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  1. "Wrote off"? Really? We will be one of the worst teams in baseball and you want to start/continue clocks of these "best hitters". The Padres just signed Manny, but they will send down Tatis, Jr. Hays should be up in June.
  2. That is a great summary of the situation, Tony! Well done. Have to like sending Hays down. He had to be sent down IMO for service clock reasons - just as Markakis should have been sent down a long time ago as I advocated then. This is a GM with a firm grip on the control of the franchise operating with laser-like precision to move the organization forward the right way. IMO, ST could not have gone much better. Two major question marks in Hays and Chance performed well beyond expectations and could be quality parts of our next competitive team and could move up the timeline of that team if they can be contributors. I would have liked to see some bullpen guys perform better, but I like the collection of arms we have there.
  3. hoosiers

    Austin Hays

    I have only seen Hays in four games and can tell you he has an extra gear for when he needs it. It will surprise you because you didn't know it is there, but then catch yourself thinking, "that guy is really booking."
  4. The answer is whatever will bring the most revenue to the Orioles. With MASN, it is a bit complicated, but end of day, the MASN agreement offers the Os the same rights fees as the (much larger market) Nats - so I would suggest the Os are getting more $ from MASN than they would get under a new agreement with a new provider. Selling MASN would enrich its owners (the owners of the Os and Nats), but would likely result in lower TV rights fees long term for the Orioles.
  5. Ps & Cs have been in camp for a lot longer than a few games. Maybe Sisco is showing better pop times in practice and that has not yet translated to much better times in games. Maybe Sisco is being credited for more accurate throws or better blocking/framing. Time will tell if Elias is adding to the Spring Training fluff stories or if he truly believes Sisco is showing better defense and Chance ends up our OD catcher. I will give the nod to Elias for now.
  6. The end of a "go for it" period can often be ugly - the Os are no exception. The cleaning house that occurs in rebuilds often starts with a "back to basics" approach. What is going on now (and really started at last year's trade deadline) was always going to happen for the Orioles. The questions were always WHEN the rebuild would start and WHO would be in charge. Considering how difficult it was to find a GM in our last search, I think our ownership hit a home run with this hire. Our new GM is making massive improvements in technology, analytics and scouting. Our GM has said he is used to presiding over a top 5 or 10 farm system. It will be interesting to see how fast we get there with 2021 as a realistic probability and OD 2022 as a near certainty IMO. The topic of this thread suggests the talent base (Harvey, Kremer, Akin, Lowther, Ortiz, Hall and GrayRod at least on the pitching side and Diaz, Hays, Mullins, Sisco, McKenna and our Rule V guys on the hitting side) could make the Os better than expected in the short term (and perhaps the long term). I would agree with that - there is more talent at the upper levels of our farm system than given by the national media that could hasten the arrival of our next competitive - perhaps 2022 - team.
  7. There is clearly a lot of rebuilding to do, but I think we have good candidates in our system at the top of the rotation (GrayRod and Hall - guys unlikely to be up in 2021) and at the bottom (Akin, Ortiz, Lowther, Kremer and others) and we have current rotation candidates who might be around (Bundy, Karns, Hess) depending on how they do. A big plus is that our payroll commitments might be under $40M at that time so there will be capacity to take on a free agent SP if needed. And it is very possible we will accumulate as much 2019/2020 draft/international talent as about anyone in baseball. Our future should be taking shape around Opening Day 2021.
  8. I thought it was a great interview. Have to love that he is secure enough in his position to offer compliments of DD for the deadline deals and of the former scouting guys for the recent first round pitchers - even though the system is not great. I thought he comes across as a pretty straight shooter. I don't think we will be a top 10 farm system for at least two years. Now during these next two years, we will have the most to spend of pretty much any team in baseball. That would be a core reason (combined with our two most recent drafts) to hope we are near top 10 entering Opening Day 2021.
  9. That's an interesting way to look at it - 30% improvement. I think when things get rolling and guys get called up, improved defense, better bullpen, better production from at least C and likely multiple other positions, we would likely be a much better team than the one that closed out 2018. Not sure on the % and not sure how it shows up in the w-l record as I also expect we are a 100 loss team.
  10. Gio's peripherals are pretty bad. He usually gives up a lot of baserunners - particularly in a weak NL East. K rate has been declining. It would be interesting to see if our FO believes something is there, but on the surface I expect our FO would avoid a pitcher with these credentials.
  11. hoosiers


    I saw Nichting multiple times when Aberdeen was on the road season before last. He is very athletic and IIRC has a compact/muscular build. When he did things right, it looked very easy for him. IMO, he is a very good organizational player because he is a capable defender. It would be nice if there were more upside, but the offensive stats just haven't been there.
  12. That's not the question because neither Wieters or Gordon are available in this draft.
  13. Thanks for sharing, Roy! Nice to see that your excitement and enthusiasm as a bat boy toward these great ballplayers has not diminished, that these ballplayers are first class people and that your childhood relationships with these players has graduated to mutual respect and friendship. There is a boy in all of us that would love to host a Hall of Famer and be a fly on the wall as they told stories - and living that through you is more than enough for me.
  14. It will be interesting to see if Ruiz has a chance to make the team. I am skeptical that he does. I expect Ruiz to start the season in the minors, but I expect him up soon. As I mentioned when we acquired him, I think getting Ruiz was an underappreciated move at the time. It would not surprise me very much if Ruiz put together some league average or better production at 3B in the next few years.
  15. Seems like very, very good news to me. One of our best, high ceiling pitching prospects throwing pain-free and showing "electric stuff". Obviously, a long way to go from here to a 175 inning SP3 or better, but it's a start. Few prospects have more potential to surprise on the upside and shorten the time frame to our next competitive team than Harvey.
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