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  1. Maybe you should go back to the OP and refresh your memory. I don't think anyone thought he was suddenly fixed, but he had his best streak in years after breaking his 0-fer streak.
  2. Lord almighty is Davis slow!
  3. This is some of the best offspeed stuff that Bundy has carried in some time. everything was very sharp and his changeup was been a weapon (7 SwStr). Villar really has hurt him defensively though.
  4. So my real question, does this mean I have to give up beer?
  5. Well considering this thread is already off the rails, how do you like doing this? I've considered it but not sure if it works and don't like the idea of being starving sometimes.
  6. Generalize much or do you actually believe this BS?
  7. I'm not sure why this sweep has put me in a bad mood. I know this team is terrible. I know this team should lose to the Yankees, but it still doesn't stop sucking to be swept after being rained out two days in a row because the $700 billion Yankees Stadium can't drain properly.
  8. Seems a little weird with a fresh pen to play matchups in the bottom of the 8th, with no one on, down 3-1.
  9. The Orioles have won 1 game since May 7th which is part of the reason why this double header sweep is really not fun!
  10. Hey, what do you know, another sad little inning by the Orioles offense.
  11. Yeah, we knew they aren't good, but they've been downright sad of late. Lots of guys in deep slumps. Oh well, guess we just need enjoy those rare wins.
  12. This team is not good. I know that is not braking news around here, but good God they do everything they can to make losing painful. Two days without baseball then the team comes out and stinks it up! Disappointing even for this team. Show a little life.
  13. And that's what happens when you have to start Joey Rickard against a right-hander! I know he's the CF backup, but at this point, I'd rather have about three other AAA OF options than Rickard. #Orioles
  14. That's the kind of strike 3 call that picks up support for robo umps. if you are that awful at your job, don't complain when technology takes it over.
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