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  1. From what I've heard, he threw pretty hard early in his career, but he had an arm injury when he was 22 that robbed him of that velocity. I'm not sure if it was 97 though...
  2. Did we ever figure out who the color announcer is? I haven't heard him before (or at least recently.)
  3. In today's college landscape, it's really hard to improve your stock between your junior and senior seasons. I think he might go and just milk a career in Europe. If he gets lucky he might latch onto an NBA G-League team and then pick up a cup of coffee in the big show. I don't think it would be the wrong decision for him to go, though that obviously depends on what he can get going for him in the pro scene.
  4. His career OPSa first time through the lineup is .716. 2nd time through, .852. This year he's been absolutely atrocious after the first time through. .514 vs 1.538. You'd probably be right to think that this year's stats are a bit fluky. For what it's worth, league average is .686 first time, .768 2nd time. So the difference is decidedly worse than league average.
  5. With his strength, being able to make contact on mistakes would go a long way toward making him a decently productive player. Last year he just swung through them all, so being able to actually punish Hembree's meatball is a vast improvement.
  6. At this point, I'd probably argue that any prospect you can get for any amount of money in the IFA market is probably going to be hard-pressed to produce as much as Araujo. The Cubans were our chance to make a big splash with high-profile picks, but with them gone there's a decent chance that you'd get more surplus value out of Araujo than you would from anyone still available in this signing period.
  7. I get that, and I asked earlier if we had some off-limits relievers. I know Buck was pretty forthcoming about relievers that were off limits at least in the post-game. Hyde seemed to just give standard post-game BS about it. Perhaps this is one of the downsides of using openers too frequently.
  8. I'm aware that Giles would have been pitching if the score stayed the same. It just rubs me the wrong way that Hyde mailed it in by putting in Wotherspoon in a 2 run game. The win expectancy before the bottom of the 8th was 94%. Not great, obviously, but around 1 in 20. The win expectancy after the bottom of the 8th was 99.4%.
  9. Was the bullpen shorthanded? Not a fan of bringing in Wotherspoon down 2-0. I know our chances aren't great but they went from not great to not there.
  10. the pitcher hits a 3 run home run, and comes in the bottom of the 9th and strikes out the last batter with a splitter. 😂
  11. if it weren't for the HR I'd probably excuse the other hits. 2 strike dink shot over the SS head and a broken bat liner in the LF corner.
  12. Well, that isnt super out of the question for Mancini. He did OPS .826 in 2017.
  13. is the texas league an "easier" version of AA? Because Diaz was pretty dominant there. I understand the logistics argument, but would they hold him back in AA even though he dominated an equivalent league before the trade?
  14. I counted 4 steps including the toe tap. While either the "carry step" or the toe tap by themselves could have been excused, even though by rule both would have constituted an extra step (and thus a travel) the no-call when both occurred is pretty unfortunate.
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