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  1. Hallas

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/22

    Not that it mattered too much, but Machado got a pretty fortunate check-swing call there.
  2. Hallas

    vs. WHITE STOCKINGS, 5/21

    I honestly like those two swings from Davis. He spoiled a really good pitch and it was maybe 10 feet from being a HR, and then he went the other way again but got just a hair under it. Maybe he can finally get off the schneid.
  3. Hallas

    Buck losing the Clubhouse?

    In Jones' defense, (as a batter) he appears to have run into some colossally bad luck with regard to balls in play. The vast majority of his batted ball and plate discipline peripherals are the among the best ever recorded for him despite his bad results. We won't talk about his outfield defense...
  4. Hallas

    2018 Kevin Gausman

    I disagree with the NESN assessment that it wasn't a sign steal or a tell, and they just thought they could get away with it. It was almost certainly a tell of some sort, or a sign steal. But then, it's NESN, so they're probably going to come to a more Red Sox friendly assessment. It'd be nice if Gausman didn't get tilted like that about it, but it happened so many times in that one inning that it was hard for him to think about it more and figure out what he was doing wrong.
  5. Hallas

    2018 Kevin Gausman

    It was a little weird because it's like Gausman was giving a tell 5 seconds before he threw, that gave away his intentions. It's a bad start, which happens. I'll withhold judgement until that becomes a trend. Honestly the way they were doing it didn't smell right to me. Gausman needed to do a better job adjusting and stepping off, but it just seemed a bit too supernatural. But maybe thats why they're tied for first and the O's, well, aren't.
  6. Hallas

    vs. RED SOX, 5/17

    In Buck's defense, we don't really have a major-league SS either.
  7. Hallas

    vs. RED SOX, 5/17

    Manny makes that play.
  8. Hallas

    Manny Machado at SS

    That and even if we wanted to switch him back, we couldn't because we don't have anyone to man SS with Beckham out.
  9. He looks really scrawny. Do you think a bit of hitting the weights and bulking up/filling out would help him get around faster?
  10. You might even say, time to give him a chance.... *shows himself out*
  11. Hallas

    International Reviews: Baltimore Orioles

    why is it maddening? we already more or less knew the meat of the article's contents. I'm assuming we were already mad.
  12. Hallas

    Bundy velocity and farm system decline

    We traded: Ariel Miranda Josh Hader Zach Davies 2 or 3 years worth of international bonus slots Not hard to figure out why we don't have any talent left in the pipeline. However, regarding Bundy, he hasn't been a high-90s thrower as a starter for quite a while. He sat mid-90s when he was a BP arm, but he's been around 92 for 2017 and 2018. He was pretty effective at 92.
  13. Hallas

    Nice to have a laugher for once

  14. Hallas

    Is Adam Jones getting unlucky?

    I think Mancini is fine. He passes the eye test and his UZR is positive. Jones, on the other hand... Of course, if he actually managed to get his wOBA at .353, he would be fine as a corner OF.
  15. Hallas

    vs. D-RAYS, 5/11

    It's almost like he becomes a major-league hitter again when he gets to hit in situations where the defense can't shift him as hard....