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  2. Nice guy, glad he had his moment. As a player though, his bat was just too slow and he was defensively challenged. It seems that the Orioles Cuban bargain basement experiment is over. I guess at least Miranda brought us Miley.
  3. "Whether it's mental, mechanical, emotional, you have to come back and either find it again or get in touch with it," Palmer said. Notice two of the three are similar and you can read between the lines for what Palmer is trying to see here.
  4. Honestly, out of that whole at bat, that's the one that gets me. That's just a bad approach if you ask me. If he throws a 3-1 curveball and you swing over it, tip your cap, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a power hitter, a guy paid to drive in runs, take a 3-1 fastball in the middle of the plate with the tie run on 2nd base.
  5. I'm pretty sure i said that. Clearly this team was playing over it's head in April, and clearly they are not as bad during this 13 game stretch. Saying that, there are a lot of signs that suggest they are closer to a .500 team than a 90-win team at this point. When you combine that with a farm system that looks worse than ever when it comes to impact talent and the same folks are drafting again this year, and it's doesn't give you a lot of hope this team is on the cusp of doing anything special for awhile. Besides Mancini, Hays and Mountcastle, every other top prospect has been disappointing this year in one way or another. The pitching prospects have almost totally crapped the bed this year. It's almost truly mind boggling how bad they have been. Look, I think people know me well enough that I'm not a negative nelly or a guy who always thinks everything is bad, but the farm system this year has been a huge, huge disappointment prospect wise and have little to no faith that Rajsich and his staff is going to suddenly turn around and have an impact draft. That combined with the Orioles year after year putting together the same type of squad and hoping for a different outcome is beginning to wear on my positive vibes. I felt like this team could compete this year for a wild card if their pitching could be adequate. They very well still may. But the biggest issue is this organization needs a young talent infusion and since the drafting and international markets are not providing that, the only way they will be able to do that is to have a fire sale eventually. I'm hoping the Orioles can find a way to make it work through smoke and mirrors this year, but if they are out of it by the All-Star break, they may need to seriously consider moving guys like Tillman, Brach, O'day, Schoop and even Machado. I just don't see them every doing that so they will end up buyers or stand fast and the Orioles will stay the same.
  6. In May: Blue Jays 13-9 Yankees 12-9 Red Sox 11-10 Ray 12-11 Orioles 10-12 I think the WC will come out of the East as well, but let's be honest here, the Orioles played over their heads in April when they played .652 baseball (15-8) while other teams were figuring out who they are. The Orioles are 18-19 this season in 9-inning games.
  7. Let be clear here, I don't think the Orioles should or will do a complete rebuild this year. Duquette is not going to rebuild with one year left on his contract so it's about how do we get better this year. 1) We gotta hope Machado starts to get interested again and plays up to his capabilities 2) We have to hope Buck/DD will realize that JJ Hardy is no longer a major league caliber everyday shortstop at this stage of his career. 3) We have to hope that the Orioles will cut bait with Ubaldo and someone from within (most likely Asher) can step in provide some stability. 4) We have to hope Tillman can settle in and become Tillman once again. 5) We have to hope Bundy's right arm doesn't fall off before July. 6) We have to hope Gausman can find his second half magic from last year soon. 7) We have to hope Miley can continue to play with fire and give innings 8) We have to hope Zach Britton will be back and back to being Zach Britton by the All-Star break 9) We have to hope Brach, O'day and Givens can find some consistency 10) and finally we have to hope that the Red Sox and Blue Jays continue to under perfrom while the Yankees fall back to earth.
  8. Well with that logic we should take out Bundy from the rotation as well, right? Asher is on a nice little roll out of the pen of late, but there are others that can do the same and he's the best option in my opinion to go into the rotation. I liked what I saw from Verrett in his short stints and and I'm not sure why Yacobonis doesn't get a chance yet they keep running out Chrichton who Yacobonis has out performed basically his whole career. Edwin Jackson is probably ready for a pen spot as well. His fastball slider combo looked decent the times I've watch him pitch. We have relievers to take his spot, but running out one of the worse starting pitchers in baseball every five days who throws one good outing out of four is just madness.
  9. Good piece here by Dan Connolly on Baltimore Baseball. For the life of me I don't see how anyone with his kind of power takes as many strike threes and honestly as many 3-1 pitches that are perfect strikes. What do you think?
  10. Buck said his next start is Sunday. I guess there is a chance he doesn't start, but at this point, the only thing I can think of is that Angelos won't let them get rid of his contract even though it's money spent. Then again Buck is pretty stubborn and Jimenez is a good guy which makes him a Buck guy. I guess we'll see.
  11. The Orioles have hit 62 home runs which is 6th in the AL. The bullpen without Britton has certainly not be superb and I would say we don't have one sure fire shutdown reliever right now. Brach, O'day and Givens can be at times, but they've all been inconsistent this year. Asher is the only reliever with an ERA under 3 and I still think he's better out of the rotation than the pen. As for the defense, 25 errors is 6th in the AL, and with Hardy's lack of range and arm in the middle, Schoops lack of range suddenly becoming worrisome at 2B, and Manny looking either brilliant or indifferent from play to play, along with our slow outfield, and I'm not sure the defense is a plus at this point. Add in that we have two starters with ERAs over 6 and Miley's 4.41 FIP and Bundy's 3.95 FIP suggests some regression from those two and mediocre pitching might be kind. The team is better than a .265 (3-10) winning %, so obviously they are not as bad as they are playing, but I'm trying to see why I should expect this team to be a contender this September? Manny is pretty much the only offensive player playing below his career norms though we should expect Trumbo to hit for more power soon. I really couldn't explain why the Orioles were winning earlier in the year besides saying "they just find ways to win." Some of that was luck factor, but let's be clear, this team even when it was winning was winning a lot of close games because they just never really dominated games. It was part of the reason the team burnt through it's bullpen because they weren't able to really have a laugher where they could just rest their high leverage guys. I hope I'm the reverse jinx, I really do, but this team is going to have to find that smoke and mirrors again to win because it's a flawwed team with a very by the book veterans at all cost manager who rather have JJ Hardy bat int he 9th in one run games over much better matchups because of his veternosity. That and his penchant to leave his starters in too long and rush his relievers into games without warming them up long enough costs us games on a team that doesn't have a lot of room for error. Any team that is still starting Ubaldo in late May with the way he's pitched is not one to be taken too seriously. It's almost laughable that they would give him another start.
  12. The Orioles are 3-10 since this post. We now know who jinxed this team! lol
  13. The O's are 3-10 in last 13 games just five games above .500. The AL central teams are bullying them and treating them with zero respect. Why should they? Big leads blown, poor starting pitching, errors, base running errors, batters who watch three straight strikes and walk back to the bench, and a manager who refuses to pinch hit at the bottom of his lineup. If that's for you, then you've enjoyed this team over this stretch. This could be a slump, or it could be that the other shoe has dropped on a team that looked like it was winning on smoke and mirrors earlier in the year rather than being good. This might be a bit of a rant, but there are bad at bats, then there are embarrassing at bats and Chris Davis in the 8th inning today had what can only be described as an embarrassing at bat with the tie run at 2nd. After getting to 3-0, he watched two straight fastballs in the middle of the plate and then a curve ball, never moving the bat from his shoulder. Not that his choke job should come as a surprise, after all, he was slashing .148/.289/.262/.552 when runners are on base this year coming into the game. Eight of his 10 homers have been solo jobs. That's not what you want from your $21 million a year first baseman. That wasn't the only embarrassing at bat. How about JJ Hardy watching three straight fastballs for strikes to end the game? I know he homered earlier in the game when the pitcher accidentally hit his bat, but how does he get to bat with Hyun Soo Kim or even Wellington Castillo on the bench? I guess his veteranosity outweighs his .524 OPS he was sporting coming into the game or his .196/.234/.265/.498 slash line against RHP. The problem with this season is we spent the first part trying to figure out how in the hell the Orioles were winning so many games? Now, we are seeing their true colors come out. This team is slumping, and they are never as bad as they look when slumping, but this is not a good team. This is a team that is still threatening to send out one of the worse starting pitchers in MLB on Sunday in Ubaldo while picking up a waiver wire utility guy like that is going to change their fortunes. Whether the bad losses and blown leads have affected the hitters or not, this offense is in one of it's cold spells, the kind of cold spells that teams constructed of one dimensional power hitters go into. Then again, they really haven't been all that good most of the year. The shoe has dropped and unless some guys turn it around big time this team is going to be near the bottom of the Division by the All-Star break.
  14. True on the hitting, but I just think watching the body language of the club they are mentally out of it. I'm not sure there is another batter on MLB who goes 3-0 and then watch three straight strikes, two of which were fastball in the middle of the plate beside Chris Davis. I'd sit him next game honestly. I know Buck won't, but I would. That was an utterly embarrassing at bat.
  15. Heck only watch like two innings on Game day an it was enough to annoy me. Such an annoying team to watch. Big leads blown, pitiful at bats, and players who look like they are going through the motions.