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  1. What? This is an article about the Orioles potentially moving. How is this misinformation? The giant question marks provide the questioning portion to start the discussion. Feel free to ignore if this is too much for you.
  2. Camden Yards lease up 2021. John Angelos and his wife have a house there. I've heard this rumor last year once Peter Angelos was no longer running things. Let's hope some local ownership will step up and keep the Orioles in Baltimore. With all the negative surrounding this city, losing the Orioles would be huge. https://baltimorepostexaminer.com/nashville-orioles-baltimore-needs-a-local-buyer-to-step-up-to-the-plate/2019/08/11?fbclid=IwAR2-WYsFOxg4IOpBmCT9pb9FAXCA3LWWviPyV-vMcaFrsdlM9QRUM4R4YV4
  3. Wow, Rio Ruiz is trying to dispel the thought that he doesn't have enough power. Hey, great job young man!
  4. That was fair. Givens hit Bregman, Osuna hit Sisco.
  5. Hunter is a combination of Brick Tamland and Baghdad Bob.
  6. Yeah, this is the grind part. This is where we know the team is completely and utterly outclassed by talent on the field and now they're playing the good team with something to play for.
  7. Dude, a carton of eggs is like a Brinks truck compared to Givens.
  8. Raise your hand if you thought the #Orioles had any chance of closing out this game with Mychal Givens on the mound in the 9th with a one-run lead?
  9. Watched a few of Harvey's outings out of the pen including last night's. Fastball- Velocity - 70 Movement - 40 Spin rate- Guessing it's higher than average due to swings and misses up Command - 4 Control - 5 Comments: Harvey's fastball sits 96-98 though he has touched 99 and 100 occasionally. Its pretty true but occasionally gets a little late life. He struggles to command the pitch and frequently can miss across the plate from the target and when he misses in the middle he gets squared up due to lack of movement. The fastball is effective up in the zone and garners swings and misses up there. Curveball- Velocity - 60 Movement - 60 Command - 40 Control - 40 Comments - The curveball can be a swing and miss breaker with late sharp downward action with some good depth as well. He can throw it for strikes but more times than not buries it low and in the dirt a little more than he would like. Has the potential to be a strike out pitch if he can show that he can throw it for strikes on occasion. Overall: There is potential still but it's time to start realizing he's never going to be that top 100 type of prospect any longer. The fastball is a little too true for my liking but I like the fact he can get swings and misses up in the zone with it and he can change the eye level with that hard curveball. He's better than most of the arms the Orioles are using in the pen now, but may struggle with the longball if he doesn't keep that fastball out of the middle of the plate. He throws strikes, but not always quality strikes.
  10. Tony-OH

    Dean Kremer 2019

    Kremer looked like the guy we saw last year last night. Kremer worked 92-95 with a plus CB while working on his slider a bit more. The slider doesn't have a ton of tilt or depth, but he keeps it low and away to rights well but it won't be a good pitch against lefties. He threw only a couple of changeups but diod throw one on a 3-1 count for a strike. His fastball was back with bats as he got 7 swinging strikes on the pitch mostly up in the zone suggesting his spin rate is high. He made 2nd over pick in the 2018 draft Joey Bart (who was just promoted to AA) look pretty silly against his curveball all night. Bart took some really ugly tentative swings against Kremer's CB. 8/11 1st IP 1 (R)- K looking on 92 fastball inside low (92) 90 earlier 2 (L) - 0-2 slider, lined to deep center 3 R - 1-2 K swing on CB after 95 MPH low and away FB 2nd IP 4 L - 1-2 K looking on CB FB (94) 5 R - 3-1 BB on low outside fastball just off plate. Not missing by much 6 (L) - 2-2 K swinging up and in on 94 FB 7 R - 0-0 FB away lined into RF for 1B (1st and 3rd) 8 L - 0-2 FB up and in lined to 2B for out 3rd IP 9 R - 1-2 FB, missed his mark (grooved) for 2B 10 (1) R - 1-2 CB for swing K 11 (2) L - 1-2 CB swinging K 12(3) R 2-2 FB away K looking (47 pitches) 4th 13 (4) L 3-2 FB, long fly ball to CF (hit well) 14 (5) R - 3-2 FB up and away.. BB 15 (6) L - 3-1 FB/CH away F-7 semi deep 16 (7) R - 2-2 SL away, weakly popped up to 1B in foul 5th 17 (8) L - 3-2 FB, lows and inside for K looking (couple of CHs) 18 (9) R - 2-2 FB, up and away for K swinging 19 (1) R - 0-1 slider popped into RF for 1B 20 (2) L - 3-2 BB on CB - 88 pitches 21 (3) R - 0-2 K swinging on CB (91 pitches)
  11. I would laugh, but honestly your stubborn refusal to understand what is going on is ridiculous. Comparing the situation of Duquette to Elias show how little you honestly understand. I would go on more, but it honestly it's not worth the effort. You have literally become a caricature of yourself with this post. Congrats if that was what you were going for.
  12. Yes, but it's the first glimmer of hope that they will consider giving Elias the greenlight to release Davis and end this nightmare for everyone involved.
  13. Exactly what I expected Elias to say. He's right on point. Glad to hear him back his manager.
  14. Mason is most likely going to be better than Wilkerson in CF since he has a lot more experience, saying that, in his short period of time in the majors, he's been a little below average defensively.
  15. This was the argument early on, and I would have agreed that he was not blocking anyone. You can still make that argument I guess with Stewart back on the IL, but I'd rather have Ruiz in the lineup than Davis, under the admittedly small chance Ruiz could actually develop more and help the team in the future. If it were me, I'd run this lineup out as often as possible: 1B. Mancini/Nunez 2B: Villar/Alberto SS: Martin/Alberto 3B: Nunez/Alberto C - Severino/Sisco LF: Stewart once he comes back but I would bring up Mason Williams (Replace Peterson with Mason) and give him a look in the meantime CF: Wilkerson RF: Santander DH: Mancini/Nunez/Stewart
  16. Yeah, it tells me that they don't want to paint their father in a bad light. He signed that ridiculous contract outbidding himself when only Buck wanted him back, and I'm not even sure Buck wanted him back at those terms. The only other thing I can think of is that the sons are hoping he gets hurt and can recoup some of the costs through insurance. What we all know is that Chris Davis is no longer an effective major league baseball player and he has no role on a rebuilding team.
  17. It's amazing that some people don't like Hyde because he's being honest and will not allow his integrity be challenged. the thing i like about Hyde is that he hasn't really singled one guy out unless he was asked about that one player. His comments about a lack of talent is 100% correct. This isn't spring training anymore, these players have had 4-5 months to show what they can and can't do and unfortunately, many have shown they don't have the consistent major league ability.
  18. This entire quote tells me that Elias is saying that he doesn't have the ability cut Chris Davis. That means this is an ownership thing and it's beginning to be the first black mark on the ownership of the sons. We all know that Elias and Hyde know that Chris Davis doesn't belong on this team. It's ashamed that ownership won't let him make the right move for the organization.
  19. This may be the best description of Chris Davis that I've seen, bravo.
  20. I'm sorry, but if you think Hyde is a hothead good God you would have lost your fragile stuff back when Earl Weaver was manager. I realize people have different opinions, but this anti-Hyde stuff is goofy and when I mean Goofy, like I can't even fathom how you people can come to this conclusion already.
  21. Good post Greg. Hays is the best option within the system even though you are right, the initial scouting reports have always said he'd be better at the corners. Saying that, he has the speed to play CF and certainly enough arm, so while he may not be an elite route runner, I think he'll be fine out there but I'd like to see some statcast info before making a final call. Mullins has been awful this year and we can only hope there is something we don't know about that has bothered him this year. It would be great if he could at least be a platoon 4th outfielder at some point. I have concerns with McKenna's ability to hit upper level velocity, but he has some potential to still be a 4th outfielder because he defense and running are pluses. He's in an awful slump right now over his last 13 games (.067/.208/.067/.274) after showing some signs of adjustment. I've never been super high on McKenna because outside of that stretch in Frederick, he's never really had sustained success at the plate. Diaz is a corner guy for me but if Santander can play CF, then I guess Diaz can be put out there as well, but you wouldn't want him out there a ton. I don't have sprint speed for him, but he looks under MLB average to me. Plus, he needs to start hitting. Pretty early on both Stowers and Watson, but I definitely like Watson's defense more than Stowers. Stowers also has a very long swing that he's going to need to shorten up, but he has some tools. So what this organization needs is for Hays to be the guy we think he can be, and part of that is staying healthy. If I had to guess right now, Hays is the opening day CF next year unless he's injured or there is some kind controllability value in keeping him down for a bit, then we see him recalled.
  22. I don't think Davis has the same character as Tulowitzky or other players who knew they could no longer earn the money they were going to be paid. Davis knows all the money is his no matter whether he's sitting at home or playing poorly on the baseball field. I don't think he cares enough anymore than he's a laughing stock across baseball. He gives whatever effort he feels like that day, and has the same approach whether he's 2-for-5 or 0-for-5 with 5 Ks. Peter Angelos made his bed with this contract and now his sons have to lie in it. This is why I think this situation is the sons first real test after hiring Elias. Are they willing to eat the money or keep running him out there and take away from evaluation time and a roster spot on a rebuilding team that he's not good for? This would be a perfect time for them to show support for Elias and his manager and even more importantly, gain support with the majority of the fanbase that just wants Davis gone off this team.
  23. I'm not sure if it's in the defense of Davis, or just the kind of people that are so fragile that they see any truthful semi-negative comment as being "hurtful" thus to them, Hyde is a bully and not a good leader. Hyde has supported his players through and through, but he's not going to hurt his credibility by going out and blowing smoke up our butts when it comes to things that need to improve, like the talent on this team, particularly on the pitching side.
  24. Well this proves everyone has an opinion. You are certainly entitled to you opinion, no matter how ill informed and wrong it is. It's honestly shocking there are people out there who are anti-Hyde already when all he's shown has been class and leadership. Hyde has been fantastic, Elias made a great choice.
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