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  1. I'm sure Dan was close with many of these guys over the years so it's understandable. He did a much better job of giving background to the guys who were fired then I did, and as someone who's been covering the Orioles closely for a longtime has probably built up some good relationships with these guys. I understand his take, and those that see this as Elias cutting people in favor of "algorithms." As I was told last year buy an executive no longer with the team, it's getting hard when organizations are replacing experienced baseball people with people that will work for 1/3 or a 1/4 of what they make. The game is changing and it does appear that Elias is intent on building this organization how he sees fir with his guys. Whether those guys are guys like Sig, or the next young analytics savvy Harvard guy, it appears to be how he wants things to be run. Time will tell whether this will work, but he does seem to be following the same model used in Houston and the last time I checked, Houston is pretty good. There were good baseball men that were let go, but let's be honest here, this team has been one of the worse teams in drafting and developing players over the last 30 years. While I feel bad for anyone who loses their job, and particularly bad for the guys I know personally, but the game is changing and with change come new personnel.
  2. Let's not forget, while this is business and Elias' choice to shape the organization as he sees fit, these are people who no longer have jobs and are in a field that is shrinking. Tripp Norton had been with the club over 20 years in various roles and Dean Albany is a born and bred Orioles fan who basically just got fired from his dream job. Both are good people and while I understand what is going on, from a human perspective it sucks to see people you've known for a longtime lose their jobs.
  3. I would imagine there will be deep change to the minor league staffs this off season as well. Whe Elias got the job, most coaches and managers were already under contract. I imagine we will see one of the largest changes in one season this off season.
  4. Fascinating article. Well worth the long read!
  5. Tony-OH

    Austin Hays 2019

    I'd like to see them send Hays out the AFL along with Diaz. He'll get more at bats out there though I wouldn't be upset if they ended up giving him a September callup. A Stewart, Hays, Santander outfield would be fun to watch in September.
  6. The only option we offer is through paypal, but I'm pretty sure you can use a credit card through paypal and not need an account.
  7. Diaz is the perfect candidate to be sent to the AFL. I'd be shocked if he's not one of the players sent.
  8. Tony-OH

    Gray Fenter

    Agreed. I think Fenter has some talent and he's an interesting guy, but I'm not sure he's a guy you take in a Rule 5. He has a set up guy upside for me.
  9. Wilson averaged 90.8 on his fastball in 2017.
  10. Tony-OH

    Dean Kremer 2019

    He's on the IL with a leg injury. May be back this weekend.
  11. Tony-OH

    Gray Fenter

    I think a lot of people have been ignoring Gray Fenter, but I watched an outing of his and I gotta say he's definitely on the prospect radar. I've seen him up to 95 MPH this year with an hammer 12-6 curveball. I think he'll throw harder in a relief role and could be a 96-97 guy with a hard curve. Over his last 12 starts since June 1st, batter have slashed .187/.279/.235/.514 off him and he has a 1.53 ERA, 60 Ks and 20 BBs over the 47 IP. His command is not always great, but he gets a ton of swing and miss on his fastball as well as the curve. He'll be 24 next year so the Orioles might want to consider making that switch to the pen and putting him on the fast track.
  12. 0-for-2, he's terrible. Looking forward to the Rodriguez-Rutschman battery.
  13. It might be interesting to do our own poll here at the Hangout and see what announcers Orioles fans like and don't like.
  14. https://247sports.com/college/maryland/Article/Maryland-Football-Roster-Inventory-Fall-Camp-Preview-Class--134111499/?fbclid=IwAR2jUjot6nvlCVdW0gD0JrATTR0RJrUV3Gfh4rKqRyJdX6OuZOGP0m8I7-Y
  15. WR Isaiah Hazel could end up the top Freshman this year due to injuries. He should be fun to watch. Love hearing about Legendre as well. https://247sports.com/college/maryland/Article/Maryland-Football-Fall-Camp-Top-Freshmen-Lance-Legendre-2019-recruiting-Terps-Locksley-Nick-Cross--134608929/
  16. I wonder is the Terps have more ACL injuries than other schools? Could it be the turf or shoes? https://247sports.com/college/maryland/ContentGallery/Maryland-football-Durell-Nchami-ACL-out-for-Terps-season-134627038/?fbclid=IwAR0WPjjzmnqE5ugR6UwhF_0ISJlClCcxfUdXeI8rRVzMyQ4i4NeW6vIG8nU
  17. The Terps have beaten Texas twice when they were ranked, so I think that's a winnable game. Will it be easy, absolutely not, but I think that game could tell us a lot about the season. Now if we can keep guys from tearing their ACLs that would be nice. Gotta wonder if these ACL tears are field/turf or shoe related?
  18. I agree 100%. Now if people mean "haven't proven anything yet" on the results of the major league team, then we can all agree that's true. But we can also all agree that this season was not about that.
  19. I've stood next to Manto and chatted with him before, you're lucky he didn't decide to come at ya! I talked with Welk last month and he didn't indicate anyone was seriously on him besides the Orioles.
  20. I certainly never heard of these techniques being used before this year, so it's pretty safe to say that this is due to the new regime.
  21. It would be interesting if they broke it down by broadcaster. The Orioles do have some excellent broadcasters with Thorne, McDonald and Palmer leading the way.
  22. I was wondering the same thing at first. Maybe Nestor has a new account here.
  23. Wow. Let's just say you and and every baseball scout who ever scouted a game of baseball would have a different opinion of a "violent delivery." Using Yacobonis' delivery in a similar sense to Harvey's delivery is akin to saying that Eric Bell was a similar pitcher as Scott McGregor.
  24. I think this excellent article should be read by all as it's more than just about the interesting strides that Toby Welk has made, but the technologies and teachings that are now available to Orioles minor leaguers. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-aberdeen-toby-welk-tom-eller-hitting-20190821-cndmryznjrdc7h5knufjnbxppm-story.html
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