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  1. hoosiers

    Retro: Orioles hire a new GM

    Honestly, that story, which I have seen posted numerous times, means nothing to me. And should have little relevance in terms of having the best GM possible running the organization.
  2. hoosiers

    Retro: Orioles hire a new GM

    Wren is a good baseball guy. Probably would have been a decent to good GM. The Angelo's family interfered, interrupted and never appropriately ceded control to Wren. Not sure I understand the agenda of those criticizing him, but it us absolutely comical that PA fired Gillick and Wren to get to Thrift.
  3. hoosiers

    Time to give the Angelos boys some credit

    At this point, tempting a guy like Elias is a coup, but we have hired a couple pretty good baseball people in the last 25 years including Pat Gillick. It's not the hiring, it's what comes next - following through and making the investments in areas that were promised during the hiring and giving full control of operations and the decision making process to Elias. We are only half-way there. I do believe Elias will get support from ownership to build things (analytics group, scounts international and domestic) as promised by the Angelos boys.
  4. MASN has been paying $ to the Orioles and Nats all along - likely according to the Bortz formula which was the intention of the Orioles of how rights fees would be paid to the team - but was not expressed clearly in the contract. The original RSDC decision was for a significant amount above what MASN was paying out - about $15M-$20M per team per year for five years - that's $150M-$200M more than what has been paid out and MASN certainly doesn't have that kind of $ as excess cash. While I have generally agreed with the Os/MASN perspective in these deliberations, one has to keep in mind that a similar RSDC decision of $56M or so in annual rights fees to both teams would mean that MASN has shorted that $ to the Os as well as the Nats - and that $ has found it's way mostly into the pockets of MASN investors instead - chiefly Peter Angelos.
  5. hoosiers

    Elias & Mejdal - how excited are you?

    Hiring Elias is a home run in my opinion. A very strong hire. Mejdal is a separate and equally strong hire IMO. Would be happy with just one coming on board, ecstatic that we may be in line to get both.
  6. There is no doubt in my mind that MLB had a role in the initial RSDC ruling. Or that it will try again to influence the process. The Os must be more practical in valuing the club allocations. As Frobby noted, the RSDC ruling is likely to impact other TV deals (or at least how they are structured) and so an executive of a rival might be negatively impacting his own organization's treatment of its TV deal if he just tries to punish the Orioles.
  7. I am not sure a single executive around MLB could be considered a miracle worker …. but we are going to have a front office at the front end of analytics and, if you have read Astroball - which is an easy read BTW, will start making much more rational decisions - not selling Matusz WITH a draft pick kind of stupidity. We are going to do a whole lot of things better. IMO, we will have the type of singular focus on hording and developing prospects not seen since AM was here and probably not seen at all before that as far as I can remember. And we will do it better than AM because we should have more scouts domestically and internationally and should invest our full allocation internationally. My enthusiasm for the hire has as much to do with the process our new FO will follow as much as it is for guys we will hire. If we follow that process, it may take three years, maybe four, maybe more, but we will be accumulating and valuing our prospects and mlb player assets better than has ever been done here in at least 20-25 years. The sheer quality and depth of those prospects will eventually get to the majors and have no other option but to win our fair share of games. You see what the Phillies and Braves have been doing, what the Padres and Rays do, what Houston and Milw have done - that's where we are headed. We don't need a miracle worker to get there.
  8. Elias would be a HR hire beyond expectations IMO. Bringing in Mejdal would be a similar coup. Now, we have brought in good execs before and they did not have control - going back to Wren, then AM and IMO to a lesser extent DD. We were supposed to invest internationally after DD's hiring. Hopefully, the Angelos brothers really do cede full control for hire/fire decisions, allocate sufficient $ for a proper analytics group, allocate sufficient $ for an international scouting department, to beef up our US scouting department, and set aside $ for our international allocation. Hopefully, this will lead to the building of something special, thorough and lasting. These names are a good start. The next MASN chapter will be very interesting. The Os and Nats gave presentations in the original hearings that were absolute bs and left it to the committee to come up with an appropriate methodology. I hope the Os provide analysis based on Bortz - which is how I believe the payout have gone. Anything reasonable should preclude the RSDC from coming up with their own methodology. We'll see.
  9. Carter is a top 25 prospect in some rankings. Nats will be just fine if without Harper. They still have Robles and Soto and Turner and Rendon. They might need one more SP. The Phillies and Braves should be formidable competition again.
  10. hoosiers

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    You can say that until you are blue in the face and it won't mean a thing to me. Those kids wanted to be in Florida; they weren't coming to Baltimore.
  11. hoosiers

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    OK, the winning team in landing a player/prospect almost always offers more, but … aren't you really pointing out a flaw in your criticism then? You are criticizing the Os for not offering the most, but then acknowledge players take less to go someplace else. These kids wanted to be near Cuban communities in Florida. That's where they ended up. No surprise. Sucks for the Os, but thems the breaks.
  12. hoosiers

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    The winning team ALWAYS offers the most $. The question is whether the Orioles were given a chance to match or beat the winning offers. These kids very likely wanted to be in Florida and their agents worked the Os into the bidding and then the Marlins and Rays came along with higher bids and it was over. It does hurt to have so much international $ and to fall short, but I am not surprised we lost in bidding against these teams when they had the $ available that they did. The Orioles really had a bad break when the Marlins deal with Gaston fell apart. All that said, every person in charge of players in the Dominican area knows we have $ and should be bringing prospects who failed as 16 year olds out of the woodworks for tryouts with the Os. I am skeptical we can spend our allotment, but we should be able to take some flyers on some decent kids in the $250k-$750k neighborhood. We'll see.
  13. hoosiers

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    Wow - not sure I've ever seen this level of venom spewed at our front office/ownership in 15 plus years at the OH. Lots of it deserved and much of it falls into the "ownership brought this on themselves" category. I will only point out the following: - the most important decision in front of this team is the hiring of a new GM. It might come sooner, maybe later, but it is most important that we get a good one. Considering the other vacancies have not been filled, I don't consider our ownership running the team (the Angelos brothers) to be late in making this decision. I realize the brothers have had some time to compose a good list, but the ownership of the other vacancies also had time to prepare a list. Historically speaking, I would not consider today or this week to be "late" in selecting the new GM. Perhaps a top candidate is with a team in the WS. - I have heard mention that there may be folks in the warehouse who don't know if they will be retained or not. So what? Most here would say a good cleansing in the warehouse is long overdue, but, regardless, businesses go through changes and there are periods where employees are let go. I had a major bank acquire the business I was a divisional CFO for and six years later most of the management was let go. I have survived layoffs and not survived layoffs. These things happen. The good news is that the economy doing very well right now and it might be as good a time as any in the past 30 years to be looking for a job. - we lost out on the young Cubans because they probably wanted to land in Florida and Florida teams found the $ to land them. Not a surprise. I will say that we put our name in the hat and had competitive bids. That's about the best the Os could have done in the process, IMO, folks dreaming up power negotiating tactics that might only work on the folks that dream them up! Getting a good international presence together is going to take years and there was an opportunity in front of the Os and it didn't work out. So, either you can now go pout about the Gausman trade not working out or you can say that we tried. Sometimes, those risks don't pan out but you take them anyway. I am fine with that. I am fine with not overpaying for Gaston by $1M as some have suggested. Let's keep our eye on the prize and hire a good GM! It is order of business number 1!
  14. hoosiers

    When will the Orioles Announce hirings?

    Yes, NYY and Bos have home-grown talent again, but they will make the mistake again of signing that talent to LTCs and, after playoff failure, will sign more free agent talent and repeat past mistakes and still possibly make the playoffs because of the ability to make a large payroll. The GMs of the "richest and most successful teams" make a lot of mistakes that smaller, smarter market GMs don't make. Boston signed Sandoval to a terrible deal and also wasted big $ on Rusney - deals that might have sunk the Os as Chris Davis is doing now. The NYY are going to sign Severino, Judge and others to long terms deals like they are on the hook for Stanton and those deals won't look so hot in five years or so. Sure, the Os can probably carry a peak payroll near $140M, but we can only offer LTCs to a select free agent or extend LTCs to a couple of home-grown guys. The rest have to be dealt away and re-cycled like we see the As and Rays do so well; and as the Os did so well with Bedard.
  15. hoosiers

    When will the Orioles Announce hirings?

    Among individual candidates, Coletti and Ng would bring first class resumes, IMO, though they may not be the younger, big analytical type that might be a cool hire. My issue with most lists we have seen with perhaps Ng, Cherington and others is that those folks are large market guys - folks with LAD, Cubs, NYY and BoSox backgrounds. Those organizations have first class operations at the direction of the owner, the GM AND also because they can afford a budget with a large analytics group. Those organizations can make one or two or three bad trades, bad signings and still field a competitive team because of a very large MLB payroll, large international spending, etc. IMO, we need a GM who has had to live with budgets and more limited resources - from an organization used to doing more with less - like the Rays, As, Twins and Padres. Yes, we have more resources than these teams, but IMO we need the mindset of an organization that has to field a team with quality players that have been draft, signed, developed internally.