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  1. I missed that. HILARIOUS!
  2. DD has an eye for his pitching nuggets.
  3. Last one was close but legit. Altho he called it earlier.
  4. The Land Of Pleasant Living!
  5. Walk off walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O'S WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 3 and 0!
  7. Just remember Seth, the pitcher is in the tight spot. NOT you.
  8. WOW! Can't believe he didn't call that pitch too.
  9. Tied it up! NEVER give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Gentry runs for Beef. WIN this game, don't tie it.
  11. Idk. Better safe than sorry I guess.
  12. That was a meatball! Davis cautious.
  13. Got under it just a little.
  14. Off to a start!