solely looked out for his own financial gain, which he had every right to do. I know fans have their opinions of players and some put them on these pedestals, but let's be clear here, Jones was looking out solely for himself, and unfortunately, it doesn't look like it was the best decision because now he's a part-time RFer on the worse team in baseball. Contrary to some misguided opinions, I wish Jones nothing but the best. He was a good Oriole, he helped them win a lot of games over his career, but he was poor performer in post season play, and now he's leaving as a part-time guy on the worse Orioles team in history.
  12. Lol. that's not my definition buddy, that's the dictionary definition. Take up your issues with them. I clearly have said multiple times that I have zero issues with Jones evoking his 10/5. You are not going to accept that because you can't see past your fandom. I get it. Some fans are unable to look at things objectively. You are not the first or the last that will think this way about a player.
  13. I'm not going to lie, this off season and how ownership handles things will be big for me as well.
  14. I don't see that happening for several more years. Jones may have to swallow his pride a bit, but he's not going to give away millions of dollars to start coaching little league in the city.
  15. Agreed. I don't think the Orioles were getting anything of value back for Jones and for that reason alone I was not upset when he vetoed the trade. But it doesn't take away from the fact that he did for his own selfish reasons, which is understandable, but doesn't change the fact that he did it for those reasons.