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  1. I don't hide it tho.
  2. I like that Manny is ahead of Harper.
  3. Davis is more likely to repeat the numbers that made him famous. Much more than Adam.
  4. I don't know about this Welington DHing stuff. It's like Bible to Buck. Reserve catcher and the "save rule." I see Trumbo the fulltime DH. If Buck and Dan can make that happen.
  5. That's what I'm afraid of. It would start as an hour a day... I obsess about too much already.
  6. Or Gentry... I don't think anything is set in stone before March is even here.
  7. I can't take another thing stealing my time. I have too many distractions as it is.
  8. Britt was a swimmer in college. Michigan, or State, I forget.
  9. I was going to comment on the nice O's sneaks. Vans? But then I saw Britt...
  10. That's an OPS of .666 or so. The number of the beast.
  11. I've only skimmed most of today's post in this thread. You guys seem to be forgetting that we're only going to need to carry 11 pitchers for most of April. Flaherty, Gentry, Joey, they're all in the mix. Plus the un-DL-able Rule 5 pick. I can see Mancini ripping up IL league pitching simply because he has an option. He's a piece we can't lose for nothing. Should be trade bait if we could get something for him.
  12. Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Nothing up my sleeve...