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  1. 101st Airbourne. 1961?
  2. Not as much if it was written as calvary..
  3. If Trumbo is ILed then Trey will hardly be playing LF every day. He'll be 1B/DH at least half his starts. atomic is just looking for something else to [female dog] about.
  4. From my swiss cheese memory... Alice cooper called Ozzy the day after he allegedly bit the head off a bat onstage. Alice asked "Did you really do that?" Ozzy said he sort of did, not really. Alice says "Well don't tell anyone! That's the greatest thing ever!"
  5. You never said you love me And I don't believe you can 'Cause I saw you in a dream And you were with another man You looked so cool and casual And I tried to look the same But now I've got to love ya Tell me who am I to blame? Because that's a valid reason.... Good enough for me I guess...
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