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  1. Why is that Mancini hit a double instead of a triple? Is the scoring on that a double, advance to 3B on the throw, score on error?
  2. My understanding is that there analytics for biomechanics, but it’s very proprietary so the public doesn’t get to see it. MLB Gameday does provide some basic info, such as release point, release angle, stride length.
  3. I'm fairly convinced that the only reason they started him off in GCL/SSA is because he had mono. There really isn't any other plausible explanation for a college 1:1.
  4. Are they really misunderstanding why the game has changed? I don't think they are, or at least, I don't think it really matters to their argument. The game will always gravitate toward optimal strategies, and I think it's a valid criticism of the game when multiple strategies are invalidated because of the way the game has evolved. There have been a lot of changes since the start of baseball that could have made certain strategies such as speed or baserunning more valuable. I can only assume that the reason that they were used after their expiration date is because the teams didn't have data available to them that showed that the other strategies were sub-optimal following x rule changes. The solution then would be to seeing what policy changes or rule changes would make the game more well-rounded. Here are a few ideas: -Tinkering with the ball materials/construction has already been discussed, but we could also tinker with the ball weight. A heavier ball would be more difficult to throw hard. Maybe not make a huge difference, but taking off 1-3 MPH off the top fastballs would go a long way. -BBCOR testing for wood bats to ensure that bats are sufficiently dead. This could also be achieved by modifying the ball construction. -Mandate that all new ballparks and renovated ballparks have larger outfields. I'm thinking 350 down the lines, 440 in center, OR 330 down the lines and 470 in center. Distances can also be flexible based on wall height. For Colorado add 10% to all values. -Lower the mound height. -Change the strike zone. Many of these things have been tinkered with in the past, so I don't think you're really fundamentally changing the game if you tweak these values. Even though they look like small changes, I believe that a couple of small changes to the rules could lead to drastic systemic changes to the game.
  5. You are really advocating leaving in a pitcher that had just blown a 3 run lead by walking 3 straight guys and then giving up a 2-run double? IMO Hyde couldn't pull Scott fast enough.
  6. It's a nice change of pace. As opposed to asking ourselves questions like, "Why are we so invested in this sh**show of a major league baseball team?" or "Why does every pitcher on our staff give up about 19 home runs every time they're on the mound?" When you ask those questions every day it gets old.
  7. Is the mountain the Orioles pitching because opposing batters have a tendency to hit the ball over the mountain when facing them?
  8. If you want to get technical, his fruit wouldn’t be low hanging if he were on the juice...
  9. Of those 3, Fried's the only one that's got a serious shot at catching Gausman IMO. Almora and Dahl would have to explode.
  10. I think he's implying that the Orioles players all sucking after they move to a new team is giving other teams pause when trying to trade with us? I think?
  11. Is the amount of sleep you need to fully function a parabola with respect to age? I feel like elderly people naturally get like 4.5 hours of sleep a night, but people in their 40s complain that they can’t stay up late like they used to.
  12. Gary Thorne said something on the broadcast about his dad being a knuckleballer. Maybe Stevie's already that guy.
  13. Is it such a radical solution to allow every player 1 unsuccessful Trackman challenge? Similar to Tennis and Hawkeye challenges? Or do we just want 100% robot strike zone all the time?
  14. Approach isn't going to save Davis. Purely by plate discipline numbers his approach is better than it's ever been. His problem is loft. Not the launch angle sort of loft. Lack of effing talent.
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