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  1. Coaches have their own lockers/office now. Separate from the clubhouse. i thought this was a fascinating article free of any supposedly agenda. It simply highlighted an unusual arrangement and the tension that has resulted. For the most part I think Anderson has been a big benefit and credit the Os for doing something different and innovative. He clearly has value and good for the Orioles not caring about tradition snd shoehorning him into one spot. And good for Brady for looking at things differently. But the chain of command has to be concerning. He needs to report to Duq because now it leaves ambiguity about who is on what page. And he has to stay out of the clubhouse in that respect too. It is never easy doing something different in baseball, which you see from Wallace and Chiti and their resistance. And it's clear a few things need cleaned up even if the net gain is positive.
  2. Even if revenues keep going up, up, up? I mean, the cost of everything in all lines of work are going up, up, up. And there's no way the Angelos clan isn't hording dollars like Old Man Potter.
  3. Holy crap I'd hire Mike Rizzo as fast as I flipping could if I had the chance. He deals with a lot of constraints in DC that frustrate him and he does a phenomenal job. I'd hire him and get the hell out of the way, though I'm not sure the ownership group in our organization is smart enough to know that his knowledge of the game dwarfs their's. A Rizzo/Buck tandem would be insanely brilliant. Just freaking nirvana. Plus it would annoy the hell out of the Lerners in DC. Sadly, it won't happen. But anyone who says no has no idea how great it COULD be. As for Buck, if he isn't managing my guess is he is better suited for a President/VP type of role, above a GM who is in charge of picking players and the farm director who would be tasked with developing them.
  4. Right now I'd keep Flaherty, Mancini, and then one of Rickard/Tavarez, whoever wins out. I know that's not going to be how it goes, because defense trumps a lot for bench players, but I'd keep Mancini's bat over some swing-happy slap hitter who they will keep as a third CF on the off chance Jones gets hurt early in a game.
  5. Honestly, yeah, I would have. I just think he's a more known quantity to us. A lot of the numbers are similar, but having that familiarity with him as a player, and him with the pitching staff, is comforting. That said, I do think he's on the cusp of decline, and teams just don't give 30+ yo old catchers big time money anymore unless they're elite hitters. And even then, teams have been burned. The recency effect with the likes of Brian McCann, Russell Martin, and going back more the likes of Ramon Hernandez just weighs on teams. I might lean toward the Nationals still signing Wieters just because he'd be a huge upgrade over Derek Norris, but I don't feel that strong about it.
  6. I would think Verrett is the guy unless he pitches out of the role. Former Rule V guy by the team who finally got him back. Wilson makes sense in the role too, unless you think he can still progress as a starter. If they do then he goes to AAA and tries to get it together. The rest of the aforementioned don't do it for me. Ynoa is a reliever waiting to happen, and so is Wright, who has the potential to end up being a replacement of sorts for a guy like Brach or Givens if one of them gets traded to shore up another area. And that's not to say he can be as good as either of them or will be if given the shot, but I can see the team giving him that shot if a good deal comes along.
  7. This guy sounds like a really ideal 7th inning type of reliever. The kind of guy you bring in with two on and one out and you need a DP to get out of the inning. If he works out in that role I'll love it.
  8. They're all 550 feet when I see them in the boxscore.
  9. I'm starting to think the Orioles' best option for a good RF is to deal Brach or Givens to a team that can envision him as a closer, with Brach probably the one teams would want more because of Givens' perceived difficulty with lefties. Granderson seems like a stop gap that's worth more of a Gallardo/Jimenez/Miley deal than one of the top relievers, considering his age and expected decline in production. Encarnacion is 34 and costs a first round pick. Hard pass on that. Once his power starts to decline he becomes far less valuable than a first rounder, and at his age the expectation is that he's on really borrowed time. All in all the options are slim right now. There really needs to be an upgrade in outfield defense, to the point that you can't have a couple of statues flanking Jones like they got by with last year. It was rough though and didn't help the pitching. Coming up with a creative solution at fair value will be Duquette's biggest task right now, and truth be told I'm not too worried that he's going to blow it.
  10. Castillo may not be the next coming of Johnny Bench behind the plate, but he throws out a lot of runners and seems to be a better hitter than Wieters. I'll totally take it. This seems spot on. Castillo could be a sneaky good pickup for us.
  11. Last year was the 13th straight year that MLB reported record revenue growth, approaching $10 billion. That was league revenue. The Orioles raised ticket prices, in some cases substantially last year. Everyone in the region who has cable or satellite TV and gets MASN pays MASN over $2 a month ($2.28 a month per Awful Announcing to be exact). So take that $2.28 a month and multiply it by what, around 6 million people maybe? Each month. And I'd guess that's being conservative. Right now the Orioles keep around 90% of that money. So I'm just not buying this "mid-market" idea. Or even if they are, they can still afford Fowler.
  12. The increase in revenues pocketed by MLB owners has grown far more faster and far bigger than the increase in player salaries over the same period of time. Basically, owners are pocketing more money than before. Which is their right. But if they want to win, they absolutely have the means to spend to make it happen.
  13. This is a guy who so absolutely fits so many needs the Orioles have that of course they won't do everything it takes to get the deal done. It's the most obvious match in freaking forever.
  14. I'd still push harder for Fowler first. But I think Granderson's pop would play well at Camden Yards, and his speed on a corner OF would help after last year's debacle with a lack of speed flanking Jones on either side. If the O's can give up one of the aforementioned pitchers for him, I'm good with it. I'd really prefer Fowler though. Hell get them both then!