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  1. Gausman has had too much success to play the rushed card. His problems are in him, not the front office.
  2. Aquino and Bleier sure. I guess. No improvement, no worse. But Chris Lee can't get AAA hitters out. If he is throwing three innings a game and giving up five runs in Norfolk, he can stay there.
  3. I'm not talking about him as a person. Or a teammate. It's nothing about his character. But watching Miley pitch is infuriating. The nibbling. The homers. The full count walls. It's so frustrating. And defeating. Similar to watching Kevin Gregg pitch, but this time it's 4 2/3 innings instead of just one. And the worst part is he is still the team's first or second best starter right now.
  4. I'd flop him and Gausman, or Zmiley, just out of spite.
  5. Thats Quintana, not Chapman. Chspman wasca rental acquired in July.
  6. The Nats and Dodgers are absolutely buyers and it would take a devestatingly fatal plane crash to change that. Those are the teams buying on Britton and Brach.
  7. Driving up the price tag? If for instance the Nats say no to parting with Soto on the 25th, they may say yes on the 31st, when other teams have made deals and their bullpen is still relying on Albers.
  8. You vaaaastly underestimate the market for elite relievers. Britton has to bring back a package that includes Robles/Soto. Then the Nats can decide if they want a championship or just another NLDS appearance.
  9. Any trade involving Britton and the Nats must include one of Victor Robles or Juan Soto. Non-negotiable to me.
  10. I stand corrected then. Do you think MASN can pay out potentially in excess of $100m though? If they can't pay up...
  11. Not sure thats the case. Orioles don't own MASN, the Angelos clan does -- I believe. There will also be another appeal and then the negotiations. But my guess is this a step towards MASN going away. Or at least the Nationals getting on CSN instead.
  12. Bet the Orioles are sellers now... Today the Washington Nationals won a major legal victory when a New York State appeals court ruled the Nationals are entitled to have the amount of rights fees the team is paid for television broadcast of its games be determined by a committee of Major League Baseball owners and executives.The decision arises from a long-running dispute between the Nationals and the regional television sports network MASN, which is super-majority owned and wholly controlled by the Baltimore Orioles. MASN broadcasts both Nationals and Orioles games, pursuant to a 2005 agreement entered when MLB moved the former Montreal Expos to Washington. The agreement expressly provides that any unresolved fee disputes between the Nationals and MASN should be decided by MLB’s Revenue Sharing Definitions Committee (the “RSDC”), composed of three MLB team owners and executives appointed by the MLB Commissioner. The RSDC’s membership changes periodically.In today’s decision, the Appellate Division ruled that MASN and the Orioles are bound by the contractual commitment they made to have rights fees disputes arbitrated before the RSDC. This will allow the Nationals to proceed to a new arbitration before the RSDC of the rights fees for 2012-2016, as well as an arbitration to determine the fees for the forthcoming five-year period of 2017-2021. The disputed amounts exceed more than $100 million for each of these five year periods.
  13. The Orioles should be dangling Brach or Britton to the Nationals every day until they get back either Robles or Soto. Twice on the days when the bullpen blows another curly W.
  14. What makes you think it won't happen anyway? Free agency and all looms anyway
  15. I guess my thing is when you draft a college pitcher fourth overall youdo it anticipating you got a number one or two starter. There is a chance he becomes an elite reliever but that would be a bit of a letdown. Truth be told aside from a stretch last year his best work has been in the pen. No one was satisfied with that before. But his inconsistency as a starter coupled with a long track record of not going deep into games isn't what you draft a guy fourth overall for. It may not put him in bust territory. But it definitely allows you to question it.