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  1. Austin Hays off to slow start with bad approach

    It is not unusual for a top prospect to struggle in the minors after being sent down from major league camp when the prospect had a thought of making the major league team. Ronald Acuna is off to a pretty slow start for the Braves AAA and there are several other examples. I expect it will take another 7-10 days and then hope Hays will pick up where he left off last year.
  2. 2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    I like Kelenic a lot. It would be nice if he were still there at 1-11. That would be a great bet to add to the system.
  3. Alex Wells 2018

    Need Tony to chime in, but that might be a former OHer.
  4. Branden Kline 2018

    Kline could provide a nice jolt/contribution to the overall talent base with a healthy year. I hope he can get to 60-80 IP with a good portion of that at Bowie and a look at the Bmore bullpen next year.
  5. One has to like the number of guys to track in the system now who are good prospects. I think two more drafts like this past one and we are looking at a top 10 system even when Harvey Cisco and Hays graduate. I am not a fan of what DD has done at the major league level with the moves he's made, but I have said and continue to believe that we have our best draft and develop guys in the organization than in a long, long time. I think we are seeing pitchers refine their deliveries, refine their weaknesses and move forward in a better manner than in the past. I also like seeing the later round HS guys like McKenna and Curran start to impact full season. Lots of seeds being planted. I worry that a new GM would bring in his guys and we could take a step backward. DD just needs to keep his draft picks and prospects and let the talent flow from the draft to the minors to the major league team and we will be in a good place.
  6. D.L. Hall 2018

    Looks like some nice armside run on that fb which I think can be very effective against rhp. A very nice start to his full season career.
  7. Consensus Orioles Prospect List

    Interesting that several guys drafted after Adam Hall in later rounds with lesser bonuses are perceived as better prospects already. Not sure if it means that AHall is seen as drafted too high or not as good as perceived when drafted - which IMO would be a major downer - or if it means these other guys are much better than drafted - which I am skeptical about as well - as in second round talents. You know - that the backup plan to signing our fourth or fifth round pick is a better prospect than our second rounder. It appears that Lowther, Baumann and Bishop will outperform recent Orioles vintages in the same rounds as well as their draft position. We'll see how it plays out.
  8. The Moesquito!

    Last year's Aberdeen team was fun to watch. Glad to see those guys moving through the system. Will be interesting to see how BB, TJ and Craport do at Delmarva. Ryan Ripken is also playing with this group again.
  9. BA ranks the O’s organization 17th

    17th is nice and I think we speculated around August that we could end up near here. There is a real divergence in the farm systems as several systems like NYY and especially Atlanta are absolutely stocked while the lower systems are truly bereft of talent. For example, the NYY and Braves have 10 and 16 prospects rated 55 or higher while bottom systems like KC has 3 and Seattle 4. The Os also have 4. There is a real divergence around the Os at 17 where systems are start to get fairly weak. Hopefully, the Os can salvage some good trades for Machado and others and have a nice draft to move our rebuild into full swing at some point in 2018.
  10. Over the years, we have been able to pick up and debate various issues pertaining the MASN. For instance, the profitability of MASN based on the 20% margin formula appears to be in the $50M range at least in the early years of the 2012-2016 period. That could represent maybe $10M-$20M that both the Os and Nats could receive as additional rights fees, but don't. I think it is also documented that MASN charges subscribers less than market value. Whether MASN (Os) ownership is trying to keep cable rates lower for the average fan or whether the product has been mis-priced or mis-managed, the lower subscription rates result in less $ to MASN and thus less profitability and/or tv rights fees paid to the Os/Nats. MASN has not done enough IMO to generate additional revenues from other programming besides the Os/Nats. Any revenue from these sources could improve the profitability of MASN and perhaps affect the rights fees paid. Perhaps easy to say, but I think efforts to generate more revenue have been mediocre. The items noted above represent ways the Os and Nats are paid less than market by MASN. One other point, I am not sure what debt MASN carries, but someone speculated that MASN may still have some start-up debt. The original MASN agreement with MLB (as owners of the Nats) included a $75M payment to the Os to cover start up expenses.
  11. The Brewers also have a strong amount of talent in the minors to come up the next few years to contribute at the league minimum. Braun can be replaced by Lewis Brinson or Broxton. The Brewers also have Hiura around the top 50 plus Luis Ortiz is underrated and they have much more. The Os might be more inclined to pay into a Darvish contract if Davis were coming off the books in the next two years, but that is not the case.
  12. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Say no to Banda. Not that good, IMO.
  13. The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    It makes a lot of sense to deal MM to the NYY given their needs at 3B, the impact of MM to the lineup, and the NYY apparent willingness to deal top prospects. IMO, our request to receive two SPs reflects more of a desire to be as competitive as possible this year than looking out for the best possible return to prepare for the future. It has been obvious from the start of the MM trade odyssey that the NYY would be a worthy trade partner.
  14. Os requesting offers on Machado

    That is a hard deal to turn down, IMO, but I would ask for one of the better lower level pitching prospects as well. Not sold on Almora, but he has a nice upside if he can swing the bat. Only issue is how Almora compares with Mullins in CF. It better be a comfortable upgrade to block Mullins. Or maybe we send Mullins with MM and get multiple lower level pitching prospects. Or involve a third team and move Almora to them.
  15. We do NOT have a plan

    Not going to rehash how DD got us here. I don't think it is anyone's fault or an issue that there are contracts expiring to several key players. It happens. And given the talent (MM), payroll cost (Britton) or declining performance (AJ), it was impossible or made little sense to extend them. I think EVERYONE at the warehouse assumed since the beginning of last season until maybe the ASB that there would be an opportunity to compete in 2018. Since that time, we have seen the NYY start to flex their muscles with their talent in the majors and minors as well as their payroll capacity as contracts expired. Indeed, part of our recent winning ways was courtesy of less than optimal teams in NY and Boston, but that is changing rapidly now. We also saw the Cleveland and Boston separate themselves as elite teams. The other thing that happened was continued mediocrity and awful performances from Miley, Gallardo, Jimenez and, unfortunately, Tillman with little on the farm to step up. All of this has led to a confluence of events where we are pretty much "checkmated" out of the playoffs before 2018 begins short of conjuring up three 2 WAR SPs. It appears Plan A was to out-bid for Duffy and then convert MM into two SPs. In the absence of finding competent pitchers, the 2018 season is going to be a losing one. As this sinks in, the realization is both that the window is closing and that we've wasted a lot of assets to get to this point. Frankly, given the baseball minds of our GM and coach, and the analysis that should be going on in the warehouse, there should be little conclusion reached other than to go for a full re-build. That should be the plan, but our owner wants to see a winner before he passes, our GM seems more interested IMO in his w-l record than doing what is best for the organization, and our coach may not be up for a multi-year rebuild. The next year will be very interesting indeed.