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  1. Tony-OH

    Alex Wells 2019

    I had heard he "tweaked something" but the new regime is very close hold on minor league injuries..
  2. At some point that might be tried down the road if they start looking at him in a utility role, but Martin is on this team because of his SS defense so he's going nowhere off there for now.
  3. Yeah, I think Trey goes to 1st and Wilkerson to RF in those situations.
  4. Tony-OH

    GrayRod 2019

    I think a nice centerfield angle is the easiest to tell. Some site one time showed which MLB parks had the best viewing angle for judging pitches. Also, sitting behind home plate is decent, though the catcher and umpire block where the ball is received sometimes.
  5. We're just going to have to disagree. No one will ever be able to convince me that signing a kid past his free agent time while he's in the minors is a thing that should happen. Not only that, I'm not convince too many players would be willing to give up so much earning potential as well.
  6. Wilkerson could platoon with Ruiz at 3B as well. I'm just not thrilled with seeing Joey Rickard everyday in CF.
  7. Not sure. Maybe he tweaked something. He's only played in one game since 18 April.
  8. Williams is slashing .323/.410/.452/.862 in his last ten games. I'm really surprised he wasn't brought up, especially since the DFA'd Lucas.
  9. Would you have paid Bundy before he even came up? How about a year or two after? It just comes down to it that unless a player is a once in a generation talent, there's too much risk to pay him before he's shown some ability at the major league level. Now Mountcastle comes up, hits, hits for power, EV is 90 or higher for two years, then I'm considering a long term deal.
  10. Tony-OH

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    Bannon is off to a nice start. Defensively, I've been less then impressed with his ability at 2B. Maybe won't kill you there but I don't see a lot of lateral quickness and the arm is not great. As for third base, I'll need to see more of the arm but although he can play there, he will be limited on those plays that require a big arm. Nice start with the bat though.
  11. It's not the easy. You also have to measure out the risk. You would have paid Schoop big time after his big year and then we would have had an expensive below average 2B. It's all about the risk/reward.
  12. Wilkerson does have above average spring speed so if he can make the reads, he probably could handle CF. I'm honestly surprised he wasn't getting more reps there If this was the plan. Seemed to be a disconnect if you are playing Mason Williams everyday in CF then demote Mullins and bring up Wilkerson who has one game in CF on his resume.
  13. Nunez is not getting DFA'd for anyone. He has value on the trade market before they would just DFA him.
  14. As much as I like Mountcastle, I'm not buying out any free agency years until he has a year or two of success. Not sure what your hurry is. Let's also not forget that while no one likes to lose, getting back to back number one overall picks is a not bad way to get back to sustained winning if the guys selected are the right guys. I'd be honestly shocked if Mountcastle comes up this year before September 1st.
  15. Depends on whether you start the clock for being overdue at the start of the season or from September 1st last year?
  16. Lucas is a AAAA right-handed relief arm. Shake a minor league tree and 10 Lucas's fall out.
  17. Interesting to see them bring up Wilkerson. I wonder if they see him taking some reps in centerfield or does this mean more Rickard? Wilkerson just made his first start ever in CF the other day.
  18. Sure, they could very well do that, but that's not going to happen when he's in the minor leagues.
  19. Just as a reminder, he was one of the two players on the current 25-man roster that I said could still be around when the Orioles are hopefully competing in 2022.
  20. While Elias is never going to say this, Mountcastle is the kind of guy you try to keep as cheap and controllable as possible. That means you don't bring him up and start the clock in a lost year. Mountcastle is easily one of the best 25 players players in the organization right now, but it won't hurt to see him get a full AAA season under his belt this year.
  21. He's played there in the minors a bit, but he has slightly below average spring speed which would make him one or, if not the slowest CF in the game. In other words, it wouldn't be good.
  22. That's the real concern. Outside of his first 17 games in the big leagues, he's been pretty bad.
  23. Tony-OH

    Alex Wells 2019

    He was missing mostly glove side and just missing, so it's not like he was all over the place. He got a decent amount of swings and misses on his fastball up which suggests good spin rate since he doesn't have plus velocity. His curveball was pretty good though it still rolls up there too much. I still don't understand why he doesn't throw that many changeups still. I didn't see many but I didn't have a radar gun and it could have been just straight changes on occasion. either way, that's the pitch he'll need to pitch in the big leagues and I'd like to see him use it a lot more.
  24. Tony-OH

    GrayRod 2019

    From those videos and from watching his first start on video (not the best camera angle), his changeup is his best off speed pitch right now.
  25. Exactly. I just didn't want to type that.
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