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  1. Glad to have you around for so long and thanks for your longtime support!
  2. Chris Davis was an A+ with the glove in this game.
  3. Maybe that was missed hit and run, but Rio Ruiz should never be trying to steal bases. Slow jump, slow foot speed, slow burst, and looked into catcher way too long.
  4. Good question, 9 of first 13 batters he faced is pretty good.
  5. Wojo putting on a pitching clinic right now, Fastball outside, change low and in, Slider away, Fastball up and in. That's called changing speeds, changing eye levels, and is impressive. He's commanding everything today.
  6. Yeah, with Santander and Wilkerson having the capability to not kill the team in CF, there really was no role for him anymore. I'd honestly be surprised if the Orioles keep him in the system after passes through waivers because there is nowhere to play him in Norfolk.
  7. Wojciechowski is showing off his best slider today so far through the first two innings. Nasty plus late breaker while spotting up his 94 MPH fastball. Best I've seen him throw.
  8. She probably got a better opportunity then being a sideline reporter for the worse team in baseball. I agree though the timing is a bit weird since it's in the middle of a season, but I don't know if she had a contract similar to the broadcasters or not.
  9. The guy seemed like a good dude and was a excellent defensive CFer, but he clearly can not hit major league pitching. The Orioles must be pretty confident that Santander and Wilkerson can hold down CF until Hays is ready.
  10. Young man had himself quite the night. For a senior sign who was signed for 10K to save money, he's off to quite the start to his pro career.
  11. Worse start of career after walking six in his last start. Maybe it's just a bit of a tired arm, but eight walks in his last 5.1 IP is pretty strange for a guy who walked just nine in eight starts across May and June.
  12. You know, it really is weird how his defensive metrics doesn't like Martin yet he passes the eyeball scouting tests. I'm really waiting on statcast to release infield defense metrics to the public to see why. I agree though, the metrics we have now put him below average but at the same time, he's a guy I'd be fine with playing SS everyday if he could OPS .680-.700.
  13. I'm not convinced that small sample size suggests he can hit lefties. While something has changed dramatically from last year, he still doesn't look comfortable against major league lefties.
  14. Nothing was worse than the Davies for Parra trade. That was just a simple case of misevaluation by the Orioles. too many in the organization didn't think he would be more than a backend rotation long reliever. As I've said on numerous occasions, the Davies trade was the absolute worse trade Duquette made because not only did the underrated Davies, they totally overrated the chances of that team by thinking Parra would make any difference. That was literally point I had serious reservations about Duquette, but at the same time, I really think that was a desperation move by Duquette to try and regain the influence he lost after the Blue Jays situation.
  15. That's pretty much how I see it. It's still early for Santander but I like the swing. My only concern is the xBa and xSLG suggest regression, but he seems to have a lot of productive PAs. He does need to improve his hitting against breaking balls and offspeed, but we could say that about a lot of hitters. He actually has plus sprint speed though his burst speed is below average which hurts him in the outfield a bit. For a guy who had his development stunted a bit with his Rule 5 selection, he's still developing so he does have an upside of a 50 for me.
  16. Sorry Frobby, but you are well off base here. I talked about the jump of the runner in both steals and I also spoke to the rankings of where Sisco stands in MLB. I never once said all of the steals was always Sisco's fault, but he clearly is well below average in this regard and has always been regarded this way by stats and scouting reports. I'm not defensive at all. What I find ridiculous is when people want to point out things they saw live and want to discount video work and actual timing. People can have any opinion they want, but when you start discounting what I clearly proved with actual video analysis I'm going to call you on it. Murpdog always looks for some reason to go against the grain with me and all you did is make him feel good by backing his personal observations that were based on a one time viewing live. You are better than that.
  17. I don't think Sisco is going to get any better at throwing out runners because his velocities on his throws are pretty low overall so it's not all footwork and release like we thought. I prefer Severino overall and think he's got a nice chance to have a nice long career behind the plate, even if it will mostly be in a backup or platoon role. Sisco's bat has improved enough that I'd like to see if he's able to add to his versatility so they can find a way to get him in the lineup. I could be wrong, but I don't think Sisco will be a longterm major league catcher unless a team is willing to overlook the flaws in his defensive game. Good, contending teams tend to want good defensive catchers.
  18. I'm glad you have the ability to watch the pitcher's delivery and the jump of the runner live during a game and make that assessment. All I did was go back and watch actual video of the two steals, watching while timing the pitcher's delivery and pop times and then another take to watch the jumps, but hey, you do you. You aren't the fist person or last person who thinks they are right, proven wrong with facts and details, and then still wants to stick to your live in game view. OldFan#5 would be proud. At least Chance Sisco sounds like a baseball name so you got that going for you.
  19. The numbers suggest Severino is not very good at framing, but is an average to above average thrower. His game calling is fine and I like how he commands the pitcher on the mounds with positive feedback and visits when needed. Sisco has improved in several areas like game calling (though I don't like the fact he goes low and away with fastballs with two strikes much too often where the batter has a chance to defend better because of the little bit of extra reaction time. For me, all Sisco needs to do is control the running game. We can't have teams running wild on him or putting added pressure on the pitcher to be faster because he's trying to make up for Sisco's weakness.
  20. It's a different throwing motion completely. different footwork, different timing, different everything really.
  21. Easy now. I'd rather people focus on the content of the article at hand then personal opinions of the writer's attributes. That's not what we're about.
  22. As you've eluded to here, there are lots of reasons for the attendance drop in Camden Yards.
  23. By the way, on the first stolen base Brooks was 1.28 to home plate (1.3 is considered average) and Sisco's pop time was actually right on his average 2.10 which is amongst the lowest in baseball. That one is more on Sisco. The second steal was definitely on Brooks. He was slow to the plate 1.5 and both runners never stopped moving. He clearly did not think they would try a double steal. Sisco actually had a 2.0 pop time on the second throw but it wasn't close because of bad a job Brooks did.
  24. The post above that you quoted was responding to a post that was talking about the comparison. You went off subject by quoting my evaluation of Sisco and bringing up Severino which is not what I was discussing. Had I mentioned Severino or made any mention of Sisco being the worse defensive catcher than that comment would have been appropriate. I realize that nuance is not easy for everyone.
  25. You obviously devalue the defensive worth of a catcher. I'm a big proponent of good defensive catching and unfortunately, I don't see enough things from Sisco that would make me want him behind the plate in big games against a good team. Also, with Rutchsman coming, I'd like to see him tried at other positions, particularly 3B since there is a need in the system there. I do feel better about his bat after this season, but I'm still perplexed by how bad he was in just about every aspect last year with regard to stats and analytics. He definitely is a lot stronger so there's that.
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