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  1. OK! 5-1 Twins after 2! I need a balcony break!
  2. I don't have fullscreen online, but yes, the CF cam is blurry as hell. Rest of the cam shots look good.
  3. RIPPED to right. 5-1 Twins.
  4. Another solid hit, pulled to LC. Wright has nothing.
  5. Mine does. Barely.
  6. Another double to left makes it 3-1. Hits slashed to both opposite fields.
  7. Solid bh to right makes it 2-1.
  8. Kim handles the easy liner.
  9. He seems like he's at rest when he's batting and en guarde when catching.
  10. Wasted double. still 1-0.
  11. I have a shady internet link if anyone wants it. PM me.
  12. I just saw that! Tavares, batting LH steps out of the box and takes a RH practice swing. That is bizarre!
  13. Caleb K on some crap down and in.
  14. Wow! And has just BAGGED gameday for ST I guess. WPOS the last couple days. "Chace" Sisco drive one off the top of the wall for a double.
  15. Dick Blevin(?) and Bert Blyleven broadcasting.