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  1. This is true - Wells has been healthy and is performing very well. Yet he's ranked where he is. More than any pitcher in our system, if he could pick up a few ticks on his fastball, his prospect status would really take off.
  2. Seems like a pretty respectable top 30 list - both from perspective that our system is approaching league average or better and I think BA did a good job. We have our share of top 100 guys at the top of our list and have some strong depth - looking at those guys 15-20 including guys like Rom and AHall. Some opportunity here in the last six weeks or so for some guys to really put things together and improve their stock and that of the entire system - particularly guys like McKenna, Kremer, Wells, Zimmerman and guys like that who could really end the season on a high note with some sizzling stats from here to the end of season and boost the entire season.
  3. I thought a quote was when, you know, a person puts up both hands w fingers curled and extends the index and middle fingers like rabbit ears and then flicks them twice.
  4. Maybe some other folks can chime in, but I have to think that if we are lifting two of the better prospects off of the BoSox two DSL teams that we are picking up two decent prospects. Sure, I posted we would do better, but if the BoSox were "aggressive" as our GM says then I think we have to trust that we picked up good prospects if all we are getting is $1+M in salary relief. It would be interesting to know if either Elias or Perez knew either of these guys before they chose to sign with the BoSox and/or whether our selecting these two reflects more current scouting or both. I am surprised we could not pop an organizational top 10 from the BoSox, but maybe we preferred to go this route.
  5. hoosiers

    Austin Hays 2019

    Would like to see Hays promoted sooner than later. He seems to have AA nailed (he did a few years ago) and seems on a good run right now at Norfolk. Hays is 24. If he has some adjusting to do to major league pitching, and perhaps some additional plate discipline lessons, I would prefer it start sooner than later. Not keen to see Hays struggle with major league pitching and be sent up and down multiple times next year and have him be a question mark entering 2021. Hays was about the best hitter on the major league team in Spring Training. The only difference between that guy and right now has been some interim injuries. Hopefully, he kicks butt through the end of this month and is called up around that time. He's ready. He has been ready.
  6. The issue with Means, as with each of these guys who perform well at the very beginning of their major league career, is that no one is going to compensate the Os appropriate for what now appears to be considerable upside. Someone may offer a top 10 prospect or two, and that may represent a heckuva lot more value than what Means appeared to be worth this offseason and wit in hindsight we might regret turning it down …. but the upside is considerable and it is best that we just keep him and try to keep that upside for ourselves. If Means became Rodrigo Lopez and had a couple of 2 WAR seasons, that would be incredible. If Means pitches more like a 2/3, that would be even better. Why cash in that kind of upside for prospects now? Let it roll.
  7. hoosiers

    Adam Hall 2019

    What do folks think the Os have Hall working on with his swing? Is it addressing balance, tempo and tilt, plate discipline (in the video, he took several strikes and had several swings at pitches outside the zone) and/or driving the ball for more xbh? I think there are some good tools to work with, and one would hope that the Os keep it simple with a young hitter, but there is work to be done.
  8. Agree Cashner should have some decent trade value - he is on pace for a 4+ WAR year, a bargain at $11M-$12M. And Cashner would not just be a rental if he continues to pitch well. I wouldn't expect any top 100 guys for Cashner, but an organizational top 5 prospect and a second top 10 would seem reasonable.
  9. hoosiers

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    There are multiple ways to look at McKenna's stats. He has been young for his age at every stop in some cases 3.3 years below league average. Also, at several stops, despite mediocre looking numbers, McKenna has actually performed better than league average. In particular, I would point out his 500+ PAs in Delmarva in 2017 when he was 1.5 years younger than league average - McKenna 256/331/380/712 while league average was 250/317/369/686 - and I would venture that average numbers at Delmarva were below league average because of that stadium. And McKenna was 3.3 years below league average when he put up below league average numbers in Bowie last year after the hot half season in Frederick. McKenna is putting up above league average numbers in Bowie this year - due to higher slugging at the moment - while 2.2 years below league average age. A couple thoughts: - Delmarva in particular can really skew results for our hitters, particularly challenged high school hitters who are still developing power. - McKenna has actually been better than league average while being 1.5-3.3 years below league average for a majority of his minor league PAs. Comparing RM to a a college draft pick like Mancini - who was older than league average at several stops - is not a good comp for me. Further, Mountcastle, like Mancini, is a 1B power profile. We will have to see how McKenna finishes up the season and whether this is just a hot streak or if he has figured things out at AA and will produce well-above average numbers the rest of the way. Not going to put a bow on this with some end of post sunshine, but I think the minor league numbers in the post above lack the required context for this particular player.
  10. hoosiers

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I think his prospect luster has dimmed a bit, but the purpose of the minors is to learn and adapt and grow as a player. Development often does not translate into results that are a straight line up. It is more important to show growth and to show perhaps that one has graduated a level with a strong finishing performance - so the year is hardly lost - as opposed to a strong start and then poor statistics. Still time for this to be a year of growth as opposed to a lost year.
  11. hoosiers

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I think RM would qualify as one of our most disappointing prospects in the first half of 2019. While this is hardly distinguishing himself, I note that RM has an OPS in the .690 area for May and June against, as Luke noted in another thread, a AA league-wise average OPS of .676. The last 10 games includes two of RM's seven HRs, a batting average over .320 and an OBP over .400. June was RM's best month in terms of xbhs. A little improvement in the BB and K ratios, which aren't awful, would go a long way toward improved results (for any hitter, of course including RM). The last 10 games include a BB ratio near 10% (4 BBs in 41 PAs) and a K ratio under 20% (7 Ks in 41 PAs). Maybe a corner is being turned ...
  12. Very exciting to be active here. Sounds like we have good people in place and have already found and expect to sign some quality prospects.
  13. Mancini should be a straight A. Don't understand the -. One has to like this little jolt that Mr. Sisco is providing the team. IIRC, we were told there would be a lack of power in the bat by many scouts/analysts. Bat speed and power look legit so far.
  14. Have to love those who take any opportunity to bash a great HOF baseball player like Joe Morgan in such a cavalier way. Not. Getting back to DJ Stewart, one can hope he can finish the season healthy and with 250+ productive major league at bats this season. Interesting that Fangraphs thinks it may be that Stewart is the one who "turned a corner" and no one is looking at the guys who graded nearly 50 Tampa prospects better than DJ as if they are the ones who missed the boat.
  15. Whether we think Watson is a great pick or not is only part of the equations. If our GM was counting on slot savings with this pick is just as important. The interesting aspect of not yet signing Watson and Daschbach is that these two were the first picks of the second and third days of the draft. Presumably, we knew their signing bonus numbers before the draft and would have confirmed those numbers overnight before picking these guys. I am sure there are other scenarios, but I think the most likely situation we now face involves the following two possibilities: - one of these guys changed their number. Most scenarios likely involve signing Watson for below slot so one would expect Watson to be the first to sign - unless the Os need to squeeze him for an additional $50k or $100k - another possibility that is difficult to understand - why not just pay a nominal tax and get everything done. - Henderson signed for less than expected and we have the opportunity to sign a different, perhaps better, combination of prospects. Similarly, but slightly different, maybe the signing bonus request from one of the late HSers has dropped. - the old Orioles physical issues are rearing their ugly head again.
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