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  1. But people on this board are not paid to evaluate Miranda and most if not 99.9% of them never saw him pitch besides the two innings he pitched in relief for the Orioles. Saying that, I don't think that trade was even close to as bad as the Davies trade. Now I was always a big fan of Davies, much more than most scouts, so I'm sure this is something to do with it, but the Orioles were going absolute nowhere that year and Parra was a pure rental. Miley came with some controllability so if you thought you could fix him then I can see why they went after him.
  2. The problem is that those little moves are what has cost him to run out the likes of Ubaldo and Miley when he couldn have had young, cheap starting pitchers. You are absolutely right that signing Davis to a large contract and for some reason going after Trumbo for three years are bigger albatrosses at this point, but his poor evaluation of his home grown talent has been a big part of his poor rotation. Grant it, no one saw Gausman and Tillman imploding this year and those are big hits as well, but my only point here is that his poor evaluations have cost the team. BTW, I don't necessarily think Miranda and Bridwell will be long term starters, but the fact that they've showed value in the shirt term is what could have helped this team this year. Davies and Miranda instead of Ubaldo and Miley alone would have had the Orioles in the wild card lead in my estimation.
  3. Miller park is a hitter's paradise (1.128 Ballpark factor), Davies has a 6.45 ERA at home vs 3.18 on the road.
  4. Who says it has to be either or? You have this thought in your head that DD can do no wrong, but we are showing you that his moves have hurt more than helped and are the reason why we have a sub .500 record with a $160 million payroll in a year when there is a ton of mediocrity and the Orioles should be skating into the playoffs. I don't think Duquette has done everything bad. You have pointed out some of his good moves which i agree with, but I'm also capable of seeing that he's moved cost controlled young starting pitchers for more expensive and worse veteran pitchers and that is part of our issue. Are you telling me right now if the Orioles rotation included Davies and Miranda that it wouldn't be better than Ubaldo and Miley? I would disagree.
  5. Trumbo was a salary dump that paid off and Brach and Castro were 40-man roster crunch moves, which he's pretty good at doing. I do give him props for getting ride of Gallardo for anything. He was so done it was funny. Saying that, the Mariners wanted to get rid of Smith so that was basically a salary swap that worked out for the Orioles.
  6. No, stuff like that doesn't happen very often. Davies was under evaluated and the fact that the Orioles were even trying to go for it that year showed the short sightedlness of the FO. they had NO REASON to be going for it that year. Add in the fact that Parra was not going to move the needle even if he kept outperforming his history, and it was an awful decision. A decision that led the Orioles to give up a 1st round draft pick and sign Gallardo. What you are missing is the fact that these guys might not be superstars, but all of them are better than what the Orioles have been running out there in Jimenez, Gallardo and Miley, all of which cost much, much more. Also, this idea that pitching in Camden Yards is so bad is actually outdated. Look at ESPN's Park factors. Camden Yards is 24th in baseball at 0.925 runs. This is no reason to think that Miranda, Davis, and Bridwell would be doing significantly worse pitching in the AL East as Yankees stadium is the only AL East stadium playing smaller than average. At the end of the day, the Orioles have given up on young, controllable starting pitching because of poor evaluations. The reason I don't include Eduardo Rodriguez is because that is the kind of prospect for stud move you make when you are a World Series contender, which the Orioles were in 2014. Trading for Miley (who was basically a salary dump by the Mariners), giving away Davies for a two-month rental of a non needle mover on a .500 team, and selling Bridwell to the Angels are just poor evaluations of pitching talent.
  7. Start your own thread, don't hijack another. Saying that, I'm not a fan of his defense at SS. As for Breazeale, I finally went back and looked at him at his worse (when he had three pass balls in one game) and will say his defense is a bit shaky, especially on receiving low pitches. Saying that, the guy is certainly mashing. I'd like to see him moved to Delmarva where he catch pretty much everyday and see how he handles the pitchers there. Right now, he's sharing catching duties with Carrillo and Ringhofer and the only way to improve is to run him out there five days a week behind the plate. I don't know if he's a real prospect or not, but I will say that he's hitting better than just about anyone we've ever sent to Aberdeen. He hits the ball to all fields, has some pop, and a quiet load so it's hard to not like what you see so far. Defensively, his arm is ok and pretty accurate overall, but he'll have to improve his receiving skills. Either way, for a $10,000 senior sign, he's off to a great start.
  8. In theory that sounds good, but the upside of getting major league close or major league ready prospects is you have a better idea of what you are getting. The wash out rates for getting those A-ball prospects are pretty high. Not against getting some of them, but I'd prefer to stick with getting major league ready or close prospects for Britton since he's the best trad chip. As for O'day and Brach, I'd more inclined to get just the best talent regardless of level.
  9. There in lies the real question. I know for a fact that the development team implements things that come from Duquette. They do not have full autonomy to develop how they would like.
  10. "His status within the organization continued to decline, and in April, Baltimore sold him to the depth-deprived Angels for cash. After a month of building up stamina as a starter, he was in the majors. The Angels showed him a series of cut-up videos indicating the location of his pitches that the opposition had been hitting, and presented evidence that he would be better off throwing fewer fastballs. That was a shock. For years, the Orioles had harped on the importance of establishing and locating four-seam fastballs. This season, he has halved his four-seam usage in favor of a cutter, slider and sinker, and six of his seven outings as an Angel have been successful." While the Orioles continue to run Ubaldo and Miley to mound every five days, Parker Bridwell was discarded for nothing. Like trading Davies and Miranda, the Orioles assessed that what they had was better than what these guys could give them at the major league level. The real question is, who are making these evaluations? It also is a concern that another organization took a player struggling on the Orioles system, showed him what he was doing wrong, and helped make him a pretty successful big league starter. As I watch many of the Orioles minor league games, it's not unusual to see the starters throwing 75% or more fastballs. While the league is making adjustments to becoming less fastball heavy, it seems the Orioles have yet to make the same adjustments at the big league and minor league levels. Sure, teaching fastball command is important, but also making pitchers find what works for them whether it be with a cutter, changeup, slider or curveball are equally important. With three former farm hands drafted or signed in the last six year now pitching successfully in the big leagues as starters, is it fair to say that development take some of the blame? Or, were the players developing fine but the evaluations of their major league abilities off? Considering that a lot of the players they've signed(minus Nelson Cruz, Brad Brach and Mark Trumbo), traded for, or acquired have been either been misses or out right busts, I tend to think the evaluators are the ones missing here. Either way, I found this article interesting and worth some conversation.
  11. i think you don't give him enough credit defensively and what he does for a pitching staff. I mean grant, there's not much he can do with these guys, but pitchers have always pitched better to him then to any of the "starters". Two years ago he was 2.2 WAR in 100 games. Now I agree that he seems to wear out of playing everyday, but if he ha a decent back up and had a the 65-35 split I'd be fine with that on a competing team.
  12. Apparently it was done while diving. Hopefully short term.
  13. I can't imagine Mountcastle's arm playing at 3B and after watching Manny there I can only imagine how many more hits he will allow, but if for some reason he can show that he can play 3B effectively, he could make it easier to move Manny over to SS or replace Manny if he leaves or is traded.
  14. I'll be surprised if he's not moved before the deadline.
  15. Orioles 2nd round pick SS Adam Hall has missed the last two games with a "sore" stomach muscle. It's reportedly not an oblique though and he's day to day. Hall is batting .667 in his first two professional games in the GCL.