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  1. scOtt

    Competitive Balance Draft Picks 2019

    I thought we were required to trade this pick.
  2. scOtt

    Data Corner: FanGraphs, BackSpin

    One player I remember, had some power... JJ Hardy. Anyways he had a significant downward swing plane, creating backspin.
  3. scOtt

    Predict Mike Elias' first roster move

    Beckham and Caleb non- tendered.
  4. scOtt

    Random Drug Test

    HA! Not in the machine shop biz.
  5. scOtt

    Random Drug Test

    30 days or so. But you can beat a test if you have 24 hours notice. I know a guy... who's done it.
  6. scOtt

    Random Drug Test

    I wish I would get a heads up on a "random test" like this at work...
  7. scOtt

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    I thought Trey looked kinda tentative. Hindered. Maybe it was just me.
  8. scOtt

    Will Roch actually ask his questions?

    I was wondering the same thing. I do think someone (either Roch or some unaffiliated reporter...) will certainly ask about Mejdal and Brady. That's the only two burning questions.
  9. I only did a quick google search but he sounds like kind of an a-hole.
  10. scOtt

    MASN Reality Show

    As long as Jill regularly shows her face I'm all for it!
  11. Seriously, that is possible. Might mention him at least.
  12. I disagree! In baseball you have to hit the ball 350-400 feet in a 90o arc. In golf the ball is stationary but you have to hit it twice as far in a 2-3o arc. Much harder.