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  1. That's a shame. Hate to lose such a versatile player.
  2. Why am I still watching this? Meant to post this earlier, forgot. Blyat! Yop tvoyou mat! See y'all tomorrow night!
  3. Hyde thinking "What TF did I get myself into?"
  4. GOOD LORD it's a tight zone outside to rightys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well I get to watch the Gnats... Red Sox, D-Bags, Angels...
  6. I know... it's yin and yang. Catering to the masses and it's kind of an alliterative thing...
  7. Ying and yang indeed. Working day shift I get to watch baseball!!! Working day shift I get to watch baseball...
  8. 33rd Annual Food And Funds Drive! Might see Jill!
  9. 3 game lead over Detroit! 4 over KC. 7 over Miami.
  10. I only hate the Gnats on general purposes but the hatred is strong in this one...
  11. 4-1 is getting tough to come back from...
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