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  1. But if you did this batters would just cut down their swings to make some kind of contact. Major league batters could make contact on most pitches if they wanted to, especially if they weren't concerned with making hard contact. I don't think it's an awful idea to let batters try and "steal" first base on WP or PBs. Might lead to pitchers not trying to make that pitch with crazy movement because the catcher could miss it as well. Perhaps it would encourage more strikes.
  2. Haha, the thoughts was the same. At the end of the day, it amazes me how many people are not looking at the whole picture here, but hey, maybe you haters will end up to be right!
  3. The poster literally said "rather see him walk in 3 out of 4 games than homer in 3 out of 4 at this point." Would we all love to see him have plus plate discipline to go along with his power, sure, but the guy is hitting for a high average and that's the biggest difference. I've watched him and it's not like he has no discipline and chases a bunch of crap and then hits mistakes. He's probably going to be like Adam Jones or Trey Mancini with plate discipline, but I betcha he hits for average and power in the big leagues.
  4. Tony-OH

    Toby Welk

    Haha, dumbest, most ridiculous promotion I've ever seen by the Orioles under any management.
  5. I'd hate to give the worse take on something else today so maybe someone else can give you that answer.
  6. Seriously, the game is change and if you'd rather see him work a walk rather than hit a 440 foot home run then i would disagree with that vehemently. You'd be happier with Mountcastle hitting .260, but walking the extra 20-30 times vs the singles, double and homers he did instead of walking? I think this walk thing has gotten out of control with some of you. Yes, I'd like to see the K-BB ratio better, but the guy it hitting the snot out of the ball and the game has changed.
  7. Yeah, nothing more exhilarating and exciting then watching a hitter take half swings and fight off any decent pitch until they walk or get fed a meatball. Such talent too to keep fighting those pitches off instead of actually trying to put a ball in play. and man, nothing like having to watch six pitching changes because the pitch counts got so high. Yep, I see your point. Maybe we should just have one at bat for each team that would last three hours or until they could hit a home run. Everything else would be a foul. Man that would be fun.
  8. Damn, how do you really feel? The game would be faster and sped up with this rule and maybe players would cut down their swings and actually put the ball in play more with two strikes, so I disagree. I think this would lead to less strikeouts.
  9. In his defense, I watched a lot of this in the 70s and 80s and had fun watching it. Watching Dick Tidrow face Gorman Thomas was good stuff. Although I do think the home runs are becoming ridiculous (Simply go away from the current superball used and get back to the one used a year or two ago) there are two things that annoy me about today's game, and that's the crazy shifts and 12 pitch foul ball at bat. Both of these could be limited by instilling a rule that you can't have more than two fielders on one side of an infield within 30 feet of the infield dirt (they could draw a line) as the ball is pitched. To get rid of these 8-12 pitch at bats where batters keep fouling off pitches, just institute a rule that the batter gets two fouls after getting to two strikes then is out. I love all the analytical data like pitchers arsenals, batters EVs, and fielders burst and spring speeds and feel they actually improve the game. I love the fact that there's no more arguing over how straight a guy's fastball is because now we can just look up the data.
  10. Is this a case of "Old man yells at cloud" syndrome or do they have a point. Since Orioles GM Mike Elias would seem to be the exact guy Goose Gossage seems to be referring to, the question is, is the game changing for the better or worse? https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2019/08/19/mlb-baseballs-old-timers-decry-state-modern-game/2047025001/?fbclid=IwAR05qwXPEilnleR1dNZxXflbkCasbZ46DdROG0w42SO3D6HgGb6uUlNVh5g
  11. This is a big if and we'll need the crowds to start getting loud and filled at Byrd Stadium to keep the ones recruited by big three (Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan). We can only hope.
  12. Just would like to clarify since I saw it mentioned a few times. Me posting the original piece has nothing to do with me lending any credibility to the piece, but everything to do with having a conversation over the potential of moving the team.
  13. I'm a bit excited about this year's Terps football team and could see them going 6-1 (gotta assume a loss to Penn State) to start the year if all goes well, but a brutal second half of the season could end up putting a damper on a promising season. The Syracuse and Purdue games could be tough as well, but i think we will have a decent rad on where this program is going after this season. If they can get to 7 wins (Howard, Syracuse, Temple, Rutgers, Purdue, Indiana and Minnesota) it would be huge. Nebraska could be winnable at home as well. 2019 Football Schedule AUG 31 (SAT) 12:00 PM / BTN / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK VS HOWARD CAPITAL ONE FIELD AT MARYLAND STADIUM SEP 7 (SAT) 12:00 PM / ESPN/ESPN2 / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK VS SYRACUSE CAPITAL ONE FIELD AT MARYLAND STADIUM SEP 14 (SAT) 12:00 PM / CBS SPORTS NETWORK / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK AT TEMPLE PHILADELPHIA, PA SEP 27 (FRI) 8:00 PM / FS1 / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK VS PENN STATE CAPITAL ONE FIELD AT MARYLAND STADIUM OCT 5 (SAT) TBA / TBA / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK AT RUTGERS PISCATAWAY, N.J. OCT 12 (SAT) 12:00 PM / TBA / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK AT PURDUE WEST LAFAYETTE, IN OCT 19 (SAT) TBA / TBA / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK VS INDIANA CAPITAL ONE FIELD AT MARYLAND STADIUM OCT 26 (SAT) TBA / ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK AT MINNESOTA MINNEAPOLIS, MN NOV 2 (SAT) 12:00 PM / TBA / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK VS MICHIGAN CAPITAL ONE FIELD AT MARYLAND STADIUM NOV 9 (SAT) TBA / TBA / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK AT OHIO STATE COLUMBUS, OHIO NOV 23 (SAT) TBA / TBA / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK VS NEBRASKA CAPITAL ONE FIELD AT MARYLAND STADIUM NOV 30 (SAT) TBA / TBA / MARYLAND SPORTS RADIO NETWORK AT MICHIGAN STATE EAST LANSING, MI Copyright © 2019 University
  14. Locksley has really done a great job recruiting already!
  15. It's pretty clear that Elias/Sig are very big on keeping the "State Secrets" just that. That's certainly understandable but I appreciate Sig at least talking about the current metrics and why they may not be as useful as they once were. Again, I don't think the current metrics are awful or take a plus infielder and show him to be a negative or vice versa, but I do think they were "what we had" and that statcast information will give us much more accurate assessment, just like they with outfielder and catcher assessments.
  16. It is, but the data is being released on baseball savant for most things minus infielder data. I'm not sure what the process is currently on what can or can't be released or whether it's MLB's call or not, but believe the deal trackman has for minor league data is reportedly with each club vs MLB as a whole. From what I understand, there is a follow on for Trackman that MLB is looking at going to in the near future, but I don't believe the plan includes the minor leagues. I will say one thing, I'd pay a pretty good amount of money to have access to the Orioles minor league trackman data. I feel like with that data I'd be able to to put out much better prospect lists and more accurate scouting reports. I'm like a kid in a candy store when prospects I've been following make their major league debuts and I now can see whether the data backs up with my scouting eyes have seen, especially since 95% of my work is done off video and the camera angles can be tricky in a lot of minor league parks or just non existent like most of the Carolina League.
  17. Glad to hear him say it publically. I an't wait until infielder statcast information is released to the general public. That along with minor league trackman data (The Holy Grail of information for me) gets me excited about the future.
  18. Not going to lie, reading an article like this, and I barely made it through three paragraphs before giving up, is what takes the fun out of baseball. More power to the writer and the people who enjoy that, but even though I've gone over to the "dark side" due to the availability of statcast data on baseball savant, I still try to remember that even reading about baseball should be fun.
  19. I'm pretty sure all major league velocity readings we now get in the stadium and on broadcasts are directly from statcast, so there's no more "jacked up" radar guns. Now the stadium displays and broadcast readings are rounded up, so a 97.5 to 97.9 will read 98, but statcast had him averaging 98.2 MPH on his fastball topping out at 99.6. During the broadcast Palmer stated he sat 94-96 but that was his starter's range. Since moving to the pen he's sat 97-99 as a reliever so he was right on his velocity range in his debut. Despite the extreme velocity, he has sink on his fastball which means his spin rate is pretty low and he'll work better lower in the zone than up, which is where he got hit a bit in the minors. If I have any concerns over his stuff is the lack of horizontal movement on any of his pitches. Though he does get slightly better vertical movement (7% better than MLB on fastball, 5% better on change), his horizontal movement (movement to or from a batter) was well below average on all of his pitches (take it with a grain of salt with the curveball since he threw one) -21% on fastball, -59% on change, and -26 on curveball.) Now part of the reason for the change having poor horizontal movement is the fact that it's a splitter basically. That should mainly move down vs horizontal but a splitter should have more vertical movement than his does so it kinda sits on the middle. Now all of these numbers are from just his first appearances, but they back up what I saw this year though his command was actually better Saturday then I've seen it so that tells me the moment wasn't too big for him and he actually bared down which is good for the future if you ask me. Overall though, it's hard not to like the miss he got and obviously the arm strength is special so he's the first real prospect that has come up this year and pitched out of the pen that I feel has a real chance of being part of a winning future.
  20. Tony-OH

    Toby Welk

    Whoops, meant Escarra treatment in which they jump JC Escarra from Aberdeen to Frederick. Unfortunately after a good start, Escarra has struggled in Frederick.
  21. Tony-OH

    Kyle Stowers

    Agreed. I'd like to see what Stowers looks like after hopefully some work with professional hitting coaches in the instructional league. Teams don't typically do a lot of tweaking with swings and mechanics that first summer after getting drafted. It's more of an evaluation time and it lets players see what works and doesn't work in pro ball a bit. Stowers needs some major work on that long swing, but appears to have some bat speed to work with so hopefully he can make some adjustments. He's ok defensively from what I've seen, but not really a plus defender so he needs some work there as well. There are tools to work with so let's see if the Orioles can "coach him up" and get the most out of them.
  22. Tough break for Sisco today. Saying that, he's slashing .178/.259/.192/.451 with one XBH and a 5-26 BB-K ratio in his 81 second half PAs.
  23. Tony-OH

    Toby Welk

    There is little doubt in my mind that he is better than both of those players, but I think the organization wants to see both Encarnacion and Welk get playing time. I could see Welk getting the Escarra treatment if Encarnacion is return to Delmarva once again since he really hasn't earned a promotion.
  24. Tony-OH

    Shayne Fontana

    Or there was a need and he's a 22-year old mature player who may be able to handle the SALLY League. I don't think his promotion to Delmarva says anything about his prospect status.
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