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  1. Thoughts on Manny @ SS and Beckham @ 3B ??

    Manny never said a peep about SS when Hardy was here because real recognize real. Beckham shows up and now Machado wants to move. Maybe it’s about more $$$ next year. Or maybe it’s because Manny thinks he will be the better option. Maybe it’s both.
  2. GAusmann and Bundy are 1/2 on bad teams. Not if you’re trying to contend. I’m all for getting Almora, but it’s gotta be independent of getting better pitching. And the source for this seems dubious anyway.
  3. Rule 5 Target - Nate Orf - Utility

    Yea, curious how you would compare Orf to Reyes? Based on the way I read the two write ups I might lean toward Reyes too. At another time I could probably argue for both but not with the current obligations already existing.
  4. Replacements for Flaherty

    Oh lord that’s a disaster
  5. Mountcastle's Ceiling

    Oh I hope not. Can’t play defense. Won’t take pitches. Great bat potential. Great bust potential too.
  6. Orioles extend offers to bring back coaching staff

    THE pitching coaches never threw a pitch. The reason the Orioles had the worst ERA was because they had really shitty pitchers. Day in and day out even the ones we thought were good were actually hopeless and sucky. No coach exists who can change that. New pitching staff is needed.
  7. One more of the frequent reminders that sports is a business. The owners don’t care a bit about fans, communities or anything like that if they can’t profit off it, and stop someone else from profiting too. And then people want to turn around and judge fans for how they seemingly support teams. Gimme a break.
  8. You can make an argument for any of the first five. My guess is it’s Harvey, Wynn, and Wilkerson as long as he suggests he can play SS in the fall league. But if he struggles with the defense there they may take their chances.
  9. The #11 Pick in 2018 draft

    Hopefully they don't draft a HS kid who doesn't throw exceptionally hard and doesn't throw many strikes either.
  10. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    No reason to think Angelos brings Duq back after next year and no reason to think he isn't too cheap to fire Duq and start over. It's clear he hasn't been on same page as others. The Trumbo and Davis contracts for instance remember were done with ownership intervention. He just seems less sentimental in business decisions. And it'll cost him.
  11. 2018 roster

    I doubt it's even that high. I'm not saying he has no future but I doubt you would even put him in the top 10 of prospects. This time next year may be a different story but right now I would risk it and feel good about seeing him in Bowie next year.
  12. I mean it's definitely bad, rotten, awful pitching. The hitting has been good, though with production exceeding expectations in as many cases as it underachieved. Basically a wash. all told once again the sum is greater than the parts, primarily because of pitching being so awful so often.
  13. 2018 roster

    Right and most reports make him sound a lot closer and discernibly more power than Rifaela is. Plus he spent a crap ton of time on the DL.
  14. 2018 roster

    Realllllly hard to think Trumbo goes anywhere this offseason. Just can't see it. When putting guys on 40-man, take into account how likely they are to be taken. Rifaela won the Carolina League MVP but does anyone think he is close enough to stick on someone's 25-man next year? Sure you can stash Harvey in the bullpen and use him sparingly so you protect him. But an OF who seems kinda far away still? Probably not as much a concern.
  15. Which Orioles Free Agents Will Return In 2018?

    I truly believe Tillman is still affected by last year's shoulder injury. I also don't see that changing without major surgery. And even then I heard somewhere it may not matter....