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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Hi Everybody! Haven't been able to post right now, gonna be able to post again in a couple weeks. Not to worry! "Life is all the things that happen while you are trying to plan your future." - John Lennon
  2. Random Thoughts

    Love me some Mopars!
  3. Random Thoughts

    Is that a Muscle Man flexing or a uterus and Fallopian tubes? YOU make the call!
  4. Random Thoughts

    Polyglas GT!
  5. Random Thoughts

  6. Braves GM quits amid investigation

    OOO! We could use a SS!
  7. Braves GM quits amid investigation

    You want to hire a guy that's being investigated for his shady practices???
  8. Shot 59 at Pebble Beach once. Had all 3's on the front nine...
  9. That's not what you meant... OK. I used to play Links golf. Best golf game ever. Played Augusta National and Pebble Beach 1000 times. Literally. WinXP changes to Win 7/8/10. WILL NOT PLAY! No online hack works. That made me angry enough. I searched online for a new golf game that had Augusta. Found one in "The Golf Club". Downloaded it with great anticipation! It ran like you were downloading a picture file in 1995! Small strip by small strip. Biggest POS game ever put out there! Never once even got to playing the game. It crapped out before it loaded.
  10. Duck back under cover and all of a sudden you're 40% health and you STILL don't know where exactly they are! And can't even poke your head out to look.
  11. Doom. (When not playing invincible mode...) You turn a corner and all of a sudden the screen starts lighting up red! WHERETF are they???????
  12. Facebook hack!

    Got it!
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Good stuff! What a strange instrument! Strung like a banjo with the 5th string machine head up the neck. But a body that sounds like a mandolin. Or a baritone mandolin, kinda...
  14. A Real Heartbreaker - Tom Petty Dead at 66

    Yes confirmed now. A great loss! I saw them back in '87? '88? TP, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead at RFK Stadium. Incredible show by all three acts. But this is my favorite Tom Petty clip.
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Corn, you'll just want to skip this post... Rocky George! I know he's a Pirates fan... but he's an incredible guitarist! Ignore everything else, just listen to him playing lead and fills. Full shred! Bad title, no he's not dead. Just deserving of a tribute. Tribute... And REALLY NSFW lyrics!!!