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  1. Not sure the issue here, Tony. Was simply commenting on the wide variation in prospect lists. Sparks hasn't been on any list I've seen this year and, as you comment, why would he? Yet here he is on one. Well, glass half full, maybe one can say there are a wide number of prospects who pique different scouts' interest; glass half empty, our system is devoid of talent and a prospect ranking service has to dig deep as far as Sparks to get a full 30 prospects.
  2. hoosiers

    Brandon Hyde Article on The Athletic

    Moose, you can keep posting your drivel. I think the qualification on the term "baseball lifer" in my first post can be understood by those with the most basic reading comprehension skills. Even after making the point a second time, you press on. You can outpost me if you want - not a big deal to me. I can't help your reading comprehension, however.
  3. hoosiers

    Brandon Hyde Article on The Athletic

    "at least in the sense of guys who learn every aspect of the game, but fall well short of any meaningful major league stint" - I swear trolls here just like to see themselves post instead of actually reading someone else's post. Unbelievable. Such a great community most of the time - a place not worth posting an opinion a small portion of the time.
  4. Some of these rankings are all over the map - especially with Adam Hall and Hanifee. I think most prospect lists have forgotten Sparks. It will be an interesting year on the farm - lots of guys with potential to raise their prospect status considerably - perhaps not unlike a good number of other organizations.
  5. hoosiers

    Brandon Hyde Article on The Athletic

    They are not all baseball lifers - at least in the sense of guys who learn every aspect of the game, but fall well short of any meaningful major league stint. This guy is no Paul Molitor or Robin Ventura or Joe Girardi. This is a guy who could have decided not to pursue a life in baseball after college - perhaps get serious about a job, a life and start a family. So, no, they are not all like this - not even close. Is this a fluff piece? Absolutely. Does Hyde seem like a good guy to cheer for? Absolutely. Did I post that we will have to see if he actually is a good ML manager? Yes I did.
  6. hoosiers

    Brandon Hyde Article on The Athletic

    Better to read the article. The guy is a baseball lifer since four. Climbed the ladder a rung at a time. A real 'do the work, play the right way, no shortcuts' kind of guy. Natural leader. Will have to see what kind of manager he is, but very good guy to give this opportunity to.
  7. hoosiers

    Brenan Hanifee - RHP 2018 #10 Prospect

    Some key prospects who could pan out and make the release of Rajisch appear to be a big mistake. We will see. Nice potential for Hanifee, Lowther and McKenna.
  8. hoosiers

    Zac Lowther - LHP 2018 #8 Prospect

    Nice article by Cy. Have to really like the Hanifee call.
  9. hoosiers

    Sign Grandy for RF & Flip in July?

    Not interested in the flier on Grandy given the mediocre return last year. The risk/reward or salary/prospect payoff does not seem worthwhile in the likely case. I saw Avisail Garcia signed with the Rays. That is getting close to the kind of player (esp returning from injury) that I would like to see our GM take a chance on.
  10. hoosiers

    The other way to build a 1st place team

    I posted something fairly definitive a few years ago - few teams in baseball have had an easier path to the post-season for about 25 years than the Cardinals. With the exception of a couple of years for each team, the Cubs, Pirates, Brewers and Reds have been fairly mediocre for most of that time. I think the Cardinals routinely played a strength-of-schedule in the bottom third of the league - which meant the wild card was usually within reach if one of the other teams were pretty good that year. The Cards organization has done many things well over the years, but the bar to get to the post-season has been quite low for them. Think of how easy it has been for most of the past five years for the Nats to get to the post-season given how mediocre the Phillies, Nats, Mets and Marlins have been - that's what it has been like for the Cards for a couple decades. That said, I believe the NL Central is more competitive today as a division than any time I can recall. I don't think it boasts 3 of the top 10 teams in baseball like the AL East will, but the division winning in 2019 will be a quality team.
  11. hoosiers

    The other way to build a 1st place team

    I don't think there is any question the Brewers GM has done a very nice job in a pretty competitive division. This year, the AL East probably has three of the top 10 teams in baseball and the all three are still relatively young and the Rays also have a high quality farm system. Analyzing the Os roster and our most recent loss-laden campaign against that backdrop should cause a reasonable person to conclude now is the time to accumulate and cultivate assets instead of trying to compete.
  12. hoosiers

    Maryland vs (#22) Indiana

    Congrats on a nice, convincing win. The final score was a bit close, but at its core this was a 6-10 point Maryland lead/win. I mentioned in the beginning the beginning of the thread the defensive mediocrity of #55 Fitzner and he really killed IU - letting Cowan walk in for uncontested layups, playing 18 minutes with 2 turnovers, 2 rebounds, no points and a +/- of -24! Several of the defensive collapses into the paint during Maryland's strong run started with Fitzner getting beat one on one. Fitzner was on the court so much because of Justin Smith's foul trouble. Not complaining about the calls themselves, Smith's absence really hurt IU and several of his fouls were ticky-tack reach-ins that he has to avoid. While +/- has benefits and drawbacks, IU was +22 when Smith was on the court tonight. Our defense was simply loads better with him in the game. Very disappointing the coach didn't think anyone on his bench could defend better tonight than Fitzner. That's the most glaring issue IMO on why the game was lost from an IU perspective - along with a halftime lead of only 8 after a first half with a 56%-32% FG% advantage. I really liked Maryland's power game as it is a good recipe for success in such a competitive, grinding league like the B1G. As they said tonight, 11 teams in the top 60. If Cowan stays as aggressive and effective as he was, Maryland has a strong chance to emerge as the likely 3 behind Mich and Mich State - ahead of IU, Wisky, OSU and Nebraska. Congrats again!
  13. It's a full on rebuild with no shortcuts. Our major league team is going to play at a talent deficit pretty much every game and it is highly likely that the better producing major leaguers will get traded away and make that deficit worse. The best thing that could happen to the major league team in terms of its competitiveness IMO is if we can become a strong defensive team and try to keep games close that way. We may also see the major league service time of our better prospects delayed - thus keeping the talent deficit larger than it might otherwise be. On the other hand, we will have a front row seat to watch our front office evolve into a highly functioning and effective one and watch it build our next competitive team. I, for one, am eager to watch this process and am convinced it will lead to very, very good things within four or five years.
  14. hoosiers

    Maryland vs (#22) Indiana

    Also reading that Davis and Forrester are in uniform and warming up. Still worried about Maryland's bigs and a continuation of the strong play from the big second half earlier this week. Let's play some basketball!
  15. hoosiers

    Maryland vs (#22) Indiana

    Saw a report that Phinisee has been cleared to play tonight. I don't think he has practiced w the team in hard contact for several weeks and haven't read what he is capable of doing, but he would be a big boost to our defensive efforts and hopefully reduce our turnovers if he can go 20 minutes. If he starts, IU will have its regular starting five in. If Davis is a go, then the team is closer to full strength than it has been pretty much since the Butler game. Hopefully, we are in store for a good game tonight.