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  1. hoosiers

    2017 #15 Prospect Adam Hall - SS

    I just know the Orioles have provided commentary that Hall can flat out hit.
  2. hoosiers

    Britton Trade Expectations

    In a heartbeat. Gausman's remaining time here for one of those three and then Britton for a top 100 guy - sign me up yesterday because I think Atl would be laughing too hard to do any work to concentrate.
  3. hoosiers

    2017 #15 Prospect Adam Hall - SS

    Nice work, MM. Looks like Hall was striking out about one in every three ABs through his first 74 ABs, but has cut that in half to one in six ABs the last 10 games. As you said, hopefully, he is finding his stride. Not a surprise as we've been told multiple times that he can hit.
  4. hoosiers

    Rylan Bannon

    Thanks, CoC. My bad. I initially thought it was Macho's write up and did not realize it was from milb.
  5. hoosiers

    Big time talk from Dan

    No kidding? Who cares that we have $5+M in international pool $ when others pay $30M? If this kid is that good, others will pay and gladly incur penalties. That situation is hardly the "no brainer" some here think it is. But, by all means, let's spend our $5+M on some guys. There is often good talent passed over on the July signing day that can be had for good value - particularly older kids who were passed over at 16 or simply developed later. It may take two years before we start relationships with and actually sign the top prospects to compete with the rest of the league. But let's make the concrete strides to get to that day as soon as possible.
  6. hoosiers

    Rylan Bannon

    If Bannon graduated, does that mean he was a senior sign? Or did he leave Xavier after his junior year?
  7. The Os do compete against some big market teams - so structurally it may seem unfair. That said, until we get our house in order and functioning at an appropriate level, one really doesn't have the right to complain. When I say get our house in order, I mean: - have quality scouting system - with appropriate number of scouts using appropriate technology - have quality development guys - participate appropriately internationally Finally, you also have to operate appropriate for the market you are in. The Rays and As operate as small market teams and constantly cycle good players pre-free agency to other teams. I have said for years that we should operate more in that way, but have met stiff resistance since 2012 to every suggestion to trade Hardy, Wieters, Davis, JJ, and others. The Rays would have probably traded a good number of those guys instead of waiting for the production to decline when the salary rises. Bmore is capable of a pretty decent payroll compared to the Rays and As, but that only allows our FO to make the same mistakes other teams make when it comes to retaining players.
  8. hoosiers

    The Orioles Should Trade Gausman at the Deadline

    If this were Germany, it would be only one birthday in that time span. But we live in the US, so Gray has celebrated two birthdays in less than a year.
  9. hoosiers

    Baseball America Midseason Prospect List

    I think the discount is at least half a grade. It is earned, but we've earned for excelling in several ways - not participating in the international scene, being difficult to deal with, at various times very poor drafting, very poor developing, etc.
  10. hoosiers

    The Orioles Should Trade Gausman at the Deadline

    If the return is sufficient, everyone is available.
  11. hoosiers

    The Orioles Should Trade Gausman at the Deadline

    Gray was born in November - so the answer is yes …… :).
  12. hoosiers

    Baseball America Midseason Prospect List

    I have been a huge Callis fan for a long, long time. He took questions of mine two or three times for his "AskBA" column, when he was there and he was quite diligent responding to my personal emails about Os prospects and the Os system. So, I too was disappointed in Callis' disappointment with the deal. I do think Callis was quoted in the past week as saying the Os should get two top prospects in this deal plus flyers on a couple more (kind of like the Bedard trade), but he was wrong. No one offered two "top" or "very good" prospects - as far as we know - so Callis mis-judged the market and, then, instead of admitting he was wrong, he doubled-down on our return as poor. That said, most every other expert has thought this was either a "fair" trade or a strong one for the Os.
  13. hoosiers

    JJ Cooper comments on various O’s prospects

    Who is this JJ Cooper fellow? What does he know that is more than the posters here who claim Mountcastle is a DH? lol. Excellent interview. Wish our reporters could pick those guys brains more often. Love to hear Mullins constantly out-producing expectations of the evaluators.
  14. hoosiers

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    I don't want to turn a nice thread on a tangent, but IMO DD did not do an overall great job - and I will keep it short with bullet point thoughts: - Most everything DD touched in 2012 turned to gold - signing pitchers, signing McClouth, bring up MM at 3B - pure gold - I believe if you put what DD inherited into a WAR spreadsheet that you will see the bar to make the playoffs from what DD inherited was quite low. And IMO, after 2012, DD did little to properly supplement the team with few exceptions - such as the Cruz signing. DD inherited JJ, Wieters, Hardy, MM, Nick, Schoop, O'Day, Britton, Givens, Jones, Tillman, EdRod, Hader, Davies, BMat, Davis, and more. A good number of all stars in that inherited group. - what players did DD sign that produced 2 or 3 WAR for two or three years? DD has been here seven years. Who did he sign or trade for that had a minimally meaningful multi-year impact? Chen? Is that it? - The FA SP signings were horse####. And as bad as those guys were or have been, there was little depth behind them. I understand there were influences and unbearable oversight by ownership and that DD probably didn't do 1% of what was intended internationally (and that our farm system and likely our major league team would be much better off today if DD had been given proper investment in 2012), but there were a number of poor moves that clearly did not involve PA - targeting Travis Snider, signing Wada, signing BMat (instead of releasing him) and then dealing him away with a draft pick a couple months later), etc. DD made other good moves and bad ones, and he steered the ship to the playoffs (largely with inherited players) which he deserves credit for, but I would hardly characterize his efforts here to date or to the point with the Toronto fiasco as "overall great".
  15. hoosiers

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    It is interesting that DD took what I perceive to be lower ceiling, less risky guys - several of whom should see the majors - instead of a couple of lottery tickets at the lower rungs. It would be nice if our scouts advised on the right guys and Kremer does become a decent starter.