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  1. If we are just going off spring training observations, I would agree, but clearly baseball people seem to disagree since Reinheimer made it through waivers, and Alberto was claimed twice. AAA stats Reinheimer .278/.343/.371/.714 in 1376 PAs Alberto .309/.330/.438/.768 in in 1000 PAs Personally I'm fine with either for right now, but since Reinheimer could be sent to the minors without risk of losing him, this is the way to keep both. I think Reinheimer will end up with the some big league time this year. I like him a bit as well.
  2. Wilkerson can't play SS effectively. While Jackson can play shortstop, I wouldn't want him out there very often. He's better at 2B and in the outfield.
  3. Why? He's the best defensive SS option behind Martin and Martin is going to have a very weak stick and will need days off. I'd much rather have him than Escobar. I would have also been fine with Reinheimer but he didn't have to be optioned so if Alberto struggles, you still have Reinheimer to bring up.
  4. I will agree and I'm a tough critic of the guy. Saying that, he did cost the team two points with technical foul and we lost by two. Heartbreaking ending for the Terps. Good fight by the team, but in the end, Turgeon gave them two points because he couldn't control his emotions, and the other coach drew up a play to defeat the zone. Close games come down to coaching a lot of times so not surprised Terps lost a close game. Will be sorry to see Fernando go to the NBA, but my real concern is how good Stix looked in the tourney. He may have played his way into the 1st round of the draft and that could mean a double loss for the constantly rebuilding Terps.
  5. Dammit, I wish these things would come out in a press release.
  6. Hmm, I must've missed that one. When did that happen?
  7. Your goofy assessments are really, really getting close to trolling. If you keeps saying the same things, over and over in every thread, that is trolling. We get it, you don't like how Elias is going about rebuilding this team. Point taken! Somebody could cure cancer and you'd probably be like, "Well, cancer really wasn't all that bad and besides, why didn't they cure it earlier?" Dude, relax. We all know the team is going to be bad this year. And yes, just because we are willing to except some bad teams over the next year or two, doesn't mean we aren't good fans. it means we are knowledgeable enough to know that Elias was part of an organization that rebuilt itself quite well, and we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as he begins his rebuild. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will a sustainable winning franchise.
  8. Yeah, I wondered about that as well in my piece. Since he has an option, I could see them sending him back to AAA.
  9. Means is the best choice for long man due to the fact he's left-handed and the entire rotation is right-handed. It's between him, Yacobonis and Phillips.
  10. I think Trumbo goes on the 60-day to clear up a spot for Sucre.
  11. There certainly seems to be a lot of injuries with head first sliding, which is why we were always taught to feet first slider. Let's hope it's not too bad, but a thumb injury can linger and cost a good bit of the season even if it's not too bad. I don't like reading into things like a tweet, but that tweet from Hays was not encouraging.
  12. http://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/03/24/sisco-among-the-last-cuts-roster-just-about-set/
  13. I liked the walks in the spring and how he made some adjustments to some breaking balls at times. After he clubbed those 4 homers he never collected an extra base hit though, so I'm not sold on the early power display. Let's see how he does in AAA. If the walks go up and the Ks come down, I'll have a better feel.
  14. Elias seems to be of the philosophy that you need to prove at a level before you come up. When you add in that Severino and Sucre are serious upgrades defensively to Sisco, then why not let him go down to Norfolk and force his way back up?
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