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  1. The hope was that we would work our way to a bottom 3 record (and future high draft pick) without being embarrassing and inept and IMO we check that box. I think we have seen some good surprises (Smith, Mancini), have now moved into a period of production from Chris Davis (the longer we can avoid cutting him the better), have given major league opportunities to guys deserving chances (still really like the Ruiz pickup) and have not started the major league service time of any meaningful prospect. Still plenty of time to slip into being the league's laughingstock, but have largely avoided that for now while seeing good effort on the field and an organization that appears to be marching forward in an organized way. We are just trying to get through this year IMO and so far am content that we have avoided being much worse.
  2. Not surprised by the latest result. I don't trust Manfred and MLB any further than I can throw them. IMO, there is no way in **** that the Nats TV rights fees were worth close to an average of $60M in the 2011-12 time frame going for the next five years. Not a chance in the world. I personally believe this was all orchestrated behind closed doors by MLB and, lo and behold, the average of two calculations comes so close to what the prior RSDC came up with and that puts a pretty, difficult to contest bow around it all because it just sounds so reasonable. Don't feel sorry for the Angelos family - the initial MASN years provided several hundred million dollars of profits for the Os side of MASN owners and most of that was distributed as profits to MASN owners and not invested into the team.
  3. hoosiers

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Not sure what he has been working on, but RM has to be one of the most disappointing prospects from a pure statistics perspective in our system to start the year. Hopefully the HRs are signs some things are starting to click.
  4. And, as was mentioned in another thread by a very astute poster, this is probably the healthiest any group of our top 15-20 pitching prospects has been in recent memory - going back perhaps 20+ years.
  5. I agree, Tony. Even folks like me who have followed the draft for 20+ years, Elias does provide some nuggets for one to learn something new or insight as to how a professional goes about his business.
  6. My guess is there is at least one team (Arizona) and maybe more that would be willing to get near slot 1-1 slot for AR - so I don't think we can low-ball him too much. Still, it is not like he would have too many options if we took AR at 1-1 and offered him $7.0M and told him to take it or go back to school for a year. The number of players who have passed on $4+M in signing bonus offers in draft history is a very low number. For me, AR is a clear cut #1 overall talent-wise. I certainly understand the concept of maximizing the draft haul, but having a young catcher perform at a plus to near all-star to possibly all-star level is too much of a building block to pass up for me. I do trust Elias, but I would be upset if we passed on AR, but not nuclear meltdown pissed. It would be a pretty big whiff if we went with Witt and saved $ and then Witt flopped and AR succeeded. I will remind that the success of this 2019 draft will not be known for years. I remember the good riddance when Joe Jordan left and since then Jake A took off, Nick Delmonico is in the majors, Britton had a strong Orioles career, Givens is still with us, etc. Christian Walker was in GaryR's first draft class and look how long it took him to succeed in MLB. Don't look at gift horse in the mouth - take AR.
  7. Mountcastle was on a rotoworld list of 10 best prospects in the minors on May 6.
  8. I am sure some folks could disagree, but I have to say that I believe we have more healthy (or conversely fewer injured) top pitching prospects/high draft picks taking their regular rotation turns than any time that I can recall since following our system in the early 2000s. At least as far as I can tell, there isn't any major pitching prospect that is injured and all guys who were injured in prior years - particularly Sedlock, Harvey and Fenter - but GrayRod, Hall, Knight, Bishop, Rom, Hanifee, Baumann, they are all taking their turns and most are doing quite well. AFAIK, the recent injuries to Diaz and Hays are the only major injuries to our bigger recent draft pick investments - so I would also venture that our overall system is healthier than in a long time as well. There is clearly some quality developing in our system, but the depth may be a reason for our overall rankings to improve if some guys like Sedlock, Fenter, Peralta can recover some lost prospect shine.
  9. hoosiers

    Adam Hall 2019

    Hall will not strike out in 25% of his PAs this year. I would bet on it. I believe the K rate will be under 20% - as it has been for the last 10 games. He struck out a lot in the first few games to the season and I do not believe those early games are indicative of how his season will go. Hall has already made strides in his BB rate and I expect the Os to work with him on launch angle and similar get more line drives and xbh. Hall is still only 19 years old.
  10. I guess I had a different perspective entering this season. I have been enjoying the effort and attitude of our guys. The cheering on the dugout after the Davis hit - that was the entire roster showing respect for Davis - loved it. Actually, one of my favorite Os moments ever. The entire MLB team is pulling in the same direction as is the entire organization. These guys are playing the right way and are only getting beaten on talent. And we will see that talent gap close each year - including this one when Mountcastle and Hays and others get to Bmore. There is a ways to go on the pitching side. It should make folks realize the big deal it was for the prior management to find a Miguel Gonzalez and claim a league average starting pitcher for nothing out of nowhere. Just as we picked up Guthrie and Rodrigo Lopez before that. Yes, a proper rebuild involves some suckitude, but let's enjoy the process and not miss how a good front office builds a competitive major league team with a quality minor league talent base from the ground up brick by brick.
  11. Honestly, not sure I remember a time when we had some many guys off to good starts - especially with this balance of hitters and pitchers. MiLB.com has Mountcastle as a lead story, has had GrayRod as a lead story, and we are seeing encouraging starts from both Halls, Knight, Neustrom and several more.
  12. hoosiers

    Adam Hall 2019

    I think this is a process for Hall - likely working counts, getting BBs, striking out because of the deep counts, - all part of the development process. At some point, he will be more comfortable and more selective and start swinging at pitches he knows he can drive early in the count. His early K numbers are skewed by the 5 Ks in his first two games. If Hall can get the K rate under 20% and start hitting some gaps for doubles and triples, I think his prospect status will get to another level. It is a process of learning, repetition and adjustments, and I am eager to see how Hall is doing in July and August.
  13. hoosiers

    Adam Hall 2019

    Some perspective on Hall's 2019 start - - top obp in Sally league - .466 - after 12 games - 6 games with 2 or more hits in last 8 - only 3 xbh in in 47 ABs - already 10 BBs in last 12 games after 17 BBs in 62 games in 2018 Some pretty remarkable changes - especially comparing the poor start last season (not addressed in numbers above) to this year. It is especially nice to see the better control of the strike zone. I am very interested to see how Hall develops as he figures out what he can do, what he should do better and what he can't do and whether there is more physical development in his body or if he can add some strength. As Luke notes above, Hall needs to lift the ball more and to start find gaps to get more doubles.
  14. TB does a great job scouting and developing because they have to. They know they will lose elite players to FA and they deal many players at a peak in their production/cost cycle. That said, as mentioned earlier here, the Os have done just fine drafting/signing and developing our share of guys in recent years like Jake A, David Hernandez, Eduardo Rodriguez, Zach Davies, Zach Britton, Brault, Tarpley, and more recently David Hess, Mychal Givens, and others. Hader spent more time in the MIL system though Tillman spent a good team of time in ours. And, here we are now, with a one-two in our current minors of DL Hall and GrayRod plus other legit prospects in Akin and Lowther. Not exactly a group that will match what Atlanta has coming down the pike, but something that could see the Orioles emerge as a candidate to be in the top 10 in pitching prospects by the end of this year.
  15. I saw Neustrom multiple times last year when my son and I caught about five Aberdeen road games in NY and NJ. I paid attention because he was a high draft pick, fifth round in 2018 and because he was a B1G (Big Ten) guy despite his poor choice to be a Hawkeye. I know I saw him hit at least one home run and it was a no doubter - when he squared up and made contact, the result was very noticeable. In the end last year and early this year, the focus among hitters on last year's Aberdeen team was or has been on the strong finishing kick from Adam Hall and the overall hitting results from JC Escarra. Also, in my then 12 year old son's interactions with the team, he chatted most with Hall and Escarra plus Hays and Yahn. I am sure he picked up a few Neustrom autographs, but don't especially recall him engaging with Neustrom. Anyway, it would not surprise me if the best hitter (not talking total prospect value) on that Aberdeen team turned out to Neustrom. Like Hall, Neustrom finished 2018 with a strong August despite after OPSing 687 and 487 in 125 ABs in June and July respectively. The August results were 362/400/574/974 with 13 xbh and 13 Ks and 5 BBs in 94 ABs. Obviously a very small sample size, but Neustrom has started 2019 with a 1.065 OPS with 4 XBHx, 6 BBs and 6 Ks in 35 ABs. My prediction for the first hitter promotion in our minor league system on merit (not filling in for injury or need) is Robert Neustrom - someone who also might be considered one of our more/most under-appreciated prospects IMO.
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