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  1. Tony-OH

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    By the way, my personal all-time favorite Orioles: 1) Brooks Robinson 2) Eddie Murray 3) Cal Ripken (as a player) 4) Manny Machado (as a player) 5) Ken Singleton
  2. Tony-OH

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    I was thinking the same thing. First, I thought that bird must have given children nightmares. Then I was like, "Hold up, why the hell is that guy randomly holding a monkey next to the bird?"
  3. Tony-OH

    Parker Bridwell DFA’d

    He used to throw that curve when he first came into the system, but it wasn't consistent and he basically scrapped it and went just with the slider. Don't know if that was on the Orioles recommendations or not.
  4. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Wow, can't believe Revers had that open of a look to tie the game. Give Cowan credit, after a bad first half, he carried the team in the second half. I guess I will give the Terps credit for surviving that game, but can't believe they played so poorly in the second half after that first half. Bruno really had a bad game after being playing of the week last week. He really, really played poorly once he had 4 fouls. Just an off night and I guess we can say at least they showed they can win when Fernando is off his game. I will say Wisconsin was red-hot in the second half, but they had way too many wide-open shots after a first half in which every shot was contested. Just can't let a team score 45 points in a half!
  5. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Bruno might want to consider staying another year. If you can't beat Revers one on one you may not be ready for the NBA. What an awful foul ridden, poor inside game from him tonight!
  6. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Notice no adjustments being made by Turgeon even though Wisconsin has been red from 3-point line.
  7. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Terps shooting a ridiculous 33.3% so far this game.
  8. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Good God, team couldn't hit water if it fell out of boat. Morsell missed an open 10-footer. Just absolutely choke worthy awful.
  9. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Awful freaking call. That was a total block by Lindo....
  10. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Gotta get Bruno back in. This team has shown to be trash without him.
  11. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Terps just playing trash ball here for a bit. They've shot pretty poorly all game but the second half has been embarrassingly bad.
  12. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    But Revers has stepped up.
  13. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Maryland has gone ice cold and now Wisconsin is on a run! They've got to withstand this but right now they are running that clueless Turgeon offense where they pass the ball around the three point line until they have a bad shot. Bruno got himself in foul trouble for no reason too. He's got to be better than that.
  14. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Unlike those others guys, he seems like a high IQ, good character kid.
  15. Tony-OH

    Terps (#19) vs Wisconsin

    Cowan was just 1-for-8 and Jaylen Smith has that 3-pointer but nothing else from the field. They need to get it going a bit in the second half. We know Wisconsin will have a run at some point. Just need to keep it out of reach.