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  1. Tony-OH

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List

    All 30 prospects are complete now. A few profiles will need to be updated by tonight, but for the most part they are finished. Thanks to Luke Siler for his support in the process and for writing some of the profiles!
  2. Tony-OH

    Matthias Dietz - RHP - 2018 #30 Prospect

    I'll let Luke explain in more detail. At the end of the day though, Luke saw him sit in the upper 90s with plus offspeed stuff in an outing. The thought is mainly that with that kind of raw stuff, perhaps a move to the bullpen would allow him to be more consistent. He's nothing more than a flier because of the raw stuff he's shown at times. Afterall, we all talking about the 30th prospect in the organization.
  3. Tony-OH

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    I guess another question is, did anyone ever discuss what his lanes would be? I've never met anyone who didn't like Anderson, just that his ability to basically do what he wanted ran counter-intuitive to everyone being on the same page. If his role is defined, who's to say that he can't still be an asset? Saying that, Mike Elias should ultimately have the final say on Brady's role and Brady should report directly to him. Those are really the most important things. If Elias is fine with Brady and Brady works directly for him, then no one else should have an issue. What can't happen is another situation where Brady reports straight to ownership. From the sounds of yesterday's press conference, that doesn't sound like it will happen, but as with all things, time will tell.
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  10. Tony-OH

    DJ Stewart - OF - 2018 #24 Prospect

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  14. Tony-OH

    Who are the #21-25 Prospects?

    It was in the schedule. Tomorrow is the day.