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  1. scOtt

    What are you listening to right now?

    I HATE going on a Nick Drake tangent. Brings up so many bad, hurtful memories. But what a talent! You can't look away. I am the parasite of this town. Village idiot too!
  2. scOtt

    Bands that should have been bigger

    A particular favorite of mine! Distorting time signatures. Like Clutch. Like Tool.
  3. scOtt

    Bands that should have been bigger

    And then there's Boston! HUGE! HUGEST of freaking debut albums! And then..... let's take TWO YEARS to release our second album! A boring mirror copy of the first. They shoulda/coulda been the Stones.
  4. scOtt

    Bands that should have been bigger

    In by hours. Voted Best New Band or something by ROLLING STONE in 78/79. They had it ALL! Playlist.